Doggone It

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There was a little conversation over at the BLH Facebook page about coyotes. It seems they are coming closer to the Blessed Shithole and might threaten the “flock,” which I assume means the hen and whatever chicks may have survived thus far.  So what to do?

We have donkeys. But then, we have fences. And we’ve never had a problem with coyotes and chickens, but I suppose anything’s possible.

So, the conversation went along with people chiming in their two cents worth, and then Joe had to insert his little rant about dogs.

He’s so upset, poor thing. Two dogs killed.  How sad.  One dog was hit by a car on that dirt road, he says, and the vet told them that the car was going very fast. I’m gobsmacked.  Really?

First off, this incident happened when the Nauglers had fled the Shitshack to live in relative luxury on GFM money at the local motel while the kids were being babysat by the state. They were not living on the property. That’s one reason those dogs were killed. They were abandoned there.

Perhaps Joe and/or Nicole drove out to the property one day (about 25 minutes one way from the motel) to check on things and got there at just the point in time when the dog had been hit, was lying there mortally wounded but not dead, and the car was nowhere in sight. And he/she/they promptly put the dog in the car and drove madly to the nearest vet who explained that dog was irreparably wounded but that he’d been hit by a vehicle going 75 mph.  He could tell, you see, because the dog was all smashed up.

And perhaps, using Occam’s Razor, this is complete bullshit.

Joe and Nicole have never, to my knowledge, taken a child to the doctor, much less a dog to the vet.  But let’s say that they were flush with Go Fund Me money and felt generous and did just that.

A vet cannot tell you how fast the car was going when it hit the damn dog. If he tried to do that, he was lying.

Cars weigh a whole lot. The average weight is about 4000 pounds. Your fifty pound dog is not anything compared to the car.   A 4000 pound car could hit a fifty pound dog while moving at 15 mph and squash him flatter than a pancake.

This story is bogus from start to finish.

As I believe I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been along the road beside the Blessed Shithole. And the Naugler dogs chase cars.  It’s simply a fact. They chased our truck.  In fact, they ran out and more or less attempted to eat our truck.  We slowed down, moved around them and kept going, taking care to avoid hitting them.

If I had to drive that road all the time, that would get old quick and I probably would cease being quite so careful. So when you tell me that a Naugler dog got hit by a car, I am not even slightly surprised.

The other dog, Angel, was shot when she wandered way far from home in search of food and got aggressive with someone’s dogs, someone who did not know where she came from or anything about her, but didn’t want his dogs or the small children present hurt. They lived there. She didn’t.

None of this was about people not liking the Nauglers. It was about dogs being nuisances.  Don’t keep your dogs up, don’t train them, let them aggravate folks, get aggressive with other people’s pets and run cars, and you are gonna have some dead dogs. That’s the way it is.

But then we go back to the discussion about coyotes. Well, we go back to it after Joe tosses in a few barbs at Al, who has nothing to do with any of this.

And Joe says that they are “just gonna use their .308s and do some night hunting.”



More than one high-powered rifle, hunting at night.


A shotgun. That is the only sort of gun that is legal to hunt coyotes at night. A shotgun, and one containing “shells which contain more than one projectile.”

I admit knowing almost nothing about guns. I had to ask around about this. I wanted to know why this law is in place. The answer is that it’s safer. Vision is limited at night (duh) and a single projectile (bullet) will penetrate a target and sometimes exit and hit whatever is behind the target. And at night, you often can’t see what is behind.  What’s behind might be your neighbor, or even your own children.

Shotgun shells with multiple projectiles fire a shorter distance and once they hit their target, they stop.

Furthermore, a .308 is a high-powered rifle which is really overkill for hunting coyotes.

So is this statement really about coyotes?  Or is Joe inferring something else?  I don’t know.


And there’s that pesky, inconvenient statist stuff. You gotta have a license.

No lights until February.

You know, if you intend to break the law, it’s probably not a really good idea to announce it on Facebook.  It’s like putting up photos of your sewage disposal system (white buckets) and then getting upset when the Health Department finds them.



I’ll bite, Nicole.

Your “sweet family pet” was not with a family, acting like a pet, or being sweet at the time she was killed. Nobody was hunting her, not even you. She was hungry, apparently, or maybe she was just mean.  Whatever the reason, your dog, that you abandoned, wandered a long way from home and attacked a homeowner’s family pets.

She not only threatened the family dogs, she also threatened their children.

So the homeowner shot and killed her on the spot. It’s his right to do that.

But you already knew this, didn’t you?




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  1. Oh, brilliant. I love it. That entire post was the equivalent of several game laws being broken at once.

    Poachers are a very low form of scum. The only thing lower, in my opinion, are murderers and paedophiles.
    Poaching is not only killing and animal illegally, it’s also theft.
    .308 are huge overkill for a coyote. Most use a .223, maybe a .243.



  2. “Hoot”?

    Now THAT’s funny shit.

    Yes Joe, one of your neighbors shot the dog. Not Ron, not me. One of your other neighbors. Hard to believe as much as everyone in the community loves you isn’t it?

    That said, you give me far too much credit. Your issues with your neighbors started long before I took the steer in to be packaged. But hey slim, if you’d like to assume that I’m the reason your strange little third world microcosm/refugee camp is difficult — if you’d like to believe that you didn’t have any issues until I came along. Go for it. You’re good at deluding yourselves.

    Sorta like you do by trying to convince yourself that crossing a Pyr on a Boxer makes for good “working dogs”.

    Sidenote, FWIW, blocking ISP’s isn’t a very good way to keep people from reading your wife’s pathetic attempt to spin ( Nice try. No doobie for you.

    Remarkably, we actually have something in common. My favorite round is the .308.

    Sally, a .308 is only overkill if you want to keep the pelt. I prefer it to the 22.250, .243, .270 and even my 6mm. You can drive tacks with a good .308. I’d use it at night to hunt coyotes if it were legal. There are other ways to kill coyotes at night though. 😉


  3. I’m concerned they’re not really looking for coyotes. I’m worried this is related to the post on another page about Joe drinking and yelling at night, and that it can be heard from the road.


  4. Oh Dear. Drinking and posting, never a good idea. On the up side, its nice to hear from the profit now and then.
    Whenever I see a post from them I see that picture in my minds eye…you know the one where they are both on their phones, I think one of them is sitting on a log? I don’t remember the details, but i remember laughing to myself about it thinking, this is what people are afraid of harassing or doxing them? Just LOOK at them. They shit in a bucket people.
    Let me just say..”Hi, my name is Debby, I have been a Naugler Troll for 1 year”
    Formerly ElMacho


  5. Sally, a .308 is only overkill if you want to keep the pelt.

    I will let the gun aficionados argue amongst themselves. I admit to having asked a bit and pretty much quoted what I was told. The main thing is that it’s not legal.


  6. If they do kill any I hope they get into a lot of troble.

    My old neighbors have chickens. While they were living here not once did we have a coyotee problem. They kept their sheep fenced up, some roosters in coop at night, and then the rest of the chickens went into the garage with the pig and whatever else they might have had on an acre of land.


  7. Joe is not inferring anything, they or he alone intends to use a .308 at night to hunt cayotes, that is until a person is hit watching tv. I seriously doubt he or any of them intend to buy a hunting license, they sure will not follow the rules of the state. A 308 is not gun that is used for that type of hunting, we ue that caliber to hunt deer with, not small animals like cayotes . They make alot of noise expecially at night when theres not much sound . My only piece of advice , if you live nearby , be afraid, be very afraid


  8. Well, Al, ya gotta get something for the trouble.
    Coyote pelt is sooooo soft. I wish I could cover my bed in it.


  9. I’m willing to bet that Pat Crow’s neighbor has fences to keep the cattle contained. Plus her dogs are fed regularly rather than feeling obliged to find their own meals. Like Maggie going over to the mean neighbor’s home for a free meal and a garage to nap in as she sees fit.

    But I fail to see why the N’s need their dogs to be free to roam at night anyway. They put their animals up at night and have them reasonably close to the house. The chickens are in their coop, the rabbits are in their hutches, the goats are in their pen, Wilburina is either pork chops or confined and Beauty is in her paddock (fenced) or enclosed within her run-in shed. Safely tucked away for the night. I presume Beauty has the good sense to stomp a coyote and the freedom of movement to chase one out of her paddock. Most horses do. So the dogs don’t actually need to be outside protecting the small livestock and the horse is capable of taking care of herself unless she’s tied up which could hamper her efforts if coyotes were foolish enough to attack her.

    The veterinarian stated the rate of speed at which the car was traveling. *Scoffs* I’d love to see that necropsy report. After all, that would require someone laying out a decent sum of money. Plus here’s a little thought for Joe or Nicole. A vehicle traveling at 35 miles per hour that struck anything would engender forces that are TWICE as high as they would be at 25 mph. That’s because the force of a collision increases exponentially with speed. If someone were driving at 50 mph, the forces are FOUR times as great as they would be at 25 mph. At 75 mph they are NINE times greater than at 25 mph.

    Here’s a nice example.

    With an increase in speed, that force goes up exponentially, not on a nice, smooth curve. The math is pretty simple: Divide the weight of the vehicle in half. Multiply that by the square of the velocity. In terms of kinetic energy, that translates as 45,464 foot-pounds for a 3400-pound car hitting a stationary obstacle at 20 mph. Plow the same car into a tree at 40 mph and the amount of energy quadruples to 181,855 foot-pounds. If you survive that, you’re just plain lucky, as the odds are very much against you.

    So 45,464 ft/lbs of force on a 50 pound dog if the driver was going 20 mph isn’t going to end well for the dog.

    Why didn’t they at least board their own dogs at their very own grooming/boarding business?


  10. sooooo, To me that post has nothing to do with coyotes at all. Plain and simple it was a veiled threat to the documentary makers. However besides the gaming laws being what they are, there post has another major flaw. Now if one is using a night vision scope, then surely they would be able to tell the difference between a coyote and a person. Coyote 4 legs, person 2 legs.


  11. FWIW, a property owner doesn’t need a license to hunt on their own land.

    Joe mentioning .308’s had more to do with making sure everybody knows they’re armed than anything else. They’re subtle like a jake brake in city limits.



  12. But wait.

    They are in the wilderness. How would they know if they were on their own land at night out stalking the wily coyotes? They only have 28 acres. It’s not very much land. I can walk ours in about five minutes.

    We had no idea they are armed. None. They never post pictures of their children shooting guns. Ever.


  13. I’m from Meade County and never had a problem with coyotes. Sure we could hear them in the field across the road, and we had the occasional one in the yard. Our chickens were safe and sound in their coop. The raccoons and opossums weren’t a problem either.

    I’m sure the older boys could make a nice chicken tractor. It would be way more legal than hunting “coyotes” at night.


  14. “FWIW, a property owner doesn’t need a license to hunt on their own land.”

    But if they’re shooting coyotes at night, they still have to use a shotgun – regardless of whether they’re hunting them on their own land or not. Also, if they’re hunting them at night they can’t legally use lights until February 1st even if it’s on their own property. At least that is what I gather from reading here. Is that correct?


  15. Ya got me there. I keep forgetting about the wilderness.

    But hey, a .308 is perfect for those long shots. All that open ground . . . over all that pasture . . .

    Tekla . . . you are correct. Shotguns only at night. The night vision/spotlights and other things are only allowed beginning 1 February. So I’ll be purchasing 3 inch #000 shells and I’ll use the Mossberg at full choke. Even then, I’ll have to call them in close if I hope to have any luck.

    This new ruling is good. I’m glad we will be allowed to use lights.


  16. Oh my, Joe! What a huge gun you have there! Its soo big!

    Just kidding, needledick.

    Men overcompensate when their masculinity is threatened. #unschoollife

    “And researchers just discovered something crucial about the way toxic masculinity functions in real men’s lives: First, it makes them super sensitive to being seen as weak. Then it makes them mean.”


  17. When I went to the store today, I parked facing an enormous shiny jacked-up pickup with extra-rugged tires, an extra-rugged row of bright lights at about driver’s eye level for a small car, and extra-rugged bits of plastic kibble fastened to the wheel wells with lots of extra-rugged rivets. The vanity plate said PACK N and there was some kind of prayer to the Second Amendment stickered across the back window. (I didn’t walk around the truck to read it because I didn’t want to attract the attention of Mr. PACK N.)

    That’s who Joe Naugler aspires to be. The rolling threat. The man whose bullying is shown forth in every last tiny thing he ever has his hands on. But if he wants to become Mr. PACK N, he has to get up and work, so he has to settle for making cute little hints online about his ability to hurt people.


  18. JoJo,
    Having seen the condition of the .22 you own, I would suggest that you get rid of all the crap firearms you own for safety’s sake. That you would let children shoot that duct-taped and zip-tied POS .22 says volumes about your shitty parenting. Do you know what kind of injuries can be sustained when a .22 blows up on the one who is shooting? Now if it was you and your idiot wife, well, who cares?
    The BO mentioned recently that you had an associate’s degree. Did your course work include English? Please, for the love of gawd, have someone spell and grammar check your drunken posts.
    And on the subject of English, those blogs you refer too don’t slander AND libel you. Slander is spoken and libel is written. As far as defamation is concerned, your reputation sucked long before you and the BO ever hit the internet. You two have left your own trail of tears.
    I am pretty sure you had to google .308. Any person familiar with guns would know that a well placed .22 shot would take care of a coyote. I am a trapper and am well versed in what a .22 is capable of, for it is the caliber of choice for humanely dispatching canids. During your google search you discovered that a .308 is a popular “sniper” caliber. You figured that this would make you look uber threatening. Here’s an update for you, in addition to all the hunting regulations that have already been presented to you – filming and photographing from a public road is perfectly legal. The documentary team, who you and the BO were actually trying to intimidate, will have all the permits and will legally be able to conduct business from the road. It’s not YOUR road; it’s a public road. As a sovereign I am surprised that you would even be driving on it or referring to it. Hypocrite much?
    You might be able to get drunk and threaten too, or actually beat, your wife and children, but the rest of us are not scared or intimidated by you. We are the ones who actually give a shit about your offspring.


  19. The timing of the night hunt of coyotes post seems to follow the pattern already established by the Blessed Little Homestead, LLC. Posts showing children target practicing, posts about how good even the under tweens are at shooting, crop up whenever the matriarch and patriarch deem it necessary to remind everyone that they can and will “defend” themselves from their community talking about them or driving on Dixie Highway, or whatever other perceived and paranoid “threats” they see coming their way. We get it. No need to beat a dead horse.

    As to the dogs, for crying out loud, the neighbor didn’t complain about the dogs. This chronic attempt at deflection and outright lies gets old. It was the goats. The neighbor had complained about the goats for over a year. To the Nauglers and to the county. Eventually the county did something about it when they realized that without a court order the Nauglers would continue to let their goats destroy other people’s livelihoods and property. I was there. There were affidavits from both county officials and farmers that attested to the goat problem that went back over a year before the first goat-gate court date. Joe agreed to a deal that ordered the Naugler animals to stay on their property.

    Even after the court order the Naugler dog(s) roamed onto the neighbor’s property on many occasions. The neighbor likes the dog, feeds the dog and gives the dog sanctuary. Photographs were taken, but guess what didn’t happen? No one called or visited the county to complain that Joe was violating the agreed order. As long as it wasn’t the goats no one cared. That’s because it wasn’t about the dogs, it was about the goats.

    Go search goats on the BLH Facebook page. The shooting and slaughtering of the goat happens right after goat gate. Personally I always thought that was a big show of “look what you made my children have to do”. An Internet flip off, because that’s how the Naugler parents roll. Screw up in real life, roll over for the authorities and then go beat their virtual chests online to try to prove to themselves, and maybe a few others, that they are “tough hombres”. Same pattern time and again. Whatever, it gets old.

    The two dogs Joe talks about above. One was a boxer and the other a boxer/pyr mix. The Naugler parents abandoned the homestead and all their animals to stay in a hotel with their donation money. It was a secret, they weren’t asking or telling any neighbors that they were off to live it up while their children were in foster care. If you can’t tell by now, the neighbors weren’t asking either or going over to a property to check on the Naugler animals, where I think we can all agree, the Nauglers have made it patently obvious no one is welcome. One abandoned pup got hit by a car. Everyone learned later that the boxer was shot on someone else’s land while being aggressive. Those deaths are 100 percent the Naugler parents fault, but to quote Nicole “what am I going to tell my children”. Personally, I think Nicole did what she often does. She wasn’t going to take any personal responsibility so she made up some stories and told the children and the world it was “trolls”. Probably as much of a story as Joe driving 40-50 miles round trip several times a day to care for those animals.


  20. The person writing this comment thought it was FUNNY that JoeJoe would say “Our animals are now being kept safe” What they was not being kept safe the other day? They was not being kept safe last year when you was having a good GFM time at the Motel and came up with two dead dogs? Now they are being kept safe cause the Profat JoeJoe has a few 308’s. Of course just putting up a fence and some shelter for the flock would be a good way to keep them safe too. Of course the person writing this comment thinks that would of been to easy. Profat JoeJoe and his 308’s is a much better way to keep the flock safe indeed. The person writing this comment agrees with Former Caseworker its just an EXCUSE for Profat JoeJoe to go out and get drunk and play with his big boy toy up and down the fence line to make his neighbors understand he has a big dick. Woops the person writing this comment meant to say show them he IS A BIG DICK. The person writing this comment also thinks its just them letting everybody know they are armed and dangerous Coughcough.

    The person writing this comment wants to say to Sally BRAVO!


  21. Go right ahead and pull perimeter security while tossing back some cold ones. Possession of a firearm while intoxicated is a crime so is discharging one while drunk. Poor them they can’t let their animals menace they’re not allowed to menace, the whole civilized society they are forced to live in is against them. And yeah call it coyotes call it Bigfoot anyone with half a brain knows that’s a direct reference to shooting people that get near ma and pas “flock”. Go ahead Billy, start poppin off like the Wild West, reading some history would suit you well.


  22. Joe Bloom, you have it right. That post is a direct reaction to the post made on the Facebook page “the great and secret show”. The authors from that page alluded to the fact that a documentary team would be out filming the shitshack at night in order to capture on film the rants and ravings of Joe as he progresses through a six-pack (or case) of beer. Apparently, the more he drinks, the more abusive he gets towards his kids. The film makers thought this would be entertaining. Nicole posted her response, disguised as a post about controlling coyotes, but as usual, she is really only interested in controlling the narrative.


  23. I can’t imagine that shooting a gun in the dark will sit well with the (still tethered?) horse. If J doesn’t accidentally shoot it, it will surely spook. A frightened horse running through that property in the dark will be a disaster.


  24. The power to lie by omission is strong in the adult Nauglers.

    Al, I have a question.
    Let’s say you shoot a high powered gun on your property, be it hunting or target shooting, and the bullet leaves your property. This bullet whizzes by your neighbors head, pets, livestock, house or hits trees on your neighbors property, just how legally accountable are you?
    How do you keep your bullet on your property? (I’m being a little sarcastic)
    The innuendo from the Nauglers that they intend to shoot at any human at night that crosses, comes onto, or is sighted with their “night scopes” is supremely horrifying.
    How could they tell whether someone is on their land or at its border.
    If these treats are real these people are getting more and more dangerous.
    If they are just bluffing, they are just getting more crazy and stupid.
    The strange Facebook, page that claims to be producing a documentary about the Nauglers are supposedly using cameras, and supposedly night vision. This would be an invasion of privacy. But not something you retaliate with high powered rifles.
    But, then, the Nauglers are too crazy/stupid to know that.


  25. Yes a landowner and their dependants can hunt on their own property without a license, however regulations such as seasons, hunting times, bag limits, possession limits, weapons used and their caliber, Hunter Orange requirements ,baiting, calling must be followed. All of these as well as firearms safety are covered in the Hunter Education course that is required of ALL hunters born after January 1, 1975, a card certifying completion must be carried on your person while hunting. Penalties can include fines, time and loss of weapon .


  26. The issue is simple. He once again intends to break the law instead cutting back on the brew and being a father. This self destructive behavior is easy to see. I had a lesson on gun laws the other night. I am looking at purchasing a weapon and was schooled. Briefly. But enough to know that even if I am protecting my home from an intruder and my bullet goes stray and hits my neighbor, I am now on the hook for attempted murder or murder depending on the damage. It is all in the bullets you use. You can’t spin murder. This is scary. All the way around.


  27. This bullet whizzes by your neighbors head, pets, livestock, house or hits trees on your neighbors property, just how legally accountable are you?

    I’m not Al and I’m not a lawyer, although we have one, but you’d be totally and completely responsible for any damages. I would suspect that might include emotional damage.


  28. @Beth M.: What, the horse isn’t dead yet? I thought it had gone the way of the pig. I wonder how thin it is now.

    I used to hang out at a blog that discussed how to buy a good horse and also called out people who posted ads showing clear neglect. They talked a lot about how an apparently calm, placid horse can turn into something else entirely when it gets a new owner who doesn’t underfeed it so it isn’t perpetually exhausted. Also, if you pile multiple kids on a horse’s back, it can mess up its spine for life. I wonder if the Nauglers know any of this.


  29. Blessed, at a minimum it would be negligent discharge of a firearm. You have to know what is beyond your intended target. Which is why partly why firehunting is illegal. And I have to LoL at the thought of the quality of NODS they’re using at best they’ll have headaches from the background noise. Also, how with menacing charges and pleas and probation and the obvious instability is the blessed Mr allowed to be in possession of a firearm?


  30. You are completely responsible for any bullet, slug or shot that leaves your firearm. Any good hunter will always carefully consider not only what they are shooting at, but the area around and behind the intended target. Ammo has the potential to travel a very long way if it misses the target. That is why hunters sight in their rifles. It helps to ensure the chances are high for a successful hunt.
    Becoming a good and safe shooter requires practice. Lots of it. Target shooting will also involve a safe backstop so that any stray shots don’t end up hurting or killing anyone or anything. Being a safe shooter/hunter includes familiarity with your firearm. That knowledge is acquired through maintenance and cleaning of the firearm. The pictures of the Naugler’s zip-tied and duct-taped guns made me sick. They are very dangerous.
    The photo of the children killing the goat was disturbing. The boy holding the animal and leaning forward was absolutely mind-numbing. He was very lucky he wasn’t shot. The young lady should have been behind the goat – her angle was off. I wonder if she had to shoot the goat more than once. Poor girl. She is lucky the gun didn’t blow up or that she had a hang fire.
    The children are learning very dangerous fire arm handling practices and it will not be surprising to read one day that they have been hurt, or worse, by one of those guns.


  31. Game warden here uses trail cameras and night vision too when reports come in, so does LE. All nice and legal too. The last person you want on your case is the game warden. Too late now.
    NN says she is afraid this is going to get violent. Gee, wonder why you posted that today, are you and the Profat planning something. You are in charge of your own behavior-remember that when you once again get hauled away kicking and screaming or one of yours is injured. If you fear violence, simple, don’t get violent or be a party to those who are advocating for violence with guns. Simple concept, unless of course you are the ones advocating, initiating and planning violence such as you did with the idiotic coyote hunt post last evening. Nice invite to LE and the warden. Predictable dumbasses.

    “Profat” – perfect name. I’m adopting it. Thanks, The Person.


  32. Shooting at people would be a new and unprecedented action from the Nauglers. Sure they threaten, bully, skip out, menace, violate everyone else’s property, have restraining orders, spend a little time behind bars, get convicted of everything just about, but normally their nefariousness just brushes the line where the law would go beyond administrative consequences. Do I win a prize for the length of a run on sentence?

    If they shot at vermin on their property, with the the Naugler-world land of veiled threats, it would create considerable legal interest. If they shot at people on or off their property then the consequences, charges, and pre-trial requirements become much more dire and authorities have a whole lot less wiggle room. If they shot in the general vicinity of people, it would likely be seen as shooting at somebody with a firearm. If it’s at night then it gets legally more difficult for the shooters (most likely Nauglers) because the negligent risk, at the very least, increases exponentially.

    It’s like they are trying to up the ante and ditch their kids somehow. Be a lot more convenient for Nicole and her Hutt.


  33. You can hunt with a 308 in Kentucky? I am almost certain that is illegal in Ohio. The rounds travel too far and endanger other people and livestock.

    I am sure Joe is in the financial position to pay for any damage his stray rounds cause. Sigh.


  34. Nice update.
    The shooting of the dog was an issue of self defense, not hunting.
    It’s vitally important to follow what Peg said above, but also to make sure you are always on the right side of gun laws.
    I know Montana law very very well.
    In my county, I cannot shoot someone else’s dogs for chasing my fowl. That is illegal. I can shoot dogs for chasing my horses. The law says hoofed livestock.
    The law also says it’s illegal for me to shoot a dog harassing wildlife. Call the warden and he deals with it.
    I can shoot a dog that is threatening me or my family on my property.
    Concealed weapons. I carry. I do not have a permit. The law is that a permit is required in an incorporated town. Only a couple towns are incorporated, and that only applies if you carry concealed on your person. I can carry in my purse, briefcase, or vehicle without running afoul of that law, that only applies to .01% of the entire state. I carry because of wildlife getting hit by cars.
    Self defense is a big area. I do not want to end up like that gun toting hot-headed idiot Marcus Kaarma, with the super appropriate last name. May he rot in that prison cell.
    But, I’m willing to be Kentucky is just like Montana in that you cannot shoot someone for trespassing.


  35. My dad always raised me to use the smallest calibre needed to do what you need to do. “Only bad shots need strong ammo.”


  36. @MiM. Peg and others have pretty much covered it. It’s basic gun safety and firearm responsibility.

    @Amie. Rifles are legal in Kentucky. They might not be in Ohio. Not a clue. I have a former coworker from Indiana whose son hunts my ground because he can’t hunt with a rifle up there.


  37. “I am sure Joe is in the financial position to pay for any damage his stray rounds cause. Sigh.”

    A Modest Proposal, perhaps?


  38. Is Joe even legally allowed to own guns with his current conviction? If not, someone closer to the source needs to turn him in.

    Shells with more than one projectile are shooting something like buckshot. They’re called less-lethal, which is now more common to say that non-lethal. It’s really hard to kill a human with a bunch of BBs sharing the power of the powder behind it.

    Buckshot is great for hunting game bird. Unlike a single bullet that gets all the power, buckshot will kill the birds without destroying them. It’s also great for getting coyotes to leave you the hell alone without risking killing other animals. Plus, unlike a single bullet, if your aim is slightly off, some shot can still hit the animal and drive them off.

    Even if Joe can still have a rifle for coyote purposes, I wouldn’t be surprised if .308’s are off the table.

    I do think the way he phrased that whole thing is meant to be as a threat. Come near the property, and he’ll shoot you and say he thought you were a coyote.


  39. I hope F’s parents are reading Nicole’s and Joe’s threats and realize the gravity of the situation. The life of the daughter and unborn grandchild is now at stake. Does anyone know if they are taking this situation seriously? This poor, clueless girl has no idea the danger she has put herself and her child in.


  40. I also thought Joe was restricted from drinking alcohol with his last conviction. I can’t remember where it was posted other wise I’d go look. So if he’s drinking and has firearms, he’s in violation of his parole?

    I too hope that the parents of the young lady are seeing this fiasco and grab her out of there. Young love is fine but Joe getting all up in her face would be horrible, and I would not put it past him.


  41. He’s not on parole. He’s not restricted from anything that I know of. There were some restrictions leading up to the court hearing, but I don’t think there were any after that.


  42. I got 20 bucks says that cluster-fuck ‘Profat Daddy’ ends up shooting himself in the foot one day.

    Any taker’s on that bet?


  43. Thanks Al. My husband bow hunts, but I am certain he mentiined no rifles in OH.

    Even if they are legal, the Nauglers live pretty close to neighbors. If the cant build a proper crapping station or shower house something tells me they dont have a proper shooting range with backstops either. I would be pissed and scared if I lived next to them. Dimwit Joe lumbering through the darkness shooting at anything that moves. Crickey.


  44. One other thing real quick then back to the books for me….

    Our little village has a huge problem with coyotes coming into town at night. They dont come in to attack free range chickens…..they are scavengers and learned they could get an easy meal out of the garbage cans.

    Cooking outdoors, filth and dirty dishes everywhere, kids running around dropping food……hmmmm….something tells me that the local varmits have learned where the easy chow is at


  45. When moved out to Breckinridge county in the winter of 2012, once spring hit my husband and son built a back drop for us to shoot into. That’s just being responsible, and we know the Nauglers aren’t.


  46. Rifle hunting became legal in Ohio in 2014, but only for .357 caliber and greater and can only use straight-walled cartridges. So no .308 for deer anyway. However, I’m not sure about coyotes, them and feral pigs have less restrictions when it comes to gun type and calibers. Not that the BO was really talking about coyotes.


  47. How do they afford ammo for the gun?! Cheap remanufactured (silver cased not sold in stores) ammo is $0.45 to $0.60 a round. When you get to brass cases even remanufactured you are still looking at closer to $1.00 a round. We have several guns, we love to target practice but we rarely use the .308 just for fun.



  48. “He’s not on parole. He’s not restricted from anything that I know of. There were some restrictions leading up to the court hearing, but I don’t think there were any after that.”

    Jesus. I live in a state that is so friendly to guns that protection is in the state constitution, yet if you commit crimes like Joe did, you can find yourself banned from owning guns again, even in rural areas. Unbelievable that he can still have guns like that.


  49. I agree with Melissa The ONLY violence that will happen on the shitstead is when The drunk Profat JoeJoe shots his foot off HAHAHAHAHA. Of course sounds like a GREAT way to GFM the fuck out her dumbass leghumpers LOL Oh yea hay Nicky PLEASE DO NOT Contact Law Enforcement today ok dummy, We pay them to protect us NOT sit in the office LAUGHING ALL DAY LONG you DUMBASS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  50. The future Naugler daughter-in-law is a legal adult. I really wish people would stop saying her parents should get her out of there. SHE should get HERSELF out of there.


  51. Um, no the Nauglers did not take a dog corpse to a vet for a post mortem.

    They cannot afford emergency medical care for their kids preferring that severe burns heal themselves, that head gashes be stitched up in the fetid plein aire of the open sewer with fishing line, or that any manner of preventative care be done. No, Jabba would prefer to lie to cyberspace and tell the world that he and his wife took a dog corpse to a vet to determine the cause of death to include a vet’s estimation of the speed of the vehicle.

    All this is is a form of manipulation that Jabba has relied on ever since I first saw him. Do the most stupid, outrageous, criminal, demeaning, and idiotic things and then tell others and genuine victims that what you saw didn’t happen. How stupid, outrageous, criminal, demeaning and idiotic of us to believe that he would not take a dog corpse to a vet. Please indulge the most painful and prolonged eye roll I can muster.


  52. “Um, no the Nauglers did not take a dog corpse to a vet for a post mortem.”

    I didn’t think they had either. But if they want to post evidence to the contrary, they can do so.

    Just the math of 3500 pound car vs. 50 pound dog at any rate of speed = damaged dog. Darn shame they couldn’t be bothered to take care of their animals and prevent them from being on THE ROAD and thus at risk of getting hit by a car.


  53. Interested bystander, legally, yes, but her immaturity is showing. It’s blindingly bright. Her parents need to get in there and try to convince her to leave. They can’t make her, but they need to be trying, and then probably hightail it to some family therapy.


  54. A Pyr weighs more than 50 lbs and if a car hit their dog at a high rate of speed it probably would have damaged the car.

    Guess the Naugs didnt piece together that their dog running loose would actually make them liable legally for any damages to the car. Pesky laws and all. I imagine the driver took a look at the homestead and wisely figured that you cant get blood from a turnip.


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