Elizabeth Olvera

There was an exchange on the Nation (FB page) yesterday.  One of Nicole’s humpers came over to play.

And play is the correct word.

Feigning ignorance, in spite of having followed the Naugler saga for two entire years, she began by asking a question about the Nicole/Pate interaction recording from when the children were taken.

There are two versions of that. One is transcribed here, the edited version. The other is transcribed here, and is, I believe, unedited.

I provided those two links.

Elizabeth then made it clear that she didn’t want to read anything on the blog.

Here is the gist of that exchange on the Nation.  It’s long, so I’m omitting much of it and just including the stuff that involved me and Elizabeth directly and/or comments that I think are germane to the issue.  Here’s the link if you want to go read the whole thing.

After carrying on about how she can’t find anything and doesn’t want to read the blog, she now begins to demand that she be spoon-fed this stuff. She wants me, essentially, to make a comparison between the edited version and the unedited version and provide her with a transcript of what was omitted and some analysis about it.

She’s trying really hard. . .

Here’s where she starts laying it on thick.  Too thick.  She’s confused. She can’t understand.  She just wants to understand, because she’s Switzerland.

But then, just a bit later, she busy explaining that Joe and Nicole explain everything.

So which is it?  She’s confused, or she’s not confused?

But digging is really, in fact, what she was doing.

So I tried.

And I didn’t see this question (about email addresses) until today.  Here’s the answer, Elizabeth.  I get a whole lot of spam.  I probably get as much spam as I do actual real comments.  To keep up with that, I utilize a spam filter.

One of the ways that spam filters work is by looking at email addresses. The filter does not check to see if the email address is real (you can use a fake email address here and it will work fine – a good many of you do that).  It looks for known spam email addresses.

The spam filter saves me a lot of work trying to filter out spam.

She’s confused. Poor Switzerland.

So then, even though she’s uncomfortable with providing an email address to comment on the blog that she regularly reads but which somehow hasn’t done the job of adequately informing her so she remains confused, she wants to go to private messaging.

Before I continue with this, I want to make something clear about private messages.

I’m not fond of them.

I had a mentor years ago, a man named Farrell Till. A former pastor/missionary, he was probably the foremost authority in the world on the subject of errors in the Bible. He ran a mailing list called “Errancy” and I was a member for a very long time.

Farrell used to talk about how people would want to have private conversations with him.  Occasionally, an active minister would come to his house to talk.  Farrell was pretty much fine with that because it took some effort to actually visit him physically.

But he refused to do email exchanges.

His reasoning was that he could have an exchange or a debate with an inerrantist (Christian who believes the Bible has no mistakes) on the mailing list and that exchange would be seen by hundreds of people. He was under no illusion that he might change the mind of the inerrantist. He was interested in the debate, the exchange of ideas, and in mentoring people like me who were sincerely wanting to know.

That’s what happens on this blog. I get to express my point of view. I have the bully pulpit, just like Farrell did, because it’s my blog.  But in the comment section, you all get to weigh in.  Sometimes you agree with me, sometimes you don’t.  Everyone gets to read it.  You can use a screen name if you wish and many of you do.

Private messages accomplish almost nothing, and tend to be a waste of time at best. At worst, they are fraught with danger, because either side can selectively quote from them and nobody has any way of knowing what the whole exchange consisted of.

Because I strongly suspected that Elizabeth was trolling, I accepted her request.  And I was proved correct in my assessment.  I’ll show you how I know that.

Here is the exchange. I’m putting it out here for only one reason.  She was trolling. She was totally disingenuous and her sole motive was to get me or somebody else to say something that could be used somehow by Nicole against that person.  I do not honor privacy in a case like that.

Two red flags popped out immediately.

First, why the shit about the dead child?  I never mentioned Nathan.  She supposedly doesn’t know anything about anything. She’s confused.  Yet that was the first thing out of her keyboard.  It was the first comment she made because she thought it would disarm me.  It didn’t. It armed me instead.

Second, she has no questions.  She needed to go to PM to talk with me but she has no questions.

Anything you can tell me. . .


So she begins by blasting away at Debra.  She wants me to say something about Debra.

Nicole wants me to say something about Debra.

I wasn’t born yesterday.

And we’re back to explaining how she just wants to ask questions only she doesn’t have any.

Frankly, I do not think that Elizabeth was prepared for this at all. She never expected to connect with me publicly much less privately.

She, of course, has no questions.

Ah, she came up with a question.  Vague, loaded, expansive, but a question.

I gave her fair warning, as you can see.  I put the whole thing on the blog because fuck it that is what I do when people try to intimidate me.

It was time for me to ask a question, a specific one. Not some vague thing.  A real question.

Notice the vague answer?

When I followed up, she suddenly was busy.

This was yesterday evening.  My comment about going to feed the calves was real. That means that exchange ended at approximately 7:15 p.m. Central time yesterday.

And that was that until today.

Elizabeth, having failed to get anything useful out of me, went back to the Nation.  Again, I am not including every single comment, but they are all there if you want to go read.

Please note the time. I took these screen shots just a little while ago. It is now noon Central time.

She goes back and starts arguing with Deb.  The whole purpose of this was to get anyone she could to argue with her.  She wanted to get somebody angry so she could get either a nice screen shot or information.

I’m so easily confused. . .

Sure. And you’re Switzerland.

You just read our whole PM exchange.

What were her questions?  Vague shit about four people.  Anything I wanted to tell her, she said.

Elizabeth makes more than one reference to her shitty past behavior.

And here’s the comment about how she saw people drive by the shop and yell threats and take pictures. She has no video of that.  She’s easily confused, she says.  But she knows for certain this happened.

I bet she knows for certain that Joe didn’t drink a beer and that we were all drunk that night, too.

You know, if I’d said that about somebody and then sincerely wanted to establish dialogue with them, I think I’d have skipped the “nobody should say shitty things about dead children” part and gone straight to “I was wrong to say that I thought you should be smacked in the face with a shovel.”

In addition, there’s something else here.

Lisa quite often adds “IMHO” or “IMO” (in my humble opinion, in my opinion) to stuff she writes.

Elizabeth, though, doesn’t follow any of this very much and stays confused.  She doesn’t even know why Lisa is in Nicole’s crosshairs.  Yet she is very aware of that little habit of Lisa’s.

Here’s another gem, from last May.

So, taking all of this into consideration, and figuring that I’d gotten all I was going to get out of her, I did this.

She responded with “What did I do?” in a matter of about ten seconds.  Yet she had spent the entire morning arguing on the Nation and not asking me any of those burning questions that she needed answers to because she’s Switzerland.

Well, Switzerland, since you read every word written here about Nicole, there’s your answer.

This is why I typically won’t respond much, if any, to private messages. It’s why I’m typically vague even if I do respond.  It’s why I vastly prefer having public exchanges.

I blocked Elizabeth so I don’t have to be bothered with her again.









48 thoughts on “Elizabeth Olvera”

  1. As I said on The Nation, I don’t trust her. For someone who claims to be Switzerland she has no problem saying quite a bit. She is not ignorant. She has followed this all very closely. She has claimed in the past that we are ignorant of the truth. But now she claims she doesn’t see everything. She is full of crap. If she truly wants to know what has happened it’s all laid out on the blog. Start from the beginning. No one is going to give her cliff notes, she can do the work on her own.


  2. She claims she doesn’t follow well but she comments on nearly all of BLH’s posts. Bunch of bullshitters. Oh Liz, stop already, you look like such a fool! You and the BLH’s 90 active followers, if you can even call 90 “likes” as followers, are so unconvincing. Now NN, run along and post a picture of a child so you can get MAYBE 200 likes at the most to make a point, mmmmmkay?


  3. Eizabeth doesn’t want to know what happened – she knows those kids are neglected. She doesn’t care. Nicole is dying to know what her neighbor’s interview is about, among other things. So she sent over the one humper who isn’t a known sock. Nicole wants information. She threw her friend to the trolls hoping for a few breadcrumbs. Elizabeth made herself look like an ignorant boot licker in the process.


  4. i offered to link her numerous times, I told her to make a list of her questions, she never did, she just wanted to go fishing, cause she wants to feed Nic and Joe some shit and let them spit it. Not gonna happen. Want answers, you need to read the blogs like everyone else and make your own decision. Im guessing Elizabeth is ok with umpteen kids living in a make shift SHACK ( yes shack) and a tarp ( yes it was a tarp not a wall. No protection from elements, no registering for school, no running water or heat, and failure to cooperate with police. If that is your stance, you have serious issues and I question your parenting.


  5. I’ve been to the strip mall where the salon is located. It’s far from the road. The salon is in the short leg of the L shaped plaza and does not face the road. It faces the parking lot. The driving lane in front of the salon is not only short, but every time I have been there a vehicle was parked in the fire lane in front of the salon. People driving by taking video or photographs wouldn’t get much of a shot. People driving by shouting wouldn’t be heard very well from inside particularly if there is sound proofing because of the nature of the business and dog barking. Everyone else in the plaza would be more likely to hear it than Elizabeth could hear while peaking through the extensive painting and signage almost entirely blocking the salon’s windows. I haven’t heard of any such thing happening and we all know that Nicole insists that her neighbors, business or home, are busy reporting everything that happens to the trolls. The same pretty much applies to the homestead and the sheds set so very very far from the public road. Never mind that Nicole has given us all a tour of her extensive video surveillance system at her business. Where is the “documenting” for these claims?

    Sorry, I don’t believe Elizabeth. I suspect she is not only exaggerating about her visit(s) with the Nauglers, but downright lying. Personally I think Elizabeth likes to elevate her status and involvement in the Naugler saga. You know one of those “I’ve been following since the beginning” superiority complex humpers. You can see it in her posts and comments. She seems to write about every little thing she does with or for the Nauglers. She even publicly writes her excuses for not visiting them. So I find it a tad unbelievable that she wrote extensively about her visit several months ago stating she was there for a “couple of hours” and talking about the children being “on guard” and failed to mention at that time about all the people driving by filming and shouting insults.

    “Simple Simon troll” I didn’t coin it and I never called her that, but I like it.

    Vaya con dios, Elizabeth.


  6. I’ve always been very suspicious of her. She doesn’t want both sides of the story. She is just fishing for some kind of information to give to Nicole. She won’t even answer a lot of the questions she is being asked on Nation.


  7. Searching for incriminating statements. Pressing for unsolicted comments.

    Sally, she thinks you just fell off the turnip truck.


  8. My personal favorite remark:

    “No if you all MUST KNOW, I had to bring my child to the hospital for chest pains…. So sorry I’m not replying fast enough for you” Elizabeth Olvera Perez

    You’re telling us you are/were at the hospital with a kid with chest pains but are still commenting on a FB page for Nicole?

    Hahaha. Amateur. Tool.


  9. One of the reasons I read here and at “Nation” is the laughs I get. Belly laughs.
    To see the incredible humor of this last encounter would require the reader to be familiar with the Naugler saga.

    I watched Elizabeth creep over, and honestly got the giggles at the good cop Sally and the bad cop Debra.
    Elizabeth actually though she was intelligent enough to play Nicole’s “Cat’s Paw”.
    Neither Nicole nor Elizabeth understand who they’re messing with.


  10. Okay, so this is really petty, but I haven’t liked her for a long time. Not only has she ‘jokingly’ referred to violence as a repercussion to people who exercise their right of having an opinion, but she is all over the place. I don’t have screenshots, but I recall that she was upset that someone had commented about her body type. She turned around the other day and made similar comments about Viv on Nichole’s video. Ugh, hypocrite. If you are a big girl, own it. Solidarity man. She almost makes me miss Val, but not quite.


  11. Well, I guess Nicole’s penniless cheering squad are pretty much clones of herself. Stupid, duplicitous, feigning innocence, and expecting everyone to be stupider than Nicole. Switzerland my rear end. It reminds me of one reason (among many) why I hate Facebook. Every now and then I get a friend request from some guy in the Middle East that I have never heard of. Now the demographics and my profession are such that theoretically I could be prime material for a honey trap but, happily, I like remaining employed and not in prison so those requests are deleted and laughed at. But not one of these guys ever made a point of displaying their genuine allegiances on social media and then innocently go ‘what did I do wrong?’

    Yes, Nicole has surrounded herself with admirers who are patently stupider than she. I didn’t believe that was possible but apparently it is.


  12. While reading this exchange on the Nation I REALLY tried to give Elizabeth the benefit of the doubt. I even thought a dedicated humper might FINALLY be wising up, I can’t believe how wrong I was. This is why this blog is so incredibly important. Where I might be blinded by my naivete, there are many others who see right through the bullshit. Nice try Elizabeth, your attempts at fishing miserably failed.


  13. She almost makes me miss Val, but not quite.

    I miss Jillian. Remember her? Eating from dirty dishes?

    And Nomie. Nomie would at least do battle out in public.


  14. It was painfully obvious she was trying to troll hard. And I feel like Nic put her up to it. Given Liz’s past comments on you all/us, it’s not like she knocked her noggin’ recently and ended up with a case of mild amnesia. No. Someone needs drama in their life. Like you said, Liz was trying to bait you into saying something, anything negative or juicy about ANY of you that she specifically asked about. I need to get over and join The Nation and BLTATM so I can see more of this.


  15. “Can you tell me why there is such a grudge held against Al, Lisa, Deb and you??”

    Disingenious, indeed. If you want to know why someone (such as the N’s) are holding a grudge against other people (such as many other people) you ask the person that is HOLDING THE GRUDGE! This is middle school BS! The next step is to then report back to the N’s what was said, then report back to Sally (or anyone else) what the N’s responded, and so on. Middle school.


  16. Gee, if only there was some place to go where one could find all the answers laid out in an easily readable format, with transcripts of recordings, videos, links to evidence, and comprehensive screenshots. So many questions, but absolutely nowhere to go for any answers. What is a poor innocent bystander to do?


  17. Liz, are you friends with Charles? Does he confuse you too? Do you take drugs? Should someone call CPS on you as you are so confused and your child is having chest pains and yet you’re more concerned about those nasty trolls?

    See how I attacked Liz Chuckie style (only I didn’t go to her page and stalk her) See Liz run to BLH for support.


  18. Amazing how much clarity she had on August 17 (on NCN page). She doesn’t seem to have been even one bit confused. And she’s been following the story (“closely”) since the day after the kids were taken.

    “I won’t lie. . . ” she says.

    Yes, she will.


  19. Sally THANK YOU for your blog.
    You are very wise woman.
    I admire your courage to stood up to this craziness from Nauglers.
    Elizabeth Olvera naming you 4 by your full names Lisa, All, Debra and you
    say right the way her true motives, that she do not want to hear your side,
    that she is wanting to silence you and to create disputes on your pages.

    THANK you for blocking her.
    She is not interested to hear what Nauglers did to you all,
    she is 100 % supporting their craziness.
    Let Elizabeth stay with Nauglers where she obviously belongs.
    I wonder if Pace (supporting anarchy and Nauglers in this scam) is still supporting them.
    So Pace what happened to that “Pristine land “??

    You 4 =Lisa, All, Debra, Sally are mine heroes.
    Thank you for standing up.
    Whole world is watching.


  20. When I decided to do more research about the family I actually reached out to Al Wilson..He was polite and answered my question but also directed me to other sites to help. Al was honest with me but also kept his guard up since he did not know me or what my intentions were. It really only took a matter of hours to figure out what the real story behind this family was and is and I did not need to go to various pages acting like I was confused. Elizabeth is not confused. She knew exactly what she was doing. No one took the bait…She didn’t fool anyone..she just made herself look stupid.


  21. Gee liz, you have a child with chest pains and you were mmore concerned about how your Fucknoid friend gets treated boy I hope CPS never calls on you , I mean you did take the kid to the hospital right?
    But were not as low as you are lizzy, what happened to the coment you made about circumcision, you know, the one that got scrubbed. YOU ARE A AMATUER AT THIS lol,, and your husband building meta fence to keep out cats? you are a fucking riot


  22. I’ve always thought Liz was in this for the celebrity status. After all, you are a tabloid blogger, right?!
    I followed the Ns for a bit in the beginning but, as soon as I found this blog and saw what the other side was, it didn’t take me long to see what was really going on over there. Yes, I formed my own opinions and saw the bullying and intimidation from the Ns with my own eyes, shit she said about people and posting addresses of people. She can’t be crying when people won’t let it go…she brings all the shit on herself, she’s just upset that she isn’t the only one allowed to do the things she claims others are doing to her.

    Bye, Elizabeth!


  23. Yesterday when I visited the Nation page parts of the conversation was not there so I knew they were talking with someone that I have blocked. After making a few contacts the full conversation was sent to me. When I saw that it was Elizabeth Olvera I gave a general warning for others to watch out- a two year leghumper can not be trusted.

    When I have to block someone over the Nognutt’ins it is because that person has made a direct threat in someway towards this opposing side. So I knew immediately why she was there causing trouble, trying to get people to say things.
    Joe and Nicole have BOTH made it very clear that they are wanting to file lawsuits and made comments that the trolls will pay. There will be more like Elizabeth Olvera’s sent over to – try to- get the goods on any of us.

    Thanks for busting her ass Sally and everyone needs to be on the lookout this train-wreck is far from over.


  24. How embarrassing. White knighting for Joe and Nicole doesn’t usually end well, and Elizabeth’s amateur attempt to dig dirt is laughable. I did. Ms. Olvera, some words of wisdom: it is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. Even and especially on social media.

    Nicole, I guess you are going to have to wait for the video of Mr. Sneeds’s interview, just like the rest of us. There’s no need to get out in front of it, nothing to worry about, right? I mean, you have been honest and told the truth, right?


  25. Maybe Elizabeth has finally achieved Naugler Nirvana and was invited to the homestead. There she joined Nicole and Joe in their communal bed in the center of the shed. They all pulled out their phones and tablets and had a little social media ménage a trois while their children free ranged and co-mingled in the fecal mud. Deciding that this wasn’t the type of play date he/she had in mind and unable to get his/her mother’s attention as she commented, liked, and shared her “wittisms” online while cackling with her besties, the child unable to escape alone from the off-grid wilderness suffered anxiety induced chest pains or claimed to. After all children learn by example and Elizabeth is a big fat liar. Maybe she made all of this up. Maybe I did.


  26. Dumb question, is there any way Elizabeth could be a sock?

    I don’t think she’s a sock.


  27. Dumb question, is there any way Elizabeth could be a sock?
    could she be one of 7 investor in Capistan not wanting to loose her money…..?


  28. could she be one of 7 investor in Capistan not wanting to loose her money…..?

    I doubt that Elizabeth has spare money to invest in anything. She’s a Kentucky local.


  29. Elizabeth, Nicole,

    I’m friends with some assholes. Some of my friends consider me the asshole. That’s ok, that’s life, that’s friendship. I’m glad you have each other.

    One of the things that allows friendships to maintain and continue, is you own your assholiness and you keep your shit in your own yard.

    Elizabeth, I knew you were disingenuous as soon as you said you were looking for answers and didn’t say something like “when I was with Nicole she told me that xyz happened and I want to hear your side”.

    There is no way in hell that you spent hours in Nicole’s shop and she didn’t yap continuously about Al, Lisa and Sally. She has nothing, not one single thing other than them to talk about. If last light was your virgin night on the internet, there is no way didn’t already know 100% of Nicole’s version.

    If (who am I kidding) you are actually having a change of heart, than give your “friend” a stern dressing down in public, call her out if you disagree with her bullying.. out loud. Kinda like “I’ll smack you in the face with a shovel if you lie about Ron again”

    Otherwise, you girls carry on, giggle, bitch, snark and whatnot. We’ll judge you by the company you keep.


  30. After following this saga for over two years, commenting regularly on Nicole’s posts about trolls and stalking, and spending time with at least some of the Naugler children, Ms Olvera personally witnessed people driving by the salon, taking pictures, and yelling threats, and chose to say nothing until now. The only person who can corroborate Nicole’s allegations is going to keep something like that to herself, rather than putting it out there and proving Nicole right. Tsk tsk. Someone is either the world’s worst leghumper, or has a fondness for fairy tales.


  31. I started following when the kids were taken and it seemed like there was something missing from the story and I eventually found Sally’s blog. I think the thing that made me realize Sally was speaking truth was seeing the weird one sided conversations on the BLH page that made sense once I realized that unfavorable stuff was deleted. I also saw the claim that she never deleted (maybe i am remembering incorrectly, but it was something along those lines and it clearly showed to me that she wrote untruths at least some of the time). My mother always told me honesty was THE most important thing. I believe it. If someone lies about something, regardless of how inconsequential the matter, they could lie about anything and everything and nothing they say or do is trustworthy.

    I admit that when I saw this whole thing go down, I thought maybe she had finally ventured over to the land of the open mind, and I felt kind of bad for her. Her reticence about reading this blog made me wonder about intententions being less than pure, because it kind of seemed on the surface that the info she was looking for is RIGHT HERE. Why would she ask for this exact info and then balk when basically handed it on a platter.

    IMHO (ha!) all the lies and the doublespeak and the socks and the deleting and doxing and general awfulness as a theretical member of society is what makes this the big shitshow. The shed living and anti government/anti cop, pooping in buckets part of the story is pretty minor in the general scheme of the whole thing.

    It is like a giant onion with all the stinky layers.


  32. Nikki need to keep my name out of her mouth, from trying to cause me problems and spreading lies in grooming groups to bringing me up in her constant drama, to her threats she thinks she is going to scare me with.
    The reason I stay active is because she won’t shut the fuck up… and I’ll still be here till the end of this mess solely because of her.
    Also though, because I have met and become very good friends with some of the smartest, kindest people ever.
    It’s too bad nikki will never know what real friendship is, she only uses people. Liz, honey, fuck you too


  33. Lizzy none of us as as low as your bestie, and if I were you I would be very leery of your bestie/
    You can never be sure of her professed friendship. Gee I hope she doesnt throw you under the bus and maybe, oh I dont know ,call where you work or maybe call CPS, I hope nothing like that would never happen. Again, she took down the circumcision post. why is that ?was it becae you said you had it done to one of your blessings. you dont think that would cause her to make a phone call , maybe with a burner phone laying around the (cabin)? you know, like CPS. Be a shame to see you have to deal with that. See how that works Lizzy. the intimidation when you dont play by the rules your bestie made.


  34. As much as I would like to hear what Ron Sneed has to say, I almost want it to be a while before the interview is released since it seems to have the Nauglers in a twist.


  35. Nome was hilarious! Interesting side note about Nome, I’m in a private Facebook group with her, where she recently posted about being a registered dietician. She came off very well, surprisingly. Despite the fact that it is another profession she has, reading the post almost made me believe she was normal. I even screen shot it so I could muse over it in my leisure time.
    Michelle Wilson, she was crackers!


  36. Question:
    Are those SPY GLASSES Nikki is wearing in her new profile picture?

    Hahaha 🙂 A little humor to start the day.


  37. Elizabeth wants to play with the big kids. Then she ought to be careful about posts like the one about her sick child sitting in a hospital while she is on social media. Although, if someone DOES call CPS on you Lizzy, you and Nic will have even more in common!


  38. I think the obvious conclusion to come to about Elizabeth is that she’s Nicole’s little spy…. and I’d put my money on that being the reality of the situation.

    But…to play devil’s advocate…there’s another possibility.

    She might just be a creepy bitch who thinks people should be hit with shovels….who is starting to have doubts about the Nauglers. Most people do. Even the really stupid, violent ones…..in time.

    It’s pretty clear she’s been tightly up Nic’s butt in the past, but one thing I’ve noticed about the Naugs, is that their fan club changes on a daily basis. They attract reactive angry misfits like themselves….and one day they say the wrong thing, and poof! Idealization turns to devaluation, doubt… and then, sudden hatred.

    Nicole seems to think there’s a faction of the community that supports her, but the proof is in the playpen. She’s been offering a pretty decent looking pack and play and baby swing for $35 and still hasn’t managed to unload it. In fairness I haven’t seen them up close….but the items appear to be fairly modern and in decent shape. I’m pretty surprised no one will buy them after advertising to everyone on both her pages.

    Nic’s fans are fickle. They seem to be done giving her money for the most part, and I’ve seen more than one ugly rabid Naugler supporter turn on them. Type of people you attract is as important as how many likes you get.

    But back to Elizabeth….regardless of which she is…..I think a little help showing her the door was the best policy.


  39. Katatafish.

    Agreed, but…

    Personally, but for one, I find Nicole’s long-time fans, past and for the moment, to be repugnant quasi-human beings. If they do change their minds it’s simply because one crazy bitch pissed off the other crazy bitch, imho. So, I really don’t give a flying fig what they think or whose ass they’re kissing or kicking today. Hell, I often encourage all the sycophants to get a second job and send Nicole and Joe all their extra cash. It pleases me to think some of the coins trickle down to the children no matter how inadvertently.


  40. Totally off topic but did you see that Nicole LITERALLY said she is ok with female circumcision and that it is no more detrimental than male circumcision? Like she really is THAT stupid. What a fucking bitch.


  41. did you see that Nicole LITERALLY said she is ok with female circumcision and that it is no more detrimental than male circumcision?

    Yeah. She is comparing apples and oranges and coming up with pineapple.


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