Before I continue with the saga of Cleo’s estate, I want to insert this little observation.

From time to time, Cathy produces a document from her past.  She tends to offer this stuff up as evidence of something or other.


Stuff like that check.  I went into this a couple of years ago at the link above, and then in more detail, recently,  when I got more information, here.

As I mentioned on that page, I got the files. I got the archival stuff.

Cathy thinks that Lisa Luthi got it for me, but that’s not true. Somebody else did.  But one interesting little thing: Cathy uses “lesbian” as a pejorative. She’s attempting to insult both of us.

This is a common claim they made, that I am somehow still a fundamentalist Christian.  But I would never use “lesbian” as an insult. It would be no different than trying to insult Deb by calling her a red-head, or Lisa by calling her retired.  Who, exactly, is exhibiting characteristics of fundamentalism, like homophobia?

But there’s more.

This is sort of typical. She says that she’s had these documents “in her possession for years.”

She implies that she actually owns the original document and it resides in her home and has for years. She never says where she got the documents. She just has them.

See how she puts up those photos like she has them?  Like they came out of a family picture album?  You know, memories?

It turns out that she doesn’t have the originals of any of them.

Here are my copies of those photographs she has above.

There are more. I’ll put them all up later.

The documents I have came from two places.  One was the Bucks County Courthouse. Those are all the papers from Cleo’s estate, the probate papers, the guardianship paperwork, her will, her death certificate.

And this was the source of the rest.

I have known for a long time that the McIntire papers were at Princeton University, but they are not online.  And there are, as you can see, 669 boxes of them.  Daunting indeed.  There has been some cataloguing done, but still it’s a task to go through them.

So my source arranged for a researcher to go through those papers and find anything related to Cleo, or the farm, or Bethel Baptist Church, or Richard Harris.  Some of the results include the paperwork regarding the farm agreement, but also include things like scribbled notes on the back of envelopes and handwritten memos and yes, photos taken at the cow pasture rally.

Those documents that Cathy provided above and says that she’s “had in her possession for years” actually reside at Princeton University in the Carl McIntire archive.  I know, because I have copies of them too.

Cathy has quite obviously done exactly what my source did, and gotten a researcher to go through those papers, or she went to Princeton and did it herself.

Now, consider this.  Would Cathy have gone to all the trouble to go to Princeton (or contact Princeton and pay a researcher) looking for papers about Cleo in Carl McIntire’s archives, and she didn’t bother to check at the local fucking courthouse?

I assure you that my source did the courthouse first. It was the easier thing to do, by far.  Any sane person would start there.

Furthermore, Cathy insists that she has filed police reports, and talked with the FBI, and has had this ongoing investigation for years and years. I’ve been told that I will be put in jail because I am openly doubting the story of a supposed federal witness in a current investigation.

But nobody went to the courthouse.

She didn’t know about the guardianship papers. She didn’t know they were at the courthouse. She didn’t find them. The police didn’t find them. The FBI didn’t find them. They’ve had years to do this.

Lisa and I supposedly knew about the guardianship papers before Cathy did.

Karen mentions it in the comment where she calls me a fundamentalist above.

Just so we’re not mistaken, here.  Cathy never knew about the guardianship filing until I posted the paperwork onlineShe didn’t know. 

Poor thing.

She’s senile.

She’s got Alzheimer’s.

Somebody needs to help her. Seriously.  She’s lost her memory.  She can’t remember shit.

The screen shot below came from one of the Manhater pages. The date on the file in my computer is September 8, 2014. That’s when I made the screen shot.

She’s taunting Jeffrey Hoffman. She’s talking about court documents.  She has been digging around in this for a long time, she says.  She found the deed transfer for the farm.  She has both Lou’s and Cleos’ death records.  She knows the names of most of their extended family members. Those sorts of records weren’t at Princeton University in the McIntire archives. Why would they be?  They were at the Bucks County Courthouse. And she had them, in September of 2014, three years ago.

But the best is highlighted in yellow.












8 thoughts on “Documentation”

  1. I believe Cathy is a pathological liar, in my ever so humble opinion. I am far from the only one who does not believe her stories. There seems to be a long list of those who have escaped from her narrative only to be set upon later for daring to question her bullshit.

    I don’t believe a word of what she says. I don’t believe her abuse stories that constantly change and I truly believe she does a disservice to every victim of abuse with the lies she tells so that she may garner unwarranted attention and sympathy.

    I don’t believe her story of cancer, for the very reason that it is an unsurvivable cancer should it have been what she said it was. Once again doing a disservice to the survivors and the losers in the battle with cancer.

    I don’t believe her stories about who she is related to. Tozar? Canby? Whatever. So many family reunions per her own writings. Her stories change too often and her explanations are full of holes and omissions.

    Her vague story that there is DNA proof. Based on what? What database would have had Lou Canby’s DNA. He died before DNA testing was a thing. As to a database having her DNA, oh please. She doesn’t really understand how these agencies work does she? Getting her ignoramus mouth piece to turn down my offer to pay for testing through ancestry because “it isn’t admissible in court” was fucking hilarious. It’s not for court. It’s so that the Canby family of Martinsburgh W.Va can have some piece of mind. You’d think Cathy would want to know too after having been so wrong before.

    She still hasn’t answered my one and only question. Why did the Tozars not tell her that she was not their child when they had their supposed reunion a few years ago? One could even assume that there was more than one meeting. I mean if you’d been violently separated from your parents and twin siblings for nearly 30 years you’d think they’d never let each other out of their sight again. Cathy mentions a reunion and then nada, zip, zero, nothing. She just writes of being a Tozar until the day she decides she is a Canby.

    Like I said I think she is a liar and not a very good one at that. I think she is a not too bright, lonely, sad, miserable woman who is a pariah on society and toxic to anyone who lets her close. That anyone believes her at all is more a reflection on their own baggage than anything else. Cathy disgusts me. She also has pretty much bored the shit out of me. She is neither original, intellectually challenging or interesting. Some of her online buddies though are highly damaged people and I feel sorry for a few of them that are so obviously being used by her and her wannabe cronies to give themselves some sort of “abuse cred.”


  2. I wonder what her ex-husband has to say about the scarring on her body. He’s probably mentioned it to his wife at some point in the early years of their marriage. You know, post-coital pillowtalk.

    Didn’t she say he was a police officer; isn’t he supposed to be dead? She may want to double-check those “facts”.


  3. I’m trying so hard not to slide too deep into this rabbit hole, but it’s getting very irresistable.
    But I have time for only one.
    Who gets the breakup letter?


  4. Wait a second. Jeffrey Hoffman was a supporter and friend at one time, wasn’t he? He was a friend on the “Ed Elizabeth Tozar” page. He wrote kindly to the people he believed to be Cathy’s parents. When did he get his ass broomed to the curb by Cathy? Why?


  5. When did he get his ass broomed to the curb by Cathy? Why?

    Jeffrey has always been a friend of mine. He was in a private group with Cathy and he made a comment there about the GRACE report. Cathy leaked it. She denies doing so, but I saw the screen shot on her page with my own eyes. I was too naive to understand what screen shots were and didn’t get one, but I sure saw it. She then quickly deleted it and started denying that she ever did it in the first place. It devolved from there.

    Right after I saw it, I PMed Jeffrey to ask him about it, and he said he couldn’t see it because she had blocked him. However, I saw it.

    It’s one of those things like the beer. I know what I know. I know Joe drank a beer and I know Cathy leaked that comment of Jeffrey’s.

    She got kicked out of the group for violating the terms (no leaking) and she never, ever gets over what she sees as a slight.


  6. Wait a second – she mentions old CPS reports in September, 2014. I thought she said she had spent “months” in the hospital recovering from burns over 61% of her body and no one paid attention to her suffering, plus the quote below.

    1) I was abandoned in one of the rental properties in Philadelphia. Cleo took me and then drove me up to Bethel Baptist Church, Sellersville, PA . I was around 3-years-old. The pastor, Richard A. Harris saw me, claims he told her she just couldn’t keep me but the pastor never called the police or Child Protective Services.

    No GRACE at Bob Jones University
    Posted on March 29, 2015 by lostchildnowfound


  7. The CPS shit she is talking about, I think, is supposedly after Cleo died. That would have been several years after the burn.


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