Evil Kitty

I had no idea what this was about. It’s obviously one of Nicole’s attempts to diss somebody obliquely.

She wasn’t at a playground.

She was snooping about on Facebook.

And she found this.

Watch carefully, because if you don’t, you’ll miss it.

Evil Kitty follows Debra Whitehouse’s daughter around like a puppy dog.  She goes to the beach with them.  One day, in fact, she disappeared when they were getting ready to go to the beach, and when they arrived, she met them.

I would like to know something, though.

What makes Nicole (and that lunatic alter-ego, Charles) believe that Debra did not clean up after her cat?  There is nothing in that video that would suggest otherwise.  And in fact, she did.  She always does.

Unlike the woman whose whole family shits in buckets and then dumps it in the bushes.  Really.

If you like Evil Kitty, you’ll love her Facebook page. Go check it out.

But I’ll let Evil Kitty have the last word.


37 thoughts on “Evil Kitty”

  1. I love evil kitty. So do my friends. Now I can share her on BLTATM too. No need to try to keep it a secret from the Blessed trolls.

    Like, duh, she assumes people don’t clean up after their pets. She doesn’t even clean up the faux homestead. She’s so garbage and shit blind she doesn’t even notice it in her own photographs.


  2. Of course this was about Deb, Nicole just loves making shit up. Go play with your fucking kids, clean your house, make dinner, build some stairs, do something besides searching for shit on people.

    As to Evil Kitty she is awesome. Her Facebook page is worth a follow.


  3. Really? This from a woman who’s been cited for dumping human waste on the ground at her home and for inproperly disposing of trash at her business. Really?


  4. Aw, Evil Kitty reminds me of my beloved and beautiful outdoor predator cat Anna. She’s a Maine coon Norwegian Forest cat mix.


  5. Near the end of the portion of video where the girl and cat are walking along the water, I believe the cat poos. Then I notice that the video is stopped and restarted. Could it be that the owner cleaned up after her pet and then resumed filming? NN just wants to start poo, I mean shit.


  6. I personally think Nicole is jealous as all hell. Evil Kitty is something special. Cats are usually not so bonded with kids, or interested in being part of human interaction, particularly outdoors! Evil Kitty is a once in a lifetime cat. To someone who REALLY likes cats…he’s a dream cat. He’s also just gorgeous, and if his fur is half as plush and soft as it looks…. he could sleep in my bed any night of the winter:)

    I really enjoyed the video, and I’m sure Deb picks up after her cat.

    What a wonderful friend her daughter has in him:) Amazing!


  7. One point to consider is this. How does one go about stopping a cat from going potty if they want to?


  8. This coming from a woman whose children run around in human and animal shit, barefoot, with no way to clean themselves. Okay.


  9. Did anyone else catch Elizabeth explaining how her mother paid the insurance company $500 for a $400 vehicle damage claim?
    Can you even do that? And why would you?

    BTW, pretty evil kitty!


  10. OMG, she lives in her own shit and cat poop grosses her out?!? Now, I admit cat poop is the worst (yeah, I clean the litter box), but human feces on the ground is OK with her? The contamination of the watershed is what really makes me sick. Jeez, I even have my horse manure hauled away.


  11. You can’t stop cats from doing anything. They do as they please. As their slaves all we can do is clean up the destruction they leave behind.


  12. Isn’t she under a court order to not collect their human shit any longer. Seriously, doesn’t that set a precedent. Who in the hell ever needed a court order for that before the Nauglers came along.
    Now she thinks she sees a cat doing it’s business, difficult as it was for everyone else to even guess that “maybe” that is what was happening, but she’s all about reporting this as some sort of horrible occurrence? This is the same woman with pictures on the net for all of posterity, actively evacuating her bowels on her newborn during childbirth.
    Also wasn’t it reported by a few sources that they smeared their shit all over the walls of one of the places they were evicted from.

    She really has a thing for shit.


  13. Jesus, when I went to like Evil Kitty’s page, Nicole popped up as a friend suggestion. Ewwwwwwwww.
    Too bad the N’s don’t have cats, hairballs are such good child’s toys. bwahahahahahahhaaaaaaa


  14. The concept of cleaning up after oneself is foreign to NN, so no surprise there.
    That cat is beyond awesome and very special indeed.


  15. I agree with Nicole’s critics who think Nicole suffers from arrested development.

    Her childish attempts at diversion and evasion from her real problems by using stupid memes as though they are real life, and half, or un-read articles she thinks proves a point important to her, shows her to be unable to form intelligent adult thoughts of her own.

    Nicole is a recalcitrant child, bent on defending her inappropriate behavior come hell or high water.

    One cat pooping under a sliding board (especially Evil Cat) does not clear Nicole’s land of its nasty microbial coating from feces.
    But, it seems that Nicole thinks Evil Cat’s indiscretion, makes her lack of cleanliness forgivable.
    Nicole and Joes land is still covered with feces from goats, dogs, cats, chickens and free range hominids…
    …and Evil Cat had nothing to do with your mess, Nicole.

    The only reason I’m sticking around is because I enjoy the intelligent repertoire of the Happy Trolls. I’m never disappointed in their stories, research, art, music and humor.
    I’m sick of Nicole and Joe as people…
    But as catalysts the Nauglers have a place.?


  16. Evil kitty deserves the spotlight for a while…thanks again Nicole!

    What would i do without you?

    I clean more shit in 1 day then the any person should have to, it’s gross but part of pet ownership and also a great way to make sure all the pets are healthy..

    Thanks again Sally…love ya bitch


  17. Evil Kitty on the dashboard is cool too. I had a cat who enjoyed car rides. She would lounge on the apex of the bench seat and watch where we were going (or not) and lord it over the four dogs in the back. I miss that old F250 with the extended cab sometimes.


  18. Funny thing is, Deb hasn’t posted anything on The Nation page for a couple of days, and that’s when N. decides to make this post as a side shot at her. It’s almost as if N. wants constant attention, even if it’s negative, and will seek it out when she’s not getting enough. She just doesn’t seem happy that a “troll” left her alone for a while.


  19. Nicole watches a sweet video of a little girl and her cat, walking to the park, laughing, playing together, clearly supervised by the person taking the video, and only sees something to criticize? She’s so jealous of everyone else because her own life is literally shit.


  20. Evil Kitty is so awesomely evil!
    What a wonderful dogcat!!
    You go ahead Evil Kitty and poop your evilness wherever and whenever you want to.
    LOVE your witty and evil personality.


  21. I think it touches on a couple of sources of jealousy for Nick…

    Obviously, that’s an incredibly cool unusual cat.

    But a bigger source of jealousy might be Deb’s daughter’s idyllic childhood where there’s creativity and color in every nook and cranny of her house. Where faces are always washed, pajamas are always clean and cozy after a bath, and neighbors are friendly and welcoming.

    Also….photography. Nick loves photography. The altered reality she tries to create with her photos reminds me an awful lot of the life Deb is actually living. Right down to the fact that Deb takes stunning photos.

    There’s a lot in that little video to make Nick bitter if you think about it. Particularly, if you’ve been taking a trip down memory lane with Nick lately, looking at her old posts from when they lived in a farmhouse, where the kids got more than mud for Christmas. Back when they could afford a pack of Peeps to make a sunflower cake.

    I remember she once made the argument that when they lived in that huge farm house, all the kids piled together to sleep anyway…so they didn’t need all that space. (hence proving a 640 square foot box is perfect for 11 people)

    I think Nick has this weird detachment from the reality that kids become independent as they grow up, that they start to need privacy and space….that what works for ten year olds does NOT work for teenagers.

    It’s like Nicole has a processing disorder where she literally can’t look ahead. She can’t see obstacles coming. She can’t plan for them and avoid them. It’s like watching a kid building a sand castle too close to the water. No amount of telling her that the tide is coming in will make an impression….and when the water finally does lap over her all her work and destroys it, she stomps her foot and shouts “No fair!”

    If only it were just a sandcastle at stake and not a bunch of kids:(


  22. Ha. Someone is a jelly little stalker! …Waiting with baited breath for the next post. What an unhealthy escape. She just cant put the phone down – if she does, she’ll take a look around and actually *see* the state of her home-life. Needless to say, she picked that phone up and hasn’t put in down in years!!! Shes living in a dream, her kids are living in a nightmare.

    What doesnt surprise me, is how Nicole has this conversation with “Charles”, among her followers, who are also commenting on the post, and have absolutely no idea about the mocking, or the implications in the content – no idea! She doesnt give two shits about her followers, or their comments – unless they are challenging her, or offending her. Meanwhile, she doesn’t even clean up her own shit – whoever is on bucket duty, must.


  23. Under the NCN page with the ASSume post, Joe, Charles, and Nicole are conversing. Nicole says this,

    They are convinced you are one of us. I don’t know why it or why it would matter. But most of what filters through them is nonsense

    How are they getting away with using a fake profile? Is there any way to debunk who Charles is?


  24. If that is her daughter, and Nicky making those snide remarksand her alter ego Chuckles, it really suprises me that Jabba and his sart ass mouth havent had to make a trip to the ER to get his face ewn back up, disgusting human beings,WTFiswrong with him


  25. How are they getting away with using a fake profile? Is there any way to debunk who Charles is?

    First, as far as I know, “Charles” verfied “his” identity to FB to their satisfaction. Whether that means that “he” produced a fake driver’s license or what, I do not know. FB is not really exacting about this stuff.

    Second, I believe, as many people do, that at least three people (Joe, Nicole and Larissa Baraldi) share that profile. So “Charles” is somebody different depending on what day it it or what time of day.

    Third, one of the things I learned a long time ago with all this is that there’s no use bothering with fake profiles, with reporting them, with outing them, other than just knowing that they are fake and don’t accept a friend request from them and certainly don’t engage in a PM with them unless you really know what you’re doing. I ignore them, generally, and I typically refuse to converse with a fake.

    Let me make something clear here.

    People on this blog use screen names. MTgirl, you did. Nobody on here can see anything to identify you except MTgirl. I can see the email address you provided, which may or may not be fake, and in addition, I have your IP address, so I can see all the comments you’ve made using any screen name IF you were at the same IP address. This is useful to an extent. It doesn’t tell me exactly who you are, but it gives me some hints.

    However, people on this blog, like you, who comment using a screen name, are not trying to creep around into my private business. You’re just commenting on a public blog. You aren’t sending me a friend request on FB or snooping in my photos or videos.

    I have a choice of either approving your comment or not, as I see fit. Then, I have a choice about whether or not to respond, as does anyone else. But you have access to nothing that isn’t public.

    FB fakes are a different animal.


  26. This is off FB. Mind you, everyone of these types of ID are very easy to make into any name you wish. You can take picture of anything and make it say anything you want. I am sure Nicole has professional adobe and can photoshop.

    What types of ID does Facebook accept?
    If you need to confirm your name on Facebook, or if you’ve lost access to your account, you may be asked to send us a copy of something with your name on it. You have several different options for this, including photo IDs issued by the government, IDs from non-government organizations, official certificates or licenses that include your name or other physical items like a magazine subscription or a piece of mail.

    Any time you send us something that confirms your name or identity, please cover up any personal information we don’t need to see (ex: credit card number, Social Security number). Also keep in mind that we encrypt everyone’s connection to Facebook by default and delete anything that you’ve sent to us after we’ve confirmed your name or identity.

    Learn more about how Facebook protects the privacy and security of your information when you submit an ID.

    Group One
    You can send us one of the items from group one to confirm your name or get back into your account. Anything that you send us should contain either your name and date of birth or your name and photo.

    Birth certificate
    Driver’s license
    Marriage certificate
    Official name change paperwork
    Personal or vehicle insurance card
    Non-driver’s government ID (ex: disability, SNAP card, national ID card, pension card)
    Green card, residence permit or immigration papers
    Tribal identification or status card
    Voter ID card
    Family certificate
    National age card
    Immigration registration card
    Tax identification card
    Group Two
    If you don’t have anything from group one, you can send us two different items from group two. The name on the items that you send us should be the same name that you want to show on your profile.

    Keep in mind that if you’ve lost access to your account, you may be asked to provide something from the list that also shows a photo or date of birth that matches the details on your Facebook account. This extra precaution is so that we can make sure that the only one with access to your account is you.

    Bank statement
    Transit card
    Credit card
    Employment verification
    Library card
    Magazine subscription stub
    Medical record
    Membership ID (ex: pension card, union membership, work ID, professional ID)
    Paycheck stub
    School ID card
    School record
    Social Security card
    Utility bill
    Yearbook photo (actual scan or photograph of the page in your yearbook)
    Company loyalty card
    Family registry
    Religious documents
    Certificate of registration for accreditation or professional
    Professional license card
    Polling card
    Health insurance
    Address proof card
    Social welfare card


  27. A few random thoughts on the latest bloviating from the BO.

    BO is as predictable as the sunrise. Things have been too quiet at Shitstead Island; time to stir up some drama and boost those page views. Please.paypal.measly.dollars.
    to.the.blessed. Fireworks or more iPads needed.

    So, Nickypoo shares a video from Deb’s page along with a snarky comment about what appears to show Evil Kitty using the sand as a
    Catbox, almost as if he is a free range cat? Evil Kitty just has no shame. ?

    On a separate note, Evil Kitty following Stella around like a labrador is one of the sweetest things I have seen in a long time. Such a pure and innocent bond between the two of them; it is just lovely.

    Back to Nickipoo’s sharing Deb’s post of the video of Stella and EK: Hmmm…..let’s take a trip down Memory Lane……how did Deb become a “troll”? Aah, yes, now I remember……it was Nicole sharing a picture of Stella on her page, and refusing to remove it and apologize. But, clearly Nickypoo is a peacemaker who wants this all to stop (whatever “it” is?) and all us meanies to stop “threatening” her family. Definitely she does. (Sarcasm font needed)

    Remember the often quoted definition of insanity? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. So, Nickipoo shares ANOTHER video of Stella to her page, wanting to demonstrate what a good cat Evil Kitty is so that she and Deb can mend fences. After all, it went so well the first time, right? With Nickipoo making such a serious effort to be a peacemaker (Sarcasm font needed again), I bet that Deb will now feel guilty for “stalking” Nickiepoo and her family, even and especially for scaring the children, all the way from RI. I think that Nickiepoo’s peacemaking efforts (Sarcasm font needed again) will totally succeed, and Deb and Nickypoo will become BFFs….or not….

    Moving on from the definition of insanity……let’s talk about irony? How ironic is it that someone whose family of 13 shits in white buckets and then flings the shit wherever, and whatnot, and also has “livestocks” that shit free range has the audacity to diss Deb’s Evil Kitty for one turd? Seriously?

    (Sally, feel free to remove if you aren’t comfortable with this.) Finally, let’s not forget the stories from multiple people talking about Nickypoo’s free range parenting whereas the kids supposedly just drop a load wherever they might be, up to and including the front yard and living room, etc and even making poo artwork and whatnot for the walls. Yet she disses Deb and Evil Kitty for pooping in the sand. Deb, I hope that you “composted” the cat poo when you got home? Irony.

    (Sally, feel free to edit this if you think it’s inappropriate.). Has anyone else ever wondered if perhaps the Profat has certain proclivities about shit? Of course, I have no idea if this is the case, but IMHO it does seem that there is a fixation/obsession with shit, certainly with Nickipoo and the Profat. It seems very strange to me.

    That said, Nicole Naugler, I hereby crown you the Princess of Shit Island! (Aka the Shitstead.) You must be so proud to own, oops, meant rent, such a pleasant and peaceful paradise; congratulations!


  28. . So, Nickipoo shares ANOTHER video of Stella to her page,

    Nicole did not share that video. She just made her usual vague allusion to it.


  29. Nicole did not share that video. She just made her usual vague allusion to it.

    Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe. You can’t tell her anything, even if it’s in her best interest. Like the value of prenatal care and that if you keep rolling the die you’re going to come up with snake eyes.


  30. NicNaug has her nerve calling someone trashy when she posted pictures of a shit shed made with sticks and a white bucket with a toilet seat attached. WTF! And, she posted a video of her path to the faux human compost gully which was nothing more than a pile of raw shit and piss. She is so nasty, there needs to be a new definition published in the Oxford. Present Oxford entry for nasty: Very bad or unpleasant; Repugnant to the mind. There are others but these two stood out as the most appropriate for her usage. Here’s a thought for Oxford. New definition for Nasty: Synonym: NicNaug, JoeNaug. Definition: Offensive to the nose as in strewn human waste creating noxious odors; Offensive to visual sensitivities as in unwashed and unkept mouth, hair, feet, etc.; Offensive to the ears as in screechy illogical proclamations; Offensive to touch as in what if that fly that has swarmed on her hair lands on my door handle; Offensive to the taste as in what the fuck are they passing off as food.

    On a brighter note, my pine trees are down and the work crew is cleaning up the mess now. I was amazed at how quick they cut those huge ass trees down. They left me four huge bags of sawdust…once they get the stumps out, we can plant some fruit trees.


  31. Ever obsessed with poop isn’t she? I honestly wouldn’t have noticed if it hadn’t been pointed out, then again I’m not a cat person so I’m not in tune with their poop stance. She is incredibly obsessed with poop.
    Nichole, do you dream about poop? Is poop on your mind a lot? Do you ever wonder if poop is thinking about you too?
    Is there poop rehab?
    FYI-I know she spells her name Nicole and not Nichole but it flows nicely with the poop theme doesn’t it?


  32. Evil Kitty’s ear stretches are wonderful. How nice that Debra can keep cats for years at a time. Unlike some people for whom animals are disposable. They can disappear for weeks at a time and they never think to put up posters or contact county animal control or hope that the collar with the name tag and rabies disc are still place. Nothing like being gone for a fortnight in the dead of winter. Or abandoned and starved or dead of a preventable disease (vaccinations save animals lives too) at the former Death Stead, waiting in vain for your owners to come home. Or abandoned and shot while your owners frolic in a heated pool.


  33. Nicole isn’t disgusted by a couple of cat turds. She’s trying to be ironic and point out what she thinks is hypocrisy. Unfortunately, for Nicole, she is the one who comes across as the ultimate in hypocrisy.


  34. Gosh, I just love this video! I’m back because I just love it, it is just darling. My son lost his old cat last year, she was so sweet to him and him to her. We adopted her as an elderly cat so we only had her for a little over 2 years before she just got too old to keep up, poor thing couldn’t even climb the stairs towards the end. We adopted her knowing she only had a little time left. I’d do it all over again though and I don’t even like cats that much. If my son had a cat that followed him around like a dog he would be in heaven. What a lucky little girl.


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