Genesis, Part 6

This is the continuation of the Williamson thread from Page 5.

Does any of this sound familiar?

These are not just general statements. Dan is directly saying that he believes that Leah is mentally ill, based on the fact that he doesn’t like how she moderates an internet forum.

He has not one single credential to justify making such a statement and no professional I know anything about would say something like that publicly based on such flimsy nonsense.


Consider this from a PM that Dan had with several of us about a year ago. This wasn’t public. This was a private message.

Disclaimer: Dan already released part of this without permission of anyone, and naturally out of context.

Notice this: First, I was a registered nurse in my former life. I have taken care a whole pile of burn patients in my time. I have some expertise in the area. I didn’t make the statement publicly. I made it privately. Dan vigorously attacked me for doing so, as you can see.

But he feels completely qualified to recommend that Leah be treated for mental illness just because he doesn’t like the way she moderated an internet forum, and he doesn’t mind saying so publicly in a place read by a potentially a couple of thousand people.

Furthermore, he asserts that he knows under what circumstances an RN could lose her license – for saying I don’t believe Cathy’s story. You have to be kidding me.

Now back to the Williamson thread.

We have more of the “this is a ‘survivor’s’ board, implying that it existed for damaged people. Only Jeffrey goes on to assert that everyone has post-traumatic stress disorder. Uh, no. You don’t get PTSD because somebody was mean to you at college. Look it up.

There are other criteria as well, but this one eliminates “somebody was mean to me at Bob Jones University.”

And Jeffrey goes on to insist that Greg Easton (who, remember, isn’t even participating in any of this) is psychotic. We seem to have a whole lot of armchair psychiatrists around here, don’t we?

And that was the end of the thread.

On the blog associated with this website, I have banned one person. I did so because of her nasty remarks about me and Greg and I think I did so after showing great patience with her.

In Leah’s place, I would have banned both Dan Keller and David Shaffer forthwith, after this vitriol.

They were not banned mostly because there were elaborate rules in place regarding banning people, sort of like trying to get a bill passed through Congress.

But more about that in a bit.

Genesis, Part 7



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