From Deb

This is a message from Debra Whitehouse regarding the trolls.


First I want to tell everyone how much I appreciate your patience during this process. Honestly Sally and I were giddy with excitement about receiving 12 orders, then they kept coming and coming, I think 62 was the grand total with a few large donations just because. In my head I was going to be happy if they were all made and out by Halloween (each troll can take 2 hours, sometimes more) but chances are the rest will be going home by Friday of this week. So look for an e-mail from me with a tracking number. And thanks again for supporting the ranch. Don’t forget to check out the Kingpin trolls on E-bay. If you can’t bid, please share, 100% of the profits go to the camp.




5 thoughts on “From Deb”

  1. Much appreciation, Debra, for all your creativity in making this such a fun and successful fundraiser, with a huge benefit to boys and girls and the Kentucky Sheriff’s Ranch! I was so excited, and ordered two!

    Who knew Trolls were going to be such an appeal!!!

    All your hard work, many hours spent molding these trolls and fitting their personalities!

    Debra, you are simply the best…


  2. Take your time. Christmas isn’t until December 25th this year – except when it’s January 7th. If I had my way, the gift exchange would be New Year’s Eve, instead.

    I can be patient. Thank you Deb & Sally.


  3. I don’t mean to pressure anyone… I just wanted to inquire as I haven’t received my 3 trolls. I ask as this post indicates the last of the trolls would be shipped.



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