These are strange bedfellows, indeed.

Nicole, meet Cathy. She claims to have been sexually abused by almost every male person she has ever known.  She’s a pretty liberal Democrat (her political views are probably the only common ground that exists between us).

Cathy, meet Nicole. She called CPS to report her stepson for supposed sexual abuse of his cousin (I think it was his cousin), yet refuses to believe the same stepson who accused her husband of sexually abusing him. And you know, kids don’t lie about sexual abuse, now, do they?

I think you two should get together and have a nice conversation about Alex.

Oh, and that crap with Cathy carrying on about how I was abused as a child is something she and Camille and Linda Fossen tried repeatedly. I’ve heard it before. They’re nuts.

But moving on.

Not 6 years, Nicole, you idiot.

I thought I might have some trouble trying to show when I actually started the Romancing site, but Cathy and the Manhaters came to my rescue.

For the record, Beth had nothing whatever to do with Romancing. She was never an administrator, she never wrote a single word of it, she participated by making comments only once that I remember, when Linda Fossen wanted to have it out with her and I provided the blog as a place for them to do that.  It was short-lived.

Romancing began, as the Manhaters mention above, as a static website.  I added the blog portion a few months later, at first as an experiment, and then made it permanent.

I paid for Romancing out of my own pocket, always. I was offered financial help by a few people (but not Richard Harris, or Bob Jones University, or anyone like that), and refused. I refused because I wanted to keep total control over what went on there. I didn’t want a committee running it.

That’s not because I am a control freak. It’s because I watched the various Facebook pages turn into sandbox fights and wanted to get away from that. I also was concerned in the beginning, since I had zero experience at this, about legalities and I only wanted to be responsible for myself and not somebody else.

I paid for it out of my own pocket and always have.  It expires next month and will come down.

This website is mine also, of course.

And here are the bills.

You will notice the beginning date – 12/15/ 2015.  That’s the date this blog began. Romancing was about a year and half old at that time, and the Romancing blog was around a year old.

Let me explain what all that shit is, starting at the top and coming down.

The hosting plan is what I pay to iPage to actually house the blog. It lives there, on their server.

The WP upgrade is extra service I pay for regarding WordPress, which is the software I use to generate this blog.  When it gets fucked up, I can call iPage and they fix it.  That’s a very good thing, because having to fix it yourself is horrible. You can look online and find stuff, but generally that consists of “Find the correntia.exp file in the fillupoint area and open it, using extremis.exe.  Change the sixth line from x84nswogh.pch to x8e3kdh.pch.” I usually manage to find the appropriate file, but then discover that line 6 does not say that at all, but instead says wothgathica.pcp and then I just cry. So paying a little guy to do it for me is worth every penny.

Sitelock is security software which keeps hackers out.

Site backup is just what it says. If all goes to hell, all is not lost. I also pay a few more dollars annually for a second backup service because I am totally anal.

Domain privacy keeps people from getting my phone number, among other types of information.

You’ll notice, if you know anything about web sites, that there is no fee for the domain name (blessedlittleblog.com). That’s because they were running a deal where if you bought hosting, you got the domain name for free.  They were also running a very big sale on hosting, as you can see. That is very cheap for three years of service.

There were about five people who helped me pay for this.  Take those figures, add them up and divide by five. That’s how much it cost each of us, approximately. Call that “collusion” if you want. I don’t care.  They helped because at that point, my husband was ready to kill me if I bought any more websites (at the time, I owned five and had about 12 domain names – remember, I manage Nathan’s music).


And here is the bill for 2016. The only addition is that the domain name (.com renew) is no longer free, but costs $17/year.

I paid this bill myself with no help from anyone. One person offered to help me pay for it, but I told that person to donate the money to the Ranch instead.

I just added all that up.  This blog is costing me, out of my own pocket, about $11/month, give or take, depending on whether they run a sale or not. We do not have cable television at our house. We pay $48/month for internet access, at the highest speed the company offered, and that’s a deal which we get because they put a repeater device on our house so that the signal could be broadcast to some of our neighbors who live down in the hollows. This is really not a big deal. It’s just about what a lot of people pay for HBO.

But she recently combined them as she is paying to market it.

What in the hell does that even mean?  Joe and Nicole keep saying this, and I have no idea what they are talking about. I am not “marketing” anything (unless you count my shameless plugs for the Ranch).  There are no ads on this blog.  The only one is the one I made myself for the Ranch.

I combined them because I had three fucking blogs and it was ridiculous. I was paying for all three of them and that made no sense at all.  I had written nothing whatever on the Romancing site in something like 8 months, and considered just letting it expire and die and go away.  But Cathy reared her ugly little head with this new story and I decided to archive it all instead.

You think that money goes to charity. Only some of it. The rest goes into her malicious obsession.

What “rest”?  Please show me. What is she talking about?

What she’s accusing me of is stealing.  She’s saying that I’m only telling you all about part of the money I’m getting for the Ranch and I’m pocketing some of it to pay for the blog.  This is simply not true.

I send a copy of every single order I get (a screen shot right from Paypal) to Debra as I get them, and I email the person who donated.  Debra is keeping a ledger.  She knows exactly who donated, what their address is, what sort of troll they asked for and how much money was involved.

Periodically, we total up how many trolls are involved and I send her the shipping charges.

Debra is donating all the materials for these figures.  She’s buying it all herself.

I tell you what is going on here.

Way back in 2015, Joe and Nicole had a GoFundMe.  They collected a huge amount of money, more than $45,000. They then blew through all that money in a matter of a few months.  Nicole never accounted for a dime of it to anyone.

They made great “plans” for the money. They made a big list of all the things they needed money for, remember?  A new van. Laptops for all the kids. None of that stuff ever appeared.

Nicole thinks that everyone handles money the way she does.

When she calls me a thief, she’s saying more about herself than she is about me.





17 thoughts on “Expenses”

  1. Nicole bought me on sale, Sally.

    I think it’s not fair to say that the money was wasted or accounted for –

    It was completely even and especially, utterly wasted.



  2. You don’t have to be one of her genius leg humpers to figure this one out. She is pissed that: (1) the most recent GFM was a failure; (2) that people will donate generously to send someone else’s children to camp, instead of sending money to her to squander; and, (3) that she can’t show Sally up by pointing out all of the wonderful things that she is doing for the betterment of the community.

    I’m guessing that altruism isn’t in the #unschooling vocabulary.


  3. I have a picture in my mind of Nicole, hanging off the side of a cliff. The tips of her fingers straining to hold on to the edge. Her feet swinging trying to gain leverage on a ledge that isn’t there. She is panicking knowing she can’t rise above the edge. Grasping. Keep on grasping.


  4. Charles I recall her saying something about putting a fence aroud the algae infested sludge pond, did that ever happen or is that where the poor animals end up as a final resting place.. Put the crack pipe down


  5. 2 Thoughts…
    1. We have a saying in our house. “You spot it you got it”
    I have SEEN posts in my news feed from BLH that said “sponsored” on several occasions. I wish I would have taken a screen shot. She is projecting and that is all it is. It’s very clear that this blog is not monetized. I even asked Sally once why she diddnt monitize it and give the money to charity and she kindly explained.

    2. There is something really bugging me that N. said in the last live feed. She was talking about how busy they have been and she said….”They have a new baby”(referring to JAcob and Faith) and “We HAVE a new baby”. She did not correct herself and just continued on with her thought. I am not even going to repeat the dark thoughts that went through my mind when she said we HAVE a new baby. Perhaps it was a slip, perhaps she is in denial. No clue, but it has been bugging me ever since. I can’t even begin to imagine the grief one would feel after losing a newborn, I just hope she is actually grieving and not pretending it diddnt happen.


  6. A few short days ago, NN posted a pic of baby William from NILMDTS, which was heartbreaking. Since then, oh my!

    For someone in the throes of such terrible grief over the loss of her beloved child, she has been like a rabid dog this week in her attacks. She has been more aggressive (I would actually say “vicious” is the more appropriate word) this week than I can recall seeing in over two years of watching this shitshow.

    Why? (I understand that “anger” is one of the stages of grief, but this just seems odd and misplaced.) What has Nicker’s knickers/denim skirt in such a wad at you, Sally? The court date? Did the hospital bill arrive? The GFM only fund one trip to Golden Corral?

    She seems to be unraveling, rapidly and severely. More than ever, I fear for those children.


  7. When she calls me a thief, she’s saying more about herself than she is about me.

    Truer words have never been spoken, Sally.

    The fact that her mind goes there….says a lot. We’ve seen dozens of photos of your and Deb’s lives…your houses, rich with an abundance of comfort and craftsmanship. It’s obvious from photos that both of you have serious domestic talents, that your pantries are full, and that your material needs are more than met. It’s also clear from photos that you both work very hard for what you have, and that you’re generous with friends, neighbors, and others you love. It makes sense….from what we know about both of your characters….that you’d do this project for kids.

    A big part of why the troll sale has been such a success, is that you have a reputation for being fair, straight forward, and honest. I know there have been times you’ve corrected posters here….in Nicole’s favor…because you felt it was the right/fair and honest thing to do. Regardless of if I’ve always agreed….I’ve always thought it showed great integrity. I respect the hell out of that. I trust you because of it.


  8. Grasping at straws, damn! Anger consumes her, and those picturesque sunsets aren’t quelling it!

    It’s just soo obvious now, even for the casual observer, to notice that something is “off” at Blessed Little Homestead. Her own posts are the evidence – no pages needed!

    But I think a number of people come to her defense regardless, because she is “off”. Be it overburdened, mentally ill, or both, she has these 10 children to provide for and as such, it is so easy to feel sorry for her, what with the dead baby, dirty children, and a shed for a home – that is, from the perspective of a rando Facebook follower. Women are predisposed to come to her aid and defense.

    Oh, I can only hope her children get as much time away from the negativity – the contentious aura that obviously follows her everywhere. She needs rehab – time away from her phone. I mean, the woman puts her iphone – nay, her pacifier – first. Her pacifier and weapon of choice are one and the same thing – gross!

    I don’t think anyone took this post of hers seriously, Sally. Common sense screams, something doesn’t add up. Even then, those who do whole-heartedly believe them, couldn’t add up the math, anyway.


  9. Way back in 2015, Joe and Nicole had a GoFundMe. They collected a huge amount of money, more than $45,000. They then blew through all that money in a matter of a few months. Nicole never accounted for a dime of it to anyone.

    This continues to puzzle me. I just can’t figure out where all the money went. I know that she and Joe ran like scared rabbits away from the homestead when the children were taken by CPS. Heaven forbid they stay there all by themselves and do the work the children normally do. So they spent money on a motel/hotel. Still, no way that racked up anywhere close to $45,000.

    I know they finally caved in and got the smallest, probably close to cheapest shed they could buy to provide four walls and a floor, in order to get CPS to return their under age workers to them. I believe the cost was less than $10,000.

    But where did the rest of it go? What was it spent on? Not on raised beds so they could grow fresh vegetables. Not on getting proper septic and indoor plumbing. Not on actual beds for their children. Not on maintaining their vehicles. Not on building an actual cabin.

    Their remaining fans are people who aren’t particularly intelligent. They also happen to be people who don’t have a lot of spare money to give to Nicole and Joe – so too bad for them this time around. What does a rat do when cornered? Turn and bare its teeth. That’s all Nicole is doing – trying desperately to get out of that corner she’s found herself in, but refusing to acknowledge that she and Joe brought this on themselves. So she lashes out. This latest screed is just so much hot air.
    It’s unsustainable.


  10. where all the money went.

    Well, they spent $900 on a chain saw worth about $400. They spent two months living in a motel, and we have to assume, eating out. And they paid a lawyer. Or at least, I presume they paid the lawyer. Due to multiple appearances in court, I would assume that she had trouble maintaining a regular working schedule, so perhaps their income suffered pretty dramatically.

    They bought the garden shed, and I assume paid cash for it.

    Oh, and there were several hundred dollars worth of fireworks.

    I know that still doesn’t add up to well over $45,000.


  11. I caught the “We have a new baby” line too. I really hope it was just a slip and not some heavy denial.


  12. This is just my thoughts and obviously we will never truly know what these imbeciles wasted 45,000 on. I think they’ve been using what money they didn’t blow on fireworks and hotel stays on day to day life. There’s just no way I can imagine they are able to pay for gas for their shit van/generator, pay phone bills, feed all those kids (plus Joe’s ample ass, although I’m sure he gets the biggest portions) and pay for his weed habit with a groomer’s salary. Especially a groomer who is rarely booked and spends so much time on her phone fighting trolls during business hours. I also wonder if that money wasn’t used to pay for all those nice upgrades to their on grid shop. Again, a groomer’s salary just wouldn’t cover much.


  13. BLB 23 OCT 2016

    Some have asked what the GFM went to. A quick breakdown, I don’t have exact numbers but $45,000 was raised. GFM took around $4,000. We spent $3,000 on fencing material and some building supplies in the very beginning. We spent $1,000 on a dumpster and clean up day. We spent another $4,000 on tools, equipment, more materials etc. We bought a van $3500 plus repairs $800. We bought the “garden shed” $9,000. We spent about $2,000 on insulation and walls. We spent about $3500 on bedding and such, clothing and other items for the for the children. We lived on the rest for the months of May -October to supplement the salon income. The attorney was paid for with additional funds, as was the motel stay. For our safety we were advised to be out of the county as much as possible. Joe went to the homestead daily to check on animals and take care of things. We often had court, visitation and other meetings, this resulted in a lot of travel and we spent time together  at the homestead on those days, but not much. If you have never had all 10 of your children taken, you can’t even begin to assume how we felt, or the emotional state we were in being at an empty home. Being pregnant and extra emotional, it was in my unborn child’s best interest to focus on other things.

    This was one of her “explanations” as to where the GFM money went.


  14. Hey, speaking of expenses (or saving a penny only to have to spend a dime – or thousands of dollars), here’s a quote for Nicole regarding the events of late July:

    Lord Farquaad – “Some of you may die – but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.”

    In the meantime, please consider this option! Although I wish he would try injecting super glue into his vas deferens.



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