Fair Play

From the “I Can Dish It Out, But I Sure Can’t Take It” department, we have this.

Okay, so we got mail at the shop and my daughter is opening my packages because we’ve been ordering stuff on Amazon. So she opens this package, my daughter did, mind you, opens this package and says, What the heck – a whole bunch of glitter.

So I thought, okay this is a gag gift, let me guess, it’s from the psycho-stalkers.

So, I grabbed the item, which is a trophy, here, that says, You Tried.

And. . . this.

Shows certificate, which reads “Certificate of Participation awarded to Naugler’s for The Long Game. Good luck in your future endeavors. You’ll need it.”

And glitter, all over my floor, you can see it.

They started to sweep it up and I told them to wait til I took a video.

This is the, one example of the stalking and harassment from these fricking psychotic people that needs to stop. It needs to friggin’ stop. I don’t know why Al Wilson and Debra Fricking Whitehouse and Lisa Luthi and Sally Davis and all their stupid minions just won’t leave my family alone, but they need to leave my family alone.

And yes, I am calling the police over this, because it doesn’t need to be happening, especially when my children are involved. This is. . . I can’t tell you how livid I am right now. You fucking assholes.

It’s nigh unto impossible to catch the fury in her voice just by reading this transcript. The video is here.

Here’s what I want to know.

How is this even slightly different from the phony, silly cease-and-desist letter than Nicole sent to me? How about the stupid phone calls that she’s made, not only to Lisa (twice), to Al’s employer (numerous times), to Teresa’s supposed employer (about seven or eight of them), but also to my husband who has nothing to do with any of this? What about the fake “Lisa is drunk and CPS needs to check on her” call Nicole made which sent the Louisville police out to Lisa’s house?  How about the whole publishing my address online thing and trying to send people to my house?  How about the contacting family members thing?  All that stuff is okay, I suppose.

But somebody sends her a completely harmless gag gift from a site that specifically does these gags, which is totally legal (including the glitter bomb), addressed to Nicole herself, and she’s having a hissy fit.

Well, you know what they say about turnabout. . .

Oh, good grief, Nicole. Just do it, already. Really, just do it. Find a lawyer and do it. Oh, I guess that’s a problem, isn’t it? Can’t find one, can you, and can’t pay one even if you can find one.  You’re going to have to prove those links, you know. You can’t because they are all in your little head.

Here’s the link to the article.

Notice what the woman is claiming. She says that somebody has been “using fake accounts to threaten her and make inappropriate comments about her family.” I have no idea what “inappropriate comments” might be—that’s anyone’s guess, and “I don’t think you educate your kids” isn’t one of them —but “threaten” has a specific meaning. Please produce something showing where anyone at all has ever threatened you, Nicole. You’ve been asked in court to do this before and you couldn’t.

Let me explain how you can know for certain that neither Al, nor Deb, nor I, nor Lisa did this. There are two major reasons. First, if we had something we wanted to say to you, like “I think you’re a dumb shit,” all four of us would simply say it. Easy. You’d know it. Second, if Al or Lisa or I filled out some online form, we wouldn’t have written Naugler’s. The apostrophe is incorrect. Debra might have made the grammar error, but she didn’t do it. She’s too busy making soap and running the real Blessed Little Grooming Company, LLC.

Oh, by the way, Nicole, I think you’re a dumb shit.


78 thoughts on “Fair Play”

  1. My vote is she sent it to herself. The typo is a normal naugler gaffe, and it showing up on Joe’s birthday is too convenient.
    Barring that, if someone else did this, just think of the recent rampages she’s been on. It could be anyone. The sav-a-lot manager she cornered or one of his employees. Receptionists from any place she’s called to harass lately. 911 dispatchers from at least 2 different counties that are tired of her shit. Any one of her business neighbors. Someone she verbally assaulted over a parking spot. Hell, it could be someone from the state office she’s constantly calling to bitch about illegal county activity.

    I can only think of one human with a larger group of enemies than she has, and he’s in the white house.


  2. She was acting like someone sent her a bomb.
    This is the thing that kills me, her using her kids as a sheild .
    She said a few times she was so upset because it was her child who opened it . At the end , she was upset because it involved her children.
    1. No, Nicole you involved your child. You claim you have all these stalkers who harrass you but you let your child open an unknown package that you do not know it’s origin?

    2. You are a very good spin artist. Why can’t you spin things to protect your children? I am sure seeing their mom flip out cussing and crying is scarier than getting a piece of paper and a plastic trophy in the mail.

    If that happened to me in front of my 8 year old , I would have made it into a joke for her sake , no matter how bothered I was by it .
    I would have laughed and said something like , ” haha, just my friend trying to be funny because I post memes about how everyone gets a trophy, just for playing . ” Then, if I felt I really had something to worry about , I would handle it when my child was out of earshot .

    Nicole needs to stop worrying about her “trolls” and focus on her kids.


  3. I wish I had thought of that gag! Sooo funny!! I would have sent her some poop, and yes, there is a website that will send poop! I hope she gets more of these funny gifts!


  4. Her children wouldn’t be involved if Nicole didn’t have them at the shop doing her work for her, and if glitter is the worst harassment she gets then….sigh

    At least the police probably got to laugh their asses off once they were out of earshot of the Blessed One.


  5. The tantrum was epic and likely provided whoever sent the trophy exactly the reaction they wanted. She’s so smart to play right into that person’s hands.


  6. HEY!! Not cool…right…but not cool

    the way she did the video looked like a package exploded…i can almost see her setting the scene before she yelled ..ACTION!!

    god i love this bird brain, she cracks me up

    it wasn’t me…

    Debra Friggin Whitehouse


  7. That was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Not to mention what she had done to her is common for her. But the bitch is to cheap to mail something on that scale. Fuck her. The thought of her grinding away on whopper Sr for his birthday made me bleach my eyes. I magine the kids hearing that pig grunt.


  8. What lady is Nicole referring to?

    Anyway, sending someone a glitter bomb is not illegal. Annoying but not illegal.


  9. I thought Nicole awarded herself a law degree & was counseling others. Why does she need an attorney?

    Has she called the police yet? I want to see that video. No doubt it’ll be a scream. Figuratively and literally.


  10. Come on for real? NN (IMO) you are the stupidest person. You are so hypocritical. So indecisive flip flop wishy washy. You are ignorant! Make up your mind you idiot. Pick a side a side of many that YOU created. You really think your children are mature enough old enough and have enough life experience….OFF the stead to Admin a vile lie filled bullshit page with 47000+ followers but not old enough mature enough to open the mail. Call the police over a Gag gift….seal the crime scene off collect the evidence they can probably get DNA and finger prints. WTF is wrong with you…are you really this stupid or that dam delusional? Protect your children’s privacy for Pete’s sake! Shut down all those BS pages set your homestead page and personal page to PRIVATE! Are you really this STUPID????? FFS!!!


  11. Just four posts down from this she admonishes her trolls that she has a family run page. Whoa!! Get a grip Momma Nausler…the language…burn.

    It wasn’t me. I’m too cheap to pay postage.


  12. She says OH its a gag gift from the psycho stalkers.. GAG gift means you laugh not act like a loon.
    Geez, whats so tight up there?
    You need to learn to laugh Nicole. If someone sent this to me, Id laugh my ass off. You are so paranoid.

    Id like to see the so called packaging.. and how did it all end up all of the floor if it was in a package? It looks like she bought stuff and just threw it all over the floor herself.

    PSA if it was an amazon package wouldnt it have had the amazon label? DUH


  13. Oh and was the glitter organic and non-GMO? Asking for a friend.

    Just kidding. I don’t have friends. 😀


  14. Well typically I would find this amusing especially imagining nicole or joe cleaning up the mess. But we all know who is going to have to clean that mess up. She has called the cops this year more than I have my entire 40 plus years of life. Good grief it’s just a prank, not worthy of 911 nicole lol


  15. Why doesn’t she contact the company (there must be a return address?) and find out who sent it……too easy I know.


  16. Unsportsman like conduct.

    People like Nicole are why participation trophies were invented! She shoulda been happy!

    My guess is that if Nicole got to play any real sport, she’d choose soccer! LOL

    That was funny shit.


  17. That’s pretty funny! And she’s not concerned for her children; she’s just angry. How does she demonstrate her lack of concern (this time)? Instead of getting her children out of the room, her first response is to grab her phone. #ParentingFail
    By all means, she should call the police. On their report they can document her current manic state. It might be helpful to have a record of it.


  18. Liars will often out themselves by their own words.

    “This is the, one example of the stalking and harassment from these fricking psychotic people that needs to stop.”

    Remove the comma (which is Nicole pausing to find the words that will make this seem true) and you have “This is the one example of the stalking and harassment from these fricking psychotic people…” The one example. The only example. That’s all she has and it was a dumb prank package. The sky is not falling, Nikkers.


  19. The only person that gets the children involved is her. A mother’s job is to give a safe place for children to grow up, mentally and physically. If the kids weren’t there working, it would not have been an issue.


  20. I think she is referring to the Louisville women mentioned in the headline of the second-last screenshot.


  21. Why doesn’t she contact the company (there must be a return address?) and find out who sent it……too easy I know.

    They won’t tell her.


  22. You receive a plastic trophy, glitter, and misspelled certificate.

    Option A: You toss all of it in the trash, and give it no further thought.

    Option B: You shake your head at the stupidity of it, give the trophy to your kids, clean up the glitter, and throw away the certificate.

    Option C: You scream harassment, your children get to see their mother make a fool out of herself, and you put a video on FB for all the world to see.

    Depend upon the N’s to choose the option most guaranteed to give people a reason to laugh at them. Every. Single. Time.


  23. If myself or anyone I know had sent it…it would have been addressed to Jabba and RatHead.
    None of us would have used “The Nauglers” since none of us feel the kids are anything but victims of their idiot parents.

    Let alone “The Naugler’s” which looks like unschoolin’ to me.


  24. That is the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages! I’m crying over here😂
    Please, please let there be video of the cops reacting to this.


  25. Just a point but ….. earlier in the week she got a surprise Amazon package from one of her friends who also said that there may be more to come!
    Has she considered that her “friend” may have sent this thinking that Nikki would find it funny?

    Have to say that her tantrum was “frikkin” funny though! I had to watch it a few times!
    If it wasn’t her friend that sent that then I think whoever did will be thrilled with the response!
    Unless Nikki is a cracking live actress, I have to say that I don’t think she sent it to herself. She was too annoyed IMHO.


  26. choose the option most guaranteed to give people a reason to laugh at them.

    As somebody already pointed out elsewhere, the guys at that wildlife refuge threw a fit about getting gag shit in the mail, put it on Youtube, and. . . got an absolute avalanche of gag shit.

    There is an Option D: She could do what I did when she sent me that silly letter. I laughed like hell, put it on the blog, and kept it for framing. Then Deb reproduced it and sold them to raise money for charity. Hell, I still have the envelope around here someplace. It makes me happy to see it now and then.


  27. Let’s really think about this.

    Someone sends you something that upsets and frightens you. Do you…

    Immediately call the police…because even though it’s a prank, you figure it might be a good idea to document in case anything escalates. This is what I did when the Naugs phoned my mother’s house and scared the hell out of her. And they actually MADE threats.

    OR… do you Stage the scene.
    Why are there a million bits of card board and paper on the floor? Before I turned the sound on, I thought Nicole was going to talk about a dog chewing something up. Really look at all that debris and tell me how that correlates to opening a package containing glitter, a piece of paper and a trophy? It just looks bizarre and fake. Also…why is it much more important to do a FACEBOOK LIVE FEED about it….ya know…than call the police?

    There is something very very wrong with this picture.

    In my mind….if you need to call the police about something….you do it.
    Even if it’s just to be on the safe side.
    You don’t say….WAIT…I need to film this for social media first!!!!! How can I stage this?

    Who the fuck does she think she’s kidding?

    I think chances are very very good Nick did all of this herself.

    She’s losing views and people are getting sick of her shit. So she manufactured drama in hopes of getting some pity.

    She’s not scared. If she were scared, calling the cops would take priority to telling Facebook.


  28. It was a little plastic trophy and a certificate and a glitter bomb. That’s all it was. She even says that she knew it was a gag gift, so what is there to be afraid of? She’s so full of shit.


  29. LOL. One of her idiot fan girls telling her to call the police because “what if it could have been a bomb”. Ummm. . .it wasn’t a bomb. Should I call the police every time I get an unexpected package because it could have been a bomb. JFC, the sheer stupidity of Nik and her fan girls. Is astounding.


  30. Whichever dispatcher received that call will probably never, ever have a funnier call in his/her entire careeer. Of course, with the nauglers …. anything is possible. Lol. But, “angry off grid lady that hates all cops and everyone in Breckinridge county is reporting a package with a trophy and glitter as an actual crime” must have made for some fun “water cooler” chat today. Lol.


  31. Just when you think you have seen it all…..well, Nikkers.

    Who in in their right mind gets that freaked out over a “gag”? It’s not like there was anything harmful in the damned thing.

    – And, Nikkie, your kids opened it because you allowed them to do so. The package was addressed to you, right? Own your own shit. The only reason your kids weren’t laughing (if they really didn’t) is because they knew they’d have to clean up the mess.

    And instead of just grumbling, bitching, carrying on with your day, you flip your shit and video it for the world to see- just exactly the kind of thing the person who sent it to you would expect and probably enjoyed the hell out of when you posted it. Bravo. You’re the dumb ass that shoots the ball at the wrong end of the court right? Puts the ball in your own team’s goal? I just have to shake my head.
    I have said it many times and I say it again- I can’t wait until one of the Naugler kids write a book. I want to read the other side of this crazy. I will be the first in line to buy it. I can almost imagine which one might be the family author.

    I can’t help but feel sorry for some of the people who commented on her post today- Nikkers and company included. They cannot possible know how ridiculous they look.

    Blessed Little Homestead · 1:09 Bunch of freaking middle schoolers, I swear!– What child posted the video to cry and bitch about it?

    Blessed Little Homestead · 0:00 Police don’t do shit. I’m not holding my breath – Why would they? What happened is not a crime?

    Bj Savage · You need to go above your local police, using a phone, internet, or mail to harrass someone is a federal crime!!! Call the state police, US Marshalls, hell the FBI!!!! – You’re late to the game BJ.

    Rachel Espino · 1:43 This is crazy. I am sorry. Definitely call the police and keep us up to date. Hugs. -Don’t worry Rachel- she will, and she will.

    And yes…this
    Charles Smyth · 1:43 MY gut says LIL MS. Montana could be involved with this…SMH AS I recall she referred to trying and the long game in a comment on BLTATM a few weeks ago
    LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 4h
    Jennifer Simmerly Davis
    Jennifer Simmerly Davis · ^^I’d get screen shots of this^^
    LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 4h
    Charles Smyth
    Charles Smyth · Jennifer Simmerly Davis HUH? get a SS of what ?
    LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 2h
    Blessed Little Homestead
    Blessed Little Homestead · Of her comment. Send to me please
    LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 2h
    —– So let me get this straight, anyone that’s ever used the term the “Long game” is now suspect? Hmmmmmm And naturally Nikker wants the screen shots. Hahahahahahahaha.

    Bj Savage · 0:00 You need to call the US marshalls, not your local police,what they are doing is a felony, under US law!!! – No BJ, sending a gag through the mail is not a crime.

    Laurie Becker · I agree. It’s stalking and terrorizing.
    – Some people have a really weird idea of what stalking and/or terrorizing is.

    Heather Ortega · 0:36 What a joke– EXACTLY at least someone on that page has a clue. Or does she?

    Rebecca Bortner Bell · 1:32 Yes. Call the police. Document document document.– Well isn’t she the darling little enabler?

    I LOVE THIS …..hahahahaha
    Marsha Lynn Mercer · 1:43 this is protective order worthy case with the rest of the things they have done in the past. taking your page over and all that. that package is physical evidence and has caused you to fear for your safety. it could have been shards of glass in the glitter as well. unless it was ordered through a site that does glitter bombs. Please have a police report done and call a lawyer. What? protective order over a harmless gag? Package is physical evidence, of what? That someone, maybe even one of Nicole’s real friends (I know I am grasping here), sent her a gag gift meant to annoy her, and it did? Your point (aside from maybe the top of your head)? It could have been shards of glass? OH but it wasn’t, IT was GLITTER.

    Nick Brandt · Yes, if it was ordered through a site they have the card info and who did it. – Yes they do. And they won’t be giving out that info to anyone without a court order. There’s another long game for ya, freaks.

    Marsha Lynn Mercer · if they put it together themselves that fingerprints could be on there as well. i doubt it i hope they ordered it and it can be traced. -Right, and the policy are going to dust for prints on a glitter package. OK. i think glitter bombs are a hazard. you open it and it shoots out at the same time in shock most people breath in and gasp so then it has a possibility of entering the lungs. – OMG where do these peeeeeeeeeple come from? For fucks sake. You COULD trip walking to the bathroom and break your neck, or your COULD cut your finger and die of infection, or your COULD get struck buy lightening in a storm…but bitch please. Just stay home. Where do these thin skinned people come up with this shit? It could…..yeah STFU

    Paula Smith Beaulieu · 0:27 Have it fingerprinted and sue…. Hahahahaha finger print a box that has been handled by how many dozens of people and likely not event the person who sent it, and sue…..They live in a garden shed with no toilet, no running water, and un-fucking everything their kids, and the only income is a groomers salary. Just where exactly do you think they will come up with the cash for an attorney? Or what attorney? Not one in the state will entertain them so much as a face to face consolation anymore much less take their case. And sue who exactly? Who. Even Nicole and Joe’s un-fanclub don’t know who sent the stupid thing.

    …..tampering with mail? No. …..Track the package? Good Luck and why bother? …..and my favorite…
    Sharon Grama · 1:43 Turn them into the postal service -AAAhhhhhahahahahahahahaha for what? Mailing a package? Just what exactly do you use your postal service for if not for mailing things.

    I have to leave it at that. I’ve had too much amazement for the day.


  32. Who let’s their kids open packages from unknown sources? She is freaking out yelling people involved her kids… But as usual she is the only one involving her kids!! Parental responsibility Nicole! That means you are supposed to protect your kids to the best of your ability from things you can control. It also means you should protect them from failure and provide for them and prepare them for actual life, like off the homestead real world stuff and we all know how well that’s going!
    Most kids learn your unschooling whatever you call it.. what do you think parents do with their kids on weekends and evenings? I know I have taught my kids more than Nicole ever has on top of their actual education..
    Listening to her makes me want to seek out a brick wall to bang my head against.


  33. I’m with katatafish.
    I’ll take option E for a thousand.
    She sent it to herself, IMO. Really pads her side of things.
    Great acting, though. The voice, shaking with fury, had me nearly convinced. But that pesky massacre of apostrophe use was hard to swallow, too hard.


  34. The comments on her post had me laughing until it hurt! This is a federal crime! Call the Postmaster General! Etc etc. My favorite was the apparent homophobe that bitched forever about his own “harassment”, all because he preaches against their “sins” (homosexuality AND lgbt (?)).
    What I don’t understand is why anyone thinks any of this is harassment. I don’t see where anyone is seeing illegal activity, because I just don’t see it. I also can’t understand why her supporters were choosing to close their eyes to NN’ s actions, which are threatening and often sinister. They kind of remind me of Trump supporters…..


  35. I don’t see where anyone is seeing illegal activity, because I just don’t see it.

    You don’t see illegal activity because there is no illegal activity, except when Nicole calls a fake call into CPS to have the police go to Lisa’s house.

    Oh, and you know what always happens with virulent homophobes. . .


  36. Nicnog is lucky she doesn’t live in my neighborhood ( and, yes, thank gawd, I’m lucky too!), packages get stolen from our porches all the time.
    She doesn’t live anywhere near Austin either, and that package bomber guy has gone on to his particular reward.

    That being said, I’m so weary of her screeching videos. I’m sure her fb ‘friends’ are too. Sally is a hero for transcribing that crap! I’m deaf in one ear, and can’t hear out of the other (true) and I blame nicnog for 99% of that.


  37. Thank you for transcribing this! I was laughing so hard I never heard her mention any names!

    If I ever got one of these in the mail, I would have laughed my ass off, put the trophy up on display, and framed the certificate! If she really did call the cops over a harmless gag gift, then I bet they also got a good laugh out of it!


  38. The kids opened the package.
    The kids started to clean up the glitter.
    Nicole stopped them to film and screech.
    Mother of the year right here again.

    And whoever ordered that package should be completely safe from retribution.
    You can’t (successfully) report a package for being dangerous when it isn’t and it doesn’t even try to look like something dangerous.
    The glitter package did not contain harmful material (as did the water ball package). It did not try to look like something harmful (like sending a white powder for example).
    Nothing bad happened apart from somebody making fun of Nicole.

    I’m a bit disappointed though that she calls it a terroristic package and stuff like that. I would have hoped for something more creative like “Attacked by Glittler!”


  39. I found several sites that send stuff like this to people. 100% anonymously. The purchaser never touches the package. Not unlike Amazon, Nicole. You might as well dust all those packages and contents for fingerprints too.

    Sure, someone could ship ground glass, or any number of things through the mail, but they didn’t. It was a trophy, a piece of paper and glitter. All perfectly harmless. Nothing “exploded” and shot glitter at anyone. Nor is it a federal crime to send a gag gift to someone. Not even you, Nicole.

    You know, for someone who insists that she has been stalked, harassed, defamed (as if!) and all the rest of it, you are criminally stupid to have your kids open a package you didn’t order. What if it had been a bomb! *rolls eyes*


    So who was the hapless police officer who drew the short straw and had to go listen to Nicole? I wonder if that person decided to pop a Vicks first.


  40. You guys…I’m kinda nervous about my next shipment of supplies….I think I’ll have my 5 year old open it for me.

    You can’t be too cautious.


  41. Sally,

    First let me say I didn’t send her glitter, a trophy and a participation certificate. If I were going to piss my money away I’d just buy another pair of shoes. Also, frankly I don’t think she has earned even a participation certificate. That’s for good sportsmanship, not sore losers.

    I was just going to post her comment from WDRB news FB under her Nicole Celeste account, not of course, one of her other Nicole Naugler accounts. In a few short hours she herself transformed what she called a “gag gift” into a “terroristic package.” Why, I asked myself. Then it dawned on me. It’s not so much her histrionics, as, in my opinion, her desperate attempt to get on the news again. She has been posting on that local news FB page a lot recently. It seems that the days of her calling the local news and getting them to come and interview her so that she can manipulate public opinion, IMO, are over. I will bet she has been burning up the phone trying to get on the news. After all she is facing contempt in the DHFS (CPS) child dependency, abuse, neglect case for which the pled dependency. She has been ranting about the judge and the GAL and that the case is still ongoing almost three years later. Her eldest son, Jacob Cody Naugler, is facing charges and an upcoming Pretrial hearing in his sexual misconduct case. Barely anyone is paying attention or interacting on her public social media platforms. Her histrionics is not getting the traction she wants. How can she sell her lies, and possibly drum up donations and false sympathy for her outrageous lies and allegations? She has even taken to posting photos of herself at the homestead with her granddaughter, because she thinks, imho, that babies help sell her false narrative.

    The news isn’t PAYING ATTENTION TO HER. Going viral has worked in her favor before. Calling the news to interview her has worked before. It doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

    If @WDRB #WDRB would like to interview me about her false accusations I’d be more than willing at this point. I have a laundry list and proof of everything that she has done to me simply, IMO, because I have a Facebook page that reports her heinous antics, her hypocrisy, her lies, her own public words and deeds. I will happily provide them with the IPO applications where she lies about me, tapes of the hearings, tapes of the welfare check call, tapes of the phone messages she leaves me, tapes of when she accosted me in the Hardin County courthouse, the many heinous, false and often dangerous things she has done or posts publicly about me. I’ll even be more than willing to give them a tour of my soap making studio and plug the real Blessed Little Grooming Company, LLC. All @WDRB needs to do is contact me through the business number on the Blessed Little Grooming LLC FB Page (the cute one with photos of soap) or at blessedlittlegrooming.com. Leave a message, because of the harassing phone calls from Nicole C Naugler I don’t answer any number I don’t recognize. Matter of fact since the blessed and their buddies published my house, and a threat to come visit me, Waco style, three years ago I do not allow MY CHILD to get the mail, open the mail or packages. I prefer to err on the side of caution.


  42. Call the fucking CIA or FBI…NicNaug got a gag gift and she isn’t pleased. The toothless wonder has no concept of pay back bitch. Her daughter opened the package that was clearly a gag gift and no one was hurt and the daughter didn’t freak out but here’s a fucking idea: NicNaug, if I were such a “public” figure, I damn sure wouldn’t spend my time antagonizing the troll patrol cause you know when you piss one of us off, you piss us all off. Here’s a little bit of information you might chew on with that tooth of yours. Using your children to get attention is never a good idea but when you use your children to try and manipulate people into spending their hard earned money on you, don’t act a fool when you get a little glitz spilled on the floor. Also, I am not sure one of the troll patrol members sent you that package because none of us would spend a dime on your ass. I think you did it to support your claims that we are stalking you. The troll patrol doesn’t need to stalk you because bitch you put it all out for the world to see.


  43. I couldn’t copy to paste the comment here, but a recent one has me shaking my head wondering if the commenter is a moron or a genius because they are questioning if the package actually exploded (with all the glitter and package fragments all around). It is so hard for me to determine the intent of that comment.

    But actually, while this is a harmless prank, I don’t get why anyone would bother. There is enough fodder for armchair entertainment without any external inputs. This just seems like poking the mentally unstable bear. This post did have a lot more comments compared to the dwindling numbers on other recent posts, so the BO is probably super happy with her renewed internet interest from the masses.


  44. Brace yourself, I’m about to swear because it’s fitting. I am fucking dying, tears were streaming down my face from laughing so hard.
    NN missed her calling to be an actress about 20 teeth ago and a dozen or so kids ago. So dramatic.
    Someone call 911 for glitter! Oh for the love of glitter! This. is. amazingly. stupid. If her followers can’t see how stupid she is by this…I’ve lost all hope for them at this point. Their IQ would be in the negatives. It’s fucking glitter!
    It was the bearded lady, I just know it!


  45. There is enough fodder for armchair entertainment without any external inputs. This just seems like poking the mentally unstable bear.

    Just commenting here is an external input, you know. Nicole spends all day, every day, searching all over the net for anything said about her. And this is one of the first places she comes. She reads every single comment. So don’t judge what somebody else chose to do. Look at yourself.


  46. Oh I know commenting here is external and definitely part of the poking….it just seems less invasive I guess. More passive than opening a wallet and sending something. My intent wasn’t to criticize or judge at all, but I really am just perplexed why anyone would bother since it doesn’t take much to put her in a tizzy and anyone following this saga would probably have an idea that this would piss her off, which is kind of hilarious since it is GLITTER. I was not meaning it as criticism at all. It is just a different thought process from my ow n personal one.


  47. Damn it. Im on a quick break from job#1 part 1 to job #1 part 2. Then off to job #2 after. (See how that works Joe? And I dont have eleventyhundred kids to support).
    I was looking forward to a good blog, Sally lol. How else will I survive this day? 😉


  48. t is just a different thought process from my ow n personal one.

    And from mine. I wouldn’t do it either, but I certainly won’t condemn whoever did. It was harmless and funny. Nicole is so damned predictable.


  49. I think I have a crush on Al Wilson.
    His whole comment cracked me up.
    Al, if your love affair with Morgan muffins doesn’t pan out, give me a call.
    Of course , kidding around but Al is pretty awesome !


  50. She knew it was “suspicious.” And she made sure that the kid didn’t get that dangerous awful glitter in her eyes. Because what if it had been glass?

    No wonder she had such a shit fit when Joe had the beer in the road. This is her typical over-the-top reaction to everything. What in the world must it be like to have to deal with her daily, or to be her kid?

    You know, the truth is that until you’ve been on the receiving end of Nicole’s lunacy, it’s hard to imagine that any person outside a mental institution would react like this. I suspect that the person who sent that gag gift had no idea it would cause such a firestorm, because in the real, normal world it wouldn’t have been even mentioned, or it would have been laughed at.

    Instead we have a suspicious terroristic package and she calls the police.


  51. Thank you to whomever is the “Glitter Unabomber” , the entertainment provided by the histrionics of Nicole and her humpers comments over a harmless prank are priceless. I just wish her children could enjoy the laugh as much as I am.


  52. She’s shaking because she is so angry! I have to wonder what the kids would have thought if their mom hadn’t become so upset? My kids love glitter, but I don’t allow them to play with it much because it’s such a pain in the ass to clean up. My kids would have thought it was funny to get a glitter package gag gift. Unless specifically told that it was intended to be insulting, the younger kids would likely think it was a nice gesture.


  53. I just moved from Idaho, where you can mail a potato. Yes, an unpacked potato with a message on it. I considered, but passed on sending one to various friends. The glitter bomb is hilarious, and I know the police are going to laugh about her report. She should be charged for wasting police resources.

    I’ve never seen someone react so poorly to such a harmless prank! So what if her kids saw that, it was far less traumatic than expecting to see, for instance, a live sibling…


  54. A little OT ,but I want to tell you that I ordered 3 soaps and a bath bomb from the wonderful Blessed Little Grooming Company website. They are wonderful. I got one of the little piggies which I’ll keep, but the others will be a birthday present for my social butterfly daughter.
    They are wonderful smelling, attractive to look at and the nicest soaps I’ve seen in ages.
    So thank you to Ms L and Ms Debra for their hard work getting this off the ground. My first purchase but it won’t be the last.


  55. She is insane. There is nothing else to it. This is proof that she is nutty. Who acts like this? Do you see celebrities acting like this? No and they have actual stalkers. Can you imagine what would happen if someone took her internet access away? Is facebook withdraw a thing?
    NN wants to live in the olden days? Someone send her off to an institute where she can rock and shit herself for 60 years.


  56. She knew it was “suspicious.” And she made sure that the kid didn’t get that dangerous awful glitter in her eyes. Because what if it had been glass?

    I call bullshit. She’s been stating that her family has been stalked, harassed and menaced in some manner that she couldn’t prove in a court of law but she still permits or maybe encourages her kids to open packages from an unknown sender. She isn’t afraid of anything because no one has stalked, harassed or threatened her. She’s lying. We can all tell because her lips are moving.

    If she truly believed that there was any real risk of harm coming to her family, why would she permit one of her KIDS to open mail from an unknown source? Either she does fear for her safety and uses kids as human shields (honorable mention for shittiest parent ever) or she isn’t afraid and is simply trying to wind up her fan base who are particularly gullible.


  57. In all honesty, i thought it was stupid, and childish. Not judging. Sharing my first gut reaction.

    Unlike what Nicole tries to get her humpers to believe, the trolls are not “harassing and stalking” her. Nor is anyone colluding with anyone else, except to share a hearty belly laugh over her histrionics.

    My original gut feeling was, and still is (regardless of how funny it all turned out, with the asinine comments, and her terroristic package) that this kind of bullshit only bolsters her claims. Even and especially if she sent it to herself. (I do suspect she did. And i dont believe for one minute she called any cops. Has the PayPal button popped up anywhere yet? She is slipping.)

    Nic is a lunatic, and anyone with half a brain cell knows it.

    Stupid, childish prank. Unnecessary, and hurts “the cause”. The cause being, in my mind, keeping them from grifting innocent people again, and receiving windfalls they don’t deserve. I’d give those kids the shirt off my kid’s back. I wouldn’t piss on N and J if they were on fire.

    I stand by that.

    Still, her stupid reaction was funny as hell.


  58. this kind of bullshit only bolsters her claims.

    I am one of her primary targets, and I will tell you that nothing stops her. Nothing. She’s still accusing me of being a serial killer, for crying out loud. So unless somebody actually does something harmful (like personally going after one of the kids, or inciting a neighbor business to get into it with Nicole and Joe), I’m fine with any of it.

    There isn’t a “cause.” If you are on a crusade, you’re a one-man show.


  59. Why so we even believe that one of the kids opened it? It pretty likely that she embelli$hed that to get more $ympathy.


  60. Why so we even believe that one of the kids opened it?

    Because the kids do everything? LOL So what if one of them did? It was harmless.


  61. I suspect a few of these “tsk tsk” comments are coming from FreeJinger. They’re the Queens of Pearl Clutching and Hypocrisy.



  62. So I’ve been thinking about this…..between watching the video and laughing hysterically. Nicole goes on, and on, and on, about how her family is being stalked and harassed by psychos; by unstable people. Why in the world would she allow her children to open the mail, particularly unexpected stuff?
    When we endured the hellacious time of being targeted by a sovereign citizen militia, I only touched and opened our usual bills and expected letters and packages. Anything out of the norm, and I did what I was told and called our police contact. It didn’t happen often and it was all benign mail, but the trooper was very clear about the potential danger. It didn’t take much to convince me since we had had unspent ammo placed in our newspaper box and water contaminated with blood (we have a holding tank…..thankfully it wasn’t a well!)……no terroristic glitter bombs though. The danger was quite real and I sure as hell wouldn’t have allowed a child to open the mail. Nicole is a liar and she is completely unstable.


  63. I was glitter bombed once… by my grandma. LOL I am now cautious when opening packages and cards from her.


  64. I was glitter bombed once… by my grandma.

    Your grandmother is a terrorist? LOL


  65. She mailed it to herself. End of story!

    We really have no evidence that is true.


  66. Just my opinion 🙂

    I worked with a woman who would send herself flowers just to make her husband jealous. (We all worked for the same company) Whenever she felt he wasn’t paying her enough attention, flowers would arrive with either no card or a card with a mysterious message of affection-but no name. Husband would have a meltdown, profess his love for her, and she would cry and tell him that she had no idea who “was infatuated with her”. She was wacky! But it always got her the response she wanted.


  67. We have no evidence of anything. Just a stupid video rant by a blatant liar. With some blurry props.


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