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There are laws in this country about selling property.

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The Fair Housing Act precludes discrimination in selling or renting real estate (and that includes raw land) based on any of the above things.

Nicole is claiming that the Kentucky Land Company denied them a land contract based solely on “harassment” that is not their fault at all but that would follow them to their new location.  This is supposedly harassment that has Nicole in fear of her life, so much so that she’s been to the court system repeatedly to seek relief.

This harassment, according to Nicole and Joe’s own statements, is due to the “trolls” who do not agree with their lifestyle, with the number of children they have (familial status), with their religious ideas, and political views.

What Nicole is claiming is that the Kentucky Land Company has discriminated unfairly and illegally against her and Joe.  She is accusing them, publicly, in writing, of an illegal act.

Hell, this is pure gold. This could be their new source of income. Go after the deep pockets of the Kentucky Land Company.  Obviously, Nicole wouldn’t write something like that, so blatantly, if it were not true. Would she?

And since it has to be true, she and Joe can sue them and collect big.  They would own their dream land free and clear by the time they were done.

commentloanofficerThis, of course, is a comment (on that same BLH page) made by a person who may or may not actually be a loan officer, but the comment is completely correct. What Nicole claims the Kentucky Land Company did is totally illegal.

awareleglitiesBut hell, Nicole is all over this already. I should have known. She’s a god-damned lawyer by now because of YouTube. You can learn anything on YouTube, right?


79 thoughts on “Discrimination”

  1. Does this mean she will return the funds she begged from people to move? Nichole, was gas money turned into fast food money?


  2. If what Nicole is saying is true, I kind of don’t blame Kentucky Land, even though it is discrimination. But something is telling it’s not the truth.


  3. She has no idea how stupid she sounds. If she weren’t so arrogant, I’d feel embarrassed and awkward for her. She humiliates herself regularly and can’t even see it.


  4. Pfft. Yeah. Right. KY Land Company is risking a big fat lawsuit that they will LOSE and lose BIG and it’s all due to their tender regard for Joe and Nicole.

    Fat chance. I bet it was because they can’t a larger piece of property. In addition, I wonder if KY Land Co. would make them pay on the current land until someone took it over. I have NO idea, of course, but landlords and mortgage companies can do that sort of thing depending on the contract signed by the parties.

    Now, KY Land Company may even be legally (or financially) obligated to clean up the current location before they can sell it again if the N family should forfeit the land or move on. If it’s in such lousy shape that Nicole won’t pan around while weeping crocodile tears, then it’s probably pretty darn bad. Pretty hard to sell something that is a hot mess.


  5. That sounds like she got the blog idea from the senator who’s leasing company refused to renew the lease due to protestors and the effects it was having on neighboring businesses.


  6. She’s not screaming discrimination because her story is total BULLSHIT! She made up the whole story to get people to donate for her move, she never intended to move. Now she needs to lay blame on someone else for her not moving.


  7. I’m surprised she hasn’t posted the phone numbers for the Kentucky Land Company so everyone can call & complain.

    I will post it for her. That way we can call them and support Nicole in her move. Here are the numbers to call to complain to the Kentucky Land Company that they are not supporting the Nogs & are nothing but trolls in not letting them move to the new perfect property where they can build a pond!



  8. Medusa and the Ewok are so…….stupid. I don’t think she necessarily wants the blood of the lending company. Rather I think she is using the denial of a loan likely based on unsupportable credit as a platform to say that her detractors have caused her and the Ewok material harm. If she were to file a civil suit on that basis it would face plant without taking a step. Rather, I think she is getting desperate to drum up grifting cash and sympathy from any idiot stupid enough to believe this absurd allegation.

    I really think that Medusa and the Ewok believe in a fairy tale land where they are truly the king and queen of the dung heap and have a really hard time with real life not working out the way they want.


  9. Of course she glosses over the fact that in order to purchase the new property they would be walking away from the current property, thereby defaulting on that contract. KY Land Co. is not brain dead. I am sure yes they are well aware of what has been going on. They are also most likely aware of how they were disposing of their human waste. Sooo the Naugs walk away and that mess then becomes the company’s problem to clean up. I know of no one who would want to buy that property unless it was cleaned up. Therefore, the company not only loses the money on the current contract, it also incurs additional costs to clean up the land in order to sell it again. Might it be possible for the Naugs to purchase the new land once they pay off the old land? Maybe, maybe not. However, I do not see the Naugs being able to use the current excuse that Nicole is giving until the Naugs pay off the current contract. Even then, KY Land Co. is under no obligation to do another lease to own deal with them, and I suppose they can use whatever excuse they want to deny them a lease. The only way I could see them able to try the discrimination argument is if they were to offer full payment for the new land and KY Land Co. refused to sell to them.


  10. Nicole cracks me up when she says she does not need a lawyer. She is clueless.
    Or possibly the pool of legal help available to her is either too expensive, or wants no part of her circus.
    We had a blizzard here yesterday, with over two feet of snow. One neighbor was sidelined early, he cut his hand badly on his snow blower. But like normal people, we pull together in adverse circumstances.
    The day was long, cold and tiring, but companionable and manageable. Then cocktails and potluck for dinner, and our shared sense of accomplishment. Why do the Nauglers reject community so fiercely?


  11. Omitting any other more pertinent facts, such as not qualifying due to past credit reports or reportable income is so blatantly obvious to EVERYONE else, she makes a total fool of only herself once again. A total lack of pride must allow her to publicly display such stupidity.

    On another note: Lisa hope all’s well and you are sipping something with an umbrella in it, while a beautiful young man is preparing a beachside fresh fiesta. Keep that sunscreen on!?


  12. Oh my, what a tangled web we weave, when first (for the millionth time) we practice to deceive. If I were so publicly caught out in an obvious lie, I would be quite embarrassed. However, I don’t think Nicole or Joe have the capability of being embarrassed. So if any of their fans actually were foolish enough to send them money to help cover their moving expenses, will that money be returned to them? (As if I don’t already know the answer to that one: NO!)

    Nicole, Joe and the minor kids, are stuck on that piece of property until they pay it off and own it, or until they default on their payments and are kicked off the land. Well, there are other possibilities, such as some supporter offering them a place to live, but I think most of their supporters don’t have two dimes to rub together, much less a piece of property to hand over to a family of 12 (13?) to destroy.

    The Nauglers have always been able to up and run when things got too hot before. Sounds like that’s not going to be an option this time.

    My condolences to their current neighbors, who were probably hoping against hope that the alleged move would really happen.


  13. Where does that leave the Kentucky Land Co? If she libeled their company, and it appears she did, what is the recourse available to the KLC? The Nauglers don’t have any tangible assets. Would the KLC be able to terminate their lease agreement and evict them?

    Does Nicole really believe these games she plays in spinning her tales will make her more attractive to additional lenders? Perhaps the KLC thought the increased risk, with a higher land payment coupled with the damage done to the current property, wasn’t worth it. I imagine that the KLC wouldn’t tie themselves into being forced to switch leases at the whim and will of the tenant.

    The KLC should be made aware of the statements made against them to an audience of +45k people. Might they consider Nicole “troll damage” to their business?


  14. LOL. Apparently great minds think alike, Sally. I just submitted a similar post….had not seen yours yet. Sorry to be repetitive.


  15. No doubt she has tons of stuff recorded. Its what she and Jabba do instead of actually giving her children any sort of education. I actually think she has jumped off the abyss and into the darkness, there is no discrimination. Look in the mirrow if you want to see why nothing ever works out


  16. Further, I find it interesting that she waited to announce that (surprise!) they aren’t moving after all, until immediately after the contempt court hearing related to the animals at large. Poor neighbors.


  17. Between the alleged discrimination, threat of a defamation lawsuit (wasn’t that supposed to be filed last year?), and Youtube lawyering, I am speechless with laughter. Starting the countdown to her clarification about the alleged discrimination. . .

    To all of the readers who have had or have to have any interaction with the Blessed Ones, you have my sympathy.


  18. Would it be legal to deny her based on the condition of the current property? Would it matter if the payments are made if the piece of land they want to trade in is in such poor shape that it can’t be re-sold? I don’t mean poor shape by garbage that can be cleaned up. That property may have issues of contamination with human waste. Who would want to deal with someone else’s very, very literal pile of shit?

    If the Nauglers want to move, I suggest, as an armchair-attorney (aka not an attorney), is to remove their “compost” and try to find a buyer for their land willing to pay at least the balance of the property, arrange for the balance to be paid to the land company, and use what’s left for the down payment on a new property. If the payments have been made on this place and then it’s paid off, I don’t see why the property company wouldn’t give them a new loan.

    I also don’t see someone willing to pay beans for land fertilized the Naugler way.


  19. It certainly couldn’t be the case that the Kentucky Land Company simply considers them bad customers. Because look how much they’ve improved the value of this parcel while living there!


  20. Wow. N’s supporters should be picketing KLC. They should write to their representatives and call the news. I’m surprised that N is not asking them to do this; after all, she is soliciting any and all documentation that they may have regarding the family’s “harrassment.” The podcast guys should be outraged! N willingly sues if someone takes a picture of the outside of her shop, yet doesn’t immediately pursue this blatant discrimination? I’m surprised. Not.
    So at what point is someone going to sue the N’s for slander/libel and shut them down for good? It’s all documented by the N’s themselves.


  21. Don’t you love Nichole’s come back to this post below on her after court blog?
    I’m laughing my ass off! Stockholm Syndrome (sock syndrome)

    Don’t quote mental diagnosis you don’t understand…
    Like5Reply · More · Monday at 10:10

    Blessed Little Homestead
    How do you know he doesn’t understand them?


  22. “If the Nauglers want to move, I suggest, as an armchair-attorney (aka not an attorney), is to remove their “compost” and try to find a buyer for their land willing to pay at least the balance of the property, arrange for the balance to be paid to the land company, and use what’s left for the down payment on a new property. If the payments have been made on this place and then it’s paid off, I don’t see why the property company wouldn’t give them a new loan.”
    I could see why the KLC might be less than eager to enter into any new contracts with the Nauglers. I mean, did KLC have expectation that the Nauglers would not actually live on the property until they had a habitable structure, access to clean running water, and a working septic? The Nauglers have a long history of bamboozling landlords and other people who give them a chance. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they pulled the same sort of nonsense in their dealings with the KLC. That could certainly put a kybosh on KLC wanting to do any further business with them.

    If the Nauglers vacated their current property, I wonder what the KLC is required to do in terms of meeting certain health standards before leasing it to someone else. I am sure they do not want to pay for hazardous waste removal, but could they legally lease that property if it is found to be covered in human waste? Wouldn’t that be a possible lawsuit against KLC?

    All I know is that I certainly would not want to be the next person to live anywhere vacated by the Nauglers.


  23. Don’t you love Nichole’s come back to this post below on her after court blog?

    LOL Could it be because he doesn’t know what Stockholm syndrome is? I mean, does that give you a hint?


  24. what is sad is all the money that went to pay for that land is gone, it cant be sold again until its cleaned up. All that money just dumped all over the ground and yet she screams its everyone elses fault they cant move to another piece of land to destroy. I sit here looking at my living room and its a bit over 20 feet long and 12 foot wide and trying to imagine 13 people in here along with a few posessions, I just cant


  25. I could see why the KLC might be less than eager to enter into any new contracts with the Nauglers

    The Kentucky Land Company is a land contract company. They sell land to people without a credit check. They are to real estate what those shed companies are that you see on the highway that sell garden sheds, like the Nauglers’.

    They do not care one whit what the Nauglers do or don’t do on that property. Seriously, people. They don’t care about water or septic systems or structures. They just care about whether or not Joe or Nicole show up once a month with the payment. It’s not “rent.” It’s a payment on a land contract.

    And I am quite sure that their position about Shitgate would be that it is an issue for the health department. A few hours with a bulldozer would eliminate any problems with the human waste, however, I would suspect that the health department might want (and I would assume KY Land Company would want) to inspect the place prior to resale to be sure any piles are bulldozed under deeply.

    The only reason KLC wouldn’t do business with the Nauglers would be non-payment.

    These people do business all the time with deadbeat customers. It’s normal for them, part of their daily experience. I bet they’ve heard every sob story you can imagine and probably have next to zero patience with any of it.

    But I will tell you what they don’t do. They don’t give a customer who has a land contract on Property A equity on Property B and just let him move right over and continue as though nothing had happened. That customer would forfeit on Property A and lose everything he’d paid in and start all over again with Property B.

    And I will tell you what else they don’t do. They don’t blatantly discriminate and violate the Fair Housing Act. They didn’t go into business yesterday.


  26. “Rather I think she is using the denial of a loan likely based on unsupportable credit as a platform to say that her detractors have caused her and the Ewok material harm.”

    But she keeps insisting, in writing, that her business is doing splendidly! So many wonderful customers. Surely they’re rolling in the financial clover, so that can’t possibly be the problem.



  27. Thank you for clearing that up about the land company. I was really confused, because I have a mortgage, and if I want to move, I have to find someone to buy my house and pay that mortgage off before my bank will give me a second mortgage. Well, conceivably I could have 2 mortgages, but I cannot afford that, and I can’t just say, “I don’t like this house anymore, so I am going to walk away and expect you, the bank, to finance another.”

    Personally, I am in no way surprised that this move isn’t taking place. It’s not because of alleged discrimination, it’s because it was a grift all along.


  28. It’s not because of alleged discrimination, it’s because it was a grift all along.

    That’s what it appears to be, yes.


  29. Question….could we be wrong on KYL not giving them the other property. I just reread part of her blog and she said they were gonna move across state lines. That the new place would have been the same driving distance to the shop. So that leads me to believe that they were going to get property in Indiana. Probably in Corydon. So if that’s the case then I don’t think it’s Kentucky land that turned her down, if she is telling the truth about moving over state lines.


  30. Only 6 comments on the blog post and 9 comments on FB. And no one is ranting about N and J being discriminated against. Just skimming over the issue “offering luck and prayer”. Not what Nic wants! Not one person mentions she posted on Feb 14 writing that they were in the process of moving that day. Anyone remember all those bicycle parts she wrote about moving? What an idiot.

    With every video she does, Nic looks a little more frail with sunken eyes and cheek bones. Makes me nervous for that future home birth.


  31. Someone in my family had a parcel of land with a land contract company. They didn’t live on it, they used it for camping and such in the summer. When they moved out of province, they were able to transfer the property to one in their new province that was worth around the same amount. The payments they had already made were deducted from the new piece of land. (But this was in Canada, so things could be different!) When I read Nicole’s blog it seemed to me that they were trying to transfer to a new piece of land but the land contract company denied them. I imagine this has something more to do with how badly they have treated their current piece of land – they were named in the poop lawsuit. I bet they want to keep the Nauglers in their own filth instead of suddenly having two properties contaminated.


  32. Question….could we be wrong on KYL not giving them the other property

    She clearly says (and has said in other places) that she is talking about the “lending company” that they have been “doing business with for 3+ years.” With regular real estate, you have a seller. The buyer goes to a bank or real estate finance company to get a loan to buy the seller’s real estate.

    With a land contract, the seller and the lender are the same company.

    Nicole and Joe Naugler cannot qualify for a loan using conventional means. For one thing, you can’t get one without producing tax returns for the last umpteen years. They don’t have any tax returns for the last umpteen years because that’s statist nonsense. For another, they have eleventy-million dependents, thus requiring eleventy-bazillion dollars in income. They don’t have that either.

    So their only choice has been to go through these sorts of companies that do not require any kind of credit check. Hence, we have land via a land contract and a garden shed.

    The “lending company” is Kentucky Land Company. They are the people to which Joe and Nicole make their land payments. There is no one else.

    Yes, she danced all around the whole “we’re moving out of state” but her biggest thing was that they were moving out of Breck County. And she cannot possibly have been “doing business with” a different land company for the last 3+ years.

    Remember, Nicole simply does not always tell the truth.


  33. they were able to transfer the property to one in their new province that was worth around the same amount.

    Dave and I once sold a house and financed it. Anyone can draw up a contract that says pretty much anything you want it to say. We could have said that we were selling the guy the house for $85,000 plus a car (described with VIN number) and some furniture (also listed and described.) Terms are whatever you make them.

    My understanding from talking to people who’ve had contracts with KY Land Company is that they don’t do the “transfer” to a different property and take your equity with you. Obviously, I could be wrong about this, but that’s what people have told me. It would be totally up to the land company.

    And I doubt it has anything to do with Shitgate. As I’ve said, the land company gives not a single shit (!!!) about stuff like that. They just want their money. I strongly suspect that it’s all bullshit.


  34. All About Human Poop

    Societally, we already do re-purpose human shit for fertilizer. Human Poop fertilizer is called “biosolids”. Isn’t that a nice name? Sounds so much better than shit.

    But here’s the thing. Poop can contain LOTS of human pathogens. Viruses and Bacteria, and even nasty little single cellular organisms that can make people extremely sick….for instance:

    Vibrio cholerae (cholera)
    Clostridium difficile (pseudomembranous enterocolitis)
    Shigella (shigellosis / bacillary dysentery)
    Salmonella typhii (typhoid fever)
    Vibrio parahaemolyticus
    Escherichia coli

    Hepatitis A
    Hepatitis E
    Norovirus acute gastroenteritis
    Poliovirus (poliomyelitis)
    Rotavirus – Most of these pathogens cause gastroenteritis.

    Entameba histolytica (amoebiasis)
    Giardia (giardiasis)
    Cryptosporidium (cryptosporidiosis)
    Toxoplasma gondii(toxoplasmosis)

    Some of these things can be killed by “just burying them for a while” but many can’t. Some of these bugs stay hot for a very long time and are very hard to kill in the environment once they’ve been introduced.

    This is why human shit is seldom allowed to be “just buried”. It’s almost always required that it be dug up and disposed of in a site plan approved septic system or waste water treatment facility, or sent to a landfill that takes certain kinds of biological waste. There are a lot of places where human waste is treated with as much care and concern as medical waste, because it’s potentially just as infectious.

    So…how do we make fancy “biosolids” to use on crops and such?

    It’s a process.

    The first step is to mix biosolids with water and bacteria, so that the “sludge” can be eaten. This does two things. The biosolids become MUCH less biologically active (much less stinky, too), and it greatly reduces many types of pathogens. After the bacteria treatment…the shit is called…Class B biosolids. These can be used as fertilizer with lots of restriction. (cannot be used on human crop)

    The bacteria treatment makes the biosolids safer, but does not make the biosolids entirely safe for humans. That requires another treatment, where the Class B biosolids are heated using very high temperatures. After the heat treatment, the resulting biologically barren biosolids are safe to use on human crops and places where humans are likely to encounter them…and are now called Class A biosolids.

    Pretty wild, huh?

    Sally makes a good point that this is Kentucky we’re talking about….and God knows what they could get away with….but technically, by the book, just burying the poo isn’t going to cut it from a human health standpoint.

    That’s likely all that will be done….I agree. But it’s not a fix, and people at the health department know it’s not a fix.

    Will be very interesting to see how they resolve this mess if/when the land changes hands.


  35. what is sad is all the money that went to pay for that land is gone,

    No, it’s not. The Nauglers are not moving. They most likely never were moving in the first place. They are still on that land, still living there in their garden shed. And any money they’ve paid is still credited to them.

    In Kentucky, under a land contract, the buyer does accrue equity. In the event of default, the property is supposed to be sold and the buyer then gets his percentage of sales price. I am not sure if this holds true throughout the entire contract, or just during the latter years.

    No way would I ever buy property this way, by the way. If you can’t get a loan from a bank, there is a good reason and you need to rent. The bank is not being mean. They want to loan money to people. That’s their business. But they aren’t going to do it if there is a good reason to believe that you simply cannot handle the payback.

    If you go the land contract route, you’re going to pay much higher interest rates because you’re a much greater risk.

    And yes, I cannot imagine being crammed into that small space in this bitter cold weather with all those people.


  36. “We decided to move out of the area, across the state lines.”
    Taken from:
    “Blessed Little Homestead Blog”
    Para. 5

    If they were planning on moving to a property “out-of-state,” then how would the leasing agency still be KLC?

    Taken directly from KLC’s “About Page” at: http://ky-land.com/about-us/ ; “Kentucky Land Company is dedicated to making the dream of owning a home or land for Kentucky families a reality.” Doesn’t seem to say anything about operating in other states or common-weatlths. After further investigation, the properties page only allows limiting your searches to counties in KY.

    Also, Sally, could you add a way to format comments? I.e. Bold, italics, etc.


  37. If they were planning on moving to a property “out-of-state,” then how would the leasing agency still be KLC?

    AFAIK, it wouldn’t be. And that’s why I think all the stuff about how KLC discriminated against them is hogwash. If they found this dream property across state lines, unless KLC has an extension I don’t know about, she couldn’t have been discriminated by the “lending company” they’d been “doing business with for 3+ years,” because that is the Kentucky Land Company.

    Also, Sally, could you add a way to format comments? I.e. Bold, italics, etc.

    If you know html, you can add them. I’ll look into a plug-in when I get time to do that.


  38. She says it was double the land for double the money…..okay…..

    That alone says enough. There is no way ..just no way.


  39. “I do have some satisfaction in that we finally have evidence and provable damages for our defamation case that is currently being worked on,”

    How many months have they been talking about filing a Defamation Case?

    I always thought you had to have evidence FIRST before you had a case…lols

    Looks like she is keeping her eye on the “target” too $$$$$$$


  40. Outhouses are not heat-treated and they are legal here. By “bury,” I did not mean six inches. I mean seriously bulldozed. Remember, the Breckinridge County Health Department is very aware of the situation along with the state authorities.


  41. I have put a plug-in in place that does the same thing (except for the color.)

    I milked the cow too and cleaned up the machine and gave the dog her evening treats and went out to the barn and let Frances out in the pasture after she had her alfalfa, so I did pretty well.


  42. Sally, you wear me out LOL. Never ceases to amaze me the things you accomplish during any given day.

    I see the plugin I tried didn’t work. (At least I am not seeing the formatting as it was intended) Please delete the comment. It looks horrid on my end.


  43. Please delete the comment. It looks horrid on my end.

    I will. I left it up so you could see that it didn’t work. But try out the new plug in. You should see it on the comment screen.


  44. Another little gem taken from NickiNacky lastest blog:
    “We are finishing out a few larger projects, including a bigger cabin and in August we will begin using those funds to pay the land off early. That’s the plan.”

    They are finishing up a few larger projects, including the cabin?? Finishing up??? When did they ever start???

    Finishing up implies you are almost done.

    I’m thinking she is living in her head. She has this fanasty going on that everything in her world is perfect & everyone is jealous of her & wants to be her, because her life is so wonderful & she is so wise, intelligent & well rounded. I think she has some kind of syndrome & she would be a good study for Pyschologist Joe.


  45. Well,i would think the MAIN reason for the KLC not giving them a loan is…uh,lets just say,me and ole mom have about a dozen or so kids to feed,the ole Van has a hard time getting to the free canned food whse.,I work when i can,and my husband hasn’t had a steady J O B in MaNy YeArS.Oh,i forgot…Although this NEW land payment will be almost double than WHAT WE ARE PAYING NOW,blah,blah,blah

    I’m thinking the key words here are,12 kids to feed,AND,no……

    J O B

    to pay back the L O A N.

    I know it ALL,so please,do not dis-agree with me,i have this doc’d.



  46. Okay so all this talk of how nasty the Naugler homestead has gotten is bringing me down. Anyone else? Here’s a link to a 17 minute youtube video of another homestead. It isn’t off-grid but it’s pretty nice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFr7msZnQRY Watching it made me feel better about land use and humanity in general.


  47. @Jane – you are spot on. It has been sadly entertaining watching them try and garner sympathy with a viral story that would lead to a second $45,000 they can piss away. Medusa and Ewok were pretty sure their Wave 3 story a couple of months ago would be another gravy train for them. I bet they were shocked as hell when almost 100% of the comments were anti-Naugler. Let’s not forget Medusa’s desperate, “we are in danger, and so have to move” play. That flopped too because most of her dwindling followers seem to be wising up. The best was the post about being minimalists and yet figuring 50 round trips to their new property. WTF? They had everything they needed, except for gas money. That was a flop as well. I think they have sort of realized that no GFM is coming their way any time soon and so Medusa had to spin an outlandish fable of not being able to get their new property because the land company doesn’t want to deal with the Naugler trolls. LMAO. As if. Nicole, anyone with an ounce of common knowledge knows that if the company did indeed say that, they would be violating the law. You lied. They are not moving because they can’t. Whether it has to do with money or court directives or both, they are staying put. So sorry Al.


  48. This was exactly what I thought when she said the Land Company wouldn’t finish the agreement because of umm… Social pressures? Give me a break. Double the payment means you have to have more income and there is no way on earth that is possible without a change in their circumstances. Since the Naugladites blog everytime someone on that property farts crossways there doesn’t appear to be an additional source of income. Also, as someone who also works in the pet care industry (not a groomer, but may as well be some days!), there are only so many dog butts you can wash in a day and only so much you can charge for it. It isn’t about anyone but the Naugladites themselves. But keep documenting… something… for some reason NicNac.

    I am torn wanting the Land Company to stand up to this harpy and show her that her words online have consequences in the real world. You can’t get blood from a turnip (write that down for the next unschool lesson, folks) but then if damages were awarded for any injury she did to the company then perhaps they wouldn’t be able to pay their current arrangement. No one wants these children hurt, but maybe if they finally have nothing (except that I really think their situation of living in their own sewage is almost worst than nothing) someone or some entity can finally step in and help these children.


  49. Ooooh, we can get fancy now!

    I could see why the KLC might be less than eager to enter into any new contracts with the Nauglers. I mean, did KLC have expectation that the Nauglers would not actually live on the property until they had a habitable structure, access to clean running water, and a working septic? The Nauglers have a long history of bamboozling landlords and other people who give them a chance. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they pulled the same sort of nonsense in their dealings with the KLC. That could certainly put a kybosh on KLC wanting to do any further business with them.

    KLC is in the business to sell land. IF the Nauglers get this land paid off and have really made all their payments on time, the company might sell another parcel to them. A business’s goal is to make money, and a proven client is usually a good client. If I was KLC and had tenants who were supposed to build, didn’t, but made their payments on time and paid the place off, and caused no problems, why not sell another parcel?

    But there’s a lot of other things that would probably factor in. If I, as KLC, had to deal with a lot of crap about the tenants, legal issues with them dumping their waste, and whatnot, I might not want to have to deal with them again depending on how bad, and even if a parcel was paid off, the current legal issues make them a big risk. I think KLC’s probably suffering in reputation for being connected to the Nauglers, but is that translating to a harder time conducting business?

    So it could go either way, but there wouldn’t be harm in Nicole asking what about them finding a buyer, then getting another loan and getting something in writing.

    Part of me suspects that KLC doesn’t want to deal with them anymore though, and I can’t blame them!


  50. Lol This one takes the cake! It’s Kentucky Land Co fault and the trolls , yeah right!! I’m pretty sure KY land wishes they would just go away. I’m also pretty sure that the last thing they would do is sell them another piece of property so they can wreak havoc there! You can not make this stuff up!!


  51. Sally, The number that was given out for Ky land is wrong. There are two Companies with similar names, one is Ky land Co, which is the phone number someone posted for people to call about the Nauglers, then there is Ky land of Irvington, which is who the Nauglers actually are buying from. I know this to be fact . I do not wish to say how. Just wanted to clear this up.


  52. Ky Land of Irvington knows all about the Nauglers. Al , you are completely right about having to sign a quit claim deed.


  53. Ky Land Co has a brother company in Indiana.

    And there you have it. From somebody who actually knows.


  54. Part of me suspects that KLC doesn’t want to deal with them anymore though, and I can’t blame them!

    You are assuming that there actually was a plot of land that they wanted and that they applied to buy and that they were turned down. When Nicole talks, I tend to go way back to the beginning of her statement. My doubt runs deep.


  55. I believe Nicole is a liar, she’s been caught in many lies so given her history I don’t believe much of what she says.

    Here’s the thing. I own a house (actually we own two) and if I wanted to move to a new home I’d have to do a few things. I’d need to list my home and sell it, I could start the process of buying the new house at that same time if my finances were in order. My bank would need to see that I could carry two mortgages. Or I could sell first and then hope to quickly find another home. But no bank is going to just let me move to another home and take responsibility of my first home and give me credit for what I’ve paid. That’s just not how it works.

    Yes I know this is a rent to own contract so it’s a bit different than a mortgage with a bank but still the idea that they’ll give you credit for one property is just absurd. That doesn’t benefit the lender. The lender is in the business to make money. I thought Nicole was all about the free market, she shouldn’t be upset at all when someone chooses to not do business with her.

    Another issue is she says it’s twice the payment. Well then her income would need to be increased substantially. Plus she is still a high risk, her business is new. Owning a business does not make it easier to obtain credit, it actually is often seen as a negative. My husband has owned his business for two decades so we are finally at a point where no one gives it a second glance. But trying to buy a home one year out, nope not going to happen.

    Honestly the family would be best just to rent but renting is hard when you have a large family. Yes discrimination happens but it’s hard to fight.

    So right now the Naugs would be best to actually work on their land. It’s what they have so they need to get busy. And by they I mean Joe. He isn’t teaching the kids, he isn’t tending to them, the least he could do is to get busy building a semi functional homestead.


  56. As someone who has dealt with ky land co of Irvington for a long time, it is guaranteed that they were not turned down in any fashion. Unless they couldn’t come up with a small amount (usually 10% but sometimes less with good standing) down payment. Land payments don’t transfer with them, and it takes 90 days for your contract to be ended due to nonpayment.


  57. Nicole and Joe have a history of making screwy accusations without any real specifics that anyone can validate without getting into a big he said/she said fit. She has made accusations about church leaders demanding sexual favors for welfare assistance. Nobody can really verify it so Nicole thinks it’s just her word against theirs. She has made crazy accusations about people coming thousands of miles to kill the dogs the Nauglers abandoned when they had their GFM extended vacation at the hotel. Her word against theirs (and anything reasonable or logical–but such things are foreign to Nicole). And the craziest thing is Nicole makes these accusations on social media for all to see. Maybe she has become accustomed to her victims or targets just ‘taking it’ and letting it go. Nicole’s brand of proof are heavily edited pictures, video, audio, and two tons of ‘clarifications’ that do more to demonstrating Nicole and Joe instigating conflict and laying in wait.

    But she made a vague yet specific accusation about the KLC. Granted she said she understood (Nicole and Joe not getting something they want and “understanding” — that’s a first) but she made a pretty specific claim that KLC denied a loan because of harassment that she received. This is very implausible because there are laws (thank you Sally) that prohibit such discriminatory practices and KLC is not ignorant of them. It is such an underreaction to a very serious allegation on her part, yet she lights up social media when people drive on the road next to….whatever that nasty mess is they live in. However, as Nicole has said on video and on social media that she does not require a lawyer, in her mind she seems to make up laws, delete laws, and make up her own penalties according to her agenda. Her behavior and apparent thought processes are really weird for a women in her forties with a business. Consequences happen according to the laws of the land, not the laws of Nicole and Joe’s immature whims.


  58. Okay, this is weird. Medusa of denim skirt and ingrown smartphone fame says that she and her Ewok were turned down for a loan because of trolls (get a dang tomtar then) who will follow them to their new abode and the company owning/selling the land does not want to afflict the new community with the blight of trolls. Sounds like a dang fairy tale now. But Medusa said that she understood and would lick her wounds and the childrens’. If Medusa and the Ewok “understood” then it would be the first time. It is such an uncharacteristic underreaction to what would be a very legitimate grievance. Yet she will have a hystrionic fit on social media about people driving past her…whatever that mess is that she lives in…on a public road. This simply does not add up.

    But I know what my Halloween costume will be this year.


  59. Few things.
    1-multiple moving trips for minimalists? We made 2 trips with a truck and a trailer to move our house a few years ago, we were not minimalists. That was from a fully furnished 3 bedroom, 2 story home with a very large 3 car garage. My husband is a mechanic, half of one of those loads was his garage stuff alone. It wasn’t even an enclosed trailer either! It was a sled bed. We moved 3 bed sets, a couch, a solid metal huge tv stand, and a huge TV in one trip. The other trip was purely boxes of our personal items. Know what we did do though? Gave away and donated everything we didn’t need, it was mostly furniture. We went down to one dresser per person-3 dressers, no end tables, no night stands. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt with this one though because they do have a lot of animals.
    2-I just want to note that when we were looking at homes, there was quite a few questionable ones that were “as-is” and you couldn’t even tour them. They were advertised as “site unseen, as-is, cash only” sales. You signed a waiver. They were foreclosures. I believe the waiver was a waiver for disclosure, as in no disclosure.
    3-Another experience of mine that contradicts #2, in a entirely different scenario. My boss is trying to buy an old junk yard but it has taken over a year because the previous owner has to clean up any “dangerous and/or hazardous waste” before a sale can take place. Now this guy has the proper waste disposal inspections done and current but he is still ordered to remove all the vehicles and waste before a sale. This is not a buyer requests thing, the mortgage company is having the say so, otherwise we would have bought and cleaned it ourselves. Mortgage companies try to protect our asses? Hence why an as-is sale is an cash only sale.
    I love realty!


  60. SO Anyways when you see what Nicky and JoJo have to say in BLACK AND WHITE its all to clear. Uh Um and You Know Uh Um Sorry about the Uh’s and Let me think of uh um what i’m trying to say uh um and you know. Uh Um its ALL BULLSHIT LIES! Uh Um and you know what they said about Ky Land Co Uh Um you know LOL what a CROCK OF BULLSHIT! Don’t yual find it kind of funny the Ky Land company refused to sell them that other piece of land For pretty much the SAME EXACT REASON THEY HAD TO MOVE AWAY FROM IN THE FIRST PLACE? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA These two dildos are some of the BEST FREAKING LIARS I have ever met and I’ve met a LOT of Liars from all over the world. They take the Cake. Nicky never planed on moving it was all just a freaking lie to bullshit the JUDGE. I hope it comes back to bite them in the ASS when JoJo goes to JAIL! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Thanks for the great LAUGH Nicky you really are so full of shit. 🙂 SALLY! BRAVO this has to be one of the BEST post yet. I just wish KLC had to freaking balls to bite them where it hurts. IN a court of Law for their Lies.


  61. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt with this one though because they do have a lot of animals.

    What animals? They have a horse, supposedly (who knows if the horse is still there). They have a few scrawny roosters. They have maybe one goat, and a couple of dogs. And a rabbit cage or two.

    That’s almost nothing.

    Also, remember that they are not dealing with a bank or a mortgage company. KLC doesn’t care. I don’t know how often I have to say this, but KLC doesn’t care.


  62. Sally, you mentioned the horse,I hear it is gone from their property. Does anyone have any info? I’m sure if we asked the N’s they will say it is boarded out at a stable????. That might be the reason for the new puppy.


  63. Does anyone have any info?

    I heard it was gone. I heard that they were “rehoming” it.

    Only then we got the puppy with the bright blue paws that supposedly is going to “work” with the horse, doing something.


  64. We had a lot of animals growing up and I would get so sad when they died (of old age). Can you imagine going through that all the time there? I can’t keep the dogs all straight I just know one got shot and Ranger was murdered. Do they even have any dogs left before this newest puppy? They had a white boxer and a great pry, like I said I don’t know which one was shot when they basically abandoned the poor thing. A dog shouldn’t live it’s life chained up, in my opinion. I was under the impression that they still had a handful of goats, sorry.


  65. One dog was hit by a car while they were vacationing in the motel. Angel (the white boxer) went hunting for food and got aggressive with a far-away neighbor’s animals, and he shot her. Ranger, well, who knows. Alma is a white pyr and is male (it’s a Mormon name), and along with the new puppy, seems to be the only dogs left.

    And I’m not sure if there is more than one goat, or any goats.

    Animals coming to the Naugler property are pretty much doomed.


  66. I remember seeing someone say on one of the support pages (I guess that’s what it is) that the horse gotten taken away. But I have no clue if it’s true or not. But the post is no longer there.


  67. The best was the post about being minimalists and yet figuring 50 round trips to their new property. WTF?

    Haw haw! Sadly, those few remaining supporters either aren’t smart enough to question that, or willfully choose to ignore it. I moved my child and I out of a 3 bedroom, 2 full bath mobile home that was just under 1200 sq. ft. I rented a U-Haul, my son and his friends did the loading and unloading, and we did it in two trips. Now, I did make several trips in my car, loaded up with boxes in the back seat and the trunk, but it was nowhere near 50 trips. Maybe 5 or 6. If they hadn’t alienated every single friend they’ve ever had, the Nauglers might have been able to ask one or two friends to help them move, borrow a friend’s truck, etc. All these people who supposedly love them, and their lifestyle, where are they when needed? Nowhere to be found.


  68. I think they still have Maggie the other pyr.

    I think she was spayed when they got her they would be breeding her litter after litter.


  69. I think they still have Maggie the other pyr.

    Oh, yes. Maggie. How could I forget her?


  70. GoFundMe buttons that stay in place on a person’s blog or on his or her FB page is equal to standing on a corner with a cup in your hand asking for spare change or holding a sign that says, we’ll work for food but we prefer you just drop a dime in our tambourine. I don’t think in all their years of begging and going from one place to another getting handouts that they ever had a payday like this last time and it is really weighing heavy on their minds how they can achieve that success again. That is why they are trying so hard to get on some national program. They really want those handouts. So, bless their hearts, this story of moving for their own safety was just another attempt to “go viral” and get some fast money but by now their supporters only offered prayers. I don’t think any of them even bothered to share the hard luck story. When Nicnaug says we need your prayers, she is really saying, fuck, give us your hard earned money so we don’t have to work hard to earn money. It is funny that those supporters say, I’m praying for you. Yep…pray till your hair turns pink and J and N will still be panhandlers who give not one shit about anything but their own pockets. 45,000 bucks and they have a tool shed to show for all those folks who donated money…Oh wait, don’t they have a chain saw and a couple of tablets?


  71. So anyways you gotta think back when that tree fell down cross the Naugs privet road. Let me make a point about this freaking privet road too. In some cases IF the person that owned a huge chunk of land split it up and sold of sections then in some cases you would have a road easement on YOUR LAND yes that happens but that easement allows other folks to drive on that road. Just cause its on your land does NOT MEAN IT IS YOURS. You gave up your right to that land for a road so others can use it. The ONLY thing you can do with that land is fill the potholes and CUT the lumber off the road when it gets blocked. So back to the chain saw LOL ole JoeJoe would of been out there with the kids to SHOW OFF his 900$ toy to everybody while the kids do all the work. Of course no chain saw was brought out or even mentioned. I would assume IMO they cleaned it up very nice gave the shop they bought it from some bullshit excuse and got their money back. All this just to show a receipt that money was spent from the freaking GFM for a tool they had no plans on using. So this is why you see the kids doing JoJo’s work with a ax. Nither one of them two lazy parents care about them kids or their well being or anything that would make their work load a bit more easy. Why waste money on a chain saw when you got older son’s to do your work right?


  72. “There is a change. org petition going around regarding our relationship with our land company and we did not create it or ask that anyone did. It’s just another ignorant prank these people are doing to amuse themselves. We do not have any association with it and it has been reported..”

    I couldn’t find this. Perhaps it has been taken down. Or is this another Nicole lie?


  73. I couldn’t find this. Perhaps it has been taken down. Or is this another Nicole lie?

    See my newest post.


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