Frank: Just For the Record

I am only putting this here so Google can find it easily. This is Frank J. Laferriere ranting and raving. This man has threatened me repeatedly with harm and I just want this recorded. I will keep doing this every time I find something he says like this.

Frank’s attitude is that if you do not agree with every one of his conclusions, you should be executed.  And before you’re executed, he wants to torture you.

My personal opinion is that Frank J. Laferriere has a screw loose.

From Cathy’s Harris’s Facebook group

And just for the record, this is what Cathy Harris said about Frank J. LaFerriere not very long ago.



5 thoughts on “Frank: Just For the Record”

  1. Wait one moment here. This guy hasn’t actually been abused himself and he is this unhinged? He intentionally seeks out stories of abuse so he can share in the trauma?


  2. Sally, I think you’re right. Frank does have a screw loose which makes him all the more dangerous.


  3. This guy hasn’t actually been abused himself and he is this unhinged?

    He claims that he was abused by a Catholic priest when he was a teenager.


  4. This guy has more than a screw loose. He’s very frightening even if he doesn’t act on his threats. But with that much anger, he’s going to do something to someone.

    NB: can he prove documentation for all his claims? And why does Cathy allow him to spew all over his page. I’d think the cleanup would be tantamount to the N&JN poop piles.


  5. Wow. That guy can sure yell in all caps, can’t he? I am an abuse survivor myself (family, not religious) and I always find it interesting when other abuse survivors insist that their way of seeing things/pursuing justice/healing is the only right way and therefore they have the right to dismiss the feelings, opinions and ways of other abuse survivors. Silencing other abuse survivors with your own opinion and through threats is a re-enactment of the abuse many of us suffered. We all know what it is like to be threatened into silence. It’s amazing to me that this psychopath and the Professional Victim can’t see the disgusting irony in their behavior. They may not have grown up to repeat the cycle of sexual abuse, but they have certainly grown up to be abusers in their own right.


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