This is complete bullshit.

I know it’s bullshit.

Do you know how I know?

I know because I was there.  After dark.  Not drunk.

Mark is my friend.  So is Kyle (the guy who was driving the second vehicle, the one I was in.).  We were having a party at a nearby farm.  Several people wanted to go for a ride in the utility vehicles.  So we did.

Nobody drove past the Naugler “homestead” numerous times.  They/we drove past there twice. Two separate times with two different groups of folks.

Hey, it’s not our fault that the Nauglers wanted fame. They got it and people want to see the much-lauded Blessed Little Homestead. There were also some folks who wanted to go by and see the Sneeds, which they did.

As it happened, nobody was drunk.  Not a single person.  Several of the vehicles had teenagers in the back.  They weren’t drinking at all.  I’d had not a single drop of alcohol.  My husband was with me and he’d had one glass of wine.

I repeat, nobody was drunk.

A few people took photos.  So what?  Nicole takes photos all the time of other people’s property.

I did not.  Nobody in our vehicle even had a camera.

When we got right in front of the Naugler “homestead,” Joe came barreling out into the road. Kyle, who was driving, and who knows almost nothing about the Nauglers, stopped and then got out to talk with Joe, because Joe was yelling at us, wanting to know why we were taking photos of his family.

We explained that we had no cameras.

Kyle chatted with Joe for a bit, and Joe began the conversation with “Do you know who I am?”  I am serious. That’s what he said.

Kyle said, “No” (which was the truth – he’d never met Joe and didn’t recognize him), and Joe told him that he was “Joe Naugler, whose family was taken unlawfully by CPS last year. . .”  It’s his badge of honor, obviously.

At some point, I was trying not to laugh and asked Joe, “Do you know who I am?”

Joe began ranting again about sewage and baby diapers and ponds and got into something about how he was spearheading a federal investigation into corruption in Breckinridge County, and at that point, Kyle asked Joe if he wanted a beer.

Joe stopped his rant in mid-sentence (I am not exaggerating), brightened up like a Christmas tree, and said, “Well, yeah, if you have one to spare.” So Kyle walked to the back of utility vehicle and got a beer out of the cooler and gave it to Joe.

At this point, Mark (from the conversation the other night on Nicole’s wall) drove up in the other vehicle, and Kyle and Joe walked over there. Mark introduced himself to Joe and Joe said “Oh, you’re the guy who had the conversation with my wife the other night.”  And all three of them laughed.

And then those three men chatted happily while Joe Naugler drank the beer that Kyle had given him.  As we left, the three men shook hands, and Joe invited both of them to come visit the homestead any time (call first) and meet the whole damn family.

Nobody once told Joe to get running water.  Not once.  I don’t think the subject was ever mentioned.  There was some conversation about sewage, but that was mostly from Joe, talking about conspiracies.

Kyle did ask Joe what he did for a living, but remember, Kyle knows very little about all this, and was unaware that Joe is unemployed.

The conversation was congenial for the most part and nobody threatened Joe in any way. The only person ranting and raving was Joe Naugler.

So, Nicole, play your little audio recordings. I dare you.  Joe was recording us, or at least he said he was. Post those recordings. Go ahead.

You couldn’t sleep because your husband was out in the road having a beer with two of the local men, with some teenagers and two senior citizens present?  You actually called the police because people in a couple of utility vehicles drove past your house and took some photos and had a beer with your husband?  How scary.  How hard did the police laugh?

By the way, your “homestead” is a joke.  It looks like something out of a third-world country.


photoThis is the awful, stalking photo that was posted that struck such fear in Nicole’s heart.  This.  This is what she’s talking about when she says that “we” posted photos of her home and her family.

Do you see her family?  Do you see her?  Do you see anyone except the latter half of the neighbor’s dog?

The garden shed is barely visible in the background. You can just see part of it (green roof). The other buildings and farm implements are the neighbors.

You can see how close the shed is to the road.

This was not taken by me. I did not have a camera and I was there after dark.



78 thoughts on “Drunk”

  1. Me thinks Joe is pussy whipped.
    I have said that since day one she runs him and the whole family.

    Well it was right neighborly to share a beer with Joe.

    Too bad that Nicole has to be such a liar and evil bitch


  2. Families visiting families down the road, having a BBQ with friend; I find that kind of country charm and civility terrifying.


  3. One of those teens was my child. He didn’t know shit about the Nauglers, but he does now. He found Joe to be threatening. He worried for the girls safety. He wanted to invite the older kids to join them in the singing and the hayride, but looked at the scary parents and kept his silence.

    The ride to the neighbor to see the new baby and maybe swim in the pool was ruined by Joe and Nicole.

    The only person out there trying to harass, intimidate or threaten was Joe, and he was bought off with a beer.


  4. and for someone who was “in fear” she sure was laughing as loudly as possible so we could hear it in the road.. I was also in the atv in the back with the other two girls. I was hoping to also get to meet the sneeds, but joe held us up for so long that it had become too late. kind of hard to claim you were so terrified when house hubby is drinking and joking with the boys..hey joe.. are you going to let kyle mow that hay? And no, no one is going to pay you to removed your fire hazard around your “cabin”


  5. I bet Nicole sees so little joy that when she sees people having fun, she thinks alcohol must be involved. Also Joe was the one you encountered, and so she got her info from him. He doesn’t sound stable, and I bet he’s feeding Nicole bullshit to make her scared. Where did she get the idea photos were being taken? Either she thought she saw cameras, made it up, or Joe told her.

    I do think it’s uncool to be zipping past their house right now. Sure, it’s legal, but I think that was probably done because you wanted to go by their place. That’s the sort of behavior that will make her feel like she’s being stalked. It kind of is stalking. Please don’t do it. You’ve just admitted that people are indeed zooming by their place to see them, and when there are other directions you could have gone, I think it’s clear why you went by their place. Give them their space instead of fueling her panicking. The kids could end up paying the price of that. Fr the safety of those kids, don’t make their mother snap.


  6. My child was one of the teens on his way to the neighbor’s to see the new baby and maybe take a swim in the pool.

    The only one harassing, threatening and intimidating was Joe. My son worried for the girls he was with.

    Luckily, Joe was bought off with a beer and the men all worked out whatever differences they may have had.

    Maybe someone should have told this to Nicole.


  7. I hope Nicole isn’t comparing people using a public road to visit neighbors with a terrorist act and the murder of a young woman. Isn’t she all about freedom and rights? Is it her neighbors fault that the Nauglers put their shed as close to the road as was humanly possible? Are they to not have company because it requires travel past the shed? Joe had a beer with people who were threatening them? Who is he to stop anyone from traveling on a public road? Can you imagine if their neighbors did that to them every time they drove by? She is full of herself. Her history of drama with people…neighbors…church folk…bosses…co-workers..speaks for itself. They can’t all be wrong!


  8. Oh what a tangled web we weave when we try to deceive. Nicole sit down and be quiet please . You don’t own the road .


  9. I was there on the first trip. We were on the way to see the Sneed family and their new baby! (who, by the way was wearing an adorable outfit and is cute as a button).

    Joe came out of the shed as soon as he heard vehicles coming down the gravel road and several of the Naugler children, mostly shirtless, barefoot and one toddler only in a diaper, accompanied him. They stood in the high grass set back about 30 feet from the road, and Joe waved a greeting and we waved back, did not stop but continued to the Sneeds. Nicole came out and could be seen videotaping all of us from a distance, as we were chatting with the Sneeds on their property.
    It was weird. We were hanging out with the Sneed family and the Nauglers were all clustered about 75 yards away staring and watching us.

    When we left, most of the Nauglers were out there staring at us from afar, Nicole still videotaping and her kids just looking on watching the teens in wonderment.
    Felt sorry for the Naugler children who looked as if they might like to join in the fun with the other youngsters.

    Their shed is very close to the road. Very close to the Sneeds. It ain’t the wilderness.


  10. And for someone who was “in fear” she sure was laughing as loudly as possible so we could hear it in the road.. I was also in the atv in the back with the other two girls. I was hoping to also get to meet the sneeds, but joe held us up for so long that it had become too late. kind of hard to claim you were so terrified when house hubby is drinking and joking with the boys. hey joe,are you going to let kyle mow that hay? And no, no one is going to pay you to removed your fire hazard around your “cabin”. Also it was nice to see that you at least had a fan in the window of your way tinyier cabin then any of us imagine it could be from your pictures. Sure are glad you are living that clean off grid lifestyle with your generator running full blast..


  11. Also it was nice to see that you at least had a fan in the window of your way tinyier cabin then any of us imagine it could be from your pictures. Sure are glad you are living that clean off grid lifestyle with your generator running full blast..


  12. Where did she get the idea photos were being taken?

    Because a couple of other people did, in fact, have cameras and did take photos. It’s not illegal. I did not. And remember, Joe was recording our entire encounter. So it’s tit for tat.

    It kind of is stalking. Please don’t do it.

    I will ride up and down that road as often as I wish. There is no question that several people wanted to see the infamous “homestead.” They wanted fame and they got it. And it’s a dirt road. Nobody can “zoom.”

    The point here is how she takes something that was non-threatening and spins it into some sort of threat. She absolutely lied about this incident, so I’m very glad that I went and that I was there. I know exactly what happened, who was there, who was in each vehicle. Most of the folks didn’t even know who the Nauglers were, frankly, especially the teens. They just were riding to ride.

    This woman is bananas. She wants to create a narrative that dreadful people are threatening her. Nobody is. People do not like the dumping of raw sewage. People do not like children being neglected. And I don’t like getting anonymous email calling my son a “dead junkie.” However, not one person had the power to the coerce the health department into finally doing something about the shit, regardless of Joe’s conspiracy theories.

    She deserves everything she gets, so please don’t lecture me.


  13. She usually posts her extra cray cray posts on NCN. This was on BLH. Trying to get some new sympathizers to step forward? Could backfire! Is everybody in town for the hearing?


  14. I need more details. What did Joe say he did for a living? What does he think people are going to pay him to remove? This is fascinating.


  15. What did Joe say he did for a living?

    He said that he “homeschools the children and manages the homestead.”

    I nearly fell out of the vehicle laughing (quietly).


  16. Oh dear. The curtain has just been pulled back from The Great and Powerful Nog. Props to the fans hanging in there in what has to be one of the most embarrassing busts of a frank fabrication in Internets history.

    I suspect NicNog was preparing the stage for their imminent departure with yet another tall tale of victimization and was caught with Joe’s hand in the beer cooler. I’m actually cringing for her.


  17. Honesty and integrity; you are brilliant Sally. Your intelligence, logic and sensibility are to be admired. You have such a beautiful way of writing, it gets me through my day. I love that we can come together here and even with different opinions have intelligent discussions. There isn’t anger and harassment. You don’t delete our comments or harass us. Champion on Sally!!! You have a strong network cheering for you and those children.


  18. And no, Nicole, Mark did NOT “admit that he was driving drunk.” I was there. You were not. He said that he had had a beer or two. That’s not drunk. If that’s drunk, then Joe was out in the road DRUNK.

    And obviously, the local gendarmes didn’t think it was a problem.

    Produce the damned recording, Nicole, you chickenshit coward.


  19. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but what is the point of driving by and taking pictures to get Nicole stirred up more? In my opinion this almost validates her accusations of harassment. I can’t stand Nicole and in my opinion she’s mentally ill, a liar, and a poor excuse for a mother , but I would never drive by to get her more stirred up the she already is.


  20. How would she even know what drunk is…oh wait. How many times did she ask if Joe had a beer with them??? Lol someone felt left out.


  21. Blessed Little Homestead “So Joe had a beer with you all down by the road?”

    Guess N didn’t know! She looks like a complete jackass on her own thread of doom!


  22. You are lying, Nicole. Nobody was driving drunk. I wouldn’t have gotten in that vehicle if anyone had been drunk. I WAS THERE, Nicole. You were not.

    And one other thing. You have me blocked from your page. I would happily come over there and we could have this conversation there, but I can’t. I have never made a single comment on any of your pages. I do not have a sock. I have never had one.

    You are a liar.


  23. I live in Breckinridge County nit too far from garfield and have no clue where they live, and I don’t think I really wanna know.


  24. These weren’t cars, right? More like golf carts?

    I don’t ever ever ever take a sip of beer/wine and then drive, because I am kind of a crappy driver sober. But two beers in an adult male over the course of the evening on a golf cart-type dealie? I can’t get worked up about that. And I normally get worked up about drinking/driving.


  25. Sure, driving by their place some extra times with people who want to take pictures with cameras they have is legal, but so is the way they not-school their kids. Something being legal doesn’t always make to right. Their many wrongs, from the “compost” pile to not penning their goats that are damaging someone else’s land to Joe stealing water and telling a kid to get a gun, not having sanitation of any sort, or warm, comfortable places for their kids to sleep, to lacking birth certificates and denying medical care, are all wrong, even if the law stupidly allows some of those things, doesn’t make it right to drive back and forth to watch. I know it can be tempting when you’ve got a front-row seat to the train wreck, but please minimize these extra trips, which can be threatening (you wouldn’t be comfortable with people driving past your land trying to see onto it and taking pictures, even if it is legal and you’re doing nothing wrong, right?), and let the system handle them. Admitting that you did make some extra trips back and forth, especially with people who had cameras and they wanted pictures, gives come credibility to her claims. Be the bigger person here. Let them sink themselves without anyone trying to get closer to their land or trying to watch in person. That is creepy.


  26. These weren’t cars, right? More like golf carts?

    Correct. They were open utility farm vehicles. Not even capable of going very fast. Kids in the back. Neither Mark nor Kyle would have had a blood alcohol level that was anywhere close to illegal. I am really a party pooper about drinking and driving.

    Nicole is lying about this. She was not there. I was.


  27. I would never drive by to get her more stirred up the she already is.

    You have got to be kidding me. You have personally made the most outrageous and often patently false claims about the Naugler family that I have ever read. I even called you out on them at one point, and you immediately banned me from your crappy page. This blog exists primarily because I thought you were so over-the-top that you were doing far more damage than good. And you come over here and dare to lecture me? Would you like me to use your name?


  28. I am sorry I missed the hayride. I am happy though, that maw and paw are finally being outed. Seems only fair, after the visitors on the hayride have the right to travel. Didn’t paw say that? Did he tell maw he had a beer? Did she get close enough to smell his breath? (Sorry, I’m kind of making myself nauseated …or nauglerated, which is just as bad or worse…)


  29. That is creepy.

    You’ve made your point. We get it.

    Let me know how you feel when she writes you an anonymous note calling your dead child a “dead junkie.”


  30. @Kaylee – This is a very rural area. There is no other way to get to the Sneed’s than to drive past the Naugler’s. It’s, maybe a mile or two from the starting point. If one were driving, I believe they could go waaaaay around by like 20 miles or so to get to the next door neighbor’s that way. Besides the obvious inconvenience, the children wouldn’t have gotten the fun little UTV ride.


  31. If they were so threatened ,where were the “protection weapons”. I agree, don’t go by that place..it’s a hell story just seeing bits and pieces in nn photos. They will learn, or get taught by the courts ..if not tomorrow, soon.


  32. Kaylee
    What part of they were going to visit the neighbor do you not get? The neighbor happens to live next door to the Nauglers.

    Also to note the Nauglers were the ones that went viral. They were the ones that put the new shit shed right next to the road cause they did not prepare the driveway to get the shed back further. Probably cause they were too lazy to do it and blew the money from GFM to do it.

    Neighbors have a right to visit other neighbors. They would not have stopped if big Joe was not out there to stop them.

    The next time I get to KY I am going to drive by too. I want to see this amazing shit shed with my own eyes. Public road and I can drive by cause I can.


  33. Nobody’s speech was slurred, Nicole. Kyle and Mark both speak Kentuckian. That’s how people here talk.

    Unblock me and we’ll talk on your page if you like. Only later. It’s way past my bedtime and I have actual responsibilities and critters to tend to and I don’t sit up half the night on the internet.

    Have a nice time in court. Isn’t it at 9 a.m.?


  34. That’s not me. I don’t use socks. I’ve told you and told you. If you want to talk with me without this silly stuff, just unblock me and I’ll come over there and we’ll talk. But you won’t because you are chickenshit.

    Or alternatively, come here. I’m fine with that.


  35. Wait… what? I thought there was a court order, something about Joe not drinking? Correct me if I’m confused on this.


  36. Oh, yes, ma’am. I watched Joe Naugler drink a beer standing in the road in front of your house, happily chit-chatting with both Kyle and Mark. And my husband watched him. And several other people saw him. Not “beers.” BEER. One. Nobody offered him a second one, but you can bet your sweet bippy he would have happily accepted if they had. His whole demeanor changed when Kyle offered him that beer, Nicole. He went from angry and yelling to suddenly looking all bright and congenial and saying, “Yeah, if you have one to spare, I’d take a beer.”

    I was there, Nicole.


  37. Those that know me well know that I call things like I see them.

    Well seems we have a fence straddler among us. Some one post here and is posting at BLH.

    So that is where the calling out about driving past their house comes from straddling the fence.


  38. The whole deal with Nicole and Joe patrolling and watching passers-by on the road in front of their home is weird. imo.

    I couldn’t tell you when a car rides past my house. I don’t pay attention and I’m not standing in the front yard or peering through the window blinds. I couldn’t care less. But if I am in the front yard when someone drives by, I do the southern neighborly wave and smile.

    Oh lands, I could have stalkers and not even know about it. Maybe someone is taking pics, too?

    It’s odd also, that Joe steps in the road to stop passers-by and interrogate what their business is on the public road. And asked “Do you know who I am?” When the fella in the cart knows little about the Nauglers. Then Joe goes on to educate him of his fame.


  39. I was planning to go to bed early tonight.

    Nicole doesn’t have a lick of sense.

    Now I’m sorta… Just a little….feeling sorry for Joe… Especially if he wasn’t supposed to be drinking alcohol.


  40. LOL at MIM
    Joe is a grown ass man he knows what he can and can not do.

    If he chooses to do something that he is not suppose to do then it is on him.

    I do not feel sorry for either of them. I wish they would both violate big time as that is the only chance that those poor kids might get a fair shake at life away from those wacko parents.


  41. Ok so a group of people whom either knew eachother before and or were brought together because of the train wreck got together and had some fun. Then went to another neighbor’s home. After all the comments and drama one still offered a drink to joe. The “party” was at a neighbors and was to be contenued at another neighbors home. Who had not only a pool for the kids but a newborn baby to visit. Sounds pretty creepy alright. I’m glad you all were able to get together and have fun. I’m sorry joe felt he had the right to stop you while you were traveling on the public road but glad it was defused with a beer. Funny coming from people who scream about rights.


  42. Traveling to friends and neighbors in UTVs is commonplace in our area, a cooler of refreshments in the back along with extra riders, a leisurely drive along country roads, singing songs or listening to tunes. Stop here and there to chat with friends, it’s good clean fun.

    This simple pleasure has been enjoyed for many of years before the Blessed Homestead located in the county, and I’m sure for many years after its gone.

    Kaylee and Extremely Sick, why should we change our way of life, change our routes, change our fun to accommodate someone who relocated and chose their publicity. Should our rights and traditions be trampled for these Viral Newcomers who refuse to follow simple sanitation ordinances for their own health safety as well as other residents of the area.

    Asking locals to stop visiting friends because it alarms the Nauglers is like saying don’t go to Hardinsburg on Tuesdays because the Nauglers may have court. Or don’t go to Hardees on Wednesdays because Nicole may crave a Dr. Pepper. Tell me what days do they visit Wal-Mart, Dollar General and Kroger, maybe we should all change our schedules and lives to accommodate these Special Newcomers.


  43. “Please don’t take this the wrong way, but what is the point of driving by…”

    The point was to visit the Sneed family and most particularly to meet the new baby. The horror. People driving down the road in glorified golf carts, including some teens, to visit your next door neighbors. Yeah, there were individuals with cameras. Well, there was a BABY to visit and the infamous ShitStead was on the way too.

    I wasn’t there but if you read what was written, there it is.

    Yes, it is legal to photograph buildings from the road. Nicole does it, all the time. Odd is recording your neighbors visiting with other people on their private property.


  44. Trouble in paradise..? Seems all is not well between Joe and Nicole, lies abound.

    I SO wish the teens wouldve invited the Naugler teens along!! It wouldve given them a much-needed network. Friends. Anything, anyone, to talk to, to reach out to in time of need. I do think, if they had a trusted network of friends, or friend’s parents, that perhaps they might feel comfortable enough to rely on such a resource.


  45. If the Nauglers can’t handle people having a summer get-together with their neighbor that is their own problem. My neighbor has get-together frequently too. People not only drive but they walk up and down the road. It’s cool. As their neighbor I don’t try to assert my fame or paranoia by stopping them coming down the road. That is normal life. So sorry that the Naugler parents have difficulty with being unsuccessful at being admired or intimidating people. As much as they’ve howled and ballyhooed about not conforming to other people’s expectations, they can’t handle it when other people don’t cower or bow to them. They were probably pissed that their kids got to see what real life was like. Nicole probably was pissed that you didn’t follow her script and get confrontational with Joe and provide juicy evidence that they were being harassed. Looks like she posted the original script anyway.


  46. If Joe was drinking that would explain the incredibly creepy comments he made on the NCN profile pic. I bet he’s in the doghouse, for fraternizing with the “enemy.” Just for the lolz: https://youtu.be/Twivg7GkYts

    On a more serious note, I thought Mormons couldn’t drink beer, caffeine, or do drugs.


  47. Kaylee, please get the story straight if you’re going to talk about me all over the internet.

    I have never, ever claimed to have “never gone by the actual homestead.” I have never claimed that because it’s not true. I went by there one other time – several months ago. I didn’t blog about it because there was no reason to do so. I rode past out of curiosity just to see the place. On that day, nobody was home. The dogs ran out in the road and chased our truck. There were a couple of goats around the shed. No people. Frankly, it was astonishing to me see the place in person. The shed is much smaller than the photos led me to believe. It’s far closer to the road than I imagined, and the place is strewn with trash everywhere. (The trash is less visible now from the road because the place has so many tall weeds grown up.) It looks like something you’d see in a third-world country.

    What I have never done, ever, is take any photographs. I didn’t even have a camera with me on either trip.

    You obviously don’t like this. I don’t care if you don’t, and you’re free to express your opinion anywhere you like, including here, but quit getting it all mixed up.

    One other thing, there were two trips on Friday night. I was not on both trips. Only Mark and Kyle went twice because they were driving. The first trip occurred before dark. The Nauglers were outside and the vehicles did not stop but rode straight to the neighbors. They visited with them for quite some time (an hour or so). I didn’t keep track of the time, but they were gone quite a while. By the time they got back, it was dark.

    So when Nicole says we were riding up and down the road, that’s a very big stretch. I live on a dead-end road, and people around here ride up and down our road on four-wheelers all summer long, especially in the evening. And by up-and-down, I mean dozens of times. I never pay them any attention at all apart from waving if I happen to be outside. They may or may not be taking photographs. I do not know or care.

    And quit acting like I somehow got caught doing something nefarious. I am not “admitting” to anything, like it was a crime. I am simply countering Nicole’s lies about the events.


  48. Thank you Sally. That really is the crux of the matter. What Nicole wrote and what a dozen or so other people and children experienced and witnessed was something else all together. Nicole took an innocent occurrence and twisted and manipulated it to suit her needs. Do I think she actually believes what she wrote? No, I do not. Even her writing of it is inconsistent and unbelievable.

    She says she wasn’t out there for the Joe confrontation on the road, subsequent conversation and it ending jovially when Joe had a beer with the guys, but she knows it isn’t true because she heard the audio that presumably Joe was somehow recording while being all neighborly, because, you know, they record everything she says.

    So after all that and what she claims the audio proves, she comes out of the shed with the children to study nature? She was just out there collecting bugs with the children and happened to whip out her camera to film. So, if you’re feeling all harassed and terrorized you bring your kids out to the front and boundary with the neighbor’s to study nature when you have 26 other acres to explore? You see someone there has a camera so you start recording people on your neighbor’s property?

    Someone is riding down the road you live on so you think it is perfectly normal to go scare some children? Yet claim you are the one who is scared? While parading your own children out into what you are now trying to claim was harm’s way? Does anyone actually read what she writes in her comments or do they just read that initial inflammatory and false post she put up?

    All I can say after reading her post is thank you to Kyle. Thank you for keeping it real. Thank you for calming waters I didn’t know until last night were boiling. Thank you for keeping the children, all the children, mine, hers, the others, safe from the idiocies of some adults. I owe him big time. We all owe him big time.


  49. Predictably Nicole scrubbed Kitty Hawkins’s posts from Blessed Lethal Homestead facebook page last night sometime between 12:30 a.m. and 1 a.m. central time. Maybe someone got screenshots before the ban. It was the first intact saga I witnessed on facebook. The Propaganda Mistress cannot have her sycophants reading facts from an eyewitness. That may sway some of them to use logic and reason. I continue to be amazed at the number of people who take her at her word seemingly without any effort to confirm veracity of her tales.


  50. Sorry, I can’t see this as Sally having done anything wrong, inappropriate, or ill-advised. Gutsy, yes. But in no-wise inappropriate. Remember she has had an abundance of heckling, harassment, and threats made to her which she has very thoroughly documented on this blog. Sally has a personal interest in this as a result. Additionally she went to visit friends at the neighbor’s place. She does not have any manner of restraining, no-contact, or other order barring order imposed by those in authority. Joe does.

    Joe and Nicole threw a predictable Facebook hissy fit. What I find disturbing is that because the hissy fit was predictable, there are some who believe that the Nauglers should be placated as though that was more honorable than going to a weekend with friends who live next to the Nauglers. Remember, the Nauglers wanted their story to go viral, they sought notoriety. They became, to those who knew their tendencies, predictably abusive to anyone who did not placate, admire, or cower to them. The Nauglers have no authority to determine who can use the public road they plonked themselves down next to. In my opinion, the Nauglers have become accustomed to being placated when they pitch a fit and try to intimidate other people. In my opinion, it is high time the Nauglers experienced what it is like for normal people to not be afraid of them. It is high time that they learn they are no more important than anyone else.


  51. I believe my actual statement when Joe asked if I was drinking and driving was “why sure I am Joe” knowing all the time that he had said he was recording our conversation. What I wanted to say was ” don’t you know, we all drive and drink around here. Just like you accuse Al of flying drunk! Obviously you and Nicole know everything you dullard excuse for a human!” But, I didnt… kinda wish I had after I saw the pulp fiction way in which Nicole framed the event.


  52. Tick tock……hits gavel. Court Is now in session. The honorable ” you don’t listen JN”, now presiding.


  53. I believe my actual statement

    Well, supposedly there is a Blessed Little Recording. If Miss Chickenshit will post that (after the Blessed Little Court Case which is going on right now), we can all listen.


  54. yep he had a beer.. a nice ice cold budweiser in the new blue can with the silver stars on it..i bet it tasted really good too. he sure was excited about it. decided to hang out and chat about how they are the famous nauglers and all about how Al Wilson is trying to ruin their lives and their big huge federal case they are putting together..
    also we had no cameras with us.. my phone was back at the party too. Joe stopped US we were going to drive on by to visit the sneeds. we had no intention to talk to anyone naugler.


  55. im sure he recorded the conversation. when he approached the atv there was something playing on his phone. he turned it off then fiddled with it another minute. probably to turn on the recorder. so please nikkipoo play it for us.. id love to hear it


  56. Here’s a thought. Nicole and Joe are an anomaly. The definition is “something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.”

    They intentionally pushed their sensational viral story all over mass media to draw much wanted attention. Nicole is a social media marketer, seeking attention and benefits from their oddities.
    Nicole enjoys the notoriety, the attention for their anomalies. She basks in being unexpected and a deviate.

    Joe does too. Joe stepped out in the road to stop the carts. Even asking the one driver, “Do you know who I am?”. Upon realizing the fella actually didn’t know, Joe then rattles off his claimed notoriety. For a minute, I was taken to a cartoon caricature. Foghorn Leghorn(Joe) to Boy(Kyle), “I say son, pay attention when I am talkin’ to ya, son”.

    You can’t blame the fella for not knowing who Joe was, or his notoriety. He doesn’t do Facebook. And that was a hysterically funny.

    Now, what else ya got, Nicole. sigh.


  57. So obviously Joe and Nicole never spoke about the “people in the road” last night. Joe didn’t go back to the shed and let Nicole know that he hung out a while, and drank a beer with the so-called harassers. Nicole gets on FB, a few days later and posts an “OMG, this is why I looked so awful in that photo I took of myself, I was up all night with fear and worry about what a bunch of drunks might do”.
    Nicole got a dose of truth last night from a few of those commenting on what really happened because they were there! And she looked like the idiot she is. I would love to have been a fly on the wall, in the homestead shed, (after she read that Joe had a beer with everyone) and been able to listen to her conversation with Joe!

    Sally, I hope you share the deleted screen-shots so those who may find themselves coming here for the first time or those who want to argue what they think happened will be able to read the truth for themselves. Not the “Truth of Nicole”!


  58. ” Joe stepped out in the road to stop the carts. Even asking the one driver, “Do you know who I am?”.

    If I was a Naugler kid and heard my dad announce himself like this, and referring to the CPS case, I would be mortified and shamed.


  59. I keep wanting to give the nauglers the benefit of the doubt and I want to believe that they are at least feeling harassed. I am sure that some have crossed the line, but no more than she has. I think most of which she deems stalking/harassing is paranoia and exaggerated incidents just like this one. But I actually caught this in its entirety before she deleted and did the clean up.

    I could be wrong in this assumption but I would guess the night was more about the drive by of their home and the visit with the neighbor was needed but the excuse for the night. But either way it doesn’t matter. You could drive by their home, jog, walk, run, and skip if you please as many times as you want. It doesn’t matter if you drove by once or a dozen times. It doesn’t matter if you was on a joy ride or a visit with the neighbor. He should have never went out and stopped any vehicles on a public road to question them. That was harassment on his part. Makes me think of the troll under the bridge won’t let you pass.

    She is upset over a photo where way in the background is the shed. None of the family is visible and nobody was on her property. She takes photos just like this very often and posts them. Has admitted to confrontations with someone who didn’t want their property photographed but still did it anyways. And she was out videoing children that night as well but anybody else that photographed children is a pedophile? She feels it’s her right but not yours or anyone else’s. It’s complete nonsense.

    Then she goes on to say she was in the cabin but somehow she’s aware that they are driving drunk and calls the law. If your in your cabin minding your own and tending to your family and you hear a couple of atv/utvs driving up the road how/why would you think it’s about you or that they must be drunk to be doing that. Unless they were acting a fool doing burn outs, throwing up rocks, or damaging my property the only reason for me to stick my head out the door would be to throw up a neighborly wave. And I live on a dead end gravel backwoods road in Garfield. Nobody should be at the end of the road unless it’s to visit me. But guess what I don’t own the road, just the land.

    I do believe this has backfired on her big time. I do think that was all part of preparing excuses over court today. If it doesn’t go their way they will vacate the property and blame it on their safety.

    Oh and I hope you enjoyed that beer Joe, might want to fill your wife in next time as to how you knew they were drinking;)

    And Nicole, if you would just take it down a notch. Stop looking for drama and getting so worked up over every little thing then trying to get fb sympathy for it then Things would eventually die down. But no… You keep stoking the crazy fire and everyone still hanging around enjoying the show and calling you out on it. Enough already!


  60. Sally,
    Do you mind my asking, if Joe recognized you? Did he know you were there, right in front of him? Or could he not see past his ego?


  61. Do you mind my asking, if Joe recognized you?

    It appears that he did not. I thought he would, but he gave no indication of that.


  62. It was a party. Just a party that involved a trip to see friends who were elderly and a woman with a newborn baby who couldn’t attend the main party. That’s what happend when friends and neighbors get together. Neighbors are the most important part of living in the country and/or living off grid. When we all flooded it was neighbors getting together who replaced all the storm pipes at everyone’s driveways. The ones with power cooked for those without. For a long time I couldn’t figure out why their neighbors weren’t like ours, and it’s because of them. They post personal information about their neighbors, blasted them on the internet, stop them and impede the right to travel. If they really want to be left alone then they need to leave their neighbors alone.


  63. Wow, does everyone who was at the Fri. night party have an anti-Naugler blog/page? I know I’m confused.

    I do not understand why CPS has not tested the parents for mental problems and put them on meds. CPS should be held accountable for the “crazy” inflicted on these children. When I think of a young girl shooting her pet goat and eating it and what she must have gone through trying to block that memory, I cuss the people at CPS who are charged with the well-being of those children. If the Nauglers think their life will be better anywhere they go, they are deluding themselves. I don’t know anywhere in this country where they would be able to live in a stick house, uneducated, without bare necessities and spout anti-government epithets. But I guess we will soon see.

    By the way Al, what happened to Sue?


  64. Anyone know what happened in court

    He pled not guilty and got a new court date. Not very exciting but predictable.


  65. Reading all this, and another forum and still no one but a few locals get it. I don’t know what is like in your neighborhood but I know what it’s like in the north Georgia hills. Everybody waves even if you’ve never set eyes on them before. Nearly everyone has at least one on/off road vehicle. We ride around for fun, we ride to hunt and we ride because the neighbors house is 2 miles away.
    We take our hunting seriously, we take our fun seriously and we take our beer seriously. We don’t think riding our off road vehicles a little drunk is a crime, and we just might hoot and holler while we do it. This is the country, no neighbors to bother.
    If those idiots put their compost where it was poisoning my and my neighbors property and wells, I guarantee riding past their house would be the least of their worries. We would not be as patient as these people seem to be. I don’t know how they do it really. The less patient of my neighbors would have driven down with their back hoe and dug them a nice deep hole and shoveled their crap in it. The crazy ones would have blown the pile up. The ones making Crack in their trailers would be oblivious. I would be calling my lawyer.
    To anyone who says they shouldn’t ride down their road, y’all have no idea what you’re talking about and clearly aren’t from the country. Why should they bow down to these crazy people and not drive on s public road? Why would you even think that? Other than they might shoot at you because they’re nuts.


  66. Joe had no business stopping anyone on a public road for any reason what so ever. Had he done this anywhere EAST of Winchester, Kentucky he would have been shot !!!
    Nicole plain and simple, ” Honey your a Bitch.”


  67. I have observed the Nauglers over several years, some of those years in real life (that will certainly send Nicole spinning to try to find out who I am-best of luck). I am convinced that while the Naugler parents are certainly provocative, they are much more reliant on spin and manipulation than anything else. They will, through spite and neglect, trash anything they have. Their children have swung on a pendulum between nominative parental support and being left to fend for themselves. The point is, the Nauglers are purely manipulative and that is, I believe, one of their basic MOs. ‘You better not come down MY road (that is really public) because you don’t know what I’ll do!!’ That is purely manipulation that has worked a lot for them over the years because they succeeded in making people afraid of them and what they imagine they could do. Turns out to be nothing but bluster that’s easily assuaged with a beer.


  68. he would have been shot !!!

    No, he wouldn’t. Please stop with the hyperbole.


  69. Turns out to be nothing but bluster that’s easily assuaged with a beer.

    Well said and an excellent analysis of the situation. Notice Kaylee, this is somebody who knows what they are talking about, who has actually interacted in some way with the Nauglers. Not somebody behind a distant keyboard imaging dire things.


  70. “To anyone who says they shouldn’t ride down their road, y’all have no idea what you’re talking about and clearly aren’t from the country. Why should they bow down to these crazy people and not drive on a public road?”

    This is an apples vs. oranges illustration BUT I think some people will get it.

    Parking on the street is public parking. You don’t get ownership of a particular spot simply because it’s in front of your house. Calling the police because someone parked in front of your house will get you nothing except a police officer telling you there is nothing to be done. No violation, no ticket. (I’m talking about areas without restrictions like those near Metro stations, etc. In those areas you have to have a resident’s sticker or a guest parking pass visible in your front windshield.)

    One of my family has a neighbor who HAS called the cops, multiple times, on people who have parked in front of their house and then walked to their home, a friend’s home, whatever. Oddly enough, they got very upset when a resident got sick of their bullshit and informed the county they had an illegal dwelling on their property. If you insist upon upsetting people with a nonsense charge (they’re parked in front of my house!) then don’t be surprised if suddenly you’re facing real consequences (for building a dwelling complete with electric and a sewer hook-up in your backyard).

    Nicole & Joe kept drawing attention to themselves and then did so by falsely accusing the neighbors, complaining about people using their “private” road, etc. All of which was annoying but the shit got real (pun intended) when the human feces showed up in the neighbor’s pond and on their land.

    They should have kept a lower profile if they were going to endanger others with their unconfined shit.


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