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Ah, the trials and tribulations of owning your own business.  When you work for somebody else, or you work as an independent contractor where somebody else is responsible for the bills, you just don’t know about this stuff.

But when you are the one in charge, and you get to call all the shots, well, you get to also pay all the bills.

And it’s no different for Nicole.

She is upset.

Her gas bill for the salon (we are not talking about her basic business here, please keep that in mind) is a hefty $67, when her usage was zero.  How can this be?  How dare they?  How awful it is!

There are two charges.

The first is a basic service charge of $40.

service charge
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Did Nicole think that the meter was free?  Did she think that the guy comes out and reads the meter (and he has to do that whether she uses any gas or not, because how else would he know?) does it as a volunteer job?  Did she think that the clerk who sends her the bill is on food stamps?

The other fee is for the line tracker.

line tracker

Does Nicole think those gas lines just sit there unused and therefore have no wear on them?  They never need to be upgraded or replaced? I actually have a friend whose job is to walk those gas lines every single day (I’m not sure how often he completes his rounds and begins again) and he uses a detection device to make certain there are no leaks. Every day. It’s a full time job.  He has to be paid.

Somebody tries to explain that she is in business and business accounts do pay more for stuff like this than home accounts, because they tend to use more.

comments 1

But of course, it sucks and businesses should not be allowed to “get away with this.”  You know, for charging customers for providing their services. Nicole wants gas available at her business whenever she wishes to use it. For that convenience, she has to pay.

comments 4

Oh, yeah.  Nicole rents her space. Her landlord wants the gas left on.  That’s part of the lease agreement, I would imagine.

comments 2

Yeah, this is totally brilliant. It’s a conspiracy and we should charge the utilities for the privilege of providing us with electricity and gas.  How about water lines?  Let’s charge them for putting in water lines. Can Nicole’s readers get any dumber?

comments 3

And we have here the Conversation of the Day, in which two Nicoles share their complete and total ignorance.  Nicole Naugler believes she should only have to pay $10 or $15 monthly because she absolutely knows what it costs the gas company to make gas available to her whenever she wants it. She knows all the costs involved.

And Nicole the Other is just amazing.

The gas is just there in the ground and they don’t really “deliver” it.  It just sort of seeps up out of the ground and magically enters the furnace or something. How dare they charge money for it!

I’m not sure it’s possible to even begin to educate these two people.

But the idiocy of all this is probably readily apparent.

I am reminded of the time when our son first moved out of the house and got his own place. He called us one day, just in a stew. His big beef? He’d been to the store to purchase toilet paper.  He had no idea what toilet paper costs. I guess he just thought it was provided by Jesus or something. He was absolutely livid because he had to spend his very hard-earned money (and it was hard to make it) on something that was going to be flushed down the toilet.

I told him to be glad he was male and didn’t have to use it for everything. I tried very hard not to laugh where he could hear me.

But I digress.

The landlord has some spaces he wants to keep rented. They have to be heated.  He has chosen to heat them with natural gas.  If doing that resulted in huge bills that his tenants could not afford, you know what would happen?

All his tenants would find other spaces to rent and they’d leave.

So he picks the most affordable solution possible.

In addition, if the gas company over-charged and gouged its customers to the point that, gasp!, electricity was cheaper, you know what would happen?  They would lose all their customers to electric furnaces and water heaters and dryers and stoves.

To stay in business, the gas company has to compete.

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You know what they call this?

Free market.  Deregulation.



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  1. She speaks like a socialist when it’s convenient and then covers herself by stating her solution—more free enterprise LOL. Makes ya wonder if she thinks the word ‘free’ in Free Enterprise means everything is at no cost.


  2. She is whining over a $70 bill. I understand having to pay for meters and such well because it’s called adulting ! I mean I guess since she doesn’t have any utilities at home it can be confusing ! The city I live in has the highest power rates in the state of SC. We didn’t know this moving here as my husband was transferred and we had a couple of weeks to buy a house. We researched the schools , the crime rates and all
    Kinds of things but not the utility rates . Coming from Alabama where Alabama power has the lowest rates on the country it was a huge wake up call. We budgeted and made adjustments. Our utility bill for sewer , water , sanitation and power this month was $594 . $400 of that was power. Keep In mind this is for a 3 bedroom 2 bath 2000 sq foot home! Anyway it’s life! We love the city we live in and with that comes outrageous utilities but lots of amazing things! We have flat water and sewage rates that are charged wether or not we use either and more if we go over. Same with trash I have to pay it wether or not we remember to put it by the road to be picked up. Such is life and adulting! I wonder what N would do with a $594 utilities bill and what rants she would go on about it!


  3. Oh, good night! Poor poor Nicole. The only person in the USA paying unfairly for her utilities bill.

    Since she doesn’t like it, why not start one of the first entirely off-grid grooming businesses? Get a rainwater collection system going (hah!) to have enough water to bathe the animals, use generator to power blow dryers (and the fuel for that will be $$$), build a nice grooming cabin (oops, still have the permanent people cabin to build first), get the littlest Nauglers to stoke the fires for hot water so the poor animals are not shivering when bathed.

    I wonder, since she had no gas usage during the month she was complaining about, whether the animals at the business were bathed in anything BUT cold water. I’ll give her a pass as it is summertime. But put up or shut up, Missy. Don’t like paying for utilities, go entirely off-grid with your business and see how people enjoy bringing their pets to the charming little poopstead.


  4. I wonder, since she had no gas usage during the month she was complaining about, whether the animals at the business were bathed in anything BUT cold water.

    Hot water is apparently electric.


  5. She’d hate my propane bill every 3-4 months. 400 gallon tank runs me over $1000 every time they fill it. But we are on a budget so I just pay it monthly.

    My electric bill is $240 this month. Tired of the hot weather and having the a/c going all the time. Plus my hot water is electric as well.


  6. She puts everything out there for public view. Never in my life have I seen a business owner put their utility bill online to bitch about it.

    She acts like a spoiled 11 year old brat that wants her own way all the time.

    I also say off grid the grooming business and good luck with that. They would have to steal lots of water if they did that. Or worse yet use the scum pond water.

    Nicole put your damn big girl panties on and grow the fuck up.


  7. Jahazza
    If you don’t mind my asking what area you in? I grew up in SC bit moved away several years ago. I am currently on, my way back home to take care of my mom. If you feel uncomfortable responding its okay & I understand & respect. Just curious.


  8. Nicole and Joe Naugler bring shame to anarchists everywhere. They are sorely confused and backwards, thinking themselves “Voluntaryists” or “Anarcho-Capitalists”. Clearly, the latter is an oxymoron, but the former..? Imagine having an unregulated free market. The Nauglers would still be dirt poor, and the wealthiest would have arms and protection for their large interests, against the poor. Now, the Nauglers are oppressed and worse-off, with no regulations, no checks and balances, no oversight to help them have a fair edge in property ownership, protection, or capital. In Nauglerland, instead of being “enslaved” to the state government, the Naugler Family will become enslaved to the Waltons.

    How is that better?
    Nicole once answered this question with something along the lines of, “Well our current system is broken so we might as well try this!”


  9. Does anyone know if electricity is individually metered? If not, she may have installed an electric water heater.

    N2’s comment about gas in the ground gave me a headache.


  10. Oh…the giggles this morning with the coffee! ha!

    Her comments do sound like a newbie to adulting. Hopefully she’ll read this and have a better understanding of how the process works. Free market and deregulation. And then one could call the gas company, and I imagine an associate would be helpful in explaining the utility bill.

    I agree with you, Magenta, “She speaks like a socialist when it’s convenient and then covers herself by stating her solution—more free enterprise.”

    giggles with coffee! LOL!


  11. Be careful what you wish for.

    The problems with deregulation and a free market often manifest in low population or rural areas. Low population and large distances make providing services and widgets more expensive to a company. The lack of a large market often results in few or no businesses competing for that market. That is why there are (horror) laws which regulate how far over that barrel a company can have the residential residents who require that service as a necessity. When it comes to commercial entities the law usually lets the free market reign.

    The law expects a business to be aware of the contracts it enters into and be aware of the overhead costs, at the time it is entering into those contracts. No one cares if you agree to something and you weren’t paying close enough attention. Free market. Free enterprise. If you don’t like it, don’t open a business there, don’t enter into a contract you don’t understand, stop whining because you didn’t do your homework. There are alternatives. As someone stated earlier they could build their own off grid business on their own. As long as they are going to contract to use someone else’s commercial space they will be obligated to follow that businesses terms.


  12. I wonder if she pays for water at the shop? Or if the landlord pays and she is just taking that “free” water back to the BLH?


  13. She’s probably on a flat rate billing cycle. Meaning come winter when it’s -15, she, along with the entire brood can pile in there and be nice and toasty for the same $70.
    When we lived in Alaska, in 2014 the gas rate literally doubled overnight. A normally $300 bill would take a 49% hike almost doubling the amount due. Why? Because we had short and mild winter, people didn’t use as much gas to heat their homes so it wasn’t economical for the sole natural gas provider to have the gas imported from the lower 48. So in our case less cost more but it was said to be for a short time, we moved so I didn’t see how it panned out.


  14. Poor N hates having to pay for essentials and doesn’t quiet understand that in order for the herd to do well, we each sort of have to pay a little extra; it’s sort of like getting those pesky shots; we get our kids immunized so that the collective or herd will maintain immunity of space until those children who cannot be immunized (infants, immune compromised, etc) can be given their shots….well, we must pay for all those pesky little services, even when we aren’t using the gas or water or electricity because someone has to maintain the utilities…those office folks, field folks, and others don’t work for free….N doesn’t get the group concept and that’s why her “off grid” “homesteading” efforts look more like hiding from social service or hiding from law enforcement. Hell, she doesn’t even do family community well, does she? Her children are charged for a burger. I don’t know about you guys, but when I order takeout and my kids or grandkids are over, I pay for their food….I would never give my grandchild a dollar and then demand it back if she or he wanted a burger; how messed up is that. It’s okay for her to charge her children for basic services rendered but she feels she is exempt from paying for the upkeep of the services she uses….the gas lines, the highways, the library, etc. This is another example of N’s entitlement ideology: she should be exempt from paying the basic fees; she should be exempt from sanitation; she should be exempt from providing basics for her kids…..I’m telling you, the more I read her posts, the more I think she is borderline mentally retarded and not borderline personality disorder. I don’t think she is able to reason…sort of like the tool that said, the gas should be free cause it’s just there in the ground……


  15. If she is truly thinks it’s unfair sue should contact her congressman! Some of her “commenters” truly scare me! They honestly think gas just comes up from the ground like magically? So no pipes? Nothing??? Of course Nikki thinks she is above all this and shouldn’t have to pay any bills! If she could get away with paying nothing she would!


  16. Surely she noticed the basic service fee and meter tracker charges on earlier bills. How could she possibly have thought they would just disappear?

    As for not knowing that the water heater was electric, well, I’m not sympathetic. I wonder if she’s now going to complain about the electric or water bill she receives in the future. Or maybe those are built into her lease.


  17. Dawn “I wonder, since she had no gas usage during the month she was complaining about, whether the animals at the business were bathed in anything BUT cold water.”

    Sally “Hot water is apparently electric.”

    I seriously think she is bathing the dogs in cold water. And when the family comes in to bathe, it’s no hot water for anyone. “Joe, don’t you DARE use that hot water! Mama ain’t paying no money to those Gas Thieves!”


  18. I am assuming she is obtaining gas from Louisville Gas and Electric so it could be worse. If any of the company’s meters have a capacity of > or equal to 5000 cf/hr the basic service charge would be $180 per month. Other adjustments not mentioned for this bill include weather normalization adjustment which occurs from November to April and demand side management cost recovery mechanism. (Information obtained from their rates, terms, and conditions for furnishing natural gas service dated July 2015).

    The poster who stated that the gas is not even delivered, it is naturally in the ground reminded me of the poster who stated that water is free. Really, they should investigate the startup and maintenance costs for these companies. Or perhaps they should compare this to owning a car. If you don’t invest the money to perform preventive maintenance, you probably will be paying for an expensive repair or its worth will diminish when you try to sell the car.

    When I decided to purchase a home (second time I did this), I was told what I could afford based on information provided to the bank. But this information did not include the insurance, taxes, HOA fees, utilities, and costs associated with buying a home (i.e. down payment, commission). I did not consider utilities to be a deciding factor, but wanted to know exact or estimates of the other costs. Knowledge is power and whether you are purchasing a home or going into business (renting a space or owning your space), you need to determine/estimate your costs before signing that contract. You should not complain after the fact if the costs (service charges) were the same as the day you signed the contract.


  19. i have a friend who works for the city and got to tour the local gas storage facility. apparently gas is stored underground in giant bunkers filled with porous rocks, like you use on a gas grill, and the rocks hold the gas while it is not in use.


  20. She’s probably on a flat rate billing cycle. Meaning come winter when it’s -15, she, along with the entire brood can pile in there and be nice and toasty for the same $70.

    I don’t think so. There are three separate charges. The service charge and the line tracker fee (both fixed) and then the usage fee which fluctuates depending on amount of gas used and the prevailing rate.


  21. Hahahahahaha! Oh my, this blog can be so much fun! I love it! Hahahahaha! Honestly, the comment about the gas just bubbling up from the ground is killing me!


  22. Blessed one is off her rocker we are in Clinton. Laurens county which is part of upstate Sc. Clinton is amazing just make sure you are not in the city limits! The sad part is our neighborhood is barley in the city limits! 900 yards and we would pay like $200 a month ! I have heard Newberry and Charleston are really high too but ours are the highest in the state unfortunately ! My husband grew up in Pensacola and me in Alabama near Auburn but we moved here 7 years ago when my husband was transferred and both really really love upstate SC!!!


  23. You know, despite it being cut off, that was three-figure bill that was paid earlier. Why in the world didn’t she look closely at the bill and see that there were monthly fees associated with it, regardless of use?

    My electricity supplier charges me $27.00/month for being a customer (residential). There are costs associated with maintaining a power grid, no matter how much or how little electricity my family uses. That’s just the way it is. She’s paid fees for services no matter how often it is used.

    Austin Energy, City of Austin
    625 E 10th
    Austin, TX 78701

    Dish Network
    P., O., Box 660589
    Dallas, TX 75266 (10979208)

    Southern Union Gas
    5613 Ave F
    Austin, TX 78751 (10979224)

    c/o Sololmon and Solomon
    P. 0. Box 15019
    Albany, NY 12212 (10979229)

    Vermont Telephone
    c/o Equifax Risk Mgt Svc
    P.0. 5409
    Albany, NY 12205 (10979230)


  24. When we bought our house (over the internet, sight unseen…military life lol) I looked at school district, bedrooms, square footage, and property size. The budget I set was much below what we could “afford” per hubby’s housing allowance but I knew that also had to cover utilities and being in the South the electric would prob be very high in the summer and wasn’t sure what the winters would be like. Add in general upkeep and repair costs and we could have very easily been in over our heads quickly. I actually didn’t see the house we ended up with at first because I had to raise the budget a couple times. Our mortgage has increased ~$25 every year due to escrow (insurance and taxes I think?). But we’re still under his housing allowance and if he has to retire in a couple years his retirement will more than pay the monthly mortgage.

    The main issue is that the N’s are yet again not preparing the children for reality and the real world. You have to pay bills no matter what. Even owning a junk car outright you still (should by law) pay insurance monthly or in installments. They have not been taught how to do a basic budget for food, gas, water, rent, electricity. I have a spreadsheet and my children have been shown our family budget, they know we’re not “poor” but they also know where the money goes and why I say no to some things. They also have classes at school that teach them actual life skills, calculating minimum wage and budgeting. Heck, even when I worked with teenagers they were very conscience about budgeting for gas and other things because they were learning to be independent and responsible. They even knew how to calculate their hourly wages after taxes!


  25. I’ve lived in my house over 40 years. The meters (it’s a duplex) were move from inside to outside and have bee replaced a few times as well. 2 years ago they replaced the gas line from the house out to the connection near the sidewalk and a few times previous to that. I pay less now than I did 10 years ago. My gas and electric has been a combined bill for around 30 years. It works out easier for me to pay the same all year round. What has gone up is my water but I manage. What my city is proposing and I am for it is adding a $10.oo charge per quarterly bill which would mean $40.00 per year to cover repairs to laterals at a lower rate. A lot of our homes are older and if I needed my laterals repaired from my house to the lot line it would cost anywhere from 16,000 to 20,000. Through the city’s proposed plan, this additional $40.00/yr charge would drop that repair cost down to $4,000 for them to do the repair. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out we should be glad to pay the additional $40.00 charge. I really can’t picture how these voluntaryists would be maintaining all of this. But then again, I guess they wouldn’t have running water. And that is just the water from the street to the house……how would it get from the plant to the streets…..I can’t envision these people running a rural city, let alone a major one…a state or a country. Scary thought


  26. The free market is why my small, isolated community formed an electrical co-op many years ago.


  27. Nicole is pathetic. According to Pace Ellsworth she had an “incredible business plan” in which she omitted budgeting of her basic utilities? Yes, the amazing business plan is not credible nor is its creator. Mind, this is the same weirdo with her husband who did not pay utilities for their previous homes, blocked off the bedrooms and had everyone sleeping and crapping on the living room floor. This is the same weirdo/crazy person who trashed the homes they rented prior.

    This is crazy-person absurd. Every blessed little thing Nicole, the self-proclaimed homesteader with a bazillion kids, lump of a self-proclaimed prophet husband and business owner says with an expectation of being paid with donation is nothing but whining about normal adult responsibilities. Could I forgive this from some 17-18 year old kid experiencing adult responsibilities for the first time? Yes but it would get pretty old really fast. Nicole is nearly 40, grooms dogs, has built a fortress of human dung on which she lives, whines about the responsibilities of normal life and expects to be paid for it. Really?


  28. When my husband was being medboarded out of the military, we looked at all the surrounding areas by Ft. Knox. We looked into the property taxes, homeowners insurance, propane, electric rates in all the areas. From there we figured out what we could afford for a monthly mortgage.

    The high school my kids go to has a life skills class. My daughter is taking it (wish it wasn’t an elective), but in middle school they had CCR, which taught them about bills and budgeting. Now that they are teenagers I am back to work, when my husband and I sit down with all the bills and form a budget, I think I to will have the kids sitting there with us. My son will be 16 next year, therefore our insurance will be going up on our vehicle.


  29. She’s 40 something and posting this as if it’s a new revelation to her? She’s been paying these bills monthly for over a year now. I’ve gotta call BS on this. I’m going with grifting 101: in her best whiny voice, ‘Please kind (stupid) followers, can you spare $67.41 for poor little ol’ me? I just am so angry right now? I just didn’t know how this worked.’
    COME ON BLH followers cough it up! Oh, and “Bless you.”


  30. ” My son will be 16 next year, therefore our insurance will be going up on our vehicle.”

    My agent told me that once Resident Adolescent has a provisional license it would be less expensive to purchase an OLD beater car (20 years +) in his name and for him to get his own policy rather than adding him onto ours.

    Maybe that will cut some costs for you, too? I mean, admittedly it would require a car for him but maybe that has some benefits to your family.


  31. @ Tekla, Is that a list outstanding bills that the Blessed ones still owe? A guess if you want to track them you just have to follow the trail of debts. It’s time for them to get adult.


  32. The comments on her page regarding this post are borderline idiotic. So many folks are comparing their home bills. Nicole runs a business, business expenses and charges are not comparable with residential services. I highly doubt many, if any of her followers run businesses though so I should give them a pass for their ignorance. Nicole though is a business owner, she needs to educate herself because right now she is looking like a fool. And saying she is going to raise her rates to cover utilities is just plain dumb. When you have a business you are responsible for figuring out your expenses. Utilities are pretty simple to calculate, especially when you’ve been in business for over a year. Every month she should have been sitting down and going through her bills and costs line by line. Obviously she is just as lazy about her business as she is with her home life. What an embarassment.


  33. @ Tekla, Is that a list outstanding bills that the Blessed ones still owe? A guess if you want to track them you just have to follow the trail of debts. It’s time for them to get adult.

    @BettyAnne – No, that is a partial list of creditors who didn’t get much of their money back from Nicole when she declared bankruptcy years ago. It was to illustrate that she has had accounts that charge a fee regardless of whether you use the service or not. I thought it was particularly funny in light of the fact that she has paid for gas in the past.

    She doesn’t appear to be much of a bookkeeper to this date.


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