Ebay Accounting

And this from Deb.

A total thus far of $707.  That doesn’t include what comes in on the four outstanding auctions currently ongoing.

And of course, there’s a new one every day.

Two kids go to camp.

And we’re working on a third.

Smile. You’re great.


8 thoughts on “Ebay Accounting”

  1. I am going to try to expand what i’m selling so i dont tap your readership dry.

    Although ….I do enjoy the challenge of coming up with a lovable, sellable idea from that vortex of failure on a daily basis.


  2. Wow! Deb can even make bows that don’t look like they came from that catalogue of tackiness…….Oriental Trading Company, I think?

    She should try selling them in Kentucky! I bet they would sell for more than $.75 each, don’t you think? (The per unit price of the batch of 47 the BO was recently hocking on her BLG page.) Oh, wait……. ?

    Deb, you are amazingly talented at everything you touch. I wonder if you could add some e-coli to them to give them an air of Shitstead authenticity? You seriously rock!

    On an unrelated (to bows) topic……..Cracked up at the “RIP Ticks and Fleas” Halloween decoration. If any ticks or fleas are RIP at the shop, it’s because they have moved to the Shitstead, along with God knows what other pathogens!


  3. You can even do some crafty stuff with white buckets and sell them I bet. Like a gardening bucket and even a fancy shitter! A compost bucket for the kitchen potato peels and such. All painted nice. I love how talented you are!


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