It appears that Cathy is not only related to the Canby family. She also seems to be related to Jeff Sessions.

Neither one of them can remember shit.

Cathy’s “cousin” clearly says in the video that the last time he saw her, he was 15 years old.  He is now 55.  That is 40 years.

Forty years ago, Cathy Harris was 13 years old.

She cannot remember what her last name was when she was 13 years old.

How can you be abducted when you’re three and then last see your cousin when you’re thirteen?

I’m just asking questions.


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  1. #psychobitch

    As in I am. So are you. So fucking what.

    When they come following her #psychobitch or #cathyharris or #CathyHarris let them read the blog. Let them think. Research. Come to their own conclusions.

    “High hopes, I’ve got high hopes. High in the sky Apple pie hopes.” Or however that song goes.


  2. Warren C. Magsam (Magsowen) was the son of Peter and SALINA Magsam (of PA). Gee, I wonder why Cathy used Salina throughout her life. Like…it was a family name or something.

    Amazingly enough, Cleo Smith was listed as his sister in his obituary. There was another sister mentioned as having predeceased her brother.


  3. I already have fallen down one time wasting rabbit hole…. but the more you post about this lady the more intrigued I am.

    Decisions, decisions.


  4. Jasmine Helen Magsam

    She was married in the 1930 census.

    Cleo was born in 1897 to Salina C. Magsam (nee Smith)



    I think that is Carlton Smith, not Culton but it’s really hard to decipher that style of cursive. Plus is his middle initial V, H or K?

    I wonder if Cathy is a child borne to Jasmine after she divorced her husband. Of course, it was a large family and when a young woman got “in trouble” they would sometimes just take a child in and after a few months, mom would reappear on the job or whatever. Even in the 1960’s. I can’t imagine that Cleo gave birth at 66 years of age.

    Cleo lived through some very hard times, I can imagine she was tough on Cathy. That doesn’t mean I think she kept her as a sexual slave, or poured boiling water on her body.


  6. How is it that Cathy’s cousin recognized a 9 year old Cathy? They had to have been acquainted then and then her other cousin saw her when she was 13. This little kidnapped Cathy lived openly on a farm in the same vicinity as her biological parents. Strange.


  7. How is it that Cathy’s cousin recognized a 9 year old Cathy?

    And there you have the elephant in the room. But regarding vicinity – Cleo’s farm is in Bucks County, PA, and the Canby family lives 200 miles away in West Virginia. So not the same vicinity.

    But it is impossible to have been kidnapped at age three if your cousin saw you when you were 13.


  8. he doesn’t know if she was kidnapped, or not.

    This sort of thing is very typical with “victims.” They claimed that they have “repressed memories,” even though there seems to be no such thing. When pressed about, though, they then claim that they “always remembered.”

    What memory studies show is that the more traumatic an event, the more vivid and long-lasting the memory. Children who were in the German concentration camps (and that would qualify as traumatic by anyone’s standards) had very detailed memories of their time there. If they were very young, sometimes the memories were in fragments, but they were always there. And nobody has memories of anything at all prior to about age three.

    A very typical example of this is my own experience. I can’t tell you what I did on Tuesday of last week. I don’t know what I had for dinner. I might be able to guess but I really don’t remember. However, I can tell you exactly the sequence of events leading up to and after the point where we got that horrible phone call about Nathan’s death. I can close my eyes and see the scene in our living room. I can hear my neighbor’s voices. I can feel the fabric on the seat of the airplane. It was traumatic as hell and occupies a permanent place in my memory.

    Our brains sift memories like that. We cannot possibly store it all (we don’t have large enough “hard drives”), so our brains pick and choose. And trauma is not a criteria for forgetting. It’s a criteria for remembering.


  9. Cathy claims to have burns over 50% of her body and she got them when she was 12 years old (1976).

    A hospital has a CHILD with burns over 50% of her body, but no one called in any suspicions. There were no social workers at hospitals in PA in the 1970’s (there were), Salina couldn’t possible have told someone that she was being held captive, tortured, abused…

    Plus there is the length of stay. 21 days. She was in the hospital for 21 days. A child with burns over such a large surface area is likely to have been kept in for longer than that and there would have been a lot of follow-ups.
    I deliberately looked for an OLDER article, to underscore how long people were kept at the hospital around that time. The median stay for a child under the age of 14, with burns over 50% of their body, is over 40 days. Not 21 days. More than 40 days.

    I don’t know if Salina/Cathy has mentioned what degree those burns were (second degree or third degree), but as scars have been mentioned, I bet she is claiming 3rd degree burns. To which I reply, “Balderdash!”


  10. burns over 50% of her body

    She claims 60+% in some places. Second and third degree and I’m stupid because skin grafting. Skin grafting leaves scarring, sometimes pretty horrific scarring. This didn’t happen in 2017. It happened in the seventies. I’m stupid, but I actually worked in a hospital during that period, and Cathy was a little kid. I know how burns were handled. It’s undoubtedly better now.

    I have never once claimed that she wasn’t burned at all. I think she was. What I have claimed is that I do not believe her silly story about how Carl McIntire raped her while Bob Jones Jr watched (!!!!) and then Bob Jr wasn’t satisfied with Cathy’s performance and refused to pay Cleo and so Cleo got pissed off and dumped a pot of boiling water over Cathy while she slept in the basement. And we can toss in the idiotic crap about how after coming home from the hospital, she was forced to milk all the cows (we don’t know how many, but there is evidence that Cleo ran at least a small dairy) by herself, muck out all the stalls and care for bedridden Lou before going to school. Unlike Cathy, I actually milk a dairy cow. The story is ridiculous.


  11. We cannot possibly store it all (we don’t have large enough “hard drives”), so our brains pick and choose. And trauma is not a criteria for forgetting. It’s a criteria for remembering.

    Most of us can’t. A very few people can do it though.

    Price was the first person ever to be diagnosed with what is now known as highly superior autobiographical memory, or HSAM, a condition she shares with around 60 other known people. She can remember most of the days of her life as clearly as the rest of us remember the recent past, with a mixture of broad strokes and sharp detail. Now 51, Price remembers the day of the week for every date since 1980; she remembers what she was doing, who she was with, where she was on each of these days. She can actively recall a memory of 20 years ago as easily as a memory of two days ago, but her memories are also triggered involuntarily.

    Price’s memory is as selective as yours or mine, storing the things that she finds important – she is just a good deal better at retaining and retrieving those memories.

    Smell is also a strong trigger for memories.

    At one point I was living in the pastors home for awhile after I was released from the hospital following being burned.

    On Thanksgiving Day Cleo and Felix were also invited to eat Thanksgiving Dinner at their home. They knew of the allegations. It was particularly known concerning the allegations against Felix because he had also been accused of attempting to molest another little girl from the Christian school.

    1) She was released from the hospital in late February, 1976.
    2) G. L. Canby was still alive. He didn’t die until 1977
    3) Why no mention of him, as she has indicated that he was her father and molested her?


  12. Price’s memory is as selective as yours or mine

    And there’s the point. Memory is selective. Nobody can possibly remember every detail of everything they do or see. A single day’s worth of stuff would fill up our brains and there would be no room for tomorrow. We have to have a mechanism in place that chooses what is important. Is it important that you saw your brother three weeks ago or that a black lab walked down the street at the moment when you answered the door and he was standing there? What about his clothing? What did his belt look like? How about his hair? Was your daughter home? What was she doing at that exact moment? Could you hear the clock on the wall in the living room ticking? What about the refrigerator, could you hear it running? Was the television on? What program was being broadcast?

    The more important our brains think the event or detail is, the more likely we are to store the memory. Price has a handicap. Not being able to differentiate between what matters and what doesn’t is a terrible thing, with a mental result similar to hoarding.


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