19 thoughts on “Frances, Part Three”

  1. Frances looks so much better. So glad that you take such good care of her. And the calves are the cutest little things. I think I’m in love.


  2. I’m happy to hear that she’s feeling much better.

    My one cat coughs like that when she has a furball or has eaten all the food for both cats really quickly.


  3. And the calves are the cutest little things

    They turn into teenagers, and then they aren’t nearly as cute.


  4. I’m glad to see princess Frances is back to full diva, and the babies are so cute. It almost makes you want one… almost..


  5. Francis was a cat in a past life.
    Francis also made me think of my cat when she stood at the gate and didn’t come through until Dave started to close the gate.
    My cat does that at doors… same thing?
    Francis looks great, I notice she waves at you with her tail?… my cat does that too…


  6. she stood at the gate and didn’t come through

    She likes to make sure we understand who is in charge.


  7. Yes, baby calves are super cute! I remember helping to bottle feed when I was younger. Some of them were just brutal! Nick reminds me of them! They would get impatient and just couldn’t get that milk down fast enough, and then you had to make sure you had a good hold on that bottle! Those are some really good family memories we have.

    Again, Francis is beautiful! It was so good to see her up and about, and feeling so much better! Those two little boys look really good and very healthy. I’m so happy!!!

    Oh, and beautiful peoperty! Looks like Francis loves her home!


  8. So good to see Frances looking like her normal Frances self again. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Little Al is adorable! He looks very much like Frances.

    Little Nick is cute too, but have you noticed that he gets a sort of “wild” look on his face, eyes bugging, just like his namesake? Hmmmm……

    Does Frances have any interest in Al, or has she checked out of motherhood? I know it’s not really her gig.


  9. Does Frances have any interest in Al, or has she checked out of motherhood?

    Lord, no. Absolutely zero. She’s forgotten she ever had a calf. She was delighted to get back out in the pasture with the bigger boys and started bossing them around immediately. I’m quite sure that if we put those two boys in with her, she would butt both of them away. She would not be able to pick out her own. It’s almost sad, but Al doesn’t care either, really. In his mind, I’m his mother. I didn’t show it in the video, but I spend a little time when they’re so young and in those pens talking to them and petting them. When they graduate at 21 days old, I cease doing that, and they have their buddy as their friend, not me.


  10. So glad to see Frances’s improvement. Yeah, sometimes my horses or dogs will also make it clear who’s in charge. I could play ‘door wish’ with the dogs all day long and they would love it.

    Debra keeps you on your toes! Uh-nope and the calf timer were funny.

    The calves are adorable. I was thinking that watching them guzzle their milk was not unlike watching what happens to a gallon of milk when you have a hungry teenage boy and his friend come over and say they want ‘a snack’. Then they’d strip the kitchen bare. Or so it always it seemed.

    Modern veterinary science is a wonderful thing. Did you ever read the James Herriot series? You might enjoy this article. I did, but some of the spelling errors made me cringe. I did laugh at his comment about “the bull in the bowler”. I bet you will too!



  11. It almost makes you want one… almost

    LOL Yeah. Heavy emphasis on almost. They are demanding. As I type this, little Al is outside tied to a post (in front of the barn where cattle do not go, so we don’t have to worry about his feet picking up bad bacteria), and Dave is cleaning his pen. I tried to help, and was banished to the house. I went happily.


  12. What’s with Nicole permitting her kid to finish stuff in that shed without throwing open windows and using fans? It’s the equivalent of huffing glue and at least one kid’s face is looking a bit puffy.


  13. Its always shit

    I laughed out loud when I saw what you were talking about. Those eyes are JUST LIKE his namesake’s bug eyes.


  14. One of my Isle of Jersey ancestor’s claim to fame is that he introduced Jersey cattle to America, back in Colonial Williamsburg. CW has a nice collection of vintage farm animals – but the last time I was there, they lacked Jerseys. I need to write them a note, as a Poindexter descendant! (one of many).

    Frances is beautiful, and those little guys are cute as a button. Make that two buttons.


  15. @Tekla

    I saw some negative remarks about Q’s expression in that photo, and that’s the first thing I thought – he’s just reacting to the fumes. Who stains/polys a big piece of furniture inside their living space? That thing is going to need days to off-gas…..

    But, this is the same woman who proudly posts photos of her son sitting under the wheel well of a jacked-up van and of a toddler scampering around under a shed perched precariously atop a cinder brick Jenga game. And then she hss “no idea” why CPS hasn’t closed their case yet.


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