Flat Earth

flat earth

This was a little disconcerting, I admit.  What in the world is Nicole trying to convey here, if anything at all?

I didn’t even know that it was possible to actually function in society (well, one can argue that the Nauglers are not achieving that, I know) and simultaneously believe that the earth is flat.

I went to the Facebook page linked here and decided that half those people had to be POEs.

Well, I decided wrong, apparently.


If that meme puzzled you like it did me, you need to go here and listen.

It’s a bit longer than 12 minutes, and there’s a transcript there as well, so you can read it if you like. The transcript has nice linkies you can follow.

All of it made more sense to me (“sense” here is a very relative term, since none of this makes any real sense) after I listened to Brian’s take on it.

Do take note of the heavy anti-Semitic tone of all this. The Nauglers do seem to hang around and be supported by some of the fringiest fringies out there.

Nicole never met a conspiracy theory she didn’t like.  Joe is right now carrying on about how they have some sort of federal investigation thing going on where they, the intrepid Nauglers, are going to expose the “corruption” in the Breck County government.

Because nothing is ever their fault, and it’s always somebody else’s fault (it’s even the baby’s fault for finding a bug and causing Nicole to forget to turn the car off, thus draining the battery), conspiracy theories are very handy things.

Anyway, whether or not Nicole Naugler actually believes the earth is flat is almost irrelevant. She believes firmly that vaccinations are bad, and that’s pretty close to the same thing.

And there are 11 children that get no input whatever from any other sources than those they are pointed to by Joe and Nicole Naugler. That’s scary.


12 thoughts on “Flat Earth”

  1. Nicole and her husband either really believe this goober gibberish they’re spouting, they’re trying to weird people out with the outrageous, or this is their new version of religion/specialness. The Naugler parents want to be special and they want everyone to acknowledge how stupendous they are. Stupendous in their self-absorption and neglect of every responsibility they have ever incurred (at least their documented respnsibilities) and, no, they’re they are not very special.


  2. OK, am I having an autistic moment here? Because that photo was taken from low Earth orbit. “Orbit,” as in “go around and around something.”

    Is…she joking? Is it a joke?


  3. Is…she joking? Is it a joke?

    I don’t think so. She’s apparently hanging out on a flat earther FB page, and they are attracting not just folks who are so looney they think the earth is flat, but conspiracy theorists. That’s the point of the podcast I linked to.

    Nicole would fit right in with all that.


  4. It’s her style of deflection. She loves these games and it provides a diversion from the real issue of financing and dreaming up a defense for literally shitting on someone else (again) and getting caught.
    Not related: I just can’t help fearing for all those kids as the heat continues to build. I hope they are OK.


  5. How the hell does this woman find time to do all the snooping on troll pages, posting and keeping up with her multiple pages/blogs and find time to find these far out pages?

    IMO she goes to where the weirdos are and jumps on their bandwagon so she can lay ground work to reel them in later with we need help can you send money. I guess some would call it networking.

    Networking??? Isn’t that what she said about the unschooling hashtags? WTH would she be trying to network with homeschooling or unschooling? Is she forgetting that they dropped her like a hot slippery turd last year? If she put as much effort into making sure her kids got a good education (don’t give a flip if it is homeschool, unschool, public school, private school or Christian school but some kind of real education her kids would all be smarter than the average kids. No she squanders her time on stupid shit and neglects what her kids really need. She should realize by now that Homestead lazy man isn’t doing crap for those kids other than using them like slaves. Sad that she toots her horn on how great he is when he is the sinker around the family.

    Time for them to stop with the bogus bull shit and get on with real life they have 11 kids to worry about.

    I wish the earth were flat cause maybe she would fall off the edge of it.


  6. No wonder they kept putting off having those “Mental Evaluations” done in there CPS Case. Conspiracy Mongering wtf…..they are nuts !!!


  7. I think they have to go more and more right-wing to continue to find new donors. They exhausted the LDS church, then they moved on to fundamentalists, then to anarchist/libertarian bros, and now they’re going for the flat-earth, Infowars type crazies.


  8. It seems to me, this is deflection. If she truly unschooled, she could post this and then post information on the brilliant people who challenged flat-earthers. Hypatia is a great one. My 10yo, just wrote a paper on her. However, that would be *if* she actually schooled.


  9. I don’t believe she believes in flat-earth. I think she’s trying to distract her fans from tomorrow, or she’s trying to distract herself because they’re in more hot water than she can handle thinking about.


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