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This is Frank J. LaFerriere’s first comment on this blog [it was on the old Romancing blog which no longer exists]. It’s the first time I ever laid eyes on his name.

I want to give anyone reading this a cautionary word. I am starting this page with all the comments that Frank made publicly on the blog, mostly so you have to scroll down to find the stuff that wasn’t published. It gets very graphic. If that will upset you, if homophobic or sexual slurs really bother you, just don’t read it.

As you can see, Frank came into this saloon with guns blazing. At the time, I had no idea if he was real, if he was one of Cathy’s many fake identities, if he was just some lunatic.  So I responded like this.

The whole “I’m a MAN” thing was just so stupid.  Anyway, Frank didn’t like that the little woman didn’t take him seriously enough, so he came back with extra weaponry.

And yes, Frank, the highlighted part is a written threat to do bodily harm to me personally.


What is Frank saying here, in context?  He’s saying that he will “deal” with all of us, including me personally, and how will he “deal” with us? By doing all the things he just described. Beating the shit out of us. Knocking our teeth out.  Putting us in the hospital.  It’s his buddies at Anonymous who will do all the financial stuff.  Frank will simply hurt us physically.

. . . TERRORIZE. . .

Frank, listen to me and listen good. I do not believe Cathy Harris’ stories. None of them. Not a single one. That is not “terrorizing” her. That is just not believing her.

Okay, so that’s the end of Frank’s public comments (until today).  But it’s not the end of his attempts.  Again, warning: If this sort of thing bothers you, don’t read it.

And a note: There is a difference in the formatting of some of these. That has to do with how I got the screen shots. The one directly below this, with the red line running down the left side, is how comments look before they are approved.

The ones further down are how comments look after they are approved, or in this case, how they look when they come from the spam folder (where approval is not an option).

All of them came directly from the blog. Frank J. LaFerriere, uncensored.

Now, do you see why I didn’t approve these?  Why I might think that having these sprinkled in the comment section might be offensive?

UPDATE: July 8, 2017


4 thoughts on “Frank Stuff”

  1. What a dumb fuck. Are we suppose to be impressed because he threatens a lady. I don’t give a flipping do dah if he has 10 black belts. Can’t fix stupid. Love the IP address.


  2. Ya think Frank has anger management issues? OMG! I laughed through most of those rants. Was that totally wrong of me? FBI, Anonymous, really? What a loon. Still laughing.


  3. Was that totally wrong of me?

    If it’s wrong, then I’m wrong with you. I laughed so hard. And I had friends who were calling me saying, “Did you hear from Frank today?”


  4. Cathy states one of her rapists was tried, convicted and is on the sexual offender list. So name him, Cathy. Otherwise, you’re protecting him.

    Frank doesn’t have much of an imagination.


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