It just shouldn’t be this easy.

Someone who shall not be named wrote a comment on Nicole’s latest attempt at blogging.

Wait.  I’ll just let you see it.


In between all this silly flattering stuff about the “beautiful family” and everyone being “sick in the head” was a very hard truth.

Why are there so many critics?  Why are all these critics so disparate?  (Not “desperate,” Nicole. “Disparate.”  Look it up.) Most of the critics have almost nothing in common apart from their visceral loathing of the Naugler parents.  Why?

Yes, some of us in course of this debacle have become friends. But we weren’t friends before this.  Regardless of Nicole’s stupid assumptions, I have no ties to the Breckinridge County Sheriff’s Office. I accepted a friend request from someone who reads my blog. That’s it.  And until Nicole discovered that this person was my Facebook friend, I didn’t know she had anything to do with the sheriff.

At any rate, this comment was not made by a supporter. It was made by a critic who wanted to point out that when everyone hates you, the problem is probably with you, not everyone else.

Nicole, being clueless, didn’t get it, but hopefully some of her brighter readers will.

It’s not her “political and philosophical beliefs.”  Nobody cares about that. I didn’t even know about the whole anarchy thing until well after this blog was started, certainly a long time after Joe came sneaking over to my Facebook page and snooped around and then threatened to sue me.

What motivates me is being told I cannot speak (by Joe), threatened with a lawsuit for having an opinion (by Joe), and then having my son called a dead junkie (by Nicole).  Similar stories are the major part of what motivates others. Joe and Nicole have earned this.

And in case Nicole doesn’t believe she’s been had, here’s the comment awaiting moderation.


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  1. Hahaha!! I noticed the comment and caught on right away. I wondered which of you ladies was the author. And now we have the rest of the story. It was dripping with sugary sweetness, I was floored she didn’t get it.

  2. I see this new blog of hers becoming a great source of mindless entertainment. Just think so much stupid on one blog.

  3. It amazes me, that yet again nothing is her fault. She chooses to ignore her actions in this story. She neglects to say how she pulled individuals into her drama. She had $45 K from GFM. Did they ever offer to pay back money they borrowed from anyone? I’m sure they felt the LDS church owed it to them. No different than her spin of Jojo approaching you and your friends on a public road (the one paid for by taxes Nicole). Did Jojo introduce himself, or was he trying be an ass. I’m sure Nicole doesn’t want to hear what really happened, it’s easier to harass others and cry about how you are victimized. Nicole, do something more productive with your time. Let’s see the evidence. Unaltered please. You constantly say you have evidence. Put your money where your mouth is. Prove we readers wrong.
    BTW, did she accept your lunch date!

  4. I didn’t know it was a critic, but I knew it wasn’t a humper.

    I didn’t know anyone before getting involved in all this. Sorry Nicole, you got it wrong as usual. It was a random news story I caught. Then I went to the Breckinridge County Sheriff’s page and made a comment. I was immediately beset upon by accounts with the names Donny Cook and Breck Allison. They doxxed me and harassed me. I deleted my comments, but the blessed search and attack was on and it was unrelenting. Three to four months later I made my page to “get my life back” from the blessed trolls, to document and to reveal the truth.

    I have since met many of the blessed victims in person and have developed many wonderful friendships online and off.

    So, Nicole if you are looking for the reason that Blessed Little Trolls and their Minions exists, you don’t have to look any further than the tip of your nose. It’s not your alleged politics (which I think is a crock of shit, I don’t think you believe or practice any of it),the way you raise your children (which I think is an injustice to them), your bogus brand of spirituality (you don’t even bother to try to fake it), your grift (if people are stupid enough to send you their hard earned money to waste that is their problem) or any of the other nonsense you half assedly spew. It is you and Joe, your aggression, your nastiness, your heinous behavior, your lies, your lack of any redeeming character traits at all. I will defend myself against you and your bullshit as long as I need to.

    I will tell you again, it isn’t a contest, but since you think it is, and you like to tell us you always win, I would suggest you look around you and see what winning is costing you. I don’t care if I lose some internet pissing contest. I look around me at my life and I know what is truly important. That gleam in my eye, that’s what winning looks like.

  5. I read that comment and I right away knew it was a bogus comment. I couldn’t figure out if it was Nikki playing woah is me and trying to inflate herself with I can’t believe how horrid those people are or if it was Sally and her “trolls”.

    I think it’s ironic the URL and blog layout is nearly identical to this one. Anyone that know anything about SEO and marketing it was done to boost page views, confuse people, and mock this blog.

    It also is weird that the whole thing is being written in 3rd person. It’s her story, tell it in first person. Blogs/Sites can have multiple authors. Give each author their own screen name. Be transparent. Who are the mystery authors that will be helping them update that blog? Give Joe his own screen name. Let the authors be known. No need to write in 3rd person. When it’s not Joe or Nikki writing people will know.

  6. I don’t think Nicole has gotten the response she was hoping for. Lol Sally has garnered more comments on this one post than Nicole has garnered in 24 hours on two posts. I agree with Al, in this is funny shit. I do feel for the children but, it would seem, there is nothing anyone can do. Joe and Nicole are determined to go down this selfish path.

    I visit BLTATM every day. I never “like” or comment. I once hit “like” on a post by Sally and within 30 minutes (seriously, 30 minutes) someone had set up another page, with my name and picture, and were trying to friend my contacts. I live in another country. Lol

  7. I can’t wrap my mind around this blog she put up. The flow is weird to begin with. She refers to herself as Nicole and talks as if she is an outside person telling their alleged story.
    Why is she bringing up her husband’s son Alex? She seems to disbelieve his claim of molestation but at one time criticized Sally for questioning the truth of a woman’s claims of molestation. She implied all victims should be believed but has no trouble calling Alex a liar.
    Also why bring all these people names up when she says she only wants to be left alone? I thought some of these people were leaving her alone. How will this help keep it that way? She seems to want to restart all the drama that to a degree has faded away.

  8. it was Sally and her “trolls”

    It was not me. And I have no “trolls.” It was written by a critic who sent me a copy of it along with permission to use it.

  9. I just read the comment awaiting moderation. I need to pay attention to the details first time around. Somehow I am sure I am still missing references, but be still my heart,

    Sybil, as in the many faces of. Pop culture reference joy.

    Grok.net. Grok a word coined by Heinlein in “Stranger In A Strange Land” meaning to intuitively understand, it has an empathy element that would be completely lost on the Blessed. Scifi ecstasy.

    I was delighted before, but now I’m totally crushing on the author. This is one of the reasons I feel lucky to have been included among the critics. What a bunch of intellectually stimulating and dead funny lone wolves “they” are.

  10. Where is this new blog?

    Nicole’s head is so far up her own ass that she can’t see the forest for the trees.

  11. I know you do not have any trolls or minions or whatever you want to say.

    All I was trying to say was that I read that and right away knew it was a bogus comment.

    I just couldn’t decide which side of the fence the person was on…. now I know. 🙂

  12. Seriously? Nicole things that she gets negative attention because of her political and philosophical beliefs? Wow. She does think she is the center of the world. What many people so object to is the abysmal failure of the parents to prepare their children for life as adults.

  13. I think she has been writing in third person for so long using her multiple socks it comes more natural to her than speaking as herself. It fits her pattern of separating herself from direct accountability in all things. She has a separate reality /fantasy world where she spends a great deal of time posting as one of her socks. The latest blog is disorganized and frantic grasping. Now she’s running scared and doesn’t quite know where to put out the fire. She has less chance to hide now with venomous trite games. Yes, I definitely feel the power shifting.

  14. It’s so fatherly, and godly to throw your first born son under the bus to prove a point. But I guess all the followers will think that’s juuuuust fine.

  15. Wait! wait! wait!…
    The jokes on us!
    Nicole knew all along that the message from Sybil was “satire”…
    Darn… Nicole is just too smart for us.

  16. Nicole knew all along that the message from Sybil was “satire”…

    No, she didn’t. She answered in all seriousness. No smilies. No snark. Serious.

  17. @ magenta….I too found that absolutely repulsive. Is she now blaming this abandoned child of her sperm donor to be a source of part of her problems? Of creating “fake” pages and giving her bad business reviews? I mean my god, how low can you go? Apparently lower than I ever thought. How that poor kid/guy is listed on her “cast of characters” is beyond repugnant.

  18. I knew that. I got the joke. I just didn’t think it was funny. I am not dense. You’re jealous. You can’t make me. I’m taking my toys and going home. I didn’t want to play with you anyway. I will not. You can’t make me. You’re a loser. I don’t care about the game anyway. I’m winning. So there.

  19. She seems to be getting negative responses. I don’t think this is going to go well for her.

  20. What the shit is she thinking? ????? Why would she do this? Doesn’t she realize that she’s digging herself deeper with this bullshit? And I think it’s pretty telling that the first on her “cast of characters ” is Jojo’s boy. He’s obviously the biggest offender for not maintaining his silence. I hope someone lets him know, if only so the poor young man can finally throw a match on that bridge that’s behind him. She’s such a fucking bitch.

  21. Where is she saying all this about Alex? I’ve read both entries and haven’t seen anything.

  22. I can’t wait for the important documents to show up on N’s new blog! I wonder if the goat gate, shit gate and menacing court documents will be included?

  23. She has ALREADY blocked me from accessing the site because I accused her and “Joseph (lol)” of being shit human beings for naming his son that he has ignored from birth as one of the cast of characters “against them.” She could not be more repulsive. So much for the truth LOL!

  24. I would say, that under the pressure of the new page, the one that has not even said her name, she is trying to get out in front of it before whatever they are planning hits. We have never seen her react like this. It is like a lost puppy. Panic has obviously set in at Camp Naugler.

    They know something and she knows what they know and it has her running in circles trying to find a way out. Like a dog chasing it’s tail. She will blame anyone because she can’t figure out the group behind it. I can’t even imagine what is going on in her small brain. My mom used to say that if you play with a deck of cards and build the card house, it needs to have a solid foundation or one good wind will blow it right over. This might be the one good wind because she sure as shit has no mentally stable foundation. I almost feel sorry for her.

    I said almost

  25. Where is she saying all this about Alex?

    Her infamous list of trolls. It’s called something like “who are these people”

  26. Oh dear….I really don’t think the responses she is receiving are what she expected at all. And she’s even denying she copied the look of this blog somewhat…
    1. She’s using the exact same banner image as Sally
    2. She’s also put a link called “Synopsis – Start Here” the same as Sally has

    True, the new blog is a different colour, and does, as she said, resemble the BLH blog somewhat in style, rather than Sally’s Blog. But still, there are large similarities to BlessedLittleBlog.

    I really believe she is doing this to try and knock Sally’s block off from being top ranked in Google searches. She can’t be happy that the first thing new people find is a blog that honestly and succinctly lays out the faults, lies, double standards and mistakes of the Nauglers, rather than her bullshit laden diatribe of a blog.

  27. “Not a true local, just live in the area” – her list of so-called trolls and enemies is up the top of her new blog, under the heading “Who Are These People?”

  28. I loathe Joe and Nicole. Not because they live off grid. Not because the are anti vaxers or pro unassisted home births. I don’t think it is fair to the kids they already have to continue having more, but, I don’t loathe them for that either. I loathe them because they are abusing the kids by not providing a basic education. Because they are setting up their children to be mired in poverty for their entire lives. They children deserve better.

    I disliked them after reading about them when the story broke but what made me loathe them was when they took my Mother’s obituary and used it to hurt me because I disagreed with them. That is when I realize how sick they are. What normal person would attack a deceased woman who did not even know they existed?

  29. Sally, I still want your troll! I have a ton of heavy work to do here right now and have pneumonia so no lifting for me. I will even feed the troll chicken nuggets from Walmart. Please???

  30. I really believe she is doing this to try and knock Sally’s block off from being top ranked in Google searches.

    Of course she is. And yes, she imitated the look of my blog (but mine is prettier because I am better at this than she is.) I also have oh, right at 600,000 page views as a head start on her. But you know, she spent money on this. She had to buy that domain name and hosting service. It’s relatively cheap but certainly not free. That makes three of these that she’s paying money for, I think. I have several, and I know what my hosting bills are like, but I can afford it.

  31. Yep, exactly. I know when you use the same platform a lot of the blogs/sites look similar. They use the same theme. It’s beyond the same theme. She purposely choose the closest URL and (nearly) identical name. Not only that she used nearly the same page names under the menu heading and the same header picture. It was all done to be a copy … and it wasn’t a mistake.

    It was done for SEO and Google rankings. Ironically, at least a day if not more before her new site launched comments were made that she must be angry flustered that all the other blogs pop-up before hers or with hers.

    I also think the whole writing in 3rd person has nothing to do with mystery writers helping her with the blog. It has everything to do with making people think they are here and to cause confusion.

    It might work some. I know for a very short time there was a second BLTATM facebook page. I know I when looking for BLTATM stumbled it and for a short period, 2-3 minutes, was confused on why the narrative changed. It lasted that long because I knew it wasn’t right and looked again. That’s when I realized there a second page was made.

    I suspected it was Nicole behind the page. I still don’t know. I have no prove, but I’m willing to be a betting person answer say it was Nicole. Her starting a nearly mirrored site of Sally’s confirmed for me, in my mind and opinion, the alternative BLTATM was her.

  32. Listing Alex in that way is a tacit threat to their other children that they must not speak out lest they be shunned in the same way. How could any of the other kids possibly view that in any other way even if it’s on a sub-conscious level? It’s utterly repulsive.

  33. Long time observer…first time commenter.

    My favorite part was where N again claimed somebody made a fake Nicole Naugler facebook page. HA The exact same one she eventually claimed. Or am I missing something here? I can’t wait to see her documentation on that one!!!

    This is off topic, but on her Nicole C Naugler page, she referenced an IRS audit. She is going to need SSNs to claim dependents. IF she is being audited by the IRS, it may explain her current frantic behavior.

    AND…Excellent blog, Sally! Thank you!

  34. You’re right Sally. I too know what domain names cost, as well as hosting, as well as how to operate and design for WordPress as well. Been there and done that, have the T-shirt (and am happy to leave it to others, now). It’s sad she feels the need to purchase domain names, when a WordPress.com (or even Blogger) site is free, and can still be formatted and designed to suit.

    As well as trying to knock this blog off it’s lofty perch (ain’t gonna happen Nicole!), she’s also trying to make it seem she has a team contributing to her new website. I think in part, that’s an answer to the new FB page that has sprung up and has been posting as they supposedly sniff out cold Naugler trails in Maine, Texas etc. My own personal jury is out on that one at the moment….time will tell.

  35. I have to get up at 5am to catch up on all the reading.

    I dont know about the rest of you but I CAN NOT wait for a pre screening of this Naugler movie. I mean can you imagine the red carpet that night? Who will they be wearing? Will Joe ditch his old orange Crocs for a pair of NEW orange Crocs? What will the Step and Repeat logo be? Hardees? maybe White Buckets? dog bows?..I am frothing at the mouth for more. But I digress, I have 2 more blogs and 6 Facebook pages to catch up on.

    Think i’ll raid the candy bucket for breakfast, My husband and I went as the Nauglers, it was a great conversation starter.
    If I knew how to share a photo here I would show everyone. Funny shit.

  36. Referring to yourself in the 3rd person is a form of disassociation AND a way to deflect responsibility. It’s not really happening to me and/or it’s not my fault. Whatever is the matter just fell out of the sky – I had no hand in its creation.

    It’s also an emotional “tell” or emotional leakage.

    Yes, the cognitive dissonance between the way she insists that Alex (Joe’s eldest child) is a liar, but tries to shame Sally for also challenging someone who claims sexual abuse is interesting. You can’t eat your cake and have it too, Nicole. Plus, hasn’t she claimed that she called CPS on the family member who was raising Alex, while also stating she wouldn’t call the police or CPS on someone who was beating a child?

  37. I realize that listing names alphabetically, like math, is hard so in the spirit of helpfulness I offer the following:

    Al Wilson
    Alex Brow

    See Nicole? It can be done and it’s something that most of us learned in elementary school.

  38. Plus, hasn’t she claimed that she called CPS on the family member who was raising Alex, while also stating she wouldn’t call the police or CPS on someone who was beating a child?

    Yes and yes.

  39. Early on in the”going viral” GFM money raising debacle Nicole and the Hutt made nearly duplicate pages on facebook of pages that sought to show the reality of the Naugler lifestyle. I think it was to dupe readers, take over the conversation, and to control information. This is more of the same except the writing is pitiful and is very easy to distinguish Nicole’s page from Sally’s.

    It’s a bit silly really and school-girlish. Sally’s blog is established and very well so. Its look is distinctive, and most importantly its writing and thought processes are distinctive. Nicole’s writing and thought processes are distinctive as well. Her writing reflects an utter lack of critical thinking, and utter inability to write cogently. Her theme is, and has always been, “I am a success, my family is wonderful, my husband is great, my kids are so smart, our lifestyle is enviable, all of the bad things that happen to us are not my fault, if you disagree with my propaganda you are a threat and must be quashed.”

    Sally’s rhetoric, on the other hand, reflects critical thought, objectivity, logic, and intellectual honesty. It’s a bit like like the local peewee football team (Team Naugler) obnoxiously trying to take on a professional football team (Team Sally, Team personal responsibility) and then the peewees whining that they can’t keep up. Nicole doesn’t have the sense to understand that living in a shed with a useless Hutt in filth with a brood that essentially raise themselves is a crappy life. She’s too much of an arrogant crybully and professional victim/grifter to understand or admit that her life and the lives of her children suck.

  40. It is sad that it seems she is throwing Alex under the bus, especially since the blog posts out there prior to 2015 suggest them wanting, longing, for a relationship with him and were just waiting for him to become of age.

    If you go by what was posted prior to 2015 about Alex you would think she would cut him some slack and say he’s colored by the hatred for his father that his mother side has.

    Nope, not that all. According to how things look on the new blog Alex is just as much to blame for their troubles as everyone else. He is apart if the problem and trolling them. Seriously. sigh.

    Okay, so maybe Alex is listed not because they want to paint him as a bad guy. Maybe they just want to list all the characters. Okay fine. So start listing everyone.

    Nicole and Joe should be on the list. Oh and Charles too and perhaps a few other key supporters …. especially the key supporters that are helping to write the blog. The supporters, especially the other blog writers, are equally important. If the list of characters included both sides then perhaps Nicole could say: Well we are not really throwing him under the bus. We just want to explain who he is because his name will come up.

  41. Mirror Mirror on the wall who has the Best Blog of them All! NOT YOU NICKY HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOUR KILLING ME HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  42. I agree, Magenta, “it’s utterly repulsive”.

    Naming her own stepson, Joe’s biological child, on the list of characters in building the blog, is pathetic. When the basis for her new blog is “Documenting the harassment, stalking and cyber bullying of the BLH family”. Waiting for the documentation on this son, as she vilifies him.

    What I see in her list of Who Are These People, are several if not most people who have been victim to Nicole and accomplices. The list could be retitled to The People Harassed, Stalked and Cyber Bullied. Ami right?

    I for one, will not give her a blog view, enabling her total view numbers to rise. When the woman is so pathetic to publicly vilify this child.

    And furthermore, she has been so low to bring other people’s children into her vindictive nastiness. How fu*king low can she go?

    P.S. I have intentionally neglected to mention the son by name.

  43. So the woman who has no time because she is SO busy and who especially has not time to waste on what she calls “trolls” now made a page about the trolls?

    Very healthy behaviour.

    She is such an attention seeker, creating more and more outlets for her drivel.

  44. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    “Believe it or not, Nicole and Joe do work to feed their children”

    Correction, Nicole works to feed her children beans and potatoes. Joe doesn’t do diddly squat, and he’s obviously eating more than beans and potatoes when he should probably read up on showering instead of stuffing his face. Kids are scrawny while Joe is more than fluffy. See the issue here? I’ve never in all my life seen a man that will allow his wife and children to take on the whole load while he does nothing to contribute. You’re accused of living in squalor because you do. You also allow your too many children to live that way also..and not because you like living off grid. But because you, Nicole, (or “Might not be Nicole”) can’t afford a real home, with real utilities, and keep up a dozen (or 1 less) children and a lazy husband. You “unschool” because you, Nicole, can’t afford all the fees that go along with sending that many kids to school (clothes, supplies, etc), not to mention that legally, these kids don’t even exist. The youngest has just turned a year old, so by my calculations, it won’t be long before you’re knocked up again. And why you would even want that bucket of lard that you call husband, on top of you, is beyond me. He would be all the birth control I needed”

    Pretty sure she’ll delete it considering the truth always hurts.

  45. What really sticks out at me, with her paragraph on Alex, is how she claims that he is the result of a previous relationship.
    That is actually a lie, by Nicole’s own words.
    Nicole and Joe had a falling out, and he ran out and stuck his dick in another woman. Must really chap Nicole’s ass.
    But Nicole took the man(?) Back.

    Not a previous relationship, but a period of the relationship that was lacking in some sort of strength.
    That’s what she claimed in several other stories.
    I think Joe plain cheated on her, honestly. I don’t really believe there was a “falling out” Nicole is too controlling for that.
    I bet Joe has cheated every chance he could get.

  46. BTW, I believe Alex. I believe his story. I am humbled by his strength and resolve, and hope the best for him, in spite of Nikki trying to destroy him.

  47. especially the other blog writers,

    There are no other blog writers. There is only Nicole. She has no friends (by her own admission) and she trusts no one.

  48. I suspect some of her animosity towards Alex is an attempt to keep him and the 11 from forming a relationship and comparing notes/stories. But once the 11 come of age, or even before with the magic of the intetwebz, they can reach out to Alex and compare their stories. Liars and manipulators don’t like their victims to get together. The liar must always maintain control.

  49. ElMacho, I’m also looking forward to the documentary. I hope that Nicole will try to prove it wrong by trying to do the right things for once.

  50. Hmm that’s interesting. She checked in at the airport in texas. Could some one be trying to cover her tracks.

  51. She checked in at the airport in texas.

    Anyone can say they are anywhere on Facebook. It’s meaningless.

  52. I think she posted she was in TX to get responses on her FB page. Remember, she says she’s not a narcissist. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck….Well, you get the idea.

  53. I think she posted she was in TX to get responses on her FB page.

    She was showing that anyone can say they are anywhere on Facebook. That’s because Dusty said she was here and there and everywhere. It’s all crap.

  54. I’m not giving that new page any credibility. Yeah I don’t like Nicole, I think she is a horrible human being and an awful excuse for a mother, not more than just a womb. But that new page is absurd and pointless. It’s childish.

    As far as her attack on Joe’s son, it’s disgusting. Go back and read what she wrote (if it still exists) before he turned 18. They wanted a relationship with him, she spoke highly of him. Now she has him on a list of “trolls”. Disgusting, nasty behavior. Not surprising though coming from her.

  55. Dinah…. Credibility is optional when it comes to anything Naugler (except this blog of course). I choose to believe they finally pissed off the wrong people. It was only a matter of time.

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