Fat Ass

I hate fat shaming.  I really hate it.

But I hate racism worse.

I have watched the Trump campaign with growing horror and I’ve come to the conclusion that being silent in the face of overt racism is a very bad thing to do.  I will not be silent.

Keep that in mind.

Three percent meme

I guess she just doesn’t see it.  Here are the problems with this.

First, the man on the left is not “poor and oppressed.”  The man on the left is starving to death. We can have a conversation about why he’s starving to death if you like, but that’s what is happening to him.

Being poor does not equate with being skinny.  Lots of very poor people are very heavy and lots of very wealthy people are painfully thin.

Second, the photo on the right is of women marching in protest in Baltimore.  Who says they are poor?  For all we know, they are college students, or lawyers, or community organizers getting geared up to run for the Presidency.

So, this is an offensive meme. It’s racist, it’s nasty, and it’s inaccurate in the extreme.

It’s also ironic.

It was posted by a woman who lived here (and isn’t doing much better now).


She says, of course, that they lived like this on purpose.  But her own commentary puts the lie to that.  This is sort of thing Nicole dreams about.

island seating

She will never be able to afford anything even approaching that in her lifetime, of course.  Hell, I can’t afford that.  It’s probably a $50,000 kitchen.

So, the Nauglers are poor. Not just a little bit poor. Really, really poor. As in counting pennies poor.  Can’t pay the bills poor. Except the phone bill. They seem to manage that one okay.

So why does Joe look like this?

on phone

NOTE:  My question above is rhetorical.  I do not want to see a bunch of comments about Joe’s weight, or anyone else’s weight.  Please.


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  1. Like you, I have also Sat in growing alarm at the rhetoric being thrown around, and I will blame Trump for it. I know that these people did not turn racist yesterday, as I am painfully aware that it’s been a massive problem for some time. But now, we have people who are not afraid to let their hatred of other colors, religions, and gender just fly out in the open. We have lost a huge chunk of civility in this country.
    I’m guilty, I know that. I have a huge problem with idiots, and I decided a while ago that the old ethos of holding my tounge in the face of reprehensible behavior.
    No, it is wrong to deny children the right to decent housing, running water, medical and dental care, and an education. It is wrong to refuse to work to support your family. It is wrong to violate others rights to peaceful enjoyment on their own property (wandering goats?) It is wrong to pollute the groundwater with a pile of human feces. It is wrong to breed animals of no value.

    I can go on, even dive into the very personal attacks Nicole herself has waged on my family, but you all get the idea.

    Joe being a corpulent individual in a family of otherwise slender individuals, is an illustration of the dysfunction in the family unit as a whole.


  2. These previous comments are relevant;
    “[Extremely Sick of the Nauglers says:] They plan on building a system to catch rain water. They plan on building a compost outhouse equipped with a shower with warm water. They plan on building a larger cabin. They plan, plan ,plan, but no progress is ever made.”

    “[Jenny Islander says:] And they have the Internet… instant access to forums packed full of people who’ve been there and done that on tight budgets with big families.

    And they go on Pinterest instead. Cuz it’s purty.”
    – – –
    Nicole pines over the superficial on Pinterest, conveniently turning her cheek at her own zealot rants and questionable stance on family values….

    Pinterest!! Its just like Blessed Little Homestead – purely superficial. BLH exists in images, thriving in the same way Pinterest does. Ah, pinterest… No thought required! Pinterest mastered that – the art of minimizing cognitive load, or reducing the mental effort required.

    This is why Mrs. Naugler likes pinterest, over actually working on the homestead …She is not prompted to think, “What are you doing?” She is not prompted to think at all!

    – – –
    “You can easily spend the time you intended to spend on a project, instead looking for more projects. Although browsing is free, that time and energy you’ve put into it is not.” (1)

    – – –
    I think it is fair to say, Nicole Naugler suffers from a social comparison syndrome. She becomes motivated by pinterest, excited to achieve because it is an effect – albeit a natural one- of social comparison. However, managing and defending a purported image such as BLH and its affiliates – instead of following-through on that project motivation – can become obsessive.

    And I think her supporters enjoy the visual exploration aspect in the same way they would pinterest, hence the reason no one likes her questionable political views and racist memes as they do BLH. They dont have to actually “think” before they “like” something. So, it is that superficial, homestead-mama image and her crunchy country homestead visuals that garner “likes” and “supporters” – no thought required, not one!

    Mrs. Naugler once posted about how her family brain-stormed a name for their blog. First, they had named it something else, later changing it and settling permanently on “Blessed Little Homestead”. Indeed, a clever name. Ripe for the climate. And I would go so far as to say it is the name alone that draws many of these followers. “Homestead”. It just sounds so sweet and dandy, doesnt it? Marketing, really. What is in a name? Everything (Lies.)

    (1.) https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/fulfillment-any-age/201512/whats-really-going-in-the-psychology-pinterest


  3. This meme feels racist and stereotyping, among another thing. One wonders where our moral compass is, our sense of dignity and compassion. This man is likely nearing death, from starvation and/or sickness. And to broadcast this meme, to adulterate his tragic circumstance to make a controversial meme, is just pathetic. The racist and stereotyping, I see what they did there. It’s a crude stereotyping of putting people down, in a sordid attempt to make one look better. Poor guhment whores, black and gettin’ fat on the guhment dollar. Another very offensive meme.

    I have wondered about the supporters, or however they are defined. I imagine they come from all corners of the internet webz. Various socioeconomic, cultural heritage, professions, spiritual and religious denominations. And loved ones too, family and friends. How does it strike them, these offensives memes over and over again. The supporter who serves his/her community in LE, or family and friends. The social services professional, or family and friends. The military solider, their family and/or friends. The rat in a cage, working hard to support their family. Maybe the missionary, that is witness to starvation and/or disease, like this man in the meme. Or someone who is in hard times, receiving government benefits. What do you do, pay no attention to the wizard/witch behind the curtain? As to me and mine, I’ll never enable or support degrading stereotyping, racism, hatred. It is offensive, putting down others to validate and attempt to raise yourself. Compromising dignity and compassion and respect. Pathetic.

    But maybe the supporters over on the BLH page, don’t get to see the incredulous Nicole memes. There is that Nicole, for those kind of followers. And then this other Nicole. For those that have seen the truth, she is one and the same.

    Oh and that photo of Joe, Bethannie said it well, “Joe being a corpulent individual in a family of otherwise slender individuals, is an illustration of the dysfunction in the family unit as a whole.”


  4. If you consider the source, We are III%’s, it is unsurprising she posted this meme. It is an ideology they both fully and proudly embrace. One can only guess how many of the blessed followers are of the same ilk, or how much of the blessed GFM monies went in that direction. Racism is a component of many of these groups.


  5. Eh, I’ve known lots of folks who were the one fat person in their families–it happens. I do note, however, that Joe Naugler has awfully nice boots for somebody whose kids go barefoot.


  6. Thank you.

    The meme is not only racist on its face, but the Facebook source from which Nicole shared the meme, continues the racism in the comments below it.

    Her chief apologist/alter ego husband was quick to jump on me for pointing out the racism. Color me surprised, not.

    The sad thing is she probably did not even note the racism in the meme. She rarely notes anything she publishes in any manner that does not reflect directly on her and how she thinks it will bolster her sordid tale.


  7. I believe she is appealing to the groups she is identifying with and who are most likely her ardent supporters. Racism is part of their identity or she would not have posted this.


  8. Today the blessed Mrs taunts her followers and critics to make a list of the lies she has been “caught” in.

    Might I suggest a list of the truths she has been caught in? It would be ever so much shorter.

    She demands a list. I am sure someone will give in to her demands. Someone usually does. Narcissists bank on that. So here, I will freely, no donation required, give the first one:

    Today, in a response to posts to page she states she doesn’t go to the other pages or to the blog anymore (as of when, you should ask yourself). She only sees if someone shares from her blogs and/or what people send her. I don’t know about her shares. I do know about visits to pages and, some of those people sending to her are doing so from right where she is. First thing in the morning when there is barely any activity these things have a tendency to stand out. I call liar liar pants on fire.


  9. The more the Nauglers (Joe and Nicole) go on and on, the more they are turning themselves into the creepy family on the hill and the more LIKELY it is that various people will drive past their house just to gawk, stare and yes, possibly snap a photo. I think of them as the equivalent of the spooky neighbour – the one who won’t let kids retrieve their frisbees or maybe the one who no one will approach unless it’s to win a dare or a bet.

    Well, when you’re regarded as that person in the community in this day and age, it shouldn’t come as a complete surprise if someone drives by and snaps a photo on their cell phone. It’s next to impossible to get a phone without the camera capability and almost everyone learns how to snap a photo with it. Even if it is blurry. Thanks to the glories of the internet, they’re now known outside of wherever they have resided.

    No, I didn’t drive more than 600 miles to snap any photos of their dwelling, steal or kill a dog or any variation on the theme.


  10. After finding your blog and looking through a few posts on Nicole’s Facebook and the blessed little homestead Facebook page I’m just so sick to my stomach. These poor kids. And I noticed in the photo above no one could be bothered to button up the legs on the little boys overalls. 🙁 It’s clear to me just from the pictures she posts that these kids are neglected and living in absolutely horrific conditions. It’s also hard for me to understand why the kids were returned to live there. It’s one thing to allow your children the chance to get dirty and play in the mud, and another to force them to wallow in filth day after day.

    Nicole and Joe,
    If you read this, I’m telling you your kids deserve better. Give them a home with an indoor bathroom that has water and soap, give them bedrooms with actual beds and blankets of their own, give them clean and unwrinkled clothes, give them healthy and filling meals, give them an actual education that will benefit them in the future. They are CHILDREN. They cannot do these things for themselves.. it is your responsibility as parents. How absolutely awful that strangers from the Internet seem to care more about the welfare of your children than you yourselves do.


  11. Early on in the Naugler story, I checked out a FB group called “We Support The Nauglers”. It was a closed group, however I could see the its member. The administrator at the time had his FB page quite open and I was able to see several of his posts to page.

    This man is a white supremacist and a hater of homosexuals. And I have the screenshots to prove it. He has since disappeared from FB under his name, maybe now he is going by a sock account. I also saw that other Naugler supporters in that group were supporting the flying of the Confederate flag (as this issue became heated at that time as well). I’m not saying these people (the true haters) are a reflection of Nicole and Joe’s beliefs…….. but if I was in their shoes, I would have put an ocean of distance between me and these racists.


  12. During that time like you said there was a huge push going on with the banning of the flag. Yes a number of scum have taken that flag and used it as a symbol of hate but that isn’t all that flag ment.


  13. I long for the day that there are no labels, no separation. I highly doubt I will ever get to see that day. I have to admit most of my exposure of the flag is from dukes of hazard and books with the same type of messages. So I guess I should have said it doesn’t have that meaning to me. When I see the flag it reminds me of the good old boys or gone with the wind, and rednecks with beer cans. It doesn’t hold any racist feelings for me. I too have never owned the flag- it’s not something with great meaning to me. However I don’t feel it should be banned and for a awhile there it felt like it would be. I know you were not meaning anyone was inferior but whenever it’s said I can’t help but laugh. Some people really still believe that and I just want to ask them if they have ever watched a football game, basketball, or really paid attention to who invented what. Inferior my butt. Now the digging up graves if it really happened just because they were confederate soldiers that I find horrible. The renaming of schools and such I have no opinion on in my eyes that’s the people of the areas business, the people who when to school there ect. Whatever they decide is what should be supported.


  14. However I don’t feel it should be banned

    I don’t think it should be banned either, except on public taxpayer-funded property. Other than that, have at it. 🙂 I like to know who the racists are so I can keep an eye on them.


  15. History. It is very important. Simply because some people do not understand or know what the flag means now, in the present, does not and should not excuse it’s use today. You see, there are a lot of people who do know it’s history and they are and should be offended. For me, it is also offensive that some people are ignorant of the history and use that as their excuse to excuse the inexcusable. Ignorance of that history is a choice. You can learn. You can change the future. You can’t change the past.


  16. Full history is important too. Like did you know that Maryland was still a slave state but fought in the union army? There were 4 states that banned slavery fighting in the confederate army. The south was agraculture and north was heavy in industrial and needed the south a products at a lower price than what it was being sold for in Europe so they imposes high trade tarrifs to force the south to sell to them at a lower price. There were people fighting with their lives for succession from the union that fully believed slavery was wrong and some people from the union that believed in slavery fighting. So I honestly don’t believe I’m ingnorant because I believe the war wasn’t just about slavery. Now historians and people who live in the south and love history may have more insight than I do, but I just can’t explain away why people who didn’t believe in slavery would fight and die for something they did not believe in there had to be more to it.


  17. So I honestly don’t believe I’m ingnorant because I believe the war wasn’t just about slavery.

    Yes, it was. It just was. All that other stuff has been touted again and again by southern sympathizers then and now to excuse what amounted to terrible behavior on the part of the south. And my ancestors fought on the Confederate side, so I’m not speaking as a northerner.

    As for why people fought for the Confederacy who didn’t own slaves, well, just look at people who vote Republican even though it’s against their best interests. People do that shit all the time. A great many of them were drafted.

    I once took a course (“enrichment” not for credit) at Bob Jones University about the Civil War taught by a prof named Terry Rude. Rude was from the north, but very much a southern sympathizer. He was a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which should tell you something about him if you know anything about that group. The course was most definitely pro-slavery, pro-south, anti-north and all that. Lincoln was demon from hell. The south was godly and all Gone-With-The-Windish. So I’ve heard all the apologists’ argument for why the south was blameless and it really wasn’t slavery at all.

    It’s all bogus.

    It was about slavery. Slavery had economic implications so there were economic factors, but they didn’t stand alone. It was about sectionalism, but slavery defined the sections. Finding a few exceptions to the rule only proves the rule. If slavery wasn’t the issue, the exceptions would be unremarkable.

    And that godawful flag represents the subjugation and enslavement of a large number of people because of their skin color. I find it abhorrent in the extreme.


  18. Voting is one thing but to die for something so horrible when you don’t even believe in it I just can’t understand why anyone would do that. Could they have been lied to? I’m not trying to argue I’m trying to understand you obviously have had more exposure and knowledge about it.


  19. My family, too, fought for the Confederacy and lost many family members and I have their letters of grief and letters of the loved ones who fought and died. It was a sad time and in our state truly one of brother against brother. Some people fought because they would be ostracized from the community. However, most of my family were slave holders. I don’t think anyone can delve into the history and read stories of freed slaves or slave schedules or old court records without coming to the conclusion that it was all about slavery. I used to feel such shame that I could have come from that kind of background. I cannot do anything about the past but did educate my children and grandchildren about the truth. You will not find the Stars and Bars at any of our houses.


  20. My mother regularly votes Republican for the sole reason that they are anti-abortion. My mother is in her nineties. (Think about that for a minute. What difference could abortion possibly make to her?) She called me one day all in a dither because Medicare had changed their prescription drug program (this was several years ago) and as a result, her prescriptions cost more. I explained that her Republican representatives, that she helped elect, did that. She then told me that she didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

    People do all sorts of things for all sorts of reasons and often those reasons are just plain stupid. I once went to Washington and Marched For Life. One of the dumbest things I’ve ever done. When Randall Terry started Operation Rescue, I thought it was marvelous and wanted to go to Atlanta to demonstrate so I could get arrested for Jesus. My husband, a sensible man, talked me out of it.

    I strongly, fervently believed in something that simply was untrue. I am not an idiot. I am not particularly unintelligent. Was I lied to? Of course, but the people lying to me weren’t actually lying purposefully. They also believed the lies. They were neither idiots nor particularly unintelligent.

    Look around you at how many dumb things people believe. Hell, there’s even a book about it. Why People Believe Weird Things, by Michael Shermer. Out of date now, but interesting nonetheless.

    In the antebellum south, people did believe that those evil Yankees were trying to take over and tell them what to do and they did resent it. And one of the things that they resented the most was being told they needed to free their slaves. Even those who didn’t own slaves supported slavery because they erroneously believed that they, too, might someday get to buy one and then they’d be somebody. It’s the same thing today. People support the 1% (not paying income taxes in any appreciable amount, for example) because they live with this fantasy that they might someday rise to that pinnacle.

    BTW, my father was a member of an old Georgia family and he was as racist as they come. When I was a child, we had a black maid who had to have surgery. Dad found out that they had put our maid in the black ward (wards contained about 20 or 30 patients). Dad got on the phone and called the hospital director (a personal friend). I overheard part of the conversation and never forgot it. I couldn’t hear the other guy, of course, but Dad said, “Yes, Bill, I know all that, but she’s my n—-r.” I can still hear him saying it. They moved her into a private room. My dad paid her hospital bill and felt all benevolent. And he was “good” to our maid in the sense that he paid her a decent wage and paid her medical costs, but he also thought of her as his property in a sense.

    And that was in the mid-1950s.


  21. I used to feel such shame that I could have come from that kind of background.

    I came from that background as well but I’m not responsible for what other people did or do. Nor are you. 🙂


  22. There should be no shame one of my family lines came from both sides of a plantation. You are no more responsible for what your ansesters did than I am for having an idiot cousin that married into the kkk, however it is fun to remind her and her husband every chance I can that we too are “unclean” and not born from the good line but complete and total “mutts”.


  23. On a side note blb are these two your only blogs?

    Nope. I have a third, which is sadly neglected at the moment.

    I also manage our son’s website, do the code work for the movie site, and when I can find two seconds, I’m working on a redesign for this site. Farrell Till was a mentor to me for many years. He was a former Church of Christ minister who deconverted while a missionary to France. He became an atheist and an English teacher. He was a formidable debater and probably the foremost expert on errors in the Bible in the world. After he died, his family let the website lapse and one day it was simply gone. This horrified a group of us and we figured out who to contact and his son gave us permission to republish the site. But it’s in terrible shape and needs updating badly, as you can see. He taught me how to think logically and how to debate and I am forever indebted to him for helping me leave religion behind. So I am doing the redesign. It’s going to be very nice when it’s finally done, but there is a mountain of material there.

    And in between all that, I milk a cow twice day, grow a large garden, and can hundreds of jars of food.

    They call it being “retired.”


  24. And I’m sorry for adding more to that with all my questions all over. But thank you for your time and insight.


  25. And I’m sorry for adding more to that with all my questions all over. But thank you for your time and insight.

    No problem at all.


  26. Asking questions so you can learn something is never anything to be sorry for.
    I was raised to question everything, to tap every resource available, and think for myself. It has served me well.


  27. Doomed to be Ignorant wrote, “You can’t change the past.”

    Nicole does on an almost daily basis. Whenever one of her lies get exposed.


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