Empire Striking

Cue Ominous music . . .

Fade in to the rhythmic steps of jackboots squishing through mud. Pan up to a plastic covered front porch on a garden shed . . . Dogs bark and goats bleat.starwars

~Nicole~ (Now frantic) “This is NOT valid, this is an obtrusive and illegal act! I will not be subjugated and I will not answer to you. Fecal borne diseases actually make humanoids stronger. Only those vaccinated will suffer due to their weak statist constitutions. I am a bastion of freedom and my actions here are not subject to the whims of those others sharing the watershed! You will NOT kidnap my compost pile . . . go ahead and shoot me!!!”

-Please, Guest Blogger


7 thoughts on “Empire Striking”

  1. dont forget the mold covered clothes stuffed in the plastic bins on said plastic covered garden shed porch


  2. Excellent! I’m sure they’re on “high alert” after reading this one. Or is it” hot and ready”?


  3. Those clothes are for sale.

    Damn, I thought Joe was supposed to be industrious. Where the hell is his tollbooth? Isn’t that why he was sitting playing with his little yellow hammer. They keep blathering on about it being a private road and the children of the corn keep monitoring the cars that drive by (#unskooling) so they should put their money where their big fat mouths are and build the damn thing. Good luck collecting it.


  4. I made the error of looking at blessed little homestead Facebook page and looked at Nicole’s explanation of her failure in court. She said that she had to explain matters of law regarding stalking to the judge whose education, experience and qualification she tried to disparage (darn it, she should be just as qualified as a justice because she ….. whatever)? This is from a dog groomer with a lien rap sheet from here to Texas to Maine (quite publicly available from any reputable place that does background checks) who lives in a shed with over 10 kids. This person with such a background of calling a public road private because it goes by her dwelling place and calling every person who uses that public road a stalker is going to enlighten a judge on the laws regarding stalking. Uh huh, right. Didn’t she have to enlighten the county health inspector on the processes and safety of sewage decomposition? Didn’t she fail there too especially after she recorded herself asking her child where the compost pile was that she was so expert on in front of the health inspector when he went to their property to see the pile?

    Nicole did say that getting off the internet wouldn’t solve their problems. For once I agree with her. Their problems result from their attitude of entitlement and hostility when they don’t get what they want. Most people in real life are really happy when the Nauglers migrate away. The Nauglers get into it with nearly every person they encounter and particularly those who try to help them. Eventually the helpers tire of just being used so they tell ma and pa Naugler the help is done. Then the Nauglers mount their revolving campaign to depict those who helped them as horrible and evil. The internet just expanded the field. Going viral really expanded the field and exposed their vicious behavior to a huge number of people.


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