Before I get started on this, I want to make one comment.

I don’t especially love these pages. I think most of them go over-the-top. I think they often make unsubstantiated and unnecessary assertions and make matters worse, not better.  I am generally not a fan, do not participate on them and rarely read them.  People do send me screen shots or give me a heads up when stuff happens on them, though, and this was one of those cases.

Nicole made a very silly comment on her page: “I do not consent to this election,” which is even sillier considering that she spends a great deal of time explaining to everyone that she does not vote and why she does not vote and why we’re all stupid for voting.

And a pause here: 

Do you have a voting plan?  Have you figured out when you’re going to the polls, and how you’re going to get there? Have you voted early (if you’re in a state that is sensible enough to let you do that)?  Do not bitch about the election.  VOTE.

End of my public service announcement and back to the programming.

Now, please note that on a Facebook page, when you make a public post, anyone who wishes can share that post. See the little “Share” thingy?  Facebook provides that to make it easy. That’s why they call it “social media.”  That’s the “social” part.

Nicole reads Facebook from her phone.  And she has a handy-dandy little app that allows her to see the post where somebody shared her post, without being bothered to navigate to the page itself, and reply.  Isn’t that nifty?

She doesn’t have to go to the evil pages. She just can participate via that app.


Here’s her notification.

She could simply ignore it, of course, but she cannot stand to do that.  She has to access the app and read all about and then comment away.

nicole ss

“You could leave me alone,” she says plaintively. (She could also not respond, but that’s another issue.)

But no, you continue to send unwanted and harassing communications.

Well, actually, Nicole’s app and Facebook sent the communications.  If it’s unwanted, she could either ignore it or delete the app.  It’s quite easy and simple.

But this is the best part.

Just remember, you can only hide your identity for so long.

And she includes a little screen shot, which is apparently of what she sees in her handy little app.


She didn’t look at it carefully.

Noticed the two places I’ve highlighted?  Nicole C. Naugler’s account posted “I have not consented to this election.”  But who wrote it? Who posted it?  Carol Pellitier did.

Who in the hell is Carol Pellitier, and why is she pretending to be Nicole?

The Facebook page called Nicole C. Naugler is not a personal page.  It’s a like page. Therefore, it can have multiple administrators.  Nicole C. Naugler is one (see highlighted at the bottom).  Carol Pellitier is (or was) another. Facebook tells the admins who has written what using what identity so they don’t get confused.

But Carol Pellitier is not some friend of Nicole’s who is helping her out managing the page.  Carol Pellitier wrote as if she were Nicole.

That’s because Carol Pellitier is Nicole.

She’s a sockpuppet.


Here she is. Obvious sock.  She takes up space. She’s insurance, in case Nicole gets put in Facebook jail.  She’s also used to snoop if you try to block Nicole. [And before I could even get this published,  the profile has disappeared. I would link to it, but I can’t because it’s gone.]

Here’s what Nicole posted in her brandy-new little blog about socks.


From that intro, she went on to list all kinds of names and pages of people that she decided were sockpuppets, including at least one that is not, but is a real person’s profile.

What is simply astonishing to me is that paragraph.  I knew when I first read it that Nicole didn’t write it.


It’s no wonder her oldest son plagiarizes the hell out of stuff. He learned from his mom.  Hey, if you can’t write it, just steal it.

See the part she didn’t plagiarize?

. . . those created to praise, defend or support a person. . .

. . . to circumvent a suspension or ban from a website. . .

Carol Pellitier.  One of Nicole’s sockpuppets.  Rest assured, there are others.

Just remember, you can only hide your identity for so long.






37 thoughts on “Faked”

  1. LOL! Oh, that’s too funny. I think Nicole smoked some of the bad weed. Surely she knew that who posts on a page isn’t publicly visible. Either she’s smoking something that went bad, or she’s losing her grip on this.

    You can only keep yourself from suffocating for a while in that tangled web, Nicole.


  2. The reply as Nicole is not showing a second account. It’s letting you know that when you reply you are replying as the “like” page. The like page name is Nicole. That’s why it says that….

    I run two like pages. One for my blog, one for my dog (yes my dog is that awesome). The reply/comment section would say reply as dog or reply as blog pending on what like page I’m managing at that moment.

    Giving the personal account Carol, was deleted nearly immediately after the flub was noticed (but not soon enough for others) shows it was a sock. That for sure is right.

    Nicole is not famous enough to have people run her pages for her. However, it wildly known that celebrities, politicians, etc have PR and Social Media people maintaining their like pages. Not only do they maintain those pages, but often post as if they are that celebrity/politician.

    For example, during the debates both Hilary and Trump page was posting status updates and often acted and make comments as if they were truly that person … but they werent. The real Trump and the real Hilary was in the middle of a debate.

    Of course the real person has access too. That’s why Trump’s 3am tweets get him in trouble too.


  3. Well shit in a shed, sucks to suck Nicole!

    Maybe you should try to go a couple weeks without Facebook and your own fuckery, and spend time with your family.
    That’s probably just too hard though. Poooooor Nicole


  4. I wondered if there was a real Carol Pelletier. Turns out there are a few, one of whom is notable in the arts, in Maine. Interesting choice of socks. A lie is often just a wish.


  5. Teehee.

    Well well well, would ya lookie there. That woman is obsessed. She is the definition of a hypocrite and pathological liar.

    She will never learn it seems, she is quite the sucker for punishment. Imagine if she used all the energy that she uses to counterattack “trolls” for something positive…nah, not gonna happen.


  6. Hahaha! Oh my! That is SO funny! She’s so anxious to prove her point to the Cosmic page, she totally outs her self/her sock to the world. Hahaha!


  7. Woops. Thats gotta BURN! This is going to take me all night to stop LAUGHING HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. BRAVO Sally she just makes it to EASY for ya huh? HAHAHAHAH


  8. She claimed I was a sock. She knows I’m not because her henchmen went after me a year ago. Posted my home address and other information.

    Her and her buddies will do what they can to stop people from paying attention to the bullshit they put those kids and animals through.

    I hope she still has my name removed from her blog.


  9. Hahahaha! Nicole is once again exposed for doing the very thing she accuses everyone else of doing. I guess “guilty” people, like Nicole, like to assuage their guilt for being so devious by projecting their own sneaky actions onto everyone else. No wonder she is so paranoid! She is aware of her OWN duplicity; therefore she assumes the same about the rest of us. Eesh! This has to be embarrassing for her. I’d go into hiding out of sheer humiliation.

    HOW DOES SHE FIND THE TIME to do all of this?? It’s mind boggling!!!


  10. Say it ain’t so.

    “Pot to Kettle, come in Kettle”


    (and people wonder why I say this is “funny shit”)


  11. There is an old saying I grew up hearing from my Grandma who was a hardworking, no nonsense homesteader. I never understood the meaning until I got older and now I think of it every time she (NN) pulls some shit and then plays victim. So Nicole just remember this, “The hen that cackled laid the egg”.


  12. Gotcha, Nicole! How are you gunna lie yourself out of this one?

    “I wondered if there was a real Carol Pelletier. Turns out there are a few, one of whom is notable in the arts, in Maine. Interesting choice of socks. A lie is often just a wish.”

    I am sure Nicole wishes she was anyone but herself. She is so unhappy with her real life that she spends all her time creating one online.


  13. Karma is a bitch. Truth is even colder.

    Her self-revelation of hypocrisy and cyber trolling couldn’t have been better timed with her bullshit new copycat blog. Naming names my ass.
    If Nicole and Joe can’t name themselves first they are the cowards and blessed little lying bullies I’ve always known them to be.

    The curtain was ripped away a long time ago. Just another brick in the wall.


  14. All I can say is now I know why she has so many kids…. she is too easy.

    She can be played and played and she breaks. It is almost no fun any more. But…. there is still the challenge to see if we can get her to break again.

    The old saying “Two heads are better than one” is so so true.

    If she were a rooster she would not be worth much cause we had her too busy to know which way to point her pecker.

    Kudos to my partner in crime we make a great team! My sides still hurt from laughing so hard. Your smarts and my investigation ability we knock it out of the park every time.

    Partner it is only to get better and better.


  15. I found the perfect meme to share with Nicole…it has a picture of hundreds of people saying (in unison) that they dont vote because their vote doesnt make a difference.

    But I cant share things with her because I am blocked because I asked her why she couldnt (wouldnt) put out a garden last summer. Controversial stuff.

    Free Speech for all. Unless you ask a question the Blessed One doesnt like apparently.


  16. Well, she has proven to be a joke yet again. Honest to god I don’t know how she gets anything done on a daily basis when all she does is focus ALL day on detractors on the internet. Can you imagine the energy it takes to fight with people all day and maintain the multiple pages/sites she has using her iPhone4?


  17. LOL @ElMacho…when the MULTIPLE blogs you already have wherein you defend yourself don’t make a ripple, create a new one!


  18. She deserves this kick in the ass. Good work Sally!
    She is delusional, but this is everyday stuff for her and she simply moves on to the next of one of the hundreds of permutations of the same, unfazed. Entertaining herself by talking to one or more of her multiple personalities is just not what healthy people do. Real feedback is just too indefensible in her case. A fantasy world she created and continues to involve her family in. I don’t believe she can free herself ever now. I hope her kids are able to escape this damage.

    My Pops used to say, “it’s OK to talk to yourself, but if you start answering back…you have a problem.”


  19. She is so predictable. Round two will commence when she is out of FB jail and able to create another admin for her pages. Yes Al it is funny shit.


  20. It’s amazing the number of socks that she has created. I would bet good money the list even exceeds the “See For Yourself” list on her blog. Anyone up for bets, her socks exceed 14?

    Even her business personal profile name, she mirrored another groomer. Remember last December, stealing a Nicole Groomer likeness? I think it was when Nicole’s profile was put in Facebook Timeout. I don’t want to print the exact name of the profile she mirrored. Even that pages branding, the paw print. I noticed that groomer’s shop even had the similar green painted walls and some other similarities. Imitation is the “sincerest” form of flattery.

    I’m not totally amazed at the large number of socks that Nicole has created. I’ve seen them over the course. What would probably be surprising, is the undetected socks she still has in her sock drawer.

    Knit, Nicole. Knit. Makin’ socks….


  21. So Tired of the Bullshit: “Well, she has proven to be a joke yet again. Honest to god I don’t know how she gets anything done on a daily basis when all she does is focus ALL day on detractors on the internet. Can you imagine the energy it takes to fight with people all day and maintain the multiple pages/sites she has using her iPhone4?”

    I also can’t fathom it. I have a 5s which is quite a bit faster and larger than the 4 and I can’t even imagine writing bullshit blogs and stalking facebook profiles on it all day every day. I have a four year old and I can barely carry on a text conversation while also making sure he doesn’t get into something, so I have no idea how she can “take care of” 11 kids and post constantly on facebook. There’s no way in hell those kids are getting the love and attention they deserve and there is no way they aren’t raising themselves.


  22. Yeah if you go over to her like page she’s trying to at its not a sock account. She is also saying that she has never put anyone’s address out there. I told her she’s a liar cause she put Sallys address out there and tried getting someone to take her dog. I’m sure I’ll be blocked from her NCN page now.


  23. LOL! Thanks to those who straightened me out on the Carol Pelletier name. Over-thinking this, I was.

    Is this person a zombie? All the more appropriate.


  24. Hey wait. If she named herself after a contemporary TV character, does that mean she is watching TV in the Blessed Little Shed? Or at the Blessed Grooming Facility? #offgridlife Also, do the kids get to watch TV? What if they start dreaming of the outside world? Even if it has zombies?


  25. does that mean she is watching TV in the Blessed Little Shed?

    They watch TV online. We do as well. We haven’t had our TV on in about three years and got rid of cable a couple of years ago.


  26. I saw Nikki’s post explaining on how “Carol” is not a sock account. uh, yeah it is! It most certainly is an sock. It’s a FAKE account. You do not need more than one PERSONAL account to manage your like pages. — that’s a straw man’s argument. Seriously. Besides having *more than* one personal page violates FB TOS. The TOS clearly states: You will not create more than one personal account.

    Having “Carol” is a **second personal account**. It’s a violation of the rules. The rules also state that you will not create an account with false information. Which means username, name on the personal account, need to match your name or known nick name. Which is part of the reason it’s gone — now. Unsure if Nicole took it down or if FB took it down because it was reported as a violating the rules. Accounts that don’t violate the rules do not get put in FB jail and do not run the risk of being close down or being shut out.

    Having Carol account is a violation of FB rules. Just play by the rules and quit trying to spin.


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