Nicole, who never reads this blog, read this blog.  She immediately pounced on this little gem and screen shot it.  Here’s the screen shot blown up so you can read it. It comes from this page.


She posts that, and then her dumbass leghumper says that this “shows” that I have been on the Shitstead.

God, they are so dumb.

But Nicole then says “Aha! I know how she knows.”


And here’s her screen shot from that little conclusion-leaping exercise.


I said that the only enclosures I had ever seen were an unfinished chicken coop and a dog tether.

Uncompleted Chicken Coop


For the dumbass leghumpers, this is a screenshot from Nicole’s video that she posted on her Facebook page months ago.  It is a tour of the unfinished chicken coop/shed.

Dog Tether



This is just one photo, made and posted by Nicole herself, complete with the Blessed Little Watermark, showing clearly the dog tethered.

Then I speculated that perhaps they added an actual enclosure (run) for the horse.  You know, after the Great Horse Breakout that occurred a while ago.

What I have no knowledge of at all is anything about drones or filming or documentaries. I have no contact whatever with the person/people doing all that. I don’t know if it’s just bullshit or if there is some reality to it.  Hey, Nicole, ever seen any of these drones?  I wouldn’t have any way to know about that since I live miles and miles away from the area.


But then we get this brilliant comment.  It’s a cut and paste, of course.  If you take her phrase (the part in quotes) and toss it into Google, it comes up a lot.  Here’s one site.

But I guess Jennifer didn’t bother to read it all.  In addition to the clipped part she reproduces without attribution, in the same paragraph, there’s this.

Laws vary by state, so local laws must be consulted to determine applicable requirements. It is a defense to the crime to show that an element of the crime, such as knowingly entering or remaining without authorization, is lacking. An attempted criminal trespass requires that a defendant act with the intent to commit criminal trespass, and his conduct must constitute a substantial step toward committing the aggravated criminal trespass.

Oh.  That sort  of changes things, doesn’t it?  The supposed criminal has to “act with the intent to commit criminal trespass.”  His conduct has to indicate that he’s trying to trespass without regard for the desire of the property owner.

This means that if some hunter, for example, just wanders onto the Naugler cesspool and has no idea where the boundary lines are (you know, the way the Naugler children have done repeatedly), they can’t just shoot the guy.  They can’t even report him to the police for “criminal trespass.”  He has to do something, and the something can’t just be “taking photos” or “looking around.”

In the case of somebody wandering onto their oh-so-precious Shithole, they would be entitled, certainly, to confront the person and ask what he’s doing there, but that’s all.  No guns blazing. No threats.

. . . they have the backing of local law enforcement.

Think about that a minute. Nicole tries so hard to say that Al and Lisa and I and whoever else have some special relationship with Sheriff Pate. I don’t know Sheriff Pate, have never met him or spoken with him, and I strongly suspect he’d say “Who?” if you mentioned my name to him.

But when Nicole called the police the night of the Blessed Little Excursion, she was infuriated because they didn’t come.  They didn’t come because there was no law broken. You cannot call the police and complain that somebody rode down a public road and you don’t like it.  Well, actually,  you can call.  Nicole did.  But nobody will respond. They will just laugh at you.


“Charles” finds it funny.  Really?

shoottokillI don’t find this one bit funny.  I consider it a serious threat.

How dare she call you an idiot?

Because she is an idiot.





31 thoughts on “Enclosed”

  1. I disagree about Nicole being an idiot. Joe is an idiot, Nicole is a lunatic. Those who play Charles are psychotics and idiots.


  2. I’m not surprised they have a problem understanding what trespassing is. Look at the Blessed menacing charge.


  3. I think the police in their town should at least be made aware of this. I read her recent posts as veiled threats, and at least one person is encouraging people who don’t understand laws to commit murder, and that’s not even veiled. I think they’ve got themselves high enough on a pedestal that they might try to shoot. In my area, posts like theirs would at least get a visit from the police.

    Please tell me that the mailman never has to deliver anything to their property, and that UPS can decline to deliver too.


  4. It would be easier for her to prove the enclosures exist. I think the public is starting to have a right to demand proof. She says this, she says that, she tries to get people to comment on her page, then she gets pissy when people do it without kissing her ass. If she says something, it’s on her to prove it, and if she doesn’t when she easily can, it means she’s LYING. I want her to post pics of these enclosures. I’m not stupid enough to take the word of someone who has been proven to lie a lot.


  5. Were I living next to this pack of loons I would have trail cams all around my property. I hope their neighbors do.


  6. “The backing of local law enforcement”

    That’s a true statement. However not quite the way it is implied. Many of us do in fact enjoy the backing of local law enforcement because we are not breaking any laws. We are not “harassing” them. We are not “stalking” them.

    There’s no “good old boy system” in play here.

    If you’ll remember back to the arrest audio. Nicole accused the sheriff of “stalking” her page. In reality, he looked at public posts. I completely agree that any smart law enforcement official should get an idea of what is going on before confronting an individual. It’s called intelligence. She doesn’t get to control the narrative. She doesn’t get to decide who does and doesn’t get to look at and express their constitutionally granted right to comment on her public posts. Whether it be on social media or elsewhere.

    A differing opinion is not stalking, harassment, or bullying.

    That’s why this blog exists. The Nauglers post stupid, fallacious, and incendiary shit and then block people from commenting on the same site. It’s a pathetic attempt to control the narrative. To steer the supporters.

    Law abiding citizens that don’t do the things Nicole accuses them of will always have the support of local law enforcement, the courts, and the community.

    Happy Holidays, be brave, let not the dragons in the corner overwhelm you.



  7. No one has crossed their property lines. Going to the neighbor’s or driving down the road by the Blessed Little Shedstead is not trespassing. This tactic of Nicole’s is not unlike The Donald tweeting all butthurt by Alec Baldwin’s caricature of him on SNL. It is a deflection from the real issues.

    Nicole uses the victim card to deflect from the obvious. The Naugs continue to live like ragamuffins, shit in buckets, let their animals run loose or neglect/kill them, and revel in their children remaining unwashed, undereducated and feral. Nicole and the Prophet are mentally ill.


  8. I suppose next we’ll be subjected to hysterical lectures on the laws and regulations regarding unmanned aircraft by Nicole, Joe and their internet posse of porta potty lawyers. I hope they do because it would be hilarious. I wonder if the next purchase the Nauglers will make is to buy an anti-drone drone. If they do it will soon end up like the $900 chainsaw (aka disused, inoperable, requires too much effort, etc.)

    The thing with the bullying coward Joe, Nicole the enabling screaming meemie, and their 12 human shields is that they are experiencing a measure of karma now. They have been setting themselves up for this ever since they showed up in Kentucky. They seem to have this serious disconnect with their behavior and the resulting consequences. Anyway I hope they enjoy the upcoming night temperatures in the teens.


  9. Hard to believe she has more than a handful of customers. I think she escapes the shit pile with a huge sigh of relief every weekday morning, eager for the clean, warm calm of her storefront. After a big Hardee’s soda, she gets online and devours every word on Sally’s blog, then whatever the Great & Secret Show has posted, then on to the little minions, then to whatever false news sites she likes. After a bathroom break, she starts posting memes, rants about being harassed, posts a sunrise photo or photo of a cute yet dirty child (usually one of the two youngest; very rarely of the middle kids – not cute enough Nicole?), and then the cycle repeats until with a heavy sigh, she heads homeward, to some combination of canned corn, canned beans and Top Ramen. She has the time because the kids do all the work around the homestead. Deadbeat dad does Jack.


  10. She quoted you saying:
    I’ve seen nothing that could be construed as an “animal enclosure” except an uncompleted chicken coop and some wire strung to run a dog. Maybe they added an “enclosure” for the horse.
    That proves you and the neighbors go onto their property and snoop around. Or spy on them with drones and strategically placed cameras, per the quote from The Great and Secret Show. :/
    So you have trespassed and/or spied on her and you have never seen animal enclosures.
    Isn’t that kind of like admitting there aren’t any encosures?


  11. Two things going on here.

    1. The donations have dried up, so she feels the need to provide the next exciting chapter to hook her group of rubes into sending her cash again.

    2. some other bug is up her butt and this is how she’s acting out. I’m guessing that butt bug has something to do with how the bride to be….changes things.

    This whole inlaw thing is new territory for the Naugs. This time, when they collectively mistreat a child, there will be more people involved, more witnesses, people who are more deeply invested in the welfare of the child. Other blood relatives who have a voice.

    That….complicates things…..in the land of Naug.

    By the way, is she pregnant again yet? I keep waiting for it…


  12. I doubt that neither Nicole nor Joe would shoot a human, even a human they thought was trespassing. With all their bravado about having all the guns and how they will use those guns to shoot anyone who slithers onto the shitstead, their actions don’t support all that bravado. Of course, I base my supposition on N’s eagerness to posts anything J and the kids do to support their shitsteading life that would make them look more homesteady or pioneerish. For instance, I don’t recall ever reading any post where J uses those guns for anything but target practice. As much as N complains about their financial struggles, one might think that good ole J would be out among the property shooting rabbits or squirrels or deer, and, we know, if he did hunt game for the family, you better fucking believe dumb ass N would have pictures of ole J holding the dead animal with his toothless ass smiling and his beer belly all sucked in probably sporting a woody that one might see if his damn belly didn’t hang so far down or his hands weren’t so damn small (I know, tacky); she would surely post pictures of the kids skinning the animals, maybe attempting to tan the leather (great unschooling moments for applying all that chemistry she has been teaching these kids through that unschooling) ; and of course, there would be pictures of her or the kids cooking that lovely free meat all slathered up with ketchup and served in dirty plates. Hell, I don’t remember seeing any pictures of fish or gigged frogs or even any turtles that they may have pulled out of the shit stain of a pond.

    Now, I do recall seeing a picture of one of the boys shooting a bothersome goat, followed by a picture of the children trying to analyze the organs. Then, of course, we all remember the threat that if someone didn’t take the problem dog off their hands, the great hunter, J, would drop a bullet or shell or slug into the chamber and put the dog out of its misery…the misery of having been born on the shitstead.

    I do believe, however, there is a possibility that with all their posturing about the evil government, conspiracy accusations against the neighbors and unseen stalkers, one of the kids could follow through with N’s threats. I hope it never happens, but N and J are playing some very dangerous games with their children’s lives.


  13. Anyone else see that horrible “baby yoga” video Nicole posted on her personal FB? This sick Russian bitch is swinging a baby around by the arm and leg over her head, shaking it, swinging it by the feet…..the video is obscene. Little tiny baby is being essentially tortured.

    And Nicole says…..”that’s not what I’d do…but it’s supposed to be good for the baby, and the baby seems fine. It’s a choice I respect.”

    And all the sane people in the world are screaming…..No, you fucking idiot….causing brain hemorrhages and shaken baby syndrome ON PURPOSE is not a choice anyone should respect.

    Jesus, every pediatrician in the world is horrified by the videos. That soft squishy brain being slammed against the inside of the skull like that over and over. The potential for dislocated shoulders and hips (if I had a quarter for every kid I’ve seen in the ER whose asshole impatient parent yanked their hand too hard and separated their shoulder…I couldn’t carry that much silver).

    Those little neck muscles are not yet strong enough to stop the inertia of that huge heavy head holding a million fragile blood vessles…and the eyes! Retinal and vitreous hemorrhages are not “a parental choice that should be respected”. It’s ABUSE. Anyone who cannot see that plain as day is a fucking idiot.

    That said, the Nauglers are utterly clueless on the concept that adults are not allowed to abuse their children as they wish. It’s their chosen lifestyle to abuse and neglect their own…so of course this is completely cool with them.

    The video is so irredeemably awful, there is a parody of it on YouTube where a woman is using a cat….swinging the cat around by the legs the same way the baby was swung around…..except that the person making the parody had the sense to cut in a stuffed toy cat. The Russian bitch used a REAL LIVE TWO WEEK OLD baby to do those flips and swings over her head.

    If someone did all the same things to an actual cat, they’d be arrested for animal cruelty….and yet…doing them to a baby is A-OK in Nicole’s book. What is WRONG with that woman?

    Leave it to Nicole to find the most offensively nauseating thing on the internet…and defend it.

    God she’s vomit-worthy.


  14. ATTENTION LEGHUMPERS : THE NAUGLERS HAVE NO EVIDENCE OF ANYTHING or they would have the backing of Law Enforcement and the County Attorney. Can’t any of you see that?

    Al Wilson wrote, “Many of us do in fact enjoy the backing of local law enforcement because we are not breaking any laws. We are not “harassing” them. We are not “stalking” them.”

    As many of you know Nicole has accused me (and others) of several things that we have not even done. And has no evidence of anything at all. But she falsely accuses us anyway.

    This is what Nicole wrote about me in her blog under ” Who Are These People.”

    1. “Melissa Foster– Melissa sent the Nauglers numerous messages in the beginning about how to fight CPS and even set up a phone call.”
    That is true, I am a Child Advocate and volunteer with a private group, I am not an employee of the State. At first glance the Naugler Case looked like a simple poverty case to me, and knowing the number of deaths coming out of the Kentucky State Foster Care system I was extremely concerned for the children, as were over 48,000 other people.

    2. “Things fell through in the commotion of everything and Melissa got a thorn in her side. She has since spread gossip and lies under the guise of having inside information on the family’s case.”
    There are actually three issues here Nicole does not like talking about or want people to know. Because I thought this was a simple poverty case, my husband and I offered to build the Nauglers a house on their property with the help of several business throughout the State of Kentucky and a few out of State Companies I do business with. We found it very odd that the Nauglers never called us back for a start date, but were ONLY ACCEPTING CASH DONATIONS. These companies wanted to directly help the children by building them a new home free of any costs.
    That is WHEN I started looking at things a little differently.

    The second part of this is, I asked a simple question about RUMORS of a ” Missing Naugler Child.”
    And was viscously put on a on-line public whipping post by Naugler Supporters, demanding to know WHO told me this. Nicole already knows who, she though a fit in front of them.
    At the time the Nauglers denied ANY such rumor and they started stalking me on-line, harassing me, bullying, posting pictures of my private FB page. Then I got threating phone calls, a threating letter sent to my home ect ect. Donny Cook went off the deep end over the whole issue.

    Ironically, earlier this year Nicole DID ADMIT that authority’s and Social Workers were indeed looking for a ” Missing Naugler Child ” in her own blog. LMAO

    Lastly, to her accusing me of ” Lies under the guise of having insider information on the families case.” Like I said before, I am a Child Advocate and as so, I strongly suggest you learn the laws in this state Nicole and maybe a little history behind why they are there and how things work. Maybe if you understood you might be able to cope better knowing that the authorities had every right to take your children that day. Especially after making an ass of yourself on the phone with CPS and then again in front of the Sheriff.

    3. “She has also actively posted to smear the family business.”
    Nicole knows that is a lie, as well as her accusing me of having shock accounts, fake pages and running a troll page. I have always had ONE Facebook Account in my real name. I have never smeared her business either, or “actively” posted about it. Nicole does a fine job making herself look unprofessional all by herself.

    The Nauglers have no evidence on me, nor any of these other people. But they like to make you leghumpers think they do….. in this game Nicole plays of Smoke and Mirror’s.
    Having a different opinion is not stalking, harassment, or bullying. Nicole just gets mad because we all call out her bullshit and she is hiding the REAL TRUTH….like what is really happening in Family Court? And what about these Mental Elevations, how did that go?

    Oh, that is another subject and another part of Nicole ” journey ” she does not want to talk about. And does not want anyone to question either. See how Nicole is keeping all this other DRAMA up so people don’t ask any of the hard questions.
    But honestly, ask yourself this question and use logic and common since, ” It has been 19 months and if NOTHING was wrong, and this whole case has just been one big mistake like Nicole wants you to think, then why are they still going to Family Court?”

    The answer is in the Kentucky KRS. Laws.
    Don’t be a Leghumper…….. and go look for yourself !!!


  15. Xkentuckian wrote, “So you have trespassed and/or spied on her and you have never seen animal enclosures.
    Isn’t that kind of like admitting there aren’t any enclosures?”

    Shh. That’s logic and that just hurts her wittle head.

    @JennyIslander – I replied to you on the “Wendy” thread.


  16. The animal enclosures she has posted are: the chicken coop/pig enclosure, a sort of goat hut/summer child camp area and the bunny hutch of death enclosure. Everything else has been ropes and tie downs.

    So much for using the “spy drone”. If it can’t even get photos of all the “animal” enclosures that Nicole herself has posted. Deep sarcasm here.


  17. @Melissa – I appreciated your detailed outline of Nicole’s falsehoods and mis-representations about your dealings with her, both early on and then after the Nauglers turned on you. Clearly, their wish for cash donations only is and was a huge red flag. As noted time and again, they suckered people out of over $45K in cash, and yet they still don’t have a well and access to running water; don’t have a working septic and had to be forced into renting a port-a-potty; and are still housing 11 people in a small shed. No one knows where all that money went, but we know it didn’t go toward making a proper home for their children. It was probably spent on booze, pot, hotel rooms, and fast food. Amazing to think they could run through all $45K on just that. Maybe they paid some of their lease payments forward. They did buy a new shed (had to – since they were living in a 3-sided hut made of sticks).

    I’m very curious to see if the G&SS people are for real, and if they actually produce a documentary on the Nauglers. If so, I shall certainly watch it, paying a fee if necessary to do so.


  18. they were living in a 3-sided hut made of sticks

    Okay, now, let’s clarify here because this just gives her ammo.

    It wasn’t “made of sticks.” It was a poorly put-together shed but the walls were actual boards. She insists that during the coldest months there were four walls. Nobody that I know of has ever seen the supposed 4th wall, but it really doesn’t matter. If she is entirely correct and not lying through her teeth, it was still absolutely inadequate housing for human beings. I would consider it marginal for animals.

    It was so bad that when Pate first went out there, and the Nauglers were not there, he thought the shed was animal housing and couldn’t find any housing at all that he thought was occupied by human beings.

    The “sticks” were fencing, Naugler-style, which means hastily-put-together-by-children and prone-to-being-destroyed.

    There is also not really a lot of evidence that would indicate that they spend a boat-load of money on booze. Nicole does not appear to drink at all. Joe likes beer. Joe also likes pot. Nicole appears to like mod cons, like motels.


  19. When you post profusely on the internet about your personal life, don’t act like you’re being stalked when people know your personal life. Hell, I’ve given enough info in my comments that it wouldn’t take much to figure out who I am.

    $10,000 would have been more than enough to build a basic permanent structure. The playhouse we’re building in the spring is going to be about $2500 – $3000 fully finished. Cost is mostly roofing and storm windows so it won’t blow apart and damage other structures. Even has water and electric. Increase the size a bit, and it’d be a nice place for the oldest son & co. Designed by a teenager, too. If it wasn’t up to code, we could probably put it up entirely ourselves without professional help. I just don’t trust my son’s and mine second hand electrical and roofing skills.


  20. I stand corrected, the shelter wasn’t made of sticks, although it looked like one of the 3 walls was more sticks than plywood. I can’t figure out how they blasted through approx. $45,000. Whatever they spent it on, we’ve seen very little tangible items (besides a small garden shed, and perhaps supplies for the salon), so I cast around for possibilities. We know Joe likes beer. I wondered if he indulged in pricier alcoholic beverages when he had the chance. I guess we’ll never know what it was all spent on.


  21. A couple of months at a motel was not particularly cheap. Eating out for that whole time.

    But yeah, your point is well made. They blew through what for some people is about a year’s income in a matter of three or four months.


  22. “if I had a quarter for every kid I’ve seen in the ER whose asshole impatient parent yanked their hand too hard and separated their shoulder…I couldn’t carry that much silver”

    I still feel sick over the time my daughter was 4 and lost her footing by some stairs when a friend’s cat suddenly darted by, and I reached out to grab her before she could fall, caught her forearm, and injured her shoulder and elbow. The doctor in the R had to convince me it was okay, that I wasn’t a bad parent for not letting my daughter fall down the stairs. Still, my baby was hurt!

    Nicole’s logic is someone else can beat their kids, and just because she wouldn’t do it doesn’t mean she shouldn’t respect it.

    “If someone did all the same things to an actual cat, they’d be arrested for animal cruelty….and yet…doing them to a baby is A-OK in Nicole’s book.”

    It’s amazing the things that are legal to do to kids, but not pets. Pets have ore rights than kids, and adults have more rights to kids than pets. So pets have more rights than adults, and adults have more rights than kids who match their DNA. I don’t know why this makes me think of Sonya Hodgins.


  23. M Rigatoni
    Everyone on the ” Who Are These People ” list has a similar story to tell in some way or another just like mine. I don’t think a lot of these new comers on BLH know how viscously many of us have been treated for asking the harder questions.
    Nicole does not like to answer questions. She is famous for redirecting a question and answering it with a question. In my opinion, normal people just do not think that way.

    One must also remember, Nicole had many administrators on BLH for a long time because she did not want to answer many questions directly herself from the VERY beginning of this mess. And remember, The Real Truth About The Naugler’s Facebook page was created to ANSWER questions for her.
    This couple went virtual, got all this media coverage and money rolling in, then wanted everyone to stop asking questions. That is why TRTATN page shut down. The Nauglers did not want anyone asking any more questions, but kept the GoFundme Account accusable and open for donations.
    So they wanted people to donate, but don’t ask anymore questions. Really???

    That is why Sally’s blog is so important, the inspecting public needs to know the truth and read this blog.

    The Nauglers are not homesteading, they are not homeschooler’s and by definition they are not even doing unschooling right. And they are not practicing any forms of recognizable religion either.
    In my opinion, after doing a lot of researching for awhile now I have came to the conclusion that these children, are being raised by two mentally ill parents, who have a cult like mentality and are a danger themselves to these children. ( RE: Video of Joe telling his kids to get his gun while police were outside. RE: Picture’s of three guns in reach of smaller children. RE: The fencing around the pond is not there anymore.) And the list goes on and on……

    As a Child Advocate, I’m still hopeful that somehow in the end the state will do something.
    Maybe this new documentary that is coming out might be fruitful with enough evidence to really, “SAVE THOSE CHILDREN.”

    Because we all know giving the Naugler parents money does not help those children one little bit.


  24. Melissa, I wish I could say I’m surprised they turned down a free house and wanted just the cash.

    M Rigatoni, I suspect Joe is growing pot, which I think is the real reason they don’t want people even looking on the property. I don’t care if he’s growing. I favor legalizing it. What makes me mad is those kids are still filthy and living in abject poverty no much better, maybe no better, than a lot of kids in third word countries.

    The bought the shed because CPS said they had to have something that wasn’t sticks.

    Sally, if there’s ever been any proof of a fourth wall, I haven’t seen it. I’ve seen scrap wood and some sheet metal and a whole lot of sticks making up a part of the old shack around the sleeping area and general storage. They had the “kitchen” in that area. That’s part of the dwelling, so I think it’s fair to say part of the old shack was sticks, probably half the square footage, going by a lot of pictures I’ve seen. It just wasn’t 100% sticks. Part sticks, part scrap isn’t better.

    M. Rigatoni, I can’t figure it out either. The median pre-tax income last year in the US was $56,516. The median household income in Kentucky last year was $45,215, also pr-tax. They didn’t pay taxes on or support kids with the $45,000. Even if they paid a few grand to an attorney (but isn’t CPS required to pay for attorneys for poor people in CPS cases?), and $6k on the shed, that isn’t more than $10k. If they stayed at a Marriott at $200 a night including taxes (this is higher than the Marriott rates in that state) FOR FOUR MONTHS, and ate a whole $60 worth of food a day FOR FOUR MONTHS, that would be about $31,000. So now we’ve spent $41,000. There should be another $4,000. So after attorney, shed, a very high priced hotel, and thousands a month for food, they should still have money left over. And if they were hoteling it for 3 months, then it’s $23,400 on a hotel and feeding their faces, and there should be almost $22,000 left.

    Just for some perspective on how much money they blew, and how hard it is to spend that much in so little time without putting it toward anything permanent.


  25. Sally, if there’s ever been any proof of a fourth wall, I haven’t seen it.

    I believe that’s exactly what I said, Kaylee. There is no proof that I’ve ever seen that there was a fourth wall. However, she insists that there was and it was removed and “repurposed” which is Naugler-speak for “the kids tore it to shreds making a fort.”

    The point is that it doesn’t matter.

    And the sticks were around the “kitchen,” which was outdoors.

    This is a silly discussion. It was just an awful little shed thing. It was inadequate housing for anyone. That’s why the children were removed, because of that shed, sticks and all. The only reason I quibbled about it is because Nicole makes a very big deal out of this and insists that we are “lying” because in her mind, the shed itself was not made of sticks.


  26. Personally, I find Nicole’s statement “I don’t have to kill them. In fact, it would be more fun not to. ?” to be revealing. Sure, she will claim she was joking, but who makes those kind of jokes? Menacing, maiming, shooting or scaring people is FUN? Those are not the words of someone who is scared or is a victim, those are the words of a bully and a sick mind.


  27. A bit off topic, but Nicole is showing her hypocrisy and need to control people… her oldest son and his wife in this case. A couple weeks ago she wrote regarding her pregnant daughter-in-law,
    “If she chooses a homebirth that is strictly up to her. That is not a decision anyone can make for another. If she chooses a hospital or birthing center birth, we will support that as well.” Especially with this little comment added in, “We support them in their decisions, even if we might not agree.”

    Now on FB she’s pushing for unassisted home birth. If I that young girl, I certainly would be feeling pressured to have a home birth. What young new bride wants to get on her mother-in-law’s bad side starting off?”


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