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  1. I just want to publicly say. here on BLB…if you continually talk shit about my friend Sally then you are talking shit about me, because she is family and my familia is from Palermo Sicily ….รˆ meglio interrompere quello che stai facendo se si conosce ciรฒ che รจ buono per voi….bitches


  2. I get nothing.

    It’s working just fine for me. I just tested it to see. Rutube is odd. It works on some devices and browsers and gets finicky on others. Try a different browser or try your phone.


  3. It is to bad everyone can’t get along. I have been a member of FJ for years and enjoy when you blog Sally but I am not sure if I want to follow either anymore.


  4. Seriously, FJ can fuck right off. Poor legion over there was venting about a NAUGLER-RELATED issue and they basically told her to sit down and shut up.

    Nice, FJ, realllll nice…

    Hey legion?? Nevertheless, PERSIST! We got your back over here! <3

    Do FJs always eat their own?? It's an ugly look.


  5. fuck it, I’m sending it again!

    legion: FJs eat their own. That’s more than obvious. It’s disgusting! We will NEVER tell you to stfu and have a seat, ok?

    And PLEASE, continue persisting!! <3



  6. Sally, my dear, I think my post got lost

    Not lost. I was just milking the cow and it takes a while to do all the chores associated with that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sometimes, comments get sent directly to the trash. I do not know why. I promise I didn’t set it up that way. I cannot figure it out, so I just check the trash.

    But it seems that when that happens, you don’t see the “awaiting moderation” thing, which might lead you to believe it got lost. It didn’t.

    If I ever find two hours to put together back-to-back, I’ll try to figure out what the problem is.


  7. Fyi…. I’m sharing the video and then making it private… I’m an asshole like that… You will just have to keep coming back to check if you can see it. #fjcansuckitsideways… And dummy… It’s not a website. Oh yea Jennifer… Your in, I’m no cake walk though.


  8. No worries, Sally. I just wanted legion to see that she has support here.

    It’s hysterical, and a bit frightening, that FJ thinks WE are the ‘mean’ ones! HYPOCRITES <– that's how you spell it

    legion, check in asap so we (ok, *I*) know you're feeling better ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. Even funnier(!), is all the pearl clutching going on over there “Oh, I will NOT participate” and “OMG a flame war, got no time for that” and yet there are QUADRUPLE the amount of comments over there as compared to here.

    Mmhmmm…. tell us some more, blessed FreeJinger, how you’re SO above it all! Bwahahahahaha!


  10. Not on topic exactly… did anyone catch the post today about taxes and how she has enough deductions…. I thought she didn’t believe in taxes?


  11. Debra – time to start posting yoga and dance tutorials online. I’ll follow. Maybe I’ll even follow along instead of sitting in my chair, with my jaw dropped in admiration.

    Break it down for me then string it together if you do the dance tutorials. To say I’m rusty doesn’t BEGIN to cover it.

    Really – I wonder if she’s now being forced to be compliant as part of the steps to take to get CPS to relinquish legal custody.


  12. There is no “versus” in this matter…. It’s Dueling Banjos with a kazoo – hard to watch, hard to stomach.

    Why does anyone give a shit!?

    – Nicole has a blog (or two lol) herself, Blessed Little Homestead. We have read her blog that documents her family’s journey, as far back as number (6 or more?) years. It tells a story. Readers follow the developments of said story – the ups and downs – and react with horror, heartbreak, or whatever reaction the individual viewer may have.
    – BLB. This is a blog. As a matter of fact, it is a very interesting blog …One with storied beginnings, revered for shining light and calling attention upon the infamous Nauglers and their viral homestead grift, outside the restricted confines of Facebook. And like many blogs, this too has grown and developed – it has a story all it’s own! All by a talented, provocative author, who often contributes heavy logic, life experience, and personal opinion into her Naugler-expose posts! So this blog has a story of it’s own – it’s grown, developed, thrived, gone in different directions – it is like an environment, always changing, as the author always intriguing.

    So. It should be pretty obvious by now, that people like discussing blogs (of ALL kinds), as well as the owners behind them, and their ever-changing influences. Last time I checked …Nicole Naugler was the one berating us for having the audacity to comment about her public blog? Has that perspective really gained traction?

    So. Again. Who gives? People chat about blogs. I listened to Sally say on one the recent podcast say, “Oh well!” – that people either like it or they don’t – that she doesn’t care. Considering her wise approach, why would anyone get bent out of shape for chit chat about any public blog and it’s individual story. And that goes for both sides.

    Does it hurt one’s feelings when you read opinions that rival your own, and negative discussions about your preferred blog/forum? And dear God – if so, why?!

    Altho I have not read FJ in a few days… It doesn’t matter. They’re entitled to their opinions, as are we, here. But keep in mind, there are so many more people there, and with a shit ton of personalities – difference in opinion is bound to happen at any turn, as is intimidation. It’s exceedingly common in large-forum atmospheres. It is easy to feel ganged-up upon, as you begin to shape your online forum presence – it’s hard.

    …Idk! I give up! I dont even care – that’s the weird part! I’m procrastinating bookwork.
    Oh. I’m reminded of a song. …I dedicate this song to you, Sally; “Let’s Give ’em Something to Talk About’, by Bonnie Raitt! Lol?


  13. Wow Prolapsed Ovaries you sound really smart.

    I just really don’t care.

    I have my reasons for what i’m doing, its not my job to give anyone warm fuzzies about it.


  14. Prolapse Ovaries, I am a fan of reasonable discourse and appreciate the time and effort you gave your comment.


  15. Not to be an ass here, but I think we need to be careful that we don’t unravel what we’ve always said, that if Nicole stops posting stupid stuff then we’ll stop talking about them.


  16. that if Nicole stops posting stupid stuff then weโ€™ll stop talking about them.

    Well, since that has not happened, there is nothing to talk about, is there? ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t even keep up with the stupid stuff.


  17. In a weird, twisted way I’m happy that the wicked witch will most likely NEVER stop posting stupid stuff. I look forward to reading Sally’s take on all the dumb shit the Nogs get themselves into.


  18. Set brother against brother. Divide and conquer. A wonderful strategy that worked out so well for a tiny little island nation that became a colonial superpower for a time. The ramifications of that strategy still maim and kill people today, long after the Brits pulled back to their own territory.


  19. BO gets really pissy when people suggest she shouldn’t be on the Internet posting personal stuff. It’s quite funny.


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