Faulty Logic


Someone else once expressed this basic idea.  He was equally wrong.

He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.  Matthew 12:30

Both of these people, Nicole and the probably fictional Jesus, are saying the same thing:  If you are not totally on my side, you are totally with the opposition, and there are only two sides.

There is a lot of injustice in this world.  A whole lot of it.

None of us have a voice large enough to “speak out” against all of it (except maybe the moron in the White House and the only thing he seems capable of is “covfefe”).  As a result, we sort of pick and choose the causes we want to champion.


Here’s one of my choices.

Nicole’s response to that was this.


Does this mean that Nicole hates women? Does this mean she’s on the side of paternalism? Does this mean that she is “supporting” the idea of men attacking women sexually?

Of course it doesn’t.

It means that Nicole doesn’t like me or Lisa.  It means that she made a slimy, nasty comment about all the women who participated in the Women’s Marches just because she dislikes two of them.  It was childish and silly, but it doesn’t make her an advocate for sexual assault.

And her position “speaking out against police brutality” isn’t due to her outrage over innocent people who are hurt when that happens.  Her position is the same as it was about the Women’s March.

She doesn’t like the police because she keeps running afoul of the law and they keep telling her she can’t do stuff and that totally pisses her off.  That’s why she cherry picks her sources and only uses those that are marginal at best and totally fictional at worst.

Nicole is wrong. There are way more than two sides. It’s completely possible to be opposed to police malfeasance and at the same time appreciate the position that my next-door neighbor, the deputy sheriff,  finds himself in every time he goes to work.  It’s possible to advocate for police reform and simultaneously appreciate Todd Pate.

And it’s entirely possible to be opposed to Jesus while not being a soldier for Satan.

The world is amazingly complex. I guess that’s too hard for simpletons.


responsefromNicoleOh, my.  I seem to have irritated Nicole.

If parents don’t “own” the child does that mean the state does?

And there we have it.  More of that off/on, black/white thinking.

Nobody owns children.  Not the parents, not the state, nobody.  Putting the word in quotes doesn’t change the concept. [Nicole, you think a whole lot like Donald Trump. Are you aware of that? He thinks that putting a word in quotes means it doesn’t mean what it means.]

Nobody owns children, anymore than Joe owns you or you own Joe or I own my next-door neighbor.  Dave and I own Frances, but she’s a cow.

This is really very simple.

And why don’t you go “look into [my] career history”?  I dare you.

As far as my parenting is concerned, my son was never taken by the state, Nicole. Ever.  We were never found to have neglected or failed to provide for our child, ever, which is what dependency is.  Nobody ever thought for a single second that our son was not safe.  Nobody ever was worried about our son enough to go to court and get an emergency order to take him away from us for his own protection.

We never forced him to live in a fucking garden shed, or shit in a bucket. He had his own room, with a real bed. We provided him with an education; we didn’t just make up a silly word and pretend to do it.

We traveled and he came along.  We went to the beach and so did he. We went to Disneyworld and so did he.

When he became an adult, we helped him achieve his heart’s desire. He was successful at it. Let’s see if anyone remembers any of your children when they’ve been dead for more than a decade.

The story of my son is written and you know the ending.

The story of your children is being written as I type this.  We’re all watching.


Joe, you deadbeat, I am an atheist.  I’m not one bit shy about it.

You and Nicole just keep talking.  People read this blog.  Lots of people read this blog.

Ripples. . .



26 thoughts on “Faulty Logic”

  1. Three of the smartest and most generous women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

    Nicole, l’ve never met, but I’d bet a new shed is the exact opposite.


  2. Right out of the gate Nicole’s presumption is wrong: “If my hatred of police brutality, misconduct, and corruption upsets you”….

    I’m not upset by her hatred; I’m annoyed. At times I’m disgusted, which I suppose could be classified as “upset.” But it’s not about her hatred of police brutality, misconduct, and corruption; it’s about her obsession with those things, and the inflammatory nature of her posts, which aren’t her posts at all, just hair-trigger shares and idiot memes from stupid sources like CopBlock and the not-even-worth-a-penny-for-your Free Thought Project. She’s not helping a thing with this crap, and as Sally reminds us above, she chooses all her “causes” based on whatever injustice is currently interfering with her day. She doesn’t care about the Schwab kids or the life-support baby or the teenage rape victim or the autistic man who didn’t understand what the police were saying….it’s all just a swirling flood of Nicole’s own hatred, and the sheer volume of it speaks volumes about her.


  3. Police brutality = bad

    Police in general = not bad

    How hard is that to understand?


  4. Police brutality = bad

    Police in general = not bad

    How hard is that to understand?

    When all you have is black/white or right/wrong thinking, very hard. Impossible. It’s a very childish outlook.


  5. On Memorial Day, Nicole asked what freedoms we really have.
    Well how about the freedom that people in America CAN take videos of police.
    What about the freedom that police in America CAN be fired or jailed for beating, raping or killing someone or confiscating their phones. The fact that Nicole can post so many stories about police being charged with crimes actually proves the opposite of what she is trying to say.

    I know some police are going to be jerks and abuse people. Police are humans after all. Thank the stars above that we live in a country where our families don’t disappear in the night if we complain about the police.


  6. She did post a meme about herself a while back. It stated something along the lines of ignorant people aren’t going to read articles so you have to trick brainwash them with memes.

    I still haven’t decided whether she was making fun of herself or if she is that self unaware.


  7. I still haven’t decided whether she was making fun of herself or if she is that self unaware.

    The same woman who posted stills from the trailer to the new movie, “The Glass Castle”, but clearly hasn’t read the book herself? I vote for bereft of self-reflection. She wouldn’t knowingly parody herself.


  8. I have a family full of cops and take my children to BLM protests. It is BECAUSE I love and respect my local law enforcement that I believe they should be reorganized and retrained.

    As for Nicole, I would like to remind her that, as Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote, we have no control who lives, who dies, and who tells our stories.

    Your son left a legacy of the lives he touched with his music. Nicole is leaving….. what? Memes? White buckets full of poop? Kids who desperately want her to look up from her phone for five minutes and acknowledge them for more than a photo op?


  9. Interesting how that lovely remark was posted to Nicole’s personal profile instead of her public page or the BLH page. Wouldn’t want the blessed followers to see such INSIDIOUS nastiness from the poor, persecuted matriarch? And speaking of “ugly”- Nicole, you have single-handedly disproved the whole “never judge a book by its cover” business. You are as inherently repulsive on the inside as you are on the outside.


  10. as Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote, we have no control who lives, who dies, and who tells our stories.

    God, I love that musical.

    I bet Nicole would consider Alexander Hamilton to be a failure. After all, his oldest son died as a very young man in a stupid duel. Hamilton himself had a flaming affair and made a public admission and embarrassed his wife and family immensely. And ultimately, he went out when he was not much older than Joe is now and died in another stupid duel.

    And in the midst of all that failure, he changed the course of world history.


  11. I see she still isn’t reading here. Bwwwaaahhh.
    Taking bets on how long her post stays up?


  12. She goes right for the jugular, doesn’t she? Imagine what her kids go through. And when one or more of those kids use drugs (Statistics, people. Don’t freak out. I’m not wishing them ill.), I hope she never has to go through one of her kids overdosing. I really do. Drug abuse to the point of addiction is an accident. No one sets out to become an addict. No one. And no one deliberately overdoses. Again, it’s an accident. She’s a horrible person with no compassion, as is the walking testicle, but I wouldn’t wish that pain of losing a child on them. And by the way, you dirty, stretched out bitch. The words are “ought to “, not “outta”. Christ almighty, if you’re going to insult and threaten someone, at least use spell check, you illiterate piece of shit.


  13. It’s always the ones that are on the wrong side of the law, that spew the “fuck the police” nonsense.

    Nicole and Joe, there are people who are from big families, religious families, or have large families, that have the same views towards to as Sally does.
    Not everything in life fits into those little storage totes you’re so fond of..


  14. Oh here we go, the all knowing mother of the year is running her nasty rotting mouth. She is a failure. The outside matches the inside, a rotting void. Ugly on the outside ugly on the inside. Her daughter’s are more of a mother to the rest of the children than she is. Maybe the kids will get a front row seat to mommy’s uterus falling out this birthing session. Now THAT would be an unschooling lesson to remember.

    So if parents own their children at what point do they not own them? When the child is 17 and they knock up their girlfriend of 1 month? Or is it when they can afford their own garden shed? When they can carry and dump their own shit bucket? When they can kill their own pet and eat it?

    Good luck to those kids. If she thinks they are coming out unscathed in life she’s fooling herself. Statistically impossible. I hope I’m around so I can blame her and throw it in her face.


  15. OMG, their responses!

    You know why she’s pissy? Because she expected a lot more likes and responses to her “if it were your child” question.

    Not only are people getting bored to death with Nicole and her internet drama and her love of a good flame war….there’s something about her supporters that Nicole doesn’t quite get: Most of them are only invested in the kids. They sent the kids money, and they want to know if the kids are ok. They want to see the kids stay together….not out of any loyalty to Nick and Joe, but because the kids have had shit lives and losing their siblings, too, would be tough. They didn’t ask to be born into this mess.

    Nicole doesn’t get that she’s the Kentucky version of a Sally Struthers charity. For only $10 a month you can sponsor a child in Kentucky, see pictures and art work from your child, and help them have access to clean water and food. Nicole’s kids are like the hillbilly version of “adopting” a child living in a cardboard box in Haiti. That’s why they always like the kid’s pics and damned few respond to Nicole’s posts.

    They’re not answering the question about “what if it was your child?” because they know damned good and well that they will NEVER be in the position of Child Protective Services trying to take their kids. This is not something normal people fear. Normal people are way too protective of their children to have them live in the dangerous and intellectually crippling conditions the Naugs chose that led up to the allegations of neglect.

    The vast majority of the people over there are nice, but stupid people who really think they’ve helped. (when they have, in fact, enabled more neglect) Still…the vast majority just wanted to give a little charity money to children they can watch in photos. Kinda like putting your Sally Struthers Haitian orphan’s photo on your fridge each time a new update comes.

    Nicole sincerely doesn’t get that. She thinks she’d leading like minded people, and man is she mistaken.

    I have noticed a growing number of people who have had their kids taken away over there…many because of addictions and metal illness….but I don’t think Nicole gets how their creepy these people seem to normal people, or how desperate they are. I sure as hell wouldn’t be posting my kids photos for that crowd. What would stop a pedophile from fixating on one of Nicole’s kids and printing out a wall full of pictures to masturbate to? She doesn’t THINK. And by the way Mr. Pedo…here’s our address, too, and the day we’ll be away from home in court. Good grief!

    Sally, you’re riling her up because you’ve affected her numbers. Given the chance to read a rational version of Nicole’s antics, people are much less quick to believe her stories. You balanced her propoganda with logic and reason. And as dumb as Nicole’s supporters are…many aren’t so outrageously dumb they won’t consider another perspective. You’ve done a service. Thank you.

    Another thing riling Joe and Nicole…is that they’ve painted themselves into a corner and they’re kicking themselves.

    They’re worried about a lot of things in this story.

    If Baby #12 has physical issues? They know they’re screwed if they miss appointments or go against medical advice. They KNOW they’ll end up getting their other kids taken away again. This pisses them off…because in their case, it’s a very real danger.

    One sick baby, and the whole house of cards crumbles. Tick. Tick.

    And it should. It really, really should. If they insist on playing odds until they get a special needs kid? They damned well better be prepared to do what the doctor says.

    If the Naugs had done their thing quietly, if they’d not drawn attention to themselves or held fundraisers, if they hadn’t stolen water or acted like rebellious children with the police…if they’d flown quietly under the radar….they’d have options.

    But they didn’t do that, did they?

    So, they don’t.


  16. Nicole’s maternal track record is not impressive. One who knocked up his first girlfriend within weeks of meeting her. One up on gun charges. And years to go still. She might want to watch out for karma.


  17. Dearest Sally,
    Please, do write more in-depth about how Nicole does not own her children, if only for our amusement at her expense. Indeed, this really does strike a nerve – does it frustrate her that her children have rights that supersede her own – that society is looking out for their best interests? Or perhaps, she cannot handle being in the wrong, and the shame it brings. Break it down, real nice ‘n easy for her! Unschool the Bitch, if you have to…
    Of course, this request is only in jest – whatever you write is fine by me. Thanks for your time!

    Attn: Nicole!

    We live in a society because our ancestors evolved and adapted the ability to communicate and live in groups, in order to survive, thrive, and reproduce! Those who didn’t adapt this skill died by way of natural selection.
    Thus. When you decide to bring 11 children into this world, they are born into our society. They are individuals, with rights of their own – rights endorsed and protected by society, at large. Society is a means of insurance, to assure their health and survival – homo sapiens do better, together! It is why we, as a species, have survived hundreds of thousands of years- its why we are still here. So learn to cooperate! Its the homo sapien way. If you and Joe want to exhibit such exhausting male-warrior aggression, day-in and day-out, go live with the chimps!


  18. No one should own another person for any reason. Not because of their age, the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, their perceived weakness or inequality or because you birthed them. No one owns anyone else no matter what the self-promoted slave master might think. It’s not a god given inalienable right anyway you try to interpret it. Slavery is unacceptable regardless of its previous place in history.

    As to raising children Nicole I would refer you to the phrase “people who live in glass sheds shouldn’t throw stones.” What is the measure of successful parenting? We all have differing standards to be sure, however, I can assure you that most of the world would and does find you and Joe to be abject failures at parenting. Google it. It isn’t quantity you nasty little blowhard. It’s quality. If and when your children grow into happy adults it will be despite having you two as parents not because of your utter lack of parenting skills and bat shit craziness.

    As to most awesome grandmother ever, lol, you keep telling yourself that because I bet you’re the only one who will ever say it.

    Cheers to the first of many who
    lived to get away from the shitstorm you call your life. May all your children be as successful. As far as I’m concerned you can bloviate until the cows come home and blame all their escapes from shitstorm mountain on the “trolls.” I don’t think anyone will mind as long as the children get away and have a chance at a happy life.


  19. I wanted to mention that the KY Sheriff’s camp is close to having kids arrive. I got a nice letter in the mail laying out the cost to send a kid. $60 will send a kid for one day. Hopefully we readers can, between us, send a few kids for at least a few days. Plus it’s tax-deductible if you itemize.


  20. “people who live in glass sheds shouldn’t throw stones.”

    Or, my personal favorite version of that:

    “People who live in covfefe houses shouldn’t throw covfefe.” – Hillary Clinton


  21. @Sheer luck, I missed that one in my disgust! My eye must have corrected it but my brain must have absorbed because I found myself suddenly craving a beer. ? And it was ice cold and delicious! So, I drank two more. ?


  22. In 20 years, one of the Naugler siblings will write, “The Garden Shed”.
    Good luck with that future reckoning Nic and Joe.


  23. NN’s anti-cop, anti-military word vomit disgusts & frustrates me beyond words. Mostly because I take it too personally. My oldest son has decided to go to law school because he wants to be a child advocate lawyer & he wants to reform the foster care system. He’s volunteering with kids in the foster care system in the state where he attends school & has become convinced he needs to do this as a career choice. My 2nd son will enlist 1 year from now as soon as he graduates. He wants to be a Marine. Proud doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel (along with terrified & worried)
    My husband has always said this is what we have raised them for. So they will leave our house & go out in the world & hopefully be successful. Grown & flown….
    Her kids won’t do that, because they can’t do that & that is entirely NN & JN’s fault.


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