Gaslighting II


I talked a little bit about gaslighting the other day, simply because Nicole brought it up as though people are doing it to her.

Somebody pointed out to me in the midst of all the hoopla about this incident yesterday that this is a good example, and that person was right. It’s awesome, beautiful and perfect.

We have here Nicole’s little synopsis which she placed on her Blessed Little Homestead page.  I’m not sure why she did this. The original video was posted on her other page with fewer people involved. She decided to open it up to the big guns.

Let’s go back over the details.

Nicole, for some reason, came up with some crap about how there was a “rumor” that she was tying dogs outside the shop. So she posts a short video of the neighbor’s shop.


Nobody has ever seen or heard such a rumor, but Nicole says that there was one.

When pressured about this, she makes the following very bizarre comment.


There are a few problems with all this right from the beginning.

First, with her video, she says:

The rumors about dogs being tied up outside my shop is bullshit. That is not my dog and that is not my business.

But that doesn’t stop people from trying to spread lies to damage my reputation and destroy my business.

Notice how she makes it clear that tying a dog up outside a business, if true, would “damage” the owner’s “reputation” and “destroy” the “business.”  Why?  I can see that if you left a dog tied up like that for endless hours daily, well, maybe that wouldn’t be such a great idea, but why would anyone think Nicole ties dogs up outside her shop?  Her shop is set up to accommodate dogs on the inside.

However, her commentary, her words, on the post carry blame.  “It wasn’t me doing this terrible thing. It was that business over there.”

Furthermore, she says quite clearly:

The people who need to know, know. And no not everything has to happen on Facebook.

So the rumor, she implies, wasn’t on Facebook.  And it’s a secret rumor (to quote a friend of mine).

If that’s the case, why post the video to Facebook at all?  Furthermore, what does the video prove?  It doesn’t prove that she isn’t tying dogs outside her shop.  It simply shows that a neighbor did do that for six seconds.

Let’s assume that there is a rumor going around my neighborhood that my cow got out and ate a neighbor’s corn. Almost none of my neighbors are on Facebook.  And let’s further suppose that I have a video that shows my cow happily grazing in her pasture.

That video would not prove that Frances didn’t eat the neighbor’s corn.

Frances grazing

But let’s suppose that I had a video that clearly shows another neighbor’s steer in the cornfield, eating away.  And this proves that the damage to the cornfield was caused by that steer, not by Frances.

What good would it do for me to post that video to my Facebook page? The more reasonable thing for me to do would be to take the video to the neighbor who owns the field and show it to him, or show it to other neighbors so everyone would know that Frances didn’t do it.

None of this makes any sense to me.

But regardless, that’s what she did. She took video of the neighbor’s shop and then posted it to Facebook, to refute a rumor that wasn’t on Facebook.

And then an evil troll shared the video with the shop owner.

The shop owner, who was sitting in her shop minding her own business, was quite naturally a bit offended by this.  It’s not just that the video was made and posted. It’s the whole implication:

But that doesn’t stop people from trying to spread lies to damage my reputation and destroy my business.

The implication made was bad.  If Nicole doesn’t see that, it’s indicative of her inability to see anything from anyone else’s point of view.

The shop owner then followed the link over to Nicole’s page and objected.


At this point, Nicole could have diffused the entire thing.

At this point, she could have said, “I’m sorry. I was trying to correct a rumor and so I made the video. I didn’t mean to offend you. I will remove the video right now.”

But no.  Of course she didn’t.  She still hasn’t. The video remains.

She proceeded to argue with the woman, explaining how the woman was wrong and bad and awful.

And at some point, she marched over to the woman’s shop.

It turned into a verbal of the altercation when I went to clear things up. . .

She means “verbal altercation,” which is #unschooling for you, but no matter.  What Nicole doesn’t bother explaining is that Joe went over there too and went off on the woman.  Nicole makes it sound like the verbal altercation just happened right out of the blue.  “It turned,” she says. Well, who turned it?

The woman appears to have been a bit hostile, but I don’t blame her.  Nicole can’t see it, apparently, but that video and the accompanying verbiage was derogatory and insulting to the shop owner.

And Joe called the woman a “cunt” and who knows what else.

I have seen Joe and Nicole in action via videos they took and posted online. When I just did a brief search, she appears to have scrubbed them except for one here.

This is a very edited audio of their encounter with Sheriff Pate when the children were removed. Naturally, she is upset.  Anyone who listens to it would be quite tempted to give her the benefit of the doubt because, hell, her children were being taken away.

But in the other videos, no children were being taken away.  In one, she and Joe were stopped by a police officer because they didn’t have seat-belts on the kids.  In another, she recorded the aftermath of the Blessed Little Vehicular Assault (the fender bender that bent no fenders). And there was yet another where she got into it with a landlord.

In all these vids, she is aggressive and screechy just like she is in the Pate audio. She gets really manic when she’s upset, and starts talking loudly and rapidly. Her voice, already shrill, gets more so.

I have met Joe in person when he was riled. He does much the same thing. He, of course, isn’t shrill like Nicole, but he talks rapidly when he’s all upset and becomes argumentative in the extreme. Beer calms him down.

Nothing seems to calm Nicole down.

At any rate, I have a pretty good idea of what it was like when Joe and Nicole went over to that woman’s shop and confronted her. They will tell it that they simply wanted to explain, but that’s not what they do.

So anyway, the woman reacted negatively and Joe got hostile as hell, and the woman called the police.  Joe and Nicole went back to their little hidey-hole and that was that.

Except then the woman’s significant other came on the scene, and he was not happy when he found out what Joe had said to her.  Apparently he marched over to their place and raised holy hell. He demanded Joe apologize.  Joe appears to have declined to do so. The guy then told Joe that if he didn’t, Joe would find himself in the parking lot bleeding.  (That is the supposed “death threat.”  Nicole always minimizes anything that makes her look bad and exaggerates anything anyone else does.)

This time Joe and Nicole called the police. The officer came, listened to their recording (they record everything), and decided that it wasn’t a death threat, even though Nicole was in the background telling the officer that it was “terroristic threats” or at least “menacing” and demanding that he arrest the man immediately.  Here’s the link, although I have no idea how long it will remain.

This is an example of Joe and Nicole but much more calm than they generally are.  Toward the end, when the policeman obviously is not doing what Nicole wants him to do, she gets a bit more agitated.


But notice this recap.  The rumors were started on Facebook this time, and with her property manager.  She can’t get this straight.

And notice that she never mentions what Joe said to the woman.


So this is part of her conversation with the shop owner on the BLH page, where the story migrated.  I cannot post the whole thing because I don’t have it all. She has deleted most of it. There is enough here, though, to get the idea.

I did nothing to you.

But yes, Nicole did do something to the woman. The woman was just running her business without any idea who Nicole even was.  That video did not record and post itself.

Please consider what Nicole would have done had anyone made such a video of her business and posted it anywhere.  She would have had a complete shit fit.

She has hysterics over this.

road photo

This is a single still photo taken of the neighbor’s property looking down (up?) the dirt road toward the Shithole. The Blessed Garden Shed is in the distance under the red arrow.  I didn’t take the photo.  Nicole has absolute hysterics over stuff like this.

Yet she insists that she did “nothing” to that woman.


So you admitted you had no problems with me at all ever, then this page shared my video to your page and all of a sudden we have an issue.

Nicole likes to do this.  It’s very typical gaslighting stuff.  She uses the word “admitted.”  She says it like she’s in a court room and her victim is trying to weasel out of something, hide the truth, and Nicole as Perry Mason is putting a laser on the Real Truth.  “You admitted. . . ”

And of course the woman had no problem with Nicole before. She barely knew Nicole was there.

But then Nicole made the god-damned video.  This isn’t about Cosmic sharing the post. This is about Nicole, who made the video in the first place.

A hallmark of gaslighting, the very definition of the term, is that the abuser tries to alter the reality of what actually happened.  It’s not about just outright lying. It’s about trying to convince this victim that what she experienced is not what she experienced.  It’s about using language (“you admitted”) that puts blame on the victim for what occurred, or (“the page shared the video”) language that puts blame on some outsider.



I didn’t say anything about you in my video.

And no she didn’t.  But she implied that the victim had done something wrong.

. . . lies to damage my reputation and destroy my business.

If the “lie” that Nicole tied a dog outside her shop would “damage her reputation and destroy her business” is true of Nicole, why would it not be seen as bad for the victim to do the exact same thing?  And I know that the victim doesn’t run a dog-grooming business, but it’s clear that Nicole is saying “It’s not me who did this wicked thing. It’s her.”

And she continues with the stuff about how she was being so reasonable and the victim was just so unreasonable, without addressing the Big Issue, which is Joe calling the victim every horrible name you can conceive of (apparently “cunt” was just part of it).

I think I need to ban you from my page.

The victim made a huge mistake, of course, by going to Nicole’s page. She gave Nicole control.  Nicole then bans her.  By doing so, all of the victim’s arguments disappear and the only thing remaining is Nicole’s twist on the story.

I make nasty witches disappear.

This is a stab at the victim’s business (which is a sort of Wiccan shop, I think). But the heart of it is the “nasty” thing.  Nicole is powerful and can make bad people go away with a simple click.

Except here.  She can’t do that here.


And here’s an account of what happened written by the victim.

Throughout the entire exchange(s), Nicole never acknowledged  (“admitted”) that Joe actually said this stuff, yet it is entirely in character for him to have done so.  The victim didn’t know Joe. She didn’t make this up.


Nicole is doing here what she’s done to me repeatedly.

. . . considering we’ve never had any words.

She says that she’s never met the victim, doesn’t know her, so why is the victim all pissed off?  She totally glosses over the thing that pissed off the victim in the first place: the video and the implication in the video that the victim had done something that was somehow wrong.

She also recounts the event and apparently does so by inventing details, including words that were never spoken. This is not unusual for Nicole. Just look back at her various accounts of the Great Nonexistent Rumor.  Look back and see where she repeatedly says that I rode to Breck County for the sole purpose of taking photos of her shithole property when I did not do either thing.  This has become her narrative and sometimes I wonder if she has convinced herself that it’s true.

To gaslight, you just repeat the false statement over and over and over again.  Even if the victim knows it’s not true, s/he can get worn down by the endless repetition and the knowledge that other people believe it.


See the gaslighting?  Nicole didn’t do anything at all.  The victim is the one doing the harassing. Nicole is the victim. The victim is the aggressor.

This occurred entirely because for once, Nicole and Joe ran into two people who simply weren’t going to put up with their bullying bullshit quietly. But of course, the locals just love her. Everyone who meets Joe loves him.  Right?

In addition, during these arguments with the victim, Nicole totally lies.



Joe 2


And before Nicole can claim that Joe never, ever uses the word “cunt”:



I am really sorry that the victim got dragged into this. She was entirely innocent. She was a victim of Joe and Nicole’s bullying from start to finish.  The result seems to have been four visits from the police in two days,


some sort of bullshit the following morning after police visit #3 and some sort of detente after police visit #4.  I bet the Radcliff police department just loves the name Naugler.


Oh, we are so happy that you’re feeling better and we can hardly wait for the “update.”






50 thoughts on “Gaslighting II”

  1. Joe and Nicole are perfect for each other. He seems to maintain a rather open life of exhibiting threatening hostility with verbal filth (I maintain that Joe and Nicole are nothing but hapless filth through and through), stalking, theft, menacing, apparently trespassing, and apparently assault. But both Joe and Nicole assert that these things never happened even when presented with clear evidence of what happened. Kind of reminds me of the Nuremberg trials “no I did not do that” with a bazillion witnesses saying they did, ” no that was so and so” who is conveniently in Argentina or dead. Nicole’s commentary is utter garbage and really not convincing at all. 2017 may be a rather tumultuous year for them at this rate. I don’t think it will go as she wishes unless Sovereign Citizens or Anti-Social Loons of the World finance her legal team with law grads from University of Phoenix.


  2. Merry Christmas Eve to me!!! I have pies baking in my oven (that’s inside my house) & I had a couple of minutes so I got a present early, a new blog post! You are completely correct about how NCN uses her words to blame the victim. I feel so sorry for that other business owner. It appears she was just caught up in Nauglerworld as an innocent bystander. I sincerely hope the NCN alters do not completely doxx this poor woman’s business. She deserves none of that.
    [Admin: Discussion of state of business prohibited ]


  3. Joe isn’t the only one to use the term ‘cunt’ to describe women. Nicole uses it, too. It wouldn’t be difficult to add screenshots of her use of the word.

    The use of this word indicates the highest level of insult, the lowest level of regard for a female. Both of them use it. Faith-based family, my ass.


  4. Sally! BRAVO! Thanks for clearing that crap up so that lady can get on with her shop and Hopefully RPD will keep a eye on them two Dregs she has to deal with now. BRAVO!


  5. Why did she take Joe over there to that lady’s shop anyway? There has never been a bad situation that he couldn’t make worse and he is well known for calling women a cunt at the drop of a hat. Besides, this was a rift between two women, he didn’t need to get involved. Nicole could have messed up this mission to “straighten things out” all by herself.


  6. I really hope that the gorgeous neighbor and her loved ones can find peace and have a joyous holiday. Nicole and the Hutt have sunk to a new low. They’re both fucking lucky it wasn’t me and mine they went after. I am not easily bullied by a pathetic, obese, loud mouthed small -peckered little fuckface. I would have taken that piece of shit to the ground with my fists and mopped his blood up with that piss poor excuse for a woman. Canadian women don’t fuck around. And I’m sure after I was finished, the police would have said “Finally. Thanks. ” And when my hubby would have shown up, he likely would have laughed his ass off when he bailed me out. To the lovely neighbor witch : you’re much more gentle than I. Sending light and blessings your way.


  7. I can’t remember when they moved into the new shop, maybe March of this year?

    By Naugler public statements they have now had altercations with 2 of the business neighbors. In each of these Joe marched his fat ass into a neighboring business to scream obscenities at them. I have heard off record accounts of another altercation but that is unsubstantiated.

    Tell me again, Nicole, tell me how the everyone who meets you likes you and how you just want to be left alone and have your happy little life.

    What I can say to the Naugler’s benefit is this, they are improving the local economy. Every time I get a reliable report of Nicole and Joe being assholes to local businesses I place orders with those businesses. So, Nicole and Joe, if you wouldn’t mind harassing a business that sells Steiff bears, I’m in the market for one of those anyway.


  8. Nicole did not work out anything. Not sure who she is trying to kid.
    When one hears both sides of the story it is easy to know who is telling the truth. Again it is not Nicole. Maybe some one needs to ask her what the cops told them. Nah forget it she will just lie about it. But it might be worth the shits and giggles to get a copy of the police report as it is public information just to have a good laugh. Not sure why she pretends shit when there is a written record to be had of it.

    As usual Nicole takes NO blame for the shit show she started, makes NO apology for the crap but is Johnny on the spot to make it sound like she was the one to resolve it. She did not resolve shit.

    Finally they choose some one who is going to stand up to them. This is one battle that they are not going to win at.

    I guess Mama Bear has not learned how to be a real mama bear yet. Mama Bears do not call fat ass lazy Papa Bear to come and help them escalate problems instead Mama Bears handle their shit on their own. These two fools feed off each other playing good cop and bad cop back and forth. Jojo goes to clean up after her and she is doing defense for him with the police. Nicole your chicken shit piss poor excuse of a man has a mouth that he has no problem using to degrade a woman in front of her minor child no less. So he can use his mouth to defend or make a case for himself with the cops. What a pussy Jojo is has to have Mama Bear fight his battles against another Papa Bear.

    Jojo why did you not stand up to the men? Chicken shit sissy ass is what you are. You are beyond a failed man.

    Last of all when a male beats up his mother and brother that is assault. So Jojo does have assault in his background and against family, his own mama no less – only a disgusting lowlife does that to their mama. I guess Nicole has that episode tucked in the not to be remembered or forget forever part of her simple little brain.


  9. Ridiculous! That poor shop owner has now found herself in the middle of NN’s crazy world. Hopefully the shop owner presses charges.


  10. Oh, and off topic a bit… why is “Charles Smyth” still around making ridiculous commentary!? Can’t you report a fake profile to FB, and they’ll remove it unless you can prove who you are with an ID?


  11. Given what the other business owner went through I hope she is rewarded for her self-restraint with lots of repeat customers. I’m really sorry that her daughter witnessed any of this and heard Joe call her mother a filthy word.

    If he has so little self-control that he says things like this to a complete stranger when he is angry, just imagine what he says to and around his family. In front of his daughters.

    Nicole set all of this in motion by making up a rumor, then recording and posting that nonsense to FB. Not muzzling Joe when he went over to make nice by calling the other store owner a cunt was probably part of their 2017 GoFraudMe campaign.


  12. I have a family member with borderline personality disorder. It’s pretty rough stuff. In her case it was a perfect storm. She was a horrible baby and never bonded with her mother. Mom always found her disappointing. As a young teen a cousin started sexually abusing her.
    One Christmas she finally got the courage to tell her mother. Mom told her to be quiet and not cause trouble with the family. Darling cousin sat next to her at Christmas dinner and fondled her under the table. She broke that day. Borderline personally disorder can be treated but it can’t be fixed. It doesn’t go away.
    I wonder what happened to Nicole.


  13. I have only been following the drama for a few months, so I’ve never seen the photo of the neighbor’s with the shed in the back. . .
    Holy shit, they are CLOSE to the poor neighbors, who appear to have a beautiful home. I’d be PISSED if I lived next to that filthy property!


  14. All I can add is those poor kids. Life for the Naugler kids must be hell on earth. There will be no happy holidays at the shitty little garden shed tonight, or any other night.


  15. By the way I blocked blh and nicole blocked me from ncn. I have a friend who comments on both so both still shows up in my news feed.


  16. I also believe the rumor was invented by N. But I’m curious about the video. Where is N’s shop in relation to V’s. Next door? In the video N is filming from a distance. Is she standing in front of her shop and looking towards V’s, in which case no one could confuse V’s dog with a BLGC dog? Or is she looking towards both shops?


  17. Merry Christmas Y’all !!!

    I’m so excited all my children are flying in tonight and will be home for Christmas. My husband just left to go start picking them up at the airport.

    Christmas Dinner tonight @…wine is chilled, dinner is almost done, the house is all lite up and there are gifts under our tree. My family and I are thankful for a great year and looking forward to 2017.

    Thank you Sally for this blog, you are a very gifted writer. I hope you and Dave have a very Merry Christmas.


  18. Ugh, imo, Nicole is through and through a awful person. Can I use this comment to plead with everyone to leave the other shop owners alone? If they actively seek talking to you, sure, but don’t bombard them. Don’t be as awful as Nicole with dragging them into “this” shitshow.


  19. Where is N’s shop in relation to V’s.

    I believe Nicole is taking the video outside her own shop. And yes, it’s not all that close.


  20. Reading over the comments to this blog entry, I am reminded of Shitgate. I can’t, off the top of my head, remember all the details. Nevertheless, when it came to light that legal proceedings were pending, Nicole and Joe, so conveniently at the shop (and, Joe, fresh from a dog bath himself) the news stations and called a “Press Conference” to get in front of it. (Yes, that made me giggle, too.)

    The Nicole and Joe who showed up for the press briefing was nothing like the Nicole and Joe we have come to know. Those two took 2 Valium, put on stocking masks, and calmly set the stage in anticipation of the news hitting the airwaves.

    Would this be considered gaslighting the staff from the health department?


  21. A bit of humor for all of you. If you watch the TV show, The Middle, you know who neighbor “Rita Glossner is! Each time I see her character on the show, I think of Nicole! Here is a quick 52 second clip to make you chuckle 🙂

    (I have no idea how to do a link on here so just copy and paste)


  22. (I have no idea how to do a link on here so just copy and paste)

    It made a link by magic. 🙂


  23. Would this be considered gaslighting the staff from the health department?

    Not really. Even serial killers try to look well-groomed and polished for court.

    Gaslighting is not “spin.” Spin involves leaving out details (Nicole omitting the part about Joe calling the shop owner names) and lying outright (Joe has zero assault charges on his record). Gaslighting is saying “I didn’t do anything to you. You are the one who is harassing me.” It’s an attempt, often pretty subtle, and generally relatively complicated, to get the victim to believe that their memory of an event or their perception of reality is false and that what really happened is something else entirely. It’s an effort to make the victim doubt herself and her own ability to judge events.


  24. First time commenter, long time reader ☺

    The part in all of this the Naug supporters forget (or neglect the brain power to think up) is that Joe was at the salon with Nicole.
    So who was there to supervise the 10 children? The recently turned 18 year old son? Or one of the underaged children?
    The supporters like to bang on about what great parents they are, but they seem to leave those poor children to their own devices a lot.


  25. Curious, I was also wondering that. I have reported that disgusting sock NUMEROUS times and nothing is ever done. I’ll just keep doing it until it works (and I hope others do the same)


  26. Since her salon is 30 miles from her shed is this a different police department she was dealing with?? And if so, how many police departments in KY know the Nags? I found it hilarious where she stated she always supported this police department. My question to Nicole would be just how did she ever support this or any police department? I know what her answer would be. It would be in the form of a question, “what makes you think I don’t support the police?”.
    Talking to NickNack is like playing jeopardy.

    lying trash
    Who are Nicole & Joe Naugler?


  27. Since her salon is 30 miles from her shed is this a different police department she was dealing with??


    And if so, how many police departments in KY know the Nags?

    Lots. 🙂


  28. Nicole seems to have really built her business up especially since being in this location. She seems to love what she does and work very hard at it. Sally you have urged people
    Not to leave false negative reviews or speak ill of her business and that you want it to succeed ! I agree 100% ! Fat ass is never going to get a joband it is left to Nicole to support the family. I really want her to continue to have a successful business and build it up even more !!! It does those children no good otherwise . It concerns me that this is the second run Inn with two different shop owners in that shopping center! Out of curiosity does anyone know what the other shop is? I’m not asking for a name just the type of business . I wonder if the same agency is in charge of all of the properties in that complex.
    (Sally I realized I mentioned the business but in a positive light. If that is not allowed I apologize as the business is off limits. I wasn’t sure if that included positive posts about it as well. If t does I’m sorry and will not mention it again)

    Why was Joe there?!? As she so often points out he is a sty at home unschooling dad. I havenot heard that any of the children were with them ( thankfully!!!) when the incident occurred . Also it is my understanding that they do not have a vehicle that will safely accommodate the whole family. I am a full time homeschooling wife
    And mom . I have two highschool students . We work very hard at homeschooling and go to lots of field trips , parties and events with other homeschoolers as well as field trips on our own. It is a rare occasion that the kids and I aren’t togther. I haven’t followed this story as closely for months now because I just don’t have the time. I’m busy from the moment I get up until the kids go to bed or at least are finished with everything they need to do for the day. Usually late at night when my husband has already gone to sleep is the only time I have to myself to even catch upon emails and Facebook.When I first started following this when the N children were taken the kids were in public school and then last year they did online school. I had more time on my hands. I only have two to keep up with and it is hard to find time to be online 24-7! I honestly don’t understand how N runs a business full time and raises 11 kids and has the time to run all of her pages and read the other pages and post constantly. You know lard ass contributes zilch!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everyone! Melisa how exciting to have all your kids flying home! Sally I hope you and your husband a sweet Frances have a very Merry Christmas! Hank you for all the work you have put into the blog! I hope the New Year brings more and more new entries!


  29. I think something is afoot in Nauglerville. Creating these last two disturbances with the business neighbours, and Sally’s C&D letter (if you could call it that) are parts of something they are going to do.
    Whether it’s suing people for harassment, and claiming lost revenue as a result, I don’t know…But they’re up to something.

    A very Merry Christmas to you and Dave Sally. You’re a remarkable lady, and deserve a wonderful holiday. Of course, the same goes to Frances!


  30. Another long time reader, first time poster (local).

    Seems to me the fund raising that she’s been trying hasn’t been successful. I theorize she’s trying to create drama at work to dismantle that, or the dismantling is on the verge. She wants a catalyst for another viral influx of money. In other words she wants the ship to finish sinking so she can get out of dodge. More drama, more money.
    Who really knows, but one thing for sure, the kids are not the priority.


  31. Out of curiosity does anyone know what the other shop is? I’m not asking for a name just the type of business .

    A small retail shop. I’m not going into what sort of shop.


  32. This particular blog is an example of why I read here every day. Sally, thank you for your thorough, analytical and fact-based approach to the Nauglers and how they operate. No wonder Nicole demands you cease and desist. Knowing the truth is out there, she is so enraged that she can hardly think straight. I bet her PayPal donations are slim indeed [Admin: sorry for the edit but rules ] I truly feel for those poor children.


  33. I wonder if they really think that the mean ol’ world makes them act like this. It seems like it would be so much easier to just…not. Not be an ass to the neighbors, not doxx people, not spend hours explaining how reality is wrong. Just…not. And yet they keep doing it, over and over, even when the results are yet another bite in the butt.

    I hope the Naugler kids wake up to a beautiful Christmas morning and get to go out and enjoy it for a few hours before their parents wake up and start demanding that their Whatever The Heck They Have Going On North Of Their Eyebrows be the center of attention some more.

    I just spent an hour punching gingerbread and I hurt. Going to bed now.


  34. [Admin: There was too much in this comment about the business for me to try to sift through it and filter it all. I’m sorry. I’m just too busy today to deal with it. 🙂 ]


  35. Thanks Sally. I should have worded the question better. I was more wondering if it was a small business like that of N. You answered that though. Just from putting togther what everyone has said the complex seems to be rather large and there is a Movie theater there and an Ollies ( or was that the last location?)
    The reason I ask is because it seems that N and J like to pick on those that they think won’t fight back. It doesn’t seem they would try to mess with a bigger business who is sure to have lots of lawyers on retainer . I think they picked the wrong people to mess with this time! I don’t mean to sound hateful or revenge seeking but the N’s have bullied people for years and left a long line of victims! Both online and in real life . They have yet to face any real consequences and it is beyond time that they face major legal action for the things they have done!


  36. Sally, babe, enjoy your day.

    I am really worried about the horse, but I don’t know a lot about horses. He just seems so skinny.

    The pose is odd, too. Either she’s using her body to hide more spots to be concerned about, or the horse is sick and she’s not sure she can do much else but cuddle it.


  37. The pose is odd, too.

    Actually, it’s not. Nathan used to lie on Goblin’s back like that (the horse we had when he was about that age.)


  38. That is a typical pose for a girl that age that loves her horse. Another typical pose you will see of girls and their horse is them laying with up against their horse when it is laying down. You will even see both of them napping like that.

    If you get the chance to ever hang out at a fair around the horse you will see lots of that pose. Lots of other ones that you might think look strange too. Not all horse will let you do a pose like this. This pose is telling me that even if the mare is not really happy with the pose she is accepting of it.


  39. In my area, someone leaving their own dog outside their non-pet-related shop wouldn’t be a big deal, but a salon-owner leaving ANY dog tied outside would get them shut down. The other woman’s shop wouldn’t be harmed, but Nicole clearly thinks it would, and is trying to damage the woman’s shop. What Nicole is doing here by twisting the facts so hard definitely rises above mere lying.

    I hope Nicole’s lease on the building is not renewed. I feel so bad for the woman [admin: woman’s name off limits ].


  40. So for all the people reporting the horse: …from the BLH FB page, “I will file false arrest report charges for harassment. I’ve already got the paperwork to fill out.

    She’s a special one isn’t she? How can she NOT see that she is bringing this all on herself? It’s like she purposefully sets herself up for ridicule so she can say, “look here, everybody’s always picking on me.”

    From BLH FB page….”thanks. I’m working hard to put and end to this. I’ve got lots of paperwork. I’m trying to get all the court dates on the same day so I don’t have to miss too much work. The holiday set me back a bit but I’m back on track now.”

    So who knows who all she’s going to try and pull into court. Who, besides Sally, ended up getting a C&D letter? LOL You’re all in trouble now!

    I hope you are working on that book Sally. You really could write series as there seems to be no end to the escapades of the Nauglers.


  41. (d) Knowingly gives false information to any law enforcement officer with intent
    to implicate another; or

    Nicole, the information that is being given to a law enforcement or animal control officer has been provided by yourself. The photographs don’t lie. She’s lost a good amount of weight since she has been in your care and within two months. Winter JUST started. She isn’t going to regain that weight unless you put some serious effort into getting her back on track. You need help. Call someone who can help you. In this instance – call a veterinarian for a complete physical (including a dental examination and possibly floating) and blood work. DO NOT FLOAT THAT MARE’S TEETH ON YOUR OWN. Don’t even dream of doing it. You don’t have a clue what you’re doing and you can screw her up even worse.

    The veterinarian may even be able to recommend a farrier. Most vets who do farm calls carry hoof testers (for an abscess) and probably nippers and such with them and may even be willing to give her a quick trim if she’s not too badly overgrown. Don’t count on it though. Find someone who really knows how to properly trim a horse’s feet, pay that person and don’t try and barter with them.

    She may also be dehydrated. You do realize that her water needs don’t necessarily diminish with cold weather – right? Icy cold water in the winter is just as pleasant for her to drink as it is for you. So don’t do it. Provide her with warm water. Bust up the ice on the water trough and add warm water to it – stir it up too. The larger the volume of water, the less fluctuation you get in temperature. It’s harder to freeze and to get unpleasantly warm. But it can and will.


  42. . Find someone who really knows how to properly trim a horse’s feet, pay that person and don’t try and barter with them.

    Boy, I can second that one. Our donkey, Georgia, got in terrible shape due to very poor hoof trimming.

    We had hired a Mennonite boy to do it for a long, long time, and he did a great job. However, he moved away, and we replaced him with an Amish man who trains horses. He did a terrible job. We didn’t know enough to understand that he was not doing it properly. As a result, she wasn’t wearing down her hooves properly, and they grew out much faster, which meant she had to be trimmed more often. I thought it had something to do with age. I had no idea what was wrong.

    And then we began to notice that she was just not moving around as well. We did everything we could think of, never realizing it was her feet. Finally she refused to get up and when we forced her up, she was limping.

    We got the Amish guy out, he trimmed her feet a little, told us she had foot rot and “might not make it.” I was horrified.

    Dave did what we should have done long before, and found another farrier. He took one look at her feet and hauled her up and trimmed off about 1/3 of each hoof. He showed us what had been done wrong. She didn’t have “foot rot.” She had a pulled ligament in one hind leg and it has taken a long time to heal. We gave her some Bute for a couple of days and wrapped the leg well.

    I am now a believer in making sure that the farrier knows what he’s doing.

    And our new farrier charges no more than the crappy one did. Furthermore we do not have to go get him. He drives a truck.


  43. Great post, Sally.

    I’m still chuckling over Joe’s comment about his criminal record which isn’t really a criminal record. In fact it’s pretty much nothing. He’s 40 years old, you guys, and if it was anything to be concerned about there would be much more stuff on it by now.

    Joe, I’m 53 years old and I don’t have a criminal record. Zero, zilch, nada. In all that time I’ve never stolen anything, assaulted anyone or trespassed anywhere. Lots and lots of people are just like me.

    Then he starts saying how ‘our stance’ on vaccinations, war, circumcision, ect. is the reason people don’t like them and that’s the real reason they keep getting into trouble.


    Joe, no one cares what you think about anything.

    You are truly a legend in your own mind.


  44. I’m gonna go out on a limb here. But according to this victim business owner she now has to record all phone calls due to sophomoric behavior. My conclusion is that Nicole minions are harassing this poor women.


  45. I’m gonna go out on a limb here. But according to this victim business owner she now has to record all phone calls due to sophomoric behavior. My conclusion is that Nicole minions are harassing this poor women.

    I have no idea what is going on with all that. I have never spoken with the shop owner, don’t know her, and frankly do not want to bring a lot of attention to her here. Unless Nicole and Joe initiate some other ridiculous behavior, I see the whole thing as over.


  46. “Dave did what we should have done long before, and found another farrier.”

    Don’t beat yourself up, Sally & Dave. It’s not as though there is a state licensing board for farriers. A lot of it is word of mouth, on the job training (although there are or were farrier schools), a little luck and an open mind.

    My farrier is awesome. She always chats with the horses a little. She looks at their feet before she trims, she asks them politely for their hoof and if they seem a little sore or out-of-sorts, she gives them a break for a moment or two. Sometimes they’re just being jerks and either she or I get their attention. If one of them has a real hair up their ass I like the Vulcan Pony Pinch (it involves the pressure points in the mouth) as it acts like a war bridle but I can remove it immediately because I use one hand to do it. She’s charged me the same price for years. One reason is because I don’t treat my vet, farrier, roofing guy, telephone repairman, plumber, etc. like dirt. Everyone is offered a cup of coffee, a sandwich, use of the bathroom, etc. You’d be horrified at how many people DON’T treat people who come to their home to provide a service politely.

    My farrier appreciated that from the beginning. Later on, after we became friends, she told me more about herself. I bet if some of the people who treated her so shabbily knew that she had a doctorate and what she really does for a living, they’d backpedal in a big way.


  47. Hello all, I thought I would clear up a few things. Today is Jan 1, 2017….and I am still (literally right now) seeing the comments from the drama that ensued with the Nauglers on Dec 22, 2016.

    Ive seen people ask how far away NN’s shop is from mine. I would guess it to be 100-120 feet
    The strip of mall where my shop is located contains eight individual businesses. I am one away from the end of the building. The next building in the strip mall contains five individual businesses, one of which is BLG . That building sits at an “L” in relation to the building I’m in. Except, where the lines of an “L” touch, the buildings are apart and traffic comes through the two buildings.
    (Standing inside my shop looking out, there’s one business to my right. That business is the physical end of the building. The first business in the next building is a Yoga studio. BLG is on the other side of that.)
    -hopefully that clears it up-

    Yesterday, I was open and stayed my normal 10-6 hours.
    I was photographed three times,that I noticed. NN stood unashamedly and used her phone to take pictures of me a d my customers as we said our goodbyes.
    Later in the evening my husband came to hang a couple of shelves for me. She filmed him taking the tools off the truck.

    I’m not at liberty to give details, (I was asked to not make mention of them by name etc etc) but, supporters have sent me correspondence via snail mail. All in all, I have been very busy at the shop.

    I would like to thank you, Mrs Davis, for the decorum and respect you have extended to me and my family. Your discretion is exemplary and we appreciate it immensely.

    I am not ashamed of who I am or what I believe, or the contents of my little store. (In other words, it’s OK to say what type of shop I operate.) I live a way that allows me to sleep well, and in a way that doesn’t shame my children.

    Thank you all again. Any questions, feel free to ask me.
    Have a beautiful and blessed New Year ?


  48. I am not ashamed of who I am or what I believe, or the contents of my little store. (In other words, it’s OK to say what type of shop I operate.)

    Thank you, Viv, for your comment. I had stopped anyone from identifying you (including the type of business you have) not because I thought it was in any way “shameful,” but because I wanted to prevent any more publicity than you’d already suffered. If you’re identified, you’ll do the identifying, not me, and not the commenters here.

    I am so sorry you got dragged into the drama that is the Nauglers.

    I am afraid you’re on her radar now, and she never quits and never forgets. However, we are watching here too, and you’re welcome any time.


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