Genesis, Part 2

Now we move to Camille K. Lewis, who entered the dialogue between Cathy and Alex to defend Cathy. A relatively heated argument ensued. Alex then announced that to illustrate his point (that it’s not really a great idea to defame people who aren’t present and cannot defend themselves), he was going to return in one hour and reveal something about Grant Lewis.

All hell broke loose.

Let’s let Camille tell us herself.

Notice a few things: first, Camille refers to both “Ambidextrous Q. Prudence” and Alex Unknown Last Name as “trolls.” This entire event occurred in the latter part of March, 2010. I joined this group at some point thereafter, because this had already happened and Camille and Cathy were both gone by the time I got there. And I left in July of 2010.

Both of these people she calls “trolls” were still there when I arrived. “AQP” was simply a bit of an asshole using a fake name and making a general pest out of himself. If I’m not mistaken, he was finally banned.

Alex was different. He was not by any definition a troll. He was confrontational, highly opinionated, and didn’t back down. None of those are trollish qualities necessarily. When I arrived, he went over and looked at my profile and asked me why I had “liked” so many atheist pages. I took a very deep breath and replied that it was because I am an atheist.

A long, sometimes more or less heated conversation ensued which went on for days.

Some people were nice about it. Some were genuinely curious. Some were a bit hostile. Some, and Alex is an example of this, were guys who thought they would straighten out the atheist woman. And there were a (very) few who were so nasty they were ultimately banned.

Overall, it was an interesting experience, and one which I sometimes wish I had avoided. If I had, I wouldn’t be doing any of this today, of course.

But my point is that Camille is seriously overstating her case when she calls Alex a troll. He was not.

Camille starts bitching at 7 a.m. and notice what she does. She hammers away. When neither Leah nor Rebecca respond to her, she gets more and more shrill. Both Rebecca and Leah, of course, had actual jobs, and March 24, 2010 was a Wednesday, so they were at work.

Rebecca tries to explain this to Camille, with a bit of impatience showing (understandably) and Camille’s reaction is condescension, along with barking orders like a damn drill sergeant.

At this point, Rebecca tries to explain that they were in the midst of revamping the moderation guidelines, but that isn’t enough for Camille.

Notice that Camille keeps saying that there was a “sexual accusation” made against Grant. I have talked with several people about this who were there, and nobody remembers any “sexual accusation” at all.

And Rebecca’s take on this – “I didn’t see that” – is exactly what everyone has told me was the case. Alex did not accuse Grant of anything. He was simply trying to make a point about floating accusations about people who were not present.

All this is a little bit astonishing to me coming from a woman who makes up shit about people almost constantly. Leah is mentally ill. I’ve gotten visits from the police. I was involved in a pedophile ring in the AcademyGreg Easton posted photos of Camille’s children.

Keep the highlighted words in mind. They will come back after a while.

This section consists of the comments made after Camille posted the stuff above to her wall, about 18 months after the conversation took place. One other thing to note here is that this was a private message between Camille, Rebecca and Leah. And Camille just decided one day to put the whole damn thing on her Facebook page. Because that’s what Camille does with private messages.

Dan Keller’s comment (which is truncated in this screen shot) will be addressed at length later on.

First, though, we are going to take a little detour. . .

Genesis, Part 3


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