Drive-By Shooting

As part of the ongoing drama about the photos of the Blessed Little Property and Garden Shed that were posted on Facebook this week, Nicole and her supporters are blathering on about how illegal and stalky it is.

Most interesting to me is how Nicole spins it.

nicole rant

First, what “group”? What is she talking about?

Second, “something bad”?  What does that mean? Does that mean that if one of her family members has a burst appendix, it’s my fault?  Or the photographer’s fault?

Third, “harassment is being documented.”  That’s nice.

Fourth, “intimidating children”?  What children?  There are no children in either of those photos.  There aren’t even any animals.

The point, as I’ve said before, that I got from those photos was that the Blessed Little Garden Shed located in the Blessed Little Wilderness is not actually in wilderness at all, but is sitting right on the road. My guess is not much more than 30 or 40 feet from the road.

But no matter.  Nicole puts this little rant up on her “homestead” Facebook page so she can get everyone to say, “Oh, how terrible.”

I want to make something really clear here.  First, I have no idea who took the two photos. I don’t want to know, so don’t message me and tell me. I don’t care. Second,  I would not have done it, nor would I have posted those photos. I wouldn’t because I would be a wee bit creeped out if somebody did that to me.

I do understand that feelings run a little high with all this, most especially because the supporter pages over the months have posted photos of critics’ houses, and businesses, and private information of all kinds, and not once—not one single time has Nicole ever said, “Gee, I think that’s probably not a good idea.”


Nicole instead has posted shit like this:

cant keep kids alive

So, you know, don’t come playing the martyr to me.  I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for anyone who would say such a thing about anyone.

And all that aside, we come to this.


driveby 2

driveby 3

Please notice that every one of these photos includes at least some portion of someone’s building, house, or barn.




driveby 7

By now, you’ve figured out that Nicole took every one of these.  She pulled over on the side of the road and took a picture.

driveby 9

And before you say, “Oh, those are just empty barns,” maybe they aren’t. Maybe somebody is living off-grid there in the Blessed Little Barn.  How would we know?  What they are not, of course, is photos of the Blessed Little Homestead, even though her ridiculous watermark thing tends to imply that they are.

driveby 10

driveby 11





driveby 16

driveby 17

Slightly different view of the same farm as above.  Nicole is fond of sunsets it seems.

driveby 18

No, this is not the entrance to the Blessed Little Property.

What she’s done here is not illegal or wrong or bad or anything. She took photos from the road, from a public space. As long as you don’t use a zoom lens and try to photograph a private area (for instance, trying to photograph at night through a lighted window), you’re on solid legal ground. Just ask Google.

driveby last

But you see, this isn’t illegal either.

blh 1

Do you see any children?  Any animals?  Anything personal?  See how blurry it is?  The photographer didn’t stop. In fact, I bet the photographer was the driver and just stuck a phone out of the window and snapped.

The mowed portion in the foreground is the neighbor’s field.  That’s how “wildernessy” it is.


Maybe, just maybe, Nicole, if you didn’t threaten other people by encouraging doxxing and posting of photos of houses and if you’d stop accusing people of being addicted to drugs with zero evidence to back it up and if you didn’t mock them because they experienced tragedy—well, maybe you wouldn’t experience ass-biting.

Karma is a bitch.

Update  (because hypocrisy and Nicole seem to be indistinguishable)

It would seem that taking pictures of “private property”, while on “public property”, isn’t such a foreign and difficult concept for her when it suits her agenda. She even considered taking a picture of the woman to drive her point home.
nicoleprivateYou can find the whole post by clicking here.

(Updated by the “Nefarious Please”)


50 thoughts on “Drive-By Shooting”

  1. All the hoopla she has been creating in the last few days. Normally it is just a weekend fling. This one is balls to the wall. I smell a fundraiser coming. Get your wallets out sheeple.


  2. If hypocrisy, sanctimony, and disingenuous, misleading commentary were commodities, Joe and Nicole would be going to work in a limo.

    Sorry, I meant Nicole would be going to work.

    Joe would however be in the limo.


  3. I don’t believe in ‘karma’ because sometimes good people suffer horrible circumstances and some pretty shitty human beings seem to get all the breaks.

    It’s simply life. Life ain’t always fair. Do I think there are consequences to one’s actions? Yes, I do. Often there are tangible consequences to one’s actions.

    Boom! Got your ass handed to you, didn’t ya, Ma?


  4. is that the outhouse within a stonesthrow of the neighbor’s unfenced yard

    the doorless outhouse

    i may be sick


  5. Hi everyone! I miss you all!

    School, a new job and my new little are keeping me busy. I’ve been advised to keep off FB until things are settled, but I did want to say, I cannot believe she is trying to play innocent.

    NN and family not only know the main attack dogs- they’re holding the leash. She has no plausible deniability. None. Her and her sycophants throw out anyone that has ever disagreed with them, and hope something sticks.

    Anything to deflect from real work or responsibility on their part.


  6. is that the outhouse within a stonesthrow of the neighbor’s unfenced yard

    Well, it’s not an outhouse. There is no hole. It’s a bucket shit shed. 🙂

    And yes.


  7. I’m guessing she has a little too much time on her hands now with the new location, and probably needs to offset some added expenses. Add to this, frustration, anger, boredom, constraints put upon them by the courts in regaining full legal custody, now being forced to abide by a few tax and child labor laws, eviction yet again, and even more financial burden due to ‘faulty construction’ of last “salon”, Nicole just being Nicole, and who knows, maybe even a few hormonal imbalances and there you have it, the latest -‘the shit wars’.
    Starring NN, online virtual “dog” fight promoter extraordinaire. Next round. – The promised view of the pile. Can’t wait.
    (aaaand -Don’t forget- send money. Oh, and check the birthdates she listed online for the kids while you’re at it. Birthdays yano, wink wink. )


  8. This “back off before something bad happens to my family” sounds like foreshadowing. A set-up. Certainly fishy imo.


  9. Oh YUCK.

    If I were the neighbors, I wouldn’t want to be outdoors from May through September.



  10. My my, my…..she really does have illusions of grandeur doesn’t she? Firstly, you are of such little significance Nicole that no one would waste their time trying to harm you or your deadbeat emasculated pervy husband. Your cause of being oppositional and non-conformist is just a dumb broad being an idiot. A woman of self-imposed poverty who didn’t know enough to stop have babies she could not take care of without charity, state care and online-offline begging. The only thing you stand for is laziness, irresponsible parenting and stupidity.

    Secondly, the reason why people oppose you is because you do cause harm to your children by not tending to them properly. Denying them a valid, well-rounded education which will be useful to them as adults. You went so far as to even deny them US citizenship which you have the pleasure of having. After all, how would you get your food stamps, tax refunds, ongoing support through CPS if you were not a citizen? You are a legend in your own mind. The queen on the shit pile, literally. A woman of zero substance. Just because you post pretty pictures trying to make your world all nice, it is not nice. Forcing your kids into poverty is not what a nice person or mother does to her kids.

    Karma is a bitch and you create all this negative drama that swirls around you with each keystroke. You love it or you would have packed in your online presence when you had your children returned and got back to what should be your first priority, your kids. Not pretty posed pictures of them for your online begging but real care like actual school lessons, beds to sleep in and real toilets, not white buckets. I am glad you finally came to your senses or was forced into it, to accept state care and food stamps so you and your kids can eat properly. You and your children no longer look so gaunt and undernourished or did Joe go on a diet and start sharing food rations?


  11. A little reveal photo, perception is not reality. That’s what I see in this photo. I see the gardenshed “cabin” just yards from the road. I see power lines. I see a neighbor’s plowed farm field within yards of the “cabin”. What I don’t see though, is wild wilderness, pioneer steading. I don’t see children. I don’t see a mailbox or address identifier. I didn’t see intimidating messages sent, like Al received. But now that was a quite threatening, stalking and intimidating course, photo or not.

    C’mon girl, this pales to the vile and nasty things you have done and said about several of the people that have spoken out. The harm you have attempted to their employment, their family, their children.

    I can appreciate your non belief in karma, Josie. I believe in Karma, likening to luck. Cause and effect. Where actions influence the future of the individual.

    I’m channeling you, #sendsnacks, “All the hoopla she has been creating in the last few days. Normally it is just a weekend fling. This one is balls to the wall. I smell a fundraiser coming. Get your wallets out sheeple.”


  12. I can’t believe that someone has not contacted the health department about the “shit shack” and the growing pile of feces and debris they are accumulating. I realize some KY counties are burdened with debt and short resources, but that is a gen-u-wine (as grandpa used to say) health hazard. One phone call, one email along with a lovely photo could do the trick. Maybe contact the Feds, as it could be contaminating ground water levels, and they don’t like that.
    We had a 2-holer at our cottage up nort’ when I was a kid and it was dug over a 10-foot deep hole. I was never so glad in my life as when we got real honest to god sewers up there. I hated going out in the dark, was sure there were snakes in the holes waiting to bite my butt.
    The Nauglers don’t care by any means from what I’ve seen. Time for the bolt of lightning to hit nearby.


  13. OK, I need to back off from the horror of kids being forced to perch on a filthy bucket in a three-sided shanty (what is it with these people and their three-sided shanties?!) within stone’s throw of somebody else’s house.

    Kids, if you’re reading here and you need to get lost in something without using a lot of bandwidth, here you go:

    Free books online. Pretty much all of ’em. Updated regularly.

    If you are fricking sick and tired of sleeping crammed up against other people, here’s a simple design for a shelter you can make out of polewood and ropes:

    This is a proper hunter’s shelter, not a shanty, shack, or hovel. Note the private outdoor kitchen that you may keep as clean as you like. If your parents don’t come around getting all up in your business, you can pick any suitable spot on those 20-plus acres to get a little peace and quiet. This shelter is usable for much of the year if you renew the flooring material and have the right clothes and bedding.


  14. Looks like there’s fear brewing in MA & PA’s eyes! Let’s see what shit storm hits now!!


  15. Regarding the “Drive-By-Shooting” post, although I appreciate the very valiant efforts with this blog, and I check it almost everyday, I am inclined to say that you are stretching/reaching a bit with some of the content of this post. When Mrs. Naugler takes roadside photos, she is doing so for the sake of art. To equate her countryside shots with the two drive-by pictures of her homestead is definitely a stretch. There was a certain intent in the latter – whether it be amusement or harassment, I dont know – that is completely absent in her photos. But of course, you are right to call her a hypocrite. And it is she who stretches the truth and exaggerates, first and foremost. She knows not what she says – how could she, rambling on and on for days, losing track of her words left and right?

    I am sorry to have to say this, but there are certain posters here that are out of line, appearing extremely incomprehensible. There are ways to express yourself so as to come across clear and concise, with dignity. Sure, the Nauglers and the other illiterates in their strange pigsty-of-supporters or what-have-you are classless, and completely crazed. They break the rules of civility, they may break the law. But. Please, take a step back and keep proper perspective.

    As a community of concerned citizens – concern for the welfare of the young Naugler children – we should really splay a united front in that we should not react or taunt or stoop to the same low level as those on the frustratingly inept “other side”. Facebook is a disgusting black hole, try to keep your head above water, if at least to avoid looking like one of “them”.

    “In the 8 months since then a group has continued to try to dig up dirt on us. And what has come of it? Nothing. All this effort to produce nothing. No evidence of abuse, theft, fraud etc. This has frustrated the group. So now they are acting out and trying to set my family up. They can’t stand to be wrong.”

    NICOLE, YOUR DESPERATION HAS COME OUT OF IT! It is evident, to anyone with a clear head on their shoulders, and an ability to see the situation for what it is, that it is Nicole Naugler is increasingly desperate TO SAVE HER SOCIAL-MEDIA IMAGE (instead of her children). She lets herself react to posts from this blog, directly replying with FB her posts to BLH. She cannot help herself. She looks desperate. Acts desperate. Its all very ridiculous. She is ridiculous. And in doing so, makes her family look worse and worse, especially with the last Toilet post. A direct response!

    A soft spot she has, for the toilet issue!! As she should – children being denied proper toilette is a violation of their human rights!! Her anger gets the best of her. She shouldnt have posted that horrible picture. Again, it is she who is desperate. Raging desperate.


  16. Funnily enough the latest messages this weekend to me from Nicole and Joe’s favorite sock puppet Charles state simply “Say Cheese”.

    Whatever could they mean by that? I’ll let the readers stew on that.

    I didn’t take the photos of the roadside attraction, aka the Naugler shed.
    I didn’t publish the photos of the shed.

    The blessed ones have published photos of my house, inside and out. Sometimes with accompanying threats of a road trip to visit me. Letting me know that I, am apparently, their BAE who doesn’t know it yet. Sometimes with accompanying photo statements or little memes indicating that I won’t see them coming for me and my minor child, often accompanied with little messages such as a smoking gun or their alibi after my demise.

    Oh, but a drive by blurry photo of the shed on the road, now that is apparently a big scary threat. She is afraid, very afraid, and if anything happens to her or her family that group will be responsible.

    Who is that group? Who is they? She has said it doesn’t matter to her everyone “other” is the same to her. Everyone who doesn’t tow the party line is “they” and equally culpable to her. Her rabid fanboys well she claims she is separate from them, not responsible. Even when her disillusioned followers reveal that Nicole is behind one of “those” pages she is not responsible. Even when Nicole’s phone number is traced to phone calls made to a critics supporter it is not her responsibility. Apparently, und her logic I am responsible for everything everyone else does, and she is not responsible for even the acts she does herself. Isn’t she special?

    The months and months of all that other stuff done to me, well, that’s just fun and games, don’t I know.


  17. As a community of concerned citizens – concern for the welfare of the young Naugler children – we should really splay a united front

    I’m not much on “united fronts.” I do not ask a committee’s opinion before writing. You’re correct that some of the comments get a bit heated, but you yourself went on to type in all caps (shouting). The only thing I ask of the folks commenting is that they avoid calling me or each other vile names. I did remove one poster entirely this morning at their request.

    As far as “stretching it” with the drive-by photos, I do believe I made it clear that I didn’t think photos of the Blessed Little Garden Shed should have been taken in the first place. Didn’t I? The point I was making with Nicole’s photos is that she and her followers keep asserting that the taking of that photo was illegal. It is not illegal. And it’s not “stalking.” If that’s “stalking,” then Google Earth is in big trouble. Nobody was doing anything to frighten her children.

    Please notice that Nicole had a discussion about this on her personal page and one of the followers posted the offending photos. Nicole allowed the conversation to go on for a bit and then either she or the follower appears to have removed it all. Nicole then went over to BLH and wrote her rant, accusing the photographer of intimidating her children, but without showing the photos themselves. I wanted it all in context.

    Hell, maybe the photographer was doing it for the “sake of art.” How would we know? Do you know something I don’t?


  18. She has said it doesn’t matter to her everyone “other” is the same to her. Everyone who doesn’t tow the party line is “they” and equally culpable to her. Her rabid fanboys well she claims she is separate from them, not responsible.

    And there’s the rub. Nicole accuses “us” (whoever that is) of being guilty of whatever anyone does. Hell, if she got appendicitis, I fully expect to be blamed for it. “We” are all lumped together.

    But she is totally separate from all these fakes. Charles Smyth, Jack Schitt, whoever. Oh, those are not her. She has never, ever, ever done anything but just be pure and motherly.

    It doesn’t work that way.


  19. Aid from the state. Income from the Feds. Nicole stated that she was just “getting them back for screwing us”. Who is this “they” Nicole? All the taxpayers paying for that aid and those credits?

    Government whores after all? “Say it ain’t so Joe”.


  20. I started following this families story back in May and found myself drawn to them and thus became a supporter..I should have done some background research first. I could go into more detail, but I think my story just mimics others who now have left the “dark”side and have seen the “light”…Lesson learned…I figured that once I deleted as many old comments from BLH, deleted and blocked NN and JN from my facebook, and quietly withdrew, it would be over..I became clear that these parents loves the fan and media attention more than making a better life for themselves and the kids..IMO
    One day as I was reading comments made about the newest addition to the family and his facial bruising (which I believe was really from just pushing to hard)..I ticked the “like” button and made what I thought was an innocent and reasonable comment. The VERY next day I am now on the list of “55” cyberstalkers?!!! my profile pic smiling right back at me.
    What’s my point?..I am actually glad this story went viral because those children were living in a three sided, make-shift, stick hovel and might still if not for the anonymous tip.
    Thank you Sally for having the courage to write this blog.
    Thank you BLTATM for your page.
    Keep them going..there are more people reading and watching than you can imagine…your voice is being heard.


  21. Homes and businesses are far more clearly photographed and posted on the web than the two photos taken that upset Nicole.

    No, I didn’t take them. I don’t care that someone took them. After all, it’s visible from the road and that road does NOT have a gate at either end or a toll booth or some such. It would take a coordinated effort from everyone along that stretch of road to block it the public. Including Nicole’s neighbor, the one who has a magnificent view of the two sheds from the house windows, the pool, the driveway.

    Not three miles away from me is a road that has a sign at either end that says, “End of county maintenance” and it turns into gravel. It’s still available for everyone to use and I do so as it’s a bit of a shortcut occasionally. Sometimes, it’s the only work-around if there’s been yet another big accident on the main road. No one has come out, waving their arms and shouting about it being a private road and that no one is to drive it who doesn’t reside along that stretch.

    The land company owns quite a bit of property along that road and if the land company isn’t interested in preventing the public from driving along the road whenever they wish to do so, then I don’t see why the Nauglers feel they get to dictate. In fact, I think the land company has a vested interest in people having access to that road. Land for sale, after all.


  22. This is beyond ridiculous, ffs she posted photos of inside her not so porcelain throne only proving that they are incompetent of truly building an outhouse, that they have no real clue what a composting toliet is nor how to “build” one. Did anyone notice the muscles on the oldest girls arms? Can we tell who does most of the shit bucket carrying for dumping? I am in no way talking negative about her or any of the other minor Nog’s. Just not that kid has quite the muscles. You know any and all improvements to that property as few as there are they were done by the children. They are the ones trying not NN or JN. How can a “man” sit on their big ass and watch as their young children do what they can simply to survive? I mean its obvious that the adults aren’t going to be the parents so the kids have to be survivalist on their own. My spouse is permanently disabled and it kills them to know I am the one who works and provide financially fory family but my spouse does what JN doesn’t and that’s actual care for our children, cooking, cleaning ect. Yes what my spouse can do is limited but they contribute unlike PA who sits on his ass, smoking weed and pigging out all why waiting on MA to get home so they can create child #13, #AlexMatters!


  23. To extend discussion from Prolapsed Ovaries post, a few thoughts come to mind. I don’t know who took the two photos. I didn’t know where they were posted on Facebook, until Nicole referenced. I do think I know the context and intent, to give a peek at the misleading and untruths. The conning and cunning.

    I have observed Nicole on Facebook long enough now, to recognize the routine and patterns of her calculated manipulations. I gather that her patterned routine has existed long before last May. This isn’t her first rodeo. She pa-trolls the social media universe, looking for a click bait(photo or comment) that serves her routine. Takes it to her following, plays the martyr. The victim. Builds a deflection and distraction. Proceeds to attempt gaining pity and empathy among the blind supporters. Trivialize the dark truths. Ostracize the critics. Because all suits the con, the fundme.

    I believe this routine and pattern is long, way before last May. It’s evident, for those that look for it. Scrubbing Facebook, and her Facebook image is an obsessive priority. It matters, because it evidently is her livelihood. Metaphorically and literally.

    If you take those two photos in the whole context, I don’t believe this post is stretching/reaching in commenting to Prolapsed Ovaries’ statement. I do sense her desperation, as the critics are getting closer and closer to unveiling the truths. And the lies are getting more ridiculous. The rear end car collision by a drive by photo shooter..un huh.


  24. Understandably she is upset. She is getting a little taste of her own medicine and I’m sure she doesn’t like it.
    However, she and Joe have in fact made themselves Public Figure’s and in doing so these things are going to happen.
    Especially when they make false claims that they own a public road and just a few weeks ago were threatening to TAKE ACTION AND DEFEND THEMSELVES if anyone travelled on it.
    They more or less daired someone to do, if not even desired it to happen because they are addicted to the drama of it all while the rest of us are just watching this Train wreck.

    It’s like Joe and Nicole are calling, “Toot, tooooootttt all aboard the Naugler Express.” And some idiot jumped right on board, drove down that road and click….and now all hell has broke loose again!

    The only danger these children are facing is having these people as parents. This blog is a testament to that!


  25. If the ongoing public scrutiny hasn’t changed anything for them, why have the last two fund raising efforts been underground? If cps didn’t change anything, why do they now have four walls and a more reasonable use for a lean in: a boy’s retreat, not a plywood plank for a whole family.
    The “lady” doth protest too much. Frankly, that’s all she does. No five paragraph fb entries on unschooling or homesteading. Just more frequent rants on how everyone is out to get them and, of course, exploiting cute kids.
    Thanks to the blb for continuing to be a well written, concise resource of information. I found the pictures of the shed posted on fb to be creepy, unnecessary, and pointless although not illegal. In a perfect world, people would refrain from acts that actually end up helping the nauglers. Did she ever post the promised video of the hit and run?


  26. The VERY next day I am now on the list of “55” cyberstalkers?!!!

    Same thing happened to me. I made the grave error of making a comment or two right to Joe on some page or other. He immediately came over to my FB page and started in threatening me with a lawsuit. And I was added to the Great List.

    All for daring to state that I thought the state of Kentucky did the right thing when they took those children.


  27. Especially when they make false claims that they own a public road and just a few weeks ago were threatening to TAKE ACTION AND DEFEND THEMSELVES if anyone travelled on it.

    That is not exactly correct. She has maintained over and over again that the road is privately owned. It appears to be, but the “private” part is just past their driveway. Furthermore, just because a road is privately owned and not maintained by the county, that does not mean the property owners can deny access, especially when it has been in existence for many years.

    She didn’t actually threaten anyone who drove on the road, either, unless I missed that. What she did was imply that anyone who drove down there was sort of “trespassing.”

    There’s enough hyperbole coming from Nicole and her fans without adding more over here.


  28. Did she ever post the promised video of the hit and run?

    No video. And no photo of the alleged shit compost bin either. I’m sure those are in her plans, though.


  29. I suspect the yet to be proved hit and run incident is a cooked up story because their van is on its last legs. A precursor for a “please buy us a safe new vehicle plea”. They seem to just use things and people up instead of taking care of things so they last. So, as usual, they just drove the vehicles into the ground and are looking for a new victim(s) to replace them. I doubt a hit and run even happened or she would have posted pictures and the video already.


  30. Sally,
    Take a look at the Visitor Posts made on February 21,2016 6:34pm by AL Wilson on BLTATM. He is responding to a post made by Nicole C Naugler earlier that day. Stateing the following,” We can open carry in KY but it has been suggested I get a conceal carry permit, we all have protection on us now. People talking about having lunch next door to work and traveling down MY ROAD to no where. After the stalking and vandalism at the moral, we don’t TAKE chances.”

    There has been several heated argument’s over Whitworth-Lockard Road on Unblessed Little Homesteed. Like Mr, Wilson I too took Nicole and Joe’s commentary concerning the road as being very threatening as did another’s who commented on the subject.
    But that is just my opinion, maybe other’s might not agree.


  31. Nicole just recently posted a screenshot of that so called rear end video on her page with a warning that she was moving forward because she did not live up to her end of the so called deal lol. Stated they wanted to be left alone and that wasn’t happening so she was moving ahead, however if she wanted to settle it to message her privately. So what was the deal that this person had to get us all to no longer comment on the trainwreck of her life and family? Like this person has any control over what any of us do? To the person in that accident, just reach out to any of us. We can start a gofundme to raise legal fees for ya lol. Like Nicole stated in her eviction thread the other day…….it was all about who could afford the better lawyer and unfortunately it was not her. Well we could make it a twofer lmao.


  32. Take a look at the Visitor Posts made on February 21,2016

    I saw it. She makes oblique statements like this all the time. They’re pretty meaningless. That’s not the same as “If you drive down my private road without my express permission, I will shoot you.”


  33. The accident = rear ended by a woman happened months ago.

    She did not post the video like she was saying she would. Instead she posted a screen shot of the video.

    Funny thing is the leaves on the ground are bright colors like they are in the fall months not in February, or January or December or even late November. So she is spinning things again. She really should take up the craft of spinning yarn as she is so good at spinning things.

    Now remember back to the baby shower that Pace started to help raise money for insulation and to help with income while she was out of work a few days after having the baby. That says they were having money problems back then… fall time when the leaves are bright colors. So keep this in mind.

    Along comes some lady that probably does not have a clue who they are and accidentally rear ends them. She rear ended them so she is at fault. But out of the goodness of her sweet little heart Nicole made a deal with her. Okay when has Nicole done anything out of the goodness of her heart unless it is going to benefit her? Think and think really hard. I will give the first one to provide actual proof of it a nickle.

    Well the lady knows she was in the wrong and accepts the deal. Probably thinking that would be the end of it. The woman could not have known the Nauglers or she would have never taken a deal from them. Nicole is claiming that it is a troll that rear ended them. Well Miss Nicole all of us trolls know you too well to know you would not offer up a deal unless it was to benefit you. Nor would any of us trust your deals just for the reason you are doing now – months later bringing it up and saying you are going to press charges. Trolls are not stupid.

    Why was a deal made? Well money was tight back when the baby was born in the fall. It is not unusual for Nauglers to drive a vehicle with out insurance on it – right? We know Mr Homestead Husband has been nabbed for that before. What is one of the first things people who live hand to mouth let go on the budget? They can not cut the food budget as that is bare bones high carbs already and they have to provide the kids with food or CPS will step in. They did not pay their auto insurance bill. They did not have insurance on their vehicle thus they made the deal. It is well known that they will do anything they can to circumvent having police involved. Sure did not want them there and find out they do not have insurance cause both of them are on probation and have to behave or they will suffer stiffer penalties. So they made all sweet with the lady and cut a deal letting her think that they were being nice when in fact they were only saving their own asses.

    Now money is tight again since they had to move the shop and invest money in that. So how can they make some money? They are going to try to scam that poor woman by accusing her of being a troll. They will try to get money from this poor woman and she probably does not have a clue as to what a troll is. If it were not so serious for that woman this would be laughable.

    I hope that some one might know that woman and tell her to get a lawyer and fast as the Nauglers are storming her way. She needs to have the lawyer check to see if they had auto insurance that was enforce when the accident took place.

    Nicole you are really out of your gourd this time. Stop trying to scam and put Mr Homestead Husband’s fat ass to work.

    So Mrs Naugler was caught in another lie, fib or white lie as she was trying to make people believe this accident just happened when that is not the case. That is why she did not post the video like she said she would. Some even question if the accident really happened as there is no video to prove it. Could what she claims to be a screen shot of the car from a video even be real? Or could it be a picture she had on file from some hunter that parked their car to go hunting? Only Mrs Naugler knows the real truth but that will never be told.


  34. Nicole has outted herself by asking for the woman to come forward.

    I was taught when you have an accident if you are reporting it or not you trade information such as name, address, phone number, license plate number, driver license number and insurance company.

    Apparently they did not exchange information or Nicole would have that information to carry forward, report to the police (but that might be iffy since so much time has passed) she would not have to make threats or beg the woman on FB to contact her. If this really did happen and she knows her rights then she would have all the information on hand.

    This is another SCAM


  35. I hope that some one might know that woman and tell her to get a lawyer and fast as the Nauglers are storming her way.

    Assuming your scenario is right, the woman doesn’t need a lawyer. She just needs to tell Nicole to go fuck herself. You can’t hold something like that over somebody’s head for months on end.

    Question: what video? How would one go about taking video of being rear-ended? And if it’s simply video of the car showing the damage, well, that means nothing. No police report = didn’t happen.


  36. report to the police (but that might be iffy since so much time has passed)

    It’s hilarious. Nicole and Joe Naugler would never have dealing with the police voluntarily, ever. And you can’t revisit an automobile accident months after the fact and say, “Oh, gee. I want more money.”


  37. N & J have lost some of their most loyal long-time supporters. What a shame their children only know anger and have real trust issues. I would beg that if they decide to continue on facebook that they stop reading and responding for the sake of their children.


  38. They may be hoping that the other party in the accident is a nice person–compassionate, or raised to take the blame for everything, or both.

    People without shame love to find people without boundaries.


  39. How do you post video of your car being rear-ended? Do they have two cameras going while they’re driving? Doesn’t that violate the privacy of other drivers? After all, they’re recording people, their license plates, etc.

    Don’t misunderstand, there is a time and a place to record crazy drivers. The pack of motorcyclists and ATV riders who took over part of the beltway and caused a HUGE problem, for example. By the time the state highway patrol was alerted and able to get through the log jam they were all gone. There was a recording taken though and it was alarming. Driving the wrong direction on 495 and at high speeds too. I hope they had all agreed to become organ donors because with the risks they were taking it’s only a matter of time.

    Yeah, it’s pretty funny to see the photo taken in the autumn and realize that Nicole is making it sound as though the accident happened recently. It’s far too late to report the accident to the police and it’s quite a stretch to suddenly turn around and accuse the other driver of harassment or stalking or something equally silly when presumably the other driver hasn’t done it since the encounter (months ago). Also, if there was no exchange of insurance information good luck getting the other driver to pay for your damages if she opted to fail to pay. Accident months ago, not reported to insurance companies and now you’re relying upon a verbal contract to enforce payment = the biter bitten. If the woman driving the car were one of the “haters” or “trolls” or whatever, Nicole would be screaming about how she had to pay to get her van’s bumper fixed. Nicole never got the bumper fixed, she got a few estimates, chose the most expensive one, sent it to the woman and cashed the check immediately. Why fix the bumper of a van when it’s not necessary in order to drive it? Particularly when there have been complaints about that van for quite some time now.


  40. I was a bit tired when I wrote this morning. In the last paragraph I should have indicated that I think Nicole (and Joe) never chose to get their vehicle fixed and that it wouldn’t surprise me if they got several estimates, chose the highest one to send to the other driver and received a check in return.

    I have NO idea what Nicole, Joe and the driver chose to do. That is my inference based upon their past actions.


  41. J+N suffer from a terrible lack of critical thinking. Their ‘critical thinking’ is apparently it’s all ok for them, but others? Nope, they just threaten to sue and set their supporters on them. I was going to say set their dogs on them, but that reminded me of their Friday night bashing of others and accusing others of eating puppies. ( amazing how real critical thinking works, one thing leads to another, eh?)


  42. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander. Or good for the goat.

    So…..someone “driving by” on a public access road, who happened to photograph the Naugler shed, IS “stalking” the Nauglers. But Nicole ISN’T stalking a person’s property, wanting to take a photo of their home. Even when the owner said Nicole didn’t have permission to do so. That makes Nauglersense.

    “Permission”. The operative word. Nicole has a problem with it. Asking for permission means you are not “free”. Well praise America! We are all free to take photos of the Nauglers’ shed by the road, as long as we are not trespassing on it. Even use a long lens and zoom in. We do not need permission. We’re voluntaryists. Freedom, baby!


  43. The tabloids “get away” with photos because the fine and legal fees are less than they make on the photo so it still works out to a profit. Just because someone else does it doesn’t mean it’s ok.


  44. It appears as though the Blessed Little Shed is closer to the road than the attractive little building Nicole photographed and posted. If your home is close to the road, then it may be photographed while someone is driving along(see Google Earth). I see Nicole qualified her statement too.

    “I almost never take pics of other people unless its ok.”

    Almost never is not the same as never.

    Nicole legally took a photograph and posted it, over the homeowner’s objections. Well, the same thing happened to her. She may find it objectionable but so did the woman who was upset by what Nicole did and she even admitted to the following, “I thought about taking a picture of her but decided against it.”

    No people or animals in the photos of the sheds.


  45. Nicole’s recounting of the interaction with woman whose little structure she was photographing is so revealing of Nicole’s way of dealing with the world.

    When the woman asks what she is doing, it’s a crux moment in the interaction. Nicole could have turned the entire conversation around with some friendly comments and an inquiry about the history of the little structure she was photographing, asking if it was OK to take pictures and (gasp!) apologizing for appearing intrusive.

    Instead, Nicole is confrontational. Because that’s what she does.


  46. “I do what I want.”

    Nicole has spoken about the update. It was okay for her to take photographs against the express wishes of the homeowner because her intent was not to harass, she was not anonymous and she did not identify the homeowner. Aside from the fact that the person who did the drive by shooting of the garden shed on the road did not identify any person either.

    May I point out that to the homeowner Nicole chose to defy, Nicole was just an anonymous argumentative stranger violating this poor woman’s privacy. This woman had no idea of Nicole’s intent, and I have little doubt the woman felt Nicole was harassing her. She kindly asked Nicole not to take photographs of her home, and Nicole told her it wasn’t illegal and she could do as she pleased. Nicole then publicly published photographs of this woman’s home along with a snarky little blurb about Nicole’s right to do regardless of the woman’s objections.

    To add insult to injury Nicole also states she almost took the woman’s photograph too, because if paparazzi can do it, so can Nicole.

    As a side note, Nicole is wrong about the law as regards photographing the woman who was on her own property against her will, and then publicly publishing such a photograph, but then again, what else is new.


  47. @Howl: This! You can get a lot farther with “Your thing is cool, let’s talk about your thing” than you can with “I have the right to do stuff cuz I said so that’s why.”

    You just can’t martyrbate about it.


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