Fifteen Minutes


So this was Nicole last night, hanging out in the van, yammering live about CPS and Todd Pate and “what not.”  I’m not really sure what she talked about since I have yet to listen to a word of it. And you can read the whole Pate audio thing here. Part Two is here.

But when she does a live video like this, people can comment in real time.  They can ask questions, whatever.  Nicole knows this, of course, and makes sure to announce ahead of time that she is going to do this so everyone can get their popcorn popped and go potty and get ready for the show.

And a bunch of people commented.

One of those people was a woman named Susie Campbell.  Susie, as far as I know (and according to Susie, who sent me all this information via private message and then gave me permission to blog about this) has never commented on Nicole’s page or any other page either pro or con the Nauglers, ever.  She was a virgin commenter, last night.

Here’s her first comment.


You have to read these from the bottom up, as you can see from the time stamps.

A couple of minutes later, Kortney Rodriguez (whoever she is) had more to say.


This was an odd comment.  I went back and looked at it in context and it makes very little sense.

But Susie replied.


And there you have it.  The virgin commenter. That’s all there was.  Nothing else.

Fifteen minutes later, Susie, who is a real person and that’s her real name, got a notification from Facebook.


What photo?  What?

Well, this.


This is Susie’s grandson. As you can see, it’s her profile picture. Grandmothers do this sort of thing. I have pixelated  his face, but the original was not.  He’s a handsome boy.

There is nothing “wrong” with this.  Facebook permits it, of course. Profile pictures are always public and the share button is right there.

However, it was a message to Susie.

This is what Nicole and Joe (and by extension “Charles”) do.  The message is this: Shut the fuck up. Do not say anything snarky to me or about me. We are watching and we will do worse if you don’t quit.

Susie does not have “follow” enabled on her Facebook page, like I do. When Joe came snooping around on my page, he wanted me to know he’d been there. So he left a “signature.”  He “followed” me.  I got a notification about it.

It was a message.

This was a message to Susie.

Just like this was a message to Al Wilson, from just the other day.


“I’m watching you,” it says.


And Nicole is quick to say, “Oh, I don’t ban anyone for disagreeing with me. I only ban people for being rude.”

“Use your real name, don’t be a coward.”  Oh, you mean like “Charles” who is either Nicole or Joe or Larissa depending on who happens to be controlling it at the time?  A coward like that?  “Charles” the hit man? “Charles” who provides Nicole with plausible deniability? That kind of coward?

Meanwhile, Joe and “Charles” are busy sending little messages to those they do not like.

One comment about GoFundMe.  A simple question. Fifteen minutes.

That’s all it took for Susie to become a target.



Ninety minutes after I published this piece, Nicole had read it and commented on her page, taunting Susie.

And “Charles” joined in, but “he” seems to have a wee problem and is using a different page. I don’t why that is, except perhaps that Susie has “him” blocked.

The reference to “Miss Communication” is a direct reference to Susie’s husband.  It means that Nicole and “Charles” spent a bit of time digging into Susie’s life trying to find anything they could to taunt her with. Anything.


This is a reference to a comment made by Susie’s husband about how Susie likes Lucky Charms.  He’d bought some at the store because he cares about his wife and got them even though they are horrible and no sane person would like them, but she does, so he bought them.  She doesn’t need a GoFraudMe to get them. It’s Nicole who begs, not Susie.

This stuff is so elementary-school it isn’t funny, but it’s what they do.

And Nicole, by entering into it, as you can clearly see, doesn’t have clean hands. She does this shit. She denies doing it, but here she is, doing it.

Nicole, get off the god-damned internet and go take a fucking bath.


32 thoughts on “Fifteen Minutes”

  1. Hahaha! I got one of those lovely “reminders” too when one of her sock pages shared a post that a church friend had tagged me in. Welcome to the club Susie.


  2. Bless Susie’s heart. Her grandson is handsome, but I would like to welcome her here. I guess I’ll welcome her whole family now. N/J & the whole sock gang they hide behind can go fuck off. They are digging for go fund me monies like I’m digging in my garden to plant vegetables today. My garden grows, their monies are gone.


  3. All these videos are to try to help J’s Jury trial. All this is doing is stirring the pot for CPS. If she thinks for one minute that they are gonnalet her keep pooping things out of her vajayjay and not make sure that every peron has their rights and needs met, then she is mistaken. The minute they close it, she will run away or start doing stuff wrong AGAIN, and the Sherrif issue will happen again.

    She cant take the heat. She says people can disagree, thats fine, but she will hunt you down.


  4. I truly hope she got everything locked down tight.
    Those Naugnuts are worse than bedbugs in my humble opinion.
    They bother, they bite, they multiply.


  5. One of these days and take it for what its worth, one of these days there going to piss off the wrong person.


  6. Recently, I found and began following Mr. Wilson’s awesome sculpture page! I even mentioned it on here in a comment!

    I saw the video of the piece he made for you and Dave. I cried. The artwork, the video, and the music…such talented individuals! I’m actually tearing up thinking about it while trying to write this.


  7. But what can they do to Susie? Seems to me if this is their scare tactic, they should up their game just a little bit… 🙂 Susie, let them share away… only makes them seem incredibly jealous of your life.


  8. Susie, he really is a cutie pie! I think N&J do this sort of distasteful stuff to other children because she is deep down, under the surface layer of pretend homestead filth very sad her children aren’t clean and dressed in well fitting, matched clothing that is dapper to boot.

    I do think a huge portion of this is the whole “I’m watching” thing, but some of it seems like anger or resentment over the difference between her ability to care for her children and that of another more functional family and their obviously well cared for and very loved little ones.


  9. I first got blocked fromBLH page for telling the sock account how was answering for Nicole to kindly let Nicole respond to my question. It was a question where Nicole had lied & I was calling her out on it.

    I was still able to post on her personal fan page until I had told her she had crossed the line for me on what she had posted about Sally & her son. I said I wish I could get my money back that I donated to her. She said, sure give her my info & she would send it back. I had already been doxed from them & in no uncertain terms was I going to give them my email, or any other info about about my self. I decided that to let her have any info on me would be a bad thing. Charles got down right mean. My account was already locked down & he started posting about what he thought was me (they had googled my name & came up with someone who handles mortgages that they thought I was. It wasn’t me, but they were clearly saying we know you & we are coming after you.

    Another person who had given to them messaged me on FB, but since I wasn’t friends with them I didn’t see the message until a year later when I found a TON of messages from people I didn’t know in my “hidden” FB message file or what ever you call it. I didn’t respond to any of them as I thought they could be Nicole pretending to be someone else.

    When I told Nicole I would take her up on her offer to give my money back she said I could come pick up the tiller for payment. What I should have done was gotten someone from that area to pick it up & keep it themselves.

    They are evil.

    And Charles you are a fake. I have a very close relative who works at FB and is eyeing you closely. He says that the account is being used from four different locations and has only posts related to the naugs and trolls on it.

    Anyone noticed that Charles never responded to any of the live videos until recently? Well isn’t it funny that the last three live videos Charles has responded. Guess what? He wasn’t out of state, he was in the same area as Nicole. Yup, Charles you are a fake.


  10. I commented on BLH once. I asked questions and Charles started posting some of my personal information in the comments. I got the message… Agree with the Nauglers,or leave.

    It doesn’t matter if Charles is a Naugler or just a supporter. Nicole and the HH have never spoken up to his abuse of people on BLH, and that is the same as if they were harassing and insulting the people themselves.


  11. Last night’s live video does nothing to make Nicole look like the “completely peaceful” person she claimed to be in the video, or even particularly of sane mind. It certainly shows the LEO in a very good, calm light though.


  12. Wonder when she’ll ban Charles or Elizabeth Olvera Perez. You know since she’s getting rid of those who are aggressive and obscene. ??

    Just kidding, y’all!


  13. The NaugNuts are true definition of psycho. Susie expect them to do everything in their “power” to harass, stalk & dox you and your entire family. No part of your family will be spared from their crazy!


  14. The Nauglers and their socks and most of their devotees are absolute failures in life. They hate to be reminded of that. They want to be congratulated for their failure and held up like heroes. Losers


  15. But what can they do to Susie?

    Nothing. It’s a scare tactic. It is, however, quite successful. People get freaked out by stuff like that.


  16. theskyisfalling “I said I wish I could get my money back that I donated to her. She said, sure give her my info & she would send it back.”
    My oh my, she just said the other day that no one EVER asked for their money back from the gofundme. You are the second person I’ve seen who asked for their money back and I’ve only been around for a few months.
    After I made a neutral comment my email randomly gets locked out for too many incorrect login attempts. That has been off and on for MONTHS. I of course also got a special shout out on Charles’ page.


  17. They learned well, taking tips from the gestapo, just let people know were watching you regardless of how innocent you may appear. Evil people and there kids are going to be just as bad, they had good teachers


  18. Nothing. It’s a scare tactic. It is, however, quite successful. People get freaked out by stuff like that.

    Absolutely this. I have never commented on the Naugler pages, I don’t “like” or comment on the supporter pages either. I admire those of you that have not shrunk from the abuse thrown at you by the Nauglers and their “supporters”. Perhaps I lack the courage, but Sally’s blog is the only place I’ve felt safe to comment. The situation with Viv and Lisa drove me to reach out in other ways (you are awesome Viv, and your bath bombs are amazing), but I still refrain from commenting on the FB pages. Judging from the blog numbers, and the podcast listeners, I’d say I’m in the majority.


  19. Nicole here is a grammar lesson.

    Lose is to misplace something like the condoms.

    Loose is a word which describes your vaginal cavity.

    You’re (not your) welcome.


  20. I have followed this saga for 2 years. supportive pages, and the “troll pages”. I’ve listened to the podcasts and watched all Nicole’s videos and I’ll admit, there has been a time or two something was posted by a “troll” and it made me roll my eyes. Other times (very rarely) I actually agreed with the Nauglers on something. And on occasion, I have even questioned what the truth was and which side was telling it. Were they really doxxing people as often and as deep as some claimed? But never once did I comment. I enjoyed just reading and watching from a distance. Because the batshit crazy was excellent cheap entertainment on a boring Sunday afternoon or a night of insomnia. Honestly, I didn’t think my question was anything horrific. It’s no secret they made a small killing on their last go fund me scam. For all they knew, I could have been asking because I wanted to toss a couple bucks at them. I obviously pinched a thorn in their side though, because I was immediately told to shut the fuck up, accused of being nervous (wtf?) and before that live video had even ended, my 8 year old grandsons photo was shared by some creepy dude whom I have no doubt was Joe himself. Which is slightly disturbing. I wasn’t surprised. I’ve heard that happens. I wasn’t intimidated either. All they proved to me was that they are 100% guilty of doing exactly what so many have accused them of, and I won’t ever question what is true or false again. So I decided, no, I’m not going to “shut the fuck up” and I sent the info to the Nauglers second biggest thorn in their side. This blog. Take THAT. The darling little homesteading family who hate cops and believe our military are nothing more than baby killers have wasted a beautiful day doxxing all my family members, and we just laugh, because they are too ignorant to grasp the understanding that they are only proving to the rest of their readers what they have now proven to me. They are like a bunch of midgets who can’t figure out why the yoyo keeps hitting the sidewalk.


  21. At first I was a regular, albeit casual follower. I gave them the benefit of the doubt. And the reality is, most other busy Moms who live around or below the poverty line, or even well above it, are predisposed to giving Nicole the benefit of the doubt. Who wants to believe that another Mom would put her radical principles (that have only really seem to come out lately, to the casual follower) before the welfare of her children? We thought she was really trying her best, in a spot of bad luck, with the best intentions. But now I see, she is just not fit. She seems to have become unhinged, too fixated on defending herself and her husband, instead of admitting some degree of fault (humans are imperfect) and moving on.

    I regularly commented, always in a positive, flattering light. But never really got any reply. They only replied to the nuetral comments that they chose to take offense to. One day, I made a comment in reply another commenter, about their (the commenter) having too much free time online. And like that, I was banned. Nevermind that my comment was in their defense. And even then, it was not mean. It was nuetral, because I would never insult anyone – I’m just a regular Facebook user! Shortly thereafter, my account was inundated with rude remarks, and my account reported as fake. Why?! It does not make sense.

    Lesson: Dont put your principles before your children. Especially if they’re completely contrary to successful integration in society and culture at large, on or off the grid.


  22. Joe, in a Facebook post to someone named Patricia admitted he clicked onto to her personal Facebook page to “see what he could publicly see”
    He admits to contacting a “mutual” friend and having a “wonderful” conversation.
    Even though this mutual friend thinks Patrica is “sweet” Joe says, that at his urging, this mutual friend is going to talk to her.
    Joe in his same post writes that he’s “not quite sure how we’ve attempted to silence you”.
    Telling their “mutual friend” to talk to her is not attempting to silence her?


  23. As a former health and human services professional, the Naugler drama piqued my interest when it first hit the news, but I didn’t follow the case closely. Last year I decided to Google them to see if the case had ever been resolved, and happened upon the “Shit Gate” posts on this blog. I still chuckle out loud when I think of the “Turdis.” I have followed ever since, but never interacted in any way with the Nauglers on their own (virtual) turf. One thing I’ve learned from experience is that you cannot convince a delusional person that they are in the midst of a delusion.

    I feel for all of the professionals assigned to this case. If the Nauglers are willing to doxx and harass people for simply commenting online, I can only imagine the overall hell they give the unfortunate souls who have to work with them in person.


  24. @Susie
    I never knew what a blog was until I came here. I’m not banned but I don’t call out their fake ass lies (well, unless it’s a PM on Facebook or in the safety of this group). I love it here. It’s better than chocolate & this delightful group is full of knowledge. I’ve learned gardening tips, cow milking skills and we can share recipes from time to time. You will find wholesome, honest & highly educated friends. I’m really glad to have you here.


  25. Susie, I share your love of Lucky Charms. We will take over the cereal world!

    I don’t comment on NN’s page or the BLH page. But my FB page is pretty locked down and it’s full of anti-cheeto stuff as well as pictures of hippos bathing in Kenya and walruses on a beach in Alaska…not to be mistaken as Joe in a stream.

    Just be glad she’s not on Twitter. My God, she’d be trashed in minutes.


  26. Susie……lucky charms? You are my new BFF!! I hate all cereals except for Lucky Charms. I eat them only occasionally (usually go stale before the box is empty) because I am diabetic and have to make all sorts of carb corrections, but they are a comfort snack from my childhood.
    And yes, welcome to the club of being trolled by Charles….aka Nicole/Joe/Larissa and whoever else. As Sally said, they throw out little tidbits just to let you know they are “watching.” I joined the club almost immediately because I think the Naugs are the worst parents ever and I said so.
    Charles trolled my personal page and a fundraising/update date I created for friends and family because I have a chronic and life-threatening illness. They even declared they should start a pool on when I would die (any fundraising idea for them will do). The funny thing is that at this point, thanks to stellar medical care and the latest in medicines, I am doing quite well and am much healthier than Nicole….and Joe….and likely those poor children.
    They also threw out the idea they should contact my employer because I was posting during work time. It boggled my mind that I had to explain how lunch breaks and coffee breaks work and that they are duty free time.
    Let’s see, there was also the mention of me being charged with reckless endangerment (a misdemeanor) 5 years ago. Of course they left out the part of me being found not guilty.
    I have gone toe to toe with Charles more than once but it is challenging to be in a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Joe and Nicole were accustomed to being able to bully people pretty much without any repercussions. And then they tried their tactics with people like Al, Sally, Lisa,the lady that Joe menaced etc. They have been shocked to discover that not everyone will take their shit (figuratively and literally). They are circling the drain and they know it. It’s just a matter of time and I don’t think too much time at that.


  27. Welcome Susie! Sorry you got dragged into the shit show like this. I’ve never been banned from posting on any of the various pages. I have had Nicole blocked even since before the kids were taken, I have her husband, kids and even the business page blocked. Yet she can still see when I post. She has so many socks. It’s quite pathetic. And yes they are great entertainment on those sleepless nights.


  28. I got banned from BLH FB for playing dumb. I didn’t even say anything outrageous. Just asked a few pointed, seemingly innocent questions. (Let’s be honest, they weren’t innocent, but who was to know?) I follow her NCN FB page too, but I am definitely not posting there. That’s like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. I don’t need my work being contacted by some lunatic in KY, nor do I want to explain to my friends and family the entire fucking story if they get contacted. It just sounds dumb. “I follow this family on the internet because it’s like a trainwreck, and they are also totally insane.” I’m more embarrassed at having to explain my internet habits than anything else, haha.


  29. I still stand by my earlier statement (ca. 2015) that there are homeless encampments that were better organized, tidier and with more amenities than what the Naugler adults have managed. They are far from perfect, but at least one provided showers, wash facilities and a kitchen available for the residents.

    NJ (Tent City) was bulldozed in 2014. Joe and Nicole still haven’t managed to put up a rain catchment system.


  30. Personally, I think it is crossing a line for anyone, on either side, to share information from facebook pages that don’t belong to Nicole or Joe. Nicole and Joe are trying to reach the public. They are working hard to be seen and talked about. The public has a right to comment on them because of that.

    Going to an adult Naugler son’s facebook page might be tempting, but sharing his personal business online is no different than Charles sharing my information with all of facebook.

    Nicole and Joe enjoy stirring trouble and using people. I haven’t seen any behavior like that from their son and I think he should be left out of all of this. I only mention him because I saw personal information about him shared online and think it needs to be removed. Just my opinion.


  31. Nicole, get off the god-damned internet and go take fucking bath.

    Alas, poor Nicole cannot simply run a bath! Nor can her kids. It’s a shame, surely she would feel better, healthier, and we might see less of her manic online behavior if she could relax and feel clean.

    [Admin: business off limits.]

    In any case, if Nicole could relax with a hot bath, she might feel better, to the point of being motivated to get healthier things done, instead of policing social-media for anything anyone is saying about you, when you have 45k followers – it’s no way to live, in fact, it’s an impossible task – will they really do this forever?


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