Fake Explanation


So when Nicole creates a fake profile, it’s a “backup profile.”

When anyone else does it, it’s a “sockpuppet.”

She only uses hers, she says, to manage her pages.

I created that account because my personal page was under constant attack and I didn’t want to lose my FB pages.

See that?  That’s why she created the sock. To prevent Facebook from taking down her pages.  Oh, but that wouldn’t be her fault, of course.  It wouldn’t be because she did anything wrong at all.  It’s because of the “constant attacks.”

Just so we remember, here’s the Wiki, the one that she plagiarized on her new blog, telling us what a sock puppet is and what it is used for.


. . . to circumvent a suspension or ban from a website.

Get that? A sockpuppet, using the definition from the source that she herself copied word for word without attribution, says that what she did was create a sockpuppet. Not a “backup profile.”  A sockpuppet.

Facebook agreed.


Most of the socks that have been created by critics have been done in an effort to guard against the sort of attacks that Nicole is so good at either doing or instigating. Disagree with her publicly and it is open season on you.  I know, because it happened to me.  I know, because it continues to happen to me.

Just because we wanted out story to go public, does not give one a free pass to verbally and emotionally abuse my family and I.

Dear FSM, Nicole, please learn how to properly write.  Nobody would say, “does not give one a free pass to verbally and emotionally abuse I.”

But beyond that, for the record, I have never verbally abused Nicole Naugler. I have never emotionally abused her.  And I have never done one single thing, ever, to any of her children. I am more protective of her children than she is.

And yes, she and Joe actively sought to get their story “public.”  Joe’s expression was “viral.”  They got their wish.  As a result, people, a whole lot of people, more than I imagined possible, are interested in the train wreck that is Joe and Nicole Naugler.  So yes, we get a “free pass” to follow the story and comment on it. She gets to write whatever she likes. I get to write whatever I like. That’s the “free pass.” It’s called the First Amendment.

I have no obligation to share the events of my life, and when I do its on my terms.

Bingo. Nicole is under no obligation to share the events of her life, but when she does, she cannot control the blow-back she gets. That’s called “life.” She does not have to have the blow-back.  Nobody is following her around (contrary to her silly claims).  I have no access to information that she does not supply me with, or that is not publicly available.

But she doesn’t get to dictate the “terms.” The only voice she can control, legally, is her own.


Nothing I have done has been an attack. I have not stalked their homes, posted photos of their homes, businesss, or families. I have not created FB pages or websites to mock, degrade or defame them. I have not rallied people to personally attack them.

Really?  Exactly what do you call this?  I call it posting my address and a link to a Google image of my property, while mocking my dead child and “rallying people to personally attack” me.



I am not weak.
I am a fighter.
I wont back down.

Me, neither, chickie.


Plus how many socks do the haters have or have had?

Question asked by. . . a sockpuppet.

And then we have this astonishing attempt at spinning this.

Yes, Angela, I did post her address. On a post. Not a page dedicated to her. Not on a blog about her. I made a post.

I see. It’s different if you dox somebody on a Facebook post. That makes it better. That makes it okay.  Especially if you do it to somebody who has never done anything of the sort to you.

It’s fine to go after somebody’s child on a Facebook post, especially if it’s somebody who goes out of her way to avoid showing your children’s faces. That’s fine.


21 thoughts on “Fake Explanation”

  1. I’m beginning to suspect she is so far gone from reality, that she cannot differentiate between lies and truth.
    I have no sock accounts. I don’t use fake names to post, not even here, where I can.
    I have never been put into a Facebook timeout, nor lost my profile.
    You know how that happens, Nicole? You violate the ToS. Facebook is not a free speech zone, they can set the rules.
    How many pages and profiles has she lost? She wrote blog posts about how unfair it is to be held accountable by Facebook by losing her pages and profiles.
    They took her down for bullying and doxxing.
    Multiple. Times.
    So, who’s the bully? Who’s the liar?
    Look in the mirror, if you have one.


  2. I’ve often been told that using my actual (and only) name and account was a bad idea.

    I call it integrity.

    I would explain it, but they wouldn’t understand.


  3. Sally, I nominate you to win the internet today for pointing out that you protect the Naugler children more than their own mother.

    Truth hurts.


  4. I wonder if we can send that fake confession to fb and take care of the problem that is Nicole once and for all? In that confession she clearly says she is knowingly violating Facebook tos.


  5. I guess it’s ok for her to put your address out there because she put it on her own page, and not page made about you. But yet you have never put her address out there.


  6. My question to Nicole is, what are you fighting for? What are you not backing down from? Why do you think that fighting with strangers on fb is strength? If you want to be strong, then get off of FB and use that time to expand your client base at your shop. A large presence on FB is NOT going to expand your business. Use the time to do the work on the homestead, to get water system, a septic system up and running, to help Joe get a job! All of your activities on FB are a waste of time, all of it! If you want to show you are a fighter, a strong woman , a woman who does not back down from a challenge then do something constructive that will benefit your kids. Prove that you are capable of raising your large family by doing things that actually improve your life. Maybe you could even astound us by telling the truth but that would be hard since your entire life is built upon lies.


  7. THIS—“I’m beginning to suspect she is so far gone from reality, that she cannot differentiate between lies and truth.” This! What else could explain it? What began as horrified fascination with a very public news story has become an alarming study in mental illness. I don’t say that lightly.

    I began the Naugler “journey” with a modicum of sympathy which has long since evaporated. This abhorrent woman is her own worst enemy, and every word out of her mouth is an indictment against herself…because she describes herself and her OWN actions with every word she types. This has been PROVEN time and time again on this and so many other websites. The TRUTH is being shouted from the rooftops! To make matters worse, she cites her pride and stubbornness as badges of honor when, in reality, these character FLAWS have blinded and crippled her the most. It’s a lesson for us all, and it’s very sad if you stop and think about it.

    Stay humble Sally, and thank you for this “watchdog” website.


  8. “Nothing I have done has been an attack. I have not stalked their homes, posted photos of their homes, businesss, or families. I have not created FB pages or websites to mock, degrade or defame them. I have not rallied people to personally attack them.”

    Oh my gawd is her shit deep! And it stinks too!

    I have been following since day 1, in May 2015. Observing. Hardly ever commenting or liking posts on any page, because I saw what was happening to people that did so. There are so MANY examples of Nicole doing just what she said she hasn’t done, to people who have criticized her. All of the above. I can recall right now off the top of my head, dozens of incidents.

    Nicole, keep chipping away at your character and integrity with your lies and attempts to deceit. Your true colors are showing. Again…

    By the way, Sally, excellent post!


  9. **shakes head**
    Nicky is in a different reality to most people. She only lives in Nicky reality – one where her rules are the only ones and she doesn’t need to follow them as they don’t apply to her – only every other person on earth. Funny shit!

    Her big girls pants must be keeping her warm! talk about liar liar pants on fire!
    She either has no morals at all or she truly believes the crap she talks. Either way – she is a sad sad individual. Not the first time she has been caught out and it won’t be the last.

    I also see the biggest sock puppet of all comes straight out to attack. I have seen more than one post where Charles has referred to “my family” when referring to the Nogs – posts that were deleted very quickly.

    Love this blog – my first “go to” place every morning! Thanks Sally!


  10. #BlessedLittleCreeper

    Forgive me Facebook for I have sinned, it won’t be long I will do it agin.


  11. Let’s not forget about her posting the lady’s social security number on her blog and Facebook page. Commenting on that situation got me banned. If she would only realize she started this whole thing. By blocking people who were honestly invested in this family’s outcome and then stalking their profiles afterwords.


  12. The blessed never get it right. There is a hyphen, you know that little dash between the two last names.

    Lisa Duran-Luthi.

    Not hiding. Not going to take their shit either. I am not and will never be intimidated by the little blessed bullies. I am in good company.


  13. NN: (When caught in another lie,) ‘No, No! My lie wasn’t really a lie because in MY case FB rules (and logic) don’t apply, and therefore it wasn’t a sock nor a lie. And anyway(s), how many socks do the trolls have.’

    Jeez, I cannot even imagine trying to float this BS publicly.
    This is actually embarrassing.
    Has no one ever before made NN accountable for ANYTHING? Besides delusional, she is totally devoid of logic. Some crazy “funny shit” slinging goin’ on now.


  14. Nicole and the thing she married have not been honest with anyone in my recollections of them. Not with others, their children, each other, and likely even themselves. The Hutt takes his sons on water stealing forays. Nicole says that never happened. Yet a number of people have experienced this and Joe got convicted for menacing when he got caught. But Nicole says it never happened. One of the things that Nicole hates the most is people discovering that their awful experiences with the Nauglers are not unique. She does not want people sharing their experiences.

    I don’t know what stupid neurological activity of reruns take place in Nicole’s shrunken brain, but if one is mistaken the best course is to admit it without caveats. If one gets caught doing something criminal (like stealing water) coming genuinely clean is the best course of action. The reason why is that admitting error allows one to retain their credibility to an extent. But Nicole’s tactic is to deny everything even when presented with overwhelming evidence and she cannot understand why she has no credibility. She is one of the stupidest and most malevolent people I have ever encountered with the possible exception of her…husband.


  15. The strongest woman I know is my mother. She and my father raised 8 children. Could have been 10, but she had two miscarriages. Unlike Nicole, she had no desire or need for the approval of strangers. She married an honest, hard working man, who took pride in providing for his family. She worked hard too, providing a clean home, healthy meals and a harmonious home for us all. Nicole is weak and needy. She is unable to form real friendship with others, which is possibly one reason she chose to have many children. She purposely hobbles them, so it will be harder for them to leave her. She chose to marry one of the most worthless men I’ve ever seen; stupid, lazy, and apparently with a roving eye. She pretends he works on the homestead, but has never provided one photo showing him doing anything! Plenty of pics of the children working; zero of the laziest man doing anything.


  16. She has not a sliver of integrity. She likes to shout about people producing rumors, but when the subject of the rumor twists, fabricates, stretches and flat out lies about the truth how can she expect anyone to believe a word she says. Once again, she is predictable and so transparent.


  17. Run run as fast as you can..

    I got me a big old man

    I eat from a dusty can

    I give you A facebook ban

    I eat hardees because I can


  18. I get that there are things about her life that she wants to share with some people. But she needs to learn to lock her account and use her friends list, and limit severely what she shares publicly. Even the shittiest snark forums out there almost always have a rule that you DO NOT share Facebook posts that aren’t public. It’s an actual written rule on almost every forum, good or bad. She could share all she wants with her friends list, and use different lists to share things only with people she knows will agree with her or stroke her ego, and those locked posts would be respected by almost the entire internet.

    She doesn’t do that though.

    Instead she shares it all publicly, lets anyone comment (until she bans them while whining about her ass not being kissed), invites people to comment by asking non-rhetorical questions, then whines when she sees anything she doesn’t like. If she wants to be like George Takei and get almost universal praise from the unfiltered public, then she needs to clean up her act.

    When you choose to give the public the details of your life, then the public can comment. This isn’t actually first amendment issue (that means that the government can’t arrest you for your beliefs or what you say about them, not that you can say whatever you want wherever and whenever). It’s a societal issue. This is how our society runs. If you don’t want others to comment on something, the don’t give them something to comment on. It really is as simple as that.


  19. So, for others who create additional accounts on Facebook, they’re a sock? But Nicole creates an alternate account and that’s just insurance? Insurance to control her pages in case she gets put n Facebook jail for acting a fool. And she doesn’t use those fake ass accounts of hers to stalk the people who have blocked her, or worse, to creep on people she has blocked. Sure. Whatever.


    Here’s a thought. Don’t be a creeper Nicole. Be nicer to people so the block function is never a thought on either side. Don’t do stupid shit that Facebook will put you in time out over. Don’t be the hypocrite we all know you are and prove time and time again. Don’t act like you are a unicorn shitting rainbows when we can all read through the smoke and mirrors, and through your own words and actions, see the misery you live in every day. Face the truth, admit it, deal with it, and move on. Stop living in that twisted little fantasy in your head and join us in the real world.

    No one in their right mind could find happiness living in a dirty little 300 something square foot shack, with 11 children, without running water, and dead beat husband, and be as content as you claim to be. I could understand being willing to deal with those conditions for awhile while you all got on your feet, but after living this way for three years, having your children ripped away from you, and the opinions of a few thousand people weighing you down because of your own desire to be viral, you can’t tell me that you want no better for your children if not for yourself.

    If you were the headstrong, driven, fighter you claim to be, you would not STILL be in the same rotten ass scenario you have been in for so long. You are in utter denial and everyone knows it but you. Or maybe you do, but you are too ashamed to admit it.


    It’s obvious throughout her old blog that she had some dream about little cabin where they could live simply. Not a bad dream really, if done properly. By properly I mean a dwelling that had the necessary structure and enmities to provide for the physical and mental health of her children.

    How living off the grid was somehow going to rid her life of the disappointment and poverty she lived in daily, trying to deal with child after child, while Joe went from job to job, and the occasional jail cell, is beyond me. He can’t hold a job but she thought he’d build a house?


    I think you got your blessed little dream Nicole and it’s not at all what you envisioned. I think for that reason your are bitter but too proud to admit how disappointed and unhappy you are and just want to prove to the world you were right, when you couldn’t be more wrong. Like if you say over and over again how happy you are it will magically make it so.

    Homesteading, living off the grid, or just living simply still takes hard work and consistency. I don’t think you are Joe know the meaning of either.

    You are never going to have that dream with your mindset and a dead beat partner. Your children are going to grow up and one by one and leave for greener pastures. They are not going to stick around and raise your brood for you. And while they might move on to little shit sheds of their own, I can’t see them putting momma and daddy up in a house on the hill.

    I think whoever said you are miserable and feel trapped is absolutely correct. Dump Joe’s dead ass, stop having more children, and (can’t believe I am saying this part) get on government assistance so you can get a real home and your children can have some semblance of a normal life.

    Your “happiness” is the most pitiful lie I have ever seen.


  20. It seems that either Nikki is cleaning house and scrubbing or is FB jail. Both the Nicole like page and personal page are gone.


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