Do It Right


Do it right if you’re gonna do it, Nicole.

This is not Nathan’s “childhood home.”  He never lived here, you dipshit.

His website is here.  The movie website is here.

But this is Nicole, doxing.  When she says she doesn’t ever, ever do it, you can see that she does. And she cannot do it without bringing Nathan into it.  Of course, he’s dead and can’t come after her, so she thinks that is safe and fair game.

If I were employed, she would call my employer and harass him/her. She’s done it to other people.  I bet she’d call me if she knew my phone number.

This is why I do what I do.  I have never published her address that I remember, unless it shows on a publicly available document.  I certainly have never done so purposely.  I didn’t send anyone over to her business page to mock her.  She did that to herself.  I didn’t call in the rescue people. She did that to herself.  I never even use the names of her children.  I block out their faces.  She mocks mine.

I am not religious and don’t have any expectation of justice in the sweet bye-and-bye, but I go to bed every night in an actual house with electricity and running water.

Karma is a bitch.

By all means, come visit, Nicole.  We’ll have a nice cup of tea and some cookies.  I’d offer you a beer, but I think you probably don’t drink.



23 thoughts on “Do It Right”

  1. So she published your address. No surprise there. She is what she does not what she says, IMO. Feet of clay.

    What does she hope to accomplish? Her self destructiveness is overwhelmingly tragic.

    Poor children. I hope they are okay.


  2. It’s sort of a beautiful thing. She insists that she doesn’t do this. She is the innocent victim. Yet here it is.


  3. Methinks her house of cards has collapsed and she is grasping at whatever straw might be out there.

    Speaks volumes that this shit is not on her BLH page where her “fans” can see who she is in a clear light.

    Most of America watched the debate tonight, a much bigger event. I imagine very few are/were worried about NN’s status/well being/likes/page views.

    I realize NN, your feelings got butthurt on the internet over the last few days, but c’mon, time to put your Big Girl Panties on, and accept that you are but a speck of dust to most peeps.

    Go read your kids a bedtime story, wash their hands and faces and tuck them into a warm bed. Be sure they say their prayers for Ranger.


  4. Lovely place….bet it’s warm, clean, has running water, food, and a toilet? Good to know someone is doing it right.


  5. Yep. Fenced pasture, fenced paddock, actual real barn with five stalls and a tack room. Lots of good garden space. Nice log house, with all the amenities. Big garage with a workshop.

    And no mortgage.



  6. Your place looks wonderful, thanks for sharing 🙂 As someone who can barely keep a bean plant alive, I admire your green thumb and aspire to have a place a fraction as nice as yours one day.


  7. I’d have no problem posting her address in return. After all, it’s so easily available online since it’s been published, and has been a country health hazard.

    I think she envies the love you have for your son because she doesn’t love all her kids combined nearly as much as you still love Nathan. No, I don’t believe she does. Hw can someone truly love their kids when they’ll willfully deprive their kids of the basics to try to stick it to the rest of the world? You’re happy with your life, at last happy enough to have love for your son. She made her own life miserable, and doesn’t have enough in her left to love her kids, and so she hates you. It’s easier for her to hate than to love.


  8. I am sure some excuse and the fake remorse statement is forthcoming. An handy explanation about why she lost control again, and she was forced to do her heinous deed under her own name. Add in a touch of fake and forced remorse. She is nothing if not predictable.

    I just see what I have always seen. Straight to the black heart of the true Nicole, who I have never thought was a nice person at all. The author of her own destruction, she attempts to suck in others to use as life preservers, as she her life goes down the drain, IMO. The problem as I see it, is all she is left with in the end are people just like her. They can’t prop her up because they too are drowning, IMO. For the rest of us, we just go on with our lives. She is nothing more than a blip in time.


  9. Wait, didn’t we see all of this a while back with her posting pictures of other folk’s homes? Jeez, not this episode again.
    But anyway, looks really nice Sally and fully paid for by your own hard work! Commendable. Quite a difference between yours and the Sstead. Is the garden shed even paid for? I guess envy does this to some people, sad really.
    I think her new crash pad’s looking more and more like 4 padded walls, along with a sweet minimal padded robe, 3 hots and a cot too. Showers may be cold though.


  10. Miserable excuses for human beings behave miserably, one might say deplorably. Nicole is both miserable and deplorable, and so she just does what comes naturally. She has made nothing but one bad decision after another her entire adult life, starting with selecting Joe Naugler as her partner. Joe, one of the laziest, dunbest, worthless men out there — that’s who Nicole settled for. And where is she now? Living in a sad little garden shed, feeding her children acorns! Pooping in a port a potty. Mistreating the poor animals in her care. Unable to function unless her children are there to do all the work. Charging her 17 year old rent! How freaking pathetic is it that the 17 year old is already a better man than the father? How low can she go? What next, will the children need to buy groceries and gas for her and the tub of lard? What makes her crazy is knowing she is a complete and utter failure, and always will be.


  11. Wish I could attach screen shots in comments. From the BLH page underneath that video of those creepy CPS parents:

    “But yet on your Nicole C Naugler page you literally mock someone whose only son is deceased and not only that but you mock the deceased son himself because you are a coward and you know he can’t fight back. How dare you ask for any sort of compassion for the state and society trying to help you with your eleven children who were living in a stick and tarp fort until they stepped in? What brazen, selfish, cold-hearted gall. You are a despicable, self centered, navel-gazing, bitter, self aggrandizing fool. You are a laughing stock. A joke. An embarrassment to real farmers everywhere. You are a pathetic excuse for a parent. You are a know-it-all, a blow-hard, and a do-nothing, pompous horse’s ass of a person. You are disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself. I have never in my life seen such a duplicitous and two-faced grifting callous person who actually calls herself an adult, animal lover (ha what a joke) and a mother. You are a neglectful abusive prick. And your shit-stain of a husband is too. You surround yourself with paranoid, delusional, barely literate fellow conspiracy theorists and together you weave a transparent web of excuses to rationalize your mutual ineptitude. It’s a like a circle-jerk of the most uninspiring and unaccomplished douchebags ever to walk this Earth. You make me literally feel sick to my stomach and I feel sorry for anyone with the misfortune of crossing your path.”


  12. Too bad ghosts aren’t real. It would be fantastic for Nate to pay her a visit. “Boo!” Maybe he could bring Ranger too. “Boo! Woof!” “We are haunting you!” A good scare every time she logs into Facebook or sits down in the blessed little port o potty.

    Sally, you are a class act, thank you for advocating for the animals and these kids.

    Did I read somewhere she is charging her kid rent? Think the money goes to feed his siblings?

    Speaking of food… NN put some meme up about outlawing fast food. Maybe Joe has done something to upset her, their special lunch date spot is a fast food place.


  13. Wouldn’t just sick for her if someone actually took a screen shot and posted it on BLH. I can’t because I’m blocked.


  14. Wow. Sally, I am so sorry. Just remember that every night, you go to bed snuggled up next to someone who loves you, surrounded by well-cared for animals, in a clean, comfy, paid-off home with warm water and enough food in the pantry to eat.

    I kind of feel bad for her– I mean, as much as I can, because she is the most hateful, anger-filled person I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine it feels good to be that angry and that stressed all the time. You see it a lot in people who have become used to chaos. They don’t know how to just sit and enjoy peace and stillness. They HAVE to self-sabotage because chaos is all they know. So she will continue spitting her vitriol until she’s had her drama fix, then she’ll go quiet until she needs to feel like a victim again.

    Those poor, poor babies. I hope they go on to find their peace and happiness in life, whatever that looks like.


  15. @blessedlittleblogger “…actual real barn with five stalls and a tack room…”

    Your barn with separate stalls (bedrooms) and a separate tack room (changing area) sounds nice than the homestead shack! I bet the kids would dream to have that much elbow room away from another person. It is sad that your barn sounds nicer than someone’s home in our great nation.


  16. Well I guess if folks start driving by her place to take pictures of the horse then she’ll have no right to complain.


  17. Retaliation for her own words, she cannot take responsibility for the latest fiasco she created. Her please share her threat to put a poorly trained pup down if no home is found turned around and bit her in the ass. She removed review option from her business page, she blames you for it. When it was suggested she disable reviews her answer was “I need my reviews. I want my reviews…” Her original post was shared per her request, animal activists stepped up and offered alternatives, she stepped on the wrong toes and can’t own it.

    Stop the bullshit Nicole, take responsibility for your words and actions.


  18. Here’s an interior shot of our barn. It’s small, as barns go around here, and it’s old (predates the house and garage) but it’s serviceable. The tack room has a concrete floor as does the entrance. Stalls, of course, are dirt. It has electricity. And a whole lot of calves have grown up here.


  19. Wow! no words… I have been following this case since i heard it on the news and just can’t believe any parent would let their kids live like that. I am a mother to 5 and we built our own house and barn 18 years ago all by ourselves. Her followers have reported me to facebook and i had to show facebook that i was a real person. She is just plain crazy.


  20. Was publishing your address her promised blog post? Lol.

    I think she is furious because she knows she can’t measure up to you.
    Your great writing gave her writer’s block.
    Thank you for saving us all from her awful attempts.


  21. To everyone who ASSumes she is using a port a potty. Get real. Bet my bottom dollar they still shit in white buckets. Then have a kid carry the bucket and dump it. Sometimes in the port a potty. Sometimes in the usual places. Can you see Joe walking all the way to the Turdis? I can’t. A kid going all that way in the dark? Even if most of the littles are still in diapers, because toilet training is hard. Nicole probably takes a shit at work in her nice bathroom with running water and toilet paper the kids have to earn by making bows. Do I think they use the Turdis? Hell to the double no. Just use it to dump the occasional bucket in to keep up appearances for the online Joneses and the county. Nobody is going to tell baby where she can shit.


  22. Nicole you are a F’n bitch!! Sally, I’ll come have a beer with you. Maybe Jojo will join? We know he DOES drink beer. I think he has had a beer with you before.?


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