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Joe did a teensy video today.  It amounts to very little, so I’m not going to bother transcribing it.  I will just briefly describe it.  It shows Joe in the van at a post office.

He is mailing a stack of envelopes and yammering about how he’s this great activist for “Connie.”  “A great initiative,” he says.

He’s vague, gives little information, but a wee trip to Connie Reguli’s Facebook page tells us more.

She wrote a letter to Donald Trump.  It’s a relatively long letter and that’s just the first problem. Donald doesn’t read long stuff.  In fact, Donald reads almost nothing. She should instead turn her efforts to getting on Fox and Friends which is where Donald gets all his news.

What she’s done is make umpteen copies of the letter, complete with envelopes already addressed, and she’s divided them up and mailed stacks of them to people in various states.  Apparently Joe is the Kentucky sucker.

Joe then takes his stack of letters and mails them so it looks like letters are coming from all across the country. Because that’s what you do. You make it look like your group protesting is much larger than it actually is. You pretend to be people you are not.  You lie.  You know, kind of like making Facebook profiles and pages so you’ll look like you have more active supporters than you actually do. Joe’s a natural.

I don’t suppose Joe included a note explaining to Donald that he and Nicole don’t believe in government or voting.

And that’s the second problem.

Connie wrote the letter.  And made copies.

How long do you think it will take some poor aide working in the White House mail room to figure out that all these letters were basically composed by the same person?  Ten seconds?  Two minutes?

I have been involved in a letter-writing campaign before in order to influence legislation. To my sorrow (now), we were quite successful. It was at the state level, not the federal, which meant that it was far, far easier to get the attention of legislators.  But we didn’t mail copies of letters.

We actually wrote the letters. We composed them.  And we hand wrote them.  It was very hard work to get dozens and dozens and hundreds of people to write these letters, but we did it. In addition, we drove to Raleigh, and visited key legislators in their offices and begged them to pass our bill.  They listened, and then the legislature passed our horrible bill and destroyed home education in North Carolina. (I’m working on a piece about all that. Later.)  Even though we were really morally wrong, we managed to win because we did it the right way.

And that leads me to another problem.

Connie wants Trump to issue an executive order banning federal aid to states for adoption.

You know, the whole “the state takes kids so they can sell them and make money” complaint.

What is it with people on the right?  When President Obama issued an executive order, they had a collective stroke. Every single time.  He was a “dictator” and it was “unconstitutional.”  He was usurping power from the Congress and “making law.”

But now, that’s all they want.  Donald, just grab a pen and sign this please. Don’t bother to read it. Just sign it.

Here’s the deal. It’s called an “adoption subsidy.”

States are faced with a big problem. They have kids that are in foster care, too many kids, and no permanent homes for them. Some of these kids are cute, and white, and very young,  and developmentally “normal” (I put that in quotes because I don’t like using the idea of “abnormal” to describe special-needs kids). They are easy. They get adopted rapidly.

But some kids are harder. Some of them come from very, very abusive situations and have severe challenges. Some of them were born challenged.  And some potential adoptive families have a whole lot of stability and love to give and not much money.

Let’s take a relatively typical case.  There is a family, the Smiths, who want to adopt a child, Billy.  Billy has a lot of special needs, though, and even though the Smiths are uniquely qualified to deal with Billy’s needs, they are gonna have a real problem because Mr. Smith was laid off from his job and just now found a new one.  During his layoff, they ate through their savings account and they simply cannot afford for Mrs. Smith to stay home with Billy for several months while he acclimates.

So, the state is looking at a situation where Billy will have to just stay in foster care, without a stable family, and potentially end up costing the state way more in care as a result – or – the state can help subsidize the Smiths so that Mrs. Smith can stay home for a while and in the end, Billy will have a real home, and ultimately an increased chance of a more stable adulthood.

Or how about a case I know of personally. The child in question has a heart defect. He required surgery, very, very expensive surgery and he requires ongoing medical care. The family that adopted him couldn’t afford that medical care.  They simply couldn’t have adopted him at all if it weren’t for federal and state funding.

In addition, adopting kids out can be costly. There are court appearances, and legal fees and psychological testing and all sorts of things, in addition to the normal costs of foster care. So the federal government has a program to help states get these adoptable kids adopted.

This is what Nicole bitches about constantly as “selling children.”

And that leads to yet another problem, Connie Reguli.

Connie Reguli is a family-practice lawyer in Tennessee, who has had a kind of rocky history of her own.

click image to link to source

Here’s what her latest kerfuffle with the courts was all about. If I have the story correct, she just got her license back recently (it was suspended for about a year).

Back when the Nauglers  “went viral,” Joe appeared on Connie Reguli’s scare-mongering podcast thing as an example of the state being evil and taking children so they can sell them. (See why I doubt everything Connie Reguli says?) He’s the first interview, so you don’t have to listen to the whole thing to get his part of it.

According to Connie’s FB page, there were a whopping 1000 letters mailed.

I’m sure Donald will be tweeting madly about this in the wee hours three days from now.




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  1. Great blog. I found it hard to believe Joe would put that much effort into anything. Joe is so naive if he thinks anything is going to save his sorry ass but himself. Joey here is a little expression you can ponder. Let it sink in. It goes like this:

    You will always get, what you always got, when you always do, what you always did.

    So joe, if you want anything to change in your life then you need to be doing the changing. Man up, get a job, pay what you owe in back child support and start being a real man.


  2. This Connie person is a complete nut job which makes sense why the Naugs follow her.
    Sending out form letters! HA HA HA HA
    I know adoption. I co wrote a book on adoption.
    Two of my five kids were adopted from a foreign country.
    I have fostered.
    Let me say this. Declaring states are selling children is the dumbest thing I have heard in a very long time.
    The people I know who have adopted through a state had a very long wait and difficult process to adopt that child.
    The money these people receive for taking in a special needs kid does not make that family rich! If anything the money helps to keep the family in an even keel so they can pay for what is needed for the child.
    A person does not go to the State and say … Hey I have $20,000 to blow. Got a cute young healthy child I can buy?
    No! In many cases, after being on a waiting list for years, the family agree to foster to help speed up the process.
    The waiting list for each state runs around 10 years and more for a healthy baby.
    Naugs no one wants to buy your children. This is illegal even in third world countries.


  3. While reading this, and the woman’s name, I tried to remember why, why, why is her name so familiar?

    It clicked right before I scrolled the page down and you confirmed it.

    I somehow, at some point, listened to that rediculous podcast!

    I lied. I actually couldn’t listen to it all. It was beyond idiotic.

    Stupid Joe telling lie after lie while trying to stroke his own over inflated sense of worth. Connie, cooing questions at him, telling personal little war stories and cautionary tails about her experience with past clients. Bad, bad CPS. Bad, evil cops. Bad evil government. Over-reach, all about the money!

    Quite the pair, with the combined intelligence and appeal of a rotted pumpkin. Assholery at it’s finest.

    I legitimately snort-laughed at their letter copying campaign.

    Joe wants everyone to think he bought stamps?
    Joe wants everyone to see he knows how to use a mailbox?

    So much for their anti-government, anti-everything, blatherings.

    Do they actually believe in anything, except PayPal and bitcoin?

    yeah… no


  4. If I’m remembering correctly after JN appreared on Connie’s radio show people pointed out she was suspended from practicing law. NN made a huge deal of saying Connie didn’t represent them & distancing them from her. Does anyone else remember this?
    As far as recording themselves mailing letters, I’m thinking that’s the highlight of their week. They’re moving, have court dates etc. but let’s make sure we put this on FB. And not the recordings they made of Mr Sneed that supposedly shows that Q “didn’t” have a gun.
    Yeah, priorities……


  5. If she/they expect the Donald to read it, they should have created it as a cartoon strip. Know your audience – Communication 101


  6. Joe, here’s a sad point to consider. Nobody will “buy” (adopt) your children, except maybe for the little ones. The rest will bounce around foster homes and then age out. I hope you and Nicole have fucking nightmares about this every time you close your eyes, for the rest of your lives.


  7. I have adopted and fostered children here in the uk
    My three adoptions were all financially assisted
    Let me tell you that for 40 plus years i have cared for some very damaged children one little child kicked off a coffee table at 18 months of age (father proudly announced he only did it once )
    This came to light because when he came to live with me at 3 years of age he referred to his birth father as kickin dave
    I still have 3 of my former foster children living with me they are young adults and one of them also has a 5 year old who also lives with us
    Its absolute rubbish to even think the state takes children to sell them
    I would also like to add the Naugler children would never have been allowed to return to that shed if they resided here in the uk
    I am appalled that Kentucky cps have and still are allowing children to live in such conditions


  8. That makes me really sad that people are trying to cut adoption subsidies. We’re actually in the process of taking the licensing class to adopt a teenager. She, along with most of the “older” kids in the foster/adopt program have been there since they were little, years upon years. You bet your ass I looked into the subsidy program, she needs therapy, she’s in sports, she’ll have her drivers’ license in a few short years, clothen, she will be starting from scratch with just a bag of belongings, I’ll need to take a few weeks off from work, I’ll lose hours bringing her to her appointments. We make steady income but we, like most young Americans, don’t have a huge savings built up, we are going into this short notice. Because I know MOST teens age out of the system and when I met her, I couldn’t allow that to happen. I can assure you the subsidy, for the most part, helps children/teens live NORMAL lives. If there is no subsidy, far less people would adopt, it’s not about making away with riches, it’s about kids who need a family. Plus who the f can live off of the subsidy anyways? I sure can’t live off of the mere few hundred a month that we requested. That money won’t be for ME to use anyways, it will be for a used car in a few years, college, school clothes shopping, her sports fees. And it won’t even come close to covering all of that, a drop in the shit stead bucket.
    So to Joe-Helping abolish the subsidy you are actively abolishing the chance of thousands of kids and teens that won’t get a loving home.
    So Joe-When your kids finally get taken away….you’re helping to assure that they just stay in foster care, skipping from home to home, in group homes because no one will want to adopt them because they are all considered “older” high risk, and YES special needs kids. FYI-special needs doesn’t have to be a mental disability, it can be adapting to a new environment issues (electricity, real food, a TOILET), poor social skills, just being older puts kids on that list. I’m sure you’ll blame the system for that though….I mean it couldn’t possibly be due to no subsidies right?
    Then people like me, who would love kids on that list, to live in the country on my little hobby farm (most request living in a city), with my farm pets, horse, dogs, etc (most don’t like dogs), with my 2 younger kids (most can’t be housed with younger children, most have to be an only child), wonderful structure, and a loving home we wouldn’t be able to adopt those few kids who would fit into our lives. A child who longs to be back on a “homestead” would be stuck in an inner city group home until they age out.


  9. Wow – what a perfect task for Joe: dropping pre-written, pre-stuffed, pre-addressed, pre-stamped letters in the drive-up mailbox. Probably the only reason it’s him in the video is because he is closest to the mailbox! ?

    Fortunately for those busy, busy Nauglers, those letters only required minimal handling – in Connie Reguli’s FB video you can see them all sealed and stamped just before Ms. Reguli pops them in big envelopes and mails them out to her minions….just so each individual bundle can bear unique postmarks from Kentucky, Arizona, etc.

    Unique except for the fact that all the Kentucky letters will say Radcliff Post Office, and all the Colorado letters will say Loveland Post Office, and so on.

    The damn things don’t even have return addresses on them, and in the video we can see the Nauglers bravely left the return address blank on the ones they are tossing down the mail slot. The whole second-wave mailout effort is pointless because no one’s going to save the envelope except to check it for anthrax spores. I hope nobody made a cash donation to that mail campaign fund. Alas, it’s clear that many a tree has died in vain today.

    I don’t know why, but even after the third viewing of that little video clip I find the way Joe smacks those stacks of envelopes to be weirdly aggressive. Pretty much everything I’ve seen or heard of him in videos and recordings has some level of hostility – whether as an overtone or an undercurrent. Even in that Blessed Little live Q & A it was only a few minutes in before he seemed to be chafing under his Happy Homesteader facade. Just my opinion.


  10. The Nogs just HATE the evil government but they sure will record themselves using the big, bad government’s mail carrier system. They are so stupid I can’t even fathom it.


  11. It’s somewhat (and kind of sickenly) comical because when their kids hit the system no one will get paid enough to buy/adopt the older ones. Especially the one with the hanging gun charge. They set them up for failure and now are attempting to set up the foster/adopt system to fail kids, their very own kids! Where will they all go when the Mrs. croaks? The state adoption program dumbass, Joe.
    Man alive the human race doesn’t get much dumber than those two nut jobs!
    Who thinks it’s a good idea to shit in a bucket inside of a very very very small “home”, you pigs. Who thinks it’s a good idea to shrill rape and corruption every time YOU do something ILLEGAL, dumbass blesseds. Get real.
    I don’t think there is any turning back from their level of mental instability. Maybe when your uterus falls out they can do a lobotomy on your crazy heads while you’re there. I’m sure the science world is dying to know wtf is going on in your heads to make you so bat shit crazy.


  12. For people who insist that they aren’t doing anything wrong they certainly are working hard (on the internet) to make sure everyone “knows” what an evil entity CPS is. I think we all know what they see coming in their future.

    As for all the tax rants on Nicole’s page, I’ve wondered for a while now if they’re using the salon for money laundering since I can’t imagine it brings in enough money for them to even be able to afford the gas money to drive to work every day. She’s probably been busy hiding income and it’s making her cranky.


  13. I just have to say the Schwab couple creeps me out equally, if not *more* than Joe and Nicole. The male half of that couple in particular makes my skin crawl somethin fierce.

    The stories about all of these cases are always completely one-sided as they appear on social media and the media in general. CPS is not allowed to discuss the details of cases. So the “parents” can say whatever they want in order to elicit outrage.


  14. Haha Jo Jo was wanting US to think that EACH one of the “blessed” family members had written a personal letter, and they were contained in those envelopes! What a fucking idiot!! Slapping those stupid ass letters in his hand! Damn!! Great job, you fucking mental light weight!! I can’t wait for the day, we get to see your sorry, lazy, NicNog humping piece of contaminated shit, fucking ignorant ass, thrown in jail!!! You summon the very worse feeling from my whole being!! You and your stupid pregnant milk cow are a fucking match made in the depths of hell…this note is the accumulative affect you have on myself, as well as others, I am sure!!


  15. I’m not sure where to put this, so I’m just going to plop it right here. To me, an outsider looking in, people like this clap-trap lawyer feed off of folks like the naugholes and the schwabs because they’re easy targets. They are the lazy folks that over-produce and under-earn because fucking is more enjoyable than working. And throw a drug or alcohol problem into the mix? Oh yeah. Now it’s the government and society’s fault and we’re all just sheeple. Lose the kids, do some time in jail, well, the goddamn “man” picks on us folks! Good God- fearing, over-producing folks. Then along comes people like this Connie person, who really likes listening to her own bullshit, and voila! We now have a “cause” and a community. She gets her infamy and these folks get a reason to believe they’re actually worth something. Did anyone wonder why this little mail trip was filmed and posted? It’s because Jabba feels as useless as he actually is. But not today, by god. Today HE’S MAKING A DIFFERENCE BY TAKING ON THE GOVERNMENT! It’s all so stupid and boring. You know what makes me feel as self- satisfied as Jabba appeared this morning? Paying my bills on payday. Lights, heat, vehicles, mortgage. Then, groceries and gas in the vehicles. When my kid gets an academic or citizenship award at school. And when I can write a check for my kids to do an activity. That’s satisfaction. That’s a powerful position to be in, satisfied with what is happening in your own life. These folks will never understand that. Go mail your little letters. The government listens to taxpayers and voters, not people like you, Jabba.


  16. Neurotypical is the preferred word for “normal” kids. I’m an autism-mom, better known as a mom with an autistic kid. This is one of the things my group works with. All kids exhibit behaviors that are normal and typical of being children, regardless of challenges, and the opposite is, as you are aware, is the uncomfortable “abnormal.” Neurotypical for “normal” kids fits the bill, and those of us who have children with challenges just say it like it is. My daughter is autistic. I don’t care if you say she’s a child with autism or an autistic kid. It’s an inextricable part of who she is. She’s not neurotypical, but she’s still just a normal little kid.

    So there’s your current word. In another decade, it’ll change. Probably.

    If the “the states steal kids to sell for profit” cry was true, then federal money wouldn’t be needed. The states would be rolling in that sweet, sweet profit.

    To Joe and Nicole: No one wants your kids. There are parents out there who are welcoming of kids who have various challenges, but those kids usually want help to get to stability, and they want a family. You’ve raised your kids to be combative and fearful and to push against anyone else. I hate to say this, but you’ve psychologically damaged your children in ways they may never be able to get over because there are some things that you have to want to recover from. You’ve taken that from your children. You’ve taken everything. Your eldest was lucky to be around in better times, and his experience with the pre-crazy times might have helped him and his girlfriend escape. Do the other children know better? If they want to get legal jobs, can they?

    Anyone taking your children would be them keeping those children until they turn 18 and can legally walk on out the door. People who adopt usually want to do so because they want to help improve the life of a child who needs a stable home. You’ve made sure that your children are so damaged that anyone who were to take them would only be babysitters until 18th birthdays come up. You’ve damaged your children beyond the point of them being helpable. This is soul-crushing. No one would buy your kids. You’ve made sure of that.



  17. Neurotypical is the preferred word for “normal” kids.

    Thank you. I knew there was an acceptable way to say it that didn’t disparage anyone.

    “Abnormal” is a word best used for things like kidneys and presidents.


  18. And then we have NicNaug spewing ignorance over vaccines, again. Her thinking and I kid you not is that we still have all those childhood diseases because the evil government is forcing us to be injected with the awful diseases…you cannot make this shit up. And, you cannot even begin to explain to her how attenuated vaccines work.

    I think I’ll go mix cow shit with soil and plant something. Hell.


  19. My friend’s daughter has been a foster parent. She fostered children no one else wanted. She ended up with seven girls of which two were just hitting puberty and five were barely infants. Of the five, one was an undiagnosed brain disease that ended up leaving the child in an almost vegetated state. Two of the others were FTT infants. She fell madly in love with all seven of her girls and was able to adopt all but one, the child that was in an almost vegetated state. Eventually, that child’s two older sisters joined with the other seven girls. Had it not been for the money she received, not one of those girls would have had a forever home. These people have absolutely no idea what it’s like for children who have no one rushing to court to try and get them back. I made all of the little girls dresses one year and when the older girls were trying them on for me to measure for the hem line, one said, did you hear that we get to live here for as long as want. I said yes and that’s wonderful and then she said I don’t ever have to go back to those other people…the other people being her birth mom and her mom’s boyfriend. While it’s true the foster care/foster care adoption system isn’t perfect, it beats the hell out of the alternative.


  20. I feel sorry for you so called humans! If you are so naive that you believe everything you are told by your state, government, whoever, you are the problem! We have fought for 22 months to get my nephews in with family. Do you have any idea why they were placed with foster parents? Not because their father didn’t care, he busted his ass, done EVERYTHING TN DCS told Him to do, mind you he was absolutely nowhere around when these babies “mother” hurt one of them. They took my nephews for the simple fact that the foster parents (who can’t have kids of their own, which is their problem not our family’s problem) put a lawsuit against everyone in DCS. The commissioner of DCS said and yes I’ll quote on this “he was set up to never get his children back from the beginning. The problem (the first case worker) has been let go & being investigated for falsifying documents”. Ok, we were told she was on “maternity leave”. They refused every family member to get these boys, they lied under oath, the case worker (YES WE ALL SEEN IT) sent out a memo to the foster parents that “if you want to adopt these boys you have to take out their dad & the rest of their family”. Regardless of what you think about Connie, she’s one attorney in TN who can’t be bought out, that’s a great thing! you shouldn’t be so blinded as to what’s going on. I don’t care who wrote a book about Adopting, I don’t care who knows children who really did need help, the fact of the matter is not everyone kids get taken for legit reasons. I’ll go ahead & throw out here a little fact for you, these GREAT FOSTER PARENTS hadn’t even had a home study done, these babies went to the doctor a minimum of 3 times a week, yes THREE TIMES A WEEK!!? They denied these boys thier ordered visits wth their father, they started calling the oldest (2yrs old) by a different name, they filed for custody (in the class I had to take to become a foster parent so DCS could get funding for the boys (I don’t need their money!), the first thing they told us was you as a foster parents do not have the right to file for custody while reunification is in effect). See how this works? Do you?? Stop judging people. You know nothing that goes on! So my nephews should’ve been ripped from their family (they did get to come home for 7 months until CPS in Nashville realized they had a lawsuit against them), for the Department doesn’t want everyone to know how corrupt they are here??? The supervisor over the first case worker who has worked for Carter county DCS for 12 years resigned, do you know why?? She said “I can not live with what they’ve done to this family, their father, or these innocent babies”. Just because your story is different doesn’t give you the right to act like you know everything: yes it’s about $$! Carry on with your ignorance, it appears to be overwhelming on this blog! What you should probably hope is that nothing, and I mean NOTHING, ever happens to one of your children! God forbid one have sleep apnea & stop breathing at night, you rush them to the ER & DCS removes you from the room for SEVERE CHILD
    NEGLECT!!! They sent this 19 month old baby to Atlantas Children’s Hospital, where she stayed most of the time by herself for the foster mother was “too busy” to drive down, CPS allowed that hospital to put a bacoflen pump in! I’m not going into that, research it yourself & see if “that was in the best interest of the child”. Connies not some psychotic person running around making shit up, she’s trying to get these babies to stay where they should be! The way humanity seems to work is either your tunnel visioned or you’re AWAKE!


  21. I feel sorry for you so called humans!

    Hello Breanna. Let me explain something to you about commenting here.

    When you start off with an insult, you forfeit being read. I only skimmed the rest of your extremely long paragraph because of that.

    Try again. Do it politely.

    And do understand that I have a very busy life. It is now 10 a.m. and I just now got a chance to check the computer. Even though I didn’t have to milk the cow this morning (we’re in the process of drying her off), I did have to feed the cats, water all the plants on the porch, make breakfast (and that includes tea for me, grits, bacon, sausage and eggs), cook garbanzo beans, wash dishes, make mayonnaise, make hummus with the garbanzo beans I cooked earlier, and plan dinner. All comments on this blog have to be approved because I get nasty love letters, so you just have to wait your turn. When you post a comment at 3 in the morning my time, it simply isn’t going to be seen for awhile.


  22. It’s called an “adoption subsidy.”

    Not completely dissimilar from a deduction for a dependent.


  23. Not completely dissimilar from a deduction for a dependent.

    Or earned income credit.


  24. You know…I keep hearing about all these children being “stolen and kidnapped” “for no good reason”.

    But when you dig at all. And I mean…. just look up basic public records….there’s ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS an abysmal load of shitty parenting going on that endangered the kids or caused them unreasonable hardships.

    You know what else I’ve noticed?

    Parents who ADMIT they were shitty parents…people who feel bad, and explain how they got into such a bad situation…and who accept help, and do the work to improve and get their lives back on track…..always seem to get their kids back without a hitch.

    Isn’t that remarkable?

    It’s just the obstinate motherfuckers who can’t admit fault and refuse to learn from their mistakes who continue to have problems. The ones that…you know…continue to flunk drug tests and post insane fucking rants online, and behave like immature self absorbed children.

    I wonder why that is?


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