Dueling Banjos

lisaPeople kept asking me about today’s courtroom drama.  Yesterday they asked me.  I told them that it was an arraignment, that it would be nothing, Joe would plead “not guilty,” they would set another court date, Nicole and Joe would go to Hardee’s for lunch.  Nothing. Boring.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

Instead, we were treated to Nicole having a meltdown and posting video of how Lisa had stalked her in the courthouse and how Nicole was just so upset.

stillshakingShe’s “still shaking.”  Poor thing.  Why are people so ugly?  Why would Lisa want to stalk Nicole?

walkedawayShe was just sitting there in the courtroom, and had no idea Lisa was even there, and then she only recorded Lisa as “evidence.”

obligatedShe’s obligated to do this, don’t you see? Obligated. She has no choice in the matter. She’s under a court order  to. . .  or something.

groupof4How awful for Nicole. Eric and Viv sat back down after Eric’s case and waited, just to stalk Nicole.

And you can see that she walked away, can’t you? She just walked away. And she found a cop and she explained to him how upset she was. She cried and everything, because she was just shaking.

shakenupYeah, she’s pregnant, and this is just bad to see her so shaken up.  After all, she’s never been pregnant before. . . oh, wait.

One of the things that has been frustrating as hell to deal with when it comes to the Nauglers is their propensity to record the hell out of stuff, heavily edit it and then post only that portion that they think shows them in a good light.  Joe did it the night of the beer in the road.  Instead of Joe having a beer, suddenly it turned into me guilty of drunk driving. Instead of Joe recording us, suddenly it became me taking photos of Nicole and the kids.

But this time it’s different.  Because this time, Lisa reversed the camera.

nicolesmilingHere’s the woman who was “so shaken up” and who was “still shaking” hours later. Here’s the woman who was so startled because she had no idea that Lisa was even there.  Here’s the woman who is so upset because she’s being stalked and stalked and it’s all so terrible, and she’s pregnant don’t you know?  Here’s the woman who just a few minutes later was crying to a security guard.

And here’s the woman who did not “walk away” but who had to be pulled away, dragged, by Joe.


By the way, have you ever in your life seen a scruffier-looking couple of people in a courtroom?

Here’s the beautiful video:

Here’s the deal.

Lisa, along with another woman, and Eric and Viv arrived at the courtroom before Joe and Nicole did. They were already there before Joe and Nicole entered.  Keep that in mind.

Furthermore, just as recently as Goatgate, Lisa and Al Wilson both attended the court session with the Sneeds. So, seeing Lisa in court wasn’t anything new to Nicole.  In fact, at Goatgate, Joe actually sat next to Al.

In addition, Lisa has made no secret of her intention to attend that court session with Viv.  It was public knowledge, and believe me, Nicole keeps up.

Eric’s case came before Joe’s because of something called “alphabetical order.” It doesn’t matter how many cases came between them, Eric and Viv had a right, and an interest, in seeing how Joe’s situation fared.  If you were them, wouldn’t you have been interested?

So, Joe’s case concluded, and Joe and Nicole left the courtroom, having to pass Lisa and company in order to do so.

At this point, Nicole could have just walked out to her car and left, which is what a normal person would have done. Lisa had made no attempt to speak to Nicole or Joe, or shoot them a bird, or make eye contact or do anything.

But no. Nicole is “obligated” to record stuff, so she stopped and waited for Lisa to leave the courtroom.  To say that Lisa was caught off-guard is an understatement. The fact that she had the presence of mind to grab her phone and begin recording Nicole is simply amazing to me.

And I will now start practicing that with my phone so I am ready for god-damned Nauglers wherever they might be.

And far from “walking away,” Nicole literally had to be dragged away by Joe, and kept recording while being towed backward.

Lisa went straight to a security guard and asked him to intervene which he did. Lisa left.

Joe and Nicole started in with “do you know who we are” (Joe’s favorite line) and “go visit our website” (sure, he’s gonna) and “I’m gonna file charges at the county attorney’s office” (right). The security guard, to his credit, did not laugh, although I’m certain he wanted to.

Looks different from the opposite side, doesn’t it?  “I walked away” is a complete lie. “I’m still shaking” is total bullshit.  “I was so startled” is shown to be totally false.

But let’s talk about public courtrooms.

familycourtNicole wants even family court to be public. She bitches about it constantly.

She wants witnesses.  She begs for them.

askingforsupportersThat was when the kids were taken. She wanted a huge demonstration.  She got a small smattering of folks.

click image for link

So, it’s fine and dandy and “thank you for your unending support” when people who agree with Nicole show up in court, outside court.  She asks for people to call the county attorney and bitch about stuff.  That’s good, you know, because those are her “rights.”

But Viv and Eric have no rights, it seems. They aren’t allowed to have a friend who is a lawyer come with them.

It does not matter one whit that Lisa met Viv because of this kerfuffle with Nicole.  Hell, I met both Al and Lisa because of Nicole.  Yet, all three of us went to Lexington and marched in the Women’s March and had a grand time. We’re good friends.  We’ve cut up pigs and goats. We’ve eaten meals together.   People meet other people in all sorts of odd ways.  Nobody gets to dictate to me how I meet my friends.

But the very best comment in all this is this.

deformationWhere in the hell does she find these people?





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  1. Very important to note to day as well:

    In her manic haste, Nicole Naugler was revealed to be no other than *gasp*

    A page about the “trolls” and Charles Smyth!

    Darn those meddling account switches, and the trolls too!


  2. Those are not security guards those are genuine police. Luckily the room where they wait to be called in as witnesses is right next to that particular courtroom. We didn’t call for them. What you can’t see in either video is that they heard what was going on outside the courtroom and they were coming out to see what was going on. I sincerely believe that is the reason that Joe started dragging Nicole away, and believe me, she did not look ready to leave yet. We asked for help, gave a brief explanation, which I don’t think was actually necessary as they were watching the entire thing. I was very grateful for their assistance and their concern for our welfare. They were calm and professional, and no I don’t think they gave a fig about some Facebook page from crazy-land.


  3. I especially enjoyed the spinning away and dragging away by Joe. Hilarious and amazing. Yuuuge! #manicole is truly bonkers. #profitjoe needs to share his stash with her!


  4. Sucks to be proved wrong hug nicnaug..how your leg honors know they are drinking spiked kool-aid. You only tell half…that’s your thing…spin and lies.


  5. Another sample of Nicole’s cluelessness:

    On her NCN page she posted an article about trafficked children in California being seized in a statewide raid. Nicole’s post includes this quote from the article:

    “The minors who recovered during the operation were being cared for by various Department of Children and Family Services Agencies across the state, according to sheriff’s officials.”

    Then Nicole goes on to comment:
    “Family court needs more transparency and more accountability.
    This should not be happening.”

    Because somehow Nicole thinks it was the agencies that were raided and found to be trafficking children…More corruption! Oh, no!

    Even when a reader tries to set her straight, Nicole still seems to not understand that the children were rescued and THEN placed with Family Services.

    I’m pretty sure if Nicole’s version were true it wouldn’t be put out in a PRESS RELEASE by the Sheriff’s Office.

    I think she is losing whatever reasoning ability she had.


  6. I am hard pressed to think of a time when my husband would think it was ok to forcefully pull on my clothes to turn me around and make me walk somewhere.

    Nicole likes to say that she and her husband are “equal” partners. If I was ranting at someone and my husband thought I should stop, as my equal partner he would speak to me respectfully to offer his opinion (which he knows I respect), not physically pull me like I was a dumb mule he was having to control.

    I don’t think “equal” means what she thinks it means.


  7. Lisa you handled yourself well! I didn’t see an aggressive bone in your body.
    It has been mentioned on Blessed Trolls that Nicole said something to you before she exited the court house.
    Can you tell us what she said?
    Her smack talking to you before exiting the court room completely destroys
    any claims she had of you surprising her and stalking out after her.


  8. The woman in Nicole’s video (Lisa?) looked surprised when she walked out of the room to a face full of Nicole and camera. Nicole did not look at all surprised in her video. She was clearly agitated when speaking to the police officer though, so it’s a good thing for her Joe was able to stay calm, shut her up, and get them out of the situation, even if the facebook/blog reference was unnecessary.

    I laughed at the comment about stalking on facebook. Looking at a publicly available facebook page (I verified for myself, her page was visible to me with no friends in common) can hardly be called stalking. If you don’t want random people to see it, you make it friends only, or at least friends of friends only.


  9. Let N file her charges, whatever they may be. I’m sure there is unbiased video of both the courtroom and the hallway, filmed by the courthouse. That should be interesting. I hope N doesn’t file a false report.

    I also loved the deformation of character!


  10. Just a little notice, did you see on Nicole’s video where she asked random people while videotaping them as these people were walking in the corridor, “who are you? are you with them?”

    Who the hell is she, courthouse security or customs agent or something??

    People, we are talking about a government courthouse. A “we the people” courthouse property!

    Just my opinion, Nicole should be put on some list, where she has revoked privileges to have a cellphone/camera while on the property. Like, turn in the phone and place it in safekeeping while she is at the courthouse. Last time, she posted a phone camera photo on a local sell-n-trade page. It was three people standing outside the courthouse. She incited people to identify these citizens and find them, trying to rouse a mob posse’ crowd. Again, apparently these three people were attending a court session. It was Joe’s court session for goat nuisance. Yet again, another of Joe’s court sessions, and Nicole is videotaping selective people attending. And posting on Facebook with the intent to incite and rouse a mob crowd. Insidious, Nicole! By the way, Joe, delicious word, I like it a lot…insidious. lol.

    C’mon peeps, stand up for your rights! Any person has the freedom to attend a public courtroom session. Whether Nicole likes it or not! Stop her intimidating tactics.

    Maybe there can be a public petition circulated, an appeal to have Nicole’s cellphone/camera privileges revoked while on courthouse property.


  11. She didn’t post any Hardee date pictures. Instead she posted a picture of doing laundry & made it sound like she is at her “house” doing the laundry.

    “In this house you have to check the pockets thoroughly when doing laundry. At least it’s not a frog lol (yes that’s happened) #LargeFamilyLife #UnschoolLife #BlessedLittleHomestead”

    Not sure how going through kids pockets is somehow related to large families or unschool life, but somehow in Nicole’s mind it is.

    On a side note, a few years ago one of our sons had a abscess in his tooth. Long story short, he was within hours of dying when it was finally taken care of (he was afraid of the dentist). I am angry that Nicole is not getting her teeth looked at. She is pregnant & putting herself at risk for a whole slew of medical issues. Why can’t Joe with his pearly whites see that?? I would bet Joes parents made sure his teeth were well taken care of. It just makes me so mad that he won’t get a job & get dental insurance. I shudder to think if something really medically goes wrong with Nicole & the kids are left with just Joe.

    Joe, I encourage you to pull your wife to the dentist.


  12. I’d love it if the courtroom cameras captured the gallery. I bet Nicole spotted Viv, Eric and Lisa and she very deliberately sat where she did.

    Joe’s an adult. Is there any reason why he can’t go to an arraignment and plead “not guilty” all by himself? Can’t he be trusted with the simplest of tasks? I mean, he’s entrusted with the kids, the animals, the garden, etc. at the compound.


  13. One other. When the police approach Joe and Nicole to see what was going on. Joe introduces himself by name and then interjects a little buzz statement, you know, to refresh them. Something along the lines, “we are the family that had our children removed”.

    Celebrity status. A celebrity badge. If the name Naugler doesn’t ring a bell, well then.

    Good job, Joe. Let the legacy always stand with that claim to fame.


  14. Does her cheese always slide off her cracker when she’s pregnant? Something is really wrong to act as crazy as she is right now. Is Jabba possibly going to jail for awhile? Pregnant mama gonna needs the monies? I hope the future in laws are watching this closely and urging their daughter to get out of there. And yes. Well done, Lisa, for being fast with your phone!


  15. She seems to get even more bat shit crazy when she is pregnant. The dragging off by the coat kind of reminded me of pictures seen where the caveman is dragging his woman off by her hair. Jojo use those nappy nasty dreads the next time as they are closer to her brain so you might get the message to her faster.

    Well I guess the Blessed couple had another first today as they did not have a court day Hardee’s date. No pictures of them stuffing their faces.

    Yes she was shaking hours later = shaking out clothing to find a pinecone while doing $40 of laundry at the laundry mat. She thinks that is a deal to spend $40 doing laundry. About 3 times of doing laundry could buy a good used washer and dryer. Oh that right they do not have running water and electric. Oops my bad.

    She was laying in waiting for Lisa and friends to come out of the courtroom any mentally challenged person can tell that by the glee in her face when she was taking the video and Lisa captured her face on her video.

    Oh the tears my goodness she is great at turning on the fake crying shit.

    Nikky better go to Hardee’s on the 7th for breakfast cause there is a great possibility that Jojo will be in handcuffs and on his way to the Breckenridge county B&B after court. Lucky for you that you are already pregnant as the county jails do not allow conjugal visits. LMAO

    It is refreshing to see so many locals and new people speaking up on the comments on the Wave3 FB page. I guess all it took was one great couple to show it is time to stand up to the Nauglers and others are jumping on the bandwagon. Hey Blessed Mrs how is that Wave3 news report working out for you?


  16. Nicole is a lunatic. The part that had me yelling at the screen was Joe “don’t you know who i am” Naugler. Oh my gawd. He’s as pompous as he his fat. On another note, they have obviously been #unschooled on the subject of dressing appropriately for court. I’m certain that thrift stores have cheap clothes that would be appropriate business casual attire instead of homeless chic. Show the court and judge some respect and it goes along way.


  17. The part that had me yelling at the screen was Joe “don’t you know who i am” Naugler.

    He does it every time. That’s why I said it to him that night on the road. He’d already introduced himself with “Do you know who I am” like he was the fucking president.


  18. If I were Joe (thank jeebus I’m not) I would tell Nicole I do not want her there. She is not doing him any favors.
    Infact, I think her behaviour tends to make things worse, and looks like he knows that too.

    And, yet again, kids are left at the homstead raising each other.


  19. I was in the courtroom at least 15 minutes before Nicole and Joe entered. They saw us as they came in. It is a standard courtroom with benches on either side of the aisle. It was not crowded. There were ample seats on either side of the aisle and on a number of benches. Nicole and Joe chose to sit right in front of us. One bench, occupied, was between us.

    There were mere moments between the two cases. It was a well organized, efficient, and speedy court day. The friends I was with who became involuntarily involved in the Naugler debacle wanted to wait to see how Joe pled.

    As Nicole and Joe left the courtroom Nicole bent over the two people between myself and the aisle and hissed some bullshit at me about being a stalking bitch. I ignored her and barely looked at her.

    We did not follow them out they were waiting in the anteroom. Nicole went to say something else and I said back to her “poor impulse control”, frankly to shut her up. Court was in session and she was acting the fool.
    When we came out of the second set of doors there she was phone in hand with her great ambush.

    I am a little embarrassed for the dueling bangos/phone thing but I was both shocked and scared. I don’t scare easily, but I can’t explain to anyone who hasn’t experienced it the malevolence that oozes from Nicole. She appears to delight in causing fear and pain in others. I had empathy for her victims before. I have it in spades now. I needed to gather my thoughts. I needed to self soothe. Since I was a child I have a nervous reaction to shock and fear. I laugh. That didn’t seem appropriate and because, miracle of miracles, I overcame my technological deficiencies and my phone was actually recording I stuttered out dueling banjos. The rest is video history.


  20. Nicole had really nice teeth when she was younger. It is all the pregnancies that is doing in her teeth. Also doing a number on her bones and developing child. Nicole is a big girl she could get her teeth taken care of on her own.

    Not only is she putting herself at risk she is putting the child developing inside of her at risk too. IMO the meals they have do not contain much if any calcium. Surely not enough to support a pregnant still nursing a toddler mother. She is only concerned with popping out another kid not caring if it is going to be a healthy kid. Her age and number of previous pregnancies also factor into a child being born with problems. She is a evil disgusting person if she can not think about the life she is creating. She only cares about herself and her glory to prove she can keep getting pregnant.


  21. Sally, thank you for another wonderful blog entry!

    Lisa, I loved the “dueling banjos”! That was perfect!

    Viv, I tried so hard to see what you were wearing, but I could only catch a few glimpses. From what little I saw, you were beautiful!


  22. My guess is that since Joe wasn’t wearing his signature crocs, he considered himself dressed up all fancy for the court appearance.


  23. Great job Lisa! My favorite part is when Nicole starts bobbing her head as Lisa begins her video and humming. You then see the realization begin to dawn on her, as her expression changes to sheer anger that her plan is blowing up in her face and she does not quite know what to do next. Joe answers this, as he probably sees LE approaching and his natural instincts kick in to beat feet. He knew he could never shut her up, so only one answer, grab her and drag her along, BACKWARDS. Priceless!
    Boy was she pissed, smacked that door hard to show it a thing or two. One of the best vids in this series. I’m having an “eerie feeling” we may hear “Dueling Banjos” a lot more now.
    She’s losing control faster. It’s not even a spiral now, she’s starting to slide straight downhill.


  24. –“Does her cheese always slide off her cracker when she’s pregnant?

    Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Best internet comment of the day. What a cute way to say she’s just bat shit crazy.


  25. I have two favorite parts:
    1) The joy of anticipated confrontation in NN’s eyes as she waits for Lisa to come out of the courtroom. We don’t often see her joyful.
    2) When Joey encourages the police to look at the stalking on their public facebook page. You know they will.
    And one non-favorite:
    1) When NN thought she had the right (she has rights, you know) to screech at the man walking by and demand information from him because he had the nerve to walk in the public courthouse. She doesn’t appear to have the social skills required to feel embarrassed or humiliated.


  26. My eyes corrected it on first reading but “deformation of character ” is the best fucking comment I’ve read! Yes. Darling Nikki and Jabba have a great deformation of character! Somebody best get to the suing for “liable” and slander before momma drops that new calf. Deformation. *snort*


  27. Good grief..When will the madness end? It was so nice when the Nauglers were silent on social media for a minute. Now it appears they are making up for lost time. Doesn’t Nicole have a business to operate? Who was with the kids? Coincidental Nicole was at a doctors office, and that the court case is STILL open?
    It’s a freaking miracle none of the kids have been seriously injured.
    Moving from one shitstead to another.
    I feel bad for the new community. Wonder how long before they piss people off there too.


  28. When I think it cannot get more absurd, it just plain does. She is just off the rails with her paranoia. I am guessing the less than supportive reactions to her little performance on Wave 3 last night fueled her nonsense today. And the amount of energy it took today to keep up with all the social media responses both as herself and as her sock accounts was astounding!

    I just cannot relate to it at all. I can not for the life of me imagine exposing my children to this nonsense. And if I see her say one more time stop attacking my “family” I am going to lose it. The only one being attacked is HER on SOCIAL MEDIA for her outrageous and ridiculous choices to expose her children there. Unless she is allowing her children access to that info how would they even know about it? And that makes me even more sick….what kind of mindset shows your children posts made about your own, very adult, personal decisions and the subsequent reactions. She is nothing short of revolting.


  29. $40/week for laundry…. For how long now? Years…? Why in the hell wouldn’t they have bought a nice used set and hooked them up at the shop? They had at least $45k…. Oh, well. Easy come, easy go.


  30. Lisa?? Spot on comedic timing! Fast and funny thinking with the song.

    Sally, please publicly and in writing continue to promise us boring court dates. If there like this one, maybe some real progress will be made for the dozen.


  31. Would love to know how all this is going over with the soon-to-be in-laws. I cannot imagine being F’s family and watching this unfold in social media, blogs, and the nightly news. I have a feeling, at some point in the game, there will be a confrontation between J/N and in-laws. Imagine if Jacob and Faith split? Can’t you just see Nic believing that Jacob should have full custody? I can spin my mind around tons of scenarios that end with N/J harassing the family of Faith. Oy.


  32. They have a dryer and the shop,all they need is a washer..plenty of people there during the day to do laundry.


  33. She exposes her children to everything. I feel so bad for her kids. Imagine being a teen girl in that shed or even worse, the shack before this one, that had the platform bed that the kids shared right next to the parents bed. No privacy. Not even a curtain around the bed. Where do you change your clothes? What if you awaken in the night to your parents breeding?? Imagine having to share your room with your parents. Chuckie Smith was there when Nicole became pregnant this last time & said it was when the weather was nice & all the kids were outside playing. I’m going to go throw up now.


  34. Well, Nicole’s character has been deformed for no less than a decade. Wonder if that was an admirer’s Freudian slip about Nicole. Nicole needs some Valium and a large dose of it.

    Lisa, well done. Nicole seems to have a thing for disorderly conduct. Pitching a crazy fit at the courthouse? Accosting people coming out of a court room? Most people when they encounter someone they don’t like simply avoid contact. Not Nicole, she has to try to incite an altercation. But she’s special and a diva. Mostly she is so worthy of being laughed at.


  35. I was at court today. I just rolled right in there like it was my business to be there. I saw online there was going to be a special appearance by the Blessed Mr and Mrs – hell be damned if I was going to miss that!

    Funny story no one seemed to know I was there with all of the ruckus caused by that crazy pregnant lady in the long skirt. The one with the ratty knotted hair. I have never seen hair like that before. It was hanging in ropes. You know when rope hangs outside for years in the weather and gets all ratty. Yup yup yup that is what it looked like.

    I kept my eyes on her hair to make sure that if any bugs made it out of that green nasty molding mess they would not jump on me. Hey I might be a bucket of shit but I have a reputation to keep up and I only allow pedigree bugs and worms in my pile. Don’t need any mutts breeding in there. Yup yup yup purebred is best.

    I was a bit worried about getting noticed in court cause after all we all know what shit smells like. I did spray a few extra squirts of febreeze on myself while I was trying to spiff up and get presentable for court.

    I was sitting under the bench behind the bench the Blessed ones were sitting on. Well not actually sitting on the bench but instead under the bench. I did not want to offend or scare anyone off. Once the Blessed ones came in I knew I did not have a worry in the world…. Whew did they over power my smell and even that extra febreeze I used. I do not know what kind of cologne they use it sure does not smell good. I think they must buy it at the dollar store. It smells like shit real nasty shit.

    Every time that Mrs would move her legs and make that skirt move it sent the most awful stench float down to the floor. Someone needs to tell her she needs to get some industrial strength douche. Whewwwweeee TWICE I thought I was going to pass out it was so bad. I think that the Mr stepped in some chicken shit before coming to court cause when he moved his feet that was all I would smell. Someone needs to tell him that he has to clean up before going into a respectable public place like a courtroom. Hell even a shit bucket like me knew that!

    Oh the ruckus I almost forgot about that. I snuck out just as the Mr was having his case heard. I wanted to have a good spot to watch them from when they came out cause I just had a turd feeling that they were going to do something. I thought they might come out and be bitching about what happened in court. Boy was I wrong.

    They came out and the Mrs got her phone out and started playing with it. I heard her say to the Mr something about recording. My first thought was maybe they recorded the court proceeding as rumor is they record everything. Nope it was worse shit than that.

    A really nice group of finely dressed up folks came out the door and that Mrs just went ape shit crazy. She got all excited taking a video of the nice lady. Well that nice lady doubled down, flung the Mrs’s shit back at her and started taking a video of her. Oh boy did that cause a ruckus. Big policemen came out and the roly poly Mr he was making tracks out of there. The Mrs was still recording she was into that shit. I guess the Mr is scared shitless of cops cause he was grabbing on the Mrs and making her move on out of there. Like a turd going down a chute that just got an enemea. Yup yup yup I have a few relatives that went down the chute that way and they go fast, licky split away they fly. The Mrs was still taking the video walking backwards while the Mr was pulling her along by her coat.

    The Mrs even was questioning a really nice lady just walking along minding her own shit. “Are you with them” she said in a nasty ass tone. Who does that kind of shit to strangers? I think that the Mrs was trying to Naugler that lady. Naugler that is a new expression that local folks are using now when someone does something shitty or half ass they will be told they Nauglered it.

    Then the policemen caught up with them. That is when I saw the door and knew they would make tracks for that so I hustled on over there and spilled some shit there. I kept my eye on the Mrs she was still taking a video. She kept moving that phone all over the place. I saw her pointing it at the policemen’s groin. Him I wonder if they knew they were being sexually harassed by having their private areas videoed?

    It is amazing how well and fast that Mrs can start crying. It just came on her like a bad case of diarrhea does. She was boo hooing and funny thing not a tear fell. Me thinks she was faking to try to get out of trouble. Hey people do shit like that all the time.

    Well the Mr he started smacking shit to the police making them sound famous for having their kids taken away. Sane people do not do shit like that? My uncle had his little turd taken away once by a nurse and he was totally devastated for the rest of his life. But the Mr seemed like it was a ticket to get him on the big screen. He was proud as a constipated turd would be when they caused so much pain during being passed.

    I tried my best to make the Blessed Mr and Mrs slip and fall when they went slamming out of the door. But I was in the wrong spot and they did not slip in my spillage I put by the door. How do they know not to step in shit? They act like pros at avoiding it. Guess I will have to make a bigger spill the next time.

    Well this is Poopie Kaka your shitty court reporter with the Blessed court update. You can see my video report here:

    I hope to make it to Breckenridge county court on the 7th but not sure if I can cause sometimes us turds get stuck up on things.

    In the meantime you can help the Blessed Mr and Mrs with some donations. I created this special PSA video for them for free to help them with moving expenses. You can see it here:


  36. Lisa, you did great! It was awesome actually because the BO had no idea what to do with your response. LOL. Dear gawd, it was so obvious that she and tubby hubby were waiting for you all to come out of the courtroom. Seriously, Nicole, you stupid bitch, you had plenty of time to just leave the building. Nobody with an average IQ believes that Lisa, Viv and Eric followed you right out. Your own video shows the pacing you idiot.
    Lisa, your experience reminds me a great deal of our time being in the court with the militia buffoons. The leader did the same shit one day as I left. He leaned over and just whispered my name in my ear. He was pretty surprised when I stopped dead in my tracks and told him that he may slap around his wife and tell her to jump, but if he tried it again with me I would follow him to the gates of hell.
    On another day a group of those morons were waiting outside the courtroom and one bitch made a comment about how she would shoot anyone on her property. I smiled and said, “So would I sister and I bet I am a better shot than you are.” She shut the fuck up and scurried away.
    If Nicole had come up to me and yelled, “Are you with those people?”, I am quite certain I would have told her to STFU and get away from me or I would have LE explain to her about harassment as she was cuffed. She is such an idiot. A courtroom is a public venue Nicole. Anyone can be there. She will likely approach the wrong person one day and have the rest of her teeth punched out – and it won’t be tubby hubby. SMDH
    Her bullying tactics are so sad. I can only imagine what she and her useless husband put those kids through. Her ambush reminds me of one militia lawyer who tried to provoke my husband into a fight outside the courtroom one day. I stepped between the two and was toe-to-toe with this asshole. What he didn’t know is I had a voice recorder and it was on. I reported him to the bar and it went very badly for him.
    I do have one question though Lisa. Did you find it hard weaving your way through the throngs of their supporters? LMAO


  37. Old time farm girl wrote, “Oh that right they do not have running water and electric.”

    I can think of one place they go to frequently that has both. It even has gas for heat! I bet the laundromats would appreciate it if they got a washing machine of their own in order to minimize the amount of hair and stuff that must flood the commercial ones.


  38. “Looks different from the opposite side, doesn’t it?”

    No. It looks about as ridiculous, from both perspectives.
    Pacifying the situation by way of ignoring the agitator, would be ideal. In order to render Nicole’s video-recording (and claims) more moot than they already are, one would have had to pay no mind to the camera and either, exit the premises immediately, or stand in solidarity with the others, keeping it cool, as if she weren’t there at all, until she is driven mad by your refusal to acknowledge her, and subsequently escorted away by security. Instead, I feel that, by having taken out her phone and mirroring Nicole – and reciting a brief jingle to boot – Lisa now joins Nicole’s ranks only in the sense that they both look ridiculous here, and their actions, completely unnecessary.

    Please note, I respect Lisa very much, and my commentary regards only the events covered in these particular court videos. In no way do I mean any disrespect or offense. I was trying to apply critical thinking, examining this objectively. And in doing so, I found that, it doesn’t look like either individual “walked away” – it seemed like a confrontation, more or less, on both parts. Of course, there is no question – no doubt – that Nicole is/was/probably always will be, the aggressor.

    “Do you know who I am?!”

    A few years ago, the star of FoodNetwork’s, “The Cake Boss”, was pulled over and arrested for DUI. With his thick New Jersey accent, he yelled, “YOU CAN’T ARREST ME! I’M THE CAKE BOSS!”
    Goddamn. To think, I thought that was ridiculous. …Here comes walking hygiene-awareness-campaign, Joe Naugler, taking it to a whole new level of embarrassing. What a disgusting loser.


  39. Lisa, I am so disappointed in you. You MUST stop deforming Nicole’s character! Ooh, the irony in that made up word…..

    It is just wrong of you to go to OPEN court to support a friend……oops…meant stalk that poor, sweet, innocent Earth Mother of 12. She tried to avoid you and yet you followed her out of the courtroom, aggressively confronted her, and videotaped her….oh, wait….

    Of course, Nicole posted videos asking her humpers to come to OPEN court to support her for that very same hearing. But, you see, that is completely different than you going to support Eric and Viv. Don’tyaknow that Nicole is special and she knows “muh rites?”

    I have never in my life seen people with such a huge sense of entitlement, especially white trash who live in a garden shed with no electricity (but a generator) or running water. Nor have I ever seen anyone beg/grift for gas money to assist in paying for a voluntary move. Nicole, love, if you need to beg your humpers to help with gas money for your move, perhaps JoJo should get a job to help with moving expenses OR you should shut your nasty mouth and gut it out where you are until you have “gas money.” Just sayin…..

    A few asides/observations from the past several days:

    In the Fireside chat, the Profat mentioned that Jacob treats Faith like a princess, just as he (JoJo) treats Nicole like a princess when she is pregnant. Uh huh.

    How is it possible that they would need 50 round trips from the old Shitstead to the new Shitstead when they are such minimalists? I mean, we know that they are minimalists because Nicole said so and did a video about her minimalism, right? (I am so NOT a minimalist, and I cannot fathom requiring FIFTY round trips to move my household of six.)

    In the fire side chat, Nicole told one of the kids to go wash his hands. I am unclear how that happens when you don’t have running water? (Maybe one of the middles or older kids pours water over them for him, hopefully OUTSIDE the garden shed?) Or, was he supposed to go rinse his hands in the sewer, oops, meant the pond?

    Also in the Fireside chat, Joe mentioned their desire to live “off the grid” to be closer to their food source. Does that mean that the new Shitstead has a Kroger nearby? We know that they have not yet been able to grow a decent garden, despite three years of practice. Not have they been able to keep any chickens alive long enough to have a source of eggs and meat.

    Finally, Profat, please trim that nasty beard. You look like Sasquatch with that unkempt thing (that looks like it has portions of last week’s dinner on it) covering your face. Yuck.


  40. In no way do I mean any disrespect or offense.

    You have never walked into that sort of ambush. So your criticism is what you think you’d do, not what you would actually do. I, for one, am delighted that Lisa had the presence of mind to pull out her phone and return fire, so to speak. It was about time somebody did.

    I have not had a personal confrontation with Nicole. I have with Joe. It’s not very much fun, and all the things you think about later, you just don’t think about at the time.


  41. FFS, Nicole. Here is what was written in the article that you just refuse to understand, “The minors who recovered during the operation were being cared for by various Department of Children and Family Services Agencies across the state, according to sheriff’s officials.”

    That has a VERY different meaning from the sentence that wasn’t written (because it didn’t happen), “The minors who were recovered during the operation were being being cared for by various Department of Children and Family Services Agencies across the state, according to sheriff’s officials.”

    That is a big difference. In addition, don’t you think that if children were being sexually exploited while in the care of the state, or by state employees, that would have been plastered all over the news? Probably would have gone national too.

    To and make it perfectly clear to Nicole – the children who were being abused were NOT under the care, custody or control of the state until AFTER THE RAIDS. I know, tilting windmills is more satisfying than getting anything through to her.


  42. “They have a dryer and the shop,all they need is a washer..plenty of people there during the day to do laundry.”

    So Nic doesn’t ever, ever wash the towels used on the dogs? Just continually uses them and puts them in the dryer. No. That doesn’t work. They should be washed in hot water IN A WASHER. Then dried. I realize they are being used to dry off a dog that was just bathed, but dogs can have different skin conditions that are contagious. Just throwing towels in dryer is only part of the process to appropriately clean those towels. I don’t know why this surprised me…it’s Nicnog after all!

    I have four horses. I also a W/D (it may be 25 years old, but hey it still does the job!) in my barn and I am constantly doing horsey/dog laundry. I would never put my own clothing, towels…in there because horse (dog) hair would be clinging to all of it!


  43. I say this very carefully, here. Nicole’s behavior is getting really out of hand. Nicole’s appearance is really getting out of hand too. That hair….wow. It looked like some scary crossover of the Borg Queen and the Creeping Terror (shuffling shag rug from outer space that eats people and grows). But both looked infinitely better. But all that aside, with Nicole’s behavior she is becoming rather wild and unhinged. She wasn’t always like this. She used to be extremely quiet, combed her hair, made clothes for her kids, etc. she started getting nutty and vocal about being oppressed at about the same time Joe was arrested at a traffic stop for not having current tags. There was a warrant for arrest on Joe for failing to pay child support. I think she needs evaluation and intervention. I know she’s going to say that she has the right to be counter cultural and all, even act like a nut if she wishes. But such rights do not extend to harassing common citizens in a court house. Such rights do not extend to harassing anyone, anywhere, in person or in cyberspace. Such rights do not extend to neglecting her kids.


  44. At the risk of being labeled a joyless, humorless pearl-clutcher, I’m not a fan of the sort of posts being made above by “Poopie Kaka.” I know some have found them entertaining, but I don’t; I find them more crude than clever, and generally nothing more than a lot of insults for the sake of insult. It’s not my playground so I just grit my teeth and skim through them, but I’m wondering if anyone else is uncomfortable with these posts.


  45. When somebody else’s utterly surreal misbehavior has failed to respond to every rational thing you have to say, sometimes the things your subconscious comes up with out of desperation are absolutely on point. “Dueling Banjos” was perfect.. I know of somebody who ended up barking like a dog in a similar situation. (It worked–that is, the verbal assailant got huffy and left–and now she does it on purpose.)


  46. I’m sure a huge part of why she was so unhinged yesterday was due to the fact the V & E had supporters with them. The same when the S family went to court. It’s got to piss them off that their victims have supporters but they do not.

    If Nicole and Joe would act like decent people they wouldn’t be in court and maybe they’d have some damn friends.


  47. I totally agree, SheerLuck. Not the sort of company I’d choose to spend time with. It would be a toss-up between having to grit my teeth through that sort of behaviour and the Nauglers, tbh.


  48. Lisa, you have my unending admiration and respect for how you responded to Nicole.

    It’s completely apparent that Nicole was waiting for Lisa like a spider outside the courtroom door. She was *waiting*. She *wanted* a dramatic situation. And it was equally apparent that Lisa was shocked, confused, and totally taken by surprise seeing this woman in her face when she walked out with her friends.

    I would not have been calm and collected enough to do what Lisa did. Not only did her quick thinking give Nicole a taste of her own medicine, but in Lisa’s case it may really have contributed to her safety! Nicole is all “I am obligated to record everything for my safety” when it’s those she is recording who are the ones in the unsafe position. Lisa then quickly walked away and got a LEO to handle things. She is the one who walked away, while Nicole was unwillingly dragged by her husband.

    Okay, and Nicole really gives off a weird vibe. I have seen her videos where it is she who is recording herself. She seems sort of normal in those, I guess. But this time, when she clearly wasn’t expecting to be recorded, she didn’t have time to prepare to put on a show.

    Her facial expressions creeped me the fuck out. Her eyes seemed to actually glow with . . .dare I say. . .joy? during the time that Lisa was recording. She was beyond delighted. She must have been overjoyed that she had what she considered “proof” of being stalked and harassed. Then when Joe pulled her away, she back off slowly, reluctantly, all with a fascinated weird expression. OMG. So fucking creepy!

    I am not a medical professional at all but there is something very very off about her. Joe actually seemed normal and mature by comparison. I don’t know whether to really feel sorry for her or to be horrified by her and despise her. Assuming she might be suffering from an untreated mental illness, she really may believe everything she says and she really may feel panic, fear and paranoia.

    Her facial expressions lead me to think its all a great show, though, and she is acting a part to get public sympathy on her side.

    Who the hell knows.


  49. I have to comment about her vlog made today, and the only safe place is here. She spoke a lot about the family court case being dragged on and on, and how it negatively effects the children and their “trust” of the system.
    Please, please, please Naugler kids know that the person/people dragging this on is your parents!
    Spoken from a woman who has lost her children to CPS (rightfully), and did WHATEVER IT TAKES to get them back. They are not ridiculous. I had to prove I wasn’t a druggie (easy), have someone assess my parenting (easy), obtain proper housing (easy), pay the state child support (they probably should have asked for more, my kids can eat!), let them look at everything (I had nothing to hide, hence why the drug evaluation was so easy). Voila, kids returned, case closed 3 months later.
    That is all.
    I’m still shaking, with anger that is.


  50. @SheerLuck. I am not a fan of that type stuff either. First I just don’t get it. But I don’t get a lot of things. Some use humor to deal with things. I would think as nasty as things have gotten, one would have to laugh or cry. On the other hand, none of us can say what we would or wouldn’t have done if faced with that as soon as we walked out the door. It’s different seeing N on the other end of the recording unprepared to be recorded and obviously ready for confrontation. She is usually in control of the recordings. It’s obvious, Lisa was shocked. I’m surprised she gathered quick enough to think to grab her phone. We are a society engulffed in social media. It frustrated me at first and I always thought myself pretty tech savvy. Then they changed the technology. I remember when people used to call people and talk. Not anymore. It’s texting, facebook, twitter and whatever else there may be out there. But all those modes of communication leave out the most important factor in society, that being personability. We can look at a blank screen and type whatever and we are doing just that- typing whatever. Since there is no tone associated with it, one can easily misinterpret tone or intention. Something simple can blow up into a huge miscommunication. I fear that for our future generations. Heck, I’m fearing it for us and older generations too. Are kids going to go on dates through FaceTime? I don’t know. But when you “talk” to someone, and build a rapport, it’s different. It’s sad. I know everyone was brought into this due to one reason or another. But it’s like it will never end. There will never be an apology from people who think they have done no wrong. It will never be made right. It’s just such a shame. I don’t at all question Lisa’s reason for leaving the court room after they did. There’s an old saying that comes from old westerns- “don’t sit with your back to the door”. Same here. That looked to be a huge courtroom. Why have your back to them? Not saying they would have done anything harmful but just to avoid contact. Give them time to get out and then go. That makes sense. But at some point, it has to stop. No one can control what they do. That’s for sure. But for everyone’s peace of mind, it would seem that this ongoing stuff would just stop. I’m not putting anyone down for their posts or whatever. I just hope for everyone that it does stop. I know there are court cases with neighbors, etc to be resolved but hopefully after those are over it will stop.


  51. Well Nicole put up another blog today, complete with crocodile tears. She used the kids, again, and rambled on about how we should think of her children and how this all affects them. Dear gawd Nicole, we are thinking of your children. We think about how they are neglected, have no privacy, are unkempt and wear ill-fitting, stained and dirty clothes, how they eat slop from mystery cans, how they don’t see a doctor when they are ill or injured, how they listen to you and tubby hubby grunt your way through sex, how they aren’t receiving any sort of education, how they are cold, how they are always moving because their parents can’t along with anyone, how they are being indoctrinated with anti-government bullshit to the point where one of them now is facing a felony gun charge and how they suffer. I really wish you and Joe would think of them.


  52. Because there are 10 (soon to be 11) minor children involved, plus one very young adult offspring – I feel uncomfortable with the Poopie Kaka post. If we were just dealing with two adults with trouble obeying the law, I’d probably find humor in the parody. But the daily reality the Naugler children must face, makes this no laughing matter. While I certainly feel for the neighbors, it is the children that my heart goes out to most.


  53. it is the children that my heart goes out to most.

    The children are not mentioned here by name. And if they read here, it’s because their mother allows them to and directs them here. This is not a child-safe site. I do not pretend that it is.


  54. Nicole Naugler
    6 hrs ·
    Are people really trying to convince me that they would just sit and allow their family to be abused? And that if you try to defend yourself in anyway you just antagonizing the problem to make it worse?
    Are you fucking kidding me?

    I’d like to answer the above question of Nicole’s posted on Joe’s public/private FB page as opposed to his private/private page. I’ve noticed that she uses this method of rolling out the script in a ‘soft launch’ sort of way. Perhaps to test the waters before presenting to the 45k audience. Observing the roll-out kinda blows my mind. Nicole is not nuts, she is genius. I admire her brilliant mind, her creativity, her marketing skills, her tenacity, and her boundless mental energy. I’m jealous in fact. Maybe it is due to this jealousy, that questions from her such as the above make me so squirrelly. She knows the answer, she’s not stupid. If she were stupid, I’d PM her and offer my thoughts and perhaps a little guidance. But because that would be tilting at a windmill, I’ll put my thoughts down here and maybe just maybe someone who doesn’t know the answer will consider a different perspective and maybe not hit the pay pal button.

    Are people really trying to convince me that they would just sit and allow their family to be abused?

    No. Absolutely not. Not your friends and not your trolls. That is the one if only thing anyone who knows you or knows of you has in common. What they are trying to convince you of is the fact that your way of handling this “abuse” (and I use that in quotes not to trivialize the word but because I want to validate it. You honestly see the situations you find yourself in as abuse, and I will take your side in that, because I believe that it is real to you and I hurt for you) is all wrong. By handling things the way you are YOU are contributing to and enabling the abuse. If you are under attack, bunker down. Batten the hatches. Get out of the line of fire. Shut up, be quite, wait for rescue, or build your defense. Wait till the crisis has past and you are on stable ground, than fire your return volley. Don’t open the door to danger, don’t stand in front of the loaded gun. That’s stupid and you are not stupid, so why do you do it? NO ONE who has made a page or a blog or posted to your pages would do that. Some may be willing to take a hit or two themselves, but they would never willingly parade their families into danger.

    And that if you try to defend yourself in anyway you just antagonizing the problem to make it worse?

    Nope, trying to defend yourself is natural, it’s instinctual and you’d be a bad person or a crazy person if you didn’t do it. What people are trying to tell you, is that the specific way you Nicole are choosing to defend yourself is not defense. It’s offence.

    My brother worked in personal protection in South Africa a number of years ago and he was trained in Offensive Driving. Much like the Secret Service muscle trains their bodies and brains to act the opposite of their intrinsic inclination to drop and cover and make the body smaller to avoid getting hit, but instead to just up and out and expand in front of the attack/bullets and create a shield for the President, the Offensive Driver uses their vehicle as a weapon in evasion. It’s loud and violent and dangerous to anyone or thing in the way of the escape. It works, very well in the short term to get out of the crisis moment. It’s like screaming and waving your arms at a bear. Its also unsustainable. It needs to be short lived or it becomes dangerous to the driver or the SS agent (or the guy facing the bear) it only works to create chaos and confusion enough to get away, if you keep it up, it endangers the people/person you are trying to protect and innocent bystanders get hurt. You Nicole are careening a 15 passenger van full of children away from monsters on the internet. You are going to loose those children whether to a rollover or to the State if you don’t get to a place of safety (see above answer)

    Are you fucking kidding me?



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