Nicole and Joe began their foray into do-it-yourself education with what we generally think of as traditional homeschooling. They were living in an actual house then, and even had a lovely classroom set up.

school closet
from Nicole’s blog, Blessed Little Homestead

This dates back more than three years. Prior to that time, from what I can gather, she and Joe actually tried to homeschool with some sort of structure. They did not start homeschooling because of any sort of bad experience with any of their children in school. Rather, they started, believe it or not, because Nicole listened to some (very probably far right-wing) radio talk shows and got the idea that public schools are all horrible places.

Mind you, she did not go visit her local public school and get to know anyone there, and/or express her concerns in any way.  She just bought into the radio propaganda and decided to homeschool.

And really, that’s fine.  I wouldn’t be writing any of this if that was all there was to it.  It’s sort of narrow-minded and a bit silly, but hey, we all do stuff like that sometimes.

The truth is, of course, that there are very good public schools and there are not-so-good public schools, and there are some probably-pretty-bad public schools.  Ditto for public school teachers.  Ditto for private schools and private school teachers, for that matter.

And I want to make something really clear here before I go any further. We homeschooled our child for 5 years, from grade 7 through grade 11. I am not an enemy of homeschooling. I am also not ignorant about it.

Back to the Nauglers.

So, they started homeschooling their children.  I’m not exactly sure how all this worked, since Nicole seems to have been the primary bread-winner forever, and even though one of her (numerous) blogs lists Joe as the “principal” of their little school and her as the “teacher,” this seems to be a stretch.

And I do know plenty of homeschool teachers who work part-time, often at night or on weekends, so it’s entirely possible, however, it would be quite difficult to pull off with a bunch of kids.

However, they seem to have had some semblance of a curriculum.  It appears they were always eclectic about it, and didn’t, for instance, use some canned curriculum like ABeka or one of the others.  And that’s not a bad thing—it’s actually a very good thing.

One of the super big weaknesses of homeschooling is that the child grows up learning only one point of view—Mommy’s (or Daddy’s, if Daddy is the teacher).  Real school exposes a child to lots of points of view, different teachers and a myriad of peers.  This is not a bad thing.  It’s a good thing.

Using a canned curriculum simply compounds that narrow-viewpoint bottleneck, and using a wide variety of materials helps mitigate it. So I find no fault with that.  The library is a super good resource and the price is right.

And I know that I’m doing this commentary based on Nicole’s own words and posts on her various blogs.  I know that what I see on a public blog may or may not accurately reflect reality.  Maybe things weren’t as chaotic then as they appear to have been. But I can’t know anything except what she publicly posted, so I go with what I have.

At some places in her blog, she makes it all sound really good.  She gives us their reading list, for example.

reading list
from Nicole’s blog, Blessed Little Homestead

Looks halfway okay, I guess. This was in 2012, so these are relatively young kids. I have no idea what “insects study” might be, and the whole “seminary reading of the New Testament” sounds more like Sunday School than school, but it’s the one highlighted yellow that I thought was just hilarious.

That child was no more than 12 years old at the time this was written.

I am not stupid.

And the title under Schooling Books, Liberty Defined: 50 Essential issues(sic) that effect(sic) our freedom(sic) is another book by Ron Paul.  It’s not a history book of any sort. It’s a political screed written when he was running for President.

It would be like putting Obama’s Audacity of Hope on a reading list and calling that “history” or “social studies.”  It’s not.

I mean, where are the classics?  What about poetry?  What about really good children’s literature?  Seriously.  Nancy Drew?

home birth
from Nicole’s blog, Homespun Harvest Homeschool

And we get some essays. I don’t know who supposedly wrote this. I didn’t include it because of the subject matter.  This is not about home birthing. I included it precisely because I don’t know which child wrote it.  It was obviously a very young one.  It’s cute.

But every single parent in America has a similar sort of essay written by their offspring. They put this stuff on the frig with magnets.  They lovingly store it in photo albums and embarrass the child when he’s grown in front of his girlfriend.

This is not school.

School would involve, maybe at that age, learning to properly spell at least one of the words in that essay. Or having a lesson on sentence structure, so that the child understands what a period is and how to use it.  I’m not talking about criticizing his efforts. I’m talking about using the little essay to figure out where his weaknesses are and help him improve.

I don’t see evidence of that taking place anywhere in Nicole’s blogs. Ever. In fact, her older children write on social media and don’t know how to properly spell or punctuate and they have no idea what a run-on sentence is, so they don’t seem to improve at all.

At any rate, it became apparent that this homeschooling thing simply wasn’t going very well.



So practically Thanksgiving, and they’ve done almost nothing. When you’re still ‘organizing lessons,’ you haven’t accomplished much.

At some point, Nicole discovered the word “unschooling.” She seems to have seized it almost as a drowning man grabs a lifeline. The word even sounds easy, doesn’t it?

“Schooling.”  That sounds hard.  Lessons, and planning, and all those books and papers and thinking and stuff.

“Unschooling”?  Don’t gotta do all that stuff.  Just go with the flow.  Teach math by adding up stuff at the grocery store.  Teach science by baking a cake. Teach fractions (Nicole hates fractions) the same way, or by building something. Easy peasy.

Well, here I want to introduce you to a different family.


In case you have never heard of them (the book dates back to 1988), the Colfax family has some fairly striking similarities to the Naugler family.  I think that perhaps a compare and contrast exercise might be enlightening.

The Colfaxes moved to approximately 50 acres in rural California after David failed to get tenure (he was a university prof).  They built a homestead there, off-grid, raised goats, grew their food, and homeschooled.  Any of this sound familiar?

I read the book years ago when we were homeschooling and found it very inspirational.  For one thing, their boys are very diverse.  I can’t remember exactly, but it seems like only one of the boys is their biological child. The others were all adopted and are of different ethnic backgrounds.  This is interesting in that nobody can claim that these boys were simply genetically brilliant.  They weren’t even genetically related.

The Colfaxes basically “unschooled.”  I don’t remember it being called that back then, but that’s what they did.

And three of the four boys  went to Harvard on full scholarships. I remember that one of them became a marine biologist.  I can’t remember about the other two.

But I do remember the accounts in the book of how they did school.  While it bore some similarities to what Nicole talks about, in the sense that they use many of the same words and phrases, what they actually did was very different.

For instance, the boys all had chores. They didn’t just do anything they liked.  They worked very hard indeed.  In fact, David Colfax makes it clear that the homestead would have been impossible without the labor of those four boys.  He relates how the boys would be so delighted to get to stop working and read that they became voracious readers.

There was no TV. There was no internet, of course, in those days.  They were completely off-grid, for real.  They didn’t go to McDonald’s.

And they didn’t just go out on those 50 acres and play, either.

Another thing I remember is that the family always ate together.  At the table, each evening, each boy would share his journal entry for the day with everyone else. And the others would critique it.  Grammar, factual data, phrasing, you name it, were all subject to criticism.

Of course, each boy knew that his own entry was coming up, so they tended to be kind, but still, that’s  how they learned.

They would go into town periodically and take four boxes, one for each boy. They were allowed to fill their box at the local library.

It helped, of course, that both parents were college-educated (with graduate degrees) and both were teachers.

But they did no formal lessons.

And it wasn’t all peaches and cream.

David Colfax wrote a second book, several years later.

hard timesThis one, which I have not read, is about how difficult it was carving their place out of the wilderness.

The point here is that it is possible to homeschool using this whole “unschooling” method and do it successfully.

Any parent

But this is simply not true.

I want to show that any parent can homeschool.

No, they cannot.  Some parents both work full time and they simply cannot. Some parents absolutely do not have enough education to adequately educate anyone at all.  And some people simply don’t have the temperament to teach.  That is not a character flaw, by the way. It’s okay.

And some parents do not want to teach their own children.

Crap like what Nicole wrote above makes other people feel guilty.  She thinks she is being encouraging but it’s really quite awful.

It is okay, folks, if you send your children to your local public school.  They will very likely do just fine.

What has happened here is that Nicole, especially (since she’s the one doing all the blogging) has set herself up as some sort of role model when it comes to this subject.  And she’s not.  She’s also not terribly unusual in this respect.  A brief search via Google reveals that lots of these “unschooling” parents decide that they need to blog about their superior philosophy to the world.  It’s interesting that most of these blogs are short-lived, have few entries and that typically the children are young.

That’s because it’s harder than it sounds. A lot harder.

free your kids quote

This is a quote from one of those blogs/Facebook pages. The blog itself is dead. The FB is much more active, but the guy writing seems to ramble all over the place. Like Nicole, he’s not just about “freeing” his children.  He also doesn’t like/trust government or any other authority.  He celebrates the fact that his children are not prepared to get a job.

But, instead of reading lists and hypothetical lesson plans, as Nicole began to adopt the whole “unschooling” idea, we begin to see more and more of this sort thing.


I didn’t include all of the quoted material, because it takes too much space. It’s a quote from the guru of homeschooling, John Holt. The bit I left shows that Nicole used the photo as an illustration of “teaching.”

The photograph dates to before they moved onto the current “homestead.”

fixing stuff

Here’s another. The two will do to show the pattern. It’s all about “shop class.”

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but school isn’t all about shop class.

No, it’s not, says Nicole. It’s about art.


There are a dozen of these. It’s the latest Naugler project—amateur painting of ceramic figurines. What they intend to do with all these tchotchkes (when they do not believe in having a lot of “stuff”) is anyone’s guess.  But hey, it’s “art.”

But they do “science” too.


I present this, Nicole, as my contribution to your farce of an education system.

Notice that the video was made by a child? Why don’t you have your children make some videos like this one, Nicole?  Notice how much this kid knows about the biology of frogs and toads?


See how she implies that somehow her children have done actual dissections?  Nicole, cutting up a toad (that you think is a frog) willy-nilly without any idea of what you are looking at is not “dissection.”

She did require that the older kids do a bit of writing recently, though.

letter of intent

Her children are “opposed to the state” because Joe and Nicole have systematically taught them, not how to read and write well, or how to do science, or how to thinking critically, or how to do research, but to hate any form of authority except Joe and Nicole. They’ve produced a 12-year-old that says “screw you” to the state that is only requiring a simple letter of intent in order to homeschool.  No standardized testing, no proof that the children have learned squat.  Just a simple letter saying “We’re going to homeschool,” and the state says, “Oh.  Okay.”  But that’s too much.

I am sure I am being obvious here, but the rest of us in American society have a right to demand that Joe and Nicole educate their children, or see that they are educated.  We are the people who are going to have to live with these feral children when they are grown and discover they can’t really function any better than their parents have. We have a right to ensure that we have a populace that has enough sense to make reasonable decisions when voting, because all of us have to live with the consequences of that.

We as a society are not going to let this family starve to death, so it’s going to be on us to take care of them if they can’t do so themselves, and that gives us the right to demand that their children be educated. The alternative is to simply abandon them, and no reasonable decent person is going to do that.

In addition, those children have rights, too. They have a right as citizens of one of the most prosperous nations on earth to a minimal, decent education.

Kentucky is one of the states with most lax homeschooling laws in the nation, and it’s a damn shame.


Is unschooling for everyone?


But I ask, what information, vital to  your adult life today, was acquired in 3rd grade?

Just because you, Nicole, do not read anything much (I can tell you don’t by the way you write), and don’t need any math skills to work doesn’t mean other people do not.  Just because you don’t know how to think critically (and you don’t, as I will show later on in other pages) doesn’t mean other people don’t.

What did you learn in high school,(sic) that you would be unable to learn in a matter of weeks,(sic) if required for a new job or hobby?

Oh, maybe physics?  Try learning physics in a “matter of weeks.” You know, so you could get into college and become a. . . nuclear physicist?  Or an astronaut?

Are you seriously suggesting that children be left totally ignorant and have to do remedial work “in a matter of weeks” when they realize that what they really want to do with their life is write for the New York Times?  Are you seriously suggesting that the child could then, at age 25, “in a matter of weeks” just obtain a lifetime worth of reading and knowledge that would make him able to function in that environment or get a journalism degree in college?

natural ability

How would your children even know what the possibilities might be, Nicole?  Do you realize how many students enter college and change their major after a year or so?  Do  you know why?  It’s because our student gets there with the basics (and your children do not appear to be getting even close to the basics, and no, you are not equipping them) and is exposed to all sorts of different fields of study and he finds out that he really doesn’t like his lit classes nearly as much as that math class, and he switches from journalism to engineering.

But not “in a matter of weeks.”

But you know what?  You can prove me wrong.  It’s easy.  Have your children tested with standardized tests, Nicole.  I dare you.

And yes, you can, in fact, teach reading. I’ve watched real teachers do just that all my life.  And you can teach math. And you can teach science. And you can teach history, and critical thinking. Children can, and are, taught all over this country every year.

math is easy
Gee. I thought math was hard.



117 thoughts on “Education”

  1. Very good blog. Very good installment. I agree that they were once on an admirable track. Something happened. Maybe a shift in approach or circumstances nobody can ever understand. Maybe they simply chose to stop trying.

    Really trying.

    I remember reading somewhere that she wasn’t really sure how one or more of the children learned to read. That in itself says something.

    I pray for those children and hope they will overcome this later when they realize that an education is more than what they received.


  2. Another interesting and stimulating read! I imagine we all know, there is no limit to the value to a quality education. Many parents embrace their work in raising their children, is to provide every opportunity to grow them into happy and productive adults. Going on to do the work they love. It’s a highly competitive workplace, even more so as we are becoming more global workplace. More higher level, narrow skill sets expertise. Even farming, where generations of family owned farms. So much more technology to profitable farming, the next generation kids that plan to take over the family farming business are going to college in order to possess the knowledge and expertise needed to be competitive in today’s farming businesses. And another point, to schooling and homeschooling. IMO, teaching is a calling. It’s not for everyone, and I am challenged to think people would go into teaching because it pays so well. A good teacher, entertains keeping little children engaged and interested in the lessons of the day. Making learning fun for 6 hours or more every day, keeping minds stimulated. In my experience, my children are better prepared and more educated for today’s world and going forward, than their parents. For instance, they started computer and information technology in first grade. What I continually am having to learn to stay relevant, their expertise is already advanced.Same with the higher level mathematics, so much more ease for them in applying critical thinking and problem solving. And much more higher level mathematics than my high school education. To the point that I am not the best resource, when they want homework help. In all though, surely most all parents hope their children will go on into adult lives, happy and productive….having little concern or worry for their welfare. And knowing we did the best we could. Again, another great read!


  3. Best to leave the kids at home with dad? Wait. So in other words, even over 15 years ago he wasn’t employed? Is that a recurring theme? What man doesn’t actively seek employment to feed, clothe, and provide shelter for his family? I realize they may have a very good explanation and I am open to hear it. I have read that the reason Joe isn’t currently employed is because he has to manage the homestead. The fact that it really doesn’t seem to be a working homestead at all aside. What I gather when I read this blog and the links in the blog is that Nicole has always been the breadwinner and worker.

    I had a husband like that. For exactly six months. I had enough and realized that life would suck if I stayed. Fortunately, we didn’t have children together. Best thing I ever did. He is currently living with his 5th wife in a ramshackle trailer. In debt, smokes a lot of marijuana, who knows what else. The place looks like it’s abandoned. It isn’t. Whenever I drive by, I am flooded with emotion and realization. That could have been me. When I look at the pictures of the homestead my heart goes out to Nicole.

    I was young and I thought I was in love. After escaping that potentially horrible situation, I found a good man. I have been happily married for 23 years and he has worked hard to provide for us.

    This whole situation is so tragic and preventable.


  4. I feel so bad for Nicole! She is running a business, supporting the family, educating the children, and often pregnant – which in itself is exhausting! It seems she does most of the housework as well. I’m not sure what Joe is contributing to the family other than gross poundage.

    She could do so much better than him!


  5. The notion that “any parent can homeschool” is analogous to saying anyone can learn to rebuild a transmission, anyone can build a house from the ground up, anyone can design an airplane, anyone can be a lawyer, etc. No, they can’t. Her attitude towards teaching disrespects the educators who spent years learning higher math, history, science, English as well as took courses on child development, educational theories and learning approaches, and interned before they became credentialed teachers.

    But…not surprising from a set of parents who believe anything can be self-taught from tutorials on YouTube.

    — from a parent with an advanced degree who could homeschool, but would not.

    My children are educated by professionals who expose my kids to a variety of world views. They are encouraged to test and question, not accept one belief system. They interact on a daily basis with children from many different ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds, from wealthy to poor, some who come from different countries. From this they develop curiosity about our world, compassion, acceptance. From this they have the best opportunity to become independent, critical thinkers.


  6. And with that post, Dawn B. Naif wins the internet today. Wish I’d written all that myself.


  7. No wonder hsdla wouldn’t touch these frauds with a ten mile pole.
    This is why other states have more restrictions and regulations on homeschooling families. Imagine that. The off the grid, freedom loving, anti-anything resembling personal responsibility family will actually be the ones to creating future loss of freedoms. How rosa parks of her.
    Speaking of that wilderness loving, stay-at-shed dad, why doesn’t he just teach that one kid how to tell time? (Nicole keeps posting about one child being intensely curious about time, kind of like most prisoners are.)
    Isnt that why Joe doesn’t work? To teach? Would have guessed a wilderness lover like the prophet would have all the kids telling time from the sun and every other device other peoples’ hard earned money has afforded them. Teaching a kid how to tell time has gotta be one of the easiest lessons ever. Come on, Joe. You can pass on something other than weed addiction, anti government paranoia and semen.


  8. I wanted to make a comment regarding another vast difference between these two families. It’s the number of children. I was a homeschooling mom for several years. It takes about three hours per day to adequately educate one elementary school child. If the children are only one grade apart in age or in the same grade the parent has to do very little to divide lessons. Also, on a three hour per day schedule you only need to teach six months out of the year to give the child an adequate education. Homeschooling parents can teach on weekends and holidays so that puts us at an advantage. Four kids could easily be taught only using six hours out of the day in a two parent household where both parents are educators. Hours can also be split. If one parent teaches from 8 am to Noon the other could continue teaching from 4-6 pm plenty of time is allotted to get everything done. Now with ten kids try doing that with ten kids. There is simply not enough hours in the day or days in the year to make it happen. I always personally get infuriated that the homeschooling community never will discuss this issue. Time is limited so is money. Some homeschooling families are rich and get afford outside tutors or private teachers. So number of kids is not a factor. This is not the case with the Nauglers. Another point I wanted to address is how do you know your kid is being adequately educated? Some homeschooling families (like me) hire or have hired third party evaluators to make sure the child is on track. Places like Sylvan Learning Centers gladly will do these evaluations for a reasonable fee. Again, to the best of my knowledge the Nauglers do not use third party evaluators. I am not familiar with the Colfax family and can not comment if they ever had outside evaluations done. As much as I am not a fan of the Homeschool Legal Defense Association they did put out the results of a study showing the link between the amount of money the parent spent per child educating them and student success. The results show the more money that was spent the better the results. The same study showed that when both parents have a college degree the student is in the best position for success in a homeschooling program.


  9. When we homeschooled, we did annual testing through the state (for some years) and privately (different situation/state), but we never skipped it. Kentucky doesn’t require anything like this, which is really bad, in my opinion.

    And thank you for the feedback about large families. I homeschooled one child, and worked hard at it. I was always sort of mystified as to how people managed with a zillion of them. The families I was associated with who had lots of children simply did the best they could in a very disorganized fashion and it showed in their children.


  10. I read Nicole’s post from Friday, 3 December 2010 and I’m fairly horrified at the content as well as her weak writing skills.

    Jacob’s writings in 2012 (he was 12 through most of the year) had a lot of spelling and grammar errors that shouldn’t have been in evidence if his teachers had taught him well. It’s a shame.


  11. It’s disheartening to see that even on the Blessed Little Homeschool blog there was an emphasis on other people donating money to the family. “Help Our School” had everything to do with raising funds and nothing to do with asking for outside expertise. The fact that they never updated doesn’t change what Nicole was seeking.


  12. Thank you for the link. That’s interesting to find out what happened to them. I thought one of them had become a marine biologist, but maybe that was simply what he wanted to do at the time and he changed his mind/major as many college students do.

    My only quibble with the article would be toward the end. There is a kind of assumption among homeschoolers that colleges just love homeschooled kids and clamor to get them. That might be true in some settings. It is not true in all. I have friends who teach or have taught in very conservative religious colleges (where there are a lot of homeschooled kids who arrive as freshmen, and where they don’t really have much in the way of entrance exams) and the reports are that it’s a mixed bag. Some kids are great and excel because they know how to study and research on their own and need little hand-holding. But plenty of others are severely handicapped.

    This is exactly what we should expect from a system that has little to no oversight. It’s like trying to maneuver and park in a crowded busy large parking lot. As the Bible puts it, “Every man does that which is right in his own eyes.” There aren’t any rules like there are out on the highway, so your odds of getting into a fender-bender are higher.

    Some parents are going to do a great job. Others are simply going to crash and burn.


  13. Well, in Nicole and Joe’s world where a medical degree is found in every box of Cracker Jacks, of course their children can make up for years of educational neglect in a matter of weeks. If only colleges and universities would see their super-genius and admit them, regardless of their lack of qualifications.

    It would be gratifying to see their eldest take the SAT and the ACT test and score well. He has several months to study for them and there is still time to sign up for both this school year.


  14. Posted by Nicole C. Naugler on the 10th, “Nicole C. Naugler There was another post to the page here that was about testing. I made a few comments there. Never said my children faired poorly. That was their interpretation. Because they need my children to fail. It’s the only way their story will work.”

    1) The word is ‘fared’
    2) Don’t start a sentence with “because”

    A summary for Nicole to share with her children when they do find themselves sitting examinations, “Because is a preposition that is sometimes used with no complement, sometimes (in the new usage that the ADS has just recognized) with an noun phrase complement, sometimes (much more commonly) with an of-PP complement , and sometimes with a clause. That’s an accurate classification, which dictionaries ought to adopt because, well … because syntax.”

    Sorry Nicole, the story ‘works’ because you provide the world with evidence that you haven’t improved your skills whilst teaching your children.


  15. “Nicole C. Naugler I take no stock in those tests. They represent nothing. And I don’t really care how they did on them nor will I subject them to them in the future. Unless they choose to take them.

    And yes, I said they could have done better, not saying they did bad. Isaac who is my most apt in the “traditional schooling” scored an 8th grade reading level. He just turned 12. He scored 4 1/2th grade level in math. Now Isaac is the one who loves math and helps with the book keeping. I know he could get a higher score.

    Quinten did horribly on his tests. He said he didn’t even try just circled numbers. Quinten has my screw it attitude. He was pissed. He was one of the boys who saw me arrested. Anyone who knows Quinten personally knows he wouldn’t take the testing serious (sic). After he was a little settled in the facility he focused and did well in their summer school program they had.”

    Do try to keep your stories straight. I don’t doubt he did well in the summer program as it was likely held at particular times, places and was consistent throughout.

    It drives me crazy to see people leaving -ly off when it’s supposed to be there.


  16. I just wanted to point out book keeping comprises a very small segment of overall mathematical knowledge. Bookkeeping is also quickly being phased out by QuickBooks, TurboTax, and thousands of other software programs.


  17. If she shared this as the best example of where the children are academically, I can only imagine how far behind these kids are. I fear they are for the most part functionally illiterate. Why a parent thinks that is good enough to get by in this world boggles my mind. Does she want the kids to fail so they never leave and keep her company?


  18. From a meme posted on 2/15 on the NN fb page “The fact that millions of children require medication on a daily basis so they can more easily assimilate into a culture of public schooling does not mean these children are damaged. It means that something is very wrong with the whole idea of schooling.”

    No, it does not. It means that public schooling is for ALL children living in America. It means that neurotypical and special needs students are welcome in our schools. Children who need medications and those who don’t learn together. It means that professionals and parents are working together to provide the best education, supporting the best future, for students.

    It means the opposite of assuming that children are damaged. Children come in all varieties- different, not damaged. Educators can help parents and medical personnel identify issues, some of which are medical, thus medication recommended. In times past, children with special needs stayed at home, or were placed in institutional care for their lifetime. Medical science is a beautiful thing, and never before in our history have so many been able to be kept alive and well from before birth, and to receive intervention and care from educated medical staff, funded by the government.

    The whole idea of schooling is not wrong. Families have real choices in how to educate their children. Public schooling has many issues, but it is the right thing for many, many families. Raising 11 children in deperation and need, training them to fear and hate, in a non schooling environment is very wrong.

    I read Mrs N’s meme to mean that there’s a million parents who choose to drug their children to comply in evil government schools, and that there’s some kind of conspiracy to drug generations children in our schools. That is categorically not true, and never has been true. Most parents, educators and medical professionals focus on children thriving and learning.

    N smugly replies (to the meme statement) “Not my children.” A MOTHER who refuses to provide clean water for her 11 dependent children, refuses regular medical care (perhaps denying diagnosis or treatment), and refuses them an education has no right to judge the medical (or educational) decisions of any other parents.

    Mrs Naugler does. not. know. what she is talking about in regards to the use of medications in the public school system.


  19. And my thanks to you, Bill, for that excellent analysis and commentary. Nicole doesn’t do commentary. She just grabs memes and posts them willy-nilly without regard for whether they are factual. Actually thinking and writing stuff is hard work, and Nicole just doesn’t bother to do that.


  20. “The fact that millions of children require medication on a daily basis so they can more easily assimilate into a culture of public schooling does not mean these children are damaged. It means that something is very wrong with the whole idea of schooling.”

    Well, let’s all put on our thinking caps and come up with a list of medical ailments that may require daily medication and that a child in school may take. Here’s a VERY short list.

    insulin – diabetes
    immunosuppresants – there are children who have had organ or tissue transplants

    Droxia oral, Androxy oral, penicillin V potassium oral – sickle cell anemia
    lamotrigine – epilepsy
    bronchodilators – asthma, cystic fibrosis
    Orkambi – cystic fibrosis (children 12+)

    Now, I know full well what Nicole is getting at and she chooses to think that every single child who takes medication for ADD or ADHD shouldn’t be doing so. There may be too for whom it is prescribed but that doesn’t mean it’s not necessary for quite a number.

    Let us return to Nicole’s education. It doesn’t include an M.D. and she doesn’t have a license to practice. Without a degree, none of her children are going to become a D.D.S., J.D., R.N. (different from an LPN or LVN), P.A., D.V.M., or M.D. Maybe she and Joe should concentrate their efforts on educating their children so one or more could pursue a higher education rather than belittling the efforts other parents put forth for their children. They may get it wrong, but at least there is evidence that they’re trying to provide tools so their children can learn.

    There are many careers that don’t require a college degree but most assuredly not all of them.


  21. Since I work in healthcare I wouldn’t be surprised at all if several of Nicole’s kids need to be on prescription fungal medications. There is almost no way those kids don’t have fungal infections given the environment they are raised in. Those kids are constantly in mud and I am sure they aren’t getting access to adequate facilities to clean themselves and to practice proper skincare. Generally to treat serious fungal infections a person is put on a prescription antifungal medication for at least nine months. Long enough for the nails to completely regrow fungus free. For some people especially those with nutritional deficiencies that process will take much long. Her kids aren’t on prescriptions because of crappy parenting not because they don’t need them. It would be a downright miracle if none of her kids needed prescriptions.


  22. It never ceases to amaze, the groups of people that NN can regularly offend with her criticisms. I often wonder about the followers, how does it feel? When the bashing law enforcement, and one may have a family member or friend that serves as a police officer? When bashing public schools, and one may have a family member or friend that is an educator? When bashing social services, when one may have a family member or friend that works in that field or may receive social services benefits. When bashing parents of children that take medications, as if they do it so their children can attend public schools.

    Just curious, for the followers, how does it feel? If it does feel a little insensitive, what do you do? Do you give a “like” and approval? Is it because it isn’t all about you, it’s about Queen Bee, what offends her? Are you sacrificing insensitivity, in the ruse of elevating her?


  23. Nicole’s post today (2/15/2016) hit a sore spot with me. She posted a ridiculous meme about medicating children, with the implication that all children with learning differences will have to be medicated to assimilate into public school.

    It is true that there are children who are medicated for A.D.D. who “might” do without, and not fail in school. Michael Phelps, the Olympic medaled swimmer, has A.D.D. His mother did not put him on medication, but rather, channeled him into swimming. He was not a student. More often than not, it’s true that children with A.D.H.D. benefit from a high amount of physical activity to help them be calm and more focussed.

    It is well known that many people in creative fields have A.D.D., and several famous celebrities have admitted to having this challenge. Often they will take medication when they need to focus, but not when they want to “create”. Medication, like eyeglasses, is a tool to help “see” more clearly, when needed. But rather than go into whether to medicate a child or not, let’s talk about what public school actually does for children with special needs.

    Children with special needs due to ADD, autistic spectrum, pervasive development disorders (PDD), dyslexia, low cognition, schizophrenia, auditory processing problems, spatial processing disorders, etc., qualify for services in PUBLIC SCHOOLS that are not available at private schools or at home, unless parents pony up the costs for these services, privately.

    When a child has a learning difference, he or she can be assessed for an IEP, or Individualized Education Plan. Children are eligible for IEPs for physical disabilities as well as psychological or learning issues. Once a child has been assessed, appropriate services are available. Sometimes parents have to advocate to get these services, and school districts today are notorious for trying to minimize their outlay for these specialized services. Because they cost, a bundle. But the parents who lobby for their children usually prevail.

    What does a child with special needs have available? Occupational therapists, speech therapists, educational therapists/intensive instruction, behaviorists, social skills groups, NPA (non-public agency) schools, all of which are designed to help these children succeed. Many special needs kids are very bright, and yet do not flourish in a general education setting without supports. In addition, kids with IEPs may continue in a general classroom or accelerated curriculum, or special day class, all depending on need, but with accommodations for extended time on testing, testing in a quiet setting, preferential seating in class, extended time to turn in work, ability of child to get up from class to “take a break” and stretch, and more.

    Special education support programs are run by specialists. They teach children to decode and read, to improve speech, socialize well with other children, to stay organized, use their writing instruments properly, to play sports when they have motor coordination problems. It is not simply about teaching reading or math.

    Also worth mentioning, parents of a child with special needs are often eligible for “respite service”. Respite offers the parent a “break” from caring for the child, oftentimes 4 hours a day a couple of times a week. A licensed caregiver will spend time at home with the child so the parent can do errands, take a walk, just have needed time away.

    Few homeschooling parents have the training or private resources to offer their children these important interventions. In my state, early intervention begins as early as 18 months if the child is experiencing a developmental delay (speech acquisition, motor coordination, reaching appropriate milestones). Can you imagine the cost if a parent pays for this privately? An hour of speech therapy can cost over $100. Children with IEPs may have speech twice weekly. The services one of my children received, paid for by Regional Center and the school district, were over $1,500 per month and this was something we could not have afforded, privately.

    Last of note about IEPS: a child with an IEP will be eligible for services throughout his or her schooling, including through college. Students with IEPs even have eligibility for financial aid and special grants for higher education. Kids with IEPs often have discounts for educational supplies, special curriculum (and special pricing for some theme parks and transportation).

    It appears that one of the Naugler children has some special needs. Nicole mentioned that one of her boys has always “been in his own world,” and that they learned to accept him as such. The child may be on the autistic spectrum. Autism can be mildish, frequently seen in the “savant” or Silicon Valley “computer nerd” who is brilliant but doesn’t relate well to people. That is generally Asperger’s Syndrome. There are variations to the more severe, a child who cannot read at age 10, has severe language delays and may not be toilet trained.

    Without saying as much, Nicole has admitted to not knowing how to teach this special boy. An autistic child who is not getting early intervention may not learn how to interact with others at all, may not learn to read well, may not do well academically. One need only read the story of Temple Grandin, the poster woman of autism, to know that her entire success in learning to relate to the world, to become a famous professor of animal science, was based on extensive early intervention:

    If the Nauglers have a special needs son, they are doing him a huge disservice by keeping him at home. Public schooling is not perfect, but for everyone but the very wealthy, the best option for young special needs kids. Early intervention has the best success.


  24. Thank you BLB. I find that I have more on my mind and in my heart on this topic, and hope it’s OK to piggy back off of Tekla’s insightful comments and post again, hopefully without too much repetition.

    Mental health need and care is so individualized that outsiders can not make assumptions about what’s needed or not. While it’s easy to see when a hatchet cut needs stitches, and common practice for a pediatrician to attend to burns from an outdoor cookstove; mental health care is still mostly uncharted territory, especially for children. It’s a complex process to decide on medication for a child. Parents do NOT make casual decisions to administer these medications.

    Students with diagnoses such as schizophrenia, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression, language disorders, autism spectrum disorder, Down’s syndrome, and/or developmental delays may or may not display behaviors that describe them as “hard to assimilate” in school. They may need medications as prescribed by a pediatric psychiatrist, a highly specialized medical professional, in conjunction with a team of medical and therapeutic personnel.

    Children who suffer from a single or multiple diagnoses deserve “school” in whatever form their parents choose, and in whatever way will best prepare them for a best-case future. The federal government pays for additional support for students with documented mental health needs (they way, way, way underfund school programs tho).

    In a public school setting, is it the premise of the Naugler meme that – We deny children needed medications? Or, we exclude them from school? Or would we change the instruction and curriculum completely thinking that medications were not needed? (Teachers do a lot of the third option of accommodating). But for those with documented need, each of these is unlikely, immoral and/or illegal.

    Kids who are homeschooled also may need medications, btw. Kids are people. People are different.

    I’m sorry to take up so much space. The comment about public schools deciding that children are damaged and so push medications on a grand scale is so wrong, so paranoid, and hurtful in every way. As you can tell, I’m passionate on the topic of education for all, for kids who need medications, and those who don’t. Each is worthy. The Naugler children are in my thoughts. They deserve an education.


  25. Nicole Naugler wrote, “And yes, I said they could have done better, not saying they did bad. [Edit by admin: removed child’s name. I know I’m not always really consistent about this but I try] who is my most apt in the “traditional schooling” scored an 8th grade reading level. He just turned 12. He scored 4 1/2th grade level in math. Now Isaac is the one who loves math and helps with the book keeping. I know he could get a higher score.”

    She does not understand standardized testing. Her son did not score an “8th grade reading level.” He scored what an 8th grader, typically age fourteen, would have scored on a test administered to twelve year old 6th graders.

    Further, if you are going to dismiss achievement testing as not indicative of a child’s true intelligence, then, in my opinion, you lose bragging rights when the child does score well. You cannot have it both ways.

    Manual bookkeeping involves primarily basic addition and subtraction. I would not consider it a marker for mathematical aptitude. I assume she is referring to simply keeping up with the business bank account, not true double entry bookkeeping. However, it is indeed a good skill to learn because it can be used in adult life for budgeting and other tasks.

    The Naugler childrens’ options in life are being whittled down little by little with each disastrous parental decision.


  26. Yeah – EVERYTHING Clinical Psychology said AND a plug for school teachers who are being told how to do their jobs by layers and layers of people (including parents) who haven’t taught at all, let alone more than one class a day of 15+ people.


  27. Further, if you are going to dismiss achievement testing as not indicative of a child’s true intelligence, then, in my opinion, you lose bragging rights when the child does score well. You cannot have it both ways.

    Absolutely, yes. She says that she places no stock in achievement testing, yet then touts the scores not only of her one child (which means that the others did terrible), but sometimes puts up memes that brag about homeschooled children scoring better than public schooled kids.

    Well, of course they do. For one thing, there is a quite selective group of homeschooled kids whose parents opt for testing in the first place. Even in states that require it, parents don’t have to participate in any sort of public reporting of their scores. So, the parents whose kids did well brag about it. The families where the kids did poorly stay quiet.

    And you are quite correct that when a child scores “at an 8th grade level” it does not mean that he should be bumped up to the eighth grade. In fact, almost every report I’ve ever read about home schooling includes people bragging that their children read “at freshman college level” or “at 11th grade level” when the child is in the third grade. They simply do not understand the testing scores. All homeschooled children are not geniuses.


  28. Wow Blessed Little Blog. I am impressed. With as much effort you have put into stalking and degrading a family you don’t even know you must be extremely well off, or maybe you aren’t because you spend all your energy stalking the Nauglers. I’m curious, have you been outside your home for more tha going from home to work and to buy groceries? Have you seen how these people are not the only ones living off grid and unschooling? In fact we are doing this exact same thing. If you can’t produce your own food and collect water you are the one who is worthless. How hard is it to work a job? It’s pathetically simple. I would be so bored if I still had to do it. I am sorry you are unhappy with yourself. I know you would never have the strength and ambition to strike out on your own. I bet you sit and watch tv and tell yourself how easy it is to be self sufficient. Guess what, I dare you to try it for one week! In fact I double dog dare you! Because you are weak and pathetic. My grandparents and great grandparents lived with no electric, sewer my great grandmas outhouse is in the historical site at the fairgrounds in my hometown. We are proud that she took care of herself and her family and yet here all you people sit saying how terrible it is. Really? Well then as proud Americans, I am here to say you have the right to choose NOT TO DO IT. But your rights are only valid as long as you do not get into someone else’s business so you go about your pathetic life, we off gridders will go about ours and oh look the American Dream is achieved for all. Also, not sure if you have kids but I teach mine as un schoolers and they are way more intelligent than their peers. See there are many ways to live. What gets me the most about your blog is that you are too chicken shit to post who you are. PATHETIC!


  29. Gnome Earthchild

    Wait. Let’s use your real name since you’re so interested in mine, Naomi Thompson. That is, of course, if that’s really your name.

    Bless your poor little heart.

    Go here. Read. That’s who I am.

    you must be extremely well off

    What does my bank account have to do with anything?

    If you can’t produce your own food and collect water you are the one who is worthless.

    I venture to bet that we produced more of our food last year than you did. Wanna test it? We’re on a well. Does that count as “collecting water.”

    How hard is it to work a job? It’s pathetically simple

    I am a retired RN. It wasn’t “pathetically simple.” It was very hard work, and it required some serious education to get the license in the first place. You might not appreciate that but if you’d ever found yourself in my care in the ICU where I worked, you might have a different view of it.

    I bet you sit and watch tv and tell yourself how easy it is to be self sufficient.

    Don’t ever watch TV. Again, I bet that if we put it to the test, I am more “self-sufficient” than you’ve ever been in your whole life.

    my great grandmas outhouse is in the historical site at the fairgrounds in my hometown.

    The Nauglers don’t have an outhouse. That would require a hole in the fucking ground. Why are you supporters so stupid? Why can’t you read?

    not sure if you have kids

    I am 67 years old. My only child died ten years ago. You would know this if you’d read more than six sentences here.

    Oh, and that’s enough for now. I have to go milk the cow. Do you milk a cow? We do. Twice a day. And feed nine bull calves. Every day. Twice a day.


  30. Bless Gnome Earthchild’s blessed little heart.

    Here is a direct FB quote: ” Hey, part of trolling a troll is make up shit about them. After all that’s their game. Karma and all that.”. I have a screenshot of that.

    Are you going to make shit up about Sally because karma and all that?

    Oh and unless a supporter writes fucked up shit (see love letters Sally approves most anything.


  31. Naomi
    One does not have to live off the grid to grow and put up their own food. However one has to have the will and ambition to do it. It is not easy but so worth it.
    I put up enough food that I can promise you it would take the Naugler family through the non growing season and there are only two of us here now that the kids are all on their own with their own families. I suppose you could include the two dogs and two cats in the count for preserving food for them too. Hell my dogs and cats eat better than those poor Naugler kids. My kids when kids ate very well too.

    We do not collect water either. Who the hell would want to collect water when you can get it from deep in the ground and it is less like to be contaminated. With well water that is tested one does not have to worry about acid rain contaminated water. Or contamination from what ever has landed on the roof of where you are collecting water from. Rain water now days is not the best source of water due to all the pollution that there is now days. Have you ever wondered why metal roof rust so fast or get pitted so fast? Pollution is the reason. Any water that is taken from a roof that has shingles is going to have contaminates in it – what are shingles made of?

    I have a real outhouse too. It is all fancied up with pictures hanging in it. We even have real toilet paper for it.

    My animals have run of my land well the part that I want them to have run of cause we fence to keep them on our land and keep other animals off our land. I do not let my animals free range any more than I let my kids free range.

    FYI – if the Nauglers were not so lazy and pig headed they would be leaps and bounds ahead of where they are now with the so called homestead. They would have a garden and one for the size of the family they actually should have. What they have is not even a hobby garden let alone one to produce enough to feed a family of that size just for the growing season. They need a garden that is at least an acre but bigger would be better. Also they do not have the right set up to put up food. Canning takes a lot of water as well as a lot of time and hard work. Also it is not cheap to get started in canning with the expense of the jars, lids, canner (water bath and pressure) and other misc tools that make it go faster and easier.

    I highly doubt that they can afford to put up food as they do not have a great clean water source or a stove that you can regulate the temp on it.

    To be quite honest I could give two shits about Mr and Mrs Naugler it is the kids that I am concerned about. You like to cast stones at the admin of this blog so let me ask where is your concern for children living in filth and going with out a decent education? I suppose you thought a 3 walled shack was okay for them to live in the dead of winter too. The parents wanted this to go viral cause they thought they would get a ton of money (which they did) but they neglected to think about the back lash of going viral. I guess the money they got was not so easily earned now that they have to deal with the fall out. Like my father use to say if you did not work hard to earn it then it is worthless, as nothing that comes easy is worth much.

    Last of all if you want to use a fake name then do not brag on an open forum about what you did. LMAO you are a few watts short of bright.


  32. Here’s the screen shot. Naomi wants to be all involved in this and she wants to tell me all about “self-sufficiency,” okay, I’ll bite.

    Naomi, I put up my life against yours any day of the week. Dare you.


  33. Oh, I have been waiting patiently for Mrs. Davis to rip you a new asshole. Shall I bring popcorn?

    It is quite obvious you haven’t read a Damn thing on this blog. If you had, you surely wouldn’t be running your pie hole. Clueless.

    Have YOU been outside your home (apartment) recently? It seems all you can muster up is to sit on your couch. Oh, and crochet. On your couch.

    How do you produce your own food while living in an apartment? Do tell, inquiring minds want to know. Do they allow you to collect rain water in the complex as well?

    You should ask your friend Nicole how hard it is to work a job. She would know, but her lazy ass husband doesn’t. Must be pretty hard, eh?

    I dare you to be self sufficient. No, I double dog dare ya. Apartment not included.

    Do you shit in buckets in your apartment? How about your kiddos? All the Nauglers do. Did your Grammy shit in a bucket? Do you think she would want to?

    Enough with the grandiose attitude about your little snowflakes being more intelligent. Please, just stop. Your grammar is atrocious. I assume you are their “teacher”? Ha! That is very telling of the level of education that they receive from you. Thank god for YouTube, amirite?

    “We off grinders”(I imagined you thumping your chest when I read this) what?? Who? You? Do off grinders bitch about their electric bill? Hmmm. You
    Do. Liar.

    You and Nicole have something in common. It’s called delusion. Birds of a feather…

    You don’t posses one iota of knowledge and wisdom compared to Mrs. Davis. So do yourself a favor, read the blog. Perhaps you could learn something useful. And then you could unschool your kids all about it.



  34. How pathetic you are Naomi coming all the way over here…playing right into Nicole’s game.

    Naomi, really chick you should read more… might learn the TRUTH if you did !!!


  35. Naomi, I became interested in the Nauglers because I admire homesteading and unschooling done right. I hope that you will stick around, read a bit and talk (without insulting the admin tho please). There are plenty of people who share your interests here. Your essay is filled with passion, and we have a lot of that here too. (It’s taken me a long time to type this so my comments might be repeating what someone else has said and posted while I was gathering my thoughts.) I’d like to respond to a couple of your points that stood out to me…

    You said, “If you can’t produce your own food and collect water you are the one who is worthless.”
    —-The Nauglers do not plant, grow, collect or store food. They do not have the facilities if they wanted to garden or purchase excess from surrounding farms as a true food source. They do not hunt, fish or raise animals for food, and have no way to store excess if they were to buy in bulk.
    —-The Nauglers have no source of water on their land, and 11 children to care for. They depend on transporting water for all of their needs. They have had serious legal issues centered around acquiring water. They have been on their land for almost 2 years…and they don’t have water. From your comment, I’m guessing that you and your children are able to drink, wash hands, bathe, flush, cook, launder, water animals and a garden etc. The Nauglers can not. You called that worthless. I didn’t say it, but I totally agree with you.

    You said, “How hard is it to work a job? It’s pathetically simple.”
    —-Well, actually, it’s not simple. You can ask Mrs. Naugler, because she commutes to a new business, and is a working mother. Working for a living is hard. Homesteading is hard, and most likely takes an outside income for many years before a homestead is self sustaining. Mrs. Naugler works a job, and reports that she loves her work. I’ve never read that she thinks anything about it is pathetic, or particularly simple.

    You said, “My grandparents and great grandparents lived with no electric, sewer.”
    —-When you say it like this, I think that that your current generation family does have electricity and a sewer system. I do too, and I’m glad for that. The Nauglers don’t have either. They have small solar panels to charge their electronics (their words) and they have plastic buckets to use for human waste (also their words) which they dispose of on their property.
    No electricity. No running water. No toilets.

    You said, “I teach mine as un schoolers”
    —-The Naugler children play outside and help out with chores, childcare and in the grooming shop. They don’t share about academics, sports, interest lessons, church youth groups, homeschooling get togethers, any needed therapies, scouts, visits with friends or relatives, overnights with grandma, vacations or travel. Mrs. Naugler writes extensively about her political beliefs, but these kinds of child/family/community learning and living activites are very rarely mentioned. The Nauglers have said that there are too many, of different ages to “teach”. So they’ve chosen not to teach as unschoolers, which is probably the most complex and creative educational strategy.

    I think that you are comparing you and your family life to the Nauglers. You take care and provide all of what your family needs, and some of what your family wants. You work for it all, without donations. You homestead, and you unschool. The Nauglers don’t. They don’t homestead, and they don’t unschool.


  36. Naomi, Naomi. What in that ‘lil head of yours thinks the Nauglers are just hunky dory?

    I see on your cover photo there is an American flag. You are a patriotic American. Do you know the Nauglers are against the military and have gone so far as to call them baby killers? How’s that, dissing our men and women in service?

    I also see your children seem clean, well fed, and live in a real house with walls and windows, and presumably plumbing. Nice hot showers. Regardless of how your great granny lived, do YOU shit in a bucket and have to carry it 100 yards to the “compost”? Do you live 13 piled in a sardine can shed surrounded by feces-laden mud?

    You aren’t off gridding at all by the looks of your photos. I see a suburban home, simple, clean and neat, and a relatively small sized family. Happy and not overburdened,.

    Please stop celebrating parents who by their own design, make poor life choices that have caused their children live in poverty and filth. You would not last a week living in those circumstances. All your pretty baby caps, scarves, socks and other crocheted tchotchkees would be encrusted in mud or dust, all the lovely yarn unraveled and ruined between rambunctious children, dogs and goats. You’d be screaming for a toilet, a shower, the ability to wash your clothes and have a bedroom door that closes.

    You might take that crocheted ap off your head; it’s too small and cutting off blood flow to your brain.


  37. Naomi, Your post was most informative. Many ask, ‘who ARE these people who enable and encourage child neglect and abuse?’ Now we can refer them back to your post for a pretty clear picture, albeit not a pretty one.


  38. Naomi, honey, that was not a very smart thing to do. I hope you take everyone else’s advice and read the rest of the blog, before commenting like that again.
    Last I checked, regenerating celery on a windowsill is not gardening. I think it’s a cool thing to watch for the kids, but I don’t get that little craze otherwise. Seems a waste of space to me. You could be growing greens for your soon to be lactating rabbit instead.
    Heh. Meat rabbits.

    I think you have dreams of doing this, and you are right, it’s tough work. I suggest you find a Facebook page of families actually doing it, not pretending, and follow them. There are other very good blogs out there as well. Consider putting together a five year plan, on paper, to work towards self sufficiency. Make a list of what you need (out of any kind of debt to start) and what you can save towards the purchase of land and a decent dwelling for your family. Yes, you have to move. Make a list of things you want to do, and research the equipment to do it properly. Then buy it. Cash.
    Expensive, huh?
    You like to crochet. Maybe you want to go a step further and harvest your own wool. Better start planning for that. The list of things you need (besides sheep) are long and expensive.
    You don’t save money homesteading, especially just starting out.
    The Nogs aren’t homesteading, not by anyone’s definition. Don’t buy it? Ask them for the truth about why they are selling their goats. Ask them how many eggs they are getting a day, and why don’t you ever see pictures of smiling children with a basket full of eggs? How are the rabbits doing? By now, they should have had roughly 4 litters. Why no baby rabbit pictures? Ask them why it’s taken over 2 years, and they are still in the planning phase of a rainwater collection system. Go ahead. See how fast she bans you from her page and you start getting rapey love letters from Ben and Charles (aka, Joe, Nicole, and quite possibly the oldest boy) wait till Nicole calls your work trying to get you fired, or posts pictures of your kids around her pedo friends.
    That’s what you get when you ask questions. You will learn nothing from Nicole and the ever unemployed Joe, father of 11 living in a shed with no running water.


  39. Nicole bought rabbits with the plan (always a plan) to raise more to butcher and sell for dog food. There are many people who would purchase rabbit meat for their dogs. I have never noticed that she advertised rabbit meat for sale at either of her business locations.

    I don’t care that they don’t have a water source on their land (although I find it pretty sad after all this time that they don’t even have a rain barrel collection system for use in their garden) if they were smart enough to purchase a dry camp or something similar, put it on a trailer, purchased their water and brought it home to use. I think lugging individual 5 gallon buckets is pretty silly when all you need is a vehicle that can hold a dry camp or two, or a vehicle that can tow a bigger one. What does bother me is that there is no evidence of clean water available for anyone to use.

    Remember that photo of Nicole’s outdoor sink? Blow it up. Look in the reflection. Do you see anything that resembles water available for someone to use? Any evidence of people cleaning up their home site? Neither do I.

    A friend of mine has chickens and sheep. She does collect her own eggs and sells the extra ones (not too many as she doesn’t have a big flock). She also spins, dyes and sell her own wool from her sheep. It’s hard work that she loves to do. Her sheep aren’t permitted to go wandering around willy-nilly to annoy the neighbors, provide food to the local wildlife/dogs or possibly cause an accident by wandering into the road. An accident for which she would be liable if she couldn’t prove she took reasonable precautions. Like sturdy fencing that was in good repair. Which is something that Joe and Nicole should also consider. If my friend had a tree hit her fence and her sheep escape, that is one thing – but if someone should swerve into a tree to avoid a “free-range” goat that wasn’t on their property, they would face a lawsuit. They would lose it too. Ditto for any dogs in the road. The owner is responsible for their whereabouts. As their friend, you may want to point that out.


  40. So you killed your kid but you feel you have a right to tell others how to live? Why would I post my name here? So all you messed up people can stalk me too? There are far more ways to live a good life than be babysat by the government. In fact the government has overstepped their legal boundaries excessively. Why do they need any of the stuff that you people talk about on here? Do deer have outhouses? Running water? Electricity? Seriously if anyone created a blog against my family like this I would sue them so fast they would get whiplash. Also, public school does not guarantee a child is well educated. In fact have you seen society? I mean really open your eyes? Because the world I see people don’t know how to make a meal or put together a brochure. When someone posts anonymously and you print who you think they are that makes you a super stalker. Why do you not have your own life? Oh cause you killed your one kid. I forgot. Sorry. Well I’m only sorry that you have no life. Oh btw I also am off grid and kill animals to eat. Didn’t read too much of anything you wrote either. Cause I’m not a STALKER. I hope they sue you for every penny you have. Why post anonymously when the person you are addressing has obvious boundary issues…hmmm I fucking wonder. Ooh hey better start one about me now cause I would love to see how a kid killer thinks they can do better than me at anything.


  41. Oh and yes you can have all the crap you people think you need but really nobody needs it. You guys are so brainwashed I bet you talk about me for a year at least and I will be sitting over here actually living and not giving a fuck. Glad to be so important! Now I get Nauglers status! Oh keep going honey cause you can’t no anyone by Facebook stalking them. It’s social media. You see what we let you see.


  42. Let me tell you all about me. I have 6 honors degrees all in alternative medicine, I started my own day spa from nothing, it still is operating and paying me even tho I sold it 2 years ago. RN really? Yea I’m sorry but boring and simple. Most of my family works for Mayo clinic. And regardless of any accomplishments or lack thereof, ITS STILL NONE OF YOU BUSINESS STALKER


  43. All of you are so sad and pathetic. you just got trolled by a pro. I didn’t come to your page to read your mindless prattle. I came here to show you what it’s like when someone posts something they know nothing about on a public forum. Not to mention the illegality of stealing her copywrited photos which is why the watermark you dumb shit. Do I have cows? Think I saw that as I was scrolling to the comments. No I have rabbits and chickens, I garden and forage. I really doubt you could beat me in a survival setting. No money you would be helpless. I trade for meat if I want what I don’t have I successfully raised 2 children who are unschooling because they tested four grade levels over where they were supposed to be in for their ages. They tested out of gifted and talented classes too. So who really is better? You couldn’t keep your kid alive. I get how that must hurt you and them having the courage to have a traditional family could hurt your ego but just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it wrong. Everything I posted in my first few posts by the way was to see you all freak out and I was not let down it was so flipping entertaining. Because guess what? I don’t value any of your opinions. My self worth is solid and I spend my time doing what I please. I’m no slave like you. You guys really emotionally and mentally have not surpassed the 6 th grade. My kids are more respectful than you. My husband of 17 years will tell you, if you honestly think you can beat me in a contest of strength, endurance and knowledge, think again because I will laugh at you. I don’t own a tv. Never have. I could. I have money. That part was fact I have 6 honors degrees and started a business. I gave 40 hours of deep tissue massages per week. I’m sure by now your stalking skills have landed you in my awards and accomplishments, magazine features, teaching credentials, Tuesday’s on main creator, ran the downtown business association and three networking groups at the same time. You see I could have done RN. It isn’t hard at all. But again that’s all perspective isn’t it. Instead I was helping all the nurses, police officers, our Mayor, CEOs, doctors, lawyers and teachers get healed by my skills. Even at your age there isn’t a chance you out worked me. Did you use pain meds during your one child delivery? I didn’t and I delivered Frank breech for the first one. Neither time did I use any pain meds. My son was born with severe deadly allergies. He no longer has them save 2 because I while doing the above mentioned things went to college for nutrition, graduated with honors again and cured him. So see if you think you know a person by what you see online you sure don’t have any idea what and whom they truly are. I retired from working “for the man” after my carpal tunnel surgery, which I opted to undergo without going under btw. Like I said, you really need to stop slandering others. For one it is ILLEGAL, and two it’s none of your business. And finally remove the posts on me by the end of the day or my lawyer will contact you and all your lovely money can be mine. If you think a business owner cares who likes them or what others think of them you are dumber than I thought.


  44. Off-topic to this blog post on “Education” but this is an addendum to Tekla’s last post, in reference the outdoor sink. If you look closely at the photo, and in the mirror above the sink (you can still see beyond the smeared dirt), you’ll see trash and debris littered about on the ground. Now, remember those WAVE3 photos of the homestead last summer? Trash and debris everywhere. Nine months later, there’s still trash. Sigh.

    Okay, they haven’t gotten a garden going, and they haven’t a water collection system or a real composting toilet. But is basic tidiness so hard?

    Pride in home and surroundings, self-respect, has nothing to do with money.
    It is up to Joe and Nicole to teach their children. It’s telling that Nicole posts no photos inside or around the shed, the finished patio or immediate environs.


  45. So you killed your kid but you feel you have a right to tell others how to live?

    I have no idea what you are talking about. You probably need to sober up.

    Why would I post my name here?

    Your name, according to your Facebook account, is Naomi Thompson.

    So all you messed up people can stalk me too?

    As I said, you probably need to sober up.

    Seriously if anyone created a blog against my family like this I would sue them so fast they would get whiplash.

    Nobody has because nobody cares, so quit worrying about it.

    In fact have you seen society?

    Yeah. You’re a member of it. It’s scary.

    Oh cause you killed your one kid. I forgot.

    Karma is a bitch. You are sowing some serious karma here.

    Oh btw I also am off grid and kill animals to eat.

    Don’t care, Naomi. I just don’t care. You are trying my patience. This is my blog, my space, not yours. It’s not a public space like Facebook. You are here because I am allowing this nonsense to be seen so everyone can know what Nicole’s lunatic supporters are like.

    I hope they sue you for every penny you have.

    🙂 I’m terrified.

    Why post anonymously when the person you are addressing has obvious boundary issues…hmmm I fucking wonder.

    I am not anonymous.

    Ooh hey better start one about me now cause I would love to see how a kid killer thinks they can do better than me at anything.

    I can do better than you at pretty much everything. Have a nice life. Just have it someplace else. And please take your meds.


  46. Oh keep going honey cause you can’t no anyone by Facebook stalking them. I

    The word you want here is “know.”


  47. I have 6 honors degrees all in alternative medicine,

    From what university did you get these lofty degrees? 🙂

    I am not stalking you, Naomi. You came here, remember. I’m sitting on my own blog. This is not Facebook. You came here right to me and began insulting me. I am permitting your remarks only to illustrate what goofballs Nicole’s supporters tend to be.

    If you do not want to engage in conversation with me, you can go away. It’s all fine.


  48. You couldn’t keep your kid alive.

    Really, Naomi. I wouldn’t say shit like that if I were you with living children. You are tempting fate.

    And finally remove the posts on me by the end of the day or my lawyer will contact you and all your lovely money can be mine.



  49. Oh, Naomi…honey, You should have talked to your lawyer BEFORE you embarrassed yourself on the blog.


  50. Trolled by a pro…. Once again, you goobers need to look up the definition of troll. Please.

    That whole rant was spectacular in its petulance. I like it.
    Out survive me? Incredibly unlikely.
    Carpal tunnel surgery without going under? Routine. A nerve block is normal. Even being sedated. Never heard of anyone going under for carpal tunnel.
    Don’t rip on RNs. Your 6 degrees of woo has nothing on that.

    Please come back after you sober up.


  51. I wonder if it will be the same lawyer who ‘contacted’ you before.



  52. Naomi the Gnome has lost her damn mind. Protip, Gnomie, don’t publish your intentions to post under a pen name on a public Facebook page.

    Gnomie, do you or did you work at the Mayo Clinic? If not you don’t get to brag by association. You have never worked in any capacity at Mayo. Your family has, not you, congrats to them.

    We got trolled by a pro troll? LOL. Sure. LULz.

    You have 6 honor degrees and you can’t use proper grammar. Mail order degrees or out of the Cracker Jack box? Bless your heart dear.

    Also, Naomi,you are a disgusting fucking cunt. You are a awful human being, you fucking bitch. I hope you never have to endure the loss of a child. You have a black heart.


  53. Trolled by a pro…. Once again, you goobers need to look up the definition of troll. Please.

    She also needs to look up the definition of pro-fessional. She isn’t one of those. 🙂


  54. Sorry about all the cuss words. I just think Naomi isn’t a very nice person. I get ragey when people mock the death of someone’s child. It’s disgusting.


  55. I hope we have had enough of Gnome Earthchild.

    I permitted Naomi Thompson’s bullshit for two reasons.

    First, I want people to understand that I don’t automatically ditch negative comments. Nobody here has to agree with me, or with each other. It’s much nicer if, when we disagree, we can do so without accusing me of killing my only child, but still disagreement is fine.

    Nor do I automatically call anyone who disagrees with me a “troll.”

    Second, I really do want the fence-sitters to see just what sort of people avidly follow Nicole’s every word.


  56. I don’t drink. Nice try tho. Best you have? Facebook isn’t public it’s private. I allow people to see my page because I don’t post anything important. Blogs and FB have no difference. Both are an outlet for people like you to spread your moronic views of the world. I don’t believe in karma but I sure bet you do and I’m a witch. You are a toddler in an old batty woman’s body. If I cared I’d start a blog about you but what a waste of time! I hope your cow kicks you in your bitchy self absorbed butt. And did you find all my awards yet? It’s Samantha Smith but nice try. Stalking will get you jail time. I’m thinking you are just a sad old lady surrounded by junk with a hole in your heart filled with your lifelong failures. Sorry you are so messed up lady. Nicole should be flattered you have made her so popular and any advertising is good for her salon so keep posting hag.


  57. Slander is not illegal. Illegal means it is criminal.

    How long does your attorney’s receptionist make you wait on the phone before she accidentally disconnects you?


  58. Me embarrassed by you people ha ha ha ha ha! That’s funny! I don’t get embarrassed. You have to care to be embarrassed. Yes I have worked at Mayo. See how you know jack shit? Grammar? Really? Best you have? Sigh and I thought this would actually be intelligent….no I didn’t.


  59. Naomi/Gnomie, we can definitely see the caliber of the company you keep, go back off grid or under your rock until your coherent.


  60. As an after comment I never said you were stalking me I said you are stalking the Nauglers. Do I love their family? No I don’t know them at all. But you know what I do know? That their life is none of you business. What else do I know? Anything on the Internet is public including blogs. What else do I know? You people are way to fucking easy to rile up. And when did I use improper grammar? Oh and are you perfect? Not even close! You stalk people and belittle their lives. Well hexes on you all from this little witch in Nebraska. Aka Samantha smith. Got to thank my friend Gnome tho. We proved that you are a stalker and a cunt oh and you killed your only kid so there’s that too.


  61. what part of what I did to you doesn’t fit the description? I came here specifically to TROLL YOU!
    Internet troll
    “Trolling” redirects here. For other uses, see Troll (disambiguation).
    “Please do not feed the troll” redirects here. For the Wikipedia advice, see Wikipedia:Deny recognition.
    In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion,[3] often for their own amusement.

    This sense of the word “troll” and its associated verb trolling are associated with Internet discourse, but have been used more widely. Media attention in recent years has equated trolling with online harassment. For example, mass media has used troll to describe “a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families.”[4][5] In addition, depictions of trolling have been included in popular fictional works such as the HBO television program The Newsroom, in which a main character encounters harassing individuals online and tries to infiltrate their circles by posting negative sexual comments himself.


  62. Okay everyone, let’s calm down. Obviously poor little Gnomey is suffering from some significant mental and intellectual handicaps, as well as, severe memory loss. Why the poor thing can’t even remember boasting and posting under her fb name on a public page about the very comment she left on this blog. Shush, she thinks she is anonymous. We don’t want to upset the invisible bunnies. “Harvey, is that you?”

    Well, she has achieved her claim to fame, she has “Naugler status” now. After all her fantasy life is even better than anyone else’s reality. She isn’t brainwashed, she has tiger blood. She is totally Charlie Sheen winning.

    Maybe it’s that time again for her “relatives” at the Mayo clinic to do a little “white jacket” loving embrace.. Set a few boundaries. Relieve her tension with a little deep tissue massage and a bucket full of meds.


  63. Come on you challenged me in a public blog so let’s go. I’m sorry my spell correct changed my typing I’m sure that has never ever happened to you now has it awe boo hoo……Challenge accepted. Show me what you have ma’am. You can only


  64. Oh, Good Lord!
    I was laughing my ass off reading that! Naomi, you are fantastic. You are brilliant, talented, accomplished and born to kill fluffy critters. Good for you.

    Tears are literally streaming down my cheeks!

    Thank you!


  65. what i’m wondering about all this rage from Naomi is: didn’t she say she was a ‘master reiki practitioner’? Who in the world would want a rage filled person performing reiki on them? The nastiness and ‘trollish’ ;>) behavior coming from this master reiki practitioner would harm her ‘clients’ for the rest of their lives. Not good, Naomi, not good.


  66. Classy folks so classy. I’m glad you are entertained because I am! I got you to do exactly what I wanted you to do. You can’t offend me btw. Because you are just words on a page, characters in a choose your own adventure book. Funny how you read my profile but you hide your own. And I don’t care enough to look you up. You are the dirt we spit on. Enjoy your pitiful family less life. Your too old to start over now yay no tard genes going into the pool! I posted the stuff on Nicole’s page knowing you stalk it. You see only what I want you to see. I am also an ordained minister so suck on that one. I can’t wait to see what you think. Your opinions so far have made me laugh so hard I’ll be sleeping like a baby tonight!!! I came here specifically to be nasty to you. Duh! You are doing it to others. I’ll explain my credentials to you as soon as you show yours because so far in my mind you are all garbage collectors.


  67. Oh I missed one thing. Rage? What rage? I’m laughing my ass off at you people! Ask my clients how they like my reiki I was making $200,000 a year doing just that and massage and my business still pays me and I’m now retired at 36 so What have you accomplished? Oh cows, you milk cows…. ?


  68. You hate it when children are belittled yet you follow a page that belittles 11 children and their parents. Just because people live differently than you doesn’t give you a right to sit and nit pick their lives. Glad I only embarrassed the human race and not myself. Whew that was close. And the person on Reiki, reiki isn’t given its channeled it doesn’t come from the practitioner it comes from the universe. Maybe you should learn what Reiki really is before you embarrass yourself like that.


  69. Did someone catch where she is from? Honestly it’s our duty to call an MHP right away. Wtaf do you even call what happened?


  70. “I am also an ordained minister so suck on that one. I can’t wait to see what you think. Your opinions so far have made me laugh so hard I’ll be sleeping like a baby tonight!!! I came here specifically to be nasty to you.”

    Most ethical ordained ministers don’t post abuse anonymously and then sleep well afterward. Well, maybe Jack Schaap did. Perhaps he is your inspiration.


  71. I think it is time to perform standard medical protocol on Naomi Thompson. Ya know the one I am talking about, where you pull the plug on a brain dead patient. She should have had the plug pulled on her years ago. It is time to put her out of her misery, oh and ours too.


  72. in schools when a class gets to a certain size there are assistants to help the teacher and to make sure that each child gets the attention then need to fully understand the subject. when you have many children all at different ages and study levels it gets harder to give each child the attention they need, i can see the older kids doing much of the teaching of the younger kids. one parent is not going to have time to teach each kid individually and well.. we all know joe isn’t about to even try that.. it might be work. So if this is what is going on, then the older kids are not only teaching the kids only what limited information they have, but are also not being able to learn. There very well could be a potential doctor or musician in that hoard, but they will never have to chance to pursue it, or any other dream. face it if you can barely write a sentence how are you going to make it past the resume review for any job. I just hope, for the kids sake, that they realize this is out of control and get those kids a real education before its too late.


  73. I’m sorry… Naomi the Garden Gnome made me laugh.( except for her evil comments on Sally’s son).
    I’m also a retired RN who was in management, worked with with patients on ventilators, taught nursing, and taught other nurses for twenty years how to take care of people on ventilators at home. The nurses in the home have to know every thing to do for these people. People’s lives depend on them. No pretending to know something.

    I’m also a Reiki Master Teacher ( which I do practice)
    And I’ve lost count of the natural herbal medical books I have and classes I’ve taken. (This was a hobby that I did not carry out on humans, because I have a valuable license I didn’t want to lose…damn government…)
    I also grew up on a farm. I hated the chickens when I was little. I still feel their pecks on my hands from when I reached under their butts to steal their eggs.

    Guess which is the easiest to learn and carry out. Guess which one required years of hard study and state testing and licensure. Guess which required the most documentation. Guess which one had the most stress.

    Naomi Gardengnome is a silly crock.


  74. No one who does Reiki would write what this character is saying… She must be practicing something else and calling it Reiki.


  75. Well. It got a bit windy in here for awhile but it seems the storm has blown over. All clear everyone!

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programing.


  76. And your hero sits on the sidelines, not saying a word. She allows you to spew your hatred, in essence agreeing wholeheartedly with your ugly! Why would she just sit back in silence, with a smile on her face? ( I’m sure of it). She’s loving every minute of it. Loving every nasty, vulgar word of yours, because thats how an ugly heart rolls.

    My heart goes out to you, Sally


  77. It does bring me joy knowing that this blog will come up with your name on google search and people will know what a hateful batshit crazy person you are.


  78. It does bring me joy knowing that this blog will come up with your name on google search and people will know what a hateful batshit crazy person you are.

    I assume you mean Naomi Thompson? (The more I use the name, the more it shows up on the Google.)


  79. If you have no education, no training, no world experience you could end up being just another victim of one of the for profit fraud ridden colleges. They are worthless degree mills with well earned bad reputations.

    Recruiters will tell you if you went to Phoenix University, leave it off your resume.
    Just imagine an education at the La James International (tri-state) School of Beauty and Massage.

    You are only as employable as your degree.


  80. Ding! Ding! Ding! Step right on up folks, we have a winner!!

    Naomi Thompson (cuz that’s your real name) thank you for the entertainment! It’s been a long day and I needed a good laugh!

    Could someone help Naomi Thompson out with some meds? Valium, xanax, lithium, ativan, fentanyl, a rope?? Cuz that wiccan is fucking nuts.

    Seriously tho, thank you. Thank you Naomi Thompson for solidifying what we already know in our hearts to be true. You are one fine example of who the Naugs like to keep in their circle of fuckery and dysfunction. Thank you for coming here to show us what a sloppy, uneducated, contradicting mess you are. You’re perfect company for the Naugs.

    I think you need one of those white shit buckets (you know, the ones the Nauglers take a dump in) because all that vile shit that comes out of your mouth has to go somewhere. Watch out witch, the negative energy that you are casting will have detrimental effects. Should I burn a white and blue candle for you? Tsk tsk.

    What kind of blog would be written about you Naomi Thompson? The trials and tribulations of the sloppy, reiki wielding, supreme internet troll, fake ass witch, crocheting machine who sits on her couch all day in an apartment that smells like rabbit piss? Booorring.

    Now go. Move along. You can’t sit with us.

    P.s. give ol Gideon a goodnight kiss for me ?


  81. I will admit I am not all into knowing about all the different religions.

    But didn’t Naomi say she was an ordained minister? Is there a non Christian religion that has ordained ministers? I am asking cause I do not know and find this statement she made on the post at BLH where she is giving everyone hell and they are giving it back to her.
    Naomi Thompson posted – I carry no hatred toward anyone but thank you for judging me. I am not a Christian so threatening me with Christian values is laughable. Im not vindictive, im not angry. In fact im just chillin here so im sorry you feel bad. They should feel bad. Not you.

    This woman is not right in the head. I wonder if she acts like this around her kid(s)? If so then they are going to grow up to be just as vile.

    She is another one that had a clean cut all American mom look and now she is going to the dread head look. I can see younger adults those in the 20s doing this as that is the age when some are trying to find themselves and go with the latest fad. But a married woman in her late 30s with child(ren)? If they have not found themselves by now they never will.
    Before –
    Now –


  82. “You are only as employable as your degree.”

    Or how well you can bullshit others. Just like Nicole.


  83. Well I didn’t expect to see all that this morning.

    Firstly, my thoughts go to Sally who should never had had to read, repost or deal in the first place with comments about her child.

    Secondly, a professional troll? why would you want to say that is who you are? and on a thread about education?
    I guess if getting your kicks is by saying all those things is what a professional troll is all about then fine but I generally just prefer to scroll past things I don’t agree with.

    So why the reply to the professional troll?
    Mainly because to say to anyone “you killed your child” is just unacceptable and is not the behaviour from anyone who claims to be all the millions of different things she is claiming to be. To be a witch – I presume she means a “white witch” by the references to Reiki – you would never make comments like that. A witch of the white variety is a spiritual and peaceful person who is at one with nature and ones self. To send a hex? oh goodness – that just makes me feel sad for her. (assuming it is a “her” of course)

    The professional troll does not deserve any comments at all about anything else that has been said other than they are not a nice person.


  84. A thread about education? Really? Jajajaja! You guys crack me up. Anyone sees my posts knows everything I say is to goad you and poke fun at you. Gideon gives his love and said his blow job last night was fabulous and he owes it all to you for getting me so relaxed from laughter first. You think anything you say bothers me? I don’t really care that you are spying on me. I only said something because I knew it would make you focus on me. Thinking that a single comment outweighs an entire blog about hatred? You are such a joke and I have absolute control over you! Reiki has nothing to do with witchcraft it is an energy technique used to balance the body it is not a religion or religious. Dr. Usui created guidelines so that we practitioners don’t try to help those who are happy in their lifestyle like the Nauglers. You have no morals and your words are so funny I can’t wait to see what else you dream up! Anyone commenting on this blog or reading this blog has no morals, are everything they are accusing me of. Did you guys notice you are the only ones feeling anything about idle words on a page? I have truly accomplished my goals. Thank you all. ?


  85. I have truly accomplished my goals. Thank you all.

    I am so glad you said that. Since you feel that way, there is no further need to allow you to waste my time. Therefore, you will not be allowed to converse with us further until you 1) use your real name, Naomi Thompson, and 2) are polite. Until then, you’re done.

    I’ve been more than patient.

    Let’s see how much “absolute control” you have now.


  86. Sally,

    Thank you for having the patients to show the world the mentality of many of the Naugler Supporter’s. That was lovely and all points were proven on that one.

    And a big Thanks to, ” Mrs, Naomi Phyco Babbling Crocheting Witch. ”
    Sally couldn’t have done it without you !!!!!



  87. I vomited a little in my mouth when Gnomie went into her sex life.

    Gnomie, you aren’t trolling dear, you are proving to the world that you are mentally unstable. Bless your heart, you are a delightful distraction, that’s all.


  88. Frankly I skimmed past all the “WELL U STINK ABLOOBLOO” stuff from whatever she was calling herself today. She says she’s a witch, though? Uh huh. Well, I’m an Episcopalian and I suspect I know more about the craft than she does. To wit, one word: THREEFOLD.


  89. Sally has shown the patience of a saint in allowing Naomi Thompson’s putrid vomit to be spewed here. Attention Naugler supporters, you see you have were never banned? You can careen no further into the gutter than Naomi Thompson, and she got floor time. Hasta la vista, baby.

    With that, I will have trouble ever looking at crochet work again without sullying my brain with images of the Gnome darning a baby pink, yellow and blue yarn number for her hubby’s winkie.


  90. ?Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
    Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.
    Wake up you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.
    Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead. She’s gone where the goblins go,
    Below – below – below. Yo-ho, let’s open up and sing and ring the bells out.
    Ding Dong’ the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.
    Let them know
    The Wicked Witch is dead!?


  91. There’s nothing wrong with being poor. There is something very wrong with being a pathological liar.


  92. Thank you for shutting down Naomi. She’s a very sick individual and quite obviously a compulsive liar. It’s sad that children are in her care. I hope that her husband is able to care for her and that she gets the emotional help she needs. Clearly this woman is not coping with life very well. Mental illness is nothing to joke about, it’s heartbreaking.


  93. I was never censored ever. But then again I was never really a supporter- wow who knew- I could have saved a lot of time and energy. But honestly thank you for your time, for never treating me badly and for allowing me to express myself and ask questions.


  94. Yes BLB $200,000 a year was laughable. I worked in the industry, and I can tell you she never made $200,000 a year solely massaging people’s muscles. Even if she was pretending to pull bullshit positive energy out of her ass.


  95. I was never censored ever.

    Thank you, Crystal. You were and are always welcome here. You never have to agree with me or anyone else and questions are fine. I’m glad to see you.


  96. Nice comments, Crystal. I feel the same, I was so enthused when BLB was created and I found my way here. Away from the tactics on Facebook. Often times, I wanted to comment on one of the pages. But I didn’t want to risk the consequences, for having a disagreeing opinion. And supporting the critics.

    Sally has fostered a nice environment here. One can have a voice here in the comments section, and I don’t concern. My personal identity is protected, if I so choose.

    I hope more people will find their way here. And learn the Naugler truths.


  97. Naomi, Gnome- is this NGaugler.. the manic rant is similar. This is an example of unmediated mental illness. grandiose, impulsive, manic, won’t end well.


  98. Crystal, I wanted to tell you that I have appreciated you here. I don’t always agree with you, sometimes I do, mostly I do like seeing another perspective. I can’t stomach reading BLH, the comments are either dripping with approval or outright attacking anyone with questions. Just seeing Charles’ name give me hives. He is so vile.


  99. IntegrityGoogleIt, I see the same thing. Plus the amount of dedicated time and effort and extreme targeted hatred. Unraveling is gaining momentum.


  100. Upon reflection, I also think that the naomignome is quite possibly joenicolecharlesbenjackstewiehopefullynonttheteens or at least a wannabe trying out to become the next crazed protector of the entitled voluntaryists. The bravado and fanatically vicious and non-sensical rants have a little donny-like flavor too. After a FB conversation the other day about being poor, where most of the commenters shared that they too live on a budget (and so not very useful for a renewed $$$ scamming attempt), I assumed big drama was on its way.

    The Nauglers want attention, but not ours. Public documentation that they don’t have the capacity or the will to do what it takes to honestly live their lives and care for their children doesn’t help garner donations. They REALLY need the truth to slide into the background, and only know how to deflect, bully, intimidate and threaten to try to get their way. I so much admire the strength of character of this blog’s admin. Sally, you are a wonderful mom. You are also an analytic thinker and a gifted writer. I cast another yes vote for adding revenue generating ads to create a scholarship fund dedicated to your much loved son. I send peaceful thoughts to you and your husband.


  101. Before the Witch came on here casting her spell’s I wanted to ask a couple of questions about Joe and Nicole’s ideology about “Unschooling/Free Rangeing Children” but the blog got attacked so can go on now…..shoewee…lols.

    Debbie Godsey Edwards asked BLH, ” If one of your children wanted to be a doctor or teacher or a lawyer would this education style support that choice?”

    BLH response was, “If they have what it takes to succeed in that field (natural ability) than yes, they will be equipped to pursue those avenues.”

    Sally wrote in the above asking, “Are you seriously suggesting that children be left totally ignorant and have to remedial work ” in a matter of week” when they realize that what they really want to do with their life is write for the New York Times?
    “Are you seriously suggesting that the child could than, at age 25, ” in a matter of weeks” just obtain a lifetime worth of reading and knowledge that would make him able to function in that environment or get a journalism degree in college?

    My point and question is this, If Joe and Nicole REALLY believe that all it takes to succeed in that FIELD, natural ability and a quick little studying then WHY have they not done this themselves?
    Why is Nicole not a teacher?
    Why is Joe not a ….well I don’t know what? It seems all he can do is produce children, but you get my drift!

    Why are these parents themselves not practicing what they preach? But expect the children to be able to become doctors, teachers or lawyers without ANY formal education just…..natural ability?


  102. Bill, Interesting observation. That convo revealing the supporters inability to fund these grifters was informative. It sure did show her manipulative nature at information gathering and revealed another grifting scheme in the works. Analyzing her market. So no $$$ with the softest marks, “Next!!!” Sally, loved the crocheted capped bank robber analogy. Especially considering their fondness for “The Hunger Games” (can’t italicize, sorry), quotes and characters. I keep seeing Jennifer Lawrence’s as Katniss Everdeen fighting the multicolored crocheted cap bank robber, hurling all her witchy curses and vulgarity with “Gideon” standing back, large ugly leering maw drooling. Where is our resident script writer? New chapter needed! Sally, I too vote for ads for a memorial to your beautiful and incredibly talented son Nathan.


  103. (fossil) Back in the days when nobody could italicize because all we had was ASCII, the convention was to indicate italics with a single underscore at the beginning and end of the word, like this: _The Hunger Games._ (/fossil)


  104. Oldfarmgirl wrote this about Naomi, Gnome-
    “She is another one that had a clean cut all American mom look and now she is going to the dread head look. ”

    [Admin edit: that’s a wee bit too much. 🙂 ]

    Seriously, though, this woman has serious issues one of them is aligning herself with the filthy Naugler camp. The rest of her other deficits could take a month to list so I will just leave it at that.


  105. What an interesting interlude with Gnome-i. I am in a crochet group with her on facebook. She posts pictures of her crocheted caps (so…many…caps) and writes normal things. Then she goes placesmlike Blessed Little Homestead and here and writes CUH-RAZY things. I had to double check to make sure it was the same oerson. Yup.
    So is Naomi really normal but enjoying the chance to be nutso and dramatic in a consequence free environmnet? Or is she really nuts but able to talk sanely only about crochet? If that’s the case, Gnomester, crochet ALL THE TIME. It will keep your fingers occupied from typing such hate filled things, and at the end you get another hat!!


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