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Nicole has been on a rampage the last couple of days. Tomorrow is a court date and she generally does get sort of peeved right before court, so it’s not surprising.

This is her screen shot of a commenter named “Carl.”  Carl is doing a bit of truth-telling here.

I know from personal experience that making a negative comment about the Nauglers, even on a page that isn’t theirs, will get you a visit on Facebook from Joe [that’s exactly what happened to me], or a message sent using a fake name calling your child a “dead junkie”, or some sort of backlash.

And while I couldn’t care less, lots of people get really upset when somebody stalks their Facebook page for no reason at all other than some random less-than-totally-supportive remark someplace.

But Nicole is busy explaining to everyone how harassed she is, so Carl spoke out of turn.

carl 2

Carl got banned.  Not for that remark, which Nicole thought so important that she screen shot it and posted it, but for other remarks.  I have no idea what they might have been.

What is amazing is that “Charles” the fake chimes in to explain why somebody with a fake profile was banned.

Yes, Angela, people are in fact afraid of the “consequences” of posting on Nicole’s pages.


I am tossing this one in because it’s just so silly.

Nicole does not have “45,000 followers.”  What Nicole has is 45,000 “likes” on a Facebook “like” page.

When the story went viral (as Joe and Nicole hoped it would, because donations), lots of people went over to the BLB Facebook page and clicked “like.”  Clicking “like” does not mean you actually approve of the page. Clicking “like” just means you’re interested in it for right now, today, and you might want to follow the story for a while.

Hardly anyone ever “unlikes” a page unless they get peeved for some reason. Mostly what happens is that you click “like,” and then you visit the page a few times over the next few weeks and then you lose interest and the page gets buried in your “liked” page list.

I just checked mine.  I have “liked” 492 pages. I do not follow the overwhelming majority of those.  I bet I don’t actually follow 30 of them. The rest just sort of sit in “like” page limbo.

Facebook knows this.  They know that I never visit “Jilly Coppercorn’s Curiosities.”  Whatever in the hell is that and why did I “like” it in the first place?  I do not remember.

Anyway, since I haven’t visited Jilly in the last who knows how long, Facebook does not put Jilly’s updates on my feed.  I never see them. And that’s how it will remain until and unless I either visit Jilly or remove her.

The only way you really see stuff from “like” pages is if you actually participate on the page. You have to go there, or “like” a comment, or post something.

Nicole knows this.  She gets stats for her pages. She knows that 45,000 people do not read her shit. The figure is probably closer to a few hundred. So this statement from the elusive helper “S” is incorrect and Nicole knows it is incorrect. Yet Nicole reiterates that what “S” says is right.

And then Nicole tells us that we don’t know everything that goes on behind the scenes.  Poor us.

Well, Nicole doesn’t know everything that goes on “behind the scenes” here, either.  For example, we hauled 3000 pounds of bamboo flooring into our house yesterday.  Lots of things go on “behind the scenes.”

But of course, Nicole wants everyone to think that 45,000 people are waiting impatiently to hear what wonderful words of wisdom she will post next, or to see the newest (or possibly recycled) baby picture, or which cop she is now angry with.

face to face

Oh, Nicole, you are so wrong.

I do not use a sock account. I have never done that.  I have never posted a single word on any of your pages and almost none on any of the critics’ pages.  I say what I have to say right here. I use my real name.

And I will go further than that.

I am willing to meet you for lunch any time you like. You name the place. I will buy your lunch. Bring that deadbeat dumbass Joe if you like. No kids.

We can talk face-to-face.

We can compare statistics and see who has “growth.” (What in the hell does that mean, anyway?)

We can see who is a coward.



22 thoughts on “Face to Face”

  1. She won’t meet you for lunch. She has “plans” to work on. Joe? Well we know he never showed up to meet that other local fella that offered months ago to meet and talk things out. He said he would be there but even the temptation of greasy, delicious diner food wasn’t enough to fade his yellow.


  2. So how many Whoppers will JoJo eat in one sitting if you’re buyin’? Maybe offer a 12 pack of cold boys (Milwaukee’s Best) if you’re serious.


  3. “The only way you really see stuff from “like” pages is if you actually participate on the page. You have to go there, or “like” a comment, or post something.”

    I have a question. Since she has banned anyone who won’t kiss her ass or ask legitimate questions, is she not screwing up her own audience because those who did “like” her page, and want to “engage” cannot. Who in their right mind would sabotage their own page?


  4. I get a kick out of how one day, Nicole fears for their lives, and the next day she’s a Barney Badass. She just can’t make up her mind. Or keep track of what bullshit she has told on any given day. I guess it all depends on what and how much they need donated, since her lazy ass husband refuses to get a job. I liked her page in the beginning. Not because I wanted to be some devote leghumper, or because I give a crap about homesteading or the ebil gubmint kidnapping children because they have it in for some wilderness folks who like shitting in buckets. I liked it because after hearing her ridiculous screeching on that audio, I just had to see where that enormous level of crazy was coming from. I unliked it after a week. One can only tolerate a hot day at the zoo for so long. One friend of mine still has it liked, but she has no interest in the train wreck. I doubt she has been back to that mess since the day she “liked” it. I’m betting about 44,950 are the same. Nicole gives herself way too much credit. It’s quite comical. As for her ridiculous rants about fake profiles, I just lol. The only accomplishment I’ll give Joe and Nicole any credit for, is being able to remember multiple different passwords.


  5. Make the meeting at Hardee’s. How can they resist free Hardee’s?Oh and let me know the date. I will be more than happy to be at that meeting.


  6. Oh I have no problem at all coming face to face with Nicole.

    Some that know me and have talked to me know that my plans are to walk in her shop some day. I will do it but will go with protection in hand. Legal protection and it does not require a permit or purchase of anything to go with it.

    I am willing to bet she would not even know it is me. I am willing to bet that she gets all sweet and thinks business is coming her way.

    When I do it I will be sure to let every one know. Hell if my phone is cooperating I might even video or audio it. LMAO would that not be the nuts having proof that I was there.

    I want to go to her shop to prove a point that she thinks she knows all the trolls when she does not really know them much at all. It could be tomorrow (oh wait court date tomorrow shop will be closed and it is closed on Wednesday) so maybe with in a week, or a month or several months. Hell it might even be a year. I will not tip when I am doing it will just do it.


  7. I have often offered to meet them. Despite the fact that Joe once agreed and failed to show.

    Probably spinning your wheels Sally. They’ll agree to save face and never show up.

    Should they agree, please let me know. If my schedule allows I will be happy to attend. (unlike Joe, I have a job. Masters of my time and life. I’m still a cog in the machine of statism) Happy to attend to confirm or dispel their spin.

    I’ll buy your lunch!


  8. Nicole knows she is not mature enough to meet and have a civilised lunch with you. I would be pleasantly surprised if she accepts your invitation.


  9. I never “Like” FB pages. If it is an open page, I just visit it. Exactly what I do with BLH. I would never give my approval to BLH by liking it. There are many, many pages you can comment on now without following or liking, even personal pages.

    There have been many, many times that I would love to leave a comment on either the BLH or NN page. But I won’t. Ever. Because my comment won’t be one of kissing Nicole’s ass and telling her how beautiful and intelligent her children are. Or praising her for giving such a wonderful childhood to those poor 11 kids. Or exclaiming how she is living my off-grid dream.

    Even if I word my comment in an intelligent manner, a personal opinion…Nicole would scream, “Troll”!! Because my comment might cause other people to also comment about the real truth in the situation that the Nogs have caused themselves to be in. It isn’t worth having my FB page stalked, my friends stalked, my employer called etc.
    Who does those kind of things? Nicole and Joe Naugler, that is who.

    Anyone who doesn’t agree with you, Nicole (because we all know you read here) is a Troll.
    Get over yourself.


  10. I’m in Kentucky and would love to join you, Sally, when Nicole agrees to lunch. Since she’s so brave and would be meeting with two senior citizens? Two *female* senior citizens. Wednesday’s are her day off. I can schedule the day to make a drive north if you wouldn’t mind my joining.

    Nicole. This is also my real name. I was banned from your BLH for conversing with Lori and Valerie. I wasn’t rude nor nasty. I was speaking the truth as I saw it. You allowed it until it began to sound like they agreed with me. I never made the first post on your NCN page, I don’t give two shits what you say on that page because it reflects on you, not your family. Your behavior on BLH reflects on your entire family and the only ones allowed to be nasty are you and your lapdogs. Your leg-humpers. Lordy, I’d hate to be called anyone’s “leg-humper” but that’s exactly what your ‘fans’ are. The regulars have their nose so far up your ass, and you are so full of shit, your eyes and their noses have to be brown.

    Get down off your “Big Bad” high-horse, Nicole. And meet Sally and guests for lunch, okay? Or just Sally without an entourage. I’m good with that. I also believe with my whole heart that Sally will say to your face anything that she’s said here. And you’re gonna say it all to Sally’s face, too, aren’t ya?


  11. I’m not in Kentucky but I would come to the peace conference. I volunteer to mediate.
    Great excuse to enjoy the beautiful countryside and meet those gnarly locals. Sounds like everyone is up for detente.
    I’m in for the lunch tab and there’s $25 from me to send those kids to buy Slushies and other goodies.


  12. If Nicole agrees (she might) and comes (very unlikely) I have this very strange, Mystery Science Theater 3000 scene in my head. It consists of Sally dining, politely, yet distinctly stating what abject fails and rudenesses Nicole has showered upon all, facing an obnoxious recording smartphone. Now and then a morsel of food disappears behind the smartphone. Then rapid, frantic speech erupts from the vicinity of the cellphone. All of the normal people in the restaurant look and wonder what is going on. Tom and Crow would have a field day.


  13. I would imagine the lunch date would kinda go like when Al invited Joe to lunch….never happened, never will. Those two are a bunch of blowhards, blah blah blah. They’re made for each other all talk no action, just like their plans.

    Oh by the way Nicole (since I know you read the blog), I said quite a few things to your face on your page, with my real profile. I’ll say it again, you suck as a human. What truly matters is not what we see on the outside, but what is brewing inside. You called another woman’s child a dead junkie. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a mother who called her stepson mentally ill (seriously, this makes you a certified vile ©unt). Pot meet kettle, your own mental illness is so apparent. You are not firing on all cylinders (your car probably isn’t either, y’all run everything into the ground and don’t take care of shit). I would suggest you stop acting like you are a baddass, wait.. no, I take it back, it’s amusing to read. We all get a good laugh at your expense.


  14. Not in Kentucky but would love to meet NN face to face.. She is as fake & 2 faced as they come.


  15. Sally, you missed your chance. She went to Hardee’s with out you.

    Anyone else think the Hardee’s employees are tired of seeing her and her dreadful locks?


  16. LMAO
    I knew she would come and read. Damn that was too easy.

    She was the one that requested that people come to her face to face.

    Nicole stop being a dumb ass. My protection could in no way be concealed. It would be right in the open for all to see standing right next to me. And it is not illegal in any way any one can own one with out any special permits or licenses.

    I feel special that she had to do a blog on me. Very special. LMAO

    To Nome – HIPPA only pertains to medical information and only to those that are giving the care to the person, billing for care given or getting paid for care given. You need to educate yourself on what HIPPA is really all about.


  17. I don’t know who’s crazier…NicJoe or Nome. I’m thinking all 3 need to lay off of the wacky weed and consider Haldol.


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