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If you go over to the first page of links on this site, you’ll find that the first one listed is Free Jinger. It has been that way since the day the page went up.

I had read Free Jinger in the past. It caught my eye because I am a former Christian fundamentalist and that’s the typical subject matter over there. I have never seen a single episode of the Duggar’s television program, and at first had no idea where the name “Free Jinger” came from. [It’s the name of one of the then-minor Duggar children.  Talk about irony. ]

I read a little bit and then didn’t bother going back. The minutia of the Duggar’s lives didn’t interest me even slightly.

However, I was aware that the commenters over there typically are brutal. I didn’t fully realize how brutal though until I had the misfortune of running afoul of them.

When I found out (by being told by other people) that Free Jinger had started a subgroup about the Nauglers, I was initially delighted. The more light shed on the Naugler situation, the better.

I even went over there, registered (a big, big mistake), and participated briefly. I have this blog. Everyone over there was pretty much reading over here as well, so it seemed silly to go over there.  If the Free Jinger people want to know what I’m saying, they know how to find me.

After I left, it seems that I began to fall out of favor with the folks at Free Jinger. That’s fine. I didn’t particularly care then, and don’t now.

While I was there, though, I did some reading in some of the other subgroups, involving different families, and was sort of appalled by what I read there.

For instance, this.


This particular comment took me less than five minutes to find.  I simply Googled “Free Jinger skinny kids” and found the subgroup about the Rodrigues family. Free Jingerites believe that this family is starving their children (and they name those children regularly). They poke fun at the kids regularly. I am not going to take time to try to find the comment about the teenage daughter sitting on the sofa—about how skinny she is.  The comment above is not unusual, and that’s why it was so easy to find.

If you go to the original and click on the thumbnail of the baby (I won’t post the enlarged photo here), you’ll be able to see the child.

I hate to make fun of an innocent child. . .

Then why are you doing it?  What possible good can it do?  I almost understand if you think that the Rodrigues parents are literally starving their kids, but to make fun of a baby based solely on the look she has on her face?

Anyway, this, as I said, is common.  Nobody said shit about it.  Not only did the moderators think that was fine, somebody added this.


Hell yeah. Let’s take the innocent child’s picture and meme it.

But you get the idea. This is Free Jinger.

If I Google the oldest Naugler child’s name, I find first a link to his Facebook page, then his YouTube videos and the fifth entry is this blog, from a year ago. That is because this particular child attempted to comment here. I had to make a decision about how to handle that.  I chose to not allow the comment until he reached his majority.

In removing it, I left his name in place. I haven’t removed that, so that is what Google is reporting. Nothing about him at all, except my announcement that I removed his comment because he is a minor.

Two links down from that you get Free Jinger.

If I Google the next oldest child’s name, the first two links are to Free Jinger.  No links to here, because that child’s name has never appeared here.

If I Google the oldest daughter’s name, it takes a couple of pages before one begins to find stuff (the name is more common than the other one I mentioned).  There are a few articles from the news when the kids were taken and then a link to Nicole blog, and then Free Jinger.  No links to here.

If I Google one of the tiny kids’ names, the third link down is Free Jinger. The next is Nicole’s blog.   There is a link to this blog way down due to a commenter using the child’s name and it being overlooked.  I corrected that just now.

And it goes on like this.  For people who are so worried about “the children” and how horrible I am, they do not seem to care that these kids can Google their own names and find Free Jinger and all the snark and nasty shit that is said about them. I am well aware that it is quite likely that the Naugler children who are literate know all about this blog already, but at least it does not show up on a Google search of their personal first names. Potential employers in the future will not find this by Googling their names.

Free Jinger’s criticism of me began, I think, with the story I told about Al’s daughter. 

They were all bent because they thought I should not have included any reference to what the daughter said about the Naugler son. Please keep the above two screen shots in mind here as you read this. They got on their little high horses because I quoted Al’s daughter, but don’t mind one bit making fun of a little baby and posting actual photos of her.

But then came the pregnancy thing.

I began with a post that never even mentioned the impending grandchild. At the time that I wrote it, I knew all about the girlfriend, but was waiting because it just wasn’t public enough to make me feel comfortable talking about it.  I danced all around it instead.

Later the same day, I got the public confirmation I was waiting for. Not the comment that was removed from Nicole’s page, but public postings (note the plural there) on Facebook by locals discussing the pregnancy. That’s what I do here. I write about public stuff.  Not some teenager’s private stuff set to friends only. Public stuff.  I have no way to get into anyone’s Facebook page’s private postings. I don’t know how and I wouldn’t try to do it if I did.

Even then, I didn’t mention which kid it was or the circumstances.  I only have talked about the details  (about a week later) when Nicole chose to harshly criticize her very innocent next-door neighbor just because she doesn’t like her.  And even then, I have never used or permitted anyone commenting to use either the name of the girlfriend or the name of the still-minor father. [And yes, I know that people were able to find the girl’s FB page with ease. That is not my fault. ]

Anyway, that series of posts has caused great consternation over at Free Jinger. I strongly suspect it’s because they didn’t see this coming, had not a clue and I scooped them.

These are grown women who hide behind screen names and regularly gossip publicly about all kinds of people, anyone they don’t like.  The Nauglers are just one family that has caught their ire.

Rest assured about one thing:  Free Jinger does not stay online because it is run by people who are altruistic and just want to provide a free place for women to vent anonymously.  It’s a money-making operation. There are ads on Free Jinger.  They are doing what they can to drive traffic their way.

I know that we’ve talked about all this pretty extensively in the comment section and I don’t want to beat a dead horse. However, I thought it might be a good idea to put it all on one post. Right now, the comments are scattered everywhere.

But here’s my bigger question and the main reason I did this post. Why is it that Nicole considers me “the tabloid blogger” and pretty much her Enemy #1 and yet never mentions Free Jinger?  Why is that?  She made a silly little list on her imitation blog of all the “trolls.”  Free Jinger is not among them.  It’s certainly not because she thinks they are nice.

I know she reads it.  She reads everything.  Besides, she posted a photo once that had her tablet screen showing in the background and it was open to Free Jinger.

But somehow, they are not a “tabloid forum.”

I find that odd.


So Nicole, who never reads this blog, ever, has responded to my question, in oh, about two hours.

She claims that the difference between me and Free Jinger is that Free Jinger’s folks (who include some of the same people who comment here) aren’t:

driving past my house talking [sic] photos

I didn’t take any photos, Nicole. I didn’t have a camera.  Nobody in that vehicle had a camera. If we had, rest assured we’d have snapped a picture of Joe enjoying his beer.

calling old employers

I have never called any of your old employers. Hell, other than Patricia, I don’t even know who they might be.

encouraging every government agency to investigate our every breath

I have no connection with any government agency, no matter how much you want to believe that and how many times you repeat it.  I have no pull with anyone.  I’m not in cahoots with anyone.

trying to create a legitimate false reality of my life

I have no idea what this means.  What is a “legitimate false reality”?

slander and libel (defamation) can

For the umpteenth time, slander and libel are basically the same thing. Slander is spoken. Libel is written.  Neither are involved here because I have expressed only things I can prove (the Nauglers were shitting in buckets), and/or what is clearly and unquestionably my opinion (I think shitting in buckets is shitty).

so can acts such as contacting clients and making fabricated reports

Since I have never done either of those things, I’m not sure why she is bringing this up. What is a “fabricated report”? Is she talking about the obviously fake reviews of her business?  Does that apply to the quite clearly fake positive reviews as well, or are they okay?

No one gives them any credibility.

I assume that this means that people do, in fact, consider me credible.  Thanks so much.

Their opinions cause no harm.

Exactly how do my opinions “cause harm” but theirs don’t?

I am going to assume that what Nicole is saying here is that this blog is effective and Free Jinger is not, that this blog has cut into the grifting in a tangible way and Free Jinger has not, that this blog has shown the truth about what is going on at the Blessed Little Shitstead (for instance, shitting in buckets) and Free Jinger has not.

I consider this the ultimate compliment, but it still doesn’t answer the question.  Free Jinger is not on The List.  The “cosmically pathetic” Facebook pages are.



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  1. “It’s a money-making operation.”

    Well, as this blog isn’t a money-making operation and the only suggestion about donating money is for kids in need, I think it’s time for me to donate another little bit for the holiday season to the Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch. I’ll make a point of letting them know it was this blog that pointed me in their direction (again).

    Maybe one kid will be paid for in full next year, courtesy of BLB donors.


  2. Thank you so much. The kids thank you.

    I have my Amazon page set to “Amazon Smile” with the Ranch named as beneficiary. I have a tendency to drop a few dollars at Amazon and it’s a painless way to give.


  3. I’ve wondered why FJ isn’t on the hater list too. Maybe Nic got some “likes” on her page when FJ picked up on the Naugs. That would cancel out any any animosity she would have from FJ damaging her family. I wonder if she has put them in the FBI file?


  4. I noticed way back when that some people on FJ were super quick to jump all over you when they felt you miss stepped. I remember commenting on it at the time. Something about you putting up with a huge amount of crap from NN with dignity and grace yet you say one little thing and they were all over you.
    I don’t think everyone felt that way. I think it was a small number of people who were really loud, like one of those animals that puffs itself up.
    I don’t even read over there anymore. Not so much the people but the constant negitivity that the N’s bring on themselves got to me. Usually the minute things get too snarky that cranky woman comes along and puts a stop to it. Apparently she didn’t mind the Sally bashing.
    I’m sorry they’re being jerks again. Don’t let it get to you. You’re better than that.


  5. Don’t let it get to you. You’re better than that.

    It doesn’t bother me. I am just curious as to why Nicole doesn’t crawl their asses. It’s odd.

    Believe me, I have been criticized by lots of people. Anonymous women on a forum are nothing.


  6. Personally, I think too much time and energy has been spent on paying attention to what FJ is saying and/or doing. Is it really worth worrying about them? I think not.


  7. What if Nicole is part of Free Ginger? A mod there? Has her hand in the money coming in?
    Not so far fetched if you consider how long she has been online stalking and doxing people.


  8. Sally has well written and informative articles that contain links and facts to counter Nicole’s lies. When do you ever see anything like that on FJ ? FJ is just gossip and Nicole must see the difference.


  9. Is it really worth worrying about them? I think not.

    I totally agree but I wanted to ask the question. Why aren’t they on The List?


  10. I read over at FJ for a time. I still do now and then. I think the objectives between BLB and FJ concerning the Nauglers are categorically different. FJ seeks to entertain and nothing more. Reality seems to be anathema to them as reflected by their responses to locals who posted there. Conjecture, snark, hyperbole and periodic outbreaks of sanctimony and self-righteousness reserved only for the Nauglers are the currencies to be used over there.

    BLB has some remote people, certainly, but also an awful lot of posters who have had real, not imagined, in-person experiences with the Nauglers. The blog could be considered therapeutic, I suppose, but is much more of a warning to anyone who reads over here as to the foolish and malevolent people that Joe and Nicole are. I have seen them in action in person and the term malevolent is absolutely appropriate in my view and is absolutely descriptive of them. Yet some, whose experiences with the Nauglers has been online, reading about them, imagining all of the horrible injustices done to them would be self-righteously horrified. But they never saw the creepy malevolence of the Nauglers in action or felt the results.


  11. some how I get the impression that Nikki thinks Free Jinger is your fault, your baby, you are the leader or something like that. I sincerely believe she thinks that.


  12. I may be wrong, but FJ does not allow you to control your spin the way Nicole likes. You may edit, but I do think you cannot delete, etc. We all know the way NN loves to scrub! And you are “local” and I believe Nicole started with you thinking you would be intimidated, etc. by the vile doxxing tactics. Surely she knows that attacking FJ would be spitting into the wind. It would only bring ugly questions that she does not want to answer to surface.
    As much as I would love to entertain the possibility that maybe she is a MOD there, I do not think even she has the time, or intellectual capability, to do so. I also think that they do not make the hater list because it would send even more of the loyals to the truth. We can’t have that! Who would send her PayPal monies?


  13. “I totally agree but I wanted to ask the question. Why aren’t they on The List?”

    Their commentary isn’t interfering with her online begging. Yours must be slowing them down to a trickle. Particularly once people realize that she pays no taxes on the money given to her.

    That usually rankles people who are giving money away after they have paid taxes on it.


  14. I have been reading FJ for awhile now. Found my way there because of the FLDS and stayed because of the Nauglers. Never became a member. I really have to wonder about those on FJ who proudly state they don’t do FB, as though it’s beneath them, and then go on to give their opinions about the Nauglers (or any of the fundamentalist families that do post on FB). It would be like trying to have a discussion with someone who loudly proclaims “I know I’m right. Don’t try to confuse me with the facts.”. The fact is Nicole’s life is FB. That is primarily where she has laid out her family’s life. Where she, her husband, and her sock puppets have harassed people. I have seen the things she has posted and then deleted in order to manipulate people. I have never posted on her FB pages because I recognize crazy when I see it. Unfortunately, because of that crazy, I have never “liked”, “shared”, or commented on any Naugler related FB pages. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank BLTATM for all the beautiful, interesting, and thought provoking items you have posted. I visit you pretty much every day. And if people on FJ think I’m a “Sally leghumper” because I like dealing in facts, I have no problem with that. Let me just say this…Sally, thanks for the facts.


  15. Free Jingerites can’t be doxxed because usernames are just that, not legal names. Should Nicole get a wild hair up her ass about FJ, there’s no one she can harass on FB.
    And you have done some good, Sally, because snarking on minor children is pretty much verboten now on FJ. I just wish that parents who put every. damn. thing. about their kids on the Internet would realize that the Internet is forever. I have my suspicions about Nicole and many fundy parents posting such info in order to collect donations for their families so that they can avoid the evil 4-letter word, “work.” (Really–the “PayPal” button tends to give this bright idea away.)


  16. I share Joe Bloom’s sentiments. Both FJ and this blog should ignore each other. I read both places and wish people didn’t feel the need to quote from the “other” site. You don’t like FJ, don’t read there. To FJers, you don’t agree with Sally’s posts, don’t read here. The internet is a big place. Plenty of room for all, and why get caught up in nit picking ?


  17. While a fair amount of Nicole’s FB posts (the BLB page) get a lot of likes, most have very few comments. I don’t think they are getting a lot of monetary donations. Most of her fans look like they have little spare cash themselves.


  18. I agree with Beth and Bea. Like Beth suggests, I believe Nicole may secretly be a part of the FJ group and may even be instigating the anti-Sally rhetoric. We all know how calculating she is, and like (someone) said, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” FJ may be the “enemy” but at the moment, Nicole is choosing to blend in with them. She could care less about FJ. There is nothing there to admire. They are just as mean and spiteful as Nicole, so she fits right in. If Sally ran a similar forum and Nicole tried to pull a stunt like that, she would be found out immediately. Let’s just say Nicole and FJ are vibrating on the same frequency, but on a different frequency than Sally et al. One is more cerebral, rational and just. The other…not so much. Herein lies the root of jealously which drives their hatred and dismay which is disguised as hypocritical, nasty grandstanding and bluff.

    So why isn’t FJ listed on the Blessed One’s Enemies List? In a phrase, Nicole is jealous of Sally and what she represents. She needs the FJ forum as a place to hide and launch missiles in this direction, but more importantly, not listing FJ is a way Nicole can *stick it* to Sally whom she secretly admires and wants to be. Sally, I bet Nicole is pleased that you noticed! Tiny things like this assuage her deep feelings of worthlessness and anger over her shitty situation (pun intended). That her anger is misplaced makes no difference to Nicole. It needs an outlet. You might say Sally’s blog (or Sally herself) is a white bucket for Nicole’s emotional problems and tormented psyche.


  19. N is threatened by the truth. You give the truth. With her little sock puppet accounts and her very few non-sock readers, she can call a duck a goose and every one responds with, girl, you are such a good mother and great farmer. Then you call foul on her lack of knowledge about the fowl. You not only call bird shit on her knowledge level, but you also provide substantive information about ducks and geese. You are an authority and a very reliable source to which her half truths and right out lies are put a sunder. N hates you because of that. You reveal her ignorance. Imagine N thinking she is doing a great job of explaining how to milk a goat and she puts a picture of said goat with a child and a plastic cup and N, in her very deceitful voice, says she’s made cheese with the proceeds from said goat but then this really experienced woman, Sally, comes along and says, no way can you make cheese with a few drops of goat milk….that goat cannot give enough milk to provide for anything other than her baby goat because she is a breed of goat that gives very little milk….and Sally takes it a step further and explains how wrong it is to free range goats and how unsafe it is for goats to keep their horns because of the danger of sticking kids….all of a sudden, N isn’t the earthy expert, Sally’s the expert and just proved that N is just a poor white trash poser. That is why N is so upset with Sally….N hates the light.

    On another tune, for about five years, I lived down the street from the pervert Duggar and his wife. I often saw and still see the Duggar girls out doing the family shopping. Because the Duggars live in my home town, I went to the FJ site and I found it to be uneventful and quite gossipy. I am not one to attack children and didn’t like the way they attacked the kids. Having said that, FJ isn’t anything like BLB…BLB is a place of conversation and information and FJ…not so much


  20. Sally you get the most grief from the Nauglers because you are open about who you are, your blog is better than anything she could dream of writing, you tell the truth, and you have the best sources because people trust you. Your blog has caused a significant chilling of the “carefully crafted narrative donations” shtick. Your blog also serves a purpose. It is a record of what the Nauglers parents are really like, their patterns of behavior and what they are willing to do to others. It serves as a forum for local people harassed, as well as a source of information for all future people harassed down the line. I think Jeannie above says it better. Keep up the good work, please.

    Whiskey tango foxtrot: thank you. I put up articles on BLTATM because they interest me and I am glad they interest other people too. Initially the page was a reaction to the Naugler parents and their troll buddies, but then I decided that was not only boring but that they symbolized the cult of ignorance, fake stories and bat shit crazy conspiracy theories rife on the internet, in particular Facebook. It’s been fun as I discovered I wasn’t the only person pushing back and I have made a few good friends.


  21. They’re hypocrites over there. They’re the ones saying you’re worse than Nicole, that you’re somehow hurting those kids worse than parents who refuse to educate them, properly shelter and feed them, worse than the parents who don’t take them to doctors for big injuries and won’t get them birth certificates. They’re fine with snark getting mean and directed at the kids when they’re the only game in town. I think they see this blog as competition, and since you have more dignity than they do, I think this blog makes them feel bad about themselves. They shred children, and you don’t. So to make themselves feel better, they try to make themselves feel like you’re beneath them to elevate themselves. For all the talk about how people should stop talking about the Nauglers, they’re the main shit-throwers who don’t mean that enough to set the example.

    I do think the Rodriguez kids (I’ve followed their Facebook and blog for a while now, and I’ll be surprised if they’re invited to the next Duggar wedding after tipping off the media about Jinger’s wedding that was supposed to be out of the media spotlight) are underfed, but that’s no reason to say a child’s name and call that child unfortunate-looking, or to share their home address. FreeJinger’s people terrify the proverbial piss out of me. Get in their bad side or be someone they can snark, and even your children will get ripped apart by name.

    Then they sit there and look down on the blogger who won’t let the kids’ names be written to try to protect their futures a bit.


  22. I just saw Nicole’s response to this on her Facebook.

    Nicole, the people on FJ dox people. That is not done here. Sally is also VERY VERY VERY much AGAINST people contact you or your salon, even though you have contacted the employers of others. If you’re worried about your children’s privacy, Google their names and see how much they are mentioned by name there versus here. They’re the ones who don’t respect privacy. They’ve also mentioned trying to track down people. So far only Sally has gone by your place on the way to see a baby (I chastised her for doing even that since of course her using that road would cause you to get angry, though technically she’d have a right, if she wanted, to stand there on the road and watch you all day). No one else here has. No one here is contacting government agencies. People on FJ actually have contacted CPS. Someone posted a screen shot from F’s Facebook page, with her and J’s pictures. Not only are we not using their names here, photos with children have their faces blurred.

    What I think it is isn’t that you think that FJers have souls. I think you’re threatened because Sally has a standard on her blog that claims must be backed up with evidence. That makes her blog more credible. The TABLOID is FJ, where claims can be made out of thin air. I think you are also threatened because people who actually know you in person are HERE, instead of on FJ. Your former boss is HERE. Al is HERE. People who know you aren’t hiding behind screen names like on FJ. This blog is credible. FJ, even though they’re worse, aren’t a threat because they aren’t credible. Sally’s blog is extremely credible.


  23. Sally, you’re absolutely right. I’m a member of FJ, and I absolutely come here for the facts and updates on what’s going on. I enjoy your writing, very much so! You are also correct in stating that the way some posters on FJ behave is crossing a line, for you, and me and many others. However the rules permit it… Just because it is permitted doesn’t mean it’s a smart thing to do, and each poster is an individual who must decide what they choose to post within the limits of the site.
    I’m guilty of using names early on in the saga. It was wrong, and I regret it. I guess I didn’t think about the impact of my choices.
    I deeply apologize for my role in making the future more difficult for the kids.

    I enjoy my time here, and as always thank you for your writing.


  24. I’ve been a member of Free Jinger for quite a few years, and it used to be a very no holds barred kind of place, which wasn’t always very good as it would get extremely vicious. Intensively so. New people were almost run off so I was hesitant to post much then. After a while, with new leadership, it was policed better, and was a great place for a intelligent snarky chat, with a lot of intelligent posters with insight into an enormous range of topics. There was also a great community feel, too, without it becoming sickeningly sweet and cloying.

    Now however, I’m back to not posting, as the pendulum has swung too far in the opposite direction, as pendulums are wont to do, and it’s a shadow of it’s former self. The mods, and their friends among the posters, are very self congratulatory (while simultaneously claiming they aren’t perfect), some members/ posters “squeee” over the mods (“You guys are so awesome!”), there is an “in” group, and personally, it’s not really for me anymore, which I am a little sad about.

    Several mods and posters have spent a reasonable amount of time discussing this post of yours Sally, so obviously, it’s hit home somewhere along the line for them to feel they have to so vociferously defend their forum. FJ is just rather twee now, for example, people can be reprimanded just for the “tone” of their posts. Never mind that tone can be hard to read when there’s just text and no facial cues to assist. Once one mod has come into a thread to ask a poster to stop doing whatever they are doing, another one or two mods will also appear and write posts about what’s going on, just in case folk can’t read the first time I guess. And of course they’ll congratulate each other and so on:
    Mod A: “Mod B has THE best words!”
    Mod B: “Mod A!! No way, you do! My posts are soo long. You say things in just the right way!”
    Mod A: “No you do!”
    Mod B: “I love you Mod A, now agree with me!” and so on. Vomit inducing.

    And to the posters above who suggested Nicole may be a mod there – ummm, no. The mods have been around longer than the Nauglers as far as I’m aware. She may be a member there, or she may just read, but the mods, perfect they are not, but all are far more literate and coherent than Nicole 🙂

    I think the real difference in Nicole’s mind between this blog and FJ, is that this blog has a single topic, is run by one (fairly) local person using her real name, and she is easily identified because she doesn’t hide. FJ is a different beast as it’s a forum, where folk use screen names, it covers way more topics than just the N’s, and is a far more nebulous target for Joe and Nicole to aim at.


  25. Free Jinger also snarks on locals. Demeans them by calling them hillbilly. They think that Breck county is a backwoods shit hole. They had to look up where Radcliff Kentucky was. Fort Knox area for the geographically impaired mooncalfs. They don’t know the truth and they don’t care.
    They don’t care about the community. They don’t care about the children. That is echo chamber lip service they pay themselves to try to justify being a bunch of bitchy little hens and a few crowing roosters.

    They are over on their website white washing themselves. Big reaction full of comments for a group that doesn’t care about what Sally thinks of them. I had hoped this would finally be the end of their viciousness and they would focus, but a junk yard dog has got to do what a junk yard dog has to do. They will howl into the night for weeks. Maybe Nicole can express their anal glands for them and we can all get some rest.


  26. I just read the update. LOL!
    To my knowledge, Nicole had previously never addressed the issue of FJ. Maybe because there wasn’t a specific individual she could attempt to intimidate or manipulate. And she couldn’t delete. No way for her sock puppets to act out. Even if she signed up on FJ, she wouldn’t have lasted three posts before she was sent to the prayer closet. No control. And an admin at FJ? OMG! I’ve got a better chance of being the Queen of England.

    And I meant to ask earlier…How was your lunch with Nicole?

    BLTATM: But sometimes I do love me some good bat shit crazy conspiracy theories. Right now, my favorite is chem trails. Oh my!


  27. During Google searches I have come across FJ. I had even created an account but haven’t been back there since. I think I’ll just stay away.


  28. I guess you peaked her interest into FJ again. She shared a post that was posted on FJ.


  29. FJ is for profit. It helps increase their readership especially when the Naug topics get stale, to continue to ramp up hostilities towards Sally sending Sally’s readers to their board. Of course the mods are going to band together, the more contentious and inane the more likely readership will come to their board. High road my ass, follow the money. Right out of the Naugler playbook, the difference being the “Paypal” button is not as obvious on the FJ site.


  30. Kaylee knocks it out of the park again!

    “So to make themselves feel better, they try to make themselves feel like you’re beneath them to elevate themselves. ”



  31. Wow. Nothing much happens for days on the Naugler topic and BAM, in 24 hours the scene explodes in full force again.

    – On FJ-
    FJ is just a forum that gabs on many topics. Haven’t read much on FJ, but it appears like most multi-topic forums with opinions all over the board. Lots of gossip and opinion there. I don’t think idol gossip threatens Nicole. As a matter of fact, I think she thrives on it. Negative attention is still attention and something she craves.

    -On BLB-
    This blog actually exposes, documents, and compiles factual information. Facts scare the shit out of Nicole, especially when there are so many piled into a single, publicly accessible location.

    I don’t always agree on what’s said here, by Sally or commenters, but bottom line is that this is the most no nonsense and verifiable reading on the subject that is the Nauglers. The majroty of what is here, is written by real life people who have encountered the Naugler’s first hand, and have been burned by them in one form or another. I often wonder how many of those folks, who have been left in the wake of Joe and Nicole, read here and never say a word.

    -On GASS-
    Joe and Nicole wanted notoriety and they finally met up with a group that’s going to give it to them. Might not be the notoriety they were after, but it seems them are going to get it none the less.

    I’ll admit, the idea of a documentary on this fabulous shit show is interesting enough to make me anticipate a release of the story they may or may not ever materialize. However, there have been many times I have wondered if they aren’t just poking at J and N to keep them on their paranoid toes and there is really nothing to what they say is taking place.

    If they are for real, some of the tactics they seem to employ are really quite scary. Night scopes, secret recordings, drones, all of it just screams harassment. While the posts and comments on this blog are discussion, what GASS has going is enough to finally give credence to what Nicole has screamed victim to for so long.

    -On MBLH-
    The two posts Nicole made on the blog today, well, they were predicatable. There was no doubt that she’s just been waiting for a reason to post her victim cry, yet again. With GASS’s drone poste, Sally’s recent blog, and FJ discussion rolling the page, it was sure that Nicole’s response would materialize in step.

    I wondered how long before someone contacted the new bride-to-be’s family to warn them about what the young girl was getting into, so I wasn’t shocked to read Nicole’s post about it happening.

    I think the b2b’s folks have all been well aware of the Naugler situation, long before anyone sent them a PM on FB. I think they have known from the beginning and just been powerless to do anything about the situation and think it’s likely they are scared shitless about what the future holds for all involved. We can haggle good parenting, and bad, all day long, but let’s face it- attempting to control a child of their daughter’s age is like trying to nail jello to a tree. I feel for them.

    -On The eldest Naugler boy and his b2b-
    I have read in several places, the accusations that people are picking on them, talking bad about them, etc. I have read much of what has transpired and I just don’t see it that way.

    While there have been a few snarky comments directed their way, I see many people expressing sadness that they are in a situation that is going to very hard on them both and their expected child. I for one am worried for them. But more than anything I have seen people who are hopeful that they will endure and find a better way of life for themselves and their new family. I see people who have offered advise, and even if sometimes a little intrusive, still given with the best intentions. I see people wishing for their best success and not hoping for their failure. I agree that Nicole will perceive some rivalry with the new girl and I hate that for that young girl. She is no match for the likes of Nicole and her manipulative abilities.

    Now off to bed to rest. Thanks for the reads tonight. Guess I am just waiting now to see if there is really going to be a trailer over the weekend for a documentary on the subject.


  32. Salamander7 you summed up the sad evolution of FJ perfectly. I was going to join after a few years lurking but noticed the change too and it stopped me in my tracks. I hate the mean girls club amongst select mods. Often Mod C generally follows up an attack by Mod chief bully with “I f@&King love you Mod chief bully!!!”
    The hypocrisy and childish bullying is not a reflection of all FJ members but because of the gang mentality anyone who tries to have a differing opinion gets shouted down and those who agree just back off to avoid the ugliness and wrath of the mean girls.

    Sally I appreciate the facts and evidence you provide. I am definitely not local but I have great sympathy for those who have to tolerate/suffer from knowing the Nauglers. Though it appears you don’t need to be acquainted as any criticism using your real name can get you targeted.
    Your site makes it harder for Nicole to spin her lies to grift and that is what makes you a target. FJ is a snark site and doesn’t pose a threat to her. What you do costs her money and worst of all may make a dent in her beloved blind followers. There is nothing more precious to Nicole than free money and attention.
    I’m just hoping CPS is going to step up and save the children. I would love if the girlfriend decides to want a better life for her baby and the parents to be flee. However whilst his siblings are abandoned by CPS I just cannot see it happening.


  33. I stopped reading FJ after getting whiplash trying to figure out what the policies were when it came to the Naugler threads. I eventually came to the conclusion that if they thought it was so horrible and such a threat to peoples’ safety to comment on this family, why didn’t FJ take their forum down? Instead, the Naugler threads were upgraded into a sub-forum. I decided I didn’t have time for such nonsensical behavior and have barely been back.

    Then I caught hints around here how nasty they were being toward you. These folks were hanging on your and Al’s words when they thought they were getting juicy gossip–I was around for that much. But it seems like once they realized real people were affected by what the Nauglers do, that they were dealing with actual human victims instead of characters on a screen, they got severely selectively sanctimonious.

    I think FJ can and should call fundy parents of all religious persuasions on their spiritual, emotional, physical, and/or educational abuse and neglect. They’d provide a real service, then, along a similar vein to what you do, Sally: exposing the lies and fraud. But instead, on FJ they’ve been mocking of children by name because of the horrible choices of their parents while driving off the folks who truly could enlighten the rest of us about how families like the Nauglers harm their communities. You get FJers rabidly posting Duggar private plane flight paths and sitting at small local airports to find out which Duggars were on the plane and then a few months later blasting you for posting nothing that wasn’t already publicly available in spades with no work on your part to dig it up. You didn’t have to chase someone’s plane to find out about a pregnancy. It was common knowledge.

    I have read nothing inappropriate or inconsistent on this site. Contrary to FJ, I see you always going out of your way to prevent harm to the Naugler children, which is more than the Nauglers parents can say, and also more than FJers can say. Thank you, Sally, for being a good example of how to exercise free speech while remaining classy about it.


  34. I often wonder how many of those folks, who have been left in the wake of Joe and Nicole, read here and never say a word.

    More than Nicole imagines. Way more.

    I think the b2b’s folks have all been well aware of the Naugler situation, long before anyone sent them a PM on FB.

    And you would be correct. The Nauglers are known in Breck County. Nobody had to “warn” them of anything.


  35. And what do Joe and Nicole give Joe’s eldest for his birthday? Threats. Blackmail. Intimidation.

    “A*** has numerous mental disorders. We have audio and images that will tell that story soon. There is a lot to it and it will expose A*** in a way that I am not ready to do. My hope is that he will make an open apology before I have to got down that rabbit hole. Remember we have been documenting for years.” [Nicole’s blog]

    Of all the people in the world to “expose”, Nicole’s going after someone that she and Joe have both already victimized to pieces. I guess this is how she thinks a parent can keep their children in line- apologize or I’ll share your dirty laundry with the world. The term “pick on somebody your own size” comes to mind.

    Smooth move Nicole. What a douche.


  36. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

    Chemtrails, oh my. I learned that one two years ago. I lived in an ivory tower before that, hahaha. The first article on it I read had a photo of a woman with a gaggle of dirty children surrounding her talking about how the “chemtrails” from commercial jets were the government dumping chemicals to stop her fertility and make people stupid. I thought it was a joke, someone making fun of her. It wasn’t. All I could think was “too late”.


  37. I took a gander at FJ. Wow. Just…wow. The sanctimony runs deep. Saying that you couldn’t come up with a recent example of them mocking a child…it wasn’t long ago I was reading and posting. Within the last 12 months. I remember numerous examples of people commenting on people’s appearances (including children), saying horrible things about one of the Duggar grandkid’s names (comparing it to semen), speculating about another grandchild being struck by his mother, trying to make medical diagnoses based on one Duggar in-law’s weight, and more.

    Meanwhile they’re still accusing you of taking photos of the Nauglers’ property, stalking them, being the first to out the couple as pregnant, when you have stated numerous times: none of this is true. Reading comprehension: learn it, love it. They’re accusing you of accusing Nicole and Joe of false things when you’ve backed up what you’ve said numerous times while FJ can’t get straight who’s taking what photos, if any.

    It’s a toxic kind of place and I’m glad I stopped going. I’d prefer to stop giving them the ad revenue.


  38. FJers are patting themselves on the back for their supposed superiority, with one mod claiming they don’t delete old posts. Okay, well, they edit new posts if it contains things against the rules. Why not EDIT the Chuckie post? Curious, indeed. When Sally found a child’s name in the comments on an old post, she edited it. Why can’t you do that, Curious? Does it disrupt the flow of your cruel snark?

    A subforum is a site within a site. FreeJinger is a website. It’s a forum set as a website. The Naugler subforum, which is obviously dedicated to them, is basically a miniature website. So you FJers don’t have a leg up there either. It wasn’t that long ago that you hypocritical FJers were posting the Nauglers’ address as well as Nicole’s credit history. THAT is one MAJOR invasion of privacy. Yet the mods allowed it. There’s a lot they’ve allowed.

    FJ, like Nicole, doesn’t like that this blog is far more credible than either FJ or Nicole could hope to be. FJers, it’s not a good thing when someone like Nicole sees you are the equivalent of the Weekly World News running yet another front page scoop on another Batboy born to a toddler. That means you’ve sunk too far for even She Who Steeps in Shit to bother with you.


  39. Saying that you couldn’t come up with a recent example of them mocking a child

    LOL I spent exactly five minutes looking. Five minutes. One little Google search. That’s all of my time they get. There are many, many examples.

    What they’re saying is “Oh, she can’t find a example of me beating my wife this week, so I’m innocent of ever doing it.”

    I have never taken a photograph of any Nauglers or their wretched property, ever. How many times do I have to say this?


  40. Can I share something here? Back in the day, like ten or so years ago, the Naugler family showed up. They were having a tough time financially and they were helped, very generously. But Joe made no effort to support his family. He glad handed gullible people and threw his weight around. Then the gravy train stopped and the migrations continued and the living conditions descended. But not before threats and adult-size temper tantrums took place.

    Then I discovered one of Nicole’s earlier blogs in which she reached out across the blogosphere to people who had no idea who she was. She portrayed her family life as idyllic with an occasional booboo, nature-lovin’, an occasional run-in with reality or differing opinions that made her upset, Joe as the perfect husband and father who, for some reason, maintained any job for less than a month (and it was the employer’s fault, of course). Yeah, they got pulled over and Joe had to go to jail because of a warrant for arrest for failing to provide child support, but of course that was not his fault. It was a conspiracy of Maine relatives. She had full narrative control and her absurd adorers ate the goo up like candy.

    I always wished back then that there would have been a blog to show the other side of the Naugler story, namely by the honest, decent, and perhaps too trusting people with “Nauglered” t-shirts who had been used and abused by the Nauglers. Weok events unfolded. The Nauglers tried to bug out, got caught, Nicole screamed for the police to shoot her, and they very rightly took the kids. The Nauglers went viral in response to this sudden demand for responsibility. They wanted, and got, money and a fair amount of it. But control over the narrative and the audience went bye-bye with going viral. Nicole and a “group” went after people who asked uncomfortable questions, who relayed their experiences with the Nauglers, and doxxed them, harassed them, stalked them, called employers (all of the stuff Nicole whines about being done to her), and went after deceased parents and children.

    Thus this blog was born. The blog that I had wished existed just a few years ago is here and provides a much needed service.

    Thank you, Sally


  41. I’m just going to make one point here and then move along. The reason that you will see some posters on FJ saying things like you see in the Rodriguez threads and others scolding for much more minor “offenses” in others is the that different posters have different thresholds for appropriate snark. Despite what Al thinks, we are not a hive vagina. We are largely self policing and, unless a thread really blows up, the mods don’t really get too involved in a moderator capacity. Our moderators are also members and are free to post their own opinions as regular members. I, personally, don’t go into the Rodriguez forum, so I have no idea what’s going on in there. I have seen people seriously criticized for saying that Zsu looked like shit in a picture. The Duggar forums are a mess with people speculating about the kids, and others scolding them for it. If either you or Al read the whole thread you’d see that not everyone is jumping on you for any of this stuff. We are not a hive vagina. As for the “for profit” thing… Why the hell shouldn’t the person who runs an online community for thousands of people make some money from that? Talk about a high horse…


  42. Free Jinger is full of shit. They called the Naugler children feral. Said potty training them on the homestead was easy just let them run bare assed and make wherever they felt like. They said they wouldn’t want to foster them. That is just one of many examples. They might be fooling themselves, but they aren’t fooling us.


  43. If either you or Al read the whole thread you’d see that not everyone is jumping on you for any of this stuff.

    I haven’t read much of anything since I left there. My brief time was enough. I have plenty to do without Free Jinger. My only reason for writing what I did was to speculate about why Nicole is obsessed with me being evil but not bothered by Free Jinger. I got my answer.

    As for the “for profit” thing… Why the hell shouldn’t the person who runs an online community for thousands of people make some money from that? Talk about a high horse…

    I have no quarrel with that, except that I can think of more lofty ways to make money than to profit from people gossiping about the way somebody’s baby looks.

    You’re welcome here any time, even riding a high horse.


  44. @DD

    “Hive Vagina”?


    I never said that. That’s your inference of what I think of FJ. In fact, I consider myself to be a relatively creative cat. But “Hive vagina” is something that has never sparked my synapses.

    “Hive Vagina”.

    Now THAT’s some funny shit.

    I think that FJ has some really cool people. Smart people. I also think that FJ has a few sanctimonious twat-waffles that would put Dana Carvey’s portrayal of the church lady to shame.

    “Hive Vagina”

    I’ve gotta google that funny shit.

    Is “Hive Vagina” FJ code for groupthink? Because if it is — you’re kidding yourself. FJ is groupthink in action.

    Seems the Freejinger “Hive” (some, not all) don’t like being told that they’re a little on the sanctimonious side. Sorta like this . . . they don’t fart. They whisper in their panties.

    That said. I think “Hive Vagina” is probably better than Vagina hives.

    Can we agree on that?


  45. Ewwww

    HV or VH —- blech. One of my many weaknesses is being rather literal ….So I’m fixing to go to bed trying to expunge those mental images from my head. Wasps, bees, Borg?


  46. IIRC the hive vagina thing came from repeated accusations from people who got featured at FJ that everybody at FJ thinks in exactly the same way, possibly under the mental control of a single leader, and that furthermore they’re all silly women with nothing better to do than post at FJ. I’ve seen the same accusations hurled at multiple forums where shenanigans are discussed–everything from horse coping to politics. The FJers nicknamed themselves the Hive Vagina in response.


  47. DD, so what you’re saying is that it’s okay to shred the appearance of children in some forums because what’s tolerated in that forum is different. Here’s another way to put that: “We pick on some kids really fucking hard because we’ve collectively decided that those kids are okay, but we’ll arbitrarily pick a family of kids that’s off limits, and the only reason we can give for the disparity is because we feel like it.” You really don’t get to think you’re better when you’re defending what you’re doing because it happens at a different cafeteria table during lunchtime.

    Cosmic, I’ve called the kids feral myself, after reading them called feral on FJ. While FJ laughed at how easy it is to potty train by letting kids run naked and shit where they squat, I didn’t think it’s funny. It’s an indictment of Nicole and Joe’s refusal to parent, and calling the kids feral is against the adults, not the children. FJ poked at the kids. Many times.

    Al, yes, hive-vaginas are groupthinkers, which they are. People there apologize ahead of expressing different views, and say they’re prepared to be jumped on. The FJ mods really need to think hard about what’s going on when people are scared to say something that goes against the hive-mind. They’re like Dolores Umbridge. She’ll smile so sweetly and claim she’s only trying to help, as she sits there dressed in pink with porcelain plates painted with kittens on the wall behind her. But when you look at what she’s really doing, you see that the sweetly smiling face is just a veneer. That’s the FJ mods. They might realize it if the step back and pay attention to how so many people are scared to be a dissenting voice.


  48. “A*** has numerous mental disorders. We have audio and images that will tell that story soon. There is a lot to it and it will expose A*** in a way that I am not ready to do. My hope is that he will make an open apology before I have to got down that rabbit hole. Remember we have been documenting for years.” [Nicole’s blog]

    What a charming woman. So is her husband who isn’t going to protect HIS child (adult or not) from this vendetta. Naturally to their way of thinking, if A*** has issues they couldn’t possibly have their root in the way THEY treated him.


  49. Now THIS is some ‘funny shit’!
    desertvixen from FJ says:
    I will admit to walking by the grooming shop once I finally realized where it was (in a strip mall that also has the best “Greek” food you’ll find in these parts) but there never seems to be anyone in the front area of the shop. 

    2. STALKER
    3. what, they aren’t running her out of their ‘forum’ for doing EXACTLY what they accuse Sally of doing? LOL
    4. “never seems to be anyone in the front…” suggests to me that desertvixen has ‘walked by’ MORE than once! Again, LOL
    5. exactly ZERO of what any of their so-called weak defences of themselves is in any way, shape or form are excusable. NONE. ZERO. What a bunch of maroons! None of them can just admit they enjoy following the ShitShow. JUST ADMIT IT.



  50. Some of the commenters on FJ use PICTURES of minor children as their avatars!!
    Oh, but first they photoshop them to degrade, humiliate and bully them. BABIES.



  51. “Nicole and a “group” went after people who asked uncomfortable questions, who relayed their experiences with the Nauglers, and doxxed them, harassed them, stalked them, called employers (all of the stuff Nicole whines about being done to her), and went after deceased parents and children.”

    Chuckie (aka Nicole, Joe or the minor J, depending on the day) have stalked and doxxed me. And I don’t give a shit. Good ole Chuckie brought up a reckless endangerment charge that was filed against me and “he” figured I would turn tail and shut up. My reaction was the same as when I was charged. Oh hell no.

    I went through that court system that the BO and JoJo so disdain and rejected every plea deal. I demanded a trial. In the end, the charge was dismissed. That is how the system works.

    I am waiting for Chuckie to bring up the astonishing ticket of driving with one headlight. Or driving without proof of insurance – a fixable ticket. I printed the insurance card and showed the police officer the next day.

    What I haven’t been charged with or convicted of is, oh, assault, menacing, driving without insurance etc.

    I wish the BO and JoJo would invest as much time into their children as they do online. One day soon, those kids will finally be taken away for good and that will be a glorious event.

    But Chuckie, I still love you!!!


  52. HaHa! Within MINUTES of our lovely Al Wilson posting his very succinct evaluation of the the hypocrisy that is FreeJinger, there are already multiple posts about it.

    And you vagina hives say you don’t follow this saga closely…. Bwahahahaha!



  53. Howl & Snark was snarking on FJers earlier in the comments, saying ‘They had to look up where Radcliff Kentucky was. Fort Knox area for the geographically impaired mooncalfs.’

    This mooncalf was born and raised in Ky- western Ky. I had to look up where Radcliff was too. 😉


  54. I haven’t heard this term used in a few years. And, yes Al…it’s better than “Vagina Hives”!

    “The hive vagina was a joke term used by some members of the community to indicate a mock group-mind. It’s similar to the geek concept of the cabal in the phrase there is no cabal, a (usually non-existent) group of powerful insiders secretly controlling a community.”
    It seems to have fallen out of popular use in the community ca. 2014.


  55. My, oh my. Isn’t everyone playing right into Nicole’s filthy nailed little hands.

    What was the topic? Nicole and Joe, their false facade, their not so secret or hidden attacks, threats, harassment, trespass and personal appropriation of the things and resources of others? The perceived abuse and neglect of their precious children. The short lived lives of their pets and livestock. Their imaginary “hopeful homesteading”. That reading the water heater at the shop, on what one supposes was bath day, is as close to schooling as some of those children get?

    Nope. It’s become who is king of the molehill. Aren’t you all just a tiny bit embarrassed? I know I am.

    What is important? The fact that Nicole has just published a post where she has stated her intentions to further damage and injure her stepson? That there has only been the most superficial improvements to life on the shitstead and winter is here? That the life of animals, pets and livestock continue to be less than acceptable on the shitstead? That the community is still under a barrage of unsavory acts carried out by the blessed according to eye witnesses?

    On a high horse? Don’t bother. Even the blessed horse went on a runner yesterday.


  56. Thanks Lisa, for adding a voice of reason. Is this blog about exposing the truth about the Nauglers, or to bitch about FJ? I used to look forward to interesting discussion here, but lately all it is is fussing over what some strangers say and do on their own forum.


  57. Is this blog about exposing the truth about the Nauglers, or to bitch about FJ?

    I made one post about Free Jinger, and for only one reason. I wanted to know why Nicole wasn’t bitching about them while she blames me for everything bad up to and including climate change. I got my answer.

    As far as I am concerned, that’s it.

    We are laying a living room floor (bamboo) today, but later on tonight or maybe tomorrow morning, I will try to have another post up so we can change the subject.

    Just explaining so you can plan your day.


  58. Peg, I wouldn’t call the permanent removal of those kids as a “glorious event.” Yes, it’s going to need to happen the more Nicole and Joe refuse to raise their kids or even educate them (interesting that her son’s testing is through a SCHOOL for abused kids, probably ordered by CPS), and the fact that they are entirely fine with their minor children having unprotected sex if they get aroused (Joe’s statement on this has haunted me since I read what he said), but those kids will be traumatized either way. This abusive situation is one they’ve acclimated to, though they’re going to be harmed more in the long-term by staying where they are. I do think they love their shitbag parents, and I think Nicole might love at least a few of them (I don’t think Joe loves any of his dozen kids), and removal would be hard. But removing a cancerous tumor is hard at the time too.


  59. Lisa, what is a runner? Does that mean the horse got loose and ran away, or is it like a dog runner where there’s either a cord from the dog’s collar to another cord or a fenced run area?


  60. On FJ, Buffy asked to Al, “The real name thing comes up a lot. Do you feel the same about the commenters on Sally’s blog who use screen names as well?”

    I have an answer I’d like to give for that. FJers don’t risk being targeted and doxed and harassed the way users here are.

    “I completely agree with Sally that doxing is inexcusable”

    Buffy, you do know that FJ doxes people, right? I found out where the Nauglers live BECAUSE OF FJ. I found out where the Wallers live BECAUSE OF FJ (I don’t even follow them, and still found their address because of FJ). I learned where the Rodriguezes live BECAUSE OF FJ.

    Funny how you’re against that shit here, but you’re fine with it in your own house.

    You also can’t tell the difference between random internet strangers, like you and me, versus people personally affected, like Al, and indirectly, Sally. Of course their response will be strong, but you’re a willfully ignorant fool if you don’t see how FJ has many random strangers who study the lives of the Nauglers, Duggers, Maxwells, Andersons, and Shupes, to a truly frightening degree, and then dox them. YOUR HOUSE over there on FJ is where people take this to such extremes that this blog, where addresses and children’s names are verboten.


  61. Bingo, Kaylee. Screen names are fine here because of what happens to people who don’t use them. Al doesn’t care. I don’t care. Both of us are in positions where we simply give zero fucks. But we aren’t everyone. Some people really have fears and that’s okay.

    BTW, I know who many of the folks using screen names are. Some of them write to me privately. Some I know because they use email addresses that tell me who they are.


  62. I got some samples of snap-together bamboo flooring and I must say it looks really nice. I wonder how it holds up in high-traffic areas.


  63. I have written to Sally using my real name and even sent her pictures of my barn. I had zero fear in doing so because I trust her. Would I do this with Nicole? Hell no.

    I have never been to FJ before so today I did a little reading over there. Meh. Doesn’t interest me.
    I read here because Sally can back up the posts she writes with research she did. She doesn’t post hearsay or gossip.

    And for those complaining about a post on FJ where most of the comments reflected the title of the post…think about the post “Here Comes the Bride”. It turned into a comment frenzy over working at McDonalds, minimum wage jobs, statistics etc. Those comments totally took away from the interesting and informative post that could have been discussed. Of course, it is just my opinion since some posts interest me more than others.


  64. When the Duggar scandals happened, I was lurking those forums. I think that family is dangerous, like all fundy families with a platform and the ability to sanitize their image lest people find out what fundamentalism really is. On FJ I learned even more about fundamentalism and how damaging it is, this despite years of armchair learning about the subject before finding FJ.

    They posted deeds and aerial views of the Duggar house. They posted private plane info. A few tried to spy who was on the plane when it landed. Sure, some of this behavior was smacked down, such as when the plane was unlisted from a flight tracking site for obvious security reasons. But it went on for a long time. The deed and property photos were dying down as a topic when I stopped reading the Duggar forums, so I don’t know if that was smacked down too.

    So perhaps the FJ mods want to take a few to straighten out some misconceptions over there, such as accusations that Sally photoed the Nauglers’ property or announced information that wasn’t common knowledge on public pages. Y’know, since they’re above rewriting history and all.


  65. Kaylee,

    Sorry. It’s a family term. Runner means left without permission. Ran for the hills. Was loose and seen about town yesterday in woods, in pastures, on the road. Alone, by itself with no owners in sight. I do not know what happened other than it escaped and was seen and filmed by a number of surprised people. I hope it is safe.


  66. Boy oh boy is she getting her ass chewed on one of her new blogs. The one about where the b2b family members are getting contacted.


  67. I wonder how it holds up in high-traffic areas.

    What we bought is rated several times higher/harder than hardwood. We compromised. The most durable high-traffic flooring out there is vinyl. And they make some really nice vinyl plank flooring. We almost went that way. It’s also very impervious to water.

    However, it doesn’t increase the value of your home to install it.

    We’ve laid hardwood (oak) and it’s beautiful, but a whole pile of work. It’s also very susceptible to water damage (although not as bad as laminate is).

    Bamboo is extremely durable – more durable than hardwood – and way more impervious to water damage. It’s not as durable as vinyl. However, it DOES increase the value of your home because it’s viewed as “real wood” or something.

    We’ll let you know. So far, it looks great. However, my current house shoes are toast. I will slip and fall on the new floor.


  68. Lisa wrote, “Even the blessed horse went on a runner yesterday.”

    Kaylee asked, “What is a runner?”

    Generally speaking, used in that context, it means the horse got loose and must have left the property. Hardly surprising as no one has seen any evidence of a fence. Even with good fencing things can happen. Horses spook and jump them, someone doesn’t secure a gate, etc.

    If that is the case, I hope she’s okay. Horses running loose can get hurt, or cause terrible accidents. I would like to believe that she found a place that has a horse or horses and may be happily in a field, eating whatever grass is still tasty and munching hay with her new buddies.


  69. If I had the money, I would go with linoleum. The colors are gorgeous, it’s incredibly sturdy and it’s even “environmentally friendly”. But it’s tricky to install (I’ve been told) and I have other stuff that is a priority. I still want it though!


  70. Lisa said: “Aren’t you all just a tiny bit embarrassed? I know I am.”

    Yes, yes I am. I always came here for the sanity and the truth. But the truth & sanity of Sally’s blog have been tempered (putting it mildly) by the comments. Outright lies in quite a few of the posts here (so much so it would take more time than I have to point everything out), and the sanity here is pretty much gone. I have problems with FJ-mods (see mean-girls & hypocrisy) too, but c’mon can’t we stick to the facts?

    Nicole and some others must be very pleased.

    What happened to “When they go low, we go high”? I say that to both FJ’ers and Sally’s “leghumpers”. Some, not all of course.


  71. Outright lies in quite a few of the posts here

    I try to stop those or counter them when I see them. There is a difference, remember, in a lie and in an opinion you might not agree with. It’s a fine line and sometimes walking it is challenging.


  72. Jesus. I know A loves that horse, but for the horse’s sake, I hope she ends up somewhere that can keep her without any major legal issues. It’s one thing for a horse to escape from a fenced are, and another for a horse to leave a property because there was no attempt to build a paddock. I can’t imagine that the poor horse gets enough food or water. Lisa, does the young girl look healthy and fed, or is she becoming bony? I’m an animal-lover, and have been worried about her.

    Nicole, no matter how much a kid wants an animal, if you aren’t in a situation to properly take care of it, the say no. As a parent, you need to teach your kids responsibility, which includes acknowledging when something shouldn’t be done. You don’t have a proper living area for a horse. Guess what. My daughter’s dying for a horse, but our property, which is on a hill, isn’t suited for a horse. She won’t be getting a horse, and she won’t be damaged in any way for it. A wouldn’t have been more than disappointed, like my daughter. So now that it’s sinking in that a horse won’t happen (we are, to her ignorance, looking into a part-lease on a horse in town), my daughter wants a parrot. Her dad and I don’t want the responsibility of a parrot, and she can’t do it. For the horse, we told her no outright and told her why. We technically could get a parrot since we more than have enough space, but we are working with her to teach her how much responsibility a bird like that is. We are taking this as a time to teach her to understand and acknowledge her limits. Since you didn’t tell A no outright, YOU should have taught her how to identify her limits. Since you didn’t, there’s now a loose horse. Unless you’re going to build a paddock, it’ll happen again, and it’ll only be a matter of time before YOU or Joe end up in court again about not properly containing an animal. If that horse is hit by a car, you are liable for the damage to the car as well as any harm to the people in it. A won’t be responsible. YOU will be. Start parenting your kids and taking responsibility for animals in your care.


  73. ETA: Lisa, when I said “young girl,” I meant the horse. I’m used to calling animals boys or girls. Beauty’s something like five, so young girl.


  74. Lisa, does the young girl look healthy and fed, or is she becoming bony? I’m an animal-lover, and have been worried about her.

    From what I saw, she looked fine.


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