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Nicole has actually done a thing that she had “planned.”  She started yet another blog.

This is a massive feat.  It took her all of ten minutes, I bet.

But here’s the deal.  She is going to just publish these stories, from people who may remain anonymous, totally unvetted, of supposed mistreatment by Child Protective Services and the court system.

You do realize, don’t you, that just like people in prison, people whose children were taken by Child Protective Services are almost always innocent?  At least, that’s what they claim. That’s why it was very nice to see a commenter on this blog who basically said, “My children were taken and it was the right thing for the state to do, even though it totally sucked for me.”  Hardly anyone ever does that.

So soliciting unvetted “stories” is just asking for lovely fictional accounts to come flooding in.

And exactly what does Nicole think she will accomplish by this (except for the gleaning of people to support her with donations. . . )?  I assure you that nobody in state government is interested in unvetted anonymous stories, especially when poorly written and that involve very long paragraphs and run-on sentences.

However, since Nicole refuses to vet them, I will step up to the plate.

Here’s the first.

13 percent foster care

This is from the entry called Two Kinds of Foster Parents. The writer claims to have been a Kentucky foster parent and says that there are two kinds: those who do it because of the money and those who just love little children.  Guess which sort she was?

However, math is hard.

She says:

. . . in 2006 13% of all children in Kentucky were in foster care.

She continues by asserting that the state of Kentucky gets so damned much money from all these bazillion children in foster care that hell, we don’t need any state taxes.  They just use federal money from foster care to keep the whole entire state running.

click image to link to source

Here are the actual figures from 2006, ten years ago.

The population of children in Kentucky in 2006 was just under a million: 960,255.

The number of children in foster care was 6895.  That six thousand, eight hundred ninety five.

What percent of 960,255 is 6895?  Well, that’s algebra, and Nicole doesn’t do algebra.  Neither do her brain-dead followers, it seems, and neither does the idiot who wrote that silly nonsense.

The correct percentage of children in foster care in Kentucky in 2006 was .718%.

That is point seven one eight, less than one percent.  Not 13%.

I even tried very hard to give this doofus the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe she put a period between the 1 and the 3 and Nicole simply didn’t copy it correctly and the figure she meant to use was 1.3%, but even that is almost two times the real figure.

Thirteen percent of 960,255 is 124,833. Considering that there are only about 400,000 children in the whole entire United States in foster care in any given year (it fluctuates slightly), that would simply be astonishing.

The percentage of children in various states in foster care:

California: 0.6%

Mississippi: 0.432%

Texas: 0.42%

Florida: 0.49%

Indiana: 0.91%

Oopsie. Did you get that?

Indiana had 14, 452 children in foster care on September 30, 2014.  The population under age 18 in Indiana in 2014 was 1,582,360. Do the math. I know it’s hard, but try.

So, just from those few states that I randomly chose and looked up the stats, Kentucky falls in second place, not first place.

But let’s get as current as we can, why don’t we?  Especially since we know of ten kids who live in Kentucky who are not in foster care.

According to the US Census Bureau, there were 1,013,346 children (under age 18) in Kentucky in 2015.  There are 7894 of them in foster care. That’s 0.77%.

These figures fluctuate from year to year, as you can imagine, but not by a whole lot.

Be skeptical of what you read.  Really skeptical.  People are just so full of baloney a lot of the time. The state of Kentucky is not running the entire state based on federal money they get for the tiny number of children who are in foster care.

If the state of Kentucky was really so gung-ho ready to take children away from their parents at the drop of a white bucket full of shit, I know eleven they could grab tomorrow and there would be cheers heard across the land. The fact that they do not tells me that they really don’t want to do this if they can possibly keep from it.  Rather than being overly eager to grab kids, they are, in my personal opinion, too lenient.







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  1. “…and there would be cheers heard across the land.”

    Give credit where it is due. I think we’d hear cheers from at least across the Atlantic too.


  2. They are too leinant. Those children should have never returned until that property was properly cleaned up and they had a much better house. Plus running water.


  3. The numbers may even be smaller if they are including children with active CPS cases whose parents don’ have full custody. The Naugler children would be in that category. They are including children in care of family–which may actually include parents.


  4. Well, on the plus side at least this may show Nicole that they got a golden ticket. Her kids were returned in a matter of weeks, not 24 months. All she had to do to get them back was provide 4 whole walls.

    I wonder how long she’ll interact with the lunatic fringe that she’s invited in. These people won’t give her money, they have their own attorneys and mental health providers to pay for.

    Speaking of mental health providers…. Every person in her family should be in counseling, She talks about how the children suffered, how they were and still are traumatized yet she has done exactly nothing about it outside of bitch on the internet.

    Unplug and parent for once!


  5. Plus running water.

    Well, there is a family near us who didn’t have running water until recently and they were just fine without it. I don’t know that it is an absolute must. However, they should have a reliable source to obtain water. (They seem to have that now, because of the business.) All that running about begging and stealing water was just unacceptable.


  6. But look, you’ve got it wrong, Sally, and I’ll tell you why. You’re using official figures compiled and publicly distributed by the government. You know, the very people who take innocent people’s children. You simply cannot trust anything that comes from the government and can only rely on the facts and figures reported by the totally innocent parents. Like, if you have, let’s say, 10 kids living in a 3-plywood sided, plywood floored uninsulated shed surrounded by stick fences to keep the critters out (unsuccessfully, I might add) and the bad guys (well, they’re bad guys to the parents of said 10 kids) come and take those 10 kids and put them in clean beds with running water, warm clothing and food security, well, hell, that’s 100% of the kids of those aforementioned parents.

    There’s your math, Sally. I know it’s hard but hey, aren’t we (and those 10 – now 11 kids) all getting a wonderful unschooling education that includes math? It’s like the Civil War, you know, the one where the Egyptians fought the Americans until we killed them all. And took their land after we took their kids.


  7. Another blog!! Enough already. I read her blog and the stories and I’m calling BS. I remember when her kids were first taken and all the stories came out about how the government steals babies because they are so pretty and that’s why the Nauglers were taken. Yep they are out looking for blond haired, blue eyed kids to steal.

    It’s pathetic. We only get one side of the story and it’s the part the parents care to share. I don’t believe them. Just like I don’t believe the Nauglers ever had a fourth wall.

    Sally, thanks for the post and all the math. Any thinking person would seriously question an insane percentage of 13% of children in state care. I appreciate that you took the time to break down the actual numbers for us. Too bad her supporters will continue to buy the lies they are fed.

    Nicole, I’m sure you’ll read this. Get off the internet. Forgo electronics for while. Just be present with your kids without your phone. Be a damn mother, it’s the best thing you can do for them. And if you struggle to do it alone then ask for help. True help. Not money but actually mental health help. Your kids deserve it.


  8. Whoa wait a minute! Hasn’t Nicole repeatedly said reports made by people who remain anonymous lack credibility. Anonymous reports are hearsay and not to be trusted? When did that point of view change?


  9. A few years ago, we had something wrong with the hot water heater and it happened on Friday evening so we went all weekend with no water because the pipes to the hot water heater had to be turned off too because of something crazy…I cannot remember. We went to the store and bought a shit load of water for cooking and drinking and then my husband, picked up some very large containers new that he bought at a store and then he drove 2 hours down the mountain to our little farm and filled all those containers with the water from the artisan well….my daughter filled some from their well and he drove back up with enough water to flush the toilet, me to heat for us to wash dishes, me to heat for us to take little bath/showers….and for me to give the cats water…now here’s the deal…we were clean, our house was clean, and no one suffered or shit in a bucket to empty in the yard. I know this is a crazy concept but cleaning can be done with heated on the stove water….anyway, my point is that if N and J put out an effort, they could keep water on their place and keep the kids and the home clean…it requires work but hey….they want to rough it, right?


  10. Let us not forget that as recently as 2013, Kentucky led the nation in a way no one wants. The highest rate of child neglect and abuse deaths anywhere. These children didn’t make it into Foster Care.

    And also, the numbers of children in foster care may see an incline with this recently passed bill where foster care youth at age 18 now have a full year to decide whether to stay in state care until age 21. “Kentucky Youth Advocates successfully advocated for Senate Bill 213 during the 2012 General Assembly which allows foster care youth at age 18 to have a full year to decide whether to stay in the care of the state until they turn 21. Many foster care youth felt the previous time period of six months was not enough time to make this crucial life decision. The bill also changed the name of the process from “recommitting” to “transitional living supports” to take away any negative connotations associated with staying in the care of the state after age 18.”

    Isn’t that the truth, people within CPS intervention are like people in prison. Always innocent. And I would also like to acknowledge a previous commenter, who agreed that CPS should of removed her children and it was the right thing to do. I can’t think of a better character builder, than to admit when you’ve been wrong and own it.

    Yeah, that figure really stood out as incorrect at first read. It sounded too incredible. Good work, Sally, in researching and giving the facts.

    Well perhaps the new blog about victimization will be a sort of group therapy of some sort. But if facts such as this are mispresented, that can be easily looked up and verified before posting a story, it may distort the reader’s ability to believe all the story. And then who benefits from the blog, if credibility is lost?


  11. In my experience the parents who recognized why their children were removed by the state, who took personal responsibility, and worked hard with social services to correct the problems all had their children returned quickly. They also never had their children removed again. With state help their lives improved. Just something to think about.


  12. So, Nicole starts a blog so people can share their CPS stories with her and in turn her followers. Yet this is a woman who has been deceptive, manipulated truths and actively withheld information about their own case with Cps? Right, makes absolute sense to waste even more time pursuing another vanity blog. She’s looking for fame not to help people. I would also question the validity of these accounts and where they have come from. Copied and pasted from other forums? Completely made up? Who knows.


  13. So she started a new blog for bad parents to cry victim? Hey Nikki show me who you run with and we’ll show you who you are. … Just say’n


  14. And let’s not forget the tidy little proffitt the Naugs made from their kids being removed (45,000). Yet they still want to cry victim.
    Hell most days I’d give you my kids for 50.00.


  15. Looks like Sally did her homework again and Nicole didn’t as usual.

    But lets be fair and give Nicole the benefit of a doubt.
    Maybe she and Joe will take a copy of all those stories to the F.B.I ( wink, wink ) since they care so much and get Child Protective Services in big, big… troubles.

    LMAO, That little nut case just can’t stop can she ?


  16. So NicNaug thinks that more than 1 out of every 10 kids are in foster care, and that there’s endless funding for this. Money grows on trees. It must since there’s no need for taxes to pay for all that babysitting of other people’s kids. Uh huh. Right.

    Thank goodness CPS exists. I found out from a friend of mine that the oldest daughter, older teen, of a family near her called CPS for help, and all of the kids were taken away. Without CPS, those kids would still be Naugler-level neglected. But because CPS exists, the daughter was able to reach out for help, and their mother is in jail now. This is a new case that’s been in the news. CPS didn’t take the kids for fun. They did it because that daughter couldn’t handle her life anymore. Other people called, including my friend, but it took a kid calling for help. Does that sound like CPS racing to take kids away?


  17. So far she has shared 2 stories. I have to say, there will be no shortage of things to talk about. Like this for example, the reason they took the child in the first place was because there was a space heater in the bathroom…what? She will get tired of it quickly, it’s not all about her. I give it a week.


  18. While I think N’s motivation for starting her testimonial blog is to clear her own name and provide evidence that parents who lose custody of their children are not at fault and that it’s a conspiracy by the state to garner money from the federal government for these kids that they “kidnap,” I don’t think she has the critical thinking skills necessary to discern between what makes a good testimonial. For instance, the contributor whose children were removed because of child care issues doesn’t garner sympathy from me at all because she not only lost custody of her children in KY but also in NV and it happened not once, or twice but four times. She blames everyone else for the removal and not herself: it was the baby sitter and not her choice of child care providers that she blamed. The first baby left alone by the baby sitter. By the way, the mother and not the sitter spent 30 days in jail for leaving the child alone…Then there’s the paternal grandmother who allegedly lies about how long she has had the second child so they take that child; the second and third child were taken because the baby sitter didn’t make it to the hospital to watch the middle child while she had her C-section for baby 3; by the way, they took the newborn too. Finally, child 2 and 3 are removed after the mother falls asleep and the middle child runs away…the reason, mom says, that CPS took the children is because when the cops brought the child home, the fiancé’s mother who lived in the front part of the house was a very bad housekeeper. None of the reasons the woman lost her children were her fault sort of like N….not her fault.

    If I lost my children to social service one time, I think I would learn from it like the poster here who said it was her fault, and it was a wake up call, and she learned from her mistakes. However, N’s poster had four run-ins with social service. In all my years as a parent, I have never had one instance where social service contacted me. Wait, I take that back; a few years ago, I was shopping with a friend at a local Wal-mart, and we witnessed a child being beaten by a man we thought was the child’s father. Without thinking, I intervened and tried to stop the beatings (the boy wasn’t even old enough to walk on his own and the ass hole was hitting him while the child was sitting in the shopping cart and the poor little thing couldn’t even get into a defensive position. The man drew back his hand to hit me and I said, bring it on…I will press charges you low life mf…my friend had called 911 and a few men in the parking lot came to my defense…the cops came, they interviewed the man and found out he was the boyfriend of the child’s mother…the child was taken by CPS and they took my name as did the cops and I was contacted a few days later as a witness against the abuser. BTW, the mother was in the car and didn’t defend her baby….I really wanted the child to have a happily ever after and for the mother to get her shit together, but after court, the social worker said both the boyfriend and the mother tested positive for meth and that the mother had other kids in the system and was pregnant again and tested positive for meth…can you believe that shit? This happened about five years back, and the little boy is still in foster care. His foster parents have a couple of his siblings and I visit him often. I sort of feel responsible for him. His mother visits him a few times a year and promises him she is getting her shit together. She is the kind of person who would blame me and not herself for her children being removed. N would see this situation as an instance of someone interfering in a family situation….and she would probably put this story on her blog as an instance of testimonial for her cause…. I remember reading where N said if she saw a neighbor beating his or her child, she would not report them….WTF. Who doesn’t want to protect children….I wouldn’t intervene if the mother or father was reasonably disciplining their child; although, I don’t believe people should hit children, I do realize some parents do swat their kids–that’s not beating: I know the difference.


  19. Blessed Little Blog,

    If I may post this here. There is a new page under construction that will be addressing the importance of a safe and nurturing environment for children. It will be looking at the role everyone has in such an environment. It will be examining our current situation, as well as, changes, innovations and ideas to further the cause.

    I can’t say whether she will post positive stories, but we will. Please see the new Facebook magazine titled ” A Voice For Our Families “. Everyone is welcome to post, with the proviso that it be a civil discussion that adds to the importance of recognizing the rights of children to a safe and nurturing environment.


  20. NN has shared a photo of a public display that is promoting the motto “only cowards carry” with sputtering disbelief. It’s originally shared by another page also full of shocked and outraged people. What they don’t realise is how totally US-centric they all are. It’s actually a bit funny. They also don’t realise that the campaign is from the UK, is aimed at youngsters and is focused entirely on weapons like knives and hammers. There’s a huge problem with knives and young people there. The issues are not associated even slightly with US 2nd amendment issues. But of course for people around whom the world revolves, this would never even be a fleeting thought. http://www.onlycowardscarry.org/weapons-awareness/


  21. I am sitting here in utter disbelief and disgust as her newest page has a cover photo of Adolf Hitler….WTF?!!


  22. I grew up in Kentucky, my extended family was fairly dysfunctional. My father is 1 of 6 children and I have 2nd cousins the same age as me since his 3 sisters were all teen moms. There were 5 generations when my grandmother passed. I can count on 1 hand how many of us have custody of our children. But none of the children were/are technically in foster care. Every single time they were placed with family, some straight from the hospital without notice. I disagree with this completely as I’ve watched the next generation turn out the same as the previous, not necessarily the same issue but not any better either. The cycle just continues. My friend took in another friend’s son for a few months as a “kinship” placement to prevent him from going into the system. I’m not sure how those types of placements are reported and if they receive the same type of monetary support from the state.


  23. Just in the first blush, I’m not convinced otherwise, CPS intervention was a necessary and none too soon. Both in the new blog testimonies and of course with the Naugler children.

    Perhaps it’s a numbers thing. Sooner or later there might be that one case where CPS got it all wrong.


  24. Nicole and Joe were, and do remain, nothing more than vaguely successful and strung out con-artists. This latest blog of Nicole’s is just another effort at con-artistry. The premise and brand of BLH is that Nicole and Joe are wholesome back-to-basics types who are competent homesteaders. That is the brand of the deception on that blog. I say deception because I take one look at the blog’s pictures and conclude that they are not only not homesteaders, they are careless and allergic to work (aka it is not a virtue for homesteaders or anyone to leave tools out to rust in the mud).

    This latest blog’s brand is Nicole the freedom fighter. She is now deliberately off to reinvigorate her slumping “views” and grifting income by appealing to people who want to rail against CPS or any other organ of government. There will be plenty of those people for a while (it will drop off again because they will realize that they are giving her money that they don’t have and it does nothing to help them). She probably won’t feature Joe much because there are dead few people who would want to identify with him. If she and Joe had not, by their constant irresponsible gratification, incurred the responsibility for 11 children this would be nothing more than a silly side show.


  25. I saw the lady’s post about her kids being taken for a while and how she realized it was for the best at that time and it made me want to share my story. Let me just say that I do believe that in some states, or specifically cities, CPS may need to be restructured and I think mainly it has to do with the fact that social workers have extremely high case loads. In my state, there is a dire need for fosters AND they’ve lowered the standards for CPS workers because there just aren’t enough (meaning you no longer need a college degree).

    That said, I have had a personal experience with CPS. And this is one reason why I really question many of the stories I see.

    My husband and I have four kids. When our youngest was around 7 months old, my husband foolishly placed our son in his bumbo chair on the counter (which you should never, ever do for the following reason..). My son then wiggled a bit and I turned around just as the bumbo fell to the floor. I rushed to him. He was scared and startled but seemed fine.

    A few hours later, we noticed it hurt when he moved his leg so I decided to take him to the ER. When we got there, they did an xray and saw nothing so I thought.. whew, he’s fine. The xray tech said he was convinced there was more so they did another xray and found he had a tiny fracture in his leg. I was shocked. At that point, the doctor came in and told me he had to report me to CPS. I immediately felt the fear of god, for lack of a better term. I was scared shitless. They put a temporary cast on him and sent us home.

    In the hospital parking lot, I get my first call from the caseworker. She says she isn’t sure what she wants to do. She decides to send us to the children’s hospital. I didn’t know then that they were sending us to an abuse specialist. I was really scared but she assured me they weren’t trying to take my baby.

    We get there and they take us back to a room. I felt like a criminal. I also felt like at any moment, my baby would be taken.

    To make a long story short, I was questioned by many people. They then took my son for another xray – a skeletal survey, to make sure he had not been abused. He was fine. The doctor said the fracture was honestly small and that it matched with all the details I gave. They were actually sympathetic to me once I had been “cleared” and they gave me a bigger carseat to accomodate his temporary leg brace. We were referred to get a permanent cast and the doctor told me he’d talk to CPS. After seven hours, we were released. I made it home an hour later and received a call from the caseworker stating that was it, we were cleared and could go on with our lives. Really, simple as that.

    It was intense but at the same time, I am glad it happened. People were protecting my son, who couldn’t speak for himself. The system worked as it was supposed to.

    I read stories of babies having 20 plus fractures (and no OI or other medical conditions) and the parents claim innocence. Being that I have experienced this myself, it’s easy to spot BS.

    Lastly, I’m part of fostering organization and word from veteran foster parents is that the main issues from CPS are that CPS doesn’t do enough to keep kids from their abusers and that they have a lot of trouble getting funds for needed expenses. Kind of the opposite of what the scare mongers would have you believe.


  26. We apologize. We did not know that just a few hours later Nicole Naugler would create a Facebook page to mimic our Facebook Magazine. The blog writer kindly added a link at the bottom right hand corner of this blog so that you will not inadvertently go to the mimic page (at the moment easily distinguishable by the photograph of Adolph Hitler as the cover).

    Once again we apologize for any inconvenience. We really would love to hear from you about your experiences, thoughts and opinions. Your privacy will be protected to the best of our ability.

    Just a note: today we were granted permission for two interviews within the court system. Hopefully those will be done and posted within the next two weeks.

    Thank you again for considering this important topic.


  27. @A voice….I won’t flatter myself by thinking she “reads” this blog(insert sarcasm here) …BUT..after I made the comment that I was disgusted by the fact that her cover photo was Adolf Hitler….it was replaced by a flower….she also believes that you are a “troll” and are mocking her efforts to help the less fortunate…


  28. The photo of Hitler was replaced with a flower because the photo of Hitler was removed by Facebook!


  29. Nonamenecessary: a friend of mine had a similar experience. She’s a wonderful mother, but her baby wriggled out of her arms and got a big goose egg on his head. She was embarrassed and scared. CPS did a home visit, realized she is a good parent, and she hasn’t ever had another visit!


  30. Sally – this year – the number of children in OOHC has consistently stayed right around 8,000. It is heartbreaking. We don’t have nearly enough quality foster homes. Oh and on a different note – the system is changing – there are amazing efforts to insure that all foster parents in the state are trained and uphold the standards of Trauma Informed Parenting. In addition the new Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standard which is a part of the Sex Trafficking law signed by the president in 2014 will be completely in effect as of November of this year. No system is perfect. But there are REALLY good changes being made.


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