The Fake Victim

Here is where it began for me.  This was sometime in the summer of 2014. It was the first piece I put up on the now-defunct, but archived here, website called Romancing the Victims.

This was the first of many efforts to debunk the bullshit that Cathy Harris spews out.

From fake rapes to fake stories about speaking to the Pennsylvania legislature, I covered as much stuff as I could find, presenting the facts to the best of my ability.  My sole motive was to expose her as the liar she is, and stop her from accusing innocent people of crimes and intimidating anyone who objected to her crap.

In the process, her ever-dwindling cadre of supporters have called me every name in the book, from suggesting that I’m a serial killer to insisting that my extended family were all criminals or immoral or something.  I ignored most of it and just kept writing and watching and waiting.

On December 14, 2017, Cathy did something a little odd.  She posted the following note:

She also took her Justice for Cathy Facebook page from public to private and back to public again, which is nearly always a sign of scrubbing.

She’s typically sort of bizarre and a big drama queen, so I just took note and waited.

Then there was this:

Admitted to the hospital. My initial thought was, “Oh, golly, another fake suicide attempt.”  Cathy does suicide whenever she gets in trouble.  It’s a pattern, but she hasn’t done the suicide thing in several years. The last time, it was supposedly in part because I had written something that hurt her feelings but somehow I wrote it after she tried to kill herself.

This didn’t feel like that.  That time, she didn’t announce the supposed suicide attempt until well after it was over, and she never claimed any hospitalization.  This one just felt more real.

Of course, I have no way to know what Cathy was admitted to the hospital for or if she even was at all, but considering that she was still active on Twitter after being admitted, I am going to go out on a limb and say that it appears she was not in a psych ward.

So what in the world was going on?  Could she have had a serious relapse of her non-existent Stage IV cancer that was surely going to kill her five years ago?  Something else?

Well, yeah, it appears there was something else.

It appears that Cathy is in a bit of trouble.

Cue music here.  “Hang Down Your Head, Tom Dooley” comes to mind immediately.

So here’s a question:  what is an “unsworn falsification to authorities”?

When Nicole went to the clerk of court and filled out that bogus IPO application, that was a sworn statement she made in front of the clerk of court.  This was unsworn.  It means that Cathy had not been officially sworn in, but obviously made a claim of some sort with the intent to mislead some “public servant.”

When in doubt, ask an attorney.  In this case, ask a Philadelphia lawyer.

To put this in perspective, it’s not comparable to an “livestock at large” charge, or a “shitting in a bucket” charge.  It’s more like a “menacing” charge. There are repercussions with this, and they can be serious.

It’s basically a charge that Cathy did exactly what I have been saying for three years now that she does with some regularity.  She has been charged with lying.

From this second page of the docket, we learn that the offense occurred on December 13, 2017.  This was one day before she suddenly decided to take a break from social media (except Twitter) and then took her page private and then put it back public, and four days before Karen suddenly announced that Cathy was in the hospital.

A week went by before criminal charges were filed by the district attorney’s office.  The officer is named, and is apparently a state police officer, not a local one.

She got a summons yesterday, and has been ordered to submit for fingerprinting (I wonder if they would like some DNA with that—oh wait, don’t they already have that, and doesn’t she already have an open case of about ten years duration).

Her preliminary hearing is February 1, 2018.  This a public hearing. That means that a transcript will be part of the public record unless the judge finds some reason to close it.

I am looking forward to it.  You all know how much I love transcripts.

Oh, what irony this is.

Well, to paraphrase the old hymn, I know who I have not believed.

I don’t believe Cathy.


22 thoughts on “Falsification”

  1. Yeah, no, they don’t let you keep your cell phone in the psych ward. Visitors have to lock theirs up before visiting a family member who is admitted to that particular locked ward.

    You know what else is interesting about the paperwork? Cathy’s hair color. She is a brunette, now she is suddenly blonde. I wonder if she was trying to pass herself as someone else, or if she simply decided to do it for fun before the legal shit happened to hit the fan.

    No matter. Maybe I’ll see her in court that day. I have plenty of leave accumulated. I’ll be certain to wave.


  2. Cathy – one of the gifts that keeps on giving. Can’t wait to see how she and her supporters spin this.


  3. Do you think Cathy Harris will now try to legally change her name to Salina Canby?

    All joking aside these are serious type charges that are not brought lightly. I’ve only ever seen this type of charge brought when someone either habitually makes false reports or the falsified information that they provided authorities rises to a particularly egregious level. At this moment in time there is no knowing, but that can, and I don’t doubt will, be remedied shortly. What we are privy to at this point is simply the tip of the iceberg.

    I can say based on personal experience that there is great pleasure in having the person that falsely accused you to be shown for who they are, a liar. It is especially satisfying when they are adjudged a liar by a court of law. A criminally convicted liar, well that would be delightful beyond words.

    There is a significant difference between real life court and the court of public opinion, particularly when the liar has expended so much of their time and effort on vilifying innocent people.

    I haven’t quite figured out whether these liars actually begin to believe their own lies or if they have become so accustomed to pulling the wool over their followers eyes that they arrogantly think that everyone else is as naive and/or dense as the limited circle of people they have cultivated who believe and/or excuse their every lie. I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as in the end the truth is revealed, because that is what this is ultimately about, the truth.

    Note: someone wondered what the “defense” will be. If I were to guess the initial defense, that is until they hire an attorney who will most probably nix that, is “I reported a crime against myself and instead the corrupt and colluding police and prosecutor are working hand in hand to protect ______(fill in the blank: harasser, stalker, rapist, assaulter, kidnapper, internet meanie, defamer, the police department themselves or government system…) and instead charged ME with a false crime. Blah blah, I’m the innocent victim of a massive conspiracy. I’m innocent, innocent, I say.”

    Personally I think everyone should spend a few days court watching and listen to the handful of defenses that most criminal defendants use. Now imagine being the prosecutor and the judge who hear them day after day and how incredibly unimaginative and redundant they find such defenses. Count how many of those defendants try to use this particular scenario as their defense. It’s more than you would think, it’s become fashionable among criminal defendants who think social media and real life are one and the same.


  4. Is it possible that pastor and family finally have had enough and pushed the matter? I mean, she’s always tagging law enforcement in her accusations. Could that be considered filing a “report?” (If that’s a dumb question, please ignore.)


  5. Could that be considered filing a “report?” (If that’s a dumb question, please ignore.)

    It’s not a dumb question. It’s a frequently asked question. 🙂 Tagging LE would not, as far as I know, be considered filing anything at all. It’s horribly annoying, however. She did it to me on Twitter until I finally blocked her just because I got tired of all the notifications.

    But to be charged like this, apparently she made some sort of complaint (called 911 or something) and she probably has done so more than once. The authorities got tired of it. This is conjecture, but based on the usual situation when charges like this occur.


  6. She probably had the Tweets scheduled to run using TweetDeck or Hootsuite.

    I never thought of that. Yes, possible.


  7. Just curious…how did Cathy’s followers react to her admission that she created the Tozar ou of whole cloth? Did she ever offer a reason?


  8. Did she ever offer a reason?

    Oh, yes. She was such a poor victim and she wanted parents and she never had them because of evil Cleo so she made up parents. Who could blame her for doing that? Nobody ever addressed the issue that she actually spoke with people as “Elizabeth” and openly outright deceived them – people who believed her every word and supported her.


  9. Sally, are people REALLY that dumb? To discover that someone they think of as a ‘friend’ outright LIED and deceived them, made them look foolish and silly, and then CONTINUE to think “ehhh, I am A-ok with that”??

    Only people with severe mental health issues would create imaginary people and then TALK WITH THEM and FOR them! What is wrong with these ‘supporters’?

    I…..I just do. not. get it.


  10. What is wrong with these ‘supporters’?

    Well, there are way fewer of them than there were just a couple of years ago.


  11. That Karen Nelson Lee has to be one of THE most gullible, idiotic people I have ever watched on the internet. She really believes any bullshit Cathy spins to her. Has she no cynicism in her at all? Still, admitting Cathy is a big old faker is tantamount to admiring she (Karen) has been fooled all these years, so I can see how she might just keep on digging herself further into the lies to prevent that admission. Watching people who leave scientology, or any cult really, they go through that same dilemma, it can be terribly difficult for them..


  12. I see Cathy’s preliminary hearing has been changed to the 15th of this month, at 10.30 am. I wonder if Judge Gary Gambardella thinks it’s amusing to lie to the authorities. I hope the attorney is setting her back plenty.

    I may be able to go sit in the audience that day. To make it easier for Cathy to identify me, my hair will be in a French twist.


  13. I wrote to the FBI using the FOIA.

    There was never an investigation of Cleo Magsam Smith or Gold Lewis Canby. I used all the variations on their names I could think of at the time.

    I’ve sent a copy of the letters to Sally. Do with them whatever you like after you’ve obscured my name and address. Clearly Cathy Harris and some of her acquaintances lack sound judgment.


  14. “It is especially common among young people who are typically using technology in almost every aspect of their lives, but anyone can be a victim of digital abuse. Digital abuse is the use of technologies such as texting and social networking to bully, harass, stalk or intimidate a partner.

    Reading. It’s a challenge. Like spelling pus.


  15. Now we know what may have happened.

    Cathy made up a boyfriend and then she had this made up boyfriend stalk her online. When she reported it to the police they took one look at her weebliest figure and knew her for the liar she is. After they finished having a good laugh they rode off into the sunset to file charges.

    Cathy distraught announced she was taking a break from social media and wobbled over to the DQ (not the DA) for another round of chocolate covered ice cream at which time a puss attached itself to her foot causing her to be hospitalized for longer than a burn victim. The treatment for pussy foot is an ace bandage and a blurry photo.

    During this time Cathy forgot she was going on a social media hiatus, then remembered again. She has since returned posting and deleting because she is currently charged with criminal false info to authorities and she might have put 2+2 together and realized that her lies online could be used to show she is a big weeble liar XXXL polyester pants on fire.

    The next segment of the weeble who went a lie too far continues on the 15th. How will it end? Does anyone care? Stay tuned we’re sure this blog will keep us apprised.


  16. Cathy made up a boyfriend and then she had this made up boyfriend stalk her online. When she reported it to the police they took one look at her weebliest figure and knew her for the liar she is. After they finished having a good laugh they rode off into the sunset to file charges.

    That Cathy is a liar is established. The idea that a plus size woman can’t have someone special in their life, or several sexual partners, is a fallacy and a cruel one too. Now, if she has made up that an intimate partner is stalking her, then she deserves to face the music.


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