Do You Think It Is Funny?

The ingredients that make up humor are hard to pin down.  What one person finds funny, another may not.  What we do know about humor is that it is often a way to alleviate fear and anxiety.  Humor disengages fear because it changes your perspective of the topic being joked about.

You can know a lot about a person by the jokes they tell.  Jokes often carry hidden meaning for the person telling the joke, whether they are consciously aware of it or not.  Too often, jokes are a way for a person to assert their feelings of superiority over others.
CaptureCaptureWhat does it say about a man who publicly posts jokes about eating pets? Who finds the idea of “it tastes like cat” or “deep fried puppies” to be humorous?  It is particularly interesting when such jokes are made by a man who relies on his wife to support both himself and their large family.  When the wife in question is a successful pet groomer.

I may not know the answers to those questions, but there is one thing I do know.  If you have to explain the joke, then you have failed to be funny.

This installment brought to you by “The Nefarious Please”


25 thoughts on “Do You Think It Is Funny?”

  1. Hunger and survival will lead many to consume what others find objectionable. Given Joe’s girth he would probably be first in line at The Donner Party Banquet.


  2. Most of Nicole’s true friends just want this BS to stop, it appears Nicole doesn’t. Nicole feeds into this victim mentality IMHO, she craves the attention. She posts about nearly every week on BLH. Why? No one can save Nicole from herself, that seems apparent. When will her most ardent supporters get that? It appears she’s been on a slow self destruct path for years unfortunately she’s now committed 11 children to this sad downward spiral.

    It was sickening IMHO seeing Joe, Nicole and the rest of LDS Ancaps crew jump on that 20 year old. They showed her, they showed us.

    It’s all fun and games, until it’s not.


  3. It is amazing how cruel they can be and then claim it’s a joke, yet get offended if they are the brunt of a joke. A double standard wouldn’t you say? The second they are the joke, they immediately get offended and begin to report to Facebook. They are experts at posting offensive comments to stir the pot and then go back and delete, just in time to prevent Facebook from pulling the post and putting them in a time out.


  4. Walls are down. Everyone took down that inappropriate picture of your salon, but you just kept playing the fool. I hope cps wakes up soon. I’m only a safe 2,hour drive from anyone evil wants to get anyway.


  5. This entire spectacle unfolded Friday evening. I was clued into it by another person watching it go down.

    A young lady who had never publicly commented on the Naugler saga came over to Nicole’s personal page to ask a question: why Nicole felt it was acceptable for her children to live in filth. Nicole entertained herself summoning her pack dogs to pounce on her. Joe Naugler joined in the “party”, as well as Lori Howerter, Rita Brooks (sock account), Aaron Batteen, April Jo Perez, someone named Jacob Young, and others.

    It was like watching a horror film: seeing them “joking around” that the girl ate dead puppies. It reminded me of the leering and taunting that a girl would get by a gang of boys who corner her in an alley before proceeding to rape her and laugh at the same time.

    Joe posted a meme with the C word, just to be extra vulgar and bully-ish. And Nicole approves of his behavior. What a sickening pair of “parents”. Over 85 posts occurred over a period of three hours. One demented mother + one demented father + typing on their laptop/phone screens while laughing = IGNORING their children. Epic parenting fail. Epic human fail.


  6. I frequently see the word “satire” used.
    They seem to enjoy claiming any cruelty they display is “satire.”
    It is not.

    Joe, Nicole, Ben and Charles. You are not funny, you are a-holes.


  7. hes just trying to be relevant. And if people are talking about his lame attempts at humor he thinks he was successful. In the real world he is just digging a deeper hole, where every crack in the Blessed Little Homesteads armor lets out a little more light about the reality of these 2. He has however offended the people that love animals, and isnt that something you would do being a homesteader? Love and respect animals? You are a shell of a man Joseph. You should think about not advertising that fact to the world. i wonder how many will convert from supporters to Are Fuckin Kidding Me ers?


  8. It’s funny when it appears Nicole has let Joe out of the kennel to play. He’s like a big dopey dog that tries so hard but fails. I can see why he isn’t a major presence on any of their pages. He seems not to offer anything, IMHO.


  9. That Joe is a sad example of a man. He is not a “father” to his children he is just the sperm donor. He does not teach them anything useful. He does not provide for them. He does not homeschool them. He does not fix anything on the homestead. He does not appear to even love his wife or children. I sincerely hope that the Jacob Good is not their oldest son. What a shame if they have him mixing in with their dirty deeds.


  10. I worked in a state psych hospital for 5 years as a nurse. So the types of behavior I saw were somewhat shocking at first, but then you get used to certain things and just come to accept them. This dynamic duo of wasted human flesh reminds me of the ones who are totally ok with not showering for YEARS on end; wearing filthy clothes (although we could force them to change or wash them), having religious grandiosity, believing it is totally fine for them to act a certain way and stir up holy hell if they aren’t treated a certain way, etc. I wouldn’t have a problem with these 2 knuckleheads if they weren’t passing this on to almost a dozen or so children. The joking about eating dogs wasn’t even joking, it was sick and weak attempts at drawing attention but it worked. I didn’t see any humor in it, because as noted, if you don’t get the joke in the first place, its not funny. It leads me to believe that its some retarded inside joke in their sick sad circle and because they are such simple people, they find it absolutely hilarious. When the normal people are just rolling their eyes and wondering how flesh can be wasted like this.

    I would love to see a psychiatrist diagnose these 2 and give them no choice but to take meds and change their filthy ways in order to better themselves. Its clear that they are absolutely psychotic.

    “Two Naugtler’s walk into a bar…” Thats all I kept thinking…

    Thanks again for giving me my daily laugh on here 🙂


  11. How many Nauglers does it take to figure out that bizarre pet eating jokes are not funny and highly inappropriate when your livelihood depends on a grooming salon?


  12. Sadly, I do believe their children are in on this and doing some of the posting. A diversion from the impending court date? Today she seems very preoccupied in her postings on asserting her “rights” and CPS, very telling.
    She favors posting the most controversial things possible, with repeated focus on genitalia and bodily functions, knowing full well the effect on most. Goal accomplished, attention and controversy.
    “Deep fried puppies”… The latest chapter in unschooling children on becoming social misfits and psychopathology. I’m sure CPS is following.


  13. Sick just sick . Ah Lori the one who was highly offended that J was intimidating Al’s daughter . She has daughters of her own – right ? What happened? I thought these moms were offended, back to supporting these 2 sick parents. Birds of a feather …… But they want peace they don’t want the family to go backwards. Absolutely disgusting what they did to that young girl . They all should be ashamed. ESP the moms that chose to partake in it . Yep that’s you good ol Lori . Such great character. You’re families must be beaming with pride.


  14. Sara Nurse you hit it on the head.

    These two do need a pick up order issued and a mental evaluation. I am shocked that the court did not order that before giving the kids back. Maybe they will the next time. We can only hope they will and that could be the saving grace for the younger kids. I do believe that the older boys are too brain washed by now to see the real light and ways of their parents.

    If they were to get evaluated I am sure that they would get more than just medications. Not sure if KY has a law where the mentally ill can be taken to court and mandated to take medications or not. I sure do hope they do for the safety of the kids and the public. If they get mandate to take medications I sure hope it is the long acting drugs given by injection cause that is the only sure fire way to know they are taking them.

    I can not understand how Nicole puts up with a lazy husband that will not do anything to support her or the kids he has fathered. Sooner or later her body is going to give out from being over worked and pregnant so many times. When that happens what is going to happen to her family? How will they survive with no income? Will Joe then step up and get a real job that is worthy of supporting his family? I think the answer to Joe doing that is a big fat NO even bigger than he is. He will put the kids out to work to support him and her.

    What would Joe do if some guy called his daughters or wife the C word? I bet he would get the gun. He is gross and vulgar and most of all lazy. I guess his purpose in life was just making babies he can not afford to support as that seems to be the case from the get go starting with Alex.


  15. Mandated to take drugs
    Is there a medication for stupid? Otherwise how are drugs going to help?
    Drugs are the last thing needed in this crazy cocktail. When are people going to realize drugs suppress not cure, the problem behavior is still there.


  16. I read the whole disgusting thread Saturday morning before Nicole deleted it. “Eating dead puppies”? The Nauglers and their pals are demented and the “joke” is not funny.

    A father who calls a young woman a “cunt” in a meme, and a mother who is dually paranoid and vicious. Parents who get off on tormenting a young woman insead of pay attention to their kids!

    Somebody please send screenshots to the Kentucky child services. Remind them how they failed 10 children by sending them back to deranged parents.


  17. ElMacho
    Yes there are drugs that will help the parents. Like it or not they both suffer from mental health issues. IMO severe ones.

    Yes drugs do suppress but they are the only option when there is not anything else to work. These two have been at this crazy ass behaviors way too long for behavior modification to work. Behavior modifications will not work most times with out using medications. So like it or not medications are needed along with therapy and counseling that is intense and on going. Facts of that are most with the condition these two have do not and will not admit they have them or get help for them let alone take the medications. So the medications many times have to be mandated.

    I have seen it work many times. Ask yourself this would you want to be living next door to some one like them with out a safety net in place where there is an option for medical help intervention and medication to be mandated if possible? You think they are bad now – this does not get better with out help from professionals.

    IMO Joe is holding status quo due to self medication with pot. That will help but it is like putting a bandaid on the huge hole in the dike. Self medication only helps so much and in time that does not even work.

    So yes they both need help and fast especially for the kids. With people like them help is not an option to them as they do not see they have a problem. It is every one and every thing around them that has the problem. Thinking like that they will never do anything about it on their own.


  18. A dangerous proposition, mandated drugs. Because I might think you need some.
    They are bullies and seem to have an internet addiction, and their egos have been puffed up and stroked, but this does not require medication.


  19. Was all of this on her personal FB page? I cannot find it. Maybe it was all deleted? I was off-line a few days and must have really missed a doozy of sub-human writings. They are all disgusting. I cannot fathom what those children are living through having N & J as “parents”.

    Thanks for keeping up the blog while Ms. BLB is dealing with real life!


  20. ElMacho
    Apparently you have no idea how mandated medication works.
    First the person is given the information and options to comply with taking medication. They are also given some time to do it or keep refusing.
    Then if they keep refusing and their condition has not gotten any better and they are still refusing treatment and or medication they are seen by at least 2 other doctors to be evaluated.

    Then if those two other doctors agree with the treating doctor a petition is filed with the court for the patient to be taken to court for the judge to court order medication. The patient has access to a lawyer provided free of charge to them. That lawyer will try to reason with them if the need is really there for them to be medicated. I have seen the lawyer provide fight against it too so it goes both ways.

    The medication is not and can not be mandated with out steps that all have to be taken and carefully documented on. It has to go before a judge who will listen to all parties.

    Mandated medication is some times the only resource to use when a patient is sick and defiant.

    I worked the mental health field for many years and have seen many many cases where it was used and justified in being used and used with success.


  21. That explanation doesnt make it right.

    Ok since you are so sure this is the answer what exactly are you diagnosing them with and what medication would you put them on?


  22. First of all, we aren’t licensed physicians so making a dx is outside our scope of practice. Furthermore at times is is necessary to court order medications. Mental illness is a viscous cycle. Patients take the meds, begin to feel better and stop taking the meds. At that point many can become a dangerous to themselves and others. This is why it becomes necessary to court order the meds. Unless you have delt with anyone with mental illness, you do not have any factual basis on which to base your protest .


  23. LOL they need a evaluation by a doctor that would put them on the prescribed medication for their condition. Some medications work for some and others it does not. It can take time and trial of medications to find the one that will work and the correct dosage for the person.

    I am not going to name any condition as that is for a doctor to do. It is not hard to see that they both have mental problems. There have been several others that see the same thing as I do. Some of them are in the medical field and have seen how people with mental defects are.

    You would have to be blind to not see that both are bat shit crazy.

    Not so sure why you are singling me out on this as this is not a new thing by any means. I have said what I think tried to explain to you how treatments work for those with mental defects. It is your choice not to agree and that is fine. So have a great day.


  24. Sure…at times, by professionals, but I believe I am entitled to protest just as you are entitled to diagnose.


  25. Well, so Nicole said something to the effect “…actually have a mature conversation..” And a young lady, that apparently has not been active on Naug Facebook pages, decided to engage Nicole in a question for her. This was on Nicole’s personal public page. This young lady, while direct, is respectful.

    Then soon, here comes a gang. Gone gangnam. Men. And Joe, a 40ish man. Stalking this young lady’s page. Lifting personal photos and making “funny” memes. Eating dead puppies? Joe’s meme with his word “cunt”. Nicole’s memes, one was something about kiss my butt. Then here comes the female supporter or two. “HaHa, wtf did I just read???” “Oh I get it.” (wink wink, haha)

    Yeah, so 40ish Nicole and Joe, and a gaggle of men gang…they showed the 20 year old young lady. So Joe, help me understand, what IS the context and satire?

    Mature conversation, not so much.


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