My policy here, I hope, is well-known to anyone who has read this blog for more than a few minutes.

I don’t go after the Naugler children. I obscure their faces. I won’t allow their names to be used here. I actually avoid talking about them unless it is absolutely necessary to flesh out the subject matter. I can’t pretend, as I’ve said, that the Nauglers do not have 11 children that they regularly pimp out on social media in order to inspire donations.

My policy remains.

Nicole, of course, has no such policy.

She comes after children no matter what. Living children. Dead children.  Doesn’t matter to her.

Then she screams bloody murder about how we are intimidating and stalking and harassing her “family,” using all 11 children as human shields.

custer store

This is the Custer General Store. It is located on a corner out in the middle of rural Kentucky, near the Naugler “wilderness.” This is common in rural communities. We have a similar store near here.  Everyone goes there. Neighbors often meet/see each other there.

They sell gas. See the gas pump on the far right of the photo?

The other day, Al Wilson’s minor daughter was on her way to work, and she pulled in to get some gas. She paid no attention to anything else, pumped her gas, and then realized that Joe Naugler was sitting in his van on the other side of the island.

Apparently, Joe the Slob couldn’t even bother to move enough to pump his own gas, but got his son to do it for him, so Joe just sat there and watched Al’s daughter putting gas in her car.

And Joe knows what Al’s daughter looks like and that it is, in fact, Al’s daughter. He’s made sure that Al knows that.

beginning 2

. . . my oldest son thought the girl working on the fence was cute. . .

followed immediately by

. . . we have recently put surveillance cameras up too. . .

which, of course, was a complete lie.

This was an attempt by Joe to intimidate Al. He had no idea who he was messing with, though.  Al doesn’t exactly get intimidated very easily.

That was, as you can see, a year ago.

So Joe, knowing that this minor is Al’s daughter, sits and watches her and grins at her. Just stares at her, watching her every move.

She leaves the pump, walks into the store to pay for her gas and finds herself waiting in line behind the oldest Naugler boy, the one who thought she was “cute.”

I will tell you what she thought of him. She thought that he was “dirty” and “smelled bad.”

He left the store.  She then paid for her gas and went back out to her car.

The Nauglers, who had finished up their business before her, were still sitting there, and while she walked back to her car, both of them, father and son, watched her every move and “leered” at her.

She got in her car, left, and called her father, because she thought the whole episode was “weird.”

I want to interject something here.

I have met this minor daughter. She is strikingly gorgeous. She is also not even slightly interested in the Naugler family or in her father’s interest in them. She doesn’t care two hoots about them other than the fact that Joe Naugler already sat on the roadside in front of her house watching her a year ago, and it made her uncomfortable enough that she told her father about it.

If I were a teenage girl and Joe Naugler stared at me like that, it would make me nervous too.

Anyway, that is the total extent of Al’s daughter’s encounters with the Nauglers. She thinks Joe is “creepy.” She thinks the eldest son, who is her age, is “dirty” and “smells bad.”  She thinks her two encounters with them were “weird” and she doesn’t care if they exist or not.

But here’s Nicole’s spin on this.

chopper dan

Now, where would Nicole be “learning” that Al’s daughter is “stalking” Joe?  (“Chopper Dan” is Al.)

From Joe, of course.

Joe knew perfectly well that Al would have something to say about this, so he went straight to Nicole and fed her this bullshit.

Nicole wants to believe Joe. She believes him when he tells her he paid $900 for a $400 chain saw.  She believes him when he tells her he didn’t drink a beer in the road with Kyle. She believes him about all sorts of things, some of them way more serious than those. And he lies to her, over and over and over again. You’d think she’d learn.

adult child

But she cannot leave it alone.

First, the child involved here is not an adult, any more than the oldest Naugler progeny is an adult. But Nicole has no problem at all coming after somebody else’s minor child, while simultaneously screaming bloody murder if anyone says anything at all about her brood.

Second, nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody, gives a fuck, Nicole, if you are “documenting” non-existent events.  Document away. Call the FBI. Have fun doing so. That minor child has been stalked by your husband twice now. She has never followed him anywhere. She has no interest in you or your slob of a husband or your son or anyone else in your family.  And she has never been to your business and wouldn’t know how to find it.

Third, nobody is “playing games” with your oh-so-precious family.  This is not about your “family.”  It’s immaterial to me whether you have eleven children or twenty children or two children or no children.  This is about you and Joe.  You and Joe are scammers. You are grifters. You are the dregs of society. You are, in my personal opinion, the scum of the earth.

Fourth, Al Wilson is perfectly capable of protecting his family, and he’s better at it than you can even imagine.

I have a rule about minor children. But your oldest is not going to be a minor for very much longer. Keep that in mind as you “document.” You might try teaching him that emulating his deadbeat, lard-ass, useless-waste-of-protoplasm father is probably not the best idea. Call it #unschooling.


Nicole, who never, ever reads this blog, has responded with a really disjointed, rambling screed on her own blog. From what I could piece together, it seems that the boy with Joe that day wasn’t the oldest son, but the next-to-the-oldest, who is 15, not 17.

This, if true, would tend to completely validate the daughter’s account, since she doesn’t know one Naugler boy from another. She has no interest in the Naugler family, period.

And it changes nothing at all. Joe is still a slob, and he still has a very bad habit of sitting in his vehicle watching people he doesn’t like. Joe, of course, knows perfectly well who Al’s daughter is, and didn’t have to wonder. He’s watched her before, by his own admission.

And Nicole, regardless of your assertions, she didn’t come to your little salon. What part of “she has never been there” do you not understand? You have never laid eyes on this girl.




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  1. Joe needs to learn not to shit where he eats. Both literally and in the sense of messing with children at the local store/petrol station or he’s gonna have to take a long ass walk to get gas when he gets banned from said store/station.

    Joe and Nicole harass the hell out Al then scream that they are victims. I’m a pacifist but I’d knock the teeth out of either/both of them if they behaved that way to my daughter.


  2. Joe is a perverted liar. Why Nicole pretends he does not lie to her is beyond me. If I had Joe checking me out with his pube hair beard over his slobbery rubbery lips and Charles Manson-like eyes, I would feel creeped out too. It appears he is teaching his son how to be a first-rate creep as well. Yuck. That man is disgusting because of his slovenly appearance but mostly because of his lack of moral character!


  3. Oh boy this is fun! If anything I would think that Ole Joey boy and his son are the ones “stalking” a minor! A beautiful minor girl at that! Poor thing probably is scared….. I know I would be if I had two creepy men lurking at me and my every move! If anything she should make a report! But hey Nikki and Joe gots the FBI on speed dial apparently right?? I wonder how that is working out for them! I agree with your comment…. They are INDEED THE SCUM OF THE EARTH! Good riddance Naug’s your not wanted in KY ANYMORE!!! In fact anywhere you go you’ll quickly wear out your welcome! You give good, actual homesteaders bad names!!!


  4. Wow! This is frightening!

    Nicole – Please be careful. The last few times I’ve been to Walmart there’s been a guy in a blue shirt there. He may be stalking your family too. Keep an eye out for him!


  5. Sally, you rock.

    I personally believe that Joe and Nicole are so detached from reality — that they are baiting and spinning their usual insanity in an attempt to bait and keep their drama simmering.

    Simmer away assholes.

    Keep posting. Keep posting. Show your true colors.


  6. I am not sure this allowed but all I want to say is: FUCK OFF JOE!

    Swearing is allowed. I swear a lot. 🙂


  7. As far as the boy goes, it’s still creepy, but his problem is that his only male role model is a pervert. Which is scary. This is another problem caused by isolating the children; they have no other role models except for their lunatic parents. #unschooling???


  8. And another thing. With the Naugler’s habit of accusing people of doing things which, in fact, the Naugler’s do instead, I wonder if they are actually stalking/following the daughter? It is a concern. I wouldn’t put it past Joe. And what does N see in Joe that she thinks anyone would even want him?


  9. Al, you have way more self control than me or my husband would. I tip my hat to you.

    How’d you come by the nickname Chopper Dan? When I read the comment on the BLH I thought that anyone witb a nickname like that is probably not one to poke with a stick.


  10. here we have two men.. one works hard, and has built his homestead by hand, and is an asset to his community. the other lives in a garden shed and the only thing he has created is more children. honestly he probably should have been doing more work by “hand” but hey.
    Joe tries to run on intimidation, and its easy to intimidate a young girl who is just trying to get some gas so she can go to work, and she has every right to do so without creepy assholes drooling over her.
    i know that joe and nikki like to buck any kind of authority or suggestions, but if i were them i would listen to this one…. stay away from al’s daughter.. he has been much nicer about this then you deserve.


  11. This is so disturbing. I wonder what the poor eldest girl goes through? Perverts breed perverts, just by emulating them. I feel for that young woman. If she’s being stalked, tell her to get dad to drive her everywhere.


  12. Gee, could this have been one of the reasons the LDS church told them to not come back? It is certainly plausible. I would put money on that reason.

    Joe likes to stalk people as well as steal and menace. Long ago before most people knew what a naugler was Nicole had a blog called Homespun Harvest Farm. People commented on that blog in a similarly adoring fashion as they often do on her Facebook page now. But now and then somebody from the naugler past would toss in a post. One poster (that was of course deleted) was from their past in Texas and accused Joe of stalking his (the poster’s) family when the nauglers lived in Texas. Do I believe that poster from years ago? Yes because Joe presently stalks people who won’t worship him by arranging to coincidentally and frequently be where his ‘interests’ are at, parking and sitting in his car at or very close to their residences, and even getting right up there to look through their windows. Far too many people in Joe’s past have simply let things go, not prosecuted him because the cost would exceed the return, did not want to bother, or forgave him. Had he been prosecuted (successfully but never to receive money for the damages) would matters be different now? Maybe prosecuting petty criminals and nuisances like Joe is a civic duty because without that they will escalate their behaviors on others.


  13. This is reprehensible and I really hope Jor and Nicole take a lot of flack for this!!! I have a teenage daughter too and she would be freaked out over this! Al has had to put up with so much bullshit from these two freaks and has handled it much more calmly that I. when I show my two teenagers the pictures of the kids and homestead and how they live my daughter always ask why they are all so filthy in very picture and how them and everything around them must smell terrible! Joe reminds me of fat bastard from Austin Powers !! He is so gross and lazy!!! My husband works full time at a demanding job. He is gone around 12 hours a day 5 sometimes 6 days a week and manages to get all kinds of things done on his days off! More than Joe has done in the 3 years they have been on the homestead. I feel so bad for the kids! The oldest is about to be a legal adult and will be hard pressed to find anyone who would want to date someone who is in a constant state of filth and stench. Unless of course it is someone like Nicole who apparently is turned on by shit and filth! Great post Sally! Al I’m so sorry about your daughter! BTW Joe had two orders of protection against him the last time I heard and I willing to bet that Al’s daughter has zero!! I would call Nicole out on this fast but she banned me from her page after I schooled her non schooling ass on what “in lieu of “meant. Now that I’m homeschooling both of my high schoolers the right way I have even more reason to despise someone who withholds an education from her kids!


  14. Honestly until you see him in person you have no idea how humungous and gross Joe is. Short in stature, very wide and way fat, more in the realm of Jabba. I am not thin, I come from people who tend toward fat, and I am not a fan of fat shaming, but this is way beyond that. This is the kind of fat you get when you do absolutely nothing but sit on your ass 24/7. Soft, pillsbury dough boy soft, with the giggles, but they are your giggles not his, they are the giggles of nervousness when you’re not quite sure whether that thing is human or a monsterI. I don’t imagine he walks very far, he wheezes, his ass is very wide, his legs are like jello tree trunks, little fat pudgy fingers, he literally jiggles. He also waddles, those crocs aren’t doing him any favors.

    He is very unkempt. His beard really does look like untamed 70’s pubes with some rotted garnishment. His hair and clothing sweaty and filthy and rumpled looking. His body odor is reminiscent of a bum living on the streets. You know the combo piss, shit, sweat, dirt, fungus, garbage and I don’t know what.

    He is often wearing a shit eating grin that immediately makes you think there isn’t much action in the brain region, not just drunk or stoned but turned off, and yet he often smirks with self satisfaction thinking he is all that when he espies some young thing. As if some teen girl wouldn’t cross the street rather than share a sidewalk with the evil version of Chunk. He counters that vacant look with his best effort of malevolence if he thinks he can bully someone, but the eyes still reflect that no one is home, while the effeminatly large and flappy lips dribble some incoherent word salad. The only fear he invokes in people is that you think he is so dumb and angry he might bite you. A walking talking land grouper who thinks its a shark.

    The man is a very bad joke, a parody of a man, larger than life, but not in a good way. Just imagine for a second that Chester the Molester face leering your way with his come hither look or his I’m going put the fear of God in you by talking you to death. God forbid he directs his attentions at your daughter.

    Give him a hug, he claims lots of people gives him hugs. I think he confuses hugging with being shoved out the door before he stinks the place out and creeps out the customers. “Joe want his own way. Joe wants scare you. Joe got rights. Do as Joes says. Joe smash”.

    Right not to forget. The above is performance art, parody, satire, comedy, tragedy, a metaphor of life. Not to be taken seriously, and at the most, an opinion.


  15. Sally thank you!
    Ok what is so special about the mail box?Joe had to stop and look at?
    If I had a daughter and someone was to make a perverted pass at her over the age of 18 is a pedophile!
    Well joe is the Un- school teacher telling his son how things work.That shit will be on you record for life!


  16. Nicole!!!!
    If you love your son you will not let Joseph get away with teaching your son to behave the way they did at the gas station and you will have a long talk with your son in private.
    What they did was not funny.
    I’m sure if it had been one of your girls that got treated that way, you’d be furious.
    Your boy deserves better.


  17. The Lawsuit in Three Acts

    Interior shot. A small county courtroom. The Behemoth is on the stand.

    The wife: “that girl been stalking my Behometh and my Boy”
    Court: “madam, you are not on the stand. Please refrain.”
    Court to Behemoth: “was the girl stalking you? How so?”
    The wife: “Well she pulled into the Custer Store to get gas and my Joe was already there unseen on the other side of the pumps”
    Court to the wife: “madam wait to speak after you take the stand”
    Court to Behometh: “she go out of her way to follow you.”
    Behemoth: “we was there already”
    Court: “you ever seen her there before”
    Behemoth: ” well we all live with a mile or two of the store”
    Court: “so Behometh, you finished your business and got out of there?”
    Behometh: “well no. I waited out in the vehicle until the girl went in and paid and come out to her car again. I wasn’t done leering, smirking and letting her know I was watching.”
    The wife: “that’s not what happened. She stalked you, Joe, don’t you listen to a thing I tell you. You was scared. Say it. Say it now.”
    Behometh: “what?” Stares into space a smirk on his face. Is he remembering the encounter like serial killers do, replaying his little prize and his imagined (not real) moment of sexual dominance or is he just brain impaired? It’s hard to tell. We will leave that to the actor’s discretion..
    Court: “wife if you can’t be quiet we will hold you in contempt of court and put you in jail”
    The wife: “you can’t tell me what to do. I know my rights. I don’t got to listen to you. Matter of fact now I’m not going to do it because I don’t take to demands. Demands are for slaves”
    Court: ” wife you’re in contempt of court. Bailiff take ier to jail.”
    Behemoth: “we’re gonna sue. You is violating her constitutional rights”
    Behometh to wife: ” what constitution number they violating? What is the right? I can’t do this without you”.
    Court to Behometh: ” one more word out of line and you will be in contempt and go to jail.”
    Behometh: ” did you say jail? I can’t go back to jail. I’ll do what you want. Want my kids? Confession on poopgate? This was all her idea…”
    Act 1 ends with the Behometh still whining.


  18. There is more than one pig (if it’s still alive) living at the shitshed it seems. Stinky, sweaty, crusty, dirty swine. Eww. It’s not ok for any man to make a woman feel the way this young woman did. Only a woman understands what that feels like. A violation. Fuck Joe and Nicole. Those two are morally corrupt and raising their children to be the same.

    It would be too much exertion for Joe to climb out of the van and pump gas. If it’s even possible with his little tyrannosaurus arms to reach the pump, have ya seen those weird appendages?


  19. How can any man let his family live that way? I just don’t understand. Lots of folks live in trailers or mobile homes …why can’t they just get a mobile home? At least they’d have a fully functioning bathroom and kitchen. How can a man be ok with letting his wife go of to work everyday while he did around doing nothing? How can he be ok watching his children not be able to go to bed in clean sheets after having taken a bath? I’m so grossed out. How can the wife be OK with any of this?
    I kindof feel sorry for the wife…and definitely the children.


  20. This is a cautionary tale my friends. All parents out there tell this one to your youngins’. This is why when we choose a mate we must choose very carefully and wisely. If my husband, the father of my children, did this I would be so embarrassed, mortified, disgusted- did I say embarrassed? But not Nicole- she defends him, blames THE VICTIM, and spins it in true Naugler fashion. He did this in front of at least one of their children. So gross. So tawdry. So much yuck- Nicole, if you read here, and let’s be real we know you do- reel him in! So gross.


  21. Maw and paw naugler are living in an especially creepy version of The Twilight Zone. I’ve come to the belief that maw has Stockholm Syndrome ( has that been mentioned here earlier?) Maw has gotten herself in a whole lot o shit because she seems to have been ‘enchanted’ by paw. Maybe she does think he’s a prophet, because he’s told her that so many times.
    Paw seems to lie to her about everything, and she seems to believe it. Bad juju.
    ( I was under the impression that maw was going to do less posting. Another one of those pesky ‘plans’)
    Sorry this post rambles, but the naug saga does that to me.


  22. Of course, I’m certain that AI can totally take care of his little girl, so I will focus on some of the questions that were asked such as why does N stay with the slovenly piece of shit J? It’s all she can get…she is not prize hen at the county fair and with her lower level of intelligence compounded with her borderline personality disorder, well, he is it. I cannot think of one single man who would want her. So she puts up with his lies, his perversions, his abuse, his laziness, his fat ass, and his small man hood…and you know with that gut it’s small.

    Why does she believe him? She doesn’t believe him. She knows he is a piece of shit liar. She puts up with his shit because she cannot do better. She is one of those women who must have a man to feel complete and since she cannot get a real man, this piece of shit will do.

    When you think about the accusations his eldest son made about him, and you think about the children sleeping at the foot of his bed while he and his skank procreate, and you think about the out door shit house without the door so he has a first hand view of what goes on inside, well, there is no doubt that Joe is stalking AI’s little girl….the sick piece of shit pervert.I even dropped in at the BLH FB page and took a look at that piece of shit she calls her man and let me tell you, if he pulled up to a gas pump next to me and spent any time looking my way, I’d call the cops…he is a crime waiting to happen, and I hope AI has taught his little girl how to handle a gun…
    The sad truth of all this is that the poor child had to be in close proximity to the smelly, nasty piece of shit…and it is no doubt that they frightened her. Nicole, you really need to teach your family the benefits of soap and water, and you really need to keep that piece of shit on a leash because the little girls in your area shouldn’t be subjected to his disgusting male gaze.


  23. Please have Al and his daughter make their state’s version of an incident report. I get an unsettling feeing that the eldest may think he’s entitled to take what he wants at some point. It’s a bad gut feeling. Please file a report, and take every precaution.

    I doubt the kids bathe at all. Bathing in a river doesn’t count. When I swim in rivers, I go home and bathe because a river isn’t a fucking bath! I’m not surprised the kids reek. The eldest got a job, right? How? I can’t imagine anyone willing to hire a filthy, smelly person.


  24. Joe is a vile individual. I can guarantee if that was my daughter, he and I would be having a “come to Jesus” meeting and he would walk away with a very clear understanding of how his ass would be in jail if he persisted in his behavior. What a waste of skin.


  25. I’m so glad Al’s daughter trusted her gut & called her Daddy. Waiting for her to get back to her car so Joe can intimidate her??? Beyond stalker behavior! Al should tell the store owner. They wouldn’t want someone intimidating girls at their business. We have a store like that too & I assure you they would take some kind of action.
    As for the son, I feel so sorry for him. He has no choice about how he smells or his appearance. None of those poor kids get regular showers. My boys & I worked all day in the yard & at the barn. It is so hot & humid here that I cannot imagine them not being able to take a shower after working so hard. That poor boy has no way to even rinse off after trying to work in his garden. He just goes & gets in bed.
    How can NN think this is ok as a mother?????


  26. To Al & Al’s daughter-
    Be careful. Stay aware.

    That fucking bastard Joe will get his soneday soon. And if he gets too close to Your daughter Al, tell her to let him have it with pepper spray and a good taser.


  27. A young girl facing a proven criminal AND his son, both waiting in their car watching her. Too many very bad stories start like this. Randy Allen Taylor comes to mind.

    All of the young girls and seniors in this community need to take caution as predators will act out on the most unsuspecting and predators will escalate. They watch. They will use sons and children to gain the trust of the unsuspecting.

    Joe Naugler targets young girls and old women, the vulnerable imo. His proven history should not be dismissed as petty. His spouse is complicit and constantly provides cover for him. He is under pressure now with the continued legal pressures, again. All need to take extreme care, imo.
    Too often people ask why didn’t those who knew “just say something”. Things are now being said. I hope more will speak out.


  28. It’s a small community so it was inevitable that member of the two families would find themselves as the same gas station and general store one day. That’s just life almost anywhere people tend to congregate.

    Joe and minor son noticing Al’s daughter – also par for the course.

    However Joe, staring at her, leering or grinning at a woman who is young enough to be your daughter is not mature behavior. Even if she ignores it entirely it’s still creepy and you know that to be the case. Tell your son the same. The fact that Al’s daughter didn’t strike up a conversation with a kid around her age means she is NOT interested in him and the two of you should have rolled on out of there immediately after your son buckled up his seatbelt. You were hogging a pump waiting for the young lady to return to her vehicle so you could watch her. Again, 17 yo boys who DO know better sometimes forget themselves when they find someone attractive but a 41 yo man has NO excuse whatsoever. He should also have corrected his son’s behavior.

    I hope a police report is filed. Even if there is nothing that can be done legally, it’s paperwork. Joe’s behavior is menacing and creepy. His arrogance is growing and so is his sense of entitlement. Listen to those instincts. They are there for a reason.


  29. To the person who thought Sally should not have written about the girl saying that the boy was smelly and dirty, because teens are sensitive, both the boy and the girl are teens. It is also what happened and what she thought. I’m with the innocent teen girl on this one, after all she was on the receiving end of the unwanted attention.

    As for the boy, I think if his parents aren’t willing to tell him to wash and wear clean clothes, someone ought to. Starting at 12, I’ve had to tell my teen son the same, “did you use soap when you showered, did you wash your hair, brush your teeth? Are you wearing that shirt again? No, change your shirt “. This lasted until he became interested in girls. One day I noticed he was showering, brushing his hair before school, and smelling good. Why? He learned girls aren’t attracted to smelly and dirty.

    As far as I am concerned, Sally did the boy a favor. Someone had to tell him. The girl lives in the country. She is used to people who work hard. For her to notice can you guess how smelly and dirty that boy must have been?

    Now someone has to teach him how to correctly act around girls. Hint: acting like his daddy isn’t going to get him a girlfriend, and it might just get him jumped by some girls brothers.


  30. Great post. Thanks for continuing to expose.
    In defense of the dirtiness and smelliness of the oldest son: it could also be a sign that he’s NOT like his father. Being dirty and smelling doesn’t always mean laziness. It can also mean he’s been busting his ass working an actual job while also working, aka putting band aids on the “homestead” and doing his best to keep his siblings safe. Plus, I can’t blame him for his parents lack of provisions. Doesn’t change her observations, though. And, more than likely, I’m being overly optimistic on the kid’s ability to persevere in spite of having the scum of the earth as his example.
    Multiple, credible accounts of troublesome behavior of joe naugler, always excused, if not enabled by Nicole. Many accounts do involve minors. This is why I wish the GAL would have insisted on forensic evals PRIOR to returning legal custody. Eight weeks was not long enough to truly investigate the Naugler adults.


  31. While the hissing cat is away, the hungry hippo will play.

    Nicole needs to ground her boys. No car, no Hardees, no internet. Maybe they could build that water catchment system or the permanent cabin


  32. @Meredith
    There will never be enough time to investigate the Naugs. (Or)
    The Naugs have been investigated & the laws have not caught up with this particular type of mental illness.


  33. FB Refugee said, “Joe Naugler targets young girls and old women, the vulnerable imo. His proven history should not be dismissed as petty…Too often people ask why didn’t those who knew “just say something”. Things are now being said. I hope more will speak out.”

    Yes, peeps, report these perverted encounters! And kudos for Al’s daughter in telling him about it. To the victim shamer, Nicole, get some fucking moral compass!

    Report it to the Custer Store owners, too. They do have their customer’s safety as a best interest, I feel certain. Just think if it happened to her, how many others?


  34. Order of protection on Jojo is laughable. He already has two of them and the county is not doing their job to enforce them.

    IMO because they have so many kids they keep getting a pass on legal problems. Those passes are just a slap on the wrist and an order of protection. The county is failing the citizens that are being violated by Jojo. The county is failing those 11 children too.

    Until some one has cause to bring charges on Jojo and does not let him plea it down instead take it to trial he is going to keep getting a pass on his shit. Some one needs to stand up and say no when a plea deal is offered and push it to go to trial. The people that live in the county know Jojo very well by now and his ways so the jury should with good evidence convict him. There needs to be a damn conviction against him via jury to hang his ass.

    Yes Al should have his daughter report this as there is now a pattern. Get the paper work trail going so there will be evidence of stalking. When there is enough to bring charges fight him getting a plea push it all the way. I am all for the rights to fire arms but I struggle with giving the daughter one. First off she is not old enough to carry a pistol at this point. Second of all it is a hard and terrible thing for one to have to use one. It is something that one lives with the rest of their lives. Even LE that have extensive training in using them and have had to use them deal with the fall out for years and some a life time of using them. Best thing to do now is get those people from the church that have spoken out about his leering behaviors lined up and ask them if they will give statements. Start building a case now, better to have it ready and not use than to scramble later to do it. Them giving statements will show a case history. Time to put Jojo’s pervert behaviors to a end. Doing it now might just save some girl a life long of trauma. Hell it could be one of his daughters that get saved. Jojo is too entitled and might use that entitlement with any young girl.

    I would also talk to local about this so they have a head up and can talk to their daughters. Talk to the owners of the store and let them know what is going on and that you will take business else where unless they put a stop to the pervert coming around. I am sure other locals will back that.

    As for Nicole blaming the girl for stalking her husband. She don’t want him that girl has morals and values something you do not have and would not know about. You are laughable at best always spinning it that you and your family are the victims. Grow the hell up and place the blame where the blame needs to go with your husband as he is a pervert. Keep enabling your pervert hubby cause some day he is going to cross the line and get it good. Sad that it is because of you that your children will have to live with that.


  35. Come on, guys. Sitting in your car staring at someone is not a crime. There is nothing here to “report.”

    Be realistic.

    The point I was making, and the only point, is that this girl was not “following” Joe. She never went to the stupid salon. She doesn’t even know where it is and couldn’t find it if she had to. Nicole and Joe are lying about her. She just went to the neighborhood store to get some gas. That’s all.

    And Joe does, in fact, have a habit of pulling up and sitting and staring at people he doesn’t like. He has done this at Al’s property by his own admission. He has done it to the woman who reported him for “menacing.” And he’s done it to Al’s daughter a second time.


  36. I have not read the entire story and just skimmed the comments. But I do know that someone posted my reaction when I read the statement : “She thought he was “dirty” and “smelled bad”. This did not need to be made public even if this is what she thought. It was enough to say she was not interested, doesn’t care if they exist, and the two encounters were weird.

    To do this dismisses that he works hard and quite possibly was coming to the gas station after working hard getting dirty and getting smelly. I have found myself going to Home Depot or Lowes and may stop at a grocery store or gas station after I discovered I needed something to finish a project. I did not take the time to take a shower (maybe just wash my hands) and I know I was sweaty, dirty, and smelly. And why would I wash up before going out since I was going to get sweaty and dirty finishing my project and waste water by taking a shower twice.

    I have not read the entire story or comments so I will take the time to do so, but wanted to post this comment first.


  37. Sally
    Hate to have to not agree with you.
    Years ago long before stalking we were part of starting a neighborhood watch in our area. We had officers from the Sheriff dept and State Police there as guest speakers. Both said if you see something that makes you feel uneasy report it and make sure a report is made about it. Reason being with a report it starts a paper trail and then they have more teeth to support doing something about it. This is coming from top level members from each department.

    If this were the first time with the daughter give the benefit of the doubt. However second time with hearing of past behaviors it is past benefit of the doubt. If it was enough to weird her out it is enough to make a report. If it continues and a report is made the first thing you will hear an officer say when history is given why did you wait to report it. Giving a report can be as easy as going to the Sheriff dept office and giving it, does not need an officer to waste their time driving out to get it. Document, document, document if it is documented then it did not happen. Documentation especially with officials can be your best line of evidence and protection.


  38. Hate to have to not agree with you.

    It’s fine to not agree with me.

    Rest assured that Al Wilson is not a dumbass. He knows how to call the sheriff’s office and he knows when to do it. I get very impatient with people who cry wolf at every little teeny thing.

    The entire point of all this is not that Joe leered/stared/smiled at Al’s daughter. It’s creepy. He’s creepy. But she can take care of herself. She’s not a wilting violet.

    The point was that Nicole immediately began accusing Al’s daughter of “following” Joe. The meeting at the gas station was entirely coincidental. Nobody has any doubt about that. Joe didn’t follow her there. Joe wasn’t looking for her.

    A similar incident occurred several weeks ago, only this one involved Al, not his daughter. He pulled into the store’s parking lot and Joe was sitting there, in his van. Joe smiled at him and stared. Same scenario. And within seconds, Nicole had pulled out her phone and held it up recording. They were hoping that Al would do something like shoot them a bird so they could get “evidence” on record of his “trolling” behavior. So when Al’s daughter told him how Joe was behaving, this wasn’t any sort of news to Al. He’s well aware of what Joe does.

    None of this is illegal. There is nothing to report. “Officer, I want to report that Joe Naugler was sitting in his van watching me. Yes, sir. He was in a public parking lot.”

    Quit being foolish.


  39. Nicole knows the truth in the situation. She posted that comment to cover the ass of her husband. I have a sinking suspicion that Joe has been doing this to women for years. And who knows what else. Not only do I worry for the daughter of Al, I worry and wonder about the Naugler daughters. Joe lives in a fantasy world where he believes he can take whatever he wants. In his mind, there are probably no limits. Including his girls.


  40. I have not read the entire story or comments so I will take the time to do so, but wanted to post this comment first.

    Probably you should read first.

    I was reporting exactly what the girl said about the Naugler son. Period. It was directly related to the fact that Joe had sat watching this same daughter a year ago and told Al that his son thought she was “cute.” He said this, not as an aside, but deliberately to send Al a message. (“Don’t fuck with me, or I will come after your daughter. She’s vulnerable.”) Al got the message. When I read the exchange, I did too.

    I wanted to report exactly how this girl feels about the Nauglers. She doesn’t give a flying fuck about them. She’s not intimidated by them. She thinks Joe is “creepy” and she was totally unimpressed by the son, whichever one it was.

    My husband often comes in the house after working around here and nobody would want to be within ten feet of him. I understand that. But that was not my point.

    This young girl is being accused by Nicole Naugler of following Joe around, of coming to Nicole’s salon and basically stalking them. She thinks they are creepy, dirty, and that they smell bad. That’s what she thinks. She isn’t interested in them at all.


  41. This is my first reply. I have followed the Nauglers blog for over a year. I feel awful for the children. I am still shocked that CPS allowed them to return to the garden shed. We can all agree the children deserve better.

    I support the blog. Thank you Sally, for allowing the victims of this family to have a voice. NN posting that a teenage girl is stalking her husband is ridiculous. Let’s pretend, NN is being honest. How in the world is a teen girl a threat at all? Is her husband that weak and immature? I can’t fathom how a grown man could be threaten by a teen. JN is a creep.

    I would love to help the children. Are there any ways to improve their life’s?


  42. Personally, not knowing any of them myself, I might guess that Joe was probably paranoid and was staring at the girl because he really thought she was spying on them. Again, I don’t know them so this is my guess. Maybe he is a perverted creep, I don’t know. But I do feel uneasy making those kinds of observations. Those are certainly serious.

    As for the son, all their kids seem pretty typical and seem to be making the best of their situation. Dragging them through the mud with words like perverted and creepy (not addressed to the blog author but the commentors) is seriously wrong. Locals read this blog. Do you want to alienate these kids more than they already are? The blog author’s point, as she states above, is that the girl isn’t stalking them. Not that the Naugler son is a pervert. Please think about what you are saying.


  43. Interesting that in Nicole’s latest blog she “admits” that she was the one staking out Al’s farm. She admits to engaging in the same behavior she is crying about.

    I guess she missed the part if YOUR blog where you posted screenshots from last year of Joe admitting that he was, in fact, the one that had his oversized carcass parked in front of Al’s mailbox.


  44. Here’s a question, does Joe just generally hang out in his car in the parking lot of the local store? I’m curious, not trying to stir anything up, and I know that people will do this. This is not about whether he’s stalking etc., just is chillin’ in the car one of his common things to do?


  45. I would love to help the children. Are there any ways to improve their life’s?

    Nope. That’s in the hands of the Kentucky authorities. However, you can help other children’s lives by clicking on the donate button you see on the right of the screen. The Kentucky Sheriff’s Ranch. 🙂


  46. I might guess that Joe was probably paranoid and was staring at the girl because he really thought she was spying on them.

    You’d probably be wrong. Joe has a history of doing this. He sits and stares at people he sees as enemies. He drives to their houses and sits in his vehicle on the side of the road (so he’s legal) and just watches. It’s intimidation. He’s worse about it with women.


  47. does Joe just generally hang out in his car in the parking lot of the local store?

    Dunno. But I do know that he’s fond of hanging about in his van and staring down people he doesn’t like. And rumor has it that he’s fond of rest areas as well.


  48. Off subject but it was brought up again that joe has two no contact orders as of now. In my state if you have a no contact order against you have to surrender your firearms. I always assumed that was a national law.


  49. Al, I had read your FB post regarding this incident that caused your daughter enough concern that she called you. Now I find out that one of the sons was also involved. I am extremely upset and disturbed that Joe continues to stare and smugly smile (be pervy) at your daughter. And the son also stared (leered). You do what you need to do, she does not need this in her life and neither do you.

    And I guess I should have expected Nicole to turn this around and state that Al’s daughter is doing the stalking. Nicole, really, I mean really, what is odd about locking your doors and going inside . I do that all the time when I get my gas and then go inside. And Joe already knows what Al Wilson’s daughter looks like. Did you forget the PMs between Joe and Al? They tell an entirely different story than yours about being in the car and stopping by Al’s mailbox. The caravan you talk about went by your property twice in one night, not twice in one month. Nice try Nicole. You need to stop making up bullshit.


  50. Sally, we will have to agreed to disagree on reporting what she thought. I stand by my comments that it was unnecessary.


  51. I apologize in advance for how long this comment is.

    It’s not a crime to be “creepy”, it’s also not a crime to smell bad, or be weird. I’m not an expert on Kentucky law (or law in general), but I’m not aware of that there is a law mandating a specific time limit for leaving a gas station after filling up. Acting as if the Nauglers broke a law in this particular situation only feeds their persecution complex.

    Withthat said, there is a great book that I gave to my teenage daughter- it’s called “The Gift of Fear,” by Gavin deBecker. It’s a very good book on learning to trust your instincts, raise your situational awareness and keep yourself safe in a variety of situations. It might be a good resource for anyone who may find themselves having to deal with individuals like this.

    What I’m finding so bizarre is Nicole’s belief that a gorgeous teenager would want to “stalk” her husband. Even if JN was a physically fit, well groomed, suave kind of guy– he’s a married, forty + , father of eleven. Every teenage girl I have ever known has one reaction and one reaction alone to the suggestion that adults even HAVE sex much less being interested in being any part of that, it tends to be along the lines of “Ewwwwwwwwwww” followed by retching and gagging.

    N’s apparent disconnect from reality is well “documented,” but this one just blows me away. If I read about an encounter like this involving my husband, he and I would be having a coming to Jesus conversation. Even if I was absolutely sure he had done NOTHING to make this girl feel uncomfortable, I would make it abundantly clear to him that he needed to check himself. If there were that many “official” eyes on my family, I would be telling my husband, “Look, it doesn’t matter if what you were doing was totally innocent. Stay the fuck away from teenager girls, because the LAST thing our family needs is an accusation of inappropriate behavior around children.”

    When I think about the number of conversations my husband and my ex husband (who is a great dad) have had with our children about what it means to be a man, and how men behave around women, my heart breaks for these kids all over again. My sons and daughters have been taught about boundaries, and things to watch for that indicates a person may be uncomfortable. They’ve been taught about consent and respect and why objectification of women is damaging to both men and women. Those lessons started when they were toddlers and continue to this day. How do you explain sexual boundaries to a teenager who thinks its normal for his sisters to use the bathroom in front of him? How do you explain appropriate sexual behavior when mom and dad have likely had relations not five feet from where he’s trying to sleep? How do you even go back and teach that after years of inappropriate example?

    I’m sorry that this is so long, but I promise I’m getting to end….. I agree that this was creepy and I’m sorry that any teenage girl would have to even think about this. However, as a gun owner, it scares the shit out of me when people start talking about escalating a situation by adding firearms, tasers, etc…to the mix. More than once it’s been discussed here, and other places how the naugler children’s access to weapons is inappropriate. This young lady has already demonstrated that she is able to use the absolute best weapon of all in this situation- her cell phone, and that she has a solid enough relationship with her father that her response to a “weird” interaction is to call him. She responded exactly as she should have.

    Escalating the situation with histrionics and advice to give a teenage girl weapons, is not in my opinion helpful or appropriate. This girl has a responsible father who we all know will protect her and help her navigate dealing with these a-holes, along with any others that will cross her path in the future.

    This is just more evidence of how increasingly unmoored from reality this family seems to be. I hope that Children’s Services pushes for the psych evals to be completed, so that there is at least a shot in hell that these kids could get the help they actually need- long term mental health services for all.


  52. Nicole just had to write a blog post in response to this blog entry. As usual, it is full of lies of how happy and healthy her kids are, her concerns for her family, we dun nuttin wrong bullshit. But, there was one grain of truth wrapped up in all her lies and it was this – “I’m still documenting my life. Maybe I will even cash in on my gravy train.” Yup, she said it “her gravy train”. All of her hyperbole, possibly the reason she keeps having kids she cannot care for is all about “the gravy train.”

    I imagine that when Nicole and Joe decided to move to Kentucky, they thought it would be easy pickings. That they could get away with anything, abusing their children, not educating their children, scam a good amount of dollars from the fine folks of Kentucky and so far, they have managed to that. First, they used the good folks in several LDS church wards by misusing the generous church welfare system. The church supported them in their entirety. The church gave Nicole her start-up money to open her pet grooming salon since Joe refused to work. But, Joe was so lazy, so abrasive and uncooperative they were finally cut off of the church welfare and expelled from the church. Her salon failed again despite the help she received and they moved on to shack up with a group of polygamists. Obviously, that did not work out so well either so they ended up essentially homeless and destitute on their shitty piece of rent to own land. She has her salon compliments of Pace Ellsworth and donations grifted from the removal of their kids last May. She has her little “gravy train” ,$45,000 plus She is hungry for more like a half-starved dog.

    So they are in it for the ‘gravy train” and freebies. They don’t care who they abuse to get it, including their own children. They grossly underestimated the fine people of Kentucky. They have gotten away with abusing Kentuckians fine nature, sense of community but no more. This time they have screwed themselves. It is time for cps to step it up, for authorities and the courts to make them responsible for their misdeeds to the full extent of the law. I hope in the not too distant future that Joe and Nicole will leave Kentucky with an empty purse, empty shitty van and I hope their empty hearts are filled with regret. There is no more gravy train, for you Nicole, there is only going to be consequences for your actions or lack thereof from here on out.

    You have truly pissed off a lot of people since you moved here [Admin: Nope]


  53. What the state police told me is that Joe is careful. That Joe walks a very fine lie between what is legal and what is not, only occasionally crossing it when he loses control or skid adding out of there before LE can get there. They have his number. They know exactly what he is like. We know what he is. If you experienced him in the real world you’d soon know what he is.


  54. It appears that anyone can get away with anything in Kentucky. How do these people have their children? Joe has quite a history of being abusive and other criminal behavior. Nicole is only slightly better. I will never understand how they are just given chance after chance.


  55. So far the only thread I have posted on is a few back – Damaged Goods, I’m the Lisa who is a foster parent and replied to questions about one of the children being moved several times during his time in care. I noticed there is another Lisa who is a regular here, so I will post under Lisa2 from now on 🙂

    With regards to the son, I want to second a couple of things posted by
    I would strongly caution anyone making comments in a public forum such as this to think very carefully before you make statements about a 17 year old boy being creepy and perverted. The Naugler kids are victims, they have been born into and raised in a toxic environment. They know nothing else as normal other than what they have been exposed to and they have been indoctrinated from birth. I’m taking issue with comments directed towards their character because the last thing any of these kids need, is to read, or be told (we all know their mother reads these comments to them) that the court of public opinion has deemed them to be creepy and perverted.
    I am going to defend the position these kids are placed in, day after day. They have been taught to obey their parents, without question. While Nicole loves to assert how independent and boast about what free thinkers all her children are, they aren’t. If you need any evidence of this, listen to the audio clip from last year of Nicole ordering her 2 older boys to show themselves to the sheriff (I think/assume it was the sheriff), who had asked to speak to them. The boys are told to show themselves, then told to come down and speak if they want, but then she states they don’t have to, but they can if they want to etc etc. They obey their mother, without question, and they also answer other questions in the clip that she asks them, about the dog, water and a leash being untangled. In the same clip, as they are being apprehended you can hear Nicole screaming instructions at them and forbidding them to speak a single word to anyone. I don’t know about the rest of you, but my heart literally ached listening to that audio. The damage that has been done to these children is past anything most people can comprehend, it is deep, it is permanent and it is systematically being done to all of them.
    We all know that Joe and Nicole are masters at the art of word spinning, deflection and manipulation. IF the son did say he thought the girl was cute, who knows what the context was? His parents lie, all the time. The lie about everything and anything. First of all, Sally states that the girl is gorgeous, so perhaps he really did say she was cute. I don’t think that’s a big deal in itself AND I can also easily imagine Joe saying “Hey son, don’t you think she’s cute?” and his son saying “yeah”, whether he agrees or not, or even noticed her himself. Then Joe pulls a classic Naugler and puts words into his sons mouth with his message to Al. Fast forward a year later, Joe sees her at the store, waits for his son to come out from paying and says “hey, there’s that girl you think is so cute! How about you wait for her to come out and ask her for a date?” Do any of you seriously expect that this boy is going to say “No Dad, that’s not cool. Let’s just leave before she comes out”. Even if he did, fat chance (pun intended) Joe would agree. Joe has an agenda for everything, and he’s willing to throw anyone under the bus to accomplish it. His kids, his wife, anyone. I’m willing to bet that this son had no clue whatsoever that his parents would spin a chance encounter at the corner store into an accusation of stalking and harassment. I’m also willing to be that if he did, he isn’t in a position to question his parents or to challenge them. We have all seen what happens when the Naugler parents are questioned or challenged, they go ballistic. These kids have learned that in order to remain in favour with their parents, they need to be card carrying members of Team N. It’s so screwed up, all of it. Even if any of these kids do inwardly question if what their parents do is right, or if how they think is right, or if any of them wanted to make a better life for themselves, or dream about going to school or envy how other people live, they are the victims of such deep pervasive emotional and psychological abuse that escaping it is going to next to impossible. There would be consequences; alienation from the family, relentless harassment from J and N, belittling, cruelty etc etc. And No, Lalaloopsey, I don’t think Nicole has Stockholm Syndrome, but I sure as shit think her kids do.

    My point, Joe’s a pig. There’s plenty of evidence to support that. Don’t assume his son is one too. It’s not fair, and it could be potentially devastating for any 17 year old boy to read it in print. He’s a kid who is under the constant influence of two mentally unstable adults and he has been raised to distrust pretty much anyone and everyone he comes into contact with. This is an almost adult who is coming out of the gate, so to speak, at a disadvantage in life that is bigger than most of us can imagine.

    There will come a time (in the very near future) that their oldest will be an adult, and with that, comes personal responsibility and accountability for choices that are made. I’m with Meredith on this one and I hope, for his sakes and for societies, that he is one of those victims who becomes one hell of a survivor. Until then, give the kid a break. He has enough people in his world against him, he certainly doesn’t need more.


  56. BLB, “You’d probably be wrong. Joe has a history of doing this. He sits and stares at people he sees as enemies. ”

    I suppose he saw us as enemies, when we passed by to the next neighbor’s place. He was standing at his drive way when we went by. We were chatting on the neighbor’s drive way, probably a good 20 minutes or more. I looked behind me towards Naugler’s direction, to see where our group’s kids were playing. And there I could see Joe. Standing in his driveway, fully squared in our direction. Just gawking and staring away. Kind of creepy. The tall overgrown weeds had eyes.


  57. I want to say something here.

    I write this blog and use my real name. Everyone, including Nicole and Joe and the state of Kentucky and anyone who reads this, knows exactly who I am. My real name. Nicole writes about me on her blog using my real name. Her leghumpers declare that I am insane, that I should be put in prison, that Nicole should “get a restraining order” against me (for writing a blog!), you name it, all using my real name. They do the same thing about Al Wilson, who writes here using his real name.

    I walk a fine line here straddling the whole concept of fair, warranted criticism of the public writing of a woman who has by her own choice thrust her entire family in the limelight of social media all for the sole purpose of generating donations -and – trying to figure out when and if comments go too far, or my own commentary goes too far. I do the best I can, considering that I am really strong supporter of the First Amendment.

    Freedom of speech, the free exchange of ideas, is really important to me. I would actually prefer to err on the side of allowing or engaging in criticism that some of you might find objectionable to erring on the side of stifling fee speech.

    Nicole Naugler has commented here, once. She is welcome to comment here any time she wants. I cannot comment on her pages. Either I am blocked (Facebook) or my comment would never be approved (her blog, where she does not typically approve any negative comments, although people do make them – you just never see them). Joe can come comment here if he wishes. The minor children may not.

    But please keep in mind that I do this using my real name.

    With only a few exceptions, those of you commenting are doing so behind screen names. That’s fine. I’m not being critical of you for doing so. I understand that some of you have extremely good reasons for doing so. But it’s really easy to throw darts at me from behind your screen names. It’s also very easy to toss flame throwers at the Nauglers.

    Before you write, think about how you’d feel about what you’re saying if both Nicole and I knew your real name, where you live and who you are. Nicole once accused “the trolls” of being too chicken to say stuff to her face. Remember that? I invited her to have lunch with me. She declined. I want you to imagine, before you comment, that you’re sitting across the table from Joe and Nicole, chatting. Would you say what you are writing?

    If you think I am doing this wrong, or that you could do it better, by all means, trot over to WordPress and make your own blog. Come back and tell me you did. If it’s worth a damn, I’ll link to it.


  58. I agree strongly with the statements of both Sally and Lisa2.

    With one proviso: as the mother of teenage boys I stand by my words.

    If they smell, please tell them, as much as I personally disagree with it – I like the smell of sweat, body odor is considered a deal breaker for most teenagers, particularly if you’re romantically inclined.

    Don’t be like your father, do not emulate him in any way, but particularly be wary of his attentions to young females or women he is trying to either intimidate or romance. It is not going to get you far and will not endear yourself to others.


  59. If you smell bad, you know you smell bad. All those feelings that come along with being ostracized for it will, hopefully, make you more self aware of how you present yourself to the outside world.
    Feeling embarrassed, if its warranted, is not a bad thing. It shows signs of maturity and understanding of life and the current culture you live in.


  60. Nicole mentions often that they find fun items at the Dollar Store…the Dollar Store sells deodorant..however, Deodorant won’t do much good if you don’t have a place..or a way to bathe yourself….and no..the creek/pond is not a place to bathe..although, its better than nothing…but really, personal hygiene aside…the whole point was that this poor young girl felt uncomfortable with good reason..the fact that Nicole tries to turn the tables and accuse Al’s daughter of stalking them is just ludicrous..infuriating really…


  61. We have a code word in our house “Julian”; coined from Adam Sandlers movie Big Daddy. If I say Julian! to my 17 year old son it means he stinks, and bad. I say it 2, 3 or more times a week. There’s also been a few times I have considered posting a photo on our schools public FB page of the 30 some (clean) tshirts he owns, just so the staff doesn’t think the kid only has the same 3 he’s worn religiously all year, and photos of the shelf in our house full of Costco size body wash, deodorant and shampoo bottles. But then I tell myself his 3 sisters and assorted foster bunnies attend the same school, they’re all clean and don’t stink so that’s got to count for something. I am waiting for him to either notice a girl and decide to smell better, or maybe decide for himself it’s gross. In the meanwhile I’ll just keep yelling out Julian whenever necessary ?


  62. This is strictly my opinion and is no more than that. Joe is a creep, loser, failure as a husband, failure as a father, and makes himself, his whackadoodle co-dependent wife, and sorely disadvantaged children completely unwelcome where ever they live. That’s not the children’s fault. Their poverty, strictly speaking, is not what makes them so loathed. It is that rather than trying to genuinely improve their situation they wallow in it and impose their horrible behavior and irresponsibility on every soul they encounter. They beg to fund…whatever they fund. They will not lift a finger for any real employment enterprise that could lift them out of their predicament. They arrogantly refuse to be corrected however kindly put or however beneficial the counsel. That is not to speak ill of Nicole’s business venture but it the way she approaches it one would think she wants it to fail. I hope it doesn’t fail but she approaches most of her potential clientele and fellow dog groomers with hostility. She and her husband have certainly established a most negative reputation.

    They do not merely wallow in the circumstances they made for themselves but insist that other people be forced to accept and perpetually live with the consequences of Joe and Nicole’s lifestyle of squalor and anti-social behavior. Most people would conclude that the Nauglers’ behavior is due to mental issues. I cannot say if they are or are not. But the Nauglers certainly know when their behavior is provocative. They know when they are doing things they shouldn’t be. They just believe that they can, or that they should be, entitled to get away with it. I personally believe that Joe and his wife are actually striving to be feral parents with smartphones. I also personally believe that most, if not all, of the kids would rather live far differently than they do and, if they could overcome the lack of being reared by real parents, they could possibly do well in the world. Hope springs eternal for the kids but the parents, words fail me.


  63. Where there is a will there is a way. I am loathe to mention how many times I have “bathed” in a public restroom, washed clothes there or in a creek (learned that one as a child). I have a very funny story about my being caught by the police nighttime guerilla bathing in a public fountain in a large city in Texas back in the 70’s, but I’m taking that one to my grave.

    We aren’t talking about littles, we are talking about teenagers who supposedly have their own agency. At some point every teenager and adult needs to stop making excuses due to a bad upbringing and take control over their own destiny. You do them no favors by excusing and ignoring the very deficiencies that will make them stick out in the real world or even worse hinder them. Believe me, the world isn’t going to cut them that slack, on the contrary it will mark them.

    Society is what it is. People have moved away from the days when smelling bad was acceptable. Blame it on advertisers or whomever. No one is blaming the teens, but damn, we should be guiding them toward societal norms. They will have enough on their plate learning to live in the real world, without being ostracized over something so insignificant as body odor.

    As to all the people having hissy fits over what I consider an innocuous and true statement being published on this blog I say “suck it up buttercup”. Seriously, this is what you are arguing about? Talk about losing sight of the big picture, which to me at least, is that these children have every opportunity to thrive and be happy adults. That the truth is revealed about their heinous parents, because in the end, as painful as it might be at the time, it is the only way I see that the children will someday be free.


  64. I use my real name and I would absolutely say any thing I say on here to Nicole’s face! Sally you are doing a fantastic job and you are very wise and have very good judgement . The worst anyone has said about the son is that the young lady Joe was leering at said he was dirty and smelled and that he doesn’t have a role model of what a real man should be! Well shit they have no running water and live on land that is covered in animal and human shit! In most of the pics Nicole posts they look filthy and I know kids get dirty but most kids have a warm bath and clean pajamas before they climb into a clean bed. The N kids don’t! I don’t believe anyone called the boy a perv but Joe and with good reason ! He is a perv !!! I 1000% believe that he molested his oldest son!!! Also lets be honest sometimes rumors aren’t true but most of the people who have dealt with the Ns have very similar stories to tell. There were rumors from former church goers about Joe making young woman and girls uncomfortable. I believe that! Sally please correct me if I am
    Wrong because I don’t want to put words in your mouth but you started this blog to expose Joe and Nicole for the con artists and liars they are right? I know that I personally am sick of the fact that they have spent years and years using people up then throwing them away and turning things around to make them out to be the bad people! Just like they used the church up and then made it out like they left because they were done wrong . I’m sick of the fact that they bully and intimidate all of those people they have used into silence ! I’m sick of these horrible people getting away with abusing their kids and using everyone and not only getting away with it but being praised by the leg humpers and Turing it around to where they are the victims!! I’m sick of it and I am ready to see them finally face the consequences from years of abuse to their kids and all the people they have used up and left behind . They wanted this to go viral and they got it!!! Now there are many people like me who are not scared of them and aren’t going away!!!


  65. I’ve followed this for a long time, though never commented. I don’t live in KY, but I have a lot of family in Bullitt County, and spend a lot of time there. Anyway, it’s easy to get caught up in the he said/she said trap along with speculation. At the end of the day, everyone, including Nicole, needs to remember who has a menacing charge here. It’s not Al’s daughter. If you go by straight facts along with court records, who was “leering” at who? It’s pretty easy to answer.


  66. I feel bad for their oldest sons. They are getting to the age where they notice young ladies and are interested. They just don’t know how to handle themselves and their role model is terrible. Its just so sad. Job Core boys- Job Core!


  67. Thank you Lisa2 for your articulate and compassionate view of the Naugler eldest son (and his siblings by association). I couldn’t agree more. The son is unfortunately a product of his parental indoctrination. It is a positive that he has an outside job now, is earning money (which I hope he keeps for himself) and will learn from co-workers and customers about expected hygiene and social skills.

    Nicole and Joe are the culpable ones here. Joe continues to confirm he is a rotten role model for his sons and daughters. Nicole is pathological for twisting a story around 180 degrees. I know what she is up to, because I visited the Sneeds the evening of the Blessed Caravan, and her “account” of the events THAT night was wild fiction.

    I got to know the Wilson family this year. Al’s daughter is mature, working hard all this summer at a job, drives a car, has friends, and is going to college in the fall. She doesn’t give a shit about the Nauglers. And really… absurd a thought is it, that a beautiful young lady would waste her time paying attention to that bobblehead Joe, or a son who clearly needed a shower, maybe a shave, and fresh clothes? Nicole’s blog on the matter was actually funny………From the “slime to the ridiculous!”

    PS– #1 Homestead Son should spend some “unschooling” time learning basic Hygiene 101. Here is one of many YouTube videos on the subject:

    With some tutelage, the boy would certainly have a shot at meeting nice teenaged girls. He is good looking and a hard worker.


  68. He is good looking and hard working, but the downside is the Nauglers as inlaws. I hope for his sake and that of his future wife he plans to move far, far, far away from Kentucky.


  69. Hi Sally,
    Jeannie here; Jeannie Waller. I agree with the others who have said you do a fantastic job of putting the Ns on alert while providing us all with an education on those topics she claims to be an expert or those horrible claims she makes against her neighbors.
    I can only imagine how awful it must be to live uphill or downhill from the Ns and their shit pile. I also cannot imagine how horrible it must be to have a child that was subjected to the horrible sexual harassment by gross joe. Yuck….and Nicole, in case you are reading, I am not in elementary school and am not picking on your family…I’m picking on you…only you. My mama used to speak of a lazy piece of white trash woman who lived with a lazy fat assed husband who didn’t work and that heifer would go with her lazy husband to the dairy queen every night and eat a burger, fries, and a large shake while her little kids went hungry most nights…they ate at school and to their mother, that was enough. My mama didn’t blame the daddy…nope….she blamed the mama…the mama who sat by and let a lazy piece of shit make her children’s life hard and miserable. She never left him but one-by-one the girls ran away…the boys stayed and last I heard, they all are lazy pieces of shit like their father. The girls did better but they all left home before they were 16. Nicole, I blame you! How can you let your children live in that filth? You deny them of a right to health, a right to an education, a right to food and shelter. Now write a note on Facebook about how we attack your family….nope you…it’s you we attack.


  70. I might be one of few who isn’t against calling creepy behavior creepy just because the person doing the creeping is under 18. Wrong behavior is wrong, whether 15 or 18 or 28 or 35. It doesn’t even matter that the boy doesn’t have an good role models. If he decides to take what he thinks he’s entitled to because his dad is teaching him that there shouldn’t be laws, would a victim feel less violated or traumatized because the boy’s parents shouldn’t be allowed to breed and didn’t teach their kids to respect boundaries and the rules of polite society? No. I hate to say this, but any shame one of those teen boys might feel over seeing that a teen girl that he felt okay leering at reported him to be dirty and smelly (those kids probably are desensitized to their body odor) could be what makes him step back instead of making unwanted advances via physical force. I will say it openly. I’m concerned Joe will teach those boys that they can take girls and women by force, and those are the victims I’ll be more concerned about.

    Right now, the kids are stuck. When they turn 18, the ones without birth certificates will be stuck too. It’s not a slight against them to point this out, or to point out their bad, leering, and criminal behavior (like stealing at Nicole’s former workplace). It’s a strike against the parents, but the kids will still ultimately be the ones legally on the hook for their behavior. It’s entirely on the parents that their kids are dirty and live in a literal shit hole. If Nicole and Joe don’t want the smelly kids, then they need to do something about it. Unfortunately, they clearly don’t care that their kids smell, and the kids are being raised to not trust anyone who doesn’t live in that shit hole with them and to have respect for no one. They’re being raised to shun society and to think that there should be no laws, only the ends of guns up people’s asses. Sadly, those kids probably believe they really smell fine, no matter what anyone else says, because their parents have been brainwashing them to think that their lives are normal and that everyone is out to get them out of jealousy.

    Here is an article about a kid who was homeschooled because the family was poor. It sounds an awful lot like the Nauglers. Alex (not the author’s real name) didn’t even see that there were problems until he/she managed to pull away. This backs my belief that the Naugler kids wouldn’t believe there are problems in their lives, no matter who told the world about them. If Nicole is to be believed, her kids saw nothing positive in foster care. Not the showers or warm beds or clean food. All of it was bad, if she and they are telling the truth about their thoughts.

    Until those kids get away, if they ever do, I really don’t think they’ll have a concept of shame or embarrassment. After all, they’re all just victims anyway, and all that hurts them is not being allowed to keep dumping shit wherever they want. All that hurts them is that people want the kids to have safe, clean lives with education. I think Joe and Nicole have brainwashed them into seeing those things as bad. If anything, being called smelly and dirty might be a badge of honor.

    Also, I think the county has let things slide so long because they don’t know what to do with 11 kids for months or longer. I don’t think the county has the money. It would be about $8,000 just in foster care payments to foster families (more if the difficulty of the kids qualifies them as special needs), plus costs of the kids having a team of social workers, guardians ad litem, the court has to pay for attorneys for the parents in family cases, and so on. And if the kids are as difficult for foster families to deal with as I suspect they are, the county might run out of homes willing to accept the infamous Naugler kids. I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe and Nicole told them t run away next time they’re in state custody. They’ve got the system backed into a corner.


  71. Lisa, we used to tell my teen brother when he stunk. I swear teen boys block out their own BO. BO is usually a sign of bacteria growing, which is unsanitary. We were less concerned for my brother’s feelings than we were about him being cleaned of that bacteria. As an adult, he’s not traumatized. My husband was once told by a girl he had a crush on that he stunk. He was slightly embarrassed and started taking more showers. Teen boys are resilient on the topic of their own BO. I’ve known more than a few who thought smelling bad was funny. Toilet humor at its grossest.

    Someone said that society isn’t so kind to smelly people. To tell the truth, this is not a bad thing. When smelling is usually a sign of a lot of bacteria, or in the Nauglers’ case, bacteria and living literally in human shit, that’s a lot of bacteria and potential disease and other pathogens that can be easily transferred from their bodies to other stuff they touch. A typical quarter has almost always touched something gross, but at least gets buffed clean of some of that by being rubbed against the inside of pant pockets, change purses, and cleaned hands. There are a lot of degrees separating the shit to now, which dilutes any nastiness. There are no degrees when the Nauglers are touching stuff, or when other unbathed people are touching stuff. I’m not saying that smelly people or homeless people should be cast out of society (who hasn’t started getting a bit stinky while running errands on a hot summer day?), but everyone else shouldn’t be expected to hold their breath and just deal with chronic lack of sanitation, especially when you know, like with the Nauglers, that they’re living literally in human shit.


  72. Something to ponder…

    The kids may have or be able to buy personal hygiene products on the cheap. They may already know how to bathe, wash their hair and use deodorant. They may be aware of public places where they could go to utilize these things to get clean (since there’s no running water at home). But how are they going to get there? Walk? How far would that be? And in this heat, wouldn’t they just get “smelly” making the trek back home? And this isn’t even considering the fact that I’m sure J & N won’t ever let the kids venture out on their own.

    I don’t think it’s as easy as people are making it out to be.

    I only hope that the oldest is saving his money from his job for a place where he can shower and live in some semblance of comfort, or possibly save for a car so that he can drive far away to someone who can be supportive and help him find his way.


  73. Thank-you Lisa2!
    Excellent footnote! And compassionate commentary! I only wish more readers would take it to heart (because, indeed, there are some very strange comments posted here, and some of them sound just as frantic and crazy-overboard as Nicole.), so I’ve highlighted some of your post here. It needs to be reiterated!
    “While Nicole loves to assert how independent and boast about what free thinkers all her children are, they aren’t. If you need any evidence of this, listen to the audio clip from last year of Nicole ordering her 2 older boys to show themselves to the sheriff (I think/assume it was the sheriff), who had asked to speak to them. The boys are told to show themselves, then told to come down and speak if they want, but then she states they don’t have to, but they can if they want to etc etc. They obey their mother, without question, and they also answer other questions in the clip that she asks them, about the dog, water and a leash being untangled. In the same clip, as they are being apprehended you can hear Nicole screaming instructions at them and forbidding them to speak a single word to anyone. I don’t know about the rest of you, but my heart literally ached listening to that audio. The damage that has been done to these children is past anything most people can comprehend, it is deep, it is permanent and it is systematically being done to all of them.”

    Give the poor Naugler boy a break, posters! I am so embarrassed for him. The harsh reality that these children face – the one Lisa2 speaks of – is utterly disheartening. On one hand, when of age, they could try to leave or stand-up for themselves, but then again, they’d face resentment, alienation, the slandering of their name to the rest of the family… They have no other family, and they love their siblings. How hard it would be, to leave them! I feel as if they are high-functioning abused children, but abused nevertheless. Their parents are just crazy zealot assholes.

    While I do think this particular post went over-the-head of many readers, as evidenced by the over-dramatic pleas to file a police report, or arm said teen with a gun, the crazed comments perpetuate Nicole’s agenda. So, try to stay-grounded, ladies and gentlemen! 🙂

    The real focus of this post, I think, are Joe’s lies, and Nicole’s ridiculous attempt to manipulate her readers into believing the hype that a teenaged girl, about to enter college, is stalking her obese deadbeat husband. As if! Don’t flatter yourselves, Nicole/Joe.


  74. Al’s daughter knows what someone smells like after a long hard day of physical labor in the heat and humidity. Her parents work hard. She works hard. Maybe it’s just me but there is a different kind of odor from someone who has gotten really sweaty & dirty from working hard but started out the day relatively clean. The odor of someone who has ground-in grime with a layer of fresh sweat and mucking about in whatever is more pungent. I hope that someone who has read this blog and is in a position to do something about the kids ensures that there are more frequent opportunities to bathe, head to toe, and they provide a good scrubbing cloth or something too.

    Joe’s kidding himself if he thinks he’s so wonderful that a young woman would “stalk” him. He’s over 40, married and the father of 11 children. That alone would make him less than interesting in a young woman’s eyes. Nicole is kidding herself if she thinks this young woman is stalking Joe or any of her sons.

    I also find it odd that Joe states he AND his youngest daughter were hugged by complete strangers. Why in the world would he permit someone to just give his young daughter a hug? If he wants the hug, fine, whatever. I rather doubt she thought this was a wonderful moment. Maybe she didn’t. I wouldn’t have thought it was okay when I was her age.

    The Naugler family isn’t protesting annoying petty HOA restrictions like, “You can’t use a clothesline” or “No parking a company pick-up truck in front of your house – even if it is provided to you and you’re permitted to drive it home”. The Naugler family is dumping human waste on the ground. Not in an area with a liner and with solid walls, or even lots and lots of straw or other absorbent materials to contain it. They are flouting basic sanitation and gravity. That’s not the same thing. They are also interfering with others’ rights to travel on the roads, enjoy their own property, entertain their friends, etc. I don’t get why this is overlooked by some who read this blog. At any rate, I’m sorry for those who have to endure and deal with Joe & Nicole directly and indirectly. I hope their kids assert their independence. After all, Nicole left home at 16 (I think) so I doubt she would be terribly surprised if any of the kids were to do so.


  75. My daughter pulled up to the island and started to undo the nozzle, but said that the look and the grin Mr. Naugler was giving her was weird enough for her to go inside and prepay . . . in the hopes that he would be gone when she came back out. When she went into the store, she was behind the young man in line.

    She waited behind him as he was at the cash register.

    She said she thinks it was one of the Naugler boys. I asked her to describe him and she said “I dunno, dirty clothes, smelled rough” She then confirmed that the same young man that was in the store went to the van.

    In other words, after he had paid, went back out to the van, Joe was still there. I can dismiss that, maybe he was doing something. However, she indicates he was sitting there staring and grinning. Sending a message. “Very creepy”

    She indicates that she pulled out her cell phone and that’s when they drove off.

    Regarding the young man, she spoke neither disparagingly or favorably of him. She’s often told me that I smelled terrible after a long day of work. If the young man had been working all day that’s a perfectly valid and understandable condition. Kudos to him for work ethic. I mean that sinceely.

    What is neither understandable or acceptable is a 41 year old man leering and grinning at a minor child. Nicole’s spin that this same young lady is “stalking” them is asinine and a reflection of their insanity.

    Most of their assumptions and allegations are complete bullshit. Their conspiracy theories and over the top explanations and deflections are going to be their own undoing. None of us in the community have to do anything other than watch and shake our heads. Their spins and tales are only believable to the naïve, the foolish, and the sanctimonious.

    Should they be foolish enough to escalate the situation or “call in the militia” as Joe has threatened, we’ll deal with it.

    Until then, we’ll simply avoid them, counter their bullshit claims with the truth, and not be intimidated.

    Joe and Nicole, document this. You can buy extra memory for your extensive digital library by visiting your PayPal account. It’s the button under each of your asinine blog posts.



  76. Al Wilson,

    Thank you for making it very clear what happen at Chester’s Store. It is upsetting that you and your family and the community is having to deal with Joe’s behavior. And Nicole’s nonsense shamelessly defending him and placing the blame on your daughter as if she where stalking him.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it is my understanding that there is a ” No Contact Order ” already in place on Joseph Naugler and it also includes your immediate family members. Which means he should have left the area immediately when he even saw your daughter.
    Knowing this infuriates me. The man is clearly testing the very ink on the damn paper. And that is what makes him very dangerous in my opinion. He thinks he is above the law.
    O’Buddy I’d sure let the County Attorney know about it, coincidence or not, Joe never immediately left the area period !!!

    My family and I admire your calmness and readiness to the situation. Especially with threats from Joe to ” call in the militia. ”
    However, I’d never expect anything less from a Military Veteran. Always ready for whatever may come day or night.


  77. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it is my understanding that there is a ” No Contact Order ” already in place on Joseph Naugler and it also includes your immediate family members.

    That is incorrect. The no contact order is in regard to the next-door neighbor.


  78. I think what the folks at Freejinger missed in their discussion, of this blog, that Sally did not say anything about Al’s daughter’s encounter with Joe and his son, until Nicole posted that Joe was being stalked by Al’s daughter.
    (Could that post have been a nasty joke of Nicole’s?… Surely she knew it was a lie?)

    Also, having only sons, I know that most boys couldn’t care less about whether they stink.
    In my household it was the mom who made sure the routine of nightly showers with soap and shampoo was followed with deodorant, a good tooth brushing clean pajamas and clean sheets.
    When my youngest son was in fifth grade, I backed off being the nagging Mama because I figured the boys knew the routine and were good at following good hygiene practices.
    It took me three days to recognize that my son had worn the same outfit to school every day and that he was developing a stinky crusty smell.
    When I confronted him, he told me he was “experimenting”
    One of his friends at school never took a shower and always wore the same clothes and he wanted to see what it was like.
    I doubt that the Naugler children have access to daily toiletries. I would have been upset if one of the girls had been called out as not being Daisy fresh, but not so much boys.


  79. MIM, I’m so glad I never had sons. I have a good friend with a couple boys hitting that age, and she says it smells so bad in her house now. It’s like boys take pride in who reeks the most. My brother and his friends were like that, until girls started saying stuff to their faces.


  80. Free Jinger absolutely went off the rails about this. Why, I dunno. I agree with the poster here who said creepy behavior should be called out no matter the age, and nobody is talking about littles! Josh Duggar’s very creepy teenage molestation has been talked about over there ad nauseum, but they are very upset about the posts about the teenage Nog boy.

    I also agree with the poster here who said where there is a will there is a way to clean yourself. Mollycoddling the older teens won’t help them one bit.

    I like how some of you talked about boys not always really caring about being stinky. The teen Nog boy likely wouldn’t be scarred for life knowing somebody said that about him.

    FWIW, there is a lot of anti-BLB and anti-Sally sentiment on FJ right now. Some even call this a hate blog. I don’t understand any of it.


  81. Free Jinger absolutely went off the rails about this.

    The people at Free Jinger have had no problem whatever discussing the children at length and in great detail. They allow photos of the children to be posted. They examine them with a microscope. They talk endlessly about the Rodriquez children and their appearance and none of it is complimentary. If I had the time and wanted to bother, I could do a nice series on just how cruel Free Jinger’s participants are about children.

    In addition, if you Google the children’s names (especially the older ones and the baby) the first results you get are Free Jinger.

    That is why I do not permit the children’s names to be used here. The only Naugler child’s name that brings up this blog via Google is the oldest son, and that’s because he commented here. I removed the comment but not his name. With hindsight, I probably should have.

    This kind of thing is why I ceased participating over there. If I could figure out how to get my account deleted, I would. I really don’t want anything to do with that forum. So if a moderator over there reads this and wants to help me out, please remove me.


  82. Free Jinger is being taken over by a few BEC.
    Buffy and SpoonfulofSugar are the worst. If they are mods they need to go back to Mod school. Buffy is the worst she knows it all and has done it all…. hmmm sounds like some one else we know.

    I do have a problem the way that they are bashing Sally. IMO they need to sweep their doorsteps before they fling shit cause their site is not innocent.

    They do have no problem picking about the Duggars and others like them. They do allow pictures and names.

    They talk smack but are quick to come here and read.


  83. I tried FJ a while back but found it too childish. There are really no enforced rules of behavior there except what they feel is acceptable at the moment.

    There is no intelligent information on Facebook and FJ. Just page after page of uninformed opinions. Pointless really.

    But Sally just seems to intelligently counter the Nicole bull when it happens.
    The comment section here is just a bonus. The articles refuting the Naulger lies are why I come here.

    I like the predictability :

    Nicole says something outrageously untrue to promote the image she wants people to have of her.

    Then, Sally provides an article full of personal experience, links, and facts to show that the Nauglers are wrong.


  84. FJ Mods are constantly in a pissin’ contest especially the two you mentioned FlippenSIR. Their continued proclamations of moral and intellectual superiority while monopolizing the conversation with page long corrections of fellow posters is simply boring, imo. Making Sally and this blog a major talking point is pretty funny and great advertisement too.
    OTOH, I too have raised boys and telling them they”stink” was met with an armpit wave in my direction. Hardly an earth shattering or unusual comment when raising boys and no psychological damage was ever incurred! Quite the opposite in fact. LOL


  85. I think it’s interesting that this blog was criticized for corrections and adding additional information. Even news outlets add information or make let it be known when they made an error. That is responsible reporting. Ditto for BLB. It’s responsible blogging.

    Eventually you’ll forget your password to FJ and that will be the end of that.


  86. My two won’s worth here. Many folks have been offended that that Sally reported on this blog that Al’s daughter said that she thought the one Naugler boy with Joe was dirty and smelled bad. Some have indicated that this would be soul-crushing to the Naugler boy and comprised the foulest and most gleeful bullying of a Naugler child. Some have indicated that the Naugler children are living in a depraved state not of their choosing and any unhappy report of them is a form of bullying.

    I think that most of this is self-righteous histrionics. The parents could care less if their children are clean or not, smell okay or not, or how to act. That’s why (along with running out of prey to con in real life) they have strived to isolate themselves on Naugler Camp Destitute. When these kids attempt to have a life outside of their family enclave they will find that no one will give them a pass because their parents were the fabled Nasty Joe and Nicole. That is not a comment on their potential but to accurately distinguish the very real harm their parents have inflicted on them from the highly imaginary harm from the reports of this blog. I say this carefully because this distinguishes those who safely opine on morals and ethics from those who have been personally abused by the Nauglers, had their friends abused by the Nauglers, and witnessed them in action. The Nauglers are abusive and completely malevolent con artists. Al’s daughter did nothing to warrant the fixated watching by Joe. Sally did nothing wrong in reporting what happened in the daughter’s words.


  87. Many folks have been offended that that Sally reported

    I wonder why the same people aren’t offended that people talk about how skinny the Rodriquez children are. Down to meticulously examining photos with a magnifying glass to find stuff. Wouldn’t that be “soul-crushing” to those children, especially since they gleefully use the children’s names so it’s all very easy to find.

    It’s just hypocritical beyond words.


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