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These folks sponsor a ranch for boys and girls in Kentucky. I have been looking around for a while now for a charity to sponsor here on this blog. Not just any charity would do.  It had to meet several serious criteria.

First, it had to be local to Kentucky.

Second, it had to involve either the military or law enforcement.

Third, it needed to address the needs of children.

And last, it had to be a charity I felt didn’t eat up all the donations in administrative fees and that actually does something positive and constructive.

I got a flyer about two months ago from our local county sheriff telling me about the Kentucky Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch. It’s a camp for needy children. It’s intended to help these kids now, while they are young, so that these sheriffs do not meet them in court later on when they are older.

I like that idea a whole lot. I bet you do too.

FB page

Here’s their Facebook page. Have a look at the photos. Go visit their web site.

Consider helping.  Donate button is to your right if you’re on a regular computer, and just keep scrolling down if you’re on a phone. Kentucky’s children thank you.

Please note:  The email address used for this is the one for the Romancing Victims website.  I know that already.  It was available and not being used for anything else and I needed an email address that would keep this Paypal account completely separate from my others (Nathan’s music site has two of them). If you use a credit card, I think that’s what it will say when you get the bill.


8 thoughts on “Donate”

  1. I just donated the cost of a basic grooming. Thank you for finding this and bringing it to my attention. I hope that all the kids who participate have a wonderful time.


  2. Thank you for this Sally! I’m donating no to them now through PayPal!

    FYI- Even if you don’t have a paypal account, you can still donate!


  3. Donation made! What a wonderful opportunity for the kids, this is great choice for charity. On the Facebook page there are many smiling faces of kids, some have received new bikes. I will be donating again in the future.
    Thanks Sally!


  4. Perfect charity to support here. There’s always a chance the Naugler children could take advantage of it.


  5. Donated! Not as much as I would like, but got some medical expenses piling up.
    Thanks for writing about this, sally. You rock!


  6. My family and I have been donating to this organization for many years. It is top notch and one of the best formed charities in the state. Every penny is spent on the kids so don’t be afraid to donate to this one folks !!!


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