Do Something


Nicole has some requests. She wants to see pictures of our “homesteads.”  I’m not exactly sure who “our” is, except that it surely includes me, but she also wants us to “do something.”

Video transcript:

I’m gonna pop on here right quick to do a video because I want to make clear to anyone who is watching, especially Al and Lisa and Sally and Bethannie and whoever else that’s running all those stupid pages, um, I made a post earlier. And I have every person who’s ever commented on any troll page blocked. Um, I have like 100 people maybe. Some of them may be innocent bystanders, anyhow.

I made a post on my page to make it public and within twenty-nine minutes it was screen shot, which is fine. The person who posted it is blocked from me, so that means they have to use a fake page to go look at my pages, a fake profile, that I haven’t blocked, to go look at my pages to stalk me. It just goes to show how pathetic you people really are.

And, um, I saw that you’ve posted that and something about my timeline of plans, and really, I don’t care if you don’t think I am moving fast enough, I don’t care if you don’t think that my plans are, because I said three years ago I was gonna have something done, it really. . . why are you obsessed with that? I mean, seriously. Why do you sit there and spend so much time on how much I haven’t had done.

You know what? I plan to get my hair, my dreads fixed. (incoherent) Why don’t you write that on your calendar? . . . (incoherent) dreads redone. Write it on your calendar and, uh, I’ll send you an email when I get it done. Or maybe you could stand outside the hair salon while I get it done, because that’s how fricking weird you people are.

But, um, the reason I’m doing this video is because I want Sally and the rest of them to know that if you really want to make an issue of it, then stop being such pansy-asses and actually get off your ass and do something. I mean, seriously.

You think I frauded you with GoFundMe? File a lawsuit.

If you think I stole water from somebody, file criminal charges.

If you think I’ve somehow broken some other law you think I broke, bring it. . . (incoherent) harass or stalk you, where’s your police report? (incoherent)

You want to argue about this and debate my life, you know where I live, you know my story (completely not understandable).

Quit hiding behind other people and fake pages. Show me your courage. I don’t care if you like me. I don’t care if you think I have bad teeth or big buggy eyes or whatever it is you’re going to critique about this video because I don’t care. I really don’t. And there’s nothing that you can say about me that hasn’t already been said. And seriously, people don’t care.

People aren’t – normal people – aren’t obsessed with stupid stuff like that.

Um, you know, people that follow us (unclear) and they see aspects of that, but they’re not obsessed with critiquing every single thing that I do, I mean, really, Lisa, you have nothing better to do, you are a retired lawyer, you apparently have all these college degrees and all this worldly experience and you waste it doing a meaningless blog with like 150 people about me? That’s what you waste your time doing? Of all the things that you could be doing with yourself.

Sally, you have all kinds of paid blogs and you use them to harass and belittle people? You couldn’t do anything positive or good? You couldn’t share your knowledge – apparently you’re an expert homesteader – where’s your homestead blog? Where are the pictures of the beautiful house that you have? Show us all these things. Seriously,I wanna see these things. I wanna see.

You sit here and critique me about my crappy house and my crappy yard, my stupid kids and all this other crap you pull. Show me how perfect you are. I want to see your perfectness. I want to see you blog about it. I want to see you write a page about all this knowledge and share. (unclear) mocking me about my teeth and my belly and my fat husband or whatever else it is you wanna bring up, let’s see ’em. (unclear) Do something positive. Like actually do something. Actually, really, do something.

Other than just like, because I’m gonna sit here and plan to, I may never accomplish it, but at least I’m sitting here trying and not belittling people who haven’t been able to accomplish their goals.

Have a nice day.

So I want to comply with her request.

I asked around and got some photos of critic’s homes, yards, homesteads, scenery, and above all “doing something.”  The only rule was that the photo had to be actually of the critic’s own property or event, taken by the critic (nothing pulled from the net).

First some living rooms:

livingroom 2

living room

clean house

floor before
Before. A DIY job
floor during
floor after

A couple of kitchens, one indoors, one outdoor:


outdoor kitchen

Now for yards:


Firepit, a work in progress. The dog is helping.


back deck






leaves ice


And homesteads:



chicken tractor



Setup to butcher chickens


cleaning milker
Cleaning the milking machine (yes, that’s mine)



garden plot
lovely tomatoes
tomatoes 2
tomato on vine
tomatoes and peppers
tomatoes and peppers

And food preparation.


dinner 2
more dinner
sun oven brownies
Brownies baked in the Sun Oven
dinner 3
And more dinner
Making chicken stock
We eat a lot of dinner


butter fresh from the cow (yes, that’s mine)
learning blacksmithing
school shelves
It takes books to homeschool
graduation for a “statist”
outdoor movies
outdoor movie – family fun
cat on back
cat can be lazy
dogs resting
dogs can be lazy
Somebody has to clean the toilet. Thankfully, there is a toilet.
And we do sunsets too
sunset 2
See? Here’s another one.

ND logo

And the best is last. This is the logo from our son Nathan’s website. This was made for us by Al Wilson, who is an artist and a good friend. We didn’t ask him to do this. He just up and did it one day. The location is temporary. It’s going permanently on a lighter wall so it shows up better.

One last note: I have never mocked Nicole’s appearance or allowed anyone to do so. I have never seen a single person refer to her children as “stupid,” even though Nicole called my child a “dead junkie.” I have strictly controlled discussion of those children here, avoided using photos of them – and obscured their faces when I had to use a photo with one of them in it, in spite of the fact that Nicole has regularly bashed my child who is dead and cannot defend himself.  I have never had a fake profile, although Nicole uses them frequently.  I have never started a FB page about here, although Nicole doesn’t mind participating in dozens of them.

I resent two things: First, when I saw that video, my first reaction was to almost feel slightly sorry for Nicole. Then I remembered this, and this, and the feeling disappeared instantly.

Second, I resent being lumped with every other critic. Every other person on the planet is not responsible for what I say here. Nor am I responsible for what is said on some Facebook page. But hey, if she’s going to lump us all together, then she can try to figure out whose property is whose.





58 thoughts on “Do Something”

  1. I believe she attacks you and other “statists” because she is incredibly jealous. She is no homesteader. She was a desperate homeless person who failed to provide for her large family. They had no other means but to squat on that KY land and hope things got better. However, things are far worse than they have ever been for the Nauglers.

    No one calls her children stupid here or elsewhere. I have heard Joe calls the kids stupid motherf*****s, all day long. Perhaps she should try and straighten out her useless tub of lard before she attempts to straighten anyone else out.


  2. She has no right to attack you and it is embarrassing to watch . She has no right to attack anyone. Everyone that had an opinion that differed from hers has been harassed, doxed, threatened, mocked, and had the employers called.Is no wonder people hate her and Hungry Hippo. No one has ever made fun of or mocked her children. Everyone I know pities the children and feels they deserve better than what you have.


  3. You’re my hero Sally. I’m a grown adult and grandmother but I learn a little more about class and maturity every time you post.
    We can all learn from you about grace and dignity.


  4. The end almost made me cry a little. Al is so kind. Not the horrible drunken troll he has been nauglered to be. Thank you Sally for sharing this but most of all for showing that hard work and kindness to others is still alive in Breckenridge County.

    It takes a village…not facebook.


  5. Nicole is angry, because on a subliminal level and in her heart of hearts she knows Joe lies/lied to her.

    She lies and so does he. The mental gymnastics they do… It’s exhausting.


  6. “Nicole is angry, because on a subliminal level and in her heart of hearts she knows Joe lies/lied to her.

    She lies and so does he. The mental gymnastics they do… It’s exhausting.”

    ^^ This is preciously why they never get anything done. Why they fail. Their priority is to constantly address the mind games they play on each other instead of working to make a life for their children. It’s sickening.


  7. Nicole is angry because – to her mind – everyone, absolutely everyone, has more, is more, does more than she ever will. IMO, that’s one reason for continuing to have children they can’t, and never will be able to provide for without financial help.

    She’s so angry, so very angry. If the real object of her anger is herself and her husband, she’s gonna blow a fuse. Guess who suffers then? Not me. Not you, Sally, or you, Al, Lisa or Bethannie. She’d like for all of you to suffer but there are 12 little human beings who will bear the brunt of her anger, I’m afraid.


  8. I want that swinging bed in my yard. The trees are too tall though. Damned high redwoods or whatever it is we have back there. Cedar? Something.

    I think Nicole both wants away from the drama, and is also afraid that if it ends and she goes back to obscurity, that no one will remember her or care, and that she’ll die a forgotten woman. It’s not like Joe cares about her, or her him. They just like to fuck, prove their genitalia and reproductive organs work, and bitch about how they have to respect that their children and neighbors have some small measure of rights. I don’t get the feeling the kids would really be all that sad to lose one or both parents. Scared, maybe, to be in a statist system suddenly when they’d been taught to fear it, but wasn’t there a kid who wanted to take his foster home bed back to the shitstead with him? I’m not convinced there’s really anyone out there who loves Nicole or Joe at this point, and all the validation they have now is causing internet drama and some ass-kissers patting them on the head and telling them now, now, you’re right, so it’s all right, go back to sleepies now.

    Better hated than forgotten in Nicole’s world.


  9. From the pictures why it looks like people have the amazing ability to accomplish stuff AND have opinions about Nicole and what’s-his-name. This will blow Her mind. How you reckon they do it, Nicole?


  10. Awwwww Sally look, she doesn’t completely hate you, she invited you to her pitty party.


  11. Wow. Can you maybe try adulting just a little bit harder? Are you in first grade? What kind of adult makes fun of someone’s teeth and hair?


  12. You know what is weird? It is weird to make a list of everyone who voices an opinion on a website or page that is not your own and you don’t even have to look at so that you can block them from your own page . Then to take it a step further and demand answers from random people who can’t even find your page because you have them blocked, that is weird too.
    No one can control what other people say about them, it’s weird to think you can do that. She should stop trying, it’s embarrassing to watch.


  13. Al’s art and tribute to Nate is masterful. When I saw it, I recognized the logo and tears began flowing. Nathan was one of those talented treasures who went too soon.


  14. Those are all wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing! I noticed several pictures of men working. Perhaps the Blessed Mr. will take the hint.


  15. I dont subscribe to Poorkids Or Extremely Sick of The Nauglers take on the situation. If how she looks is whats bothering you, you are probably playing for the wrong team IMO. But as they say, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.


  16. That’s only a tidbit. Make your kids wear shoes, serve healthy foods, do what the law says. Be something, be clean, be real,be honest, stop pretending .Stop lying to yourself and your kin.


  17. All the pics were interesting, especially the homesteading ones. In one of the interior pics I did note at least one smoke detector. That brings up one of my peeves with Nicole. She seemingly throws ALL caution to the wind in raising those children. (including seat belts, front facing infant seat, running barefoot through goat, chicken & human excrement, tall grass in evening, etc.). The children piled up in the sleeping loft without even a small exit port for emergency exit is an awful idea. If it was intended as a home, it would not meet code for emergency egress. I don’t get how she is so cock sure that nothing bad will ever happen to them. Bad things happen to good people, Nicole. Those children are good, deserving people.


  18. Nicole makes this all about herself…ffs I dont give a rats ass about her hair or teeth..I dont care if she washes her hair with dog shampoo..I am glad that at the very least the kids can bathe at her shop!…Its always been about the well being of those kids..3 hot and healthy meals, fresh water, a proper place to go to the bathroom, the opportunity to have a decent education, medical care and 4 walls and a roof to cover there head….not some pathetic 4 minute video…


  19. I think she’s angry I took her up on her request to give back the money I gave. I would like to post that video & post her cun# post to her BLH page, but sadly I can’t as she blocked me. I hope someone does post the cun# post in her comment section. I wonder how long it would stay before she would delete it. It’s not the first time she’s posted vile stuff, although that was clearly the worse I’ve seen.



    “Did you hear about the mass shooting in a club in South Carolina? No, you probably didn’t. Because it was halted by an armed citizen. Sadly, 3 people were injured, a far better number than in Orlando. No mass shooting.”

    I think she harbors a fantasy of using one of her family’s many guns to stop a shooting. Too bad untrained citizens who don’t spend regular time honing their skills are just as dangerous in the pandemonium of a shooting and can inadvertently prevent the cops from identifying the original shooter. It’s a fluke that that shooting was stopped before it turned deadly, and pure luck that the citizen managed to shoot the original shooter instead of someone else. Getting the shooter in the leg instead of in the chest tells me that the citizen shot wildly and got a lucky shot. In a situation like that, you shoot to kill, because that shooter is an actively deadly threat, and lethal force is justified. You shoot someone in the leg who is fleeing on foot, not someone who is trying to murder you.

    I’m concerned Nicole might be hoping that someone does something she can call a threat so she can shoot and claim she should be a hero for protecting her kids.


  21. I don’t think its right to use a place of animal business to wash 11 plus people. 3 good meals and education, and some dentist/dr visits to check well being should be done… But we know cps would be called.

    Wonder if any clients were waiting while she was filming?


  22. The only thing that would make Nicole’s delusions more starkly apparent would be to show the pictures Sally posted of real homesteads next to Nicole’s pictures of her non-homestead. More like Nicole and Joe’s refugee camp (no offense to anyone who has ever lived in a refugee camp–they work very hard to be clean and normal as possible). Even my home and yard looks like a palace compared to Nicole’s abode. But I did do something…I worked for it.

    But for the sake of Nicole’s desperate and comic obstinacy, the pictures posted here show the process and results of ‘doing something.’ Nicole’s dreadful little patch of the planet, of which she posts pictures, shows the process and results of doing nothing. Nicole, were you trying to be funny in your little vid telling those who are calling you out on your lying for grifting to ‘do something’ or are you just advertising your delusions?


  23. Did you hear about the mass shooting in a club in South Carolina?

    That wasn’t anything like Orlando. Not similar in any way. That was a bar fight. It wasn’t somebody coming to that club with the intention of going in there and killing people. She’s an idiot.


  24. Nora, I noted that someone did post the vile statement, not the video, to the BLH page yesterday. I am not certain when it was posted, but I noticed that it was deleted within 10 minutes after I saw the post. I did not see any comments on the post before it was removed.


  25. She’s had plenty to say about me and my family. I won’t go into all the evil things she has done to me and my family but I can assure you a remake about brushing her teeth pales in comparison .


  26. Sorry you had to go through that. I would bet the farm you will never see a penny . She was trying to make you look like a liar, but trust me, we know who the liar is.


  27. It boggles my mind the amount of time N devotes to making hateful posts on FB, then defending herself against the critics, then blocking 100 or more critics, even those that criticized her on someone else’s page, then making hate videos. That has to be a large chunk of her day! I would think that having 11 children to raise and educate would be a 24/7 job! Hey Nicole–Do Something! As far as appearances go, if she looked like Medusa but was taking care of her children that would be fine with me.


  28. I follow Sally’s blog because not only is it interesting and informative, with snippets of her country life, but she refrains from becoming embroiled in any Facebook shenanigans.
    I have a mountain of respect for her grace under fire, style and wisdom. This blog addresses particular issues thoroughly, fairly and without resorting to hyperbole.

    In my opinion, which I’m aware is worth very little, some of the “anti-Naugler” pages don’t behave online any better than the Nauglers themselves, and seem to use a lot of the same tactics such as creating socks, the constant screen shots and taunts and mocking comments. It’s hard to claim to have the moral high ground, when sinking to the same depths.

    Rock on, Sally, you’re doing good.


  29. Nicole’s video is a bit disturbing. Nicole, take a look at it, and check yourself. Do you have no shame, or an ounce of self decency and respect? So patrolling all these supposed critic pages, and taking names of anyone that has commented. Over a 100 names? Nicole, you cannot control every single person’s opinions. You have public pages, where you post your business. You don’t allow people to disagree and criticize on your pages, so get over it. Plus, really you took time to note over 100 people’s names? Time well spent, that you can never get back, do you think? Then blocked all those people. Including the people that you directed the video about. What’s your point, because I am failing to grasp it. Well guess what, maybe there are more than those 100 people that are watching this train wreck. It’s no maybe, there are many, many, more.

    Oh, these are wonderful photos! So nice, BLB, that you granted her request. I enjoyed getting a little window view of all these “something”, other people are doing.

    And lastly, Nicole is pathetic to makes those vile comments about your son. Someone she has never met and whom cannot defend himself. But then, she has made incredibly vile comments about Joe’s oldest son, too. A son that she’s had virtually no contact with since he was a little boy, yet she publicly denigrated. She vilifies other people’s children. Such poor character and moral compass.


  30. Clearly Nicole spends a lot of time and energy on people who don’t affect her world and whose opinions don’t matter.

    I have dry mouth syndrome and it wouldn’t surprise me if Nicole did too. I see my dentist 4 times a year because tartar builds up extremely quickly because of it (xerostomia). Thank goodness I’m offered and can afford to provide family dental coverage through my job. I suggest Biotene mouthwash for the family in general, but Nicole in particular if she does suffer from even a mild case of xerostomia.

    Nicole’s comments about Nathan Davis and Alex (Joe’s eldest child) are windows into Nicole’s character.

    Ditto for her remarks about how many people couldn’t live rough, the way she and her family can. She has no idea the backgrounds of anyone. No idea what difficulties they may have survived or what skills they have, nor does she have any idea whether or not they are capable of learning anything new.

    I have news for you, Nicole – your critics are far more capable, resolute, creative, imaginative and patient than you have imagined them to be.

    She has also compared patriotism to a cult. Apparently she believes that no one who is patriotic is capable of criticism of their country. In the meantime, she wants nothing more than to be free of ‘statism’. I hope she and Joe opt not to go enjoy anything that is offered on the 4th of July.


  31. Agreed, Myopia! Some of the FB pages are grossly inappropriate to the point of perpetuating Nicole’s fabrications and victim-card. They are pure indulgence pages – no one would understand the weird stuff they were looking at if they happened to chance upon ’em. Everyone should take a note from Sally’s blog, and keep it as organized, articulate, and free of insults, as much as possible. Take care not to sound like… her!

    Nicole’s is definitely tired. After all, she has the burden of her whole family’s welfare on her shoulders, while deadbeat Joe sits around doing, essentially, nothing. So, yes, it is understandable she is tired, and mad! But she fails to recognize that, the only person bringing her down, and sinking their familial ship is Joe! How frustrating that would be, drowning in stress, desperate for help. Help the woman, Joe! She shouldn’t have to take care of 11 children on her own, but indeed she does, and the end result is a zealot mad woman, who cannot bring in enough income on her own to properly care for their family, and the struggle drives her mad! Social-media is her only escape. The trolls arent the problem, it’s Joe – whose help in the form of extra income could make their lives better, and less crazy. Instead, he just watches as his family lives in squalor. How disgusting. Co-dependence is a mf, and it has Nicole hooked like no other- why else would anyone keep Joe around?


  32. I am horrified that you are the person she picks at. I have no words for her ignorance. I will say I am sorry you have been attacked by the homeless people. I am in awe of your home & work you have done to it. Keep up the good work. Let the wind blow, the trash will take itself out.


  33. Joe has worked. Remember his refusal to shave his beard fight, resulting in termination. Then the termination due to alleged harassment of a female employee. Then the cleaning gig, don’t know hat happened there. So it would seem wages would have already been garnisheed at some point.
    Nicole seems to play a large role, surprise surprise, in JoJo’s job misadventures. She was adamant he not be forced to shave his beard, asserting their rights, ya know. Biz asserted their rights too, “fired”! Last mention was the Nicole’s rationale that his earnings of $200/wk. wasn’t worth trading for his unschooling / homesteading role.

    I don’t think he is easily employable due to many personal problems, without ‘special circumstances’ put in play for him, imo. But more to the point, I’m betting she needs him there for legalities, while she spends whatever time she wants, when she wants, at her biz chillin and playing on the net. Joe doesn’t work and Nicole is controlling that too, imo.


  34. @Prolapsed ovaries, Nicole doesn’t take care of the kids. They’re free range, they take care of themselves.


  35. I heard that the Nauglers stalked a neighbor again recently waiting at the country store for the neighbor to stop at the intersection. Joe flipped him the middle finger. Nicole had her ever present camera phone ready. Where’s that photo? Neighbor didn’t fall for the con? It doesn’t fit her narrative of her alleged persecution? Or is it just for her private collection?

    How many photos do you think are in her private collection? Neighbor’s, neighbor’s children, neighbor’s dogs, anyone visiting their neighbor’s, probably every car that drives down the road, community members, business neighbors, neighbor’s homes, photos and audio of the authorities, and all the information and photos she has doxxed from the Internet, the list must be endless. Oh, let’s not forget all the video too.

    They do it in real life. They do it online. They will tell you they “record everything”. They leave no one alone, be it stranger, friend or foe.

    Hopefully coming soon to your community, not ours. May God protect those poor children, because no one else is.


  36. I’m a lurker here, but as a mother who has lost a child and a nephew that I was very close to, I am so very appalled at any mother who could attack another person’s grief in such an ugly, abusive way. Obviously, I don’t know Nicole personally, but to me it says something about her when she feels that a dead child is an appropriate place to attack someone who disagrees with her. It also says something, in my opinion, about her love for and commitment to her own children.

    My nephew had a string of minor juvenile offenses and a drug problem. He drank too much, drove too fast and ran his mouth on a regular basis which got him into more than one fight. He was abused by his mother and father, who did so because of their own painful mental health issues. Guess what? I still loved him. My heart still breaks every morning when it hits me once again that I will never be able to give him a hug. Dehumanizing someone by reducing them to epithet “dead junkie” is crass and unimaginably cruel. My nephew was exactly what Nicole accuses ND of being. Guess what, it doesn’t change the fact that he was also a talented mechanic, that he was incredibly tender and loving with his special needs cousin, that he was a member of my family who I loved and treasured and had hopes and dreams for.

    My own son’s death at a completely innocent ten days old was no more or less heart shattering.

    I truly hope that Nicole has the ability to love her children, even when they do not meet her expectations and when at least some of them choose to live their lives differently than she and Joe do. I hope that someday she is able to gain enough insight into herself that she can extend compassion to others whether they agree with her choices or not.

    In the meantime, I also appreciate the commitment this blog has to a tone that remains factual and gracious even during the worst provocation.


  37. People take time to post such thoughtful comments here 🙂 I really enjoy seeing glimpses into others’ lives so the home pics are perfect for me. Thank you for providing and organizing this space, Sally. I too am appreciative of your calmly offered, well researched content.

    To an outside observer, the recent personalized ramping up of hate from the Nauglers and dramatic intimidation attempts are looking more and more crazily purposeful. Because they want this particular blog shut down so badly and particular people silenced, I can only think that there are “close to the surface secrets” being protected.


  38. Nicole,

    It wouldn’t matter how many times someone called about your family having human waste compost, or possible child neglect, or livestock at large if you were following the law. That is what causes stress and problems in your life. ..YOU…

    People could call child welfare, the health department and police on my family all day. It would have zero effect. It would be annoying to have haters trying to bring our family down. But it wouldn’t change our life.

    You have beliefs that cause you to have run ins with the government. That is why your life has so much stress.

    Have you seen all the pages dedicated to insulting every little thing the Duggar family posts about their lives? People even take pictures of the Duggars in stores and post it online.
    I’m guessing the Duggars could spend hours a day trying to stop the online gossip and real world gawking. They could yell about it or cry about it at home multiple times a day in front of the kids. They could spend hours monitoring the hate pages and blocking people. But what’s the point? Does it really matter what complete strangers think of you? Gawkers gonna gawk. Haters gonna hate. Just ignore them and live your life.


  39. Bea wrote, “Wow. Can you maybe try adulting just a little bit harder? Are you in first grade? What kind of adult makes fun of someone’s teeth and hair?”

    Bea, I want to address your comment in response to a couple of posters who made derogatory comments about Nicole’s appearance, teeth and hair. While I can’t speak for the two posters you’re calling out, I want to explain why I *might* make such remarks about her.

    The manner in which she cares for her own physical body is usually a good indication of the care she gives or requires the kids to practice. If she doesn’t care for her teeth, doesn’t seek dental care (you can get it in free dental clinics and often dental schools. I’ve no doubt there are just such opportunities in Louisville and they aren’t that far away) odds are she’s not going to make her kids brush their own teeth (or teaching them how vital that is) and most certainly they are not getting dental checkups. If Joe would stitch-up a kid’s head wound with needle and thread and no lidocaine, as I’ve heard he did, I don’t think they’re going to take those kids for cleanings, fillings or extractions.

    As to her hair. Same thing. If she or her hair appears unkempt and dirty, odds are she’s also not a stickler for personal hygiene. Who teaches those things to the kids? Usually the parents. If not the parents, the public school system. We all know how she feels about public school – hell, how she feels about ANY schooling. So after the parent fails, after the school system fails (by being denied access) guess who’s left to teach it? Foster families.

    I’m not defending their comments nor am I censuring you for your comment. I’m merely offering why I *might* have said the same things.


  40. My mistake. I do believe it was a hand wound, not the scalp, that Joe stitched up. Can anyone confirm, if it matters?


  41. Josie you were right the first time stitches to a head wound.

    The hand was severe burns that did not get medical either.


  42. I’m thinking we’re talking about 3 separate incidences. A head wound, a hand burn and a wound to the hand with a hatchet or axe. But I could be wrong.

    Often I am. 😉


  43. Josie
    You are right I forgot about the hatchet wound on the hand.


    IMO that is cruel and inhumane treatment for a kid to have no real medical help with serious injuries.


  44. Rhy – I’m so sorry for your losses. I hope that life has been kinder to you since then. I think this phrase sums up how those of us who have lost people we loved (age, accident, foolishness, bad luck, bad choices, etc.) feel about them, “…he was a member of my family who I loved and treasured and had hopes and dreams for.”

    It’s something that I wish more people would bear in mind a little more often. I include myself in this on the mornings when traffic is horrible and I’m feeling upset that yet another person is ignoring my turn signal despite putting it on well before trying to get over, or I’m cut off by someone who doesn’t believe in using them at all.


  45. Thank you, Tekla, I have a lot of things to be grateful for and am lucky that I have the ability to get help when I need it. I hope it didn’t come across as trying to make this about about me or my loss. The reason that this was so triggering to me was that after my son died my husband and I experienced a lot of harassment from a community we thought we could trust. Losing a child is painful, having people say that it was lucky our son died so that he didn’t have to deal with us as parents didn’t help things.

    I don’t doubt that Nicole is under a tremendous amount of stress. Even without the public scrutiny, it seems to me that having a huge family that you are the sole ptovider would be stressful. However, bring under stress isn’t a blank check for being ugly to others, I know that I’m preaching to the choir here, but it blows me away that she can justify not only her bullying behavior and her husband’s, but then has a total inability to tolerate criticism of any kind.

    It breaks my heart that she is lucky enough, despite a total lack of attention to safety and good sense, to have all of her children. She hasn’t lost one of them to sepsis, tetanus, or preventable accident. I hope with all my heart she never has to find out just how awful that is. I hope that someday she gains the insight to look back at this time in her life and be ashamed of how she lashed out in the worst possible way. I’m not holding my breath for that.


  46. Ugh, I didn’t mean to say that it breaks my heart that she has all of her children. I meant that it breaks my heart that she can say the things she does when she has been so fortunate in so many ways.


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