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Somebody named “Betsy” has written a comment on the page called “Bucket Brigade” and I want to address her concerns with a page all to itself, not because I especially want to target “Betsy,” but because the sentiments she expresses seem to represent a very common misunderstanding that people have.

Here’s what she said:

I don’t know if it’s what you were going for but this comes of as sounding like an ultimatum. You give detailed instructions on what Nicole is to do with her blog and FB pages, who should be able to view her content and which pages she can keep as is. It sounds as if you are trying to silence her and it is offensive. If you were only trying to make the point that you wouldn’t be writing this blog if she didn’t put all of the details out there for you to see, I think that point was somewhat lost among what seems to be a list of demands.

Nicole Has every right to promote half ass homesteading on a pallet to her heart’s content. She shouldn’t expect not to be called out on it but no one should make efforts silence her.

I absolutely agree with Betsy.  Nicole and Joe Naugler have every right to publicly promote any stupid thing they want for as long as they want and as loudly as they want. I would defend their right to do so with my life, frankly.  A world without free speech is not one where I wish to live.

I did not “give detailed instructions on what Nicole is to do” with anything.

What I did do was explain how Nicole could get me to hush.  She has been screaming at the top of her lungs that she just wants everyone to “leave her alone.”  I’m explaining how she can get that to happen.

She doesn’t have to take my advice. She can totally ignore me. She can right on bellyaching and talking about how she’s being “stalked” and how unfair Facebook is because bias (or something), and that’s her absolute right.

Betsy says that Nicole “shouldn’t expect not to be called out on it” (writing about half-assed nonexistent “homesteading”), and I agree. Right now, right here, I am doing the calling out.

Furthermore, I am providing a place where people like Betsy can come and say that they don’t like what I’m saying, which is more than Nicole does.  Apart from what I call “love letters” (absolute hate mail), I have approved every single comment made here, whether the person agrees with me or not.  I have censored nothing at all (“you are an idiot” excepted – update: I also censored one of the minor Naugler children, and I don’t allow discussions about her grooming business). I don’t have to do that.  I could make this whole blog comment-free in a matter of seconds.  And then if Betsy didn’t like what I said, she would have to go get her own blog and bitch about it.

This is how free speech works, folks.

Nicole gets to talk.  And I get to talk.  And if I permit it on this site (which I own), Betsy gets to talk.  Or, if I choose (as Nicole does) not to allow contrary views here,  Betsy can trot over to some freebie blog site or Facebook and do all the talking she wants.  None of this is “stalking.”  It is not “harassment.”  It is not even “mean.”  It is simply free speech in action in a free and open society.

Consider this sort of story, of which there are too many lately.  Guy makes a sign saying that religion is a fairy tale and is threatened with arrest.  That’s in Britain.

It gets even worse in Islamic nations where criticism of Islam can get you a death sentence. And even in America, accusations of so-called Islamophobia are often flung about when anyone criticizes Islam at all.

The idea of free speech is a hallmark of American freedom. It’s a necessity for a free and open society. Blogging is a way for average people to have a voice. They can write about anything they like, as often as they like, for no money if they like.

But free speech doesn’t guarantee you the right to be heard.  You can talk all you wish (or write all you wish) and I can refuse to listen or read.

It also doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be criticized. That applies to Nicole just as it applies to me.

And I will repeat what I said before.  If Nicole wants everyone to “leave her alone,” then she is going to have to take down that stupid “homesteading” blog that is, yes, Betsy, half-assed.  If she doesn’t want to do that, then she is going to have to pull up her big girl pants and deal with the criticism.



18 thoughts on “Free Speech”

  1. Free speech isn’t something Ms. Naugler seems to completely comprehend. Her last two blogs make direct accusations of criminal activity. If the accused individuals are in fact culpable, then she has undermined her chances of effectively prosecuting them.

    Conversely, if they are not . . . She has clearly libeled herself. I believe the individuals whose screenshotted comments appear should be notified of this possible libel and defamation.

    I also believe the Nauglers should seek sound legal advice before they find their presumptive postings endanger their tenuous deferments and probationary status.

    Then again, maybe reality will be a side dish to a main course of crow.


  2. In line with your post, and free speech, just curious how many people your blog is reaching? I do appreciate a safe place to comment and discuss the Naugler adults.


  3. The Nauglers like to trot out “Constitutional rights.” They become rabid whenever they think that “rights” are being trampled.
    Trampled? Nicole and Joe can rant against vaccinations, foreskin snips, the government, the military, taxes, the police, CPS, Big Pharma, the list goes on. Our wonderful democracy ensures that they can espouse any reasonable or crackpot view they want, such as polygamous living, like smoking pot while unschooling children. They will certainly find kindred spirits to form a mutual admiration society. There is a buyer for every house. (Though I think even Nicole won’t go as far as eating rotted meat or drinking moldy juice.)

    It’s also my Constitutional right to comment to disagree with the Nauglers. My right to comment if I see them engaging in self-defeatist behaviors, negligence to their children or animals, or spinning half truths. This angers her. If I do, I am a “troll.” Using her logic, Nicole is then a troll against the U.S. government, several other entities and common practices.

    I applaud the BLB author for keeping this forum balanced with dissenting views. Opposing views are a necessary part of discourse.


  4. “Free speech” means that I get to say what I want on this blog and you get to comment as long as I allow it. It doesn’t mean that I must post answers to any questions that are asked.

    That said, here you go.


  5. Thank you for clearing that up…and so eloquently!

    I hope that Nicole can find some clarity in your words as well. It’s much easier to argue the issue once you realize what the issue is…and is not.


  6. Free speech =/= no consequences.

    It simply means you can say almost anything you wish (can’t yell “Fire!” in a movie theater just for kicks though) and it’s legal. Doesn’t mean it won’t be criticized OR cost you a livelihood.

    See “Dr. Laura”. The advertisers pulled out in DROVES and that cost the station revenue; she quit before she was fired.

    Controversy CAN help sell a product, but not all the time. Sometimes, it’s an epic fail.


  7. Its been my observation that Nauglers do not appear to like free speech. This is what “they” do to intimidate people into silence:

    These are only 2 of the 30 plus pages that were setup to dox, harass, stalk, threaten, intimidate anyone who had anything negative to say about the Naugler adults.


  8. Color me surprised. I have found that too often those that scream the loudest about their constitutional rights neither know what they are or are willing to extend the same courtesy to others.

    It would appear the self proclaimed Blessed Mr & Mrs are neither blessed with knowledge or blessed with courtesy. Is anyone actually surprised by this?

    Don’t worry, hasn’t stopped them yet. “Yolo, they done gone viral”.


  9. I am on her list of accused people that she claims have harassed her. I have my opinion and spoke my mind. As a result, I was doxed, threatened, and have been harassed on a daily basis. I have consulted an attorney and yes I do have a case. If Nicole was smart, which we all know by now she isn’t , she woul stop making all of these fake pages specifically to harass people.


  10. The level of continued vitriol by the Naugler alters is shocking. They protest too much.

    Is there anything else to discover and discuss? What is still not known? What are they hiding?


  11. “Foreskin snips”

    That would be an excellent title for the long promised book.

    “More insane than a ziploc bag full of foreskin snips”


  12. Bravo! I too have been a victim of their vicious attacks. They act like teenagers. It’s unsettling to think that two adults who have an emotional quotient of a turnip are in charge of raising 11 children. Those poor kids are going to need so much therapy as well as reeducating to recover from their upbringing and I fear they will not entirely recover. Thier ability to be so vicious makes me fear for the children. Lord knows what vicious things they do to those children behind closed doors.


  13. @Tekla: Exactly. Free speech =/= bully pulpit.

    Also, a commercial or non-profit entity banning a poster =/= restriction of free speech. The U.S. Constitution specifies that the government may not shut people up. But not being able to tell the difference among a government entity, a business, and some dude’s blog is kind of a hallmark of the Naugleresque mindset.


  14. I was going to write up a nice little US law brief about why this blog can exist, but it seems most people here understand the rights this blog and the blog author enjoy.

    So instead, for the ill informed, don’t waste your time on the little complaint thingy that’s on one of the many blessed ones puerile revenge pages. It won’t do a thing except allow you to vent your vitriol. It will be filed, well you can guess where.


  15. If it doesn’t involve posting a meme, recording interactions with landlords or cops doing their job, or demanding an extra dipping sauce for their fast food onion rings, I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about the nauglers going to any extremes exerting their rights. Takes effort and they have a deeper aversion to effort than rights.


  16. “If it doesn’t involve posting a meme, recording interactions with landlords or cops doing their job, or demanding an extra dipping sauce for their fast food onion rings, I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about the nauglers going to any extremes exerting their rights. Takes effort and they have a deeper aversion to effort than rights.”

    *snorts with laughter*

    Fear not – you owe me some warm milk. Pasteurized, of course.


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