What, exactly, does that mean?

I’m serious. What does it mean?

I tried looking this up on Google, just for curiosity’s sake. I didn’t want a course, or a book, or a sappy movie. I wanted a definition.

The one I found used this.

Theology differs of course. There are more than 30,000 Christian denominations and sects (you read that number correctly) for a reason.  Christians are notorious for fussing over tiny details.  In contrast, there are just four major divisions in Judaism, with several smaller groups.

Hell, there are way more than 200 different kinds of Baptists (and they all have churches here in Kentucky, one every half mile or so). I was raised Baptist, and I remember that we had a church split when I was a kid. The major argument that I remember was over the color of the carpet.

So some theologies stress what they call “salvation” which requires nothing but “faith.”  That’s Billy Graham’s easy believe-ism.

Other theologies blend the two: faith (“believe what we tell you”) and works (“do what we tell you”).  My particular branch would say that anyone who tries to meld the two isn’t really ‘saved’ at all.

But James is pretty clear here, and the passage was always a thorny one at the Fundy Church From Hell because they had to explain it away.

Faith, without works, is dead.

They explained this by insisting that salvation comes as a result of faith alone, but the only way you can determine that someone has been “saved” is if you see works.

If you don’t see “fruit,” then you know the person is a fake, or a “corrupt tree,” as the writer of Matthew says.

So what in the hell is “fruit”?

That’s an easy one.

If you look all this stuff up from a Mormon viewpoint, it’s a little different because they add in other religious texts, but their basic position is quite similar to that of the “faith plus works” Protestants.  Faith is where you start, and works are what you do, and fruit is what is produced.

They aren’t as quick as most fundigelicals to consign people to hell, which is nice of them, but still, they wanna see that fruit.

So, we’re back to the beginning. In light of all this, what does “faith-driven” mean?

It’s a common phrase. A little search on Amazon produces dozens of books, study guides, and DVDs with that in the title.  It’s a Christian buzz-word, popular at the moment.

It means at its core what I said above.  Faith is where you start, works are what you do, and fruit is what is produced.

There is, of course, not a time-table for any of this. It’s not like you begin with faith today, and three months from now, we ought to see half the fruit.  But where it all falls apart is when there is no fruit at all.  Nothing. Zip.  Same old, same old.

Or how about this?

You get religion.  You happen to be a blogger, so that’s good because that means we can keep track.  It’s all public, you know. You blog about your religion.  You write about it on Facebook, publicly.

Like this.

She became a Mormon in 2008.

So that, maybe, is the starting point for “faith.”  Faith is where you start.

By 2011, she’s lecturing on religion, but tossing in a whole lot of libertarian political ideas as well.  There are several of these little screeds.

Okay, maybe a religious political activist is what she is.  That’s her “works.”  That’s what she does.  Sort of.

She also managed to get kicked out every Mormon church she and Joe ever attended, and leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth as they went, but oh well. . .

Faith is where you start.  Nobody expects anyone to have this down pat in the beginning. Really, they don’t. Not even judgmental assholes at the Fundy Church From Hell expect that, and they are the worst judgmental assholes in Christendom.

Works are what you do. Nicole describes works herself. “. . . follow his teachings. . .” she says above, talking about Jesus. Follow his teachings. You know, go around doing good or feeding the multitude or raising the dead or something.  Follow his teachings.

That’s subjective as hell because seriously, what did he teach?  Remember, you are restricted to the red words in the New Testament only.  Make a list of what he taught, of what exactly “follow his teachings” means in real life.

But no matter how you interpret that, the goal of following his teachings is to show fruit.

Fruit is what you produce.

Fruit is what you produce.

Do any of these words, any of them, even one of them, describe Nicole?  Any?

Well, it’s probable that she has never cheated on Joe, so maybe we could say that she is “faithful” to Joe.  But all the rest?

She started this religious journey, she says, in 2008. That’s a solid decade ago. Ten years.

This screen shot, in my computer, is dated December 29, 2015. That doesn’t mean that’s when Nicole wrote this. It means that’s when I got it. So on that date or before that date, this is what Nicole said to her mother in public.

Now, look, I get the basic thing here. Joann was being a bit passive-aggressive. She does that.  Nicole gets very irritated with her and sometimes I find myself sympathizing with Nicole, but only briefly.  There is no reason to have family squabbles on public Facebook pages, but this the Naugler saga so of course it’s public.

However, I have been through deconversion. I know how it looks and feels.

She personally struggles with faith.

I get it. I have a certain level of empathy about it.

But be honest, Nicole. You use religion. You use religious buzz-words to make your audience think you are religiously oriented when you are not.  You are not.  If you ever were, you shed that coat a long time ago.

You aren’t any more religious than I am.

You just lie about it and I don’t.  I get to say fuck off without having to explain why it’s okay for me to do that. Jealous?


14 thoughts on “Driven”

  1. So many opinions and insistence surrounding a basic tenet: be good to one another. The rest is all power play and b.s. It doesn’t take a leader or an organization or threats of damnation to understand empathy. People talk of tests of their faith? As an atheist I put my faith in the decency of my fellow citizens. That’s tested daily.
    Nicole Naugler is a sham, posing for whatever donations she can get.


  2. “I spent a good many night debating that topic with friends, family and internet strangers.”
    Well now, she doesn’t debate at all. Shes just a zealot, having a one-way conversation with the internet. She gets off on having the last word, and what with deleting the comment-option on her personal Facebook and blog, she seems to get-off a lot, so self-satisfied. Its gross. Disgusting, really.

    Great blog post, Sally! You outdid yourself here, as well as in, “The Journey”.
    Although I bet that the Nauglers would argue, that the children are Nicole’s fruit. Gawd, I hope her thorny tree is barren from here on out.


  3. “Im sure glad my nurses were ethical.”

    If only she had been so ethical. Ethical enough to have sought any prenatal care at all. Ethical enough to have regard for the life of her baby.


  4. The only fruit Nicole has produced is that which sprang from Profit Joe’s loins. Ewww. Sorry for that mental picture.


  5. Although I bet that the Nauglers would argue, that the children are Nicole’s fruit.

    Anyone with functioning sex organs can produce offspring. You don’t need to have character or intelligence. You can be a dead-beat sloth, as we have observed. You can be a shrew. You can be a saint. Doesn’t matter and it doesn’t take talent.


  6. She wrote that she thinks it’s unfair that an INFALLIBLE person can dictate whether someone is a “Christian” or not. That it’s arrogant.

    INFALLIBLE = God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

    I think that reall funny. Nicole a slightly better wordsmith than Joe, but that isn’t saying much. She also uses words she doesn’t understand. Over and over and over again.


  7. She isn’t religious. It is all phony.

    Her attempt at exclusivity of the word, “blessed”, in all her branding is annoying. Every time I see the, “have a blessed day”, in her posts. On her Blessed Little social media pages.

    It makes suspect that everything about her branding is phony. Not even quasi phony. Full on phony.


  8. “Anyone with functioning sex organs can produce offspring. You don’t need to have character or intelligence. ”
    And this is exactly why we have CPS. The bar is low for producing children.


  9. Speaking of whether someone may say whether someone else is a true Christian or not and how unfair it is for people to judge, may I quote Nicole Celeste Naugler herself. (I can send you the screenshot if you’d like).

    “People like you are why I don’t go to church you’re a fake ass Christian.”
    -Nicole C. Naugler. May 4, 2017

    She’s a hypocrite and a liar. She made the above comment on a page where the administrators appeared to be LDS who were tired of the Nauglers hitting their family members up for yet more donations. Both she and Joseph Naugler made a lot of rather heinous and defamatory comments on that page and threatened to call bishops and stake presidents on the admins. The Nauglers also used it as a platform to publicly name and defame members of their previous wards.


  10. Blessed Little Grooming Company, LLC.
    Pure soaps for pure hearts. Love the skin you’re in.

    Debra started a slow opening before the Grand Opening in March and it has been wildly successful. She has sold out of several lines of product, but not to worry we are always making more.

    We’d like to thank each and everyone of you for your confidence in us. We look forward to a long and happy relationship. Thank you again. You guys rock.


  11. Indeed, “anyone with functioning sex organs can produce offspring.”

    Lucky for her, the hollow shell of her “fruit” is facade enough to pull one over on a good majority of her followers. Alas, the fruit is rotten, through no fault of their own – deprived of sustenance from the weeds growing wild beside them.

    (If no one gets my drift, by fruit I mean her children; weeds, her husband, perhaps her wild ego too.)


  12. Nicole and Joe are no more Mormon than I am. I would love to see them give 10% of her income to the Mormon church!

    Mormon belief is if you want to be with your spouse in the afterlife, according to Mormon faith, your marriage ceremony must be undertaken and sealed in the LDS Temple. All marriages that take place outside the LDS Temple are considered inferior. I doubt very much that Nic wants to spend eternity with Joe!


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