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In the wake of the authentic Blessed Little Grooming Company LLC doing a commemorative soap that included a copy of Nathan’s LIVE album, I’ve gotten some inquiries about digital copies of his music.

Yes, they are available. In fact, nearly all his music is only available digitally.  Hard copy CDs are like 8-tracks: obsolete.

Nathan’s music is sold pretty much wherever you can buy digital music, iTunes, wherever.  He’s on Spotify as well.

However, the best place to get it is right on his website.

There are several reasons. One is that all his music is there. All of it is not on iTunes.  A second reason is that the copies I have available there are better quality than what iTunes does, and they cost the exact same amount.  A third reason is that we cut out iTunes that way.  And the last reason is that it was a real PITA to learn how to do all that, so buy it there since I went to all that trouble.

The website is in the process of being redone, but I’m slow with it.  I know it needs a serious update.

I’ve put a link in the sidebar on this blog (to your right on a computer, at the bottom if you’re on a phone) so you can find it any time you like.

Thank you for caring.


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  1. I just came here to see if you had posted anything new. And there was Nathan’s handsome face staring back at me! Thank you for sharing his gift of music with all of us, Sally 🙂


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