For Nicole’s Humpers

Courtroom, part one

Courtroom, part two

Courtroom, part three

Courtroom, part four

Courtroom, part five

Look/read it all.  See how Nicole produces her evidence. See how she produces all her proof, all her documentation, all her audio and video recordings.  Watch her do that.

And consider that the lawyer you see in the film, Lisa’s attorney, did not work for free.  He had to be paid.

What you’re seeing is one court appearance, the final one.  Prior to that, there were three others, two in a different county.  All of those required appearances by that same attorney, who had to be paid.

See Nicole and her idea of justice.

See Nicole get her ass handed to her.

See the judge make it as clear as anyone could ever do that Nicole had nothing, absolutely nothing, to justify her application for that IPO and resultant dragging of Lisa into court.  No reason at all except to harass Lisa, a woman she’d seen only once in her entire life.

She cost Lisa several thousand dollars.

Then come tell me how we’re all wasting our time and why don’t we do something better and why don’t we leave this poor, poor woman alone.



8 thoughts on “For Nicole’s Humpers”

  1. I reread the whole Magilla. Can’t bear to watch or listen to NN or JN.
    1. That judge has more patience than any judge I’ve ever seen.
    2. The N’s are full of word salad and none of it makes any sense.
    3. Did they not know that being prepared is the #1 thing in any lawsuit? Don’t have the proof, outcha go.
    4. Who was the woman who drove down the road taking pictures of the blessed mess? Was it a figment of NN’s imagination?
    5. She won’t drop this because she doesn’t have anything more exciting in her life than to dredge up old shit and print it again.
    6. I wonder how many eye rolls occurred that day in court?
    They’ve forgotten how the truth is, and it does come back to bite ya.


  2. That’s just the thing. Nicole’s little pity party members aren’t aware of all the disgusting shit Joe and Nicole have done to others.

    Each of us has a story of being personally attacked and harassed by Joe and/or Nicole. An entire ward of their church was abused into disassociating with them because their behavior was reprehensible after the church knocked itself out to help them time and time again. Previous landlords were left with terrible messes. Previous employers have chimed in about their difficulty.

    It’s not that we suddenly woke up one day and thought….I know, lets point out all the stupid shit these two morons do. These idiots picked fights….with each of us. Unprovoked.

    The Nauglers make threats. Violent threats. Our families and businesses and places of employment have been harassed. Our kids have been harassed. Our elderly mothers have been harassed.

    Nicole herself, before losing her own baby told not just one, but multiple mothers of dead children that they were at fault for their children dying.

    Joe’s oldest son, Alex, testified in court that his father physically and sexually abused him.
    Both of these people are estranged from their families.
    Both of these people have had confrontations with their neighbors at home and at work.
    Both of these people are confrontational assholes with law enforcement.

    Do the fucking math.

    And if you’re too stupid to do the math? Well, maybe you should get out your wallet and send them some more money. Because manipulating your stupidity….is their cash cow….and is the reason for the pity parties that you gladly attend.


  3. Lisa, do you know how much money the blessed ones had to spend to take you to court? I know they spend a lot of money on printing ink and paper, but are there court costs for them? Or is it totally free to take someone to court? And had she won, would she have received any money or could she have sued you other something like duress or whatnot?

    I laugh when I watch the court videos and wonder if the judge is trying not to laugh or say out loud WTF.

    If Nicole isn’t embarrassed by these unedited court tapes, isn’t ashamed and disgusted by her own actions and useless husband when she watches them and reads the comments then she must not be human. Nicole must have a form of mental illness or something that doesn’t allow her feel shame or embarrassment. I do think she does feel deep shame though. She feels it so deeply that she is desperately trying to hide it & deflecting her actions as someone else’s fault. I dunno, but something isn’t right with that woman. Which kind of makes me feel bad for laughing at her. I don’t feel bad laughing at Joe, but sometimes a tiny bit of me feels bad for laughing at Nicole. But then she goes and posts stuff about other people’s children and poses as Charles. Then I don’t feel bad at laughing at her, I guess I’m funny that way.


  4. Somebody buy KatataFish flowers and a steak dinner because they knocked it straight outta the park! The Nogs are all about what they are owed, what they want, and to hell the rules and the laws. Humpers, I mean supporters who have been sent here to stir the shit bucket, make sure you are ready to follow the Nogs down the rabbit hole of their illusions blindly, ask no questions, hand over your credit card information to the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Shit, Lies, and Paranoid Ramblings. If anything you read here or on one of the troll pages makes your brain start whirring into the realm of “The Nogs are off their fucking rockers,” and you start questioning the party line, you will forever be relegated into the Troll Column, and will be doxxed, harassed, lied about, and potentially dragged into court. But just remember Jim Carrey in “Liar, Liar” ‘The truth shall set you free.’ All the chickens that haven’t been eaten by abused and starving dogs will eventually come home to roost, and I think the ones that have been eaten will too.


  5. Nicole’s little pity party members aren’t aware of all the disgusting shit Joe and Nicole have done to others.

    …because she scrubs and blocks and blocks and scrubs and then blocks some more; hence the need for Sally’s website. It’s a one-stop-shop for the truth.

    Nicole must have a form of mental illness or something that doesn’t allow her feel shame or embarrassment

    …Anosognosia? Maybe? I wonder…

    Anosognosia, also called “lack of insight,” is a symptom of severe mental illness experienced by some that impairs a person’s ability to understand and perceive his or her illness. It is the single largest reason why people with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder refuse medications or do not seek treatment.

    — from Google search

    I have seen this first-hand. It’s a real thing and no joke! To help you understand what it feels like to have anosognosia, imagine if someone told you that the house you lived in is not your home, and the people you live with are not your family…but you know that you know that you know that it’s true! Yet in reality, it’s NOT true, because you have a mental illness, a symptom of which is anosognosia, which prevents you from seeing the truth as it is. Does anyone remember the woman who was convinced she was married to David Letterman and she consistently broke into his house and would be found sitting in his living room when he got home from work? This condition is also seen in stroke victims and people with Alzheimer’s. It’s interesting, to say the least, but it’s beyond frustrating if a loved one has this condition which is negatively impacts the family unit.

    Here’s another link:


  6. The sky is falling.

    It didn’t cost her a cent. She even gloated about it. That she would drag people into court because someone else had wasted her time in all their court dates for their various violations. Didn’t matter to her that I had no part in any of that. According to her everyone else is the same to her.

    It wasn’t about stalking either. All she was concerned with in her cross examination and the great majority of her direct testimony was my Facebook page and trying to shut that down and shut me up. She didn’t ask one question of me about the alleged stalking. All she wanted to do was use the ipo as a backdoor method to violate my constitutional rights.

    It didn’t work. She may play at being clever among her sheeple on Blessed Little Homestead. In real life she face planted, big time.


  7. Lisa,

    A question for you: Why do you think that she was most motivated (not motivated enough to prepare, but hey…..) to try to shut your page down specifically? (There is no shortage of anti Nog pages, after all.)

    Is it that she views your page as the most harmful to her fundraising efforts? (I would have thought Sally would have been included in that group as well?) Or, is it because your FB page is the only one whose ownership she knew for certain AND she had the blessed little encounter where you waited for her, oops meant she waited for you, outside the courtroom, so there was an actual physical encounter to bitch about? (I am amazed that any humper can watch even and especially her OWN video, and conclude that you were the aggressor….but I digress….the humpers aren’t going be part of MENSA any time soon….)

    Finally, was it my imagination or was BO really emphasizing her pregnancy in the court appearance, as in wanting a pity party for the poor oppressed pregnant woman? Of course, this was prior to her poor baby’s death, IMO as a direct result of her failure to seek prenatal care…I digress again. Regular NSTs would have caught the placental calcification/breakdown long before it became life threatening for either of them…. No worries; she knows her body…..She disgusts me.


  8. Thank you Lisa. Your patience shows in the recordings. Did you feel embarrassed for her at all? I did. It was so hard to watch her be a complete childish idiot. It was like she was in front of the principle in jr high whining about not being a popular girl.
    I can’t imagine going in front of a judge so unprepared, even and especially when you are being your own lawyer. Did you get the sense that it is Nicole and not Joe who runs everything? I feel like Joe is along for a free ride and if by some small miracle another woman with better looks and money stepped in, he would drop Nicole in a heartbeat.


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