Drawing Lines

From Bizarro Land, we have this.

Wa Po headline from the Washington Post

Here’s the synopsis.

Nathan Larson is a young man who, as young men often do, has embraced libertarianism in an extreme form. He calls himself an “anarcho-capitalist.” It’s sort of like being a “voluntaryist.”

He appears to have had a checkered childhood and young adulthood, culminating in a weird idea that he would threaten to kill the US president, go to prison, do a hunger strike and die so that everyone would know the government is evil.  Or something.

He got his wish only he just didn’t quite make it with the hunger thing and didn’t die, but served some time (not many years, as one source has it,  but 16 months).

And now he’s trying to run for office.  He looks terribly normal and nicely clean-cut, doesn’t he?

Nathan Larson

But it gets way weirder than that.

Nathan Larson is married, to his second wife.  She’s Filipino, and assumed to be properly subservient, because Nathan believes that women are inferior to men, should not have voting rights,  should remain poorly educated because hell, all they are good for is sex and babies and keeping house and what do you need with an education to do any of that.  For the record, reading Nathan’s statements about his ideas is scary.  On that link, scroll down to “Issues” and follow the links.  But don’t do it while eating.

It’s his first wife, though,  who makes this story even more bizarre than you can imagine.

She married him. She was also very troubled.  She said that he raped her during the marriage (and yes, rape in marriage is absolutely possible and happens pretty often) and impregnated her against her will, or at least she thought he did, but wasn’t sure because of multiple sexual partners.  They appear to have separated during the pregnancy (which he didn’t know about) and she was admitted to a mental hospital.  Due to her very severe mental health issues, the child, a little girl,  was taken at birth and placed with her parents.

Four months later, this very troubled person committed suicide. This remains the real tragedy of this story.

To properly understand all this (as far as it’s possible to understand this bat-shit crazy story), you have to understand that the mother was transgendered.  Just because a person is trans does not mean they are “out.”  If he was trans, then he was always trans.  You don’t just wake up one morning and find you’ve become transgendered. And trans people in our society are treated horribly, and that’s putting it mildly.

So imagine the situation.  A transgendered man marries a straight (well, sort of straight – we’ll get to that) man.  The straight guy rapes the trans guy producing an undesired pregnancy, or maybe somebody else did.  Who knows? The trans guy has to carry this pregnancy, that he did not want, to term.  The child is given to his parents who are apparently religiously very conservative and hell, no, do not accept the trans thing at all.

I suspect I’d have been in a mental hospital too if I’d had to deal with all that.  I might also have checked into the mental hospital had I been one of the parents.

But of course there is more. You knew there was more.

The supposed straight guy isn’t totally straight.  He’s sort of a wanna-be pedophile. He’s written about it.  He’s said that if he had access to a child, he’d engage in sexual activity with her, and that includes his daughter.

So he sought custody.

This went over really well with the Child Protective Services folks and the court system, as you can imagine.

Thankfully, everyone said, “Gee, this is absolutely beyond nuts,” and told him to fuck off.

So he went home to Virginia where the governor and the legislature opened up the law regarding felons to allow them to run for office.

Are you totally weirded out yet?

beat wife
click image to link to source

Obviously, he’s never going to be elected to anything.  Nobody who supports the idea that men have a right to beat their wives could possibly be elected in the United States to anything.  Right?

I mean, it’s okay to do that in Russia.

And about 25% of the American electorate lost their fucking minds and elected a man to the presidency who very likely got into office by colluding with the Russian government, but that’s got nothing to do with this, since Russia also hates the gays. The same guy thinks it’s perfectly okay to “grab” women “by the pussy.”

But it’s all okay.


Sometimes I just want to quit reading the news altogether and go visit with Frances. She thinks  humans are just plain crazy.



23 thoughts on “Drawing Lines”

  1. Francis is right.

    Has she given you beautiful yellow butter yet? All I can think about is making mountains of baked goods for our police and fire folks with beautiful yellow butter. I’m sure they won’t complain too much that they’re eating store bought butter, they’re just excited to see us coming up the walk way.

    I really do appreciate our people in uniform. They do so much to keep the scum at bay, but scum is slick and weasels it’s way back into trouble often…


  2. Has she given you beautiful yellow butter yet?

    I have about 30 pounds of Frances butter in the freezer pretty much all the time. In addition, I render it, which creates ghee. I probably should blog about ghee. Very few people even know what it is.


  3. I am a founding member of the Francis For President Fan Club.
    When will we be able to buy I HEART Francis tee shirts?!
    Keep on keeping Sally grounded Francis.
    We want her to keep on blogging!


  4. Normally, I try to be articulate but all I can come up with is Ewewewewew. What a repugnant human being.


  5. I would guess that the majority of the world knows what ghee is. Maybe not the majority of the Western Hemisphere.


  6. Yeah. Not exactly sure why Governor Mcauliffe restored his voting rights making it possible for him to run.


  7. Francis has the most trusting eyes. Please post about ghee. When I teach my younger grandchildren a little about chemistry, I put heavy cream in a quart jar with a tight lid and let the kids shake it up. In a short while they watch the cream change from cream to whipped cream to butter. We also do other chemistry teaching activities. But the state of our nation in which a pedophile, misogynists, sexual predator and more are elected into office amazes me. In AR, we had a state representative, Justin Harris, who ran a federally funded daycare and who had demons prayed out of the bad children elected into the state representative office. He wanted to adop three little girls to compliment his established family of three little boys. But the older girl was too much so he gave her back to the state before the adoption but kept the other two. One was like five and the other maybe six. Both very small little girls compared to his obese pubescent and adolescent boys. The six year old the Harris family feared so the kept her locked in her room under video surveillance with constant religious music pipped into her room. All verified by the babysitter who said sometimes when the family left she took the girl outside. Then the boys became terrified of the two little girls and began sleeping in their parents rooms and the parents so afraid the locked their door. After a few months they rehomed the girls to a man who had worked in their daycare center and who they had also fired from their daycare center. The man’s wife went out of town and the man raped one of the girls over and over. The child told someone and the children were removed and placed in a foster home where they thrived. When the news began reporting the story people begged the governor to fire Justin but Justin called out to god and cried on tv and told how awful these girls were and the evil foster care folks who gave no help after the adoption. Yeah. Look him up. Justin Harris Arkansas representative.


  8. I’m repulsed by that person but thrilled with ghee. I am happy to buy it at Costco since I don’t have a Francis.


  9. Love ghee…so much healthier to cook with than oil and doesn’t have a taste (well maybe a tiny hint of butter, which is delicious). Looking forward to that blog entry.


  10. Not exactly sure why Governor Mcauliffe restored his voting rights making it possible for him to run.

    The governor did not specifically single him out. The idea was that a felony, once the sentence was served, should not stop a person from resuming his legal rights.


  11. I would guess that the majority of the world knows what ghee is. Maybe not the majority of the Western Hemisphere.

    And that may well be. I certainly had no idea what it was until we got a cow and I had lots of cream and lots of butter and started looking for things to do with it.


  12. Ghee is just clarified butter. Anyone who likes lobster has probably had it.

    Nathan Larsen is sick, which means he’ll fit right in in Washington.


  13. Ghee is well known in the UK but then we have a fairly large population of Indian descent. Also the Brits have a love of takeaways. Every single town has an Indian restaurant, a Chinese restaurant and a fish ‘n chip shop. It is the British way 🙂


  14. I have no idea what ghee is. I’ve never heard of it before, so I’m going to have to look it up!!!


  15. OK, I’ll say it…..


    I’d read the Post Article about Nathan Larson, and it was unsettling enough, but I had to go and read some of the links in this post….

    I actually don’t have a word for his views. While it would be entirely fitting to let loose a stream of expletives or even just a primal scream, truly the best articulation of my reaction is this ; a link which has the added benefit of being totally safe for work in content, volume, and length!

    Sally, I can relate to your response to these news stories. The sight of Frances after a tale like that one is strangely restorative. Your photos make a persuasive argument for the possibility of cows becoming the next #cuteanimals viral Internet sensation. ?

    Is the long-lashed cutie in your banner photo one of your cows as well? I adore that image.


  16. Is the long-lashed cutie in your banner photo one of your cows as well?

    Yes, that’s one of our boys. Currently, we have ten of them.


  17. It has been years since the name Nathan Larson has come up. His views are both frighting and deranged. Larson calls himself a anarcho-capitalist. Nah, I would have to disagree and call that being an aggressive demented lunatic.

    My grandmother used to make ghee and used it when she made loaves of bread. Is that what you use your ghee for?


  18. Glad to see you are back blogging here.

    This guy. Not surprised he is a follower of Roosh.


  19. Of course this guy is a whack job! He’s from Boulder, Colorado. Boulder is well known to be 25 square miles surrounded by reality! Last time we were in Boulder to get a camera repaired my husband got into a conversation/ debate with a 22 year old member of the Communist Party dressed in an orange poncho with dreadlocks and a sombrero. That was an eye opener!

    Boulder was also home to Ward Churchill who was a professor of ethnic studies at University of Colorado/Boulder. He got his fame getting fired for academic misconduct after writing an essay saying that 911 was justified because we are “little Eichmanns.” That wasn’t what got him fired, but it brought attention to some of his other writings that showed research misconduct. He sued all the way up to the Supreme Court to get his job back and lost each time. The Supreme Court refused to hear his case. He also claimed he was an Indian from a few different tribes which helped land him the job in ethnic studies at the college only to find out he lied. Lol! It caused quite a stink. It was like a soap opera waiting to see what Ward Churchill said next. Each time he opened his mouth he’d incriminate himself further and bring on more public scorn. Anyways, Boulder attracts nuts like Larson. I’m sure he fit right in.


  20. Bumpkin – he grew up in Virginia. Went to George Mason University. No idea why he went to Boulder, CO for a time but apparently it was to woo or harass his wife. She filed an assault charge against him in Virginia. He’s back. I guess once he was done being crazy in Colorado (I include his trying to get custody of his daughter as crazy) he returned home to the warm embrace of his parents.

    I hope his current wife and any children they may have get away from him unscathed.


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