Dr. Berg

This is Dr. Jim Berg (and I assume his wife) at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary yesterday where he received an earned doctorate.

He is in his mid-sixties, so he’s close to my age.

He is, quite frankly, not exactly one of my most admired people.  A long-time faculty member at Bob Jones University, I never knew him.  That’s because I’m slightly older than he is, so when I was there, he was in elementary school.  However, I’ve read enough about him to know that he and I would lock horns philosophically probably on every subject in the known universe.

Nor am I a fan of the school where he chose to do his doctoral work.  It’s Southern Baptist, and I’m not sure if Berg going there is indicative of BJU moving closer to the SBC, or the SBC moving closer to fundamentalism. But I do think he probably had to actually earn the degree. I don’t think they are doing the Liberty University “breathe, pay tuition, and we’ll give you a degree” thing.

I think his chosen field is sort of mushy as well.  Doctor of Ministry in Counseling, or some such thing.

But Jim Berg has never done a single thing to me or to anyone I care about.  He’s a religious fundamentalist.  In his mid-sixties, he put out the effort to earn a doctorate from a Southern Baptist seminary.

Good for him.

As I’ve said before (in one of those pieces I linked to above), we’re not going to rid the world of fundamentalist religion.  I’m pretty sure it’s not possible to do it, and I’m not even positive that it’s totally desirable.  I opted out, thank you very much, and I find much to be dismayed about regarding religion, but I get a perverse pleasure out of seeing Berg stick it in the eye of people like Cathy Harris and Camille Lewis. They have trashed him for a long, long time.

Camille has been oh, so proud of her earned doctorate for years. The one she has done almost nothing with.  It’s also in a mushy field (rhetoric).

Cathy couldn’t even make it through college, period.

Remember, you two, it’s Doctor Berg from now on.  Smile when you say it.




3 thoughts on “Dr. Berg”

  1. I have stayed out out the Cathy Harris thing intentionally because the Nag takes up enough of my time, but as a 40 year old student this encouraged my heart. To earn a doctorate is your 60s is amazing, and gives me hope.


  2. I think it’s great that DR. Berg has earned his degree, especially after the Queen and her court made such a big deal about his not having an earned degree like the Queen does. You make an excellent point that some people with earned degrees are not using them. Ahem! If you can’t hold down a job, that degree isn’t doing you much good, Camille.

    I applaud DR. Berg’s tenacity as he pursued it till he had it. Good for him!


  3. It’s interesting that the Queen hasn’t published anything about DR. Berg’s degree. After all, it happened over 24 hours ago! I guess she’s too busy digging up irrelevant newspaper clippings about dead people, or creating more fake Facebook profiles. Or is it that she cannot stand to publish anything positive about her nemesis? The silence is deafening….


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