Felling Trees

fellingtreesI guess I just don’t understand this.

Where is the $900 chain saw?

dawnThat’s what Dawn had to say about paying twice as much for a saw than it was worth.

The Nauglers will be using theirs for a very long time.

Maybe the son simply loves to be a big strong man and fell trees with an axe.

My husband is a very strong man.  You’d never believe he is his age.  And he’d never choose an axe over a chain saw if he had a choice.  Ever.  It would be like choosing to dig post holes with a manual post hole digger when there’s a perfectly good auger sitting right there.

He’s completely capable of doing all those things, but why choose the harder method?

Where is the chain saw?


likesaxeOh, of course.  They have a $900 chain saw, but he likes the axe.


This might be true for one tree.  It’s not true for a whole bunch of them.

Who does Nicole think she’s kidding?


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  1. The trolls broke it.

    The naugler peeps left it to be a free range chainsaw and the trolls did a rain dance and ruined it. they have zero fault in that.


  2. This is so dangerous.

    The whole time I watched that, all I could think about was everything that could go very wrong and fatal in a split second. Kicking, twisting, hangups…
    Someone needs to teach that boy how to properly cut standing dead softwood.
    This is not it. It’s a fatality waiting to happen.

    By gawd! He watched that tree fall from a cell phone camera! You can’t properly see death coming for you from a cell phone camera!!!!!!!


  3. I thought using a chain saw was safer? I thought you had more control of the tree with precise cuts instead of hacking away at a tree until it fell. Seriously, I had a friend get killed when a tree fell backwards on him. God, she ought to be watching him instead of waiting for videos.


  4. The chainsaw is either broken somewhere in mud or they pawned it. Either option is feasible. But considering how everything they own seems to get trashed, I’d imagine it’s broken. Such a shame. Good tools are important especially on a homestead.


  5. And Kora wins for today. I burst out laughing and nobody is home except Minnie who looks at me like I’ve gone nuts.


  6. Seriously, I had a friend get killed when a tree fell backwards on him.

    My next-door neighbor is a skilled logger. He got slightly complacent one day, a wee bit of inattention, and a tree twisted when it fell and clipped his leg, breaking it. He was lucky. He only spent a few days in the hospital having surgery and then baled hay much of the summer with a cast on his leg. It could have been far worse.


  7. Good tools are important especially on a homestead.

    First you have to have a homestead.


  8. You know with all those trees they have, they could get a lot of projects done. I mean if they want privacy on their property they could build their own fence. If they still have the chain saw (which I doubt) they can buy an attachment for it, and cut the trees into boards. We just bought the attachment for ours, so we can build a fence for our dogs.


  9. I’m with the poster who said the chainsaw either got pawned or perhaps sold/bartered for food or gas, or it is no longer operational due to being treated like crap. I lean toward “It got pawned/sold for gas money.” The Nauglers lack of respect for others extends to even their own tools. But why would Joe give a darn about properly maintaining a chain saw? He’s not the one out there getting blisters on his hands from chopping trees down with an ax. He’s sitting comfortably on his fat behind, enjoying the warmth of a fire provided by his hard-working child, who then probably is the one cooking the meal over that fire.
    #lazyworthless, #goodfornothing, #unparenting, #cantbebothered


  10. It’s fake-ass posts like this that outrage me. Nicole lies by omission and commission, and Dawn’s comment, trying to prop her up, is just nauseating. We have a very nice chain saw (about $300) which we use regularly because we heat our home with wood. We rent a wood-splitter twice a year for super huge logs. Last summer I (yes, me, a woman) used our chainsaw almost weekly to clear an over-grown hedge-row (lots of junk trees) and cut up fallen limbs that were too big to drag to the burn pile. So Dawn is incorrect when she says those who spend less than $500 on a chain saw do not use it very much. It’s just not true, and Nicole’s post is ridiculous and misleading, as usual. The really strange thing is that they supposedly HAVE a superior chainsaw (because they need it, doncha know–28 acres and all) yet there is never evidence of it being used! Then Nicole obfuscates the obvious by trying to sound all dreamy, idyllic, and little-house-on-the-prairie-ish by talking about felling trees with an axe. Ugh! Uh. no. We don’t buy it. What is the real story?


  11. Why isn’t the boy’s father showing him how it’s done? Homesteading skills are generally passed down from a more skilled person, often a parent, to a lesser skilled person. It seems that J does nothing at all except incur court costs that then come out of the family budget. Oh, and create new N’s that he doesn’t support. He is a millstone around the neck of that entire family.


  12. I have always taken trees down with an axe and saw. You chop the notch in the direction you want the tree to fall and then you come behind the notch with a saw. The notch sets the direction of the fall and keeps the tree from kicking up and back.

    The other way is to chop a notch in the direction you want the tree to fall and then you chop a higher notch behind the first notch to get the tree to fall. Either way it keeps the tree from kicking up and back. But the cutting on the video is pretty haphazard and it’s anybody’s guess where a tree like that would fall with a cut like they’re using. As close as the kid seems to be to an unpredictable fall it’s a bit scary to watch.


  13. Logging is one of the most dangerous jobs out there! What are his parents thinking??? That tree could have twisted from the way it was chopped! We have redwoods & pines. Lots of them. When felling a tree not one child is to be anywhere near. Especially if the tree is rotted or dead.
    Live, healthy trees scare me.

    Standing, dead ones scare me a lot.

    Standing, dead, rotten trees scare me a lot more.

    You need at two people to do it. You need rope, you need hard hats. (Pine cones can do damage when they fall).

    Most important you need adult supervision by someone who knows what they are doing. I sure hope none of the kids were anywhere around when he did this. CPS needs to be aware of this activity. Especially if he is going to be doing this to even more trees.

    One of the most dangerous jobs is that of a feller. It’s a dangerous operation, even more dangerous when someone does it on their own on their own property.

    I can’t even understand the stupidity of these parents!


  14. We are not homesteaders but we have a garage full of toys…errrr tools. My husband likes using them. He prefers to do work around the house himself instead of hiring people. We have a chainsaw. It’s nothing fancy because it doesn’t get used often. But he’s used it as we have a couple trees. It came in handy when a tree fell on the train tracks next to the house. Sure we could have called the railroad but instead he went out there with one of our boys and moved and cut it up.

    As Beth remarked above he does the work and shows our kids how to do the work. Similar to what I do in the kitchen. Children learn working besides their parents. My kids are all old enough and experienced enough to use power tools alone but I like when they have someone else with them, whether it be a sibling or a parent. It’s all about safety for me.


  15. When I saw the tree falling and how big it appears I found myself cringing. I am a bit neurotic about safety type things, especially things that could potentially maim or kill. I have no idea if he was doing it correctly or not, but I do know that there is a correct way to fell trees. It makes me nervous as all hell when my husband goes out in the back 40 to cut. He has a chainsaw and chaps and a helmet and safety glasses, but nobody plans on accidents. They would not be called accidents if they were intentional 😉

    (Have not read comments yet. I always love all the comments, but dinner needs making and it doesn’t seem to be making itself today). I may have more to say later on.


  16. Doesn’t matter if he uses and axe or a chainsaw, someone needs to show that boy how to properly fell a tree before he gets hurt, or worse. My 11 year old grandson knows better.

    And why wouldn’t he use the chainsaw to be more productive with his time? Work smarter, not harder! Or is that a lost concept on the homestead?


  17. This made me go back and look at some photos of a friend of mine who almost lost his life in a tree felling accident back in 2015. He is lucky to be alive. This is a man who has been felling trees from a young age. He grew up in rural Nova Scotia where the winters are harsh and they relied on wood to heat their homes. He knew what he was doing and it was sheer luck that he didn’t die. He was pretty close to it in the hospital.

    Nicole and Joe, if you love your son, stop using him for begging bucks or to bolster your facebook image. Get him the right equipment and training if he wants to cut down trees.


  18. This kid cuts ONE tree but to Nicole it is all this…..

    Q has been taking down a few of the larger pine trees this week. We had a few fall on their own, all in the back part of the property. As we plan to build we are clearing space and removing all dangerous trees. He’s using an ax and is doing pretty good! And of course he is having a blast while doing it. He took this video yesterday. #UnSchoolLife #OffGridLiving #OffGridHomestead #BlessedLittleHomestead

    We…There’s that word again WE. There is no WE to it, it’s the kids doing all the work.
    Plan to build…lmao
    Clearing space…still laughing
    Removing ALL dangerous trees….Worried about dangers? When this kid is standing less than three feet from a falling tree taking a video…really? And just where is that fence around the pond?
    He’s using an ax….Well thank god he is not using that chain saw nobody around there knows how to work.
    Doing pretty good…that’s just her opinion….not mine.
    #notunschoolinglife #notoffgidliving #notoffgidhomesteading #notblessedatall


  19. …oh my gawd, Beth M. Thank-you for putting this sentiment into words!

    “Why isn’t the boy’s father showing him how it’s done? Homesteading skills are generally passed down from a more skilled person, often a parent, to a lesser skilled person.”

    Joe is busy, very busy, smoking marijuana, while his children are relegated into having to forage for their food, out of necessity, not because they enjoy doing it. That human-plant connection is really important to him, to the detriment of his family.


  20. All of you have said it so well that I won’t repeat it in my comment!

    BEC moment:
    I wonder what exactly he learned in this unschool lesson that he will be applying to his career he will have in a couple years?


  21. Hey hey you all got it wrong about Jojo. Remember he is part owner and working at washing dog butts. Yeah okay only in his dreams.

    We have a chain saw that was no where near $500. It works well for hubby and has for many years. Because he maintains it and keeps it in good working condition making repairs when needed and stores it out of the weather.

    Dawn’s comment is laughable. She lives in CA and has never laid eyes on any of the Nogs in real life. She only has hearsay provided by online posting/vlogs to go by. And we trolls know how well BO is good at spinning and weaving her stories.

    Sally time to update the list of projects as there hsve been many new stories errrr plans fabricated recently. Do not forget to remove the great move and add paying off the land super quick.
    BO is now gloating that the locals who hate them so much are now stuck with them. She needs to keep a written list of her stories errrr lies. First there are lots of locals that love them and now they hate them? Hey BITCH yeah you Nicole you can not have it both ways.


  22. There was no way Q could predict, from the way the tree was cut, which way that tree would fall. He clearly chopped all the way around like a beaver, rather than cutting his first deep knotch on the side he wanted it to fall and then chopping on the opposite side…
    Even then it is dangerous for a kid to be doing unsupervised.
    I would have been horrified if he was my son!
    Is Q out there by himself?
    What is the responsibility of the public who sees this, and fails to report it, resulting with this kid getting badly injured or killed…


  23. WTF did I just watch? Is she crazy or just stupid? Never mind, I already know the answer. That tree looked like a fucking beaver chewed on it. The kid got lucky. Very lucky. No notch for the direction the tree will fall. No higher cuts to ensure the tree will fall that way. And then strolling around the tree as it falls, videoing the entire nightmare. Dear baby Jesus, the things that could have happened. Another fine example of unschooling.
    If the kid wants to be a lumberjack and work out by felling trees with an ax, for the love of gawd teach him how to do it safely. Badly cut trees are called widow makers for a reason. Felling trees is serious business.
    I spent many years working with a chain saw and getting my own firewood. I loved the physical work but had huge respect, and a little fear, of the saw and the tree. I have found a few beavers dead under the trees they were gnawing on. The tree likely caught a wind and it was down before the beaver could get out of the way.
    When I moved out of the bush and here to rural Alaska, my hubby and I heated with wood for a few years. Then we got smart and bought a fuel-efficient Toyo stove. We still have wood heat as a back up. I watched in horror one afternoon as my very experienced husband, was cutting a standing dead spruce tree. It was breezy and in a split second, as the tree was falling, it bucked and I was certain it had caught my husband square in the chest or head. Somehow he had managed to jump out of the way and do a ninja roll. As the snow settled his head popped up out of a drift.
    Nicole. tell Joe to get off his fat, lazy ass and instruct the boy. If he doesn’t know how to fell a tree properly, and I doubt he does, find someone who can teach Q.


  24. I have raised a teenaged son and daughter and I have teenage grandchildren, and my experience with all the teens is that if they had a choice between using an ax or a power tool, the power tool wins out. Also, even though my grandson, who is 18, is responsible and hunts and I trust him completely, I would not trust him to chop with either ax or chain saw down a tree. There are too many variables that can affect the way a tree falls.

    And, I, too, was raised on a farm and watched farm animals get butchered. Hell, my mother and grandmother both would hold their meat chickens in a towel and calm them down and very quickly slice through the artery in the neck, and they would hold the poor animal while it bled to death. I always thought that was awful but the chickens had no idea that they were being murdered. Okay, murdered is harsh but even then I was moving away from eating animals. LOL. So, when the Naugs kill their pets or animals that they describe as their pets, I feel, in part, that the children are learning some pretty somber life lessons like, if an animal doesn’t behave according to the rules of the parents or stay out of the way, they become dispensable so who or what else could become dispensable.

    I had a friend whose parents would haul off her cats and dogs when they got old enough to have babies. It would devastate my friend and she would tell me all the time how much she missed her cats and dogs that had been hauled off. But, hauling off isn’t forcing the child to kill her own animal. And if the notion of killing the little white rabbit for food or the goat for food is the intent, one rabbit will not a family feed, and I don’t remember her posting any pictures of the great goat dishes she made. The woman posts pictures of nasty unmelted cheese on some canned crappy chili so you know if they cooked the meat of the family pets, she would make a video of the butchering, cooking, plating, and eating.

    Totally unrelated to the Naugs but didn’t Jeffrey Dalmar start out by killing his pets and then the neighbors’ pets? Just saying…pet goat, pet rabbit, alleged pet dog?


  25. This is another one of those times I just have to shake my head and wonder how these people keep dodging the odds of catastrophe.

    As many people have stated, when you want to fell a tree with an axe, you notch the side you want to fall about halfway through, then do a back cut. The tree can STILL twist and get you, but your safety odds with this method are much better than hacking away blind.

    There are two other issues i’m seeing in the video.

    Though a lot of professionals will cut a little farther up the truck (because they’ve developed incredible precision and control, rookies are told to cut as low as possible and to only use down-strokes of the axe. Why? Because your axe can slip, bounce or miss, and bite you. If you’re stroking down and low, it will almost always graze off the tree to the ground, rather than hitting you or someone else in the area. If you’re swinging up, or high, there is a lot more potential for accidents.

    Man, I don’t know how these people have averted disaster this long.

    Joe looks like pre-diabetes walking. If he doesn’t already have it. God, how would he know? It’s not like he goes to the doctor.

    Nick’s teeth will get her one day soon. The bone loss is setting her up for horrific issues….in about ten years, God help her. I’m sure this isn’t helped by baby after baby leaching all the calcium her body can produce.

    They are REALLY pushing the envelope on home births at this point. Those huge babies scare the hell out of me for a number of reasons. Huge struggling baby and a worn out friable uterus is a recipe for disaster. The kid’s odds of being fragile or special needs…is heart-breakingly high, too.

    All it would take…is one little fuck up. One slip of the axe, so to speak. One dumb kid sneaking up behind his brother.

    They’ve been so insanely lucky. They really have.

    What happens when their luck runs out and there’s no safety net?


  26. Let me preface with: my home is 100% wood heated. We, and by we I mean my husband, are cheapey cheapers who cheap. We get all our wood by noteing the roadside trees marked by the Township for cutting and than swooping in as soon as they are cut and chopping them up and loading then in our truck as quick as we can before the next cheapy cheapers get to them. It’s all totally, legal, but in my humble pretending that I am better than I am opinion, it’s whatever the rural word for “ghetto” is. ANYWAY…

    Last year, my ox of a brother in law arrived early for thanksgiving (October in Canada) day and after a breakfast of 9 fresh eggs and half a loaf of home baked bread he told his brother my husband that he was really stressed from his electrician job installing solar panels and he needed an axe and a tree. My husband gave him an axe and a tree which happened to be a live but knarly maple on our front lawn. My brother in law, a case of beer and that axe, went to work… HOURS later, a few friends later, another case of beer later and just before the turkey was ready to carve, all the family was gathered around, the cellphones were recording, the children were safely at a distance that tree came crashing across my lawn (did I mention it was on the lawn? Because, you know, why pick a tree in the back 40 when you have a perfectly good one right out front on the lawn). I tell you, granted it was a green tree, but it was a bitch to cut down with an axe. It took lots of men, and lots of hours and even a few swings from us girls to fell it.

    Moral of the story, after that day of stress relieving fun axe chopping a tree, I realized why my husband treats his $400 dollar Sthil better than he treats me. That crazy tool that he lubes and oils and rests and babies and takes for yearly check ups a like new mama with a primiee saves us thousands of dollars and hours a year. And by us, I mean me and hubby and kids from 2 to 20 who work together to cut and load logs with goggles and gloves by the side of the road for 3 or 4 hours on a couple of Saturdays a fall so WE can benefit from the fruits of our labour in our nice warm home.


  27. Oh, lorzy, is she expecting to use those trees that fell on their own for something? How rotten are they?!

    And would it kill her to take time out from posting rants and harassing people in courthouses in order to look up videos explaining how to safely fell a tree with an ax? Finding and watching one would take 15 minutes or less. It’s the toads all over again.

    Also, whoopie dee, “they” felled one tree.


  28. I would be relieved at the prospect of the horse being gone, except there clearly is no end to the dangers for those children on that land.


  29. Adding to the chorus of “where the fuck were the adults?!”

    Now, if they were teaching him how to do it “old school,” I’d understand and support that. I’ve taught my oldest son how to safely use a hand saw despite have a plethora of various power saws available. Hell, I even taught all my kids how to manually make a PDF instead of letting the scanner software do it for them!

    But the parents don’t teach. The kids are left to figure it out on their own with minimal resources. Having your teenage son manually chop down a tree isn’t abuse or neglect. However, having your teenage son manually chop down a tree without any guidance or even an adult right there to call 911 if things go wrong IS abuse and neglect.

    My oldest son has shown he doesn’t need me right up his butt when he’s using power tools. However, he’s not allowed to use them unless I’m in the workshed. I might be just hanging out in the corner, but I’m keeping an eye on him and am available to answer questions on the spot.

    If I can drag my crippled ass out to the workshed a few times a week, Joe can haul a chair into the woods. Bring a cooler and make it a one-on-one day.


  30. I know absolutely nothing about cutting trees down . I know nothing about homesteading in general. The only thing my career leaves my hands dirtied with is make up. However I was raised by a forester and cruised timber with my daddy since I started walking and my husband has been in the wood industry almost our entire marriage . My daddy dealt with the wood before it got cut down and my husband deals with it after. Up until my daddy died 14 years ago I watched him bury many , many good friends do to logging accidents . It is extremely dangerous!!! I don’t hear about it as much from my husband’s end as he doesn’t deal directly with loggers as often but I still hear about it frequently. I have known 50 and 60 year old men who were raised properly knowing how to log get killed . If grown men who have done this their whole lives can get killed then imagine what could happen to a boy who has never been shown the proper way. None of what the Nauglers do shocks or surprises me anymore but this has me literally shaking . I don’t want to be overly graphic and Sally if I am please leave this part out but most of the funerals I have attended for loggers over the years were closed casket. Part of what my husband does in the wood industry is improving and enforcing safety measures and I trust him completely in matters such as this but even so it scares me when he much less he and the kids are cutting wood!

    Sally or whoever else has an opinion on this do y’all think Nicole realizes how extremely dangerous this is? Do you think she is doing this to gets rise out of us trolls? I just can not fathom this!!! I’m laying here nauseous and shaking knowing what can happen if a tree falls the wrong way and as a mother of a boy thesame age as this young man I can’t imagine posting a video and bragging about it as my son did something even 1/100th as dangerous as this.


  31. Hahaha…well she has been asking how many logs and length she needs in the cabin group. She’s gonna use trashy , untreated logs for a cabin lololol


  32. I think Nicole and Joe must be trying to get the “trolls” to report them to child welfare so they have more “stalking” to cry about.

    It has to be baiting because nobody could really be that ignorant. Just last week the social worker had to come out for an extra visit because this teen was reported to be sleeping at the shop. Now the Nauglers are posting videos where he is suggested to be in charge of taking down the “dangerous” trees.

    If the older kids are helping at the shop, are the younger kids watching the teen chop and down trees?

    Maybe the social worker can give Joe an hour notice so the teen has time to walk back to the front of the property and open the gate for her again.


  33. Oh, dear! Don’t I feel accomplished?!

    Sally and friends, it always makes me happy to know y’all get a chuckle from a comment I’ve made. Hell its just a drop in the white bucket compared to the laughs you’ve given me.


  34. Thank you, Sally! I love the new text bolding and the italics options.
    A few random thoughts/questions:

    Can you tell by size whether the chicken foot is from a rooster, or hen? I don’t know if it’s the size /scale of the chicken foot vs the hand size of the person folding it, but it looks uuuuuuggge (Pun intended.). If it is a rooster, wouldn’t the meat being horribly tough by virtue of the size?

    I giggled at BO saying that they were not “yet” fully sustainable. No shit? So far as I can tell, other than 3 grape tomatoes, 4 green beans, and (maybe) this chicken, a rabbit, and a goat, they aren’t yet partially sustainable either. I grew mint and basil last spring and summer and cat grass this winter. I had no idea that we are partially sustainable as well by the BO definition! (I will channel you, Sally and Frances, and go tell my cat. I know she will be excited!)

    The excuse for not moving is so ridiculous. I know most of the Humpers aren’t Rhodes Scholars, but is it possible that any of them are still buying her BS?

    Did anyone else notice that, in the “Update” chat (this week) while in the car, the Profat seemed to be in an out of control rage? He seemed to work very hard (that alone is a first!) to maintain the Jovial Joe in the “Fireside chat”Q&A
    and in the stupid sovereign citizen podcast. However, in this most recent video, he seemed to be the Joe we have heard about. He seemed to be the “other” Joe……the hateful, scary and nasty Joe that people have reported from interactions with him. It appears that he works hard (that alone is a first!) to stay in character while on BLH. Just my opinion, but he seemed to break character and was showing his true nasty, hateful and scary self.

    Also, in an obvious shout out to the humpers who are Evangelical, I loved the 23 year marriage statement. They got married (and I don’t give a rat’s ass if they are married at all, but gotta love the hypocrisy) after they moved to KY, correct?

    Anyone else noticed that J and F have been mentioned very little recently? Does anyone know where/if J is working, and where he and F are living? If they aren’t living on the Stead, I assume that Faith’s family has talked some sense into her. I {{{{hope}}}} that is the case.

    As an aside, people here have speculated that the Shitstead must reek of animal and people shit, and just overall filth. I read a posting on one of the other boards that purported to be from a person who attended cleanup day in 2015. This person said that the smell was horrific; he said that he expected it to be bad, but could not have imagined the reality of HOW BAD. This was nearly 2 years of shit ago; can you imagine what it is like today? I feel so badly for the Sneeds and all the other neighbors within line of smell.

    If, indeed, Beauty is gone, (and I hope for her sake that she really has been “rehomed” and did not meet the same fate as it appears that Ranger did) I am heartbroken for A. Horrible, horrible, idiot parents to put their daughter in that position. It would certainly explain the sudden acquisition of the puppy, however.

    Finally, can someone tell me how you can view Google Earth then vs now to see how much the land has been ravaged during their time on the Shitstead?


  35. I hope none of those trees are falling on the neighbors’ property.

    Like so many other commenters, I am amazed at how often the Nogs seem to be on the short list for a Darwin award, with all the stupid risks they take and then brag about. Sure, some of the posts of this stuff is done to bait trolls and pearl-clutchers, but just because it’s bait doesn’t mean 1) the stupidity isn’t actually happening and 2) it excuses said stupidity.


  36. Can you tell by size whether the chicken foot is from a rooster, or hen? I


    Anyone else noticed that J and F have been mentioned very little recently? Does anyone know where/if J is working, and where he and F are living? If they aren’t living on the Stead, I assume that Faith’s family has talked some sense into her. I {{{{hope}}}} that is the case.

    I am going to nip this in the bud. Jacob has not been in the picture for a while now. He isn’t posting anything anywhere (as far as I know for sure) except on his personal Facebook page. I wish him well and have no intention of discussing him at all.


  37. I would be relieved at the prospect of the horse being gone, except there clearly is no end to the dangers for those children on that land.

    The horse is gone? Do you think they got rid of him to keep Joe out of jail?

    It would explain A’s new dog. That poor girl.


  38. The horse is gone?

    There were rumors that the horse was gone. But the new pup is supposedly going to “help” with the horse’s “work.” Whatever that means.


  39. New to posting here, but I have been following this blog since its inception.

    We live in the mountains in Colorado and are originally from Kentucky (Northern Ky/Cincinnati area, but still out in the country). Growing up, we heated our house with a wood stove. My father never had a chainsaw that cost more than $400. He would fell and split at least two cords of wood a year.

    Now, in Colorado, we have about 8 acres and a lot of pine. Again, we have a $300 or so Stihl chainsaw. We clean up our property and go into the national forest to collect firewood with a permit. Never would my husband chop a tree like that with an axe. It’s asking for disaster, never mind the fact that it’s a lot more work than necessary. When we fell trees, we stay away from dead, rotting trees. They are unpredictable and the vibration of cutting can cause breaks further up the trunk and lead to serious injury or death.
    Tl;dr: Nicole is an idiot thinking it’s so cute and homesteads watching her kid fell a tree with an axe. I wonder if we’ll hear about it if one of those kids is seriously injured or, even worse, killed doing this shit in such a haphazard way.


  40. “Finally, can someone tell me how you can view Google Earth then vs now to see how much the land has been ravaged during their time on the Shitstead?”

    Download the Google Earth app, then plug in the address of interest. There is a slider bar at the top so you can see the changes through the years. USGS satellite imagery started in 1998. It’s pretty neat to see how much better the images are today. There are places of interest noted and there is one person who put up 360 degree imagery of a front porch on what looks like a square-log cabin. Pretty cool.

    At one time, there was a cute little house on the property (burned down – arson) and it’s near the front of the property. So the septic tank shouldn’t be hard to find. Seriously. Go dump your white buckets down one of the two shafts (two is common around here), toss down a bucket of water, maybe a few bottles worth of Rid-X, cover it back up. It couldn’t make the place any less appealing than it is right this second.


  41. We live in a small community and there are a lot of men who will just show up to offer help, moral support, or update latest gossip when folks are doing outdoor jobs like cutting trees or burning crap. Yesterday was in the 80s so we lit the burn pile and old fart got out the chain saw and he and son began preparing to cut down a tree. Men gathered and kicked the tree and talked about the brand of saw and what were we going to do with the fallen tree and before long the men were going up and down that tree cutting limbs off and choosing the best direction of the fall and women came over with food for everyone. One woman brought a huge pot of “plain” beans and cornbread which means no pork fat was used in the beans and no cracklings in the cornbread. My point is these old and young men know the danger of cutting trees down and they are good neighbors who recognize my old fart is a city slicker with fancy tools and they guess my son is probably just as inexperienced so they came to offer their help. That’s how communities work. Too bad the blessed ones don’t know how to join a community.

    BTW, I got up early this morning and made yeast rolls and will deliver them to our neighbors right before they arrive home from their various churches.

    What I learned watching and listening to those men is cutting down trees is dangerous and many folks have been severely injured or worse taking down trees that may look small but can weigh near or over a ton. Who would of ever thought about the weight. Apparently not the naugs.


  42. there are a lot of men who will just show up to offer help,

    Something very similar happens here. Anyone burns a pile of rubbish, and we’re all over there en masse to help. It’s fun, it only takes a short time, and nobody has to do a huge amount of labor if everyone does a little bit. And beer is generally provided. 🙂

    I’m sure they come over here because we’re old and they’re afraid we’ll burn down the neighborhood, but that’s fine.


  43. I’m sort of jealous of the spontaneous gatherings you all are discussing. We do have our neighbors over from time to time for bbqs but mostly in the city people just do their own thing. Although we usually have 2-3 big snow falls per winter that bring out the neighborhood. People help one another shovel and dig out cars. The priority is those needing to get to work or school. It’s always good fun and working together makes short work of it.

    It’s unfortunate that the Naugs are so inhospitable that they can’t enjoy that neighborly spirit of their rural neighborhood.


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