8 thoughts on “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

  1. The best evidence that they’re lying about Mr. Sneed being “sick” of Al Wilson, etc., is the existence of this video of the two of them sitting on a porch together.

    I’m sure Mr. Nozzler is correct and Mr. Sneed would like it to go back to how it was before–before the Nozzler’s goats and horse started invading his property, before shit started rolling downhill and he had to worry about his well water, before they tried to cause problems for his butcher shop, before he had to hear the generator running much of the day and night, before his name was being flung about in a forum (social media) that he has nothing to do with. Who wouldn’t?


  2. I’m sure he does like hearing the kids’ laughter coming from the shitstead. Not so much most of the other noises though.


  3. Perfect.
    Also known as putting words into someone else’s mouth which is exactly what Joseph Naugler and Nicole Naugler are doing. No worries. You know what they say must be true because they claim to have recordings which they will present to you…someday…maybe…maybe not. Who falls for their balatant and obvious attempts at manipulation? How blinded do you have to be?

    Do you know why hearsay is not admissible evidence? It’s because people lie. It’s because people hear what they want to hear. It’s because people will bias things in their own favor. It’s becUse reality is to an extent subjective and it is filtered through our own eyes and our own biases, experiences and intellectual inclinations.

    Hearsay. That entire clip is Joe and Nicole gossiping at Best and blatantly lying at worst. Hearsay


  4. Do you hear what I hear? Screeching, lying, little shitstead liars. That’s what I hear. Even her make believe, on-line friends are not running to join her shitty little closed group. Without trolls, her conversations are not of interest because most of the visitors are there to watch her explode when challenged with the truth. Do you hear what I don’t hear? The little coins being dropped in the shitshed panhandler’s tin cup. See, when people (Mr. Sneed, Al, Sally, Lisa, Debra, et al.) tell the truth and set the record straight, the con ends. That’s why fat turd is so pissed at everyone…his chance to spend other folks’ hard earned money has ended. How does it feel to be so financially impotent? Here’s what I bet happens when NicNaug’s ass cleaning business isn’t making enough money. Fat Turd says, we got no money to go eat at Hardess and she says no, those trolls are fucking shit up and he says but you need to get your shit together and get customers and quit running ’em off and what not and she says you need to get a job and he says yeah so the state can take my money and she says you’re the one that couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. Get a job. Work for cash, and he says yeah well the trolls are keeping me down and no one will hire me cause of the trolls. She says well fuck it just don’t talk shit to me about the damn business, I’m working as hard as I can and he says, wanna fuck and she says the kids are outside and he says maybe we should wait. I need a sex ed lesson for unschooling. Yeah, fat turd, I’m making fun of you.


  5. Jeannie,

    Your last four sentences have made me so nauseous that I cannot imagine ever eating again.

    I’m going to be skinny! Thank you!


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