Don’t Bother Reading

The economy is to blame.  She links to an article that proves it. Right?

So they began to “make changes.”

By “make changes,” she means that they went out and signed a rent-to-own contract on some shit land, and camped on it.  They’ve been basically camping there ever since, beginning with a shed, losing that shed because they couldn’t pay for it, throwing together the Shitstead, which led directly to the kids being taken and their story going national, and then another shed which they managed to tear up to the point that it needed to be redone in the space of two years and getting another one.

Those are the “changes.”

Joe still sits on his ass and does nothing.  They’ve made zero improvements to that property and instead have dumped human shit on it and been cited by the health department for doing so. They still don’t do anything to educate those kids. And Nicole blew through every employer around and finally went out on her own (with a little help from a very dubious source online).  She remains their sole source of income (unless Joe is doing something we don’t know about to supplement it).

What hasn’t changed is her obsession with social media and insistence on staying online for many hours daily.

I have no idea where these folks would be now if it hadn’t been for the big GoFundMe, but I guess we’ll see, since there doesn’t appear to be any repeat of that in their future.

But what’s important to me here is the article that she linked to.

She didn’t read it.

Nobody read it.

You know how I know that?

That’s what you get when you click on the link.

It’s a four-year-old article, and all you can read are the opening two sentences, which are talking about the crash of 2008.  Nicole says that the economy “isn’t much better now” but actually it is markedly better. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, by any means. But it’s certainly better.

The only way, though, we could know what the article actually says is to be  a Bloomberg Professional Service Subscriber.

I’m not.

I bet nobody who has seen that post is, and that includes Nicole.

Nicole didn’t read it. She just liked the headline.

Nicole is not unusual. There are lots of people who do what she did, and it’s horrid.  It’s lazy.  It’s intellectually dishonest.  It means that she isn’t interested in learning anything.  She’s just looking for headlines that seem to validate the opinions she already has.

For actual facts, look here.  While it is true that economic reports are generally (always?) politically motivated at their core, and whoever is in power at the time says it’s all great and whoever isn’t says it’s all shitty, there really isn’t any way to compare the situation economically right now, even with that baboon in the White House, with the meltdown of 2008.

Yes, lots of folks are still struggling.  But when you have one adult who sits on his ass doing nothing, and you insist on adding several more babies to the equation even though you can’t afford to house the ones you already have, well, it’s really disingenuous to blame the economy.



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  1. Her post under it:
    Nicole C. Naugler
    A few years ago just before we made the leap to the homestead here Joe and I were discussing that.

    In the late 90’s The pet salon I worked for was charging $35 to groom a small dog and he was making $10 hour plus incentives working at a warehouse.

    20 years later warehouses pay $10-12hr and I charge $40 for a small dog haircut.

    We have little control over the economy but we have quite a bit of control of our dependency on it.
    Its a slow process but when its time we will be ready.

    She is a dumb ass. In twenty years they haven’t improved their skills?? That’s on them and not the economy. Yes Nicole you do have a say on the economy. Your & hub do. You and only you contribute to your economy (notice I didn’t include hub joe as he isn’t even on the radar for Work and therefore contributes nothing to YOUR economy).

    I would like her explaination how she thinks she they will be ready. Ready for what???? Just how will she be ready for old age at the rate she is going??? Going to depend on her kids to wipe her ass if she makes it to old age? How is she going to pay for insulin that joe will most likely need or her thyroid pills that she looks like she needs now?? Just how are you going to be ready for anything? The collapse of the dollar?? LOL! Yes, she is ready. She is homeless. She posts a lot of pretty pictures of the Black Hills. I think she would love to live there. There is no way in hell they could survive a winter there living like they do in Kentucky.

    Just what the hell are you going to be ready for Nicole? Educate me. Do you have the means to bug out? Do you have reliable transportation to make it to a safer area if something should happen where you are currently living? Do you have gold, silver or jewels set aside? Do you have anything at all you could barter with??? Do you really think if something bad happens, like the collapse of the dollar, that people would be bothering to barter with you to groom their dog (which is a fairly new industry as groomers back in the sixties weren’t all that common and used mainly for show dogs and high end breeds?) and pay you in what? Canned food?? Weed?? Water???

    Just how will you survive without social media, pay pal, gofundme and the rest when the EMP attack happens? Just how the hell living homeless makes you ready for anything? Do you have a source of water? Clean water? Water not from your business? Cuz when the emp happens you won’t have access to your shop.

    Just how ready are you for tomorrow, the day after, the next week, month, year? Heck, how have you prepared for anything?? Do you have money stuffed under mattresses, buried? Do you have fuel to run your very loud generator? Do you have tires for your van? Do you even have good windshield wipers? How prepared are your kids to survive? Do they have the skill set to get a good paying job? The skill to stick to and follow through on projects? Do they take direction well or do they balk about everything? Are they headed down the same path as Joe? Does that not even scare you????

    Just what the heck are you ready for???
    Maybe part of the problem is that you and Joe don’t have the brains to look ahead and plan ahead. You might start working on improving your own economy. And that just might involve Joe getting a job.


  2. It’s more than laziness. I think she actually goes to the trouble to search out some headline she can use to bolster whatever stupid ass thing she feels like posting about. Like why they fail so much, how they need those donations or why Joe won’t support his family even in their darkest days when Nicole cannot, imho. The laziness comes I suspect when she grabs that headline she googled and doesn’t do anything but link it. No clicking on it to even skim the article, zip, zero, nada, imho.

    To me Joe and Nicole are the epitome of the cult of willful ignorance trying to masquerade as know-it-alls.


  3. When you leave the workforce, as Joe did, for years on end, and then come back when you’re in your forties, you’re pretty much screwed.

    And dog grooming is very much dependent on how much extra money people perceive themselves as having. When they see things need to be tightened up, the first thing that goes is having the dog groomed.


  4. I am not to the point that I cant read a whole article, But it seems to me that most people just skim a headline and (make up) the rest that fits there agenda ,and I bet that most of her readers just see that headline and just agree with her. Yes its true that many cannot afford the rent being charged but where I live you can still get very decent appts for 4 to 6 hundred a month. But if its easier to live on a shit piece of land , ignore and not educate your kids, Ignore all the help that is out there. Have your husband lay around all day getting high, NN just do it


  5. Is it the area or what with regard to grooming prices? My groomer charges $45 for my short haired pointer, mainly shampoo and trim nails because she is a wild child when it comes to nails. For my terrier/schnauzer she charges $55, and for my moms Maltese (who is blind), it’s $65. It’s a single groomer shop, though during the summer she has a dog washer. I imagine rents are higher here, but it’s a very small strip mall in a residential neighborhood.


  6. Sally, you are right on about the dogs not getting groomed when money is tight. Seriously, when I was growing up in the 50 & 60’s yo didn’t see grooming business all over nor did you see nail salons everywhere. When the economy tanks (and it does from time to time and always bounces back) people aren’t rushing to get their dogs groomed. I’ve had so many dogs and honestly I can’t recall ever taking them to get groomed. They were bathed at home and nails clipped at the vet. Just how ready does Nicole think she is and what the hell is she ready for??? I just don’t get it.


  7. My husband is in the service industry, it’s a specialized service but it’s a luxury service. Years ago when the economy tanked we were actually okay. We had been saving to move out of a rental and into our own home. When the housing bubble burst we took advantage of it and bought our home. And then when interest rates dropped again we refinanced to a 15 year loan. Our first goal is to get the house paid off. But in addition to buying when it was a buyers market my husband also made a significant business decision. He realized that while private customers pay more for his service their numbers were dwindling. So he switched over to mostly institutional jobs, such as churches and schools. Unfortunately it means he has to work longer for the same pay but there is a sense of with contracts. This is what you do when you worry about the economy, you try and see what the trends are. You work with professionals to see what the outlook is.

    One thing you don’t do when you are struggling financially is continue to have kid after kid that you can’t afford. Another thing you don’t do when you are dead ass broke is have one parent sit on their ass smoking weed all day.


  8. Is it the area or what with regard to grooming prices?

    I’m not sure. Without doubt, everything costs less in Kentucky than anywhere else we’ve ever lived. When you pay less in taxes, less for houses, less for services, then it stands to reason that if you work in a service industry, you’re going to make less.


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